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Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

James Bond actor Daniel Craig dons a three-piece suit as he returns to his car in London on Tuesday night (June 2).

The 41-year-old British actor had just withdrawn some money from an ATM in St John’s Wood, a district of north London. Daniel was seen forcing a little smile when photogs joked his pin number might end with 007!

Mr. Craig‘s epic WWII drama, Defiance, is out on DVD today!

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1,806 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD”

  1. 1
    maxi Says:

    Suit looks a little tight, but he’s still yummy.

  2. 2
    what bank is he with? Says:

    Him and his ATM’s!

  3. 3
    satsa! Says:

    He’s still wearing the chin arund his neck for sats so i guess he’s still with her.
    shes probably sitting in the car waiting to count what he took out.

  4. 4
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel is sexy, where is his an ugly gf Japanese Satsuki?

  5. 5
    intelligent head Says:

    He looks damn sexy without ugly Satsuki, maybe she is working with Babs.

  6. 6
    tight Says:

    his suit is small around his belly…
    to #4; she is in the car probably, she is ALWAYS there.

    he enjoys being bond, so cool going to his polished immacualte audi

  7. 7
    aletse.PT Says:

    If a woman of 41 years old had so many wrinkles, she would be called old and all sort of nasty things, but its a man, so its sexy and gorgeus and wathever,. Women dont get a break.

  8. 8
    poser Says:

    his skin looks good close up but whats with the sunglasses in the evening?

  9. 9
    atm Says:

    he should never walk away from the atm with his card visible. not safe especially with paps around/

    he’s going through that cash isnt he?

  10. 10
    moody git Says:

    Now of that was Hugh he would laugh a tthe phtogs. Why cant Daniel ever smile a bit more?

  11. 11
    strange Says:

    Sorry but how is there a pap conveniently placed at a random ATM in St Johns Wood?

  12. 12
    satsa! Says:

    where was he going?

  13. 13
    GF Says:

    You know the gf is close-she never goes far from Daniel and his money!! A solo Daniel is always so sexy!!!

  14. 14
    to 12 Says:

    Somewhere nice by the looks of it but he must of been boiling as it was one of the hottest days in the UK yesterday.

  15. 15
    NativeNYker Says:

    He is YUM!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  16. 16
    Hair Says:

    He still looks cool but the man’s hair is disappearing right before our eyes. He’s only 41?

  17. 17
    to 13 Says:

    You know the gf is close-she never goes far from Daniel and his money!! A solo Daniel is always so sexy!!!

    Agree on that one but I can’t help feeling that Daniel adores being Bond. I mean look at him now compared to before Bond. His lifestyle must be so great right now no matter how moody he looks and complains about privacy issues although after St Barths I can’t think why.
    He lives and breathes Bond but makes out he really doesn’t, that’s the trick.

  18. 18
    fashion Says:

    Before I watch Casino Royal, I didn’t like him as new James Bond but late ron he has proved that he could be James Bond.

  19. 19
    oh blimey Says:

    hugh did full frontal as well?

  20. 20
    pregnancy Says:

    I wonder why he have to wear sunglasses at night? Because of flash light from camera?

  21. 21
    Brian Says:

    This man is always miserable.
    I cannot understand why he hates publicity so much?
    If you just want to be an actor, why take roles like James Bond?
    It’s years and years of tradition and major fame.
    Seems sort of hypocritical to me…………

  22. 22
    to 21 Says:

    I agree a lot on your points yes. Not as if he was forced into the Bond limelight.
    But maybe he just saw his dwindling bank balance? I can’t understand why a man of that “stature” would have to go the ATM’s all the time. Can’t he get a friend to do get the cash?
    Seems rather dangerous for him. He did that as well in Kiev before that art opening BUT with a bodyguard in tow.
    Can’t he get some cash from Satsuki?
    (But maybe he’s pissed off about the Ice Lolly that was made without his permission??

  23. 23
    mendel Says:

    Hmmm, s e x y! That man can wear a suit!

    to #11 (strange)

    ‘Sorry but how is there a pap conveniently placed at a random ATM in St Johns Wood?’

    True, maybe they followed him? He could have come out of a restaurant, perhaps? Some place where you dress up for, anyway.
    And, we have extremely hot weather in the UK, so it must have been very late at night, or else he’d been melting in his three-piece. But he looks as fresh as a daisy!

    Maybe he had an ice lolly beforehand ;)

  24. 24
    to 22 Says:

    best thing is that even Del Monte has denied to have something to do with this lolly-thing

  25. 25
    Staged Says:


    That’s what I was wondering. Since when do paps just happen to lurk at random ATMs waiting for a star to show up?

    His suit is too tight and looks awkward.

  26. 26
    to 21 Says:

    He only smiles if he is drunk or is selling something. The pix must have been taken before the drinking and he doesn’t want to sell any ice pops. Maybe he is miserable because his gf is so ugly and she’s sucking as much money as she can out of him.

  27. 27
    Misery Says:

    I think he is miserable because his suit is too tight, his movie is sooo bad and his gf is hideous looking.

  28. 28
    saturdaisy Says:

    he may have license to kill but he still needs cash to get around!

  29. 29
    intelligent head Says:

    I’m looking forward to know news and see pics/trailers from shooting of 23.Bond. but I am not looking forward to see Olga Kurylenko as a Bond girl again. Perhaps bond producers- siblings are not so stupid or blind with taking Olga to the bondmovie again. Althought Quantum of solace was a horrible movie so Daniel was a good actor, and if there was a better script so it would be a better a movie. Success of movie depends mainly on a screensplay (like was a good script of Casino Royale). But if Olga will be back (they say it) so 23.Bond will stand on light ice.

    I talked with my friend, he was looking at Satsuki and Daniel, and he said to me that Satsuki loves Daniel and money, she loves both and he agrees with me she is an extremely dependant woman on Daniel. Fans who aren’t at this board with us so they also know Satsuki like the girlfriend hanging on Daniel Craig/James Bond star and they say she is not too far from him. That’s not a good reputation in a public.
    I hope that’s all will end one day and Daniel will wake up and smell the coffee.

    If Satsuki will work for 23.Bond or other project so she will be at the most an assistant of producer Babs and bringing a strong coffee.

    I always believe there will appear my favourite girl for Daniel and hopefully that 23.Bond will have a success.

    Has Daniel a blue shirt on him? I love blue shirt on him, he looks best in this colour, he looks charmingly and it harmonizes with his sky blue eyes. He had darker blue shirts several times and it looked perfectly to him. But I sometimes laugh at his walking, he walks like a woman, but it’s very dashing and his girlfriend Satsuki often walks and sits like a right man, Daniel is more a woman than she. I realized, Satsuki with her man’s act is like a macho. An ugly macho! bleee!
    ( Daniel, here is a strong coffe!! You always booze alcohol but you need a coffee as well, to wake up! and see an ugly woman next to YOU! ).

  30. 30
    to 27 Says:

    Agree, Defiance was pretty bad, suit is a bit snug and the gf is not attractive. Hopefully, his Broadway show will be better, he’ll lay off the ice pops and lose a few lbs and the gf.

  31. 31
    Countess von Zinzendorf Says:

    I thought Defiance was a great movie. Too bad it didn’t get more recognition.

  32. 32
    satsa! Says:

    maybe his puplicst called the paps..
    some new pics for selling the dvd?
    is satsman sitting in the car?

  33. 33
    to 32 Says:

    Surprised Satsman didn’t run up and stick her horseface in the pix. She probably didn’t know the paps would be at the ATM. I am glad to see he got one minute away from her.

  34. 34
    rach09elm Says:


  35. 35
    APW Says:

    My God you people are really obsessed with Satsuki, i thought Daniel was the star not her, but the way you always go on about her you’d think she was the star!!

  36. 36
    intelligent head Says:

    Really it’s a shame Daniel lives with Japanese Satsuki, it’s not good for his image.At least Daniel should to look at Nick Cage’s beautiful Korean wife or sweet Chinese Zhang Ziyi. Even Harry Sloan’s wife Florence looks a bit better than Satsuki. Neither not so much attractive Sandra Oh does not have wrinkles, big mouth,bags under eyes and man’s body like Satsuki. There are beautiful asian women but Satsuki is the ugliest. Daniel is ridiculus with his choice and it’s a pity because he has style,he won status of an agent 007 James Bond, but his choice- unofficial gf- old looking with horse teeth and anomalous an adam’s apple ruines his position as he is an actor and a man. It’s one mistake that he lives with macho-looking woman and it takes his sparkle because he does not look happy.

  37. 37
    to 16 Says:

    disappearing right before our eyes.

    His bank balance might be and I wish Gonk would do like the hairline and fade away.

  38. 38
    to 26 Says:

    I think he is miserable because his suit is too tight, his movie is sooo bad and his gf is hideous looking.

    Yes nailed it one sentence. :)
    (Well the suit isn’t loose and the g’f isn’t “tight’ considering she probably slept her way around H/Wood before him) ;)

  39. 39
    to 35 Says:

    My God you people are really obsessed with Satsuki, i thought Daniel was the star not her, but the way you always go on about her you’d think she was the star!!

    1) She has become part of his “career” so therefore we will talk about her.
    2) She’s thinks she’s the star because she is with him so we can talk about her.
    3) This is a free board not subject to what we can talk about so if you don’t like it, you know where to go don’t you?\

  40. 40
    to 35 Says:

    We’re not obsessed with the fugly gf we’re just in shock that she left his side for one minute. Look at past posts regarding Daniel and all that hits you is the gf’s enormous mouth/teeth and large adam’s apple glued to his side. The woman guards him like a hawk-very, very strange.

  41. 41
    to 32 Says:

    Defiance came out on DVD yesterday so it could be some pictures yes but not a great promo set for the DVD is it really?
    Going to the ATM?
    Although selling Defiance was the St Barths Ricky Horror Show so what can we expect out of this man nowadays?
    Tackiness due to the g/f pushing him to oversell his image I believe.

    The man used to be so happy even walking the streets although why two paps were at this ATM seems fishy to me. St Johns Wood too. I know that area and it isnt near any restaurants.
    Although his Audi now is well known now and license plate, so people can follow him from his house when he leaves and then jump out when he does these things and snap away.
    Paps have it down to a T. Scary too really as he has nearly been pushed off the road by these paps.
    That is the life he has somewhat “inflicted” upon himself though but I’m sure when he sees his bank balance he makes it a little better.

    How very middle class.

  42. 42
    macho Satsuki to 35 Says:

    to 35, look at sites

  43. 43
    re 41 Says:

    should read “Rocky” or could read “Icky” but not “Ricky”.

  44. 44
    to 26 Says:

    He only smiles if he is drunk or is selling something.

    Yes. Sad isn’t it?
    Do I feel sorry for him?
    Altough he needs to re-evaluate if that is indeed the case.

  45. 45
    Guinness-bannedfrod2d Says:

    Mendel, I laughed out loud-”maybe he had a lolli” . damn would i lick his lolli down to the stick. uh,that doesn’t make much sense, but it wrote well. I would so love to be his tailor—um, a little closer to your “inseam” Mr. Craig? would you like your pants tight or lose in the buttocks? I am sorry, you will have to be buck naked for me to measure everything so tight and form fitting to that wonderful bod you got goin’ on….damn, I now need a lolli…….:)

    check ya back later mendel, keep instigating~ Guinness, off to work.

  46. 46
    Daniel looks hot Says:

    Come on people, I thought people on this site liked Daniel. He is still hot, all his movies are great (in my opionion of course) and he does not look misserable all the time. He probably was upset that the paps were taking his picture at the ATM. I would be. And I like the fact that he does things for himself, not have underlings go to the bank for him, etc. And it did say he smiled when the paps joked about his pin number.

  47. 47
    to 46 Says:

    You have to understand that his actions of late leave a lot to be desired.
    He has changed before our eyes into a person some of us are in disbelief about. He is not the same man nor actor.

    Something has affected him on all counts so speaking for myself here, I still think his early work is fantastic but lately it has been dreadful and his actions on holiday left a very bad taste in my mouth.
    It may have been his “time off” to relax but the way in which he did it was quite unsuitable with his daughter nearby. He is developing this diva tacky image.
    He has been on more private holidays and that is the way it should be kept although Defiance was coming out int he theatres.
    His PR team need to be looked into.
    And yes, Satsuki isn’t helping the perception of him as she is not well thought of in the industry at the moment.
    They want to come as a package/partners?
    Then they are viewed as one, it’s a simple as that.
    No half-measures here.

  48. 48
    to 46 Says:

    Love Daniel as an actor but that doesn’t mean I mindlessly love everything he does. Thought his last two movies (FOF, Def) were terrrible, his gf is an ugly leech and I think he looks miserable all the time. He has been in the business for many years so he knows the paps come with the territory. I can’t feel sorry for someone who makes millions of dollars, lives a lux lifestyle but can’t crack a smile for fans (at least once in awhile). They said “he forced a small smile” regarding the pin number-life is tough.

    I think a lot of the negativity originates from the gf. From pix and videos she appears very arrogant and is very overexposed ( for having done nothing).

  49. 49
    gorgeous Says:

    He looks great. H looks like he’s been losing weight. Why the three-piece and handkie? Did he go out to eat? Why is this all paps got? Did Daniel get into car and lose them? How come select shots at ATM, and none of car, or elsewhere. I mean, since they got him at ATM, why ONLY at ATM? He had to get to ATM somehow, and go somewhere from ATM. They get Britbey’s every breath. Want more info on why so dressed up. He looks really nice, and healthy, despite dour face.

  50. 50
    to 48 Says:

    Love Daniel as an actor but that doesn’t mean I mindlessly love everything he does. Thought his last two movies (FOF, Def) were terrrible, his gf is an ugly leech and I think he looks miserable all the time. He has been in the business for many years so he knows the paps come with the territory. I can’t feel sorry for someone who makes millions of dollars, lives a lux lifestyle but can’t crack a smile for fans (at least once in awhile). They said “he forced a small smile” regarding the pin number-life is tough.
    I think a lot of the negativity originates from the gf. From pix and videos she appears very arrogant and is very overexposed ( for having done nothing).

    Well said! Yes he has a lifestyle that is very enviable so cheering up a bit might be nice to the otehr people who look at him and are struggling then it might be be not so demeaning to them.
    Yes the g/f is way overexposed so why people p*ss and moan when she is mentioned I laugh in disbelief.
    If he drags her everywhere then expect her to be talked about as I’m sure she loves being the center of whatever leech universe she can orbit into.

  51. 51
    to 49 Says:

    I have no doubt he lost them on the streets of N London although his Audi is well known now so as to why there are no other pics maybe down to a few things:
    He was going to a private residence and asked them not to take pics of him arriving there out of respect for his friends privacy (maybe private dinner party), he was with family (parents etc) or he went home and they have a lot of pics of him at M Vale already.

  52. 52
    winfrey show Says:

    I was watching the Winfrey show and she was talking to some of the people who had been on the show The Biggest Loser. One woman who was on the show told a story that remindded me of all you stupid haters.
    She recounted how her and her husband did not want to tell anyone, none of their neighbors or friends that she was going to The Biggest Loser challenge, and they felt safe with their secret knowing that none of their neighbors or friends watched the show.
    Their neighbors and friends were convinced 100% that she had left her husband. Abandoned her family, left him and her children.
    She recounted how all of their neighbors and friends were “praying” for him and the single women were flirting with her husband, trying to replace her.
    When she returned home a skinny beautiful woman, no one, absolutely no one said ANYTHING. No one apologized. No one told her she looked great. NOTHING.
    They had the biggest laugh and saw the true colors of their neighbors and friends.
    I imagine that is EXACTlY what Daniel and Sats do every time they read these ridiculous speculations. Laugh their collective fu/ck/ing a-s-s off at how stupid and pathetic all of the haters are.
    This is why they never deny or confirm whether they are engaged or married, because honestly, is there any better way to weed out the psychos LOL
    I have asked several times for all the proof you stupid pathetic people have that they are going to split. But you have NOTHING. LOL
    I know for a fact that one of the posters on this board who posts every day and night about how CERTAIN they are that they are going to split; how CERTAIN they are that they have a bad relationship is a 36 year old VIRGIN !!!! LOL
    How the fu/ck does a 36 year old VIRGIN know ANYTHING about any relationship ????????????? Having not had one single relationship in their life they come here and post about their FANTASY idea of what a relationship should look like and because they do not see their sick pathetic fantasy idea of a relationship being playing out between Daniel and Sats, this person is CONVINCED that they are going to split. They are completely obsessed with Daniel and fantasize everyday about how he wishes he could leave Sats and be with her instead LOL

  53. 53
    Defiance Says:

    was a horrible movie.
    His suit is too tight.
    He doesn’t deserve where he is because he doesn’t appreciate the people who put him there = his fans !!
    He has become an arrogant ugly diva.
    I have been a Bond fan since I was little, seen every movie, but won’t see another one until they find a new actor to play Bond, or until DC starts acting like an appreciative actor. I have never heard him in any interview thank his fans for putting him where he is today.
    Arrogant fu**
    Hugh will definitely be the star of the broadway play.
    DC is sooooooooooooooooo LOW CLASS.

  54. 54
    omg Says:

    omg he’s so ugly.

  55. 55
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel looked better and seemed happy with Heike, when she started to date Satsuki he became to be a cold and changed in his personality. He’s learnt light arrogant behaviour from Satsuki. He gives me a pain because at first side I love his films but at other side
    I dislike his behaviour I found he is strange at some points, mainly his choice in gf and I cannot undesrstand why he made FOAF, what was his intuition and procces for scripts? He is talented but not so smart for FOAF and Satsuki. Sorry, but he looks like a cold idiot with Satsuki in a public, fans from premiers and boards dislike arrogant monkey Satsuki, nobody talks and shakes hand with her. If he will stay with this horseleech so he always will look like the idiot who is not happy and owns an ugly gf. He always will have a shame in a public among people and fans. Highly recommended to give not him alcohol but a proper coffee.

  56. 56
    Glass Slipper Says:

    I don’t believe he’s only 41, he looks way older. If I had to guess, I would say at least 55. There’s no way he’s only 41. I agree with Defiance poster, his attitude has become a major turn off. He’s definitely the least likeable actor to play Bond. Too arrogant and full of himself. And I think his wife is so excotic, too beautiful to be with fugly Danny.

  57. 57
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @intelligent head:
    lol learn English !!
    You must be blind, the girlfriend is beautiful and the only thing that has changed him into an a**hole is all the money and fame. Not too intelligent, should change your name lol

  58. 58
    answers Says:

    to 55:
    “He’s learnt light arrogant behaviour from Satsuki”…well said

    to 56:
    He isn’t married to Satsuki.

  59. 59
    intelligent head to 56 Says:

    Have you a proper eyes? really? or you lost dioptry?
    highly recommended to looking at : , luck, Daniel is not husband of this horribly looking Satsuki. bleee

  60. 60
    lol we know who you are Says:

    Yes well Glass Slipper, may I suggest you f*ck off to find the foot you fit on instead of acting your shoe age.

  61. 61
    No gf Says:

    The girlfriend is not in any of these pictures so why is she being discussed? Obsess much people lol
    She’s no more a part of his life and career than any other girlfriend or wife of actors. But jealous ugly people are just jealous ugly people.
    Jackman has a gorgeous wife and they’ve been together for such a long time, but I noticed on his thread that all the ugly jealous women only talk about how much older she looks than Hugh. Yes, she’s older than him, duh, but she’s gorgeous and one of the most wonderful women around. She is very well loved and respected, but all the jealous ho-es only talk about how she looks like Hugh’s grandmother !!!! AND even though they’ve been together for a very long time they ugly jealous hags predict that they also will split up because he will need a younger woman LOL
    These ugly jealous old hags and old virgins predict every gorgeous actor that they wish they could have will split with the women they love LOL Sick fu**s probably believe in all their stupid hearts that they would actually have a chance with these gorgeous men if only they would split from their girlfriends and wife.
    A bunch of sick fu**s. LOL
    Ugly jealous lonely old hags have nothing to do but to put down every single woman they are jealous of. LOL
    They will never change, unless of course, they can find a man stupid enough to give fu** them. LOL

  62. 62
    to 59 Says:

    Funny!! Who does the gf’s makeup-Marilyn Manson??!!!

  63. 63
    to you know who Says:

    I see you continue to waste your time on ehre psoting and pretending everyone else is the psycho when JJ and Buzznet warned us about you.

    Never give up fo you? Ever read your posts? Same old regurgitated psychotic crap.
    You need strapping up in a padded cell and leaving there with preferable your “friend who ahs your personal info” on here as this board is better off without either of you.

    People like YOU are the reason he steppped up his security and they are NOT married. Put your lack of money where you fat cake hole is and do YOUR research instead of quoting from TV shows that you sit at home all day and watch. Nice for some.
    Watch TBL as you are a fat cow?
    Shut the hell up and move on.
    We know who you are and once again, JJ and Buzznet are looking into you.

  64. 64
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @lol we know who you are:
    And I suggest you go find a di/ck that won’t run from the sight of you and get la/id and stop obsessing about a woman who is more beautiful than you ever will be. They have been together for five years, she lives with him, they love each other, as far as I’m concerned, she is his wife. Stupid.

  65. 65
    APW Says:

    @to 35:
    All i said was there was alot of people obsessing over Satsuki. I was only commenting on what i have observed. Why so defensive??

  66. 66
    APW Says:

    My comment was for #39 not ~35 as that would be myself!! D’oh!!

  67. 67
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to you know who:
    You sit on here all day obsessing about how ugly the beautiful wife is and speculating about how they will split up and quoting a story of a television show is psychotic? Wow you really are delusional aren’t you, sad fu/ck. You’re probably the 36 year old VIRGIN lol
    I happen to know that his office is profiling people from gossip boards who hate the girlfriend !!!!!!!!!
    You’re the one that is being profiled, psycho stupid byatch lol

  68. 68
    to 61 Says:

    Do you ever read any posts with the logical point of “he drags her around, she is part of his career, partner/package’ at all?
    Being around that woman, who has a bad reputation which I have heard about first hand, has affected him.

    What’s the excuse for him being a pr*ck for the last 5 years then?
    He has changed from being a humble man to a sour, ill mannered a-hole, crap actor and a press *****. Two of my friends who met him at several premieres were treated like crap by him at the last one they went too. Yes, he has changed.

    Even you with you plankton sized mind can figure out is is not ALL to do with fame but the famewhore he is with.
    She is well known in H/Wood for being a prize b*tch and a ***** who stoops to nothing to get to the top. She is arrogant, self centered, angry and a prize dictator. Yes I know several people who have met her. So it has rubbed off on him.

    You honestly want Daniel to be with that? Well he is and therefore is a prize a-hole for allowing such people around him.
    Personally I hope he f*cks up big time and loses is all.

    Narcississtic a-hole with a hollywood *****.
    Made for each other.

  69. 69
    Glass Slipper Says:

    Because they are jealous and lonely and ugly and I guess some of them are virgins lol
    They just hate his wife because they wish they could be in her shoes. I’ve been watching the threads for a long time, and they are truly pathetic and psychotic in their hate of his wife. Very very very very unstable people these women who hate and obsess over her every day.

  70. 70
    to 67 Says:

    And what the hell are you doing on here apart from accusing and speculating they are married? LOL.

    I see psycho’s are hypocrites also, although we know who you are so that explains things.

    Practice what you preach and f*ck off.

  71. 71
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to 67:
    I’m not speculating that they are married stupid byatch.
    I said in MY OPINION they are married. Learn to read stupid.
    and No. 26, you are such a big fat liar, you don’t know them and don’t know anyone who has ever met her.
    These haters always, always, always, always stoop to lying about knowing them, one of them, or people who have met them, to try to convince others that she is what they think she is LOL
    so fu**king pathetic and stupid. These haters are about as smart as a fu**king slug. lol

  72. 72
    to 65 Says:

    All i said was there was alot of people obsessing over Satsuki. I was only commenting on what i have observed. Why so defensive??


    Why don’t you read back and ask that question about one particular poster who has caused major threatening troubles on here? Why is she so angry at people who don’t like Satsuki? She went from liking her to not liking her. Please.
    Then you will have your answer.
    We have been notified by JJ and Buzznet (who own the board) to stay away from her.
    They sent out an email to this poster who notified us.

    So like they both suggested, I will continue to scroll through her obvious multinamed posts.

  73. 73
    APW Says:

    To #68
    Daniel like the rest of us will learn from his mistakes, if Satsuki is a mistake to his life and career, then he is going to learn it the hard way isn’t he??

  74. 74
    fat cow who watches tv all day Says:

    i think “winfrey/glass slipper” was too fat for the biggest loser but then again, she IS the biggest loser on here…

  75. 75
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to 65:
    fu**k off stupid.
    You can’t explain your psychotic obession for hating his wife so you start accusing everyone of being a banned poster and trying to control who people chat with.
    so come on explain to us why you hate her so much and why you are so obsessed with her?
    fu** off and get a life or just get fu**king la-id stupid ugly slug.
    I’m sure you can find at least one retarded man who will stick his infected di** in you LOL
    Hey, at least you’ll finally get poked LOL

  76. 76
    mark oshiro's email to jj Says:

    Mark Oshiro” Add sender to “Mark Oshiro”

    If anything, this person is simply trolling you and getting everything they want out of it. Every time you flip out, get upset, post about being upset, and let it affect you personally, she gets joy out of it. Sick, I know, but I would suggest a GROUP effort of ignoring her. Literally, have all your friends stop replying to everything she says. In less than 24 hours, you’ll watch her run out of steam.

    I’ll find out what Jared/Chris are doing about this, I’d just nuke the whole conversation, personally. :)

    Hope this puts your mind at ease,

  77. 77
    to 64 Says:

    I didn’t know d**ks had legs??

  78. 78
    to 75 Says:

    Oh the bad language..very indicative of an angry person who doesn’t have the verbal or debating skills to post and make definitive points.

    Why is that?

    Can’t have a healthy debate without shouting and screaming like a child when you don’t agree? That is problem you might want to look into. Ausbergers Syndrome maybe?

    Although it seems eerily familiar.

    Oh well….moving on.

  79. 79
    to 77 Says:

    Hopefully the troll has legs and will run out of here soon.

    Maybe the gf is not in the pix as she is too busy producing movies-HA HA

  80. 80
    there you have it Says:

    LOL, well Daniel has legs so there’s always a first plus he f*cks a monkey, another first.

  81. 81
    TO 79 Says:

    Maybe the gf is not in the pix as she is too busy producing movies-HA HA

    A few glaring points there:
    a) She is not a producer.
    b) She is never busy.
    c) She is ALWAYS there.

  82. 82
    Advice Says:

    My advice for the 36 year old virgin and haters, just go visit any prison near you, those guys won’t care how fat or ugly any of you are, they’ll be more than happy to fu/ck you ROTFL

  83. 83
    Wrong Says:

    @TO 79:
    A few glaring points there:
    She is a producer
    She is a very busy woman
    She is not glued to his side
    She is the love of his life
    She is with him and you never will be
    She is well loved by his family and friends and many in the industry
    You are just a jealous ugly woman who can’t find her own man

  84. 84
    to 83 Says:

    Of course she. Whatever you say.

    Moving on.

  85. 85
    Wrong Says:

    @mark oshiro’s email to jj:
    I knew this fake email was coming LOL
    The haters ALWAYS post this same email when asked to explain their psychotic obsession with his girlfriend LOL
    When they can’t explain their psychotic behavior they try to scare and control the board LOL
    Hey everyone who is not a psychotic hater, just ignore these people and let’s talk about Daniel.

  86. 86
    anyone? Says:

    Does anyone want to talk about his lack of acting skills lately, the upcoming play, etc etc without it being reduced to a verbal slanging match of abuse?

    Anyone capable?

  87. 87
    Baby Says:

    100% agree let’s ignore the haters and talk about the real reasons that have changed DC.
    I personally have never known him to be that friendly with his fans. He’s always been very private. I remember when he was first cast the papers were talking about how “cold” he was and that he wasn’t at all “friendly” and that it was bad for the Bond image. But he’s always been that way. The only time he has ever been seen joking around is when he’s drunk, and that was way before he got Bond. But he’s never been warm to fans or to people he doesn’t know.
    I think he’s just always been a bit of a pr-ic-k, and I think the money and fame has just made it a lot worse.

  88. 88
    Baby Says:

    100% agree let’s ignore the haters and talk about the real reasons that have changed DC.
    I personally have never known him to be that friendly with his fans. He’s always been very private. I remember when he was first cast the papers were talking about how “cold” he was and that he wasn’t at all “friendly” and that it was bad for the Bond image. But he’s always been that way. The only time he has ever been seen joking around is when he’s drunk, and that was way before he got Bond. But he’s never been warm to fans or to people he doesn’t know.
    I think he’s just always been a bit of a pr-ic-k, and I think the money and fame has just made it a lot worse.

  89. 89
    Baby Says:

    100% agree let’s ignore the haters and talk about the real reasons that have changed DC.
    I personally have never known him to be that friendly with his fans. He’s always been very private. I remember when he was first cast the papers were talking about how “cold” he was and that he wasn’t at all “friendly” and that it was bad for the Bond image. But he’s always been that way. The only time he has ever been seen joking around is when he’s drunk, and that was way before he got Bond. But he’s never been warm to fans or to people he doesn’t know.
    I think he’s just always been a bit of a pr-ic-k, and I think the money and fame has just made it a lot worse.

  90. 90
    lol of course whatever you say Says:

    Yes, whatever you say Wannabe.
    We are onto you.
    But the people who “know” you, ignore you.
    You have no friends or admirers on here.
    So anyone with an ounce of sense will take the advice from Buzznet and JJ and ignore you.
    That is their professional advice.

    You are a nutter, I know it, everyone else knows it, JJ knows it and so does Buzznet.
    Running out of places you can post on without making it obvious who you are really now aren’t you?

    So, taking their advice, I will ignore you from now on as you have attempted to derail this thread long enough and frankly my dear, no-one gives a damn.

  91. 91
    sorry its real Says:

    Not a fake email.
    Contact buzznet and ask Mark Oshiro himself.
    Sorry you lose.
    use his first and last name
    Chris at JJ knows him too.
    Contact these people and ask about wannabe.

    The info is there at your fingertips, all you have to do is email them.

  92. 92
    Baaaaaad Says:

    Definitely agree, I’m with the rest of you, I’m going to ignore the haters.
    Personally I think his bad acting lately is due to him just loosing his edge. I mean he went from doing a lot of great drama to doing straight action. There’s a big difference between the two. He’s been away from drama for so long he’s just lost his touch. I watched Defiance and thought his acting was horrible. It was so forced, it was so obvious that he was trying way too hard. That’s why I think that he won’t do so great on Broadway, because I think it will take time for him to get back into the dramatic groove. I don’t think it’s going to come back to him that quickly. But I think he knows too that he’s lost his edge and he’s trying to get it back, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to, because he’s going to have to go back to Bond.

  93. 93
    another email Says:

    — On Tue, 4/14/09, Mark Oshiro wrote:

    From: Mark Oshiro
    Subject: Re: RE Just Jared Website
    Cc: “”
    Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 12:08 PM

    Thanks for the email. I haven’t read through all 3,000+ comments yet (it’s a lot!), but I seem to understand that this Krista/Wannabe/Gracie person is bullying people.

    (the rest of the mail is what they are trying to do about her so I wont post that bit).

    So contact them and ask, it’s easy enough and I certainly wouldnt bandy names around if they are false.

  94. 94
    to 92 Says:

    Yes well said but I think the g/f has had a bad influence on him. Sorry she is part of his career and he apparently listens to her so therefore should take some of the blame dont you think?

    His acting sticks right now so hopefully this play will recorrect the laziness that has set in.
    Personally I think Bond has ruined him and very bad advice.

  95. 95
    Still waiting Says:

    @lol of course whatever you say:
    You still haven’t explained your psychotic obsession with hating the girlfriend. Everyone is waiting for your explanation for why you post everyday spreading your psychotic hate. Please explain.

  96. 96
    re 93 Says:

    Also Im sure my post will be erased as it shows Chris’s email but I dont care, people need to see what Mark says and it was forwarded to Chris.
    They are well aware of this woman and I tried to do something about her.

  97. 97
    HELLO MAG Says:

    The haters are LOSERS

  98. 98
    Baaaaaaaaad Says:

    @to 92:
    Da-mn, I thought we were going to actually talk about Daniel and his acting, but all you want to do is talk about the girlfriend.
    What the he-ll is wrong with you people?
    Is everyone here obsessed with the girlfriend?
    Does ANYONE want to talk just about DANIEL CRAIG?
    Are there any normal people/fans on this board at all?

  99. 99
    to 98 Says:

    Sorry but his g/f IS part of his career and what is happening in it.
    Where have YOU been?
    She is part and parcel.
    Maybe is she just stood back, then we can discuss his career and career moves without mentioning her.
    Not being obsessive, she is a fact in his career life. We have to deal with it.
    Just because we choose to talk about her does not make us any lesser Daniel fans either.

    Try to be a realistic fan instead of a naive one and you will then see what has been happening to him.
    Anything else?

  100. 100
    to 99 Says:

    well said, yes i wish the gonk would go away too then we will be left with being able to dicuss him and his SOLO career as it seems as if she is so entwined with the man.
    no other g/f is so clingy with anyone else in the business.
    she is a joke.
    why does she have to be everywhere with the man really?
    what a leech.
    does he not have backbone at all?

  101. 101
    to 100 Says:

    no other g/f is so clingy with anyone else in the business.

    The reason why she is is because she remembers as to how she got Daniel so she fears that another woman will be just as conniving as she was/is.
    Yes it does make Daniel out to be a rather naive weak man really succumbing to these types of women which makes me wonder if that is affecting other areas of his life? So I lose respect for him big deal.
    He still keeps going to ATM’s to watch his millions. His fans really don’t mean anything to the man really I would say. He makes jsut enough time for them at premieres and that’s it.
    My friends were treated like crap by him that night whereas several years ago he approached them and was very light hearted.
    He is not the man/actor he used to be and people around him are to blame for much of it.
    Fame may be b*tch to deal with but so is Satsuki I hear.

  102. 102
    intelligent head Says:

    I always wait to coming news about 23.Bond. Maybe screenwriters will have a completed script in the summer. I am curious what writers wrote for this time.
    I remember at orange bikini which had Halle Berry and at white bikini which had Ursula Andress and I would like to see new Bond girl in bikini. Vesper wore only elegant clothes and hat, Camille had the worst clothes of all Bond girls, sorry but she looked stupidly, like a small girl with her acting, clothes and hair style. Camille (as Olga herself said) was no Bond girl, only independent Camille.

    agree, I’ve read a long ago that Moore was rather like CIA agent, I am not a his fan but love his comediant’s nature with the levity, he did funny things with and he had a eutaxia. Connery was the best- he was roguish and had the levity too and did action very easily. I very liked Timothy Dalton, he was sympathetic and his Bond (according to me) was a quite good, more, he is a cold handsome with beautiful eyes, he has similar eyes and personality like Daniel. I quite and also liked George Lazenby’s Bond (the worst Bond according to others) for his sadness and he lost a woman of his life,(like Daniel’s Bond lost Vesper). There was beautiful scenes with him and Diana Rigg (one of Daniel’s favourite Bond girl). Concerning Pierce Brosnan, it were brosnanmovies not bondmovies,he had a lot of passionate for his girls I liked how he could treat with women, he was above all a good lover, donjuan, people dislike him I do too but I admit he had a passionate. Each of all Bonds had something own, own style and different charisma, but its’ s a big pity Daniel lacks humour.
    At least Timothy Dalton was sympathetic for most people but Daniel is favourite only thanks his acting, not of his personality, nature. I know how Daniel is not favourite by many, my friends say he’s a good actor but he is unsympathetic for them and my family. My father watched TV -Casino Royale on Saturday and said that Daniel/Bond is really good but unsympathetic man. Daniel in addition makes a false representation in a public, he’s well-known for having an ugly arrogant gf and media laugh at his unadmitted engagement with Satsuki.

    But wait, things can pick up steam with 23.Bond and I am really curious what will be a topic there. but please, more humour for Daniel’s Bond! Daniel wishes the same things, he himself said he would like to have fun.

  103. 103
    to 98 Says:

    Are you a sheep? If you are please tell the monkey to go away as we are sick of her overexposed, arrogant, ugly face.

    Sorry, but the gf thing is ludicrous-that is our point. We are fans of Daniel Craig-not the wannabe celeb gf. We would like to see pix of him with his co-stars and with people who actually do something in life. The gf is up front and center stage-if that is her choice then she must also accept the scrutiny that comes with it.

  104. 104
    to 95 Says:

    You still haven’t explained your psychotic obsession with hating the girlfriend. Everyone is waiting for your explanation for why you post everyday spreading your psychotic hate. Please explain.

    oh please. this is a gossip site and public domain. we have something here in the united states we call the first amendment. in other words, the freedom of speech. you do get this? now then, there are people here who do not like satsuki and say so. they DO NOT have to justify nor explain themselves to you!! by virture of the fact that she is “dating” a celebrity satsuki becomes fair game. if you don’t like other poster’s negative comments too bad; deal with it.

    personally, i can take her or leave her. she’s not all that special and some of what she chooses to wear on the red carpet is terrible. from my view point she clings to him like white on rice. i personally don’t believe all the hype about these two people being a happy loving couple. it looks more like a business relationship to me. sorry if that upsets your apple cart.

  105. 105
    w.d. Says:

    Daniel is a buttaface! Anything that covers his face, ie sunglasses at night, is a good thing IMO! He looks great in a suit, and has a decent body, but his face looks much older than his 41 years. He also seems quite atrabilous.

  106. 106
    intelligent head Says:

    we talk about the arrogant monkey because she has a big impact upon Daniel’s image in a public as she always is standing by his side. It’s a shame she didn’t shake hands with DeNiro, Tom Ford ignored her at the bar of Oscars and she had a popped out eyes when she saw him. She ignores Daniel’s fans (they saw her by own eyeball and surely they dislike her for her behaviour I never forgot the video from the premiere of QOS in Sydney how she acted ignorantly and ridiculed at fans with snotty tone. she is a wrinkled s h i t in the UK and US.

  107. 107
    to 104 Says:

    Well said 104. I’m tired with these thread police on here trying to dissect what our (very valid) reasons are for disliking her.
    They sling mud but the mud has no merit.
    I wish they would do their research and ask people in the business and the UK papers too.
    They dont even think they are engaged (which I don’t either).
    Or are they afraid their bubbles will burst?

    You know what I was told by someone in the media?
    “Satsuki is Daniel’s consolation prize from Heike”.

    Ouch right?

  108. 108
    intelligent head Says:

    he looks tired at his 41. Pitt and Cruise are a bit older but they look good because they are happy. When you are happy you do look good.
    If he was properly smilling at these pics he would look great and nobody would to say he is older or something like that, Daniel looks great with smile and other people. Other men are at Daniel’s ages and they don’t look sexy and elegant like Daniel, they have five children and big belly. I hope Daniel always will be a single bachelor because this status is sexy.

  109. 109
    to 105 Says:

    He also seems quite atrabilous.

    Not a word I hear very often. Thanks for using it!

    But why? Has he been this way all his life? Introspective, artsy, shy, sensitive in mind maybe but atrabilous?

    Makes you wonder why?

    If it’s fame then he needs to find another career.

    If it’s the g/f, well we all know that answer.

  110. 110
    to 108 Says:

    I hope Daniel always will be a single bachelor because this status is sexy.

    Yes and he knows it is and is a bigger seller for him than being married at this point.

  111. 111
    to 46 Says:

    @Daniel looks hot:

    You don’t see any more photos of him because he’s paying off the paps to not show who he’s with. Ergo the ATM stop.

  112. 112
    to 111 Says:

    I wish he would pay me money to not have to look at Gonk face.
    Ergo: happy fan.

  113. 113
    re atm Says:

    he went out that evening to a private function. i believe this was taken after the event. why he needed cash is anyones thought as he has credit cards and the paps were there as they followed him from the party.

    maybe he had to pay parking on his street or the hooker he had in the car?

  114. 114
    Husband and Wife Says:

    These two are husband and wife.
    They have been together, living together in love for five years.
    A piece of stupid paper doesn’t represent marriage of two people.
    They are in the eyes of God husband and wife.
    Daniel knows it. Sats knows it. Anyone with half a brain knows it.
    There are people who have their little piece of paper stating they are legally married who cheat on each other and have grown apart and are no longer spirtually husband and wife in the eyes of God.
    Daniel and Sats are husband and wife.
    Get over it people. She is his love partner, his spirtual wife, and his business partner. It is a well known fact that she is a named partner in his corporation. She is not going anywhere, so get over it haters.
    As for her having a say in his decisions well then, you guys have completely contradicted yourselves. If she impacted his decision to do Defiance, from what I understand, Defiance got good reviews, the critics liked his acting, so apparently she gave him good advice !!!
    Everyone likes the idea that he is going to do the broadway play, if she has given him this advice or impacted his decision to do the play, well then, again, she is giving him good advice. So apparently, again, you guys are wrong, and need to get over it. The fact that you keep contradicting yourselves is proof that you are wrong. They are not going to split, there will be no other woman because Daniel will not allow another woman to come between him and the best thing that ever happened to him. They will be together for many, many years to come. So either get over it, get a life, or waste away on this board while the rest of the world is living their lives. I notice that all the normal people that used to come here regularly, like tigerlilly, lou lover, etc., have all left.
    You haters are the bullies, running off anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
    Go ahead waste your lives away here everyday hating. One day you’ll ask yourselves why you live alone and why no one likes you, and the simple fact that you even have to ask yourselves why you are alone, why you are still a virgin, is in itself truly pathetic.
    So go buy your books about how to find your soulmates, go buy your books and join dating websites hoping one day someone will be blind to your ugly personalities.
    I myself will never again come back to this pathetic site that encourages behavior which boarders on hate crimes.
    While the rest of the world is moving forward and evolving into an empathetic and compassionate world, you pathetic excuse of human beings are rotting away here with your hatred based solely on ugly superficial racism. All you talk about is how ugly Sats is, when I guarantee none of you even come close to being better looking than her. Smart head was stupid enough to post a picture of herself with her cucumber nose and she has the nerve to talk about how ugly someone else is.
    Cathy is a short ugly homely woman.
    The other poster is extremely obese from what I understand from emails that I received.
    Hatred driven by pure jealousy.
    Thank GOD Daniel is not as ignorant as you people to choose a woman to share life with based solely on looks.
    So go ahead waste away here. In reality, it’s much better that you spend your time here than on the streets, interacting with other human beings, infecting innocent people with your ugly personalities.
    What proof is there that I am right about how lonely and pathetic and ugly you people are. You are on here all day every day, but not only that, if anyone is curious to see if I am right, go back to threads that fell on major holidays, Christian or Jewish, Christmas, Easter, Passover, etc., and these haters are all here, spreading hate even on the highest holy seasons for Christians and Jews.
    They attack people for asking why they are hating on a special holiday, and they say they don’t believe in God. Does that surprise anyone !!!
    Of course they don’t believe in God, because God is love and non-judgmental, accepting, and these haters, do not have any of these qualities at all.
    They are consumed with hate. They do not believe in God.
    Is it any surprise at all that they are alone, virgins, morbidly obese.
    They will never get a life, ever. They will never change, ever.
    So let’s leave them here alone to rot away.
    Good-Bye slugs (wait that’s an insult to slugs). Good-bye parasites (wait that’s an insult to parasites).
    There is no name for any of you pathetic haters, you are nothing, comparing you even to the lowest form of life is an insult to the lowest form of ife, you are nothing, absolutely nothing, non-existent, never to be remembered, for nothing, because you are absolutely nothing.

  115. 115
    sienna Says:

    OMG he always looka sooooooooo HOT!!!! He is the best dressed man in the world ;)))))

  116. 116
    Where Says:

    Where is the beautiful gf?
    She’s so hot.

  117. 117
    omg Says:

    I’d suck his co** for nothing !!!!

  118. 118
    to the board Says:

    JJ has been notified about 114, dont worry.
    Ignore her ignorant ramblings.

  119. 119
    w.d. Says:

    IMO Daniel is not facially attractive at all. His status and bank account make him an alluring prospect, but if I saw him at Circle K, working behind the counter, I wouldn’t give him a second look in a million years! Well rested or not, he is fug! The suit looks nice, but then again, ANYBODY that has a decent body, looks good when dressed to the nines. It has nothing to do with him. If a guy can look attractive dressed casually, then he’s a keeper. With Daniel, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  120. 120
    to 114 Says:

    LOL, your preaching about God now?
    Have you read your post?
    There is nothing Christian in that at all.

    Ever heard of “TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK” or are you too hypocritical to do that?

    I’ll pray that you get help and move on from this pointless endeavour of yours.

  121. 121
    to 114 Says:

    As for believing God, that discussion shouldn’t even be on here really. What’s the point?
    You can dislike someone and believe in God.
    By your post it seems you are angry at everyone who doesn’t see your way. Hardly Christian is it?
    Isn’t that childish?
    Are you not capable of having a healthy discussion without bringing religion into it?
    Always hiding behind stuff aren’t you?
    Why are you so defensive of Dan and Sats anyway and their state of their union? Talk about obsession.

    You don’t practice what your preach Eva, never have, never will.
    Cathy was right in the emails she sent me about you.
    You truly are a nut case.
    But I decided not to post those emails out of the goodness of my heart and because this board would see you for what you are.
    But you make a good case for yourself anyway.

  122. 122
    omg Says:

    @to 114:
    Hey stupid the poster said they’re not coming back so who are you talking to? lol

  123. 123
    omg Says:

    @to the board:
    Why did you notify JJ, I thought this was a Free Speech board.
    Why do you feel the need to complain about anyone that doesn’t agree with you or calls you out for being pathetic?
    So in your mind free speech only applies to hating Sats?
    You the biggest hyprocrite on here.

  124. 124
    to who know who Says:

    “He who smells foul, has fartest first so go forth and multiply”.

  125. 125
    omg Says:

    @to 114:
    And I will pray that you find a man so maybe he can help you to get over your obsession of hate and move onto a better life.

  126. 126
    omg Says:

    @to 114:
    Who the fu** is Eva?
    Wow you really are delusional.
    Don’t worry everyone I’ve notified JJ about posters trying control this board by threatening peoples’ freedom of speech rights.

  127. 127
    question Says:

    Im sorry why is this person going on about these two so much? If she had confidence in their relationship wouldn’t she then be quietly assured in that and that goes for all the people ahrping on about these two and how happy they are? Why try so hard to prove that then?
    Obviously they think that the photos dont speak for themselves I guess.
    It seems that the people barking on about the marriage/happiness state of this couple seem very panicky about something?

    What would that be?

  128. 128
    to 125 Says:

    Sorry but OMG/Wannabe, I wasnt addressing you at all but I pray that you get either a decent hospital or someone to reveal who you are.

    I will take JJ/Buzznet advice and IGNORE YOU and the religious idiot (whomever THAT is).

    You anger in your posts is so revealing. But you still don’t get it do you? Cathy is still here and watching you.

  129. 129
    please, moving on Says:

    OK! Moving on please from the drivel and the accusations again.

    Can we get back to talking about Daniel, his career and whatever that entails please?

    Come on children, get over yourselves and your personal battles and talk/debate like adults.

    To Cathy/Wannabe – take your personal crap off here.

  130. 130
    omg Says:

    And why are you always harping about them splitting up?
    If you were so confident about their UNHAPPY state you would sit back in your confidence that they will split up.
    Why come on here everyday speculating and spinning stories about how unhappy they are together?
    It seems that the people barking on about how unhappy this couple are seem very panicky about something.
    What would that be?

  131. 131
    warning Says:

    just been notified that OMG is wannabe.

  132. 132
    warning Says:

    just been notified that OMG is wannabe.

  133. 133
    Watching Says:

    @to 125:
    I wasn’t addressing you either.
    You anger in your posts is so revealing. But you still don’t get it do you? Cathy is still being watched.

  134. 134
    daniels a loser Says:

    Satsuki is so ugly, jesus she needs to have a bag over her head.
    I am disappointed in Daniel.
    The guy is a loser to go out with her. His acting is crap.
    He is now scrambling to get back his career.

  135. 135
    satsa! Says:

    daniel needs to dump her and soon before she drags him down anymore.

    ‘satsuki was the consolation prize from heike”…says it all.

    she was a rebound and still is. mark my words, another year, she wont be there.
    i hear they are in a rocky patch anyway right now. dont know how ture that is but they have been apart for a week.

  136. 136
    ????? Says:

    Im sorry why are the haters going on about these two so much? If they had confidence in that they will split wouldn’t they then be quietly assured in that ? Why try so hard to prove that then?
    Obviously they think that the photos dont speak for themselves I guess.
    It seems that the people barking on about how unhappy this couple are, are panicky about something?
    What would that be?

  137. 137
    GF Says:

    The gf must be a real loser to have a relative write something positive about her.

    To 114 YAWN

  138. 138
    Warning Says:

    I have just been informed by JJ and Buzznet that they are investigating the poster who keeps threatening to report people for exercising their freedom of speech. I was informed that posters should ignore these threats and keep reporting when they threaten us.

  139. 139
    to 114 Says:

    thanks for posting that rambling diatribe. it was really a treat to read!! please tell me you are really leaving like you said at the end.

  140. 140
    watching Says:

    Good, so you both are being watched then. You might want to contact JJ too and get the emails she passed onto them erased too as I wouldnt want those floating around in cyberspace.

    Little piece of advice.

  141. 141
    lol of course whatever you say Says:

    LOL… 138

    That goes for 114 then as I was informed that they know it’s Wannabe.

    LOL…….they have you pegged.

  142. 142
    JJJJJJJ Says:

    daniel needs to marry her and soon before she leaves him. ’satsuki is the best prize he will ever get.
    she is the best thing that happened to him and still is. mark my words, another ten years, and they will still be together.
    i hear they are very happy together right now. dont know how ture that is but they have been together every day for a week.

  143. 143
    136 Says:

    If you are so “quietly reassured” they are not splitting up then why are you here rambling on.

  144. 144
    JJJJJJJ Says:

    If you are so “quietly reassured” they are going to split up then why are you here rambling on.

  145. 145
    to 139 - freedom of speech Says:

    thanks for posting that rambling diatribe. it was really a treat to read!! please tell me you are really leaving like you said at the end.

    Fat chance. As you can see by the mentioning of this Cathy, we know this Wannabe is on here but why people give her time of day is beyond me.
    Freedom of Speech is one thing but verbal attacks and telling them because they dislike someone then don’t believe in God is another!

    THAT to me is offensive and I have reported that to JJ for all the good it will do.

    Ignore them and move on like they instructed in April to do.

  146. 146
    138 Says:

    I have just been informed by JJ and Buzznet that they are investigating the poster who keeps threatening to report people for exercising their freedom of speech. I was informed that posters should ignore these threats and keep reporting when they threaten us.

    thanks for the information although i’m not worried for myself. i just dont like to see anyone being threatened on this board for stating her/his opinion. it’s not fair. i don’t expect anyone to stand up for me but i will stand up for others.

  147. 147
    MOVING ON plse Says:

    Moving on and getting back to Daniel…

    In JJ’s Defiance DVD post above, why didn’t the paps take pictures of whoever was in the car with Daniel, unless he was alone?

    Maybe the windows were dark, or………..?

    As the door opened and Daniel got in and out, I am sure the paps saw if anyone else was in there.

  148. 148
    to 114 Says:

    Thank you. You said it perfectly.

  149. 149
    not a sinner Says:

    I’m religious but I dont like Satsuki and I have the right to say that.
    That does not mean I do not beleive in God and anyone saying that is out of their bloody mind.

  150. 150
    ? Says:


    What have you been smoking?

  151. 151
    to 146 Says:

    Did you read the posts made by Mark Oshiro that were posted earlier about Wannabe?
    If not scroll back and read.
    This person is merely trying to “get back’ at the other poster who called her out in April and who doesnt take her crap.

    We were informed by Mark of Buzznet and Chris of JJ to ignore this poster as she is a TROLL (they said it).


    Anyway, this thread has been hijacked enough.

    Lets all move on and not even mention her.

  152. 152
    147 Says:

    Good point-if he was with someone the paps would have photographed him or her. I would be in shock though if the gf left him alone to go out-or maybe she had no say in the matter!!!

    Either way he looks so sexy without the guard next to him!!

  153. 153
    back to daniel Says:

    Daniel needs to step up his game and dump the monkey. She has been the worse thing he has ever done. His career and demeanour have gone downhill and he has become as obnoxious as she is.
    If people took their heads out of the sand, they will see that glaring fact.
    Snotty, rude and uncaring for his fans she is.
    So why should his fans care about her and care about him for allowing her to be that way with fans who stand there and wait for him?

  154. 154
    to 149 Says:

    @not a sinner:
    I don’t 114 meant everyone that doesn’t like the gf, but go back through the treads and 114 is right, I checked. There were posters during Christmas and Easter who clearly said they do not believe in God and don’t recognize the holidays. So I think 114 was referring to some of the posters who clearly stated that they do not believe in God. But if you do believe in God, why would you not like someone you have never met? That doesn’t make sense. Isn’t that being judgmental? Isn’t that the something God doesn’t want us to be?
    Oh well, I guess that’s something you will have to answer for when you meet him.

  155. 155
    to 152 Says:

    Look we all know he cannot take a dump with her waiting outside with the toilet paper so of course she was in the car.
    Unless this week break they have taken means he has someone else in there?
    Ooooohhh, I hope they had a good time.

  156. 156
    Back to Daniel Says:

    Sorry I meant to say, Daniel needs to step up his game and marry the gf. She has been the best thing he has ever done. His career and demeanour have gotten so much better and he has become as sweet as she is.
    If people took their heads out of the sand, they will see that glaring fact.
    Sweet, carrying and loving for his fans as she is.
    That’s why his fans care about her and care about him who stand there and wait for him.

  157. 157
    to 154 Says:

    Why is 114 talking about the posters on here that she has never met then like she knows them and being accusatory?
    Isn’t that being hypocritical?
    She didn’t like Satsuki in the beginning so was she being judgemental then too?
    Of course she was, she isn’t intelligent enough to realize she doesn’t make any logical or theological sense.

    But anyway this subject is well over for me and I hope when she said goodbye it was for good this time. But of course, once a liar always a liar.
    Moving on.

  158. 158
    to 152 Says:

    Sorry, I mean to say, look we all know he would not go anywhere without her, he loves her too much, so of course she was in the car.
    Ooooohhh, I hope they had a good time

  159. 159
    MOVING ON plse Says:

    @to 146:

    to 151- THANK YOU !

    to 152 – Again I agree with you that the paps surely would have seen someone else in the car with him…and JJ would have certainly mentioned it!! (….”while (so and so) waited for him in the car, Daniel went to get cash at the atm’……).
    Even if the car windows were blackened or dark, when the door opens the paps can see in and get pictures and photos. They do that all the time.

  160. 160
    lol of course whatever you say Says:

    ooohhhhhhhhhhh, a hooker was in the car. i hope she gave him a rash.

  161. 161
    147 Says:

    Sorry I meant to say, Good point-if he was with someone else the paps would have photographed him or her. I would be in shock though if he didn’t take the love of his life with him.
    Either way he doesn’t look as sexy without Sats next to him!!

  162. 162
    oohhhh Says:

    Ooohh i hope wannabe is caught and tried like the serial stalker she is and that the serial repeater on here finds something original to answer with.

  163. 163
    to 156 Says:

    Sorry I meant to say, Daniel needs to step up his game and marry the gf.

    LOL, he never will. Who are you kidding?

  164. 164
    to 156 re 114 Says:

    These two are husband and wife.
    They have been together, living together in love for five years.
    A piece of stupid paper doesn’t represent marriage of two people.
    They are in the eyes of God husband and wife.

    I’m sorry but NOW you are saying he needs to step up and marry her?

    Make up your bloody mind. Talk about hypocrisy.

  165. 165
    MOVING ON plse Says:

    I meant to say,
    to 151- WRONG
    to 152 – Again I agree with you that the paps surely would have seen someone else in the car with him…and JJ would have certainly mentioned it!! (….”while (so and so) waited for him in the car, Daniel went to get cash at the atm’……).
    Even if the car windows were blackened or dark, when the door opens the paps can see in and get pictures and photos. They do that all the time, so obviously no one else with him, just the love of his life, Sats.

  166. 166
    Car Says:

    Does anyone know what kind of car Daniel drives?

  167. 167
    to 156 re 114 Says:

    These two are husband and wife.
    They have been together, living together in love for five years.
    A piece of stupid paper doesn’t represent marriage of two people.
    They are in the eyes of God husband and wife.

    Sorry, I meant to say, you are 100% right. Agree completely.

  168. 168
    to 159 Says:

    Yes well I’d couldnt give a f*ck who was in the car and I’m glad her pics werent there as I’m sick of her fugly face. Lets hope they dont take pics of her in NY too although she’ll be there sitting in the front row like she did for FOAF, ever see that when she took her front row seat.
    Miss High and Mighty!
    I hope he finds Sienna and gets his leg over.
    Miss “consolation prize’ Mitchell will be put in her place then.

  169. 169
    to 166 Says:

    Audi and BMW both non eco frog friendly.
    Hypocrite that he is.

  170. 170
    wannaf**k on the board Says:

    @to 156 re 114:
    Don’t worry. It is wannaf*ck on the board, changing everyone’s posts.
    It is called plagerism. And lying.

  171. 171
    to 159 Says:

    Typos, should read:
    Yes well I’d couldnt give a f*ck who was in the car but I’m upsether pics werent there as I miss seeing them together. Lets hope they take pics of her in NY, and let’s hope she’ll be there sitting in the front row like she did for FOAF, ever see that when she took her front row seat.
    Miss Sexy and Gorgeous!
    I hope he finds Sienna and shows her how happy he is with Sats.
    Miss. Mitchell will love that.

  172. 172
    to 165 Says:

    They do that all the time, so obviously no one else with him, just the love of his life, Sats.

    Yes justt like the original love of his life Heike. Satsuki is getting his regurgitated love and sayings that he used on Heike.
    Satsuki is the consolation prize from Heike.
    How sad for Satsuki and to stay with a man who can’t come up with anything original anymore oir even wear a ring on his finger.
    People laugh at Satsuki for her putting up with this behaviour from him.
    She really is a desperate Waity Katey.

  173. 173
    #151 is correct! Says:

    Poster 151 is RIGHT! Like it or not. Watch out everyone, it is wannabe on the board changing everyone’s posts.

  174. 174
    break Says:

    I heard they were apart this week. Don’t know where she went but she wasn’t seen at M Vale by the paps arriving or leaving or anywhere else.
    Oh dear.

  175. 175
    to 170 Says:

    Like we dont all know that?
    Ignore her. She worthless. Moving on….
    I wonder why they split this week?

  176. 176
    RR Says:

    @to 166:

    No he drives a Range Rover – a black one.

  177. 177
    break Says:

    I heard they were together this week. Don’t know where they went but they were seen at M Vale by the paps arriving or leaving.
    Oh dear.

  178. 178
    to 170 Says:

    Like we dont all know that you’re wrong?
    Ignoring you. You’re worthless. Moving on….
    I wonder what they were doing this week?

  179. 179
    to 172 Says:

    id be pissed if i was satsuki knowing he called heike that too and wearing a ring for 5 years and he wont still make it legal?
    its shows you she hasnt a decent shred of respect for herself really but look at the way she met him. he was still with heike then they remained in contact i think, he rebounded with kate moss then saw satsuki in aug 04. then had a fling with miller on her.
    what woman stays with man after that affair anyway?
    i read that she forgave him but one more time and its kaput. it was in the news paper sometime ago. ill try to search for it.
    satsuki is a joke, daniel is a serial long term relationship man, he needs variety and i cant see this lasting more than another year/maybe two.
    its his M.O. you see and i heard that he gets bored with her, she is so different in temperament and always argues with him, its getting worse i think as she wants to get married now and he wont so i hear.
    i’ll guess we’ll see who caves in first.

  180. 180
    to 176 Says:

    He did, not anymore.
    If you look at various pics of him leaving his house lately and the above ATM ones, you will see he has an Audi now and a black BMW.
    He no longer drives the Black RR.

  181. 181
    to 178 Says:

    Ignoring you. You’re worthless. Moving on….

    Well said by the other person that you are repeating.

  182. 182
    to 172 Says:

    @to 172:

    My bet is he will cave and marry her eventually if he hasn’t already. If not for love it will be out of obligation. And he may have afew flings on the side.

  183. 183
    Car Says:

    @to 176:

    Why does he need 2 cars?

  184. 184
    to 172 Says:

    id be pissed if i was Heike knowing he called Sats that too and wearing a ring for 5 years and he will make it legal?
    its shows you she is patient and decent look at the way she met him. he was still with heike then they remained in contact i think, he rebounded with kate moss then saw satsuki in aug 04. then had a rumored fling which no one has ever proven or confirmed.
    i read that she forgave him but again that was just a rumor it’s never been printed anywhere.
    satsuki is a magnificant, daniel is a lucky man in this long term relationship, he doesn’t need variety and i can see this lasting more than a year or two.
    i heard that he gets bored without her, she is so different in temperament and always challenges him and keeps him feeling alive.

  185. 185
    to 178 Says:

    I wonder what they were doing this week?

    Nothing as they weren’t together.
    Have you not been listening when you have been tirelessly trying to cause problems on here?
    You really need to read the posts better as it seems you are reposting them incorrectly.

  186. 186
    to 172 Says:

    My bet is he will marry her eventually if he hasn’t already. It will be for love. And he will not have any flings on the side.

  187. 187
    to the board Says:

    JJ just notified me that Wannabe is on repeating everyone’s emails.
    Don’t engage with her, ignore her.
    They are working on it but she is using a proxy as her ISP was banned originally.
    She’s that desperate she keeps changing them.

  188. 188
    #172-you 're right Says:

    @to 172:
    TO 172-
    I agree with your points.
    The gonk has no shred of deceny or self-respect. All of her ‘ultimatums’ are just echoes into an empty canyon, Daniel is numb to them all by now, including her nagging and stupid “rules” of what she does not allow him to do, like enjoy being a gamer and playing video games.
    So he has had to sneak it around her, as well as I am sure he has donw with his ‘other” friends he has that gonk does not know about and never will.

    And all of that wears very thin on him so I am expecting him to jut throw in the towel around this point in time.

    How many rules does anyone want to follow when they just want to unwind and be true to himself!

    Gonk does not accept him for who he is and she has been trying to change him to suit her own needs. Now she has the relationship in tatters.
    This is all the gonk’s fault. She has successfully pushed him away. NOT a smart woman at all.

  189. 189
    nice research Says:

    Apparently a psycho’s listening/cognitive skills are crap.
    They are unable to post anything original.
    Wannabe is proving that on here isn’t she?

  190. 190
    to 186 Says:

    My bet is he will marry her eventually if he hasn’t already. It will be for love. And he will not have any flings on the side.

    LOL, well he hasn’t and he has had a fling on the side on the love of his life, so your point is?

  191. 191
    to 183 Says:

    Because he can just like he can have two lovers on the side.

  192. 192
    #172-you're right Says:

    TO 172-
    I agree with your points.
    The gf is decent and has self-respect. She doesn’t need ‘ultimatums’ , Daniel loves her, because she does’nt nag and doesn’t have stupid “rules” of what she does not allow him to do, like enjoy being a gamer and playing video games.
    He doesn’t have to sneak it around her, as well as I am sure he has donw with his ‘other” friends he has that the gf knows about and always will.

    And all of that wears very thin on him so I am expecting him to jut throw in the towel around this point in time.

    How many rules does anyone want to follow when they just want to unwind and be true to himself!

    Gonk does not accept him for who he is and she has been trying to change him to suit her own needs. Now she has the relationship in tatters.
    This is all the gonk’s fault. She has successfully pushed him away. NOT a smart woman at all.

  193. 193
    #172-you 're right Says:

    should be ‘just’, not jut
    and ‘done’, not donw
    not ‘be true to himself” , it should read, “be true to themselves”.

  194. 194
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    to #111: do paps really get paid off by celebs to not take a capture of them? that would be a bribe. i can’t imagine daniel trying to control the media on him like that. really, who does he think he is? he is always trying to control the media–like no videos, just photos from the pap-in-the-box on St Barts. Pap’s know what bank they go to? that is scary. why does he visit the ATM? An unexpected Guinness run?? Not serving guinness at the party he is going to—-bring-your-own-guinness party and he needed to stop at a store! or for whatever he is having that night (hopefully a guinness!!!) ha! i can dream. I still think he is worth learning more about. and watching his career. Everyone evolves…emotionally, professionally, sexually, intellectually….I still have hope for him. His suit is awesome, although his pop up tie looks like one of tacky Sats shoes!! he will be better than gargantuan sexy-but-too-hairy-for-guinness man. Will he conquer the posh/cockney accent into a chicago cop accent? Has either camp confirmed they are contractually acting in a broadway play together? I believe it when I can read about it in the New York Times only. (sorry JJ!). ~guinness, reading nonstupid posts. WTF?

  195. 195
    to 183 Says:

    Yes both German cars. Noticed that?
    He knows quality when he sees it.
    No American rubbish. No consolation prize for him when it comes to vehicles.

  196. 196
    to 186 Says:

    My bet is he will marry her eventually if he hasn’t already. It will be for love. And he will not have any flings on the side.

    LOL, well he will and he hasn’t had a fling on the side on the love of his life, so your point is?

  197. 197
    10 183 Says:

    Because he won’t just like he won’t have two lovers on the side.

  198. 198
    196 Says:

    @to 186:

    I have no point

  199. 199
    #172-you 're right Says:

    Gonk does not accept him for who he is and she has been trying to change him to suit her own needs. Now she has the relationship in tatters.
    This is all the gonk’s fault. She has successfully pushed him away. NOT a smart woman at all.
    To 192, (wannabe eve changing the posts)-
    You changed my original post #188- the gonk has no deceny or self respect…but you are right here. It is all of the gonk’s fault and she has pushed him away and she is not a smart woman at all. The relationship is in tatters because of gonk!
    Right! ha. ha. ha!

  200. 200
    #172-you're right Says:

    Seriously, could the gf be anymore beautiful. I absolutely love her.
    I think they will get married after his bond contract is over.

  201. 201
    think again... Says:

    Satsuki Mitchell, the girlfriend of new Bond star Daniel Craig, will stand by her man despite allegations he had an affair with Sienna Miller. Production exec Satsuki, who met Daniel on the set of The Jacket last year, was by Daniel’s side when he was officially unveiled as the sixth 007 on Friday. “Satsuki has done a lot of soul-searching, but she has decided not to throw away her one-year relationship with Daniel,” a friend said. “She believes that everyone should be forgiven one mistake. But it will be a very different matter if he does it again.” (18 October, 2005, 8AM) SOURCE: NEWS OF THE WORLD

    I know she had probably got some emotional investment in the relationship (even after one year), but I’m wondering if she’s staying with him because of all the publicity out of being the girlfriend of the new James Bond. I’m thinking red carpet, photo junket side lines.


    Guranteed he will do it again so bye bye Gonk!

  202. 202
    to: nice research Says:

    @nice research:
    Can you believe this sh*t? Guess everyone decent will vacate the board till as*hole leaves for good. I wish JJ would hurry up and get her banned for f**ks sake!

  203. 203
    #172-you're right Says:

    gf accepts him for who he is and she has not been trying to change him to suit her own needs. Now she has the perfect relationship.
    This is all the gf’s doing by being the perfect woman. She has successfully pulled him closer. VERY smart woman.
    To 192, (wannabe eve changing the posts)-
    You changed my original post #188- the gf is decent and has self respect …but you are right here. It is all of the gf’s doing and she has pulled him closer and she is a smart woman. The relationship is perfect because of the gf!
    Right! ha. ha. ha!

  204. 204
    re 201 Says:

    that extract was from gossip

  205. 205
    201 Says:

    @think again…:
    I am sure he has done it again and she is very aware.

  206. 206
    to: think again RE: ho-ho Says:

    @think again…:
    She is a gold diggin’ ho-ho, so of course she will not throw away her beautiful multi-million dollar meal ticket! Of course she will stay. No where else to go and no one to go to. The Ho-Ho’s perks are too lux to walk away from!

  207. 207
    lol what a farce Says:

    wow so that means even back then they were thinking she stood by him because of the publicity she would get?
    wow and that was in 2005!
    they had her pegged right back then too.

  208. 208
    think again Says:

    Satsuki Mitchell, the girlfriend of new Bond star Daniel Craig, will stand by her man despite unproven allegations he had an affair with Sienna Miller. Production exec Satsuki, who met Daniel on the set of The Jacket last year, was by Daniel’s side when he was officially unveiled as the sixth 007 on Friday. “Satsuki has done a lot of soul-searching, but she has decided not to throw away her one-year relationship with Daniel,” a friend said. “She believes that everyone should be forgiven one mistake. But it will be a very different matter if he does it again.” (18 October, 2005, 8AM) SOURCE: NEWS OF THE WORLD

    I know she had probably got some emotional investment in the relationship (even after one year), but I doubt she’s staying with him because of all the publicity out of being the girlfriend of the new James Bond. I’m thinking she’s very forgiving, patient and understanding.


    Guranteed he will not do it again so hello Mrs. Craig.!

  209. 209
    201 Says:

    @think again…:
    I am sure he has not done it again and she is very aware.

  210. 210
    re201 Says:

    gossip is the source but it wont let me provide the link but type in
    satsuki forgives daniel craig and it will come up.

  211. 211
    to 209 Says:

    I’m sure he has done it again and she isnt aware.

  212. 212
    to 208 Says:

    Guranteed he will not do it again so hello Mrs. Craig.!

    Guaranteed he probably has by now so goodbye Mrs Craig!

  213. 213
    to: think again RE: ho ho Says:

    Just kidding, She is a not a gold diggin’ ho-ho, so of course she doesn’t need to worry about throwing away her beautiful multi-million dollar meal ticket! Of course she will stay because she truly loves him, even though she has plenty of opportunities waiting for her. Her only perk is his love and that’s all she needs.

  214. 214
    Why men cheat Says:

    Of course, we all know that while men and women are both capable of cheating, it’s often the guys who have the biggest problem keeping their belts firmly buckled. And we all know that no matter who it’s with, why it’s done, or where the after-hours canoodling takes place, cheating is-most of the time-the ultimate relationship death sentence. But instead of dwelling on what happens after the cheating takes place, one of the ways to perhaps prevent infidelity is by knowing a little bit about why men stray. I’m not offering them as excuses, merely explanations as to what happens in that brain (and other body parts) of his-in hopes that you might be able to prevent it. Here, the top reasons why men cheat

  215. 215
    lol what a farce Says:

    Guaranteed Wannabe’s details are in the hands of JJ and Buzznet and Cathy like she stated.

  216. 216
    Why men cheat Says:

    To Fulfill His Biology: You know the old anthropological tale. A man’s main job, besides killing the saber-tooth, is to spread his seed in order to ensure the survival of his genetic legacy. It’s a man’s biology to want to wander. Does that mean he should, or that he can’t help it? Of course not. But it does mean that a man is going to have strong-extremely strong-biological urges to knock on the doors of neighboring huts. I have had this argument/discussion/conversation with dozens of men and women: Are men predestined to cheat? My answer is no, they’re not-despite their biology. But often times, they do have to fight it. Especially after a pitcher and two shots of Jack.

  217. 217
    Why men cheat Says:

    To Get the Attention: News flash: Sure, some guys cheat because, well, maybe the sexual frequency has slowed a bit, and maybe hot-and-heavy happens at home about as often as Rob Schneider gets nominated for an Oscar. But the truth is that plenty of men who are having regular sex with their partner are also having sex with someone else. Why? Because cheating isn’t just about the sex. Just as a woman who cheats may be seeking more affection than what she’s getting at home, a man often cheats because he’s seeking the attention that he no longer gets at home. Part of the allure of the mysterious woman isn’t just to find out what she looks like naked; it’s that the woman showers the man with flirtations, with seduction, with advances that make him feel like he’s worthy of more than just fixing dents in the drywall.

  218. 218
    lol what a farce Says:

    wow so that means even back then they were thinking she stood by him because of love ?
    wow and that was in 2005!
    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

  219. 219
    Why men cheat Says:

    To Change Up His Play List: Think about what’s on your iPod. You have your favorite songs you play over and over, but every once in a while, you’re in the mood to hear something you haven’t played in a long time. You don’t need to hear it but once every month or so, but still, you appreciate the changeup. Relationships need to be like good iPods lists. You’re comfortable with your routine and you like your routine, but it’s always nice to change things up. What men really want in relationships (and what I suspect women also want) is to be able to take comfort in the routine of a long-term commitment, as long as there are some surprises that make it feel like a new relationship every once in a while. In order to keep the relationship strong, you’ve got to change the songs every once in a while. That goes for in the bedroom and out.

  220. 220
    Why men cheat=this is Daniel Says:

    To Get Out: I know lots of guys who simply don’t have the strength to end it. They may try (“I’m just not happy”), or they may take other tactics to drive a woman away. A lot of guys simply have trouble breaking off relationships because they don’t want to be perceived as that bad guy, the jerk, the insensitive lout who ended something good. So they tiptoe around the issue in hopes that she’ll get so frustrated that she’ll back out first. Well, if that doesn’t work, then a man knows that the only way out is to commit the relationship sin that drives a woman away for good. It’s not right, but it’s what happens.

  221. 221
    to 208 Says:

    Guranteed he will not do it again so hello Mrs. Craig.!

    Guaranteed he probably has not by now so hello Mrs Craig!

  222. 222
    to 218 Says:

    wow so that means even back then they were thinking she stood by him because of love ?
    wow and that was in 2005!
    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

    Wow and we have you pegged as the psycho wannabe who JJ/Buzznet and Cathy have details on.
    Wow and we knew all of this back in December of 2008.

  223. 223
    Confused Says:

    The person using the double lines =======
    Are you for Sats or against… confused or are you 2 different people?

  224. 224
    to 221 Says:

    Guranteed he will not do it again so hello Mrs. Craig.!

    Guaranteed he probably has not by now so hello Mrs Craig!

    Guaranteed your ISP and detalis will float into cyberspace from someone on here at some point. I hope you are watching Cathy.

  225. 225
    to 222 Says:

    wow so that means even back then they were thinking she stood by him because of love ?
    wow and that was in 2005!
    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

    Wow and we have you pegged as the psycho JJ/Buzznet have details on.
    Wow and we knew all of this back in December of 2008

  226. 226
    to 224 Says:

    Guranteed he will not do it again so hello Mrs. Craig.!

    Guaranteed he probably has not by now so hello Mrs Craig!

    Guaranteed your ISP and detalis will float into cyberspace from someone on here.

  227. 227
    to 220 Says:

    The man is p u s s y whipped by her and he is co-dependant. He couldnt wipe his **** if his life depended on it anymore.

    The man is ill because of this stress and it’s crunch time for him that is why they spend a lot of time apart.

  228. 228
    to 218 Says:

    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

    Yes so perfect he calls her the “love of his life MARK 2 edition” and he cheats on her.
    Yes really nice of the guy. That’s real love.

    Perfect **** for the perfect cheater.

  229. 229
    to 220 Says:

    The man is not p u s s y whipped by her and he is not co-dependant. He can wipe his **** if his life depended on it.

    The man is ill because of this stress and it’s crunch time for him regarding his career that is why they spend a lot of time together.

  230. 230
    to 218 Says:

    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

    Yes so perfect he calls her the “love of his life MARK 2 edition” and he doesn’t cheat on her.
    Yes really nice of the guy. That’s real love.

    Perfect woman for the perfect faithful man.

  231. 231
    Blankey Says:

    Satsuki is where Daniel feels most safe and secure. He may on occasion find a shiny new toy to play with or talk too but eventually the shiny new toy gets dull and he goes back to his blankey like all children do. I am not saying he is a child just that he has a soft place to land and he may stray physically or emotionally but he will always go back to where he feels safe.

  232. 232
    to 227 Says:

    I would have told the guy to f*ck off if he cheated on me.
    I think Satsuki saw the Golden Goose Boy and her way up the ladder.
    He must not have thought much of her then and still not married?
    She must be so embarrassed and no wonder she feels upset about Sienna still.
    First Light Movie Awards? She didnt want to go as apparently its a sore subject still so he didnt go.
    If he showed his love towards her enough why is Satsuki still upset about Sienna?
    If Satsuki not confident in them as a couple? Why does she cling on like a limpet to the man all the time?
    She scared he will look elsewhere? Scared he will be stolen by another **** like herself as Daniel really seems to like those women which is strange as his sister, sisters in law and mother(s) are all nice people.
    Heike was the exception and he knew it. He didnt deserve her.

  233. 233
    to 230 Says:

    Yes so perfect he calls her the “love of his life MARK 2 edition” and he doesn’t cheat on her.
    Yes really nice of the guy. That’s real love.

    Perfect woman for the perfect faithful man.

    and if you believe what you’ve just posted have i got a shark infested swimming pool for you to buy!! it’s all in the body language as anyone can tell you. pay attention to the unspoken messages that daniel has been sending lately.

  234. 234
    re blankey Says:

    Satsuki is where Daniel feels most safe and secure. He may on occasion find a shiny new toy to play with or talk too but eventually the shiny new toy gets dull and he goes back to his blankey like all children do. I am not saying he is a child just that he has a soft place to land and he may stray physically or emotionally but he will always go back to where he feels safe.

    Blankets have a tendency to not wear well after a while, get holes in them and can strangle.

  235. 235
    to 230 Says:

    they had her pegged right back then too as the perfect woman for him.

    Yes so perfect he calls her the “love of his life MARK 2 edition” and he doesn’t cheat on her.
    Yes really nice of the guy. That’s real love.

    Perfect woman for the perfect faithful man.

    So now you are contradicting yourself in your repetition? So you agree with me he does call Satsuki the MARK 2 regurgitated edition?
    How unoriginal for a man in love.
    Thanks ! LOL!

  236. 236
    Blankey Says:

    but as blankets get older they get softer and one can get attached

  237. 237
    to the board Says:

    For once and for all, IGNORE THE OFFICIAL TROLL we have on here.
    DO not engage with her as this is feeding her problem.
    Do not answer her when she repeats peoples posts.

    I have been emailed by JJ to ask you all to not do this.

  238. 238
    Blankey Says:

    … helps if you use Snuggle fabric softner :)

  239. 239
    no diff - still a pain Says:

    … they get softer and one can get attached

    the same could go for an old stick of gum you find in your bag and you cant get the wrapping off.
    wouldnt want that in my life or mouth either.

  240. 240
    mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    I like your idea of being Dan’s tailor. That would certainly be a very interesting job – you need a good eye, a steady hand and an appreciation of the human body :)

    Has anybody had any luck with the ice lolly yet?

  241. 241
    Blankey Says:

    stick of gum is exiting —stage left

  242. 242
    to 105 and 109 Says:

    Before using big words – remember to use spellcheck!!

    It’s atrabilious not atrabilous. Dork!

  243. 243
    to 114 Says:

    Agree with everything you’ve said.
    Like you said these haters will never change or ever stop, so it’s best to let them rot here among themselves. Like you said, better they are here than roaming within normal society infecting others with their ignorance.
    Unfortunately, if it were so easy to change them, we would not have all the problems we have in the world, we would have world peace.
    But unfortunately people who hate without any reason are the core cause of the world’s problems.
    People hate each other for different regligous beliefs.
    People hate each other for being of a different race.
    People hate someone they have never met out of jealousy and bitterness.
    These things will never change in the world. Very sad, but true.
    But I like you’re idea of letting them rot here among themselves and pray that Sats never reads this site.
    May God forgive these people for their ignorant cruelty, and now, like you 114, I will be attacked.
    Bless you Daniel and Satsuki, and may he always keep both of you safe from crazy obsessed fans.

  244. 244
    the ho-ho Says:

    @no diff – still a pain:
    Good point regarding the old stick of gum with the stuck-on wrapper.
    I am certain that Daniel does not want that, or her, in his mouth ~!

  245. 245
    re stick of gum Says:

    @the ho-ho:

    Correct … he does not want the old sitck of gum….he wants Satsuki

  246. 246
    to 245 Says:

    Correct … he does not want the old sitck of gum….he wants Satsuki

    Stick is the correct word. Use spellcheck DORK!

    But I agree, why would he want an old STICK when he sleeps with an old PLANK?

  247. 247
    Stupid Says:

    @to 245:
    Obviously he does want her in his mouth since they are still together and have been for five years and still going strong. Stupid.

  248. 248
    the ho-ho Says:

    @to 245:
    Old Stick, Old gross, dirty, paper melted on, piece of gum, Old Plank, all the same old thing = the old Ho-Ho

  249. 249
    ho ho Says:

    You seem to know a lot about ho ho’s, you must have a lot of experience in this department, takes one to know one as they say LOL

  250. 250
    to: stupid poster 247 Says:

    As your name is stupid, then yes you are!

  251. 251
    ho ho Says:

    @to: stupid poster 247:
    I know you’re stupid, thanks for admitting to it.

  252. 252
    Perfect Says:

    They are so perfect together. If Sats wasn’t in the car or if they were apart for a week, she may be in New York getting things ready for them to move there for a while while he does the play. He looks like he may be having dinner with friends, maybe saying good-bye since he won’t be seeing them for a while. It makes sense. If he goes to New York and looks for a place for them to live while doing the play, the paps would be all over it and maybe leak where he will be staying, but if Sats goes ahead of time, she can do it decreatly without being followed around by the paps. Very smart, probably her idea as she’s a very smart woman. Love them both.

  253. 253
    Perfect Says:

    Hey Tigerlilly, Lou Lover and others, won’t you please come back and make this board more normal again? Please.

  254. 254
    to scum 2436 Says:

    Yes you will be attacked because this thread is sick and tired of hypocrites professing religion when they are the evil on this thread.
    114 hated the people she professed to know.
    THAT is being judgemental.
    114 lashed out at posters and called them disbelievers if they disliked someone.
    THAT is hypocritical!
    114 has causes this thread to become the mess its in and she is being watched by JJ and Buzznet.
    114 has threatened people with guns.
    THAT is violent!
    114 and you are bearing false witness as both of you are liars!

    People like you are not religious, you are vermin.
    You are the type of people who piss on graves of people all week then sits in the front rows saying their prayers on Sunday.
    You people are scum and God certainly would strike you both down because you are the worst type of human beings that can walk this earth.
    Psychotic, hypocritical, demeaning, sad, evil, sh*t stirrers.
    You and 114 need to be locked up.
    Go forth and multiply and dont dare bless anyone as you don’t have the right from God or anyone to do that.

    Daniel and Satsuki being blessed? If you are TRUE Christians then you WOULD NOT be condoning two people who are living in sin!
    THAT is hypocritcal.
    You are condonming a man who cheated on another woman.
    THAT is hypocritical.
    You are condoning a poster 114 that has been the worst type of stalker we have on here and has been reported to the police, his office, the FBI and his security team?
    THAT is hypocritical!

    But again HYPOCRITES always sing the loudest in church don’t they?
    You and 114 are that typical type of that type of scum.
    I feel sorry for the “church” you go too.
    Church of the Poisoned Mind?

  255. 255
    to 252 Says:

    They are so perfect together. If Sats wasn’t in the car or if they were apart for a week, she may be in New York getting things ready for them to move there for a while while he does the play. He looks like he may be having dinner with friends, maybe saying good-bye since he won’t be seeing them for a while. It makes sense. If he goes to New York and looks for a place for them to live while doing the play, the paps would be all over it and maybe leak where he will be staying, but if Sats goes ahead of time, she can do it decreatly without being followed around by the paps. Very smart, probably her idea as she’s a very smart woman. Love them both

    Use spell check, DORK!
    They were apart as they were arguing AGAIN.

  256. 256
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Calling on all D2D members.
    Please come over here and post. Maybe, just maybe, if we flood this board with the love for Daniel and Sats, maybe we can drown out all the hate.
    CALLING ON D2D members, please help me. Come and post here. Please.

  257. 257
    cut it out Says:

    to 247,249, 250.

    Where are we? F*cking kindergarten?

    “Yes because you are, yes because you are”…you sound like bloody 5 yr olds.

  258. 258
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Let’s drown out the haters. We can do it together. Just like you helped with the other thing (you know what I’m talking about).
    If we work together, we can do it. PLEASE HELP ME AGAIN.

  259. 259
    to PERFECT Says:

    Concerning Lou Lover coming back, Wannabe was so horrible and mean to him , picking fights with him and insulting his fiance that he left this board and he will never come back.
    That I do know. None of the people wannabe posted about (253) will be back here. They went over to d2d where they are happy.
    Wannabe, or whatever her name was over there, got kicked off of d2d. They hate her over there too.

  260. 260
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @to 252:
    Where is your proof that they were arguing. You are a liar.
    It has not been in any paper and you do not know them or anyone else who knows them. You are a liar. That is what losers do LIE.

  261. 261
    omg Says:

    How is it you all find time to write such long posts…… i could not be bothered to read it.

  262. 262
    to naive 252 Says:

    LOL, believe anyone on here don’t you?
    Gullible isn’t in the dictionary you know.
    Because it’s on here all the time.
    Just shows me that you Cinderella people leap onto anything to prove how much they are “in love’ even a “break” story.
    You guys try WAY too hard as usual.
    If they are happy why so defensive ALL THE TIME?

  263. 263
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    SHOUT OUT TO D2D. I’m not a member sorry, never have been.
    But I KNOW you were helping me with the other thing. I saw it, I know it. COME AND HELP ME AGAIN. PLEASE, I NEED YOU D2D.
    Let’s drown out these haters. We can do it together.

  264. 264
    to OH. MY. GOD. Says:

    How is it you all find time to write such long posts…… i could not be bothered to read it.

    Well that figures because you were too tired from writing 114 and 243.

  265. 265
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Please come over and help me.
    Help me again. PLEASE

  266. 266
    to 260 Says:

    Where is your proof that they were arguing. You are a liar.
    It has not been in any paper and you do not know them or anyone else who knows them. You are a liar. That is what losers do LIE.

    How do you know if they were NOT arguing? Isn’t that being judgemental? Do papers get to know everything, LOL.
    You simple idiot.
    They didnt even get the right date of when her ring appeared, they said they were getting married after QoS and never gave the real reason for his black eyes.
    Sucker, that’s what you are, LOL. I guess you LIVE by what’s in the papers do you?
    Hard to know that your beloved couple argue? Of course, not how dare they. They are so perfect.
    Well tough sh*t. They do and have been.
    Not much you can do about it really is there?
    Will this make you loose sleep? Obsessed much?

  267. 267
    wannabe calling for d2d Says:

    Just like you helped with the other thing (you know what I’m talking about).
    The other thing being that Hello magazine contest of who should be the next couple to get hitched.
    So D2D’ers sat around all day with Wannabe and voted and voted and voted. Truly the keystone cops!!
    That is it. Highly amusing.
    This is too funny for words.
    And wannabe calling out for D2D’s help……now that IS a farce of the first order!
    And they got hardly any press at all from that… no press outlets picked up on that contest!

  268. 268
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Come on, PLEASE HELP ME.
    I’m doing this for Daniel and for you guys.
    I’m counting on you guys and I know you won’t let me down, just like you didn’t before.
    I appreciated your help so much, you guys really are the best, and I mean that.

  269. 269
    to 265 Says:

    Don’t be so pathetic really.
    PLEASE HELP ME OVER HERE D2D.ELASE HELP ME???? Really, what type of person are you?

    Pull yourself together and grow the hell up.

    This thread is for all types of discussion if done in a mature way.
    Lovers and haters should be able to discuss freely.

    I think GG, Dunda, Elaine etc are not going to bother. Didn’t they say that this board is beneath them anyway?

    Please grow up all of you and allow people to speak freely, if YOU DONT LIKE their post, scroll through and stop acting like a petulant 5 yr old when someone disagrees.

  270. 270
    wannabe calling for d2d Says:

    Why are you asking for D2D from this board?
    Why don’t you go over there and ask them?
    GO over to their site and ask them from there.

    The only reason you would ask them from here is that you cannot go back to d2d because you have been ‘shown the exit” and kicked off the site.

  271. 271
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @to 265:
    use spellcheck dork LOL

  272. 272
    to 265 Says:

    Please come over and help me.
    Help me again. PLEASE

    I heard GG say the same about the Vanity Fair voting comp (which Daniel is losing in) too. She was wetting herself because her computer is broken and begged D2D to vote.
    Really you are a bunch of f*cking kids.

    Why are you all so desperate to PROVE these couple are happy? Why do you need to flood anywhere with love? Isnt the fact that they are happy in your own minds, enough for you? Why the insecurity?
    Why cant you allow people to think otherwise?
    Controlling and jackbooting again?

  273. 273
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @wannabe calling for d2d:
    I have never been a member of D2D Moron. Get your facts straight.
    But they know I’m on their side and they will help me.
    And only a moron would accuse me of being someone I am not.
    Grabbing at straws aren’t you moron LOL

  274. 274
    wannabe calling for d2d Says:

    Hey great idea~!

    Elaine, GG (what the f?), DUMdra, come over here and get your stupid poster Wannabe eve.
    Come on over and get her and take her back to d2d, where you all belong.

  275. 275
    to 270 Says:

    Come on, PLEASE HELP ME.
    I’m doing this for Daniel and for you guys.

    LOL, jesus this woman has lost it.
    If this d2d is filled with members like that then I certainly wouldn’t want to be part of it.
    How old are these members?
    Not a very good advert for the website is it?
    LOL, it’s like watching a cartoon. I have to say, I’m mildly amused.

  276. 276


  277. 277
    to 273 Says:

    You can’t post to them, like asking them to help you with the Hello magazine vote, unless you are a member.
    You were on their board posting, before they kicked you off. I doubt they will even want to help you now.Everyone knows that.

  278. 278
    tiffany jewellery Says:

    my james bond, cool man Daniel

  279. 279
    moving on.. Says:

    Can we get back to discussing Daniel at all?
    This thread, again, has been derailed because we allowed it to be.

    Lets get back to some decorum and simply ignore the offensive posters.
    Can we not do that? Why is that so hard?

    So if anyone wants to talk about Daniel, his career life etc without shouting and balling like a child when things do not gel with their POV’s, then I welcome it.

  280. 280
    to 276- thx mucho! Says:

    What a GREAT POST!
    Thank you for the respite in spite of the TROLL!

  281. 281
    so sorry Says:

    Sorry d2d have all gone to bed. They don’t do booty calls.

  282. 282
    to 273 from a d2d Mod Says:

    I heard about the commotion here and no, D2D do not backup Wannabe or anyone else on here.
    That’s official.

  283. 283
    to 237 Says:

    i’ve got to wonder why this person keeps repeating other people’s post. i’m sure there is a good reason; it is somewhat annoying. oh well.

  284. 284
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @tiffany jewellery:
    Hi Tiffany, thank you. I knew you guys would hear me :)
    You guys really are the VERY BEST.
    He is cool isn’t he. I absolutely adore him as Bond.

  285. 285
    to 282 liar Says:

    @to 273 from a d2d Mod:
    You are a liar and not a d2d mod.
    wannabe was kicked off of d2d. And so she is back here at JJ.

  286. 286
    to 253 Says:

    perfect, one of the others that you speak of has, from time to time, come back and taken a look at this board. but, it’s the same old so she goes away without posting.

  287. 287
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @tiffany jewellery:
    F**K YOU Tiffany! Filth TIFFANY!
    I never liked you anyway. You are disguesting scum. Did I mention that we laugh at you over here at JJ all the time?

    D2D and YOU TIFFANY are a joke over here. You are S**T face with the Gonkface!

  288. 288
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Tiffany I’m not 287, but I think you know that, just like everyone there knows I’ve never been a member. I’m solely an independent LOL
    But an independent that really needs you guys.
    So please help me guys, don’t let them take this over or they win and make Daniel look like an idiot.
    That’s what they’re doing, they are turning our favorite actor into a weak idiot.
    Thank you Tiffany.

  289. 289
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @tiffany jewellery:
    Tiffany f**kwad, thanks so much for coming over like a dog would for a bone.
    I knew you would come you LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!
    Now go back to your D2D hole !

  290. 290
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @tiffany jewellery:
    Tiffany, you are a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!
    I never like you and now you know.
    Yes, it is me Tiffany, You are SOOOOOO STUPID to come over here!
    Really I mean sooooo STUPID STUPID STUPID.
    I am laughing so hard.
    Tiffany the fug hag !

  291. 291
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Hey D2D, I know you come here and read.
    I know you helped me with the other thing.
    I just went over to Vanity Fair and voted, but then I saw Daniel is behind the other guy by 46000 votes, I don’t think we can catch up.
    It’s much of a lead.
    If you guys let me know in the beginning when there’s a contest, I’ll make sure he/they win.
    Sorry I don’t want to join, I prefer to stay an independent :)
    I have a blog though where we discuss Daniel and his movies, but I can’t post it here because then the haters will have the site. I have accumulated quite a following. I think you guys would approve.
    I just went over there and asked my following to come over here too to try to drown out the haters.
    I think between my blog followers and you beautiful people at D2D we can do it.

  292. 292
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    I’m not 290, they are trying to make you think I am, but I know you guys more intelligent than that :)
    Tiffany you’re the best :)
    I know you’re too intelligent to fall for their ignorant stunt :)

  293. 293
    . Says:

    wow, my 3 year old niece is more mature than you

  294. 294
    to 291 Says:

    Can we get back to discussing Daniel and leave these street wars out of it?
    I am member there and I did not see your plea but why dont you go to your blog where you have your following? Why do you come here?

    Do you feel the need to take over here too?

    This thread is for discussing Daniel good and bad. You have your blog and Dtd so why take this from other people too who wish to discuss the not so great things about him/her?

    This whole thing is ridiculous.

    NO-ONE owns this thread, its a free for all but honestly coming here and trying to control it is arrogant at best.

  295. 295
    again moving on Says:

    Can we get back to discussing Daniel at all?
    This thread, again, has been derailed because we allowed it to be.

    Lets get back to some decorum and simply ignore the offensive posters.
    Can we not do that? Why is that so hard?

    So if anyone wants to talk about Daniel, his career life etc without shouting and balling like a child when things do not gel with their POV’s, then I welcome it.

  296. 296
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Tiffany, I started posting over here at JJ a long time ago, then I came over to you as an Independent and I realized what a F**KFACE you, and Elaine and Dummydra and the other LOOOOOOOOOSER D2D mods and, last but not least, the Golddiggn’ Satsuki are !
    Sats is so FUGLY just like you Tiffany.
    TIffany, you are too dumb! You fell for it!
    And Sets Manchell is a CREEPY POSSESSIVE CLINGY LOOSER MANLY girlfriend!
    I wanted to let you know my true feelings over here on JJ where I cannot get moderated by that dummy Dundrum and ego-a**Elaine.
    I am tired of the D2D controlling tactics, like Sets uses on Daniel.
    Sets is so insecure, clingy and controlling. She is too pitiful. No one in Hollywood can stand her.
    She has ruined Daniel, and you Tiffany have ruined this board by stopping by, so why don’t you f**k off and go back to the D2D SWAMP HOLE where you belong.
    I have always hated you and I always will.
    Sets sucks forver! And so do you and D2D.

  297. 297
    to 291 from EF, GG and D Says:

    You don’t have a blog.
    You are not a member so how could you have just gone over there to ask?
    No-one has been on there and asked anything.
    DtD do not like you.
    Deal with it.
    DtD do not deal with psychos.
    You are one.
    Leave us out of it!

  298. 298
    really sick of this Says:

    I am so sick of this TROLL (as JJ calls her) taking control over this board when others just want to have a normal conversation about Daniel, NOT d2d.
    Everything she has done tonight, changing everyone’s postings non- stop, calling over her D2D fools, now this.
    TIme and Again, wannabe eve or glass slipper or whatever you want to call her has ruined it for everyone.
    She went over to d2d, now she is back here calling them over here.
    Tiffany, if you are here, you will not like this site anyway. We hate the girlfriend and you will not like what we say.
    Like the poster above said, take the Troll back with you to whatever site you came from.

  299. 299
    to 296 Says:

    Really? That’s interesting.
    Was this Tiffany a Dtd member or what? What’s her blog she has?
    She sounds really weird.

    “That’s what they’re doing, they are turning our favorite actor into a weak idiot.”

    This is the most insane statement Ive ever heard. if anyone’s to blame is Daniel himself. The man is a grown up, let him make his own mistakes.
    Anything said on here does not affect him and you are really insecure and childish to think it does.
    He couldn’t give a crap about contests either. You really need to get a grip on your life and get over your obsession with Daniel.

  300. 300
    to 298 Says:

    Well there is only one thing to do about the Troll isn’t there?

  301. 301
    to 298 Says:

    LOL once again we allowed the troll and trollettes to take over.
    I did ask for decorum but it’s pointless.

    Yes JJ and Buzznet have need notified of the latest tirade and I’ll see what they will do now.
    Quite honestly as Mark Oshiro stated, he’d like to nuke the whole conversation himself and I agree.

    If we answer to these posts then we must be prepared for the flood gates to open with shite.

    Really it’s up to us to ignore them. JJ and Buzznet will continue to help us if we don’t.

  302. 302
    to tiffany Says:

    To Tiffany:

    Daniel is crying now because he knows people hate him on here and hate Satsuki. Also that he will lose the Vanity Fair comp as he really loves winning those because it proves to him that he is still important to himself as his career is stalling.
    He needs Dtd to help him through everyday and to face the tough old showbiz world he got himself into.
    He likes to spend money though that you all have given him by buying his stuff and the movies but doesn’t give a crap really whether you all make your rent or not.
    Aawwwwwwww…….sad isn’t it?

  303. 303
    really sick of this Says:

    @to 298:
    Well you know what.
    You make good points but I personally am tired of constantly ignoring her, but she manages to cause the trouble anyway.
    How can we have a decent normal adult conversation IF she is posting as other ‘characters’ or changing our posts around.
    It is absolutely impossible …and IGNORING her has not worked.
    Yes I have done it and so have others. We all have ignored her.
    She is constantly pulling the chain. So tonight she called over her d2d friends and no one wants them over here.

  304. 304
    to tiffany Says:

    Jesus, get some serious help girl.

  305. 305
    from tiffany Says:

    BOO HOO, I cant stand it when people talk about my danny wanny like that.
    After all he is 41 and has a mind of his own but he desperately needs our protection as he is so weak and Satsuki doesnt give him enough protection or his 3 armed security team.
    Can we send him money so he can survive? He needs help with his mortgage and his image so we must make him win everything as he is so fragile because he’s allowed some of the other fans to get to him.

  306. 306
    to 303 Says:

    Try harder as we are above her and her games. We know her, when she posts etc and so do they. They have a pattern on her now.
    JJ/Buzznet will NOT help us further if we continue addressing her.
    So, again try harder.

  307. 307
    to 303 Says:

    You make good points but I personally am tired of constantly ignoring her, but she manages to cause the trouble anyway.

    Isn’t it more tiring addressing her?
    So ignoring her is easy. Too much time has been spent on her tonight.
    She only causes trouble if we allow her too.
    No more.

  308. 308
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 298:
    And 298, I know you are doing everything you can..and it looks like you are the only one who is, I am sorry but maybe this is just not important enough for JJ or buzznet or chris to fix.
    This poster should have been ‘banned’ many months ago. Apparently other boards can ban posters, JJ should also be able to do the same and ban her.
    What is the point to constantly ‘ignore” her when that is clearly not working.
    And she has gotten away with everything on here.
    If she wants to dish it out, then she can get it back ten-fold.
    I hope she got hurt tonight, and badly.
    Whatever she gets she deserves, and I am sure that you totally understand what I am saying and not saying. She has brought all the bad onto herself.
    She has ruined this board and Enough is Enough!

  309. 309
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 303:
    Too much time has been spent on her tonight.
    I DO agree with you there.
    the end. of her. for me.

    ANYWAY, what can we talk about? 298- why don’t you suggest something?

  310. 310
    to 308 Says:

    I get your point but the only way it to simply ignore her.
    If we give her air time on here we are feeding her ego and her illness.
    You have to see that.
    No I am not the only person on her case with JJ.
    At the end of the day, JJ has banned her but she found a way back.
    Nothing we can do about her so ignoring is the professional and medical advice I was given.
    After all we cant control other people only ourselves and how e react to them.
    It’s up to us, annoying cow that she is yes but we can do better.

  311. 311
    to 309 Says:

    How about the play, his reasons for it, how you think he’ll do and what you think he should do to better his career/outlook?

  312. 312
    too bad for her Says:

    OK- lets talk about the play.

    When do you think rehearsals will start?

    Oh yes, it will be a sellout….and tix will be at a premium, I think it will be as popular or more so than when The Producers were having their huge mult-million dollar run.

    Also, Daniel may get rave reviews, with Hugh, but Daniel will not be able to extend his run because it may run into Bond23 stuff…
    What do you think?

  313. 313
    to 312 Says:

    Well its being released after Labour Day so i think rehearsals will start in late July.
    It’s a two man play, intense but they can rehearse in that time.
    Two months max maybe less.
    Bond 23 stuff is still pie in the sky right now. Cannot see anything being done on that until mid 2010.
    I dont think he will extend his run. I think he will take the reviews whatever they maybe and leave. Hugh has other projects too.

    Yes I think it will be a very expensive sell out, the biggest Broadway has seen. Babs will make mega money and Hugh and Daniel will get the PR, Daniel will get the write ups that he can do other things apart from Bond.
    Win, win, win.
    I’m sure then Babs and Satsuki (as she is involved) will get their time on closing night with the bouquets thrown onto the stage.
    It’s all very cosy.

  314. 314
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 312:
    Yes it is going to be an extremely INTENSE drama.
    This is right up Daniel’s alley, in a matter of speaking.
    AND YES YES they are going to make a ton of money!
    There is no doubt about that.

    I think daniels’ character’s depth and his intensity will really show everyone in the entertainment world he is more, much more, than just a spy/secret service agent although he is the most brilliant Bond that I have seen- my own opinion, I like him better than Sean, IMO.

    AND he will go into his next project after the play with SUCH renewed confidence-
    i think he will almost be Reborn in a way if he really takes off doing this play.

  315. 315
    to 313 Says:

    Why do you think Satsmonkey is involved with the play-it has not been officially been confirmed. I live in NYC and am hoping the fans here will give all the attention to Hugh and Daniel. People really do not know who the gf is and am hoping Daniel does not try to stick the money into the spotlight. Fans definitely want to see Hugh and Daniel (and Deborra) not the fake movie producer gf. Hugh, Deborra and their children have become part of the NYC celeb citizens so it would look very silly for Daniel to try to push the gf center-stage. I would hope the man finally has the sense to leave the gf off-stage.

  316. 316
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 312:
    He needs to really ‘cut his teeth’ on this and get his raw acting chops back on the boards.
    After that, he really will be able to write his own acclaimed ticket to where ever he wishes to go.
    This really is a most wonderful career move for him, as well as getting him back to basics…..
    And personally I think it will re-focus him and give him a new boost of confidence.

    Who knows, maybe after this play, he will want to do more Broadway??
    Many actors love the stage and love working on it, they love the live audience and the excitement of it all being live and up close in person.
    No retakes! No do–overs!!

  317. 317
    to 314 Says:

    Wel he does need it after doing back to back films. He has become lazy and his angst has gone.
    Bad decisions, bad advice, acting like a child in a candy store really with his new found Bond fame, acting the Jack the Lad on holidays, being seen as selfish, lackadaisical, ill mannered with answers in interviews and quite diva like all add up to an emergency image revamp being thought up by Babs and his PR team.
    It was needed after St Barths. That was the start. Yes that holiday was quite a disaster.
    This play is the start of a new campaign to get back the serious actor he was in his and the acting world.
    He does not want to be thought of as a one sided actor nor a jumped up one.

  318. 318
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 314:
    This play is the start of a new campaign to get back the serious actor he was in his and the acting world.
    He does not want to be thought of as a one sided actor nor a jumped up one.
    ABSOLTUELY RIGHT! And he needs it for so many reasons.
    I know he will take it VERY seriously as he always does.
    I think daniel has had his fill of the Glam game (I hope as you said that St Barfs taught him a few lessons ).
    He seems to be a down to earth man, who exhibited the grace and charm and humble attitude and ease of stardom, before certain events (and dare i say certain people) came into his life.

    After working the boards, i think he WILL get his humility back!!
    Yes I do!

    I believe he will let all of the fluff go, and he will bounce back to who he really is.

  319. 319
    to 315 Says:

    Yes she is involved as I stated in 313. She will be on the playbill.
    How she will be “brought out onto the stage’ is anyone’s guess.
    This is major experience for her like it or not.

    Here’s a little site that’s interesting.

    As you can see a lot of monologues. Intense play.
    If Daniel pulls it off which I’m sure he will, it will be huge for him.

  320. 320
    to 315 Says:

    I forgot to add, that Daniel will be playing Joey.

  321. 321
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 312:
    I just read the link that you posted to the Chicago dramatists.
    To say this is an intense play is an understatement.
    And it is right on track to exhibit Daniel’s expansive range of acting.

  322. 322
    too bad for her Says:

    @to 315:
    thanks for the link.
    This will for sure be sold out before tix are on sale, !
    Can you imagine what the scalpers will be selling them for?
    Oh boy! I don’t even want to think about it. Probably in the 4-figures per ticket.

  323. 323
    to 321 Says:

    Yes I thought it might help give a perspective on the play.
    Joey is an alcoholic who has a crush on Dennys wife and that is the main curve of his character and the grief between them.
    Everything else is intensified because of that.
    I have seen the play and it is something that they can both do well if they gel as actors and i think they do.
    Certainly the biggest challenge Daniel has had since filming CR (but in a different way).

  324. 324
    to 322 Says:

    Tixs will go from $150 upwards but scalping will go as high as $2000 easily upwards.
    No cheap seats.
    Your welcome for the link and I hope it gives you a feel for the play and what Daniel is facing but he needs to focus on that and that only.
    Let’s hope he gets that and is allowed that. This is something he cannot mess up.

  325. 325
    to 322 from 324 Says:

    “your” should read “you’re”.

  326. 326
    Last Night Says:

    I have heard the “Last Night” will be premiered at the Landmark’s Sunshine Theatre in NY in late July. Do not know which date yet.

  327. 327
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    Oh boo hoo everyone was disrupted tonight with all their hate. Oh boo hoo you didn’t get hours of hating time in LOL
    So fu/ck/ing pathetic

  328. 328
    to tiffany Says:


  329. 329
    we will show you what hate is Says:

    DTD hates you. We hate you. JJ hates you. Buzznet hates you.
    You are scum. We know your details, your “friends” and they all hate you.
    Your games will NOT affect here again. Never.
    So keep on wasting your time.
    You want to know what hate is? You won’t have time to blink.
    Tiffany Cry Baby Obsessed with Daniel BOO f*cking Hoo.
    D2D Hate your guts. They all know you are insane.
    You have no friends to back you up.
    You are scum. You are alone.
    Hope you like being alone.
    TIFFANY. Your blog is hated too and will be infiltrated.
    Your friends have sold you out.

  330. 330
    to the board Says:

    Do not feed this troll in 327.
    She is dangerous.
    Ignore her posts. Do not allow her to ruin this thread again.
    Other websites know about her. They do not like her also.
    They have her details.

    Thank you.

  331. 331
    CALL OUT TO D2D Says:

    @we will show you what hate is:
    Oh poor baby is upset
    boo hoo
    Someone call 911, poster 329 is having a psychotic breakdown.
    boo hoo
    boo hoo
    No one likes you LOSER
    You have no friends and no man, just a pathetic psycho hating a woman you are sooooo jealous of and now that you have been called out you can’t handle it.
    having a psychotic breakdown I see.
    boo hoo
    poor baby

  332. 332
    lol to tiffany Says:

    You havent ruined my “hating” time.
    I hate Satsuki and she has ruined Daniels life and career.
    Just because people are not posting means they have other things to do like work or sleep.
    Unlike you posting all the time here.
    The dislike of Satsuki will continue. You can’t control that.

    There are some of us who know when to stop posting and who are rational enough to not allow it to overtake our lives and to cry to another websites for help.

    You are a bloody moronic idiot.

  333. 333
    wow Says:

    @we will show you what hate is:
    You are really angry.
    What’s the deal dude. You’re sound like totaly psycho and dangerous threatening people like that.
    What’s wrong with you dude?
    Da-mn dude take a chill pill or whatever pill you forgot to take !!!!!!!!

  334. 334
    wow Says:

    @lol to tiffany:
    Use spellcheck dude/dork.

  335. 335
    to loser tiffany Says:

    At least poster 331 wasnt crying to another website when her points of view were not being agreed upon.
    You want to see what they are saying about over there now about you.
    Boy I didn’t realize what you have done in the past and especially to one poster over there who knows you and your details.

    LOL, breakdown? Hardly.
    They are having a great time bashing you.

    Oh well I’m off to bed.

  336. 336
    wow to 333 Says:

    Your previous posts are so angry. Why were you crying to D2D so much?
    Hey dude, why are you so surfer all of a sudden?
    You are so gnarly dude.
    Chillllllllllllllllllll….D2D are not your saviours.
    Yeah dude. Oh dude, by the way, we know who youare dude.
    So like totally stop bawling to D2d as GG, Elaine and Dunda really hate you and are like bashing you now as well as other posters.
    Dude, you are so transparent dude.

  337. 337
    wow Says:

    @to loser tiffany:
    Go dream your psychotic dreams of being with danny wanny psycho.
    You are so fu/ck/ing delusional. I am a member over there and I am on both websites and you are such a fu/ck/ing loser liar. PSYCHO
    boo hoo
    dream a little psycho dream
    with danny wanny
    because it’s the only way you will ever have him
    if he met you he would barf uncontrollably
    you’re so fu/ck/ing ugly
    Everyone hates you LOSER
    pathetic lying psyhotic LOSER

  338. 338
    wow Says:

    @wow to 333:
    Use spellcheck dude/dork
    You’re so angry and psychotic and showing your true colors

  339. 339
    ive pencilled it in Says:

    Oh one more thing, I dislike Satsuki and Daniel is a loser for going out with her.
    I will continue tomorrow when I find time with my POV’s based on fact.
    Thanks for reminding me to do that!


  340. 340
    wow Says:

    @ive pencilled it in:
    Oh Thank God she’s Gone, okay everyone, it’s safe to chat normally now.

  341. 341
    Dude of Earl Says:

    Is the psycho really gone, let’s wait a couple of minutes before chatting. She’s about the most psychotic poster I’ve ever seen lol
    Just wait a few minutes everyone.

  342. 342
    to 338 Says:

    LOL. Take your baby bottle and go to bed dearie.

    Good night!
    Don’t let D2D bite!

  343. 343
    wow Says:

    @to 338:
    omg will you fu/ck off already. Jesus how psychotic can one person be?

  344. 344
    to the board Says:

    333,334 337,338,340 is wannabe.

  345. 345
    Dude of Earl Says:

    I told you babe, let’s just wait a few minutes.

  346. 346
    to 340 Says:

    Engage normally? With you?

    Forget it but I don’t trust you. Not with anyone saying the things you say.
    You sound like wannabe as she uses all those rotfl and caps too.

    I’ll wait until tomorrow. I’ll do what JJ asked me too.

  347. 347
    wow Says:

    @to the board:
    omg you are so fu/ck/ing psychotic.
    you said you were going to sleep.
    what the hell is wrong with you.
    Don’t they have curfews at mental wards.
    Hey Dud of Earl, go back to the blog page I’ll tell everyone what time to come back, otherwise this psycho will stick around.

  348. 348
    to the board Says:

    Mark Oshiro has been informed again and is working with JJ to get this person banned.
    Believe me they are working on it.
    She is the biggest troll they have seen and ask us not to give her air time on here.
    Do not engage with her.
    IGNORE her. I know it’s hard but try too.
    We all know her posts by now as we have been plagued by her since November.
    Chris at JJ is asking also to ignore her.
    All the same.
    Do not answer her. Do not feed her illness.
    She points the finger at everyone else as she is so sick herself.

  349. 349
    wow Says:

    Hey Dude of Earl you there?
    Meg are you there?
    Mystic River are you there?
    Villian are you there?

  350. 350
    Dude of Earl Says:

    Here babe.

  351. 351
    Villian Says:

    give me a min. i’m rding the psts.

  352. 352
    lol Says:

    Talking to yourself again to make you seem important, are you Tiffany?

    You really think you can control people on here?

    Think again.

  353. 353
    Mystic Says:

    Just gonna use mystic. I’m with Villian, rding the posts. Give us about 15. Is meg here yet?

  354. 354
    oohhhh Says:

    Oh yes are you all here.
    Look all the ***** are her to for Mistress **** Tiffany.
    Ooohhhh Meg and Villian ooohhhh what an **** army.

    Hmmm, I wonder if you all know that I know your real names.

  355. 355
    lol Says:

    Im here too

  356. 356
    monkey face Says:

    Im here too.

  357. 357
    satsuck dan cocki Says:

    im here too!

  358. 358
    Meg Says:

    Where’s josh?
    Isn’t he coming over too?
    Hey “wow” can you change your name maybe?

  359. 359
    to villian Says:

    oooh yes villian do read the posts…..make sure yuou understand that you will not control here.
    oh and your real name will be posted.

  360. 360
    have a nice time Says:

    Enjoy it all children. Make love not war.

    Tomorrow is another day.

  361. 361
    wow Says:

    hey meg, let’s give Villian and Mystic time to read the posts.
    I’ll use Ecco instead. Josh said he may come over he has to finish something up on his page first. I think Earl is waiting too.
    Just ignore the psycho.

  362. 362
    Josh where are you? Says:

    Josh, yes where are you? oh Josh? Where are you?

  363. 363
    Dude of Earl Says:

    Hey babe
    Hey Meg
    Just waiting for V and M.
    Meg did you read the posts already?
    Pretty crazy huh?

  364. 364
    lol Says:

    Mystic meg is here too, lol….where are you getting all these names from dearie, The Sun newspaper?
    All these fictional people coming on here to scare us off, oooohh we are scared.
    Whatever will we do with a bunch of children who sound like they have come out of an Enid Blyton book?

    Are you the Famous Five? Do you all have a dog named Spot?
    Oh jeepers, am I scared.

  365. 365
    Meg Says:

    Hey early Earl
    beyond crazy. read them earlier.
    I can’t figure out who the other pser is, wanabee?

  366. 366
    to 363 Says:

    Oh yes they are really crazy yes.
    Whatever shall we do?
    What is the plot then to get rid of the haters?

  367. 367
    Villian Says:

    knot done yet, but crazy 8s all the way lol
    okay back in a bit
    hey meggy meg
    josh will be by i think

  368. 368
    to 366 Says:

    Well I think the first course of action is to warn Daniel immediately then to have Wannabe’s info released. I think Cathy will do that and then reveal Tiffany’s ISP then get her banned and then the rest will follow as they are all the same people.
    Also D2D will help with the info release too.

  369. 369
    to 365 Says:

    Yes it is wannabe.

  370. 370
    v Says:

    I’m here now, read the posts.

  371. 371
    to 367 Says:

    Hey villian and meggy meg, KNOT done yet either here.
    wow what will we do about wannabe?

  372. 372
    Ecco Says:

    Hey Meg
    it’s “wannabe” and it’s a poster that played some games on the haters and then she was banned and now the haters are paranoid and think everyone is this banned poster.
    Hilarious right?

  373. 373
    Josh where are you? Says:

    here, im here, but i read the posts too, is v here? and megs?
    hey villian. whats up?
    dude of earl, crazy posts.
    crazy 8′s all right. what happened with d2d. why not the back up from them?

  374. 374
    to josh and v Says:

    Oh yes they are really crazy yes.
    Whatever shall we do?
    What is the plot then to get rid of the haters?

  375. 375
    meg Says:

    totally insane.
    the 1 pser is overboard.
    meds required.

  376. 376
    to villian and meg Says:

    im KNOT done here either as i’m reading the fake ella twitter page she set up.

    have you seen this? wannabes crazy

  377. 377
    to meg Says:

    totally insane.
    the 1 pser is overboard.
    meds required.
    oh yes. dude.
    like personal info known on all.
    released imminently.
    crazy right?

  378. 378
    Dude of Earl Says:

    He babe
    takes 4ever to refreash.
    should we go back to live chat at the blog.

  379. 379
    to tiffany Says:

    totally insane.
    the 1 pser is overboard.
    meds required.
    oh yes. dude.
    like personal info known on all.
    released imminently.
    crazy right?
    like all you chicks are sick like totally.
    8 balls.
    so what will you do like when your info is released?
    gnarly right?
    wow, d2d really hates you guys, wonder why?
    losers right? meds needed.
    insane ward like right now.

  380. 380
    to ecco Says:

    Oh totally hilarious yeah. But I read that they know who wannabe is, he real name and her details.
    So the haters know their stuff.
    They also know we are all the same person.
    Insane isnt it?

  381. 381
    night all Says:

    Night night wannabe!

    I hope you have enough strength to keep up with the sat bashing that will continue!

  382. 382
    to dude Says:

    Yeah babe lets do that, this thread is like lame.

  383. 383
    Chat Says:

    let’s go back to live chat guys.
    see over there meg, earl, villian myster, josh just go over to live chat at the blog.
    2 funny though right?

  384. 384
    to villian and meggy Says:

    Hey babes
    takes 4ever to refreash.
    lets go back to the blog, safer there.
    too many people know our details here.
    dont want my name on here.
    4 ever ruined then.
    not worth the crazy 8 balls.
    nor wannabe, she’s sicko babes.
    not 2 trust her is best babes

  385. 385
    to villian and meggy Says:

    Hey babes
    takes 4ever to refreash.
    lets go back to the blog, safer there.
    too many people know our details here.
    dont want my name on here.
    4 ever ruined then.
    not worth the crazy 8 balls.
    nor wannabe, she’s sicko babes.
    not 2 trust her is best babes

  386. 386
    to 383 Says:

    ok guys yeah hilarious but not worth it.
    waste of time.
    yeah lets go back to our safe place from wannabe.
    so not worth the hassle babes.
    mental case she is.
    4 ever weirdo.

  387. 387
    Hey Wait Says:

    Wait a minute, where is everyone going?
    I just got on. What is the name of the blog page?
    I’m not the psycho, I want to chat with normal folks.
    Please can you post your blog page so I can chat with you guys?

  388. 388
    to earl and villian Says:

    yeah lets go back to live chat.
    this thread is lame.
    let them have it 4 ever.
    wannabe is sicko.
    she will post names babes.
    not safe here. lets go.
    2 much to handle.
    let Josh and M know.

  389. 389
    to the guys Says:

    no to 387
    sicko central dude.
    no blog given. safer.
    we are safe there, lets all go back.
    myster, names nt worth being on here.
    she knows them.
    2 much hassle. lets go.

  390. 390
    Josh Says:

    Is anyone still here?
    Ecco baby, Earl?
    Villian, Mystic, meggy Meg?
    sorry 387 can’t post the blog page here.
    2 many nut cases here, just look at post on last page, someone just had a mjr breakdown.
    Don’t want to ruin the blog with crazies like that.
    Just do a search you’ll probably find us.

  391. 391
    to meggy meg Says:

    negative on info to 387.
    not 2 trust.
    leave the thread.
    not fun.

  392. 392
    Sucks Says:

    Okay this really stinks.
    Someone created a website where people can discuss DC without all the hate and they can’t post the name because of all the psycho haters. I swear to GOD the haters ruin everything for everyone.
    I’m so sick of this, when is JJ going to ban all the haters.
    Doesn’t JJ know that the haters are ruining their site and running people off their site.
    I’m not posting here with the haters, they can rot for all I care, just like 114 said, rot here for all I care, best thing really.
    Okay Josh, I understand, I’ll do a search and hopefully find you guys so I can have a decent discussion with some decent and normal folks.

  393. 393
    to josh Says:

    im the last to leave.
    this thread is dangerous.
    wannabe is on at 387.
    do not give blog out.
    she is mental, not worth it.
    see you back at live chat.

  394. 394
    to josh Says:

    yes, mjr hd case on 387.

  395. 395
    to guys Says:

    c? mjr head case on.
    she is playing games.
    back to live chat guys.
    she is dangerous.

  396. 396
    to villian and meggy Says:

    yeah, i cn c she is angry.
    leave them. cya back at blog.
    not worth the visit here.
    all looney tunes.

  397. 397
    cya guys Says:

    wannabe is 392.
    she is mental.
    leave her 2 be alone.
    she is playing games.
    she has created all of us.
    people like her ruin everything.

  398. 398
    Ecco to Wannabe Says:

    If you find my blog page you are welcome anytime.
    Wannabe and 387, you’ll know when you find my site, trust me, you will know. Look for the colors purple and orange.
    Don’t worry 387 when you find us it is a very decent place. I immediately block and ban anyone who starts hating. It’s a place for intelligent, normal and decent conversation. You’ll find us and then just register. Registration is fast and secure. I will not share your information with any third party source.
    Look forward to seeing you both.

  399. 399
    to m and v Says:

    duded dont talk with wannabe.
    she will post your details.
    best to not come here.
    we have our chat, we are safe there.
    c? she gets angry.
    she had mjr mltdown earlier.
    she is to blame for this crap.

  400. 400
    Sucks Says:

    I kept refreshing hoping for a clue or something.
    Thank you so much.
    I’ll start searching and keep orange and purple in mind.
    Thank you for creating a place where people can discuss this great actor in peace.
    I hope it doesn’t take me too long to find you.

  401. 401
    to wannabe Says:

    yes wannabe you are welcome into the club.
    why not go there now?
    its easy, go online
    see you there as im registered too.
    hope you dont cause probs there like here.
    no meltdowns please.
    i know you are on now and as 387.
    yes purple and orange.

  402. 402
    to ecco Says:

    dude, its blue and black.
    dude dont give her wrong signs
    if she’s bright she will find us then leave here
    4 good.
    if she isnt bright she’ll still b on JJ.
    but i think she is nt good member.
    she is trouble.

  403. 403
    Ecco to 387 Says:

    I forgot to mention, I have a live chat forum so you won’t have to do all this constant refreshing everytime you post a comment. You can just chat real time with all online members. We usually have a pretty good time. See you there.

  404. 404
    from meggy meg to ecco Says:

    no not good member.
    dnt trust her. she plays games.
    invents clubs and people.
    stay away.

  405. 405
    to josh and v Says:

    no, orange and purple.
    no blue and black.
    she wont find us.
    ecco you bad pster u!
    we dnt wnt her to find us.

  406. 406
    to ecco Says:

    Ok, great thanks! Yes see you there and I’ll bring some of my other friends too.
    We will all have a great time.

  407. 407
    to wannabe Says:

    remember live chat
    black and blue, google us.
    daniel live chat.
    no psycho games pls.
    we will ban you.

  408. 408
    Ecco to psycho Says:

    You really are stupid, do you know that?
    Probably not.
    But that’s why I created my site. So decent and normal and intelligent people won’t have to deal with this kind of cr/ap anymore.
    This site has a very bad reputation because of people like you.
    My site is a refuge to discuss great actors without all of your and others’ psychotic ramblings and speculations.
    No skin off my back.
    I’m off to my own site.
    Have fun being psychotic with your psychotic friends.
    If you still come here to read posts Wannabe, I hope you will find my site, I think you will be much happier there. Poster 387, I hope you find us without too much trouble. I really wish I could make it easier for you, but even though I would immediately ban the haters on this board, I would rather save myself the trouble. Hope you understand.

  409. 409
    to wannabe/387 Says:

    dude if you mess us around like u did here w people
    we will ban you.
    no games, psychics, religion or lies.
    be warned pls.

  410. 410
    to 408 Says:

    Nice one Ecco. I agree.
    She isnt worth it.
    Leave 387 out of it too.
    Just let us go back to your site and b done here.
    Waste of time.
    Yeah I think they understand.
    Go home to the your safe site now and I’ll meet you there.

  411. 411
    Ecco to Wannabe Says:

    Ignore post 409. It is not from me or any of my members.
    Rest assured this will be my last message to you, and rest assured my members have asked me to invite you, so they will not post any messages to you. Ignore any that follow this.

  412. 412
    to "ecco" from 387 Says:

    Sorry don’t care anymore about your site. You seem all pathetic really.
    If you cant post the link but you have control over the members that doesn’t make any sense really.
    But again, none of you make sense.
    You are all one of the same poster and that’s Wannabe.

  413. 413
    not goodbye? Says:

    Thought you were leaving Ecco back to your own site?

  414. 414
    rest assured Says:

    Ignore post 409. It is not from me or any of my members.
    Rest assured this will be my last message to you, and rest assured my members have asked me to invite you, so they will not post any messages to you. Ignore any that follow this.
    Rest assured I will come back as someone else later as I am the same person.
    Rest assured your details will be posted.
    Rest assured you have been warned by JJ and buzznet.
    Rest assured your live chat will be ruined.

  415. 415
    great fun Says:

    Rest assured that wannabe couldn’t find a hole in the toilet let alone your non existent blog.
    All her games again.

    Nice playing with you wannabe/tiffany.
    D2D are awake now and laughing at you.
    We enjoyed the fun.
    The haters will be back later though so think up something else to try to throw us off.
    V, M, E, Josh and Meggy Meg.
    GG, EF and D

  416. 416
    oh well Says:

    LOL. What a fiasco.
    Oh well took time up until the sat bashers wake up.

    Ill be back then.

  417. 417
    Ecco to Wannabe and 387 Says:

    I will give you one final clue. My site as requirements for all members. All members are required to give an email address that can be verified and all members are required to upload a picture of themselves. It is for safety reasons. Should anyone make a threat toward an actor or make a stalking comment, they can be easily traced by the authorities. To date I have not heard any complaints from any members regarding these requirements, actually, I have received very positive feedback regarding these requirements and my site. Also, you will know my site because the site is not visible until one registers or logs in. Only the name of the site and colors orange and purple in the banner are visible. One has to be a member to view the various threads and photo albums of the actors. In essense it is a private site until one registers. I hope this information helps you to locate my site.

  418. 418
    satsuck dan cocki Says:

    What’s the diff between Satsuki and a boomerang?
    None, they both are thrown away but keep coming back.

    What does an old hooker have in common with Satsuki?

    How does Satsuki the Hooker turn her lights on/off every night?
    Clap on/Clap off/Clap on

  419. 419
    lol to "ecco" Says:

    Thought you were leaving Ecco?
    You are so wannabe. She couldn’t leave either.
    You are so transparent.
    Are you finally going now?
    Enough clues you think?

  420. 420
    Ecco to Wannabe and 387 Says:

    Apologies, I forgot to mention that you will be required to give your full name and address upon registration, but all of your personal information is secure and never shared with any third parties. There is also an option for you to check to let me know if you want to receive my monthly newsletter and updates. I recently had my first contest which involved giving away two free tickets to the new Wolverine movie, which I’m happy to say went very well and was extremely popular among the members. I am considering holding a contest to give away event tickets once a month.

  421. 421
    to 419 Says:

    You can’t leave either, you keep saying you’re leaving and going to sleep, so maybe you’re wannabe !

  422. 422
    to ecco Says:

    I’m on your site and you don’t even know it “ecco”.
    You need to watch your members more carefully and who they are.
    Wannabe already posted a picture of herself in November on here and threatened people with guns and threatened to stalk Satsuki so I remember.
    People reported her to the FBI for those posts of hers.
    Good luck.
    I’ll be watching how she fares on your sight as I know what she looks like from her picture.
    I’ll let you know when she registers.
    I’ll do you that favour and I’ll let certain authorties know when she is on there too so your website will not be looked favourably upon I’m afraid.
    No skin off my back.
    Can’t see why you would want her on there but you will see.

  423. 423
    to 421 Says:

    You can’t leave either, you keep saying you’re leaving and going to sleep, so maybe you’re wannabe !

  424. 424
    to ecco Says:

    I thought you were leaving? Keep coming back like a bad smell.
    Can’t go? Why? Don’t have an blog to go back too?
    Good luck with wannabe on there.
    As soon as she registers and posts her picture and her info, we will have her as I am on there too.
    Thanks for the trap Ecco!

  425. 425
    in her own mind Says:

    Wannabe is so stupid she will fall for it.

    I saved her picture from when she posted way back then.

    We will see if she signs up to this “blog”.

  426. 426
    Ecco Says:

    @to ecco:
    I have seen her picture and know what she looks like.
    I also remember that she was threatened and was defending herself.
    After all the threats against Wannabe is when I began working on designing my site. I realized that no decent or intelligent person was safe on this board and there was no other site for intelligent discussion.
    Wannabe is welcome anytime.
    If you have registered on my site I will immediately review all of my new members, as my site is only two months old, I am familiar with all 287 members. Once I determine which member you are, I will immediately block and ban you from my site.

  427. 427
    to 424 Says:

    you know this “ecco” is trying way too hard with this “wannabe” .
    if this person knew the real wannabe they wouldn’t go near her.
    but of course they are the same person.
    who do they think they are fooling?

  428. 428
    Ecco to psycho Says:

    I will also forward your information to the proper authorities as a possible threat.

  429. 429
    to "ecco" Says:

    LOL, here we go with the defense.
    If you knew wannabe then why didnt you state that earlier?
    Why havent you been on here and invited her before now?
    All of sudden you remember her! LOL.
    Of course you do.
    I thought you weren’t coming back???
    Do review your website and as soon as wannabe registers I will report your site to the authorties as well.
    Your website wont be worth the screen its on.

  430. 430
    scary Says:

    You are way too scary lol
    you’re the one I would never want to meet.
    weren’t you going to sleep like two hours ago

  431. 431
    to ecco Says:


    If you are giving away two ticket for Daniel Broadway show I’m sooooooooooooo going to look for your site.

    btw. DtD isn’t awake now. the poster here haven’t a clue. The site is located at US, the owner is an US citizen.

  432. 432
    to ecco Says:

    I thought you were leaving and as you dont know who I am on your site, good luck with that.
    Thought you were leaving? Nice website you msut have having loonies like her on.
    Oh well, I’ll just wait for her to register.

  433. 433
    Ecco to Psycho Says:

    @to “ecco”:
    Please do, and I will have a very nice lawsuit against you for attempting to ruin my business with slander, libel and assination of character.

  434. 434
    pic Says:

    That picture of Wannabe/Eve, which was posted here, can be anyone.
    Who is going to control whether you post a picture of yourself. You can post anybody’s pic.
    This is ridiculous

  435. 435
    to wannabe Says:

    Wannabe you are a card.
    Another game?
    Really, dont you ever get tired?
    Ecco’s gone from inviting you to knowing you now and threatening anyone who speaks badly against you.
    Funny that. Bit of a jump.
    Found another person/alias to hide behind?
    PML, you are truly demented.
    See you on the “live blog”.
    Looking forward to it.

  436. 436
    meggy meg Says:

    Ecco ignore the 8ball
    she didn’t find the site lol
    you’re not even in the top list yet lol
    come back josh found an old vid with dc
    it’s 2 funny and cute

  437. 437
    lol to ecco Says:

    If you allow Wannabe on you will ruin your own site mate.
    No need for any help from me or your threats. LOL.
    She will create chaos but thanks SO much for taking her off here.
    Cheers mate! i knew some sucker would eventually.
    I’ll keep watching your site though. Good luck on finding out who I am.
    You talk to me every day.

    to 431:
    Yes D2D is UK based but there are posters on there not from the UK/Europe.
    It is open to every nationality if you hadn’t noticed but of course you were never on there so how do you know?

    Of course. Ecco wannabe scary, yes great names for all one person, LOL.

  438. 438
    where the logic Says:

    So let’s see what the logic is. You have to register on her website with your full name, address and an email address that can be verified, right? Then you will go the authorities and report her site because of a member you don’t like, right? So when the authorities contact this ecco person who owns the website and inform her of who is pressing charges, she will know who you are, right? And since wannabe, as annoying as she was, never broke any laws, you would be committing slander and libel and defaming ecco’s business name and she would have all your peronal information to easily slap you with a lawsuit , right? Maybe I’m still waking up, but that doesn’t make any sense. Sounds like someone needs to go to sleep.

  439. 439
    to 438 Says:

    Sounds like someone needs to realize we know who you are.
    Bit of an overkill based on someone coming on here a few hours ago with a invite to a blog now this crap? Says they will leave but Meggy Meg, Josh, et al have all gone now.
    Seems like the old tricks to me.

    If this blog is real and wannabe does register, I’m sure the other people will have it well in their rights to warn other people about her on the website.
    If you try to stop people then arent you being a bit of a “website Nazi?”
    I would want to be warned. Dont you want safety on your sight? It seems to me that you don’t but as your blog isnt real then why all of this fuss.
    Where’s the logic? –
    If you make people register with pictures and real emails then why cant you post the link?
    You control it dont you? What’s the problem then?
    LOL! You contradict yourself mate. Do you check people joining or not?

    I remember wannabe posting about a blog before but she couldnt post it either.

    You are such a liar.

    Anyway it goes around in circles all the time. Same old crap different day.

  440. 440
    lol to tiffany Says:

    yeah what happened to megs and v and josh and v?
    and tiffany.
    was it a ruse to take the spoltight off her os SAT bashing????

    oh dear, how sad, never mind.
    back tonight with sat bashing and i have some real belters.

  441. 441
    Ecco to Board Says:

    I am currently giving away two tickets to the movie “UP.” The contest ends Friday. I am a new site and do not think I can afford to give away broadway tickets yet. Hopefully later in the year or next year. New businesses take time. And with that I am going back to my site.

  442. 442
    thanks ecco Says:

    bye kiddies, have a great time blogging together!
    thanks ecco for taking wannabe away.
    thanks v, m, josh and tiffany.
    many many thanks.


  443. 443
    to 437 Says:

    to 431:

    it is US based. Go on the mainpage and then on WWW and then click on about the page.
    The main owner is American

  444. 444
    to 439 Says:

    I was counting the seconds until this Nazi-thing will appear here on JJ.
    Very predictable…
    intersting site:'s_law

  445. 445
    to 443 Says:

    it’s not WWW, it’s SITE
    Hell, ya, I’ve always thought it’s a UK site….

  446. 446
    intelligent head to 114 Says:

    agree with you in some cases but I found many opposites, first side Satsuki is his partner and at other side she is a partner ruining image of Daniel. first side they got engaged and at other side they never announced their engagement. first they don’t split and at other side they seem like they will. first side they represent as a wife and husband in a public and at other side they act like two strangers or friends.
    5. at first side she is his a business partner and at other side she is not working woman. first side Daniel lives with Satsuki but he acts like a donjuan (he said: Sienna is the hottest woman of the world and there jumped a sparkle between him and Nicole. One question: why Daniel never said that Satsuki is the hotttest woman?)
    7. At first side you believe in God and at other side: Are also you a God that you know they will be together for many, many years? first side Daniel is an actor with excellent methods of acting and at other side he’s the worst actor playing a bad game with Satsuki.

    Memo: I never posted my own photo I was not stupid to posting that like Wannabe/Eve. If you think what I suppose so that girl with glass of champagne in my site is Susana- winner of a pageant beauty and added her next to Satsuki who has almost popped out eyes directed to her.You believe in God I believe in Karma, you think they are in love in God’s eyes and I think they are together because of Karma, they have many things to do it. God and Karma have a thing common-judgement, but while God does not betray to you any details and destiny so Karma (and past lives) says to you what’s your destiny, why you feel hate or sympathy for other, where is the cause and how long you will stay with your dear, gf/boy, partner or husband/wife and many things. Knowing Karma is the advantage because Karma explains many things but God does not say to you anything, that is why I changed minds about God because there is no answer and logic from him, there is only strong belief in him and love but Karma is the starter to finding yourself.
    Only a person without brain looks over/ignores Daniel’s body language and act to Satsuki and says he is totally in love with her.
    I think his body language and act is important to talking about him and relation to Satsuki and others.
    Daniel is a good actor only at the silver screen and in reality he is a man having an unhappy effect. He plays in this case badly because there go about real feelings and feeling are always veracious.
    Satsuki feels it and she’s unsure of him if Daniel really wants to getting marry her after five years in relationship (don’t mention how she proudly and pompously wears a ring). According to me it’s a shame when your partner does not admit you like your fiancé and does not marry you while you wait and wear ring. I always say Daniel is a rotter and makes a fool of Satsuki and it’s smilling from him, he does it of his own decision. I think he is inside gamer with humour, he loves acting and playing video games like a little boy,but he lacks smile with Satsuki. (look, how Heike did a fun with him and didn’t allow him be in calm when he wanted to reak a book and there is pic how Danny reads a book and Satsuki sits like a man, she is bored and has closed eyes, I always think Satsuki does not can do fun, only smile like a horse. Do you know how you can ti know that couple is made for each other? when they are smilling at each other and they have fun and love must be seen from eyes.

  447. 447
    intelligent head Says:

    there’s a huge difference to notice and Daniel’s body language is obvious.

  448. 448
    to 446 Says:

    I agree with you-it is very important to have fun with your partner and be proud of his/her accomplishments. I think Daniel is a bit embarrassed by the gf as he will not acknowledge any type of relationship except gf. He has also stated that his partner will stand on their own two feet and have accomplishments of their own. $atsmonkey has no identity, no accomplishments to be proud of and is totally dependent on him to survive. If she had any brains she would realize that she is an embarrassment and not someone to be proud of.

  449. 449
    to Creepy Says:

    To creepy wannabe/tess/katy/kiwi you are really boring so why don’t you go find another website to vote on. Also, maybe your meds need to be a bit stronger.

  450. 450
    to 448 Says:

    Of course he wont. He can’t stand the butch b*tch anymore I think.
    He just does his own thing and she trails around him like a weak Geisha.
    He feels sorry for her, like you would a mongrel.

  451. 451
    re dictator Says:

    Well if there wasnt any jackbooting on here the Nazi thing wouldnt appear.
    Too many website owners have the power trip thing going as they have f*ck all else in their life.

  452. 452
    intelligent head to 450 Says:

    Well said! Satsuki is an Japanese Geisha!
    Geisha is trained and accompanies men, she is only for making company for others.

  453. 453
    to 452 Says:

    Yeah but aren’t Japanese geishas supposed to be beautiful? The gf looks like she is made of one quarter Japanese and three quarters monkey-UGLY!!! At least Daniel has trained her well and she does what he tells her to do.

  454. 454
    Wannabe in the corner Says:

    I don’t know who this wannabe is or what all the infighting seems to be about . Could this possibly be a video of her?

  455. 455
    to 453 Says:

    Tradtionally Geishas were pretty and talented but the g/f is not a Geisha in any way shape or form.

    Geyser is more the term. Always erupting with spew and covering everyone with it in her path.

  456. 456
    jude law Says:

    daniel has his old rival to out do

  457. 457
    Wannabe? Says:

    Who is this wannabe? And come someone post her picture here with some of her earlier posts. Just curious. She seems to be mentioned in every comment section of a Daniel Craig Post. What’s all the fuss about? Who is she?

  458. 458
    to 457 Says:

    Contact JJ.

  459. 459
    to i head Says:

    Moving on…back to the byatch..

    has sats has been kicked to the curb yet?

  460. 460
    to 456 Says:

    Thanks for the article.
    Yes, he and Jude were once friends but after Daniel bonked Sienna I guess that ended things. Not that Jude/Sienna were angels in that either.
    Hotbed of orgies they all lived in. They were all knocking each other back then.

    I wonder why Daniel won’t do Shakespeare, too hard for him? Or does he find it boring?

    I think doing a play is something that Daniel needed to do right now to really help his career get back on track.
    I hope he does well but really needs to streamline the company he keeps.

  461. 461
    to 459 Says:

    Yes she was last week but is back at her Royal Residence I hear.
    The SatsByatchManchell flag has been raised.

  462. 462
    ursulka ignorantka Says:


  463. 463
    mendel Says:

    Just found this – not too sure how reliable the source is, but this sounds like an official confirmation that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig will appear on Broadway in ‘A Steady Rain’:

    Now if I could only find that ice lolly… ;)

  464. 464
    intelligent head Says:

    What Daniel does with his money is his thing and Setsmoney must shut mouth.

  465. 465
    intelligent head Says:

    It’s a proper old poll for this time! I am voting for 3rd woman – yet an uknown Daniel’s Mrs Right. But Eva has a chance as well.

  466. 466
    intelligent head Says:

    oh I didn’t know that Satsuki is more expensive, I underestimated prices of her clothes. Satsuki surprised me how she spends Daniel’s money, there are hungry people and children in the world and she spends a lot of money for looking like an expensive clown in a public.
    That is why Daniel looked angrily in Kiev by the cashomat and said to himself: how much costs that b i t c h?!

    also, spending of 3985 GBP for looking ridiculus? where are we

  467. 467
    intelligent head Says:

    Next to Satsuki’s pic is a shop offer with “human prices”.
    Angelina bought a clothes that had price 25 USD, she had these low-price clothes at the worldwide premiere of the movie of The Good Shepherd.

  468. 468
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel didn’t talk about Obama as about Bond? I don’t if he said or not

  469. 469
    intelligent head Says:

    I called youtube video created by me” hard work” and Daniel also called “hard work his relationship with Satsuki.,21598,23329175-5005368,00.html

  470. 470
    to mendel Says:

    Hugh Jackman confirmed it on ET last night. But really was it ever in doubt?

  471. 471
    intelligent head to 470 Says:

    and Daniel also confirmed it ?

  472. 472
    mendel Says:

    to ‘to mendel’ (#470)

    ‘But really was it ever in doubt?’

    I was waiting for a confirmation from the actors, because negociations can break down and people change their minds.
    And Intelligent Head, I haven’t heard or read any comment of Dan about it yet, so hopefully we’ll get something soon now that Hugh has confirmed it.

  473. 473
    to 472 Says:

    Hugh stated in an interview ON ET that HE IS working with Daniel on this play in one of the “worst kept secrets on Broadway”.
    I think THAT is confirmation that Daniel is doing it too.
    Dont you think?
    Go to ET home page, there is confirmation there.

  474. 474
    there you go Says:

    ‘Wolverine’ hunk Hugh Jackman confirms to ET that he’ll be appearing in a Broadway play with James Bond heartthrob Daniel Craig.

    Joking that the news has become the “worst kept secret on Broadway,” Jackman says he can’t wait for the chance to work with Craig in the play, A Steady Rain. “I’m very, very excited about working with him and John Crowley, who is an amazing director.”

  475. 475
    to 466 Says:

    well, i’m glad that satuski has made enough money to keep her in expensive designer dresses. or rather, i should say that daniel has made enough money. but, if daniel wants to let satsuki spend his money like this then who are we to say. when you make the money you get to spend it how you like. i just wish the girl would hire a stylist and then follow the advice. maybe then she wouldn’t have some of those disasters; you know the yellow thing in australia, the grey thing with silver stuff on it, etc etc.

  476. 476
    to 475 Says:

    She’s too stubborn to hire a stylist didn’t you know that?
    She thinks she can look at a magazine that Daniel buys her when she is sitting at home doing nothing and just chooses a dress.
    “I want that one!”
    Then she gets it, then wears it and it looks like someone threw a dust sheet over her.
    That’s her idea of fashion.
    But she is a victim.

  477. 477
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel has a service from Satsuki..‘s+secret+service/

  478. 478
    to 477 Says:

    Daniel has a service from Satsuki..

    Yes it called a regular ******** every evening.

  479. 479
    intelligent head Says:

    This a man, David Mitchell is a first class! He talked about Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig’s behaviour to her…I also said that Daniel is a good actor and a rotter in reality

  480. 480
    intelligent head Says:

    so here :

  481. 481
    to 480 Says:

    You are quite behind the times arent you? That was ages ago.

  482. 482
    george Says:

    another model for george

  483. 483
    to 482 Says:

    thats what danny needs to do, casually date and have good times like george, that will bring his smile back.

  484. 484
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    to mendel and reasonably sane people, thank you for the confirmation on the broadway show! I met an older woman today who wore a St Barts t-shirt—no crap! we talked back and forth of the islands down there…strange coincidences are. I will be in NYC for 5 days seeing The Little Mermaid(that is what 2 little girls will get you to see)….imagine my suprise if ….. wow. I would have him autograph my, hm, what would he autograph? the “tub” photo? no, a photo of me? no, a popsickle stick, maybe not. um, a white t-shirt? a can of guinness? hhmm. a yellow submarine? maybe a book. I would so love to sit and have a guinness with him and bs about life and find out what is in his head. ciao. miss you amigo ~guinness gotto go check other reasonably sane news sites!!

  485. 485
    to 484 Says:

    reasonably sane people

    On here? Few and far between but if you close your eyes really tightly you can see one or two.
    Hope you do meet him, good luck!

  486. 486
    Gonk wants the FAME Says:

    @intelligent head:
    This article proves without a doubt that the girlfriend is in this relationship just for the FAME!!!. This article and the “Cinderella-lovin’” Hello magazine contests.

    Out of all of the REAL celebrities the UK Daily Mail could have chosen for this Celeb fashion section, they chose this Fashion Victim and they call her a “Celebrity??”

    OH! It must be APRIL FOOLS !
    The Daily Mail can’t be serious about her fashion ‘statements”.
    She and/or her PR team must know someone at the UK Daily Mail. Someone must have owed the Gonk a favor and Gonk called it in so she could get her fug face in the newspapers.
    A Celebrity she is NOT! But she sleeps with one, just to climb the FAME ladder and get articles like this.

  487. 487
    to 486 Says:

    remember reading that when it came out but i think as it was written by a top UK comedian it was more for the dig towards bond not being a real life character and daniel well being a bit of git for not sharing the umbrella but i do see the slur towards her seeking the pap attention but i think they were hamming it up for the cameras?
    i could be wrong. maybe im misreading it.
    the other pics taken that night she was under the umbrella and he was holding her hand and they were laughing.
    maybe she was a little drunk?

  488. 488
    to 486 Says:

    The gf is a wannabe celeb who sleeps with DC. That is her identity and nothing more. I think sites like Hello mag give her a title of movie producer to patronize Daniel. The woman is an ugly pest who goes where Daniel’s limelight is. She does not have the looks, talent or intelligence to ever make it on her own-she needs Daniel to stay in the spotlight. The gf is an overexposed nobody who has done nothing in her life. I agree with the poster who said Daniel needs a casual date to relieve him of the guard’s chain.

  489. 489
    to 488 Says:

    That is her identity and nothing more. I think sites like Hello mag give her a title of movie producer to patronize Daniel.

    I agree, I think Hello magazine kisses the celebs arses to keep them happy. I think they hope to still get an exclusive from him at some point so they keep the g/f happy.
    The reality being I think Daniel doesnt give a flying hoo-ha but that’s magazines for you.
    The g/f’s ID is a joke. People roll their eyes when she turns up a these premieres. More than enough people are sick of her and wonder why he puts up with her.
    I agree, he needs to get his leg over with some hot sexy lady.

  490. 490
    big diff Says:

    Angelina is 34 today the same age as the Gonk but what a difference.

  491. 491
    Gonk wants the FAME Says:

    The reality being I think Daniel doesnt give a flying hoo-ha but that’s magazines for you.
    The g/f’s ID is a joke. People roll their eyes when she turns up a these premieres. More than enough people are sick of her and wonder why he puts up with her.
    I agree, he needs to get his leg over with some hot sexy lady.
    TO 489- This is SO true. I absolutely AGREE with you and I like the expression that Daniel ‘needs to get his leg over..(someone other than Wonky Gonk)’….
    You are also right that Daniel does NOT give a flying ‘whatever’.

    But the GONK is seeing her 15 minutes flying by very quickly now so she must soak up every bit and scrap of attention that she can before she goes the way of the dodo bird, or Sarah Larson if you will. Although Sarah larson was only in the paps crosshairs for 1 year, Gonk was there few years longer.
    She will absorb every pap flash and suck-up to every magazine editor in order to inhale the last bits of nothingness from her infamous moment in the spotlight.

  492. 492
    007 forever mine Says:

    I LOVE YOU DANIEL CRAIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE IT OUT FOR ME TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA


  493. 493
    intelligent head Says:

    Let me something tell to you.
    If you maybe know George dated-is dating with Krista Allen, Krista is born same date like Satsuki.
    just say that George is with Krista Allen (dating in these years: 02, 04, 06, 08->present), he is back with her from summer 2008 (he dumped Sarah Larson in May 08). There’re latest news about him and Krista that they are together. When George jumped between Lisa Snowdon, Reneé Zellweger, Sarah and other women so Krista was very crazy and jealous and she was angry when George stopped to calling up her on mobile, but she came to him back several times; split and back, split and back, plit and back , always round . George never admit her in a public, when he dated her he said he is not dating her. George’s friend said that Krista is very loyal and never forget about George.
    My cousin (girl) is same date like Satsuki and Krista but different year and I can to say that cousin has personality like these women.
    I remember how Satsuki walked with Daniel and staff around Karlovy Vary, there was very hot (warm) weather and Satsuki had stupid jacket attaining on the neck, so my cousin is a fool who wears lumberjacket in summer, she has boyfriend (Scorpio) and he is miserable boy, because cousin fights with him because of stupid things, craps; they are always fighting and cousin guards him and she said to my friend that she does not him to be with friends and she hates when bf debates with girl. She always asks bf who are he is going with I talked with cousin’s boyfriend and he is nervous of her, he is glad he has a job at other town where he goes everyday with car.
    Cousin started to be dependant on him as well.
    Krista is able to go to George several times over,
    these three women have no self-esteem.
    Cousin’s bf is decided to dump cousin, he is a quiet boy and he hates ceaseless fights with her.

  494. 494
    intelligent head Says:

  495. 495
    intelligent head Says:

    that blogspotter is funny with saying “yellow fever”

  496. 496
    satsa! Says:

    i think the pressure of satsman is huge right now-
    she become incredibly skinny I’m sure danny has enough of her..

  497. 497
    to 495 Says:

    Love the yellow fever description-hopefully yellow fever causes only temporary lose of judgement and lasts a short time. Daniel really needs to catch some European fever and get a classy woman.

  498. 498
    intelligent head to 496,497 Says:

    agree with you,,0,18

  499. 499
    intelligent head to 481 Says:

    You aren’t right with your saying: That was ages ago.
    in fact that was 7 months ago.
    Hey YOU, I know is an old article but it does not mean that I can’t post older articles, I was interesting about opinions of journalist what he was thinking about umbrella case and Daniel’s act and I simply posted it there, not each of us has read all articles. You always are a pungent poster with angry sound.
    I posted the video of the Filmball Munich) posters looked at it and said nature of Germans, that they are fake, they have plastic faces and bodies, so hopefully that you are’nt an German poster and you aren’t angry with me because of my posting the video.

  500. 500
    to 496 Says:

    Yes I also think there is a lot of pressure on her to get him married. In five years she has not succeeded in getting him to acknowledge an engagement, in getting him married or in using his high-level contacts to advance her career. The only reputation she has forged for herself is a desperate, ugly woman with an big ugly tramp stamp who F**ks a well known celeb.

  501. 501
    never! Says:

    Wonky Tag A Long Gonky will never wed Moody Danny Wanny Rudey.

  502. 502
    to 496 Says:

    you’re right. i would not be surprised if satsuki is trying to put pressure on daniel to marry her. she’s busy getting allies on her side; other than her parents who no doubt want daniel to make an honest woman of her. sats is busy making sure that daniel’s daughter, his sister, brother(s), father and mother are on her side too.
    i just hope daniel doesn’t marry satsuki to escape all the pressure.

  503. 503
    intelligent head to 481 Says:


  504. 504
    intelligent head Says:


  505. 505
    intelligent head Says:

    I want one lyrics from spongebob tune and it would be about Daniel’s green bombshell!

  506. 506
    to 502 Says:

    you’re right. i would not be surprised if satsuki is trying to put pressure on daniel to marry her. she’s busy getting allies on her side; other than her parents who no doubt want daniel to make an honest woman of her. sats is busy making sure that daniel’s daughter, his sister, brother(s), father and mother are on her side too.
    i just hope daniel doesn’t marry satsuki to escape all the pressure.

    Of course she is and you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

  507. 507
    satsa! Says:

    in st.barths she was normal.. not sexy at all
    but now she is anorexic in her trousers.. thats not funny anymore

  508. 508
    satsa! Says:

    in st.barths she was normal.. not sexy at all
    but now she is anorexic in her trousers.. thats not funny anymore

  509. 509
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    sounds like some psychological fun relationship. he is a codependent. he gets bigger, she gets smaller. he drinks more, she eats less or purges. hhhmmm. not cinderella land, they may be real people suffering. hhmm. I will nurture you back to health Dan!! see you in NYC maybe buy you a nuturing guiness!! ~ guinness, a little crazy fun, but just right in the head.

  510. 510
    to 508 Says:

    in st.barths she was normal.. not sexy at all

    normal..??? …..what woman were YOU looking at? :0

  511. 511
    to 508 Says:

    satsuki normal in st bart’s. not likely. a normal woman would not have allowed all that bad behavior on daniel’s part to happen. a normal woman would have taken steps to remove his daughter from the fray.

  512. 512
    to 509 Says:

    Maybe she’ll make herself so aneroxic so as to emotionally blackmail him?

  513. 513
    Bonesuki Says:

    The woman is an ugly mess but that is what you get when you steal another woman’s man and act like an arrogant phony witch. After 5 years of pretending to be an important movie producer, people in the industry have her number. She really is stuck in a corner-no identity, no career and no legal marriage. Maybe Daniel will throw her a bone and buy her a monkey hut in Oregon when he dumps her.

  514. 514
    satsa! Says:

    it’s true satsa and ella were holding hands once in stbarts while sats was looking after the cameras- and thats not alright-_- because satsman knows that everybody is watching her so she should stop proving the world how nice she is with daniel craigs daughter!!

    because the only one who is allowed to decide if ella should be pictured in her bikini(!) is her father, the moviestar himself!T__T!

  515. 515
    intelligent head Says:

    “It is not clear how his girlfriend, an American film producer called Satsuki Mitchell, fits into this schedule and I have been warned not to ask him about his love life, which he considers strictly off-limits. Reportedly, they met on the set of The Jacket in 2005. Judging from his use ‘we’ in reference to trips Japan, Oregon, New York and London, the couple spend plenty of suitcase and hotel time together. There are rumours of imminent marriage, but Craig says only that he is looking forward to their next road trip together.”

    hehe,Daniel only is looking forward to travel, how rididulus.

  516. 516
    to 513 Says:
    Team Monkey Hut.
    I dont know about the bone but maybe Jakes Famous CrawFish Restaurant will give her one.

  517. 517
    to 515 Says:

    She is the travel “companion” and considering she arranges all of them, of course she goes along.
    Who else pushes his luggage cart? LOL!
    My lunch is more imminent of coming back up than their marriage.

  518. 518
    intelligent head Says:

    an article- same on

  519. 519
    mendel Says:

    to Guinness (#484) and poster #485

    ‘to mendel and reasonably sane people’

    You don’t have to be insane to post here, but it helps ;)

    to Guinness (#484)

    ‘I will be in NYC for 5 days seeing The Little Mermaid(that is what 2 little girls will get you to see)….imagine my suprise if ….. wow. ‘

    Oooh, I am keeping the fingers crossed for you! Maybe Mermaid during the day, and Steady Rain at night?
    ‘what would he autograph? … no, a popsickle stick’


    I still haven’t got hold of that darn lolly, and I know now all ice coolers in town!!!
    ‘I would so love to sit and have a guinness with him and bs about life and find out what is in his head.’

    I think he likes guinness, so that sounds like a great plan! But concluding from the pictures (in the link Intelligent Head posted), you better bring your own crisps. He doesn’t seem to like sharing…

  520. 520
    intelligent head to 517 Says:

    who else pushes his luggage cart? LOL!
    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe, au! you made me laugh I was almost die of laughing
    If Daniel says to Setsmonkey to leap out of a tree, she will do it and she’ll jump on his ass.

  521. 521
    intelligent head Says:

    No, Daniel loves food, he is not sharing with others. He himself said he must have tune of food and plus 10 cigarettes after eating.
    I hope his wife will be a good cookwoman or at least she will buy tune of food for him and children. when I look at Satsuki- she’s a victim famine, she probably does not eat properly, maybe at all. Luck, Daniel has alot of money for spending at a restauration (ejoying food at Mr Chow..)

  522. 522
    to 521 Says:

    i think satsuki feels the pressure to stay as thin as she is. considering how she got between heiki and daniel on the set of the jacket. she probably takes a look at all the beautiful women out there; namely eva green, and feels the pressure.

  523. 523
    to 522 Says:

    and feels the pressure.

    Well she and she alone put her self there right?

  524. 524
    to 518 Says:

    Thanks for the article!

    to 517 Yes at least the bag of bones is good at some things-pushing luggage carts and fetching coffee.

    to 516 she does deserve a monkey hut for all the fetching she does. Maybe that is why Daniel has not moved her into the new house-he is moving her to a renovated monkey hut (hopefully in Oregon).

  525. 525
    thin Says:

    Daniel seems to like thin women based on his history so I am sure he appreciates her efforts even if it might be to make him happy. I hope she does it in a healthy way

  526. 526
    to 525 Says:

    Daniel seems to like thin women based on his history so I am sure he appreciates her efforts even if it might be to make him happy

    I highly doubt the percentage of their relationship is anything but healthy.
    But yes, she would emaciate herself to keep her meal ticket.
    No healthy way of looking at that.

  527. 527
    thin Says:

    Then if he cared about her he should help her deal with it but like i said he probably likes her thin so does not matter to him how she maintains her figure.

  528. 528
    intelligent head Says:

    I would like to work with Daniel that Satsuki as a gopher brought coffee for me. I would like to call Satsuki for coffee.
    As to woman’s figure, Satsuki is quite because she meets women who are skinny too – Olga Kurylenko who has not boobs and no ass or rather she’s very average. Gemma is young for Daniel and she’s no rivalry for Satsuki. Eva Green is dating her fiancé. Also, Satsuki has a calm square for herself. She’s in the advantage because other woman is not interesting about Daniel. At other side there is half victory for Satsuki- she is dating Daniel five years but she’s not Mrs Craig yet (althought she has ring on her finger in the water, during sleeping in the bed, at toilet, everywhere), and it’s not glory if she began date Daniel in her 30 (summer 04) providing that Daniel is her first man, love. Someone is finding a right love all life. I think if she had a few bf’s so she would not be so stickly dependant on Daniel and she should have different behaviour and not act like a man in many cases. As to her snotty and arrogant behaviour I would only suppose why she is a such woman, I think she was not friendly or people weren’t friendly to her in her younger ages. Children and people are able to be bad if someone is ugly and unsympathetic. Like we dislike her hideous looking and behaviour of wild horsemonkey.
    Maybe that is why she is so snotty and arrogant to others.

  529. 529
    007 forever mine Says:

    DANIEL CRIAG WILL YOU PLEASE LICK MY PRETTY FEET???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO HOT AND HORNY FOR YOUR YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

    ME2? HAHA

  530. 530
    007 forever mine Says:



  531. 531
    007 forever mine Says:

    DANIEL, LET’S SUCK FACE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S FOOL AROUND IN BED TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA


  532. 532
    to 526 Says:

    Agree-nothing about this relationship looks healthy. Her sticking like glue to him (insecurity, lack of identity), his denial of an engagement (lack of committment, distrust), lack of passion between them, etc. the list goes on and on. I am not a psychologist but there are many red flags in this relationship. Good luck to Daniel as it seems he is stuck with someone who has obeyed his every command but seems like an angry, bitter person who has no life or identity of her own.

  533. 533
    to 532 Says:

    Well obeying his every command is her own problem not his isn’t it?
    I agree with your points though. I don’t think this a healthy relationship. I think it’s based on fear, mistrust from his past fling, dependency and the love of the good life outweighs everything for her.
    As one article stated before, forgiving Daniel over Sienna was a calculated move for her to get the publicity of standing next to him on red carpets for her own ends.
    That journalist called her out over it and I totally agree.
    Wearing a ring for 5 years without so much of an acknowledgment from Daniel that they are? He makes the excuse that his life is private? Hardly.

    I just don’t think he has anything else going right now or maybe he just pushes the relationship to the back burner.
    He seems the type to just want to go with the flow.

  534. 534
    load of bollocks Says:

    loo, he mentions her just enough in interviews to make her feel relevant but just stops at stating they are engaged because they aren’t.
    they travel together, they tune well, love of his life (used before!) .blah blah.
    believe me if they were, she would have leaked it to someone to let the press know officially not some weak assed “source” from The Sun newspaper saying theu are are and will get married after QoS…(still waiting)..they are a joke of a couple and their dynamics are even worse of a one. I am 100% sure from certain areas that he has changed his mind about this relationship and where it is headed.

    weak words of affirmation is what i’m hearing…like the Jesus guy about Madonna…”i see no visible faults’..

    how er…romantic…

  535. 535
    tony awards Says:

    Will Daniel be at the Tony Awards presenting?

  536. 536
    tony awards Says:

    Is Daniel in NY already?

  537. 537
    tony awards Says:

    Is he now in an apartment on the Upper West Side?

  538. 538
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    TO mendel, it would be fun for him to sign his lolli stick for me!! maybe i can find them in NYC. I will send you one if i get one myself. It may just be dan’s purple juice by the time it gets to you!!!

    What is the release date for Steady Rain. And isn’t JJ gonna get me a seat in the million dollar row so I can blog about it here!!!????

    I was thinking too if he was going to the Tony awards….I would if I were him, and his agent!! Good PR anywhere you can get it!!
    ~guinness, cant wait for a NYC guinness.

  539. 539
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    I forgot….I have to find out what bank his is so I can plant my tush and 4 cameras in front of it to capture him when i go to NYC!! doesn’t ever person who gets money out get their picture taken by the bank cameras???? i am suprised none of his photos were leaked in the public from the bank.

    Yes, I would so buy him a guinness—or Molson—or a Corona. Those are the tasty beers….he likes those I think. I would get him drunk and take advantage of him. I can dream this late in the day, cant I? ~guinness, just guinness. yum

  540. 540
    to 538 Says:

    I’m not Mendel but read above.
    He will be there yes. Not one to turn down the PR like the ***** that he is for it, nor the g/f.
    As for his “lolly”, good luck on finding that.
    I think his g/f keeps it in her bag and wears his balls as earrings.

  541. 541
    bank Says:


  542. 542
    mendel Says:

    Mendel right here :)

    to Intelligent Head

    ‘Daniel loves food, he is not sharing with others.’

    Glad to hear he loves food. It would be terrible if he would just nibble on a lettuce leaf… Food is a sensual pleasure. Of course, one always has to watch one’s health (blah, blah, blah), but there is something REALLY wonderful about having a good meal with somebody special…

    to Guinness

    ‘And isn’t JJ gonna get me a seat in the million dollar row so I can blog about it here!!!???’

    Hmmm, if we all shout enough, maybe JJ will to shut us up??? ;)

    to #538

    If he goes to the Tony Awards, it means new pictures for us! And as to the lolly…still no luck here! But of course, if Sats has it in her handbag…

  543. 543
    to 538 Says:

    Yes it would be a great PR move for the fall play. Hugh is in NYC and so is Nicole-these three would be great PR for Broadway. All you need now is to have Sienna show up (with her new fragrance) and the fireworks would begin. What is Nicole doing at the Tonys? Is she scheduled to be in a show?

  544. 544
    to 543 Says:

    Yes, she is presenting with Anne Hathaway but that is not a secret.

    I do not know about Sienna. She has not been seen in NY.

  545. 545
    to 540 Says:

    …and wears his balls as earrings.

    LOL, nice one.
    Yes and keeps his whipped spine with the Jello.

  546. 546
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel has sweeth teeth too, he is a big eater. He said when he finished bondmovie, he went to restaurantions because before he had keep a diet and after completed bondmovie he eats what he wants and compensates diet’s months.He celebrated long months his finished movie. When he worked in Czech Rep. on CR he got a trainer to lose weight, it was Babs who sended a trainer. Daniel easily puts on weight and then he looked pumped. I hate czech dumplings and he loves them! Have I learn to cook dumplings because of him?
    Or Satsuki must learn it? I think she cooks only noodle but when I look at her I think it’s Daniel who cooks and she only eats.

  547. 547
    to i head Says:

    …and she only eats.

    Eats what? His bank balance?

  548. 548
    relief Says:

    i think danny needs to f*ck a nice czech dumpling, might make him happy and relaxed for once in awhile instead of relying on drink to do it for him.

  549. 549
    to 526 Says:

    i showed a picture of satsuki, in that yellow dress she wore in australia, to my grandfather; who was in the united states army in world war 2. he just shook his head and said; “you know if you shaved this girl’s head she would like some of the women we liberated in that death camp”. my grandfather also says that if daniel loves this woman so much he would insist this woman gain some weight.

  550. 550
    intelligent head to 549 Says:

    you grandfather is right but Daniel is blind or drunk. I was seeing pics of St Barth and Daniel kissed Satsuki’s bones on shoulders/back.
    Then I saw pics with Heike and she has quite man’s body and similar to Satsuki’s body but Satsuki is more thinner. Kate Moss has a ugh body and man’s legs. Only Harley and Sienna do look normally.
    Daniel has not a good taste, he ignores some things. Who look best among women that he knows are Ella and Gemma. Today girls do look better than older. When I look at Hollywood so all an older actresses and models are scraggy but younger are like a blood and milk (Scarlett Johansson, Jess Alba, Jess Simpson, Hillary Duff, Miley Cyrus,…). Where is Hollywood with Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, MM and others that looked like goddess?

  551. 551
    to 550 Says:

    Look, Satsuki looks like what she is, a mutt of Japanese and American breeds.
    She has no hips (very Asian) and looks like a man (muscular, adams apple, big shoulders – hereditary).

    Yes Daniel must not have good taste after he left Heike. At least she looked soft and ethereal.
    Satsuki looks like a hard nosed bully and the town slag.

  552. 552
    to 551 Says:

    Satsmonkey looks like a horse who thinks her sh** doesn’t smell. I get it if Daniel likes thinner woman but this woman is so manly and harsh looking. There is no feminine quality about her. All his other partners were soft and feminine looking and had a playfulness about them. This is also why i think it is more of a business/companion arrangement; i just can’t imagine a man would be attracted to someone so manly looking.

  553. 553
    intelligent head Says:

    to 551,
    There are a few asian women and they look fabulous and have a perfect body, but most of them have not a good figure.
    Pics that I saw with Heike are old and she gave birth her daughter and then actually Heike had bigger boobs and gained some wight, she looks good in these days.
    but there is one interesting thing, all Aries women and girls that I met they have man-looking body. My cousin, friend and ex schoolmates are Aries and they have man’s figure too, I didn’t see Aries woman with feminine body,even horoscopes says that they are of mannish body, at best some of them has a beautiful face.
    I know that Satsuki ignores what she wears on her, she does not realize mistakes because of her ego. I stopped be a friend with my Aries cousin because she has big ego and she thinks she is the smartest in our family, she hates when other knows more things than she. I once mentioned that aries women have diplom from grammar school or university, they’re good learners but most they are not at the top of career. I think Satsuki plays on Daniel her smartness, communication and she is rather a good friend/fellow than real girlfriend for Daniel. It is only trap, when some calculative people want to win their love-object and they are not so attractive so they gonna use their intelligence (or even mouth.. you know how). When I saw videos with Satsuki I always saw she acts like a smart, snotty woman who knows all, she ridiculed at fans when they wanted Daniel’s autograph.
    Satsuki and cousin think they are smart but in fact they ignore people and their opinions, they can’t hear opinion of others, they care only for their feelings, like they are queens, they want all and I see they will get nothing.
    Maybe Satsuki would like to be at the top and be a really good movie producer but she is not. guess why. because she has not taste in finding scripts, she has not enough big talent and she does not know it, Aries are of nature that they are creative but their creativity/result is not comparable with others because Aries personality sees a beautiful thing which in fact is not beautiful or enough good and that’s why they aren’t at the top. (like Satsuki thinks that poodle,Munich Filmballs,Oscar’s red and other her clown’s dress are elegant or what but people see it different way). I have to say that aries women are not all same, I think the worst of them are born in first two weeks of April,others are more at ease.
    Men Aries are different coffee, they are very good in their things that they do.

  554. 554
    maybe Says:

    hmmm…dan and sats in seperate houses?
    why no pics of them from R Park house?
    anyone wonder?

    totally business arrangement now.

  555. 555
    mendel Says:

    to Intelligent Head

    ‘all an older actresses and models are scraggy’

    Not all of them, it’s the ones who believe that to look young, they have to starve themselves. Unfortunately, they do look haggard rather than young, while actually, slightly plump faces do look younger.
    Luckily, there are actresses like Kate Winslett who eat normally, and look feminine, sexy and curvy. And Michelle Yeoh, who is slim but not skinny, and who looks stunning at the age of 46!

  556. 556
    to 554 Says:

    total bullshit!
    he will never movue into that house at Regents park.
    He has receded from the contract, because a employee of the solicitor has revealed information and violate the obligation of secrecy

  557. 557
    intelligent head Says:

    as always media bluff and lie, Brad is currently filming his new movie while Angie finished her movie, they have planned their roles and how to share children, or Angie is so much independent and she does need to see Brad any day? Satsuki would be crazy if she didn’t see Daniel for five hours, she immediately called up Daniel where he is.

  558. 558
    to 557 Says:

    Well you have a point there.
    She is a controlling nosey b*tch.
    As for R Park, I have heard he has NOT been seen around there so I think he has rescinded and will not move in.

  559. 559
    smart head Says:

    so what? where are news about 23.Bond? It’s almost here summer and then finally autumn! I can’t wait for green eyes bomb lady!

  560. 560
    to 559 Says:

    wait another year!
    they will not start filming before early 2011

  561. 561
    smart head to 560 Says:

    no, they are going to make 23.Bond in 2010 so I am waiting for news this year

  562. 562
    re green eyed bomb Says:

    @smart head:

    Are you still into what the new woman the psychic was talking about?

  563. 563
    to 562 Says:

    the psychic

    LOL, nice try.

  564. 564
    spongebob bond Says:

  565. 565
    Gonk wants the FAME Says:

    @spongebob bond:
    Thanks much for the link.
    Very cute Spongebob clips with Mr. Bond.
    Now…WHERE are those LYRICS ?? !

  566. 566
    smart head Says:

    If Daniel is the love of Satsuki’s life and she is hoping to walk down the aisle with him, so I think she should to give up all hope. Satsuki should to realize that she just is only his friend with benefits.
    there is the same lyrics between Satsuki and Krista:
    I think Krista will be Mrs Clooney only when she will be pregnant and Satsuki will be Mrs Craig only thanks pregnancy as well. Aries women are that a typical type who pushes man through pregnancy and make sure for her happiness in her life.

    My cousin is young but she thinks of house, she buys cymbals and her mom gave her new cymbals at Christmas. Ridiculus. She is funny because she is proud of her abilities, she thinks she can all at home-cleaning, cooking, washing, etc, but when she attended me at my house and I cooked so she stared I know how to cook Chinese, Indian and Lebanon’s foods and she was angry as always.

  567. 567
    smart head Says:


  568. 568
    smart head Says:

    alcoholic people on the set, Daniel is very zealous

  569. 569
    to 561 Says:

    MW has confirmed 2011 so I doubt they will start with filming this year.
    Most likely for a Nov premiere in 2011 they will start in late 2010 or at the beginning of 2011.

    but you seem to be good at ignoring facts LOL

  570. 570
    to 568 Says:

    I think Sats should watch the video Drag Queen: How to create cleavage. She needs it or maybe a video Tranny: How to uplift your saggy t*ts.

  571. 571
    you know the tune (spongebob) Says:


    Who will take Danny away with the green in her eye?
    (SexyGirl HotLips)
    and who then will turn to Sats and make her wave bye bye?
    (Greeneyed SexBomb)
    She will make Danny happy and his acting will come back..
    (SootheVoice CalmKiss)
    And make Satsuki move back to her hometown monkey shack?
    (GetOut Sourpuss)..

    HIS LOVE OF HIS LIFE ………….THIS TIME…FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do Do De Do De Do..


  572. 572
    re green eyed bomb Says:

    The green eyes girl must already be in Daniel’s life since people are already talking about her.

  573. 573
    smart head Says:

    @you know the tune (spongebob):
    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeat lyrics from YOU! You always celebrate the biggest success with the green eyed bomb!

    I also hope in come back of Daniel’s excellent acting! and I hope Daniel will take his daughter and mom to premiers and the green eyed bombhell will make her things, not sticking on Daniel. She must be an extra class if she will ignore Daniel and have own work with the media and paps.Daniel should own an first-classy woman to make him feel a right man and zealous conqueror and finally he went with her the aisle. and cuuuuuute baby here!

  574. 574
    smart head to 569 Says:

    No ignoring facts but vice versa. MGM and Eon have a fight with one another. It only Michael talks about date 2011 and MGM with Babs see it a different way. I’ve read they all need a money, there is financial crisis and many people working for MGM and production companies were shakeout. MGM paid bills with EON’s money, MGM has not money, EON has not money, people have not a job, so surely they’re gonna make 23.Bond for money and for employing people as soon as screenwriters will have done a script for 23.Bond. Daniel has not planned projects for next year, Babs looks ready and Daniel is looking like he looks forward to work.MGM from the start says date 2010, only Michael has problem with that and he bluffs. When he was asked for telling more information so he only said something like that:”No 2010, I am ready for 2011, I want break, I can’t say anything about it but Daniel is looking forward to work on another Bond.”
    The screenwriters work since January and I think they have done work just now.
    it can be easy to fastly find a director and Bond girl: Marc and Olga.
    So work can to start just in fall and shoot next year.
    They worked immediately on QOS after completed CR and they have no problem fastly work again, only Michael has fears and he talks very confusedly and evasively.

  575. 575
    intelligent head Says:

    I’ve read an article about Harry Sloan (CEO of MGM), he’s sympathetic with his opinions, he is proud of tradition of MGM and produce bondmovies. He felt sorry for people that lost a job and I think he feels responsibility. Sony Pictures offered to EON two project to produce, something like compesation or settlement of debt for EON.
    But there must be another demands or expectations, and as MGM is closely many years with EON in co-producing so MGM will not have problems to persuade EON to make 23.Bond in 2010 as they want and there is necessary need of money now.

  576. 576
    article Says:

    why celebs should only date other celebs, apparently “normal” people couldn’t cope.

  577. 577
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    mendel, I did promise some people over in d 2 d to sit next to in the million dollar seats…but that was before my private confessions were read, so I would love to sit next to you and drool over the gargantuan aussie and posh/british-cockney hot arsed man!! I would be good, I wouldn’t yell anything that would get me kicked out. Maybe. NOT! And maybe view some talent…? that chicago accent is really scary–unless they use their own accents because they are from their own country and moved to chicago??

    Daniel gains weight because he isn’t smoking…it is an oral fixation. oh crap, i did write that–oral, with Dan in the same sentence. I would so love to….dam, I digress, anyway…I forgot my point here.

    “I think his g/f keeps it in her bag and wears his balls as earrings.” wholly crap. that was funny to read. I still don’t believe he is the “victim” here. and I won’t write anything about him because he “made his bed” and now he is chicken to leave?? what an idiot. a very sexy and talented idiot.

    and stop writing contrary things about Aries….we are not all the same!!!!! ~guinness, just checking in for NYC photos!! ha.

  578. 578
    Gonk wants the FAME Says:

    I guess whoever said that Daniel would be at the Tony’s was mistaken.
    Daniel was nowhere in sight, didn’t see Hugh either.

  579. 579
    to 576 Says:

    Very interesting article. I can see Daniel being bored with his gf-she has not worked and has done nothing to produce anything in her own life. I also do not believe he is a victim as he seems to be running the show (we don’t speak of any engagement, we do what is best for my career, no marriage, etc). I see his gf, who is not very attractive, being very insecure as he works around gorgeous actresses who have careers of their own.

    To Spongebob-great song!! Let’s hope Daniel meets the green-eyed woman soon.

  580. 580
    to 579 Says:

    Well you know, she has made her own bed as well as he.
    So, if she is in a one sided relationship, whose to blame? If she doesnt like it she can p*ss off but she never will.

  581. 581
    to 580 Says:

    of course she’ll never leave daniel. first of all, i think satsuki is in love with him. . she is willing to stay with him in the hopes that one day he will live up to his promise and marry her. after all, from satsuki’s perspective he did give her that diamond ring. whether daniel intended that ring as an engagement ring or as a means of keeping her quiet is another question. you’d think that satuski would, after 5 years, get some sort of message. i guess she’d rather hang on to daniel in the hopes that one day he’ll come through. what i’d like to know is if people close to daniel have tried to tell her that he’s not going to marry her.

  582. 582
    gf, nowhere else to go Says:

    @to 580:
    I think the girlfriend is very stubborn and difficult to talk to, or even talk with. A perfect example of this is her choice of red carpet outfits and presentations- I am sure she has had many a stylist at many diifferent occcasions offer suggestions and she is very pig headed and stubborn.
    She will do waht she wants.
    She has nowhere to go back to and NO career waiting for her if she leaves Daniel or walks, so she is going to take his’ scraps and crumbs’ and still be hanging around like a wet rag after he does whatever he wants to do with whoever he wants.
    He can’t respect her.
    And i am sure she cannot respect herself but it is a long way down to the bottom on her own and no way is she going to walk away from whatever lux she has now.

    She has chosen to be with, stay with Daniel for his money, so she will be paying for every cent!

  583. 583
    gf, nowhere else to go Says:

    occasions, not occcasions
    what, not waht.

  584. 584
    to 582 Says:

    I don’t know if either one is in love with each other. I think at this point he likes the convenience of having someone wherever he goes and she does whatever he wants. She likes the lux lifestyle, has no career so she really has no choice but to stay around and guard her golden goose. You would think a person with any brains would get the hint that he is not acknowledging an engagement, has not married her and has invested the minimal amount in her career-he is not fully committed. I think gf is staying around as it might get her a larger “keep quiet” settlement.

  585. 585
    Necklace Says:

    The neclace she gave his is probably cursed. …. has a love spell on it or something so he will never leave. That just shows how desperate she is to keep him.

  586. 586
    satsa! Says:

    happy and lonely on the red carpet..

  587. 587
    satsa! Says:

    looks much better than with sats

  588. 588
    wtf? Says:

    oh dear..

  589. 589
    spot the dan Says:

    danny wanny, i bet he kissed the girl with the high blonde hair..

  590. 590
    re monkey Says:

    Anyone notice she slouches?

  591. 591
    intelligent head Says:

    There is a pic where Satsuki serves alcohol for Daniel and for her.
    Also, Satsuki pushes luggage carts, acts like a man at the bar at Oscars and after leaving the restaurant Mr Chow she holds up hand.
    Her gestures and behaviour say how she is miserable. Then there is a pic where Satsuki looked at Daniel at the red carpet at the BAFTA and he ignored her looking at him, the same thing at the Oscar.

  592. 592
    intelligent head Says:

    as I remember so Satsuki always drank alcohol in many pics, she had at least 20 bottles of beer. That is why Daniel does not need to stop drink alcohol because his “woman” does not care for his drinking because she topes as well. She topes with him at every party after the premiere. She is toper, she always was like a man, a fellow for Daniel, she is not a proper, loving and careful woman.
    When Daniel goes buy boxes of alcohol, she accompanies him and she does not make comments.

  593. 593
    to 584 Says:

    Yes I tend to agree now although I feel she loves him a little more but for all the wrong reasons at this point.
    For him, yes, the convenience and the “safeness” of knowing her I guess.
    Maybe the man doesn’t want to be bothered looking elsewhere because of career plans.
    I do think she acts quite sad at times but I don’t have any sympathy for her. She comes across as snooty, smug and very aggressive.
    But there again so does Daniel now. So who “affected” who? I think Satsuki has carved Daniel into being a diva as she thinks she is one herself more than he has changed naturally himself.

  594. 594
    intelligent head to 588 Says:

    there is another pic where Satsuki looked at him and he ignored her as she was talking

  595. 595
    to 593 Says:

    When Daniel goes buy boxes of alcohol, she accompanies him and she does not make comments.

    That my dear, is called an “enabler”.

  596. 596
    intelligent head to 588 Says:

    she is not Satsuki….

  597. 597
    intelligent head Says:

    do you want her?

  598. 598
    answers Says:

    to 596:
    No that’s an set assistant on FOAF.

    to 597:
    Thanks for the side view of her adam’s apple. Wow, its bigger than Dan’s.

  599. 599
    to 594 Says:

    Well wouldn’t you?

  600. 600
    jude law Says:

    Jude getting great reviews as Hamlet.

  601. 601
    intelligent head Says:


  602. 602
    to 601 Says:

    what does she look like? her hair? does she ever look into the mirror?
    you realize though as soon as they were around the corner of the church, they stopped holding hands?

  603. 603
    intelligent head Says:

    yes, they stopped.

    Satsuki thinks what is beautiful for her so it is beautiful for all,
    she thinks she has cool hair style

  604. 604
    intelligent head Says:

    Ugly Satsuki always is ready for paps. when they are near so she is looking at them.

  605. 605
    to 596 597 Says:

    Great pix. The woman does not have any view that is flattering. If the gf hasn’t reached forty yet she is in trouble-she looks older than Hugh’s wife. Love the pic of Daniel and Sienna-they would make a gorgeous baby. Sienna is immature but hopefully she is learning. She would make a great Bond babe but don’t see the gf let that happen.

  606. 606
    to 603 Says:

    Sorry, her hair always looks greasy and is like something died on her head.
    What a mess.
    Yes, they stopped holding hands when they were around the back but Satsuki still saw the cameras but he thought “I’ve had enough of this rubbish” and let her hand go.

  607. 607
    intelligent head Says:

    I would to say that Satsuki looks older about five years than Daniel.

  608. 608
    to 605 Says:

    the woman is such a press ***** its unfunny.
    so obvious she is loving the fame.
    she loves the fame more than the man i think.
    she is not aging well and will look 60 when she is 40.

  609. 609
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel must be on drugs (LSD, cocaine, heroine, marihuana or something) when he fu cks one ugly mannish

  610. 610
    to 609 Says:

    well he has to be on something, lets be honest.

    oh hang about, it’s booze…every damn night maybe.

    a crutch to be able to f*ck her crotch.

  611. 611
    intelligent head Says:

    YAAAWN….! I am so bored of ugly Satsuki I want to see the green eyed bombshell. I hope she has own http://www.sites

  612. 612
    hehe Says:

    according to pics, Satsuki’s looking and smilling at Dannny- is Satsuki the first of them who starts conversation, she wants to having fun with Danny but he does not smile with her. She smiles like a horse as she thinks she is jokeful but no one smiles around her or even no one does not talk with her neither. The reporter ignoring Satsuki at the Bafta I’ll never forget. Danny has Satsuki only for a shame, no more. Already he should meet other woman because Satsuki is for laugh others.

  613. 613
    mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    ‘so I would love to sit next to you and drool over the gargantuan aussie and posh/british-cockney hot arsed man!! I would be good, I wouldn’t yell anything that would get me kicked out.’

    Drooling over those two hot men would be awesome! And as to not yelling, what about not throwing…certain items of undergarments on stage? ;)

    ‘it is an oral fixation’

    My mind wanders, and it wanders to some very interesting places…

    ‘ what an idiot. a very sexy and talented idiot.’

    Yeah! Definitely yeah yeah yeah!

    (mind wanders off again…)

  614. 614
    the Circus Freak Says:

    @intelligent head:
    Thanks for the pictures of them holding hands, then NOT holding hands after they turn the corner around the church.
    Exactly like a freak in the circus, the gf is the Greatest Pap Show on EARTH! lol.
    And she is always looking straight at the camera lens.
    She always seems to know where they are, no matter the situation.
    And these photos that you posted show how FAKE their relationship is.
    Daniel looks totally embarrassed and can’t wait to stop the hand-holding. he won’t even look up or look at her.

  615. 615
    to 610 Says:

    It’s got to be something stronger than booze to f**k that chick. Maybe he’s been hit on the head too many times during stunts. I think the reason her hair always looks terrible is that it is way too long and thick and she puts stuff in it to tame it.

  616. 616
    ????/ Says:

    Why is it sooooooooooooo hard to believe that these two have a real realationship? It maybe going south but it could have been very real and still is. Many relationships go bad this would not be the first one.

  617. 617
    answers Says:

    to 615:
    “It’s got to be something stronger than booze to f**k that chick. Maybe he’s been hit on the head too many times during stunts”.

    Chloroform maybe?

    to 616:
    Yes, but someone has to bail first otherwise it’s a very destructive needy relationship. Someone has to come the realization.
    It’ll have to be Daniel.

  618. 618
    ????/ Says:


    It will no be the first time his or any relationship has ended and that is the impression that is on here. Perhaps she never had a realtionship and he is hanging on so tight she is stragling him

  619. 619
    to 615 Says:

    Why is it sooooooooooooo hard to believe that these two have a real realationship? It maybe going south but it could have been very real and still is. Many relationships go bad this would not be the first one.

    Gone South?
    My dear, it’s so far south it’s in Antartica.

  620. 620
    the Circus Freak Says:

    The relationship (IF that is what it is?) or whatever is left of it, looks by all accounts like it is in it’s final death throes, with the last few little gasps of air.

  621. 621
    the Circus Freak Says:

    @to 615:
    heh heh! Well said.
    It is so far south it went right off the edge of the earth!!

  622. 622
    My Exp Says:

    spent several years dating an overly aggressive and controlling girlfriend. Through my mistake, I’d like to give you insight on how to spot a psycho chic. There are several signs. First, let’s understand the mind of a Psycho or over-controlling woman. Most over controlling women are extremely insecure. Their appearance is so important; some spend large amounts on beauty products and clothing. And so they are attracted to people and situation they can control to boost their ego. A shy introvert guy is an ideal target. A shy guy is passive in social situations and his lack of relationship skills will make it difficult to see the warning signs.The number one indicator is control. A controlling woman will attempt to influence your decision on friends, family and career. Psycho women will also brandish their opinion on your social circle like a knife. These signs you may not see until you’re in too deep. But here are a couple of signs to note while dating. Multiple Beauty Products Most women will have an indispensible amount of beauty products in their bathroom or dresser. A Psycho Chic will have a full blown cosmetic aisle in her bathroom. This is her attempt to conquer her social insecurities. Remember her social insecurities will come at the price of your time and life, so choose wisely. Aggressive attacks on your ego. Now this part is tricky. Every good date is filled with flirting and fun.

    Some flirting may involve quick comebacks, one-liners and other negative comments. This is GOOD. That Friction builds attraction. Psychos chic on the other hand will DOUBLE the negative attacks on your ego. This is an attempt to move up the social ladder at your expense. Trouble with your social circle. Most controlling women will become combative and distant in unfamiliar social situation. Some will mis-read events and people in your social circle. Thus every lady friend will become an ex-girlfriend in her eyes. The number one problem shy guys face is lack of social skills. Shy guys tend to overvalue the first woman that takes an interest in them. This often leads to the invitation of abuse from the person. Improving your chances of meeting the right women is simple. Learn to build healthy platonic relationships with at least five women around you. Also learn to deal with guys in a social environment. And Go on more dates. Learn to enjoy your dates even if they don’t progress into relationships.

  623. 623
    Dating Tips by you know who Says:

    spent several years dating an overly aggressive and controlling girlfriend.
    RE: POST # 622-’MyExp”
    Dating tips by YouKnowWho.
    YouKnowWho is now a Lesbian?

    Lets move on and out of that!

  624. 624
    to 622 Says:

    Shy guys tend to overvalue the first woman that takes an interest in them.

    I tend to believe that Daniel, still has this “ugly kid in the playground” syndrome and is very co-dependent.
    No matter how this man is perceived as a sex symbol, he feels internally “not worthy” as a man unless “controlled” bu a stronger female. After all, he has had more females around him than males on growing up.
    Yes, he respects them but there is a line in the sand.
    On film however, behind the mask of a role, he is different.
    Remember, “acting – the shy man’s revenge”.

  625. 625
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    # 603, thanks for those captures. Is this recent? 6 days of facial hair? Oh god, he can wear a suit. I love his style here. Holy crap he looks wonderful. “He knows what looks good on him” definitely. Vain. But sexy hot talented. I will absolutely buy some NEW panties to throw at him in the million dollar seats with you Mendel!! Have you talked to JJ about getting our seats yet??? I need to write a little “ditty”on my lingerie before I throw them at him, maybe something like: “hey, big dan, if you want a good time-go home…if you want money-free love & fun the rest of you life, visit Guinness…..” ….and I rest my case, your honor. ~Guinness going to a far away place…drifting, drooling, breathing heavy!!!

    um, yea. we need some NYC or other new photos of him real soon!!

  626. 626
    to Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    @Guinnessbannedfrod2d: @<a
    No, the photos were from June 2007 of him and the gf walking into the church for Sam Taylor Wood’s daughter’s christening.

  627. 627
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    to 624: You are 100% correct. Thank you. He is definitely a talented actor, and I think he uses (at least I would) his ability to detach and become “someone” else more often than not in his life, personally and professionally.

    ” On film however, behind the mask of a role, he is different.
    Remember, “acting – the shy man’s revenge”. very nicely put.

  628. 628
    to Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    @to 622:
    The current girlfriend was not the first woman to take an interest in Daniel.
    She may have been the first big rebound he had though, coming off a huge heartbreak with Heike, maybe the biggest heartbreak he had ever had, so the chupacabra girlfriend took full advantage of that.

  629. 629
    to 628 Says:

    @to Guinnessbannedfrod2d:
    maybe the biggest heartbreak he had ever had, so the chupacabra girlfriend took full advantage of that.
    ‘Chupacabra Girlfriend? ‘
    Great title! And very descriptive, all in one word!
    Thanks for the creativity!

  630. 630
    My Exp Says:

    @Dating Tips by you know who:

    Who is a lesbian? Satsuki?

  631. 631
    to 628 Says:

    well, i’ll tell you she has to be one of the longest rebounds there is. i just looked at the pictures taken outside the church at the christening. sats was holding his hand and looking at daniel with complete adoration. daniel wasn’t even looking at her. then the next picture has them walking, with no hand holding, and satsuki glaring at the photographers like it’s somehow their fault. why do i feel like daniel has found another woman but for some reason has not yet made a complete break from satsuki.?

  632. 632
    Nobu London Says:

    Sienna Miller laughs it up with the girls as she enjoys a fun day out in Paris on Saturday (June 6).

    The 27-year-old New York City born actress walked from the hotel in the Montmartre district to the Pompidou Center.

    The G.I. Joe actress has joined 30 other celebrities in signing a petition to refuse to eat to Nobu London until they take the almost-extinct bluefin tuna off their menu.

    I wonder if Daniel has signed that petition?
    Probably what the monkey ate that night, couldnt give a toss about a fish knowing her.

  633. 633
    bigmonkey bigfoot Says:

    Well maybe Satsuki Sasquatch will get the message.

  634. 634
    Rose Says:

    @to 628:

    you are probably correct and Daniel has found another woman – perhaps a nice english rose that gets him.

  635. 635
    to 634 Says:

    Yes i would love to see him with a nice English rose. Would love to see him with someone who is not a pressw**re and cares more about Daniel than being seen with him.

  636. 636
    Rose Says:

    @to 634:

    So we know his new lady may have green eyes according to this board. Is she blond, long hair or short, english etc? Lets create her :)

  637. 637
    to board Says:

    Not this rubbish again.
    Rose bollacks.

  638. 638
    i think not Says:

    So we know his new lady may have green eyes according to this board. Is she blond, long hair or short, english etc? Lets create her :)

    I dont think we need to get into THAT again.
    A rose by any other name….

    Moving on.

  639. 639
    to board Says:

    @i think not:
    A rose by any other name….
    to #638….Very sharp! Thank you. so well said.

  640. 640
    new pic!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Sats in the water at St Barths.

  641. 641
    LOL Says:

    @new pic!!!!!!!!!!!:

    That looks like Rose LOL?

  642. 642
    Maybe Says:

    Maybe just maybe he is really gay. This relatinship is just a front.
    Wouldn’t that be sad for all us lovesick gals?

  643. 643
    to 642 Says:

    Not really. Better than seeing him with a smug b*tch. I’d prefer it actually.

  644. 644
    NO NO NO Says:

    He is not gay…..but he might be better off from what I hear.

  645. 645
    wtf? Says:

    words fail me as im sure they did Babs..look at her face,,,

  646. 646
    Green Dress Says:


    A woman who wears a florescent green dress in a sea of black want only one thing — to be noticed. But unfortunatley the dress gets more attention than Satsuki.

  647. 647
    Babs Says:

    @Green Dress:

    Babs is actually a very pretty woman – she looks lovely in that photo.

  648. 648
    to 644 Says:

    He’d be better off being gay is that is what he gets in bed every night.
    The woman looks atrocious. Look at her t*ts. VERY inappropriate.
    She really thinks she is all that doesn’t she? Who’s the diva here?

  649. 649
    to 642 Says:

    This relatinship is just a front.

    Just thinking that now?

  650. 650
    thnx so much satslumdog Says:

    Thank you again satslumdog. The pictures you post are true gems…one-of -a- kind photos that is for sure!
    This ‘green dress’ picture, like all the others, but this one in particular ….I just can’t believe my eyes!
    WHO can wear this green slutdress and look in the mirror and tell themselves they look great for the red carpet premiere?

    I just keep staring at it and staring at it and I cannot believe that an adult woman walking down a world premiere red carpet with the Star of the film wears this and her breasts and everything are hanging out, yet, no biggie??
    WTF? What COULD she be thinking here?

    I don’t think i will ever not be stunned and shocked by seeing this very unreal picture.
    Yet, it is real.

  651. 651
    whatsup Says:

    Whatever you say.

  652. 652
    thnx so much satslumdog Says:

    In this green slutdress photo, all I can think of is, “What a tough, trashy Broad!
    The gf is real Trailer-Trash to wear something like this”.

  653. 653
    whatsup Says:

    @thnx so much satslumdog:
    I loved that dress, it’s gorgeous and it fits her slim figure perfectly.

  654. 654
    to 650 Says:

    I know. Horrendous isnt it?
    What gets me is that Daniel allowed her to wear this. He maybe into the “****’ dresses but there’s a time and a place. (Behind closed doors). He strikes me as a man who had better taste.

    I mean you can tell Babs is mortified and Sats’ big horse mouth is open..again! Anyone told her when a lady smiles she keeps her mouth closed? She is standing there like a f*cking docker whose just off the trawlers. Common as muck.

    Not a pic for the family album, that’s for sure.

    That dress was to UPSTAGE Daniel , nothing more, nothing less but it backfired on her.
    I haven’t met one person who thought that dress was nice. BIG mistake that was seen around the world.

    Way to go Daniel, because she was with you looking like a rash infected hooker, you looked like a f*cking idiot.
    (If he doesn’t care, he should.)

  655. 655
    whatsup Says:

    She actually has a very beautiful facial structure. she’s a very beautiful woman. Daniel is a lucky man, but I think he knows that, that’s why he’s still with her. She seems like a wondful woman.

  656. 656
    to 652 Says:

    No mention, moving on yes?

  657. 657
    to the board Says:

    Ignore and move on as per JJ and Buzznet.

  658. 658
    whatsup Says:

    @to 650:
    Oh I don’t know, Daniel is a man, and I’m sure he loved that dress very much lol Men love sexy, and she looked very, very sexy. I have a feeling he didn’t have one single problem with her wearing that dress lol I would bet that he absolutely loved it and loved everything it lead up to later in the evening lol

  659. 659
    whatsup Says:

    A lady keeps her mouth closed when they smile. Really? I never heard that before. Does that mean that Jolie and all the other actresses that smile with their mouths open are “hookers” as you suggest? That’s a very strange remark.

  660. 660
    to 654 Says:

    A famine victim would have looked better.

    Emaciated smug trampy cow.

    No wonder he hasn’t married her.

    Keeps her dangling on a promise.

    The stupid cow can’t even tell he’s never going to marry her.

    His friends can see it, why can’t her friends? They should be honest with her as she is looking like a desperate ****.

  661. 661
    whatsup Says:

    @to 654:
    I’ve never seen any article or interview where his friends have mentioned that they know he will never marry her. Do you have a link to any such articles or videos showing his friends saying such a thing? I’ve seen a lot of pictures of his friends giving her a kiss and joking with her. If you go on Hulu you can see videos where people are joking with her, hugging her, giving her a kiss. She seems very well loved and liked. Not sure where you’re getting your information. Unless, of course, you’re just speculating out of jealousy, which I guess is possible, since I know a lot of women are jealous of her.

  662. 662
    i agree Says:

    she has a bad name in the business and her hometown. i mean the she is the ultimate in bad taste which means daniel is losing it.
    and NO woman laughs where you can see the back of her throat and her toungue comes out, she does that all the time.
    very unfeminine.
    you can laugh with some panache not like a monkey.

  663. 663
    no comparison Says:

    Angelina and Satsuki are polar opposites.

    Like comparing a thoroughbred (Jolie) with a three legged donkey.

  664. 664
    to 661 Says:

    LOL, nice try!

  665. 665
    whatsup Says:

    I don’t think an official marriage is that important. It’s a really over-rated thing. I think Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and others who have a very loving committed relationship have the right idea. Many times the act of marriage ruins an otherwise wonderful and loving relationship. I also think Daniel is marriage shy as many divorced men are, and it takes a very special woman to understand that and accept a loving committed relationship, and I think Satsuki is Daniel’s very special woman that he will never leave. He knows how lucky he is, and what a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman he has. He found a woman that is the whole wonderful package and I have no doubt that he knows how very lucky and blessed he is.

  666. 666
    to 661 Says:

    “I’ve never seen any article or interview where his friends have mentioned that they know he will never marry her.”

    I know.

    “Do you have a link to any such articles or videos showing his friends saying such a thing?”

    No. Tough.

    “I’ve seen a lot of pictures of his friends giving her a kiss and joking with her. If you go on Hulu you can see videos where people are joking with her, hugging her, giving her a kiss. She seems very well loved and liked.”

    Bully for you!

    ” Not sure where you’re getting your information. Unless, of course, you’re just speculating out of jealousy, which I guess is possible, since I know a lot of women are jealous of her.”

    Guess again.

  667. 667
    whatsup Says:

    @to 661:
    Sorry, you don’t make any sense. What is a nice try. It only proves that you can’t prove your allegations. So yeah, I guess it was a nice try on my behalf. I think you’re just jealous and making all your stuff up. There is nothing where his friends claim they know he will never marry them, nothing at all. You are making it up. You have no proof, so basically you’re just lying our of jealousy, or maybe hopeful wishing on your part lol

  668. 668
    to the board re 665 Says:

    LOL, her spelling again!
    It lets her down every time….maybe one day she will get one over on us.

  669. 669
    whatsup Says:

    @no comparison:
    You’re jealousy is shining through lol
    Then I guess Jolie is the four legged donkey compared to say, Tyra Banks a supermodel. Jolie isn’t supermodel beautiful.
    Jolie has a very large mouth too, just like Satsuki. So you are simply nit-picking. They are both beautiful women. Actually I think Satsuki is more beautiful because she has that exoctic beauty that Jolie doesn’t. Jolie is actually very plain looking, looks too much like her father. Jolie is a beautiful human being, but really not that beautiful unless she’s totally airbrushed.

  670. 670
    to # 654 Says:

    @to 650:
    yes. You said it, so correctly.. She was trying hard to upstage him most definitely, but she looked the trashy fool .

    She is pegged for what she is and how she represents herself.

    If anyone was looking at her that night, it was in horror.!
    Quite right, Barbara is keeping her distance in that photo.

    What a way for the gf to build up her already UNprofessional, CHEAP and immature reputation and name in the industry!

  671. 671
    to 667 Says:

    LOL. Nice try.
    Pick on someone who gives a crap, darling.
    Of course I’m making it up after all unless there is a link then it must NOT be true right?
    That the Cinderella rule?
    Little naive dearie.
    Why so desperate to disprove me if you are content in their happiness?


    Moving on……………….

  672. 672
    whatsup Says:

    @to the board re 665:
    sorry you’re spelling isn’t stellar either, you should get a dictionary too lol
    This is a gossip board, why are you hung up spelling unless you need to feel better than others, which is also an indicator that you are a jealousy person. People who feel they have to correct others are actually very insecure and insecure people are always jealous of others who have something better than what they have. That’s a fact.
    You are definitely giving away what kind of personality you have.

  673. 673
    picking nits Says:

    So you are simply nit-picking.

    Well yes. Monkey’s get very bad nits. Someone should do it.

  674. 674
    to # 668 Says:

    @to the board re 665:
    And you are right again! But she will not be getting anything over on us.
    Check out her errors in her post 669, right after yours.
    Chuckles all around !

  675. 675
    to 672 Says:

    This is a gossip board,

    Yes so why are you demanding the need for links then if you know what type of board you are on?
    Little contradictory really and quite aggressive for someone who feels they the couple is happy.
    Your words are indicative of a unnaturally defensive person and someone “protecting” two people they don’t know and who in turn, couldn’t care less if you are alive.

    That to me is more obsessive than anything that appears on here.

  676. 676
    whatsup Says:

    @to 667:
    My goodness you are upset and angry.
    What’s the reason?
    Why do you feel so threatened that they are a beautiful and happy couple?
    Very strange don’t you think?
    Why do you only feel good calling someone cruel names and insulting them?
    Is there something in your life that is making you that unhappy?
    Maybe you should work on yourself and your own instead of insulting others and being cruel. Wouldn’t that be the more positive thing to do?
    Why are you so negative? It seems to me that in your cruelty and happiness that it is you that are naive, that you should so strongly believe that two people who have been together for five years and are still together with no signs of breaking up, are miserable. It seems you are the naive one to be creating such ridiculous scenarios and dishing out such cruel insults.
    Perhaps you were bullied as a child, or perhaps you are the woman that people make fun of for being homely and you come on here to make yourself better by insulting someone else.
    I don’t know the exact reason behind your cruelty, but I do know for a fact that cruel people, are without a single doubt, very unhappy people.
    Sorry that you’re such an unhappy person, but I think working on your own life would be more constructive than being cruel and jealous.

  677. 677
    whatsup Says:

    @to 672:
    Well Well you need to check your spelling “dearie” lol

  678. 678
    re; marriage Says:

    I don’t think an official marriage is that important. It’s a really over-rated thing

    LOL, of course it is as you know that they will never marry.
    Great back up lines those are! Well done!

    Got a justification for every situation?

  679. 679
    to: the anti-cinderellas Says:

    you are a jealousy person. People who feel they have to correct others are actually very insecure and insecure people are always jealous of others who have something better than what they have. That’s a fact.
    OHHHHHH here we go now! what a laugh.
    She, of all posters ,telling another about insecure people!

    And her famous line…..’thats a fact”.

    What is a ‘jealousy person’ ? a noun describing another noun? Wrong again.

  680. 680
    whatsup Says:

    @re; marriage:
    You have obviouisly never been in a very long term relationship or would know that a healthy, wonderful and loving relationship is no different than an “officially” married couple.
    You’re posts give a clear picture of you and your life.

  681. 681
    whatsup Says:

    @to: the anti-cinderellas:
    Why are you so angry?
    It’s extremely strange.

  682. 682
    to the baord re:676 Says:

    Good grief.
    Here come the accusations simply because someone said something they couldn’t look up in a link and it upset them.
    Way too aggressive about.

    Talk about pathetic.
    Look at the accusations in her post. Threatening again.

    Only one bully on here and I hope JJ and Buzznet will deal with her.

  683. 683
    whatsup Says:

    @to the baord re:676:
    Why are you so angry?
    I can’t figure it out, but it’s so strange.
    And why are you threatening me.

  684. 684
    to 681 Says:

    Why are you so determined to undermine other people who say they
    are not happy?
    Why are you making such a big deal out of trying to PROVE they are happy?
    Don’t understand that. Strange.
    If I knew two people were happy, I’d be content enough in that and not bother trying to prove everyone else is wrong on a gossip board.

    You seem extremely touchy about them.

    Really strange.

  685. 685
    676 drivel blabber Says:

    Since you asked, your Big Gi-normous Fat A*S!!
    that’s whats up!
    Shut Up.
    No one is reading your drivel and blabber.

  686. 686
    to the baord Says:


    JJ have been notified again. They know she is on.

  687. 687
    whatsup Says:

    Well, obviously these people can’t carry on a normal intelligent conversation since they are full of so much anger and jealousy.
    Is there anyone out there who would like to discuss Daniel and his career, since this thread is about Daniel afterall, and not his girlfriend, who isn’t even pictured lol
    Anyone up for an intelligent conversation about the great actor Daniel Craig?

  688. 688
    whatsup Says:

    @to the baord:
    Yeah I sent an email to JJ too, you’re far to hostile and hopefully they will take care of it.

  689. 689
    676 drivel blabber Says:

    Ahhhh yes, it is that time of night again.
    The Chupacabra-lover comes out to show the board her fugly fug.

  690. 690
    whatsup Says:

    It’s so sad that such hostile individuals run off people who just want to discuss Daniel Craig and who think his girlfriend is beautiful. Very sad. I’ll wait for some intelligent people to come on who are willing to discuss Daniel Craig, the actor that this thread is about.

  691. 691
    to 680 Says:

    You have obviouisly never been in a very long term relationship or would know that a healthy, wonderful and loving relationship is no different than an “officially” married couple.
    You’re posts give a clear picture of you and your life.

    Spelling dearie. Watch it.

    As for your posts, well you’re on here posting trying to prove two people are blissfully happy.
    Your posts give a clear indicator that you are protecting two people whom you don’t know.
    That in itself tells me you must not have anything else to protect. Lonely are we?

    Your posts are always the same, you always accuse people who dislike the couple as being lonely or unmarried.

    Really why I am engaging with you when I was warned by Mark Oshiro of Buzznet to ignore you is beyond me. But oh well, guess I’m bored.

  692. 692
    whatsup Says:

    @to 680:
    I’m new to this board so I really have no idea of what you’re talking about. But that’s okay, I really don’t think I want to know anything about you.

  693. 693
    to 690 Says:

    It’s so sad that such hostile individuals run off people who just want to discuss Daniel Craig and who think his girlfriend is beautiful. Very sad. I’ll wait for some intelligent people to come on who are willing to discuss Daniel Craig, the actor that this thread is about

    Good luck with that!
    Condescending as usual. My goodness you never change.
    Once again, you are not smart enough to know that this thread is mostly disliking of Satsuki so I guess you are on the wrong board, unless you post to yourself (again).

  694. 694
    moving on........ Says:

    Back to Satsuki…my god she looks terrible in that dress.

    I mean who the hell tells her she looks good.

    Is Daniel drunk on the red carpets now as I think he must be.
    I think he has a few nips (no pun intended) before he walks it.

    The man drinks himself into a stupor to be able to f*ck that bag of bones.
    I think he must be gay or has another woman.

  695. 695
    to 689 Says:

    Ahhhh yes, it is that time of night again.
    The Chupacabra-lover comes out to show the board her fugly fug.

    Yes it is. The wardens must not have locked her up yet. ;)
    Well let me just say that Buzznet with JJ are installing another method for these “controlling” gossip boards.
    It’ll weed these “proxy” users out.

  696. 696
    whatsup Says:

    @moving on……..:
    Why are you so angry?

  697. 697
    676 drivel blabber Says:

    @to 690:

    …..unless you post to yourself (again).
    Bingo! we have a winner! ;)
    You are right, #693, she is doing that, and she will never change.
    (I have a feeling she has been on this board for years, since JJ first started posting about Daniel and CR)

  698. 698
    to chupacabra Says:

    lol, yes…ignore them.i saw a pic of monkeymouth today. it was at the paris premiere in that poodle get up.what the hell was she thinking that night? flipping disgraceful.
    blind woman could have dressed better.

  699. 699
    676 drivel blabber Says:

    @to 689:
    to 695….This is great news.
    How long do you think it will take for JJ to install?
    the sooner the better.

  700. 700
    tranny Says:

    dude looks like a……..dude…

  701. 701
    maybe next time Says:

    pity monkey tits wasnt with lisa lings sister

  702. 702
    whatsup Says:

    You people are extremely angry and hostile.
    It really is very strange behavior.
    Oh well, I guess that’s the ugly side of celebrity life, they bring out the nutters.
    I’ll check in later to see if anyone wants to chat about Daniel Craig.

  703. 703
    to 699 Says:

    Soon. Possibly registration too.

  704. 704
    676 drivel blabber Says:

    @to chupacabra:

    I saw that when daniel was walking her down the steps at the Paris premiere.
    I think that someone was playing a big joke on her. Someone helped her get ready. They must have told her it was the latest and most cutting edge fashion to dress like a French poodle for red carpet premiere events!

    I mean she had someone curl her hair and pick out the poodle outfit.

    Daniel must have been beyond humiliated, and embarrassed! If you see his face, he had a face, painful smile expression and he must have been cringing, totally mortified, inside.

    But someone told her she looked good, and truth be told, she looked like the biggest Joke Fool on Earth, grinning from ear to ear.
    And she thought that outfit looked great on her?
    yeah, an idiot !

  705. 705
    whatsup Says:

    @to 699:
    Registration would be an excellent idea, that way they can keep a track of all you nutters. This board definitely needs a secure registration.

  706. 706
    g 'chupacabra' f Says:

    jesus she is harsh.
    Very tough to look at.
    NOT easy on the eyes at all.

  707. 707
    g 'chupacabra" f Says:

    @maybe next time:
    That is a pity, no kidding there.
    maybe they can switch places.

  708. 708
    g "chupacabra" f Says:

    @to 699:
    thank you.
    happy to do it. asap! ;)

  709. 709
    to 699 Says:

    She never leaves does she? Drivel drivel…
    Twice she said she’ll check back later…lol.
    Important in her own mind I to feel sorry for her.
    Does she want us to wave goodbye? Cry? Be heartbroken or what?

    Back to SlagSasquatch SatSucki…

    I think STW’s film will be released in limited cinemas soon. Might see them on there.
    Dread to think what the outfit will be but I bet she’ll try to upstage Sam.

    Have you ever noticed how Daniel holds Sam compared to Satsuki?
    He holds her really tightly. It’s so sweet to see. Shame he and Sam never hooked up.

  710. 710
    to 701 Says:

    pity monkey tits wasnt with lisa lings sister

    What you mean getting 12 years hard labor in North Korea? Nice…

    No, they’d throw her back into S Korea or they’d use her as some form of mule carrying the rocks.

  711. 711
    to 706 Says:

    jesus she is harsh.
    Very tough to look at.
    NOT easy on the eyes at all.

    I’ve seen a used Brillo Pad look more appealing.

  712. 712
    whatsup Says:

    @to 701:
    Wow you people are truly disguesting. God forgive you.

  713. 713
    whatsup Says:

    Yes I’m still here reading your posts. It’s like the shows that MSNBC shows about psychos or their lock up show or their pedophile shows, you watch because you can’t believe how sick and disturbed people are. Same thing with this board, it’s almost surreal to see sick people in action.

  714. 714
    to 708 Says:

    LOL……………..spelling and religion….???

    Truly moving ahead here right?………….

    Got anything else on his play and what Slagface is doing in it?
    Heard anything?
    She dispensing drinks at intermisson or what?

  715. 715
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 706:
    It’s no wonder she has a tramp stamp on her BACK!
    hopefully that is all he has to look at.

  716. 716
    to 710 Says:

    Now now lets be honest…we have been subjugated to 5 years hard labour looking at her, come to think of it, so has Daniel.

    Fairs fair.

  717. 717
    to 715 Says:

    ever noticed how the hypocrites scream the loudest? if they are so shocked why dont they just p*ss off? preach preach.
    isnt going to get any prettier on here.

  718. 718
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 710:
    It is time for Daniel to trade UP!

  719. 719
    whatsup Says:

    @to 715:
    Because you’re sick.
    Why are you so angry. You won’t answer that question.

  720. 720
    to 715 Says:

    It’s no wonder she has a tramp stamp on her BACK!
    hopefully that is all he has to look at.

    When I see something like that I always think of “The Scarlet Letter’…they used to “brand” a loose woman with a scarlet A.

    In this case, she’s branded herself a ****. Yes he most likely bangs her from behind with a hood over her.

  721. 721
    whatsup Says:

    Do you think Daniel Craig really cares what any of you think of Satsuki? He could care less. So what are you trying to accomplish with your constant cruelty and insults?
    Your stream of hateful posts is proof that you are lonely and disturbed.
    Hopefully you only exhibit this sick behavior on this board because it is anom and hopefully you are not really this disturbed in real life.

  722. 722
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 715:
    They need to go back to their website if they don’t like it here.
    They can go back there and wait to get ‘banned’ by Dundra, Elaine and Company. They they can grovel back and beg forgiveness for whatever they did to displease dundra, elaine and company.

  723. 723
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 715:
    ooooopsy daisy.
    Playing both sides again.

  724. 724
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 715:
    to 720….sorry, my bad.
    you are right. I stand corrected.

  725. 725
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    yeah, now you are busted.
    ‘whoopsy daisy’ to the tenth power.

  726. 726
    to 718 Says:

    It is time for Daniel to trade UP!

    Well what’s lower?

    A drain? lol..

    (I see someone is speaking to herself again..) ;)

  727. 727
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 718:
    well a drain is lower than a curb.
    so, you are right again…a drain!

    Really 726, anyone would be better at this point in time.
    Or maybe he should just hang out alone for a while just to get his bearings and get over Heike for good, before jumping straight into another relationship, like he did went he went into this one.

  728. 728
    whatsup Says:

    @‘chupacabra’ free zone:
    Yes you’re talking to yourself. You were commenting to yourself to 715, which is you, you forgot to change your screen name lol
    The disturbing personality is definitely coming out.

  729. 729
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    “like he did went he went’
    should read,
    ” like he did when he went into this one”.

  730. 730
    to 725 re: 721 Says:

    What gets me is the irony in her posts.
    At least some of us know he doesn’t care what we think so why would he care about people protecting them?
    EITHER WAY he doesn’t care and would tell both sides equally to f*ck off.
    What do they want, a medal like the Crusaders?

    This is a gossip board and people take things way too seriously.

    Won’t stop me from slagging Satsuki off though as I KNOW he DOESN’T care what happens on these places, why should he?
    So, as Miss Troll stated, he DOESNT CARE what we think so what’s the prob?

    Sorry, I lack irony in my diet so I come here.

  731. 731
    to 727 Says:

    Agree. Satsuki is merely a stop-gap rebound until someone much better comes along.

    No marriage, velly solly Wonky Gonky.

  732. 732
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    WRONG AGAIN Chupacabra-lover!
    Lousy try.
    ‘TO 715′ (on the automatic reply) IS the poster # 720.
    Poster #720 is who i was replying to, Idiot.

  733. 733
    to 727 Says:

    Or maybe he should just hang out alone for a while just to get his bearings

    Yes, he should give himself time to recover and get his ball bearings back too.
    No doubt she will take those off her ears and throw them at him.

  734. 734
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    @to 725 re: 721:
    You know you are right when you say this.
    I think deep down, most of the time he agrees with everything ‘we ‘(meaning the Anti-cinderella/chupacabras) have been saying.
    he just won’t publically say it.
    So I guess ‘we’ have to be the voice for his suppressed inner feelings !

  735. 735
    'chupacabra' free zone Says:

    correction- not pubically,
    should be ‘publicly.’

  736. 736
    okay Says:

    Just because people think they look like a normal happy couple hardly represents “protecting them.” And if you seriously believe that your delusional hate ranting represents his inner thoughts, you are seriously delusional and deranged and dangerous. That is exactly the kind of comment a dangerous and delusional fan would make.

  737. 737
    okay Says:

    To add, the constant remarks about never stopping the hate by these deranged fans is also the exact kind of behavior exhibited by dangerous fans who insist that they know what is best for him and will stop at nothing to protect him from what they think is bad for him. You sick people are always trying to turn the tables on people who think and know they are a happy and normal couple, but in reality, it is the obvious two to four same posters who come here everyday obsessed with Daniel that are the real sick, deranged and dangerous fans, always posting their hate for his girlfriend and wanting to protect him from her. Your hositility toward anyone who posts that they like Satuski is very telling of your deranged, sick and dangerous minds and personalities. There is absolutely nothing any of you sick haters can say to justify your constant hate and deranged and dangerous behavior. And JJ is begining to take note of it as well. This is not what they wanted their site to become. A breeding ground for psychotic fans that believe they know what actors are feeling and thinking; deranged and dangerous fans that believe they are the protectors of actors. A breeding ground for deranged stalkers.

  738. 738
    to 737 Says:

    “And JJ is begining to take note of it as well. This is not what they wanted their site to become.”

    sorry but this made me really laugh LOL. That IS exactly what their site IS already.

  739. 739
    to 737 Says:

    Go back to voting on obsure sites wannabe/katy/tess/kiwi as you are very boring.

  740. 740
    Noncommittal Says:

    Daniel is noncommittal because he knows monkeyface is not the one for him. He is not proud of her as he does not even acknowledge an engagement and she does not have any accomplishments as a person. He has stated in past articles he admires someone who allows him freedom and can stand on her own two feet. His present gf watches every move he makes and can not make it on her own. She is a very dependent person who is hanging on to a lux lifestyle which she can not afford without him.

    Hopefully he does move on to someone who is more independent, smarter and attractive. If he doesn’t he is going to be stuck with an overexposed leech who the industry makes fun of.

  741. 741
    A Mystery :) Says:

    Here are the answers …. What are the questions?

    1. 712
    2. Yes
    3. It’s in my purse

  742. 742
    Playmate Says:

    @A Mystery :):

    Perhaps he needs a playmate or afew playmates (not the Hugh Hefner kind) but someone he can kick back and have some fun with and just relax and laugh and have fun. Sex with no strings.

  743. 743
    Daniel Says:

    Daniel is no different from anyother man. When they find the love of their life they are open and when they are inlove they show her off.

  744. 744
    to 740 Says:

    Agree the gf is not someone I would brag about or commit to as she not attractive and is totally dependent on the man. In the beginning it must be flattering but after awhile it becomes mundane when you know that person is more an obedient dog than an interesting person with goals of their own. I think Daniel is a smart man who knows the gf is totally dependent on him and will never leave. I think he is an interesting person who will eventually tire of the gf’s dependency, clinginess and obedience.

  745. 745
    intelligent head Says:

    do you think this playmate? Do you like her?
    there are two pics with Daniel’s umbrella with hearts, but he has hearts’s umbrella only for him, not for Satsuki too.

  746. 746
    intelligent head Says:

    lol I forgot the link! also,
    to 743: do you think this Playmate?

  747. 747
    intelligent head Says:

    yes, Daniel surely knows it. Harley was so able to divorce him because she had self-esteem and she didn’t want to stay with Daniel because of his behaviour. She is a dandy woman who never was dependent on Daniel. I admire her and I like her I saw her pics and she is very beautiful and so independent woman, she has own work, own life, a daughter, friends and always she says that Daniel is a good man for her. Heike was the same she was very sunny nature and independent. Sienna is a cat, very beautiful and sexy, she is an actress who builds a career in Hollywood. Althought I dislike Kate Moss for alcohol, drugs and she does not care properly for a little daughter, so she was always friendly and good for people and Daniel was a good friend with her (there is a pic on Getty Images how they had a breakfast or lunch at a restauration and they were in intimate and friendly atmosphere).

    Some men stay with woman of two reasons: from love or good friendship. When a woman is a good friend they think she is a ideal woman. Only a friendly and obliging woman cares for people.
    I think Satsuki pushes barrow to being a friend, like she tried it in St.Barth, but in fact she was out of group.

  748. 748
    to 744 Says:

    Yes men and women find obedience boring over time and eventually want someone who has their own interests. Needy people (like the gf) become tiresome. The physical discrepency between the two has got to be a factor too. He is a hot famous actor and she is very harsh looking person without outside interests so I think he will eventually tire of her clinginess.

  749. 749
    to 744 Says:

    If a man wanted one hundred percent obedience he would get a labrador retriever. If a man wants a companion to share his life he finds someone who is confident enough to be her own person. I think Daniel’s gf is beyond obedient and is definitely a very needy person. She could be needy in different ways. She may need the constant attention, the constant reassurance or just needs him to maintain the expensive lifestyle. It does seem like he is in control and in no hurry to change the status.

  750. 750
    intelligent head to 750 Says:

    it also can be this way: Daniel is the first man for Satsuki and she is sticked on him because he is first who dated her and someone else does not want her.

  751. 751
    intelligent head Says:

    i@to 744:
    it was adressed for you, i see that numbers jump again

  752. 752
    intelligent head Says:

    I studied Daniel’s face, his smile -the lines making smile, teeth and chin. I know that couple often resemblance each other so I expect Daniel’s Mrs.Right will have the same smile, small teeth, similar chin and light colour of eyes. Daniel really has a big ass, thicker legs and he is short so maybe Mrs.Right also will have a proper ass, she will be plump and shorter as well. Daniel has cute lines that make his smile

  753. 753
    TO 752 Says:


  754. 754
    intelligent head Says:

    Please, can you tell me what Olga said in the video?

  755. 755
    Plumpy Says:

    to 752 – I would like to apply for the job. :)

  756. 756
    intelligent head Says:

    Marc Forster is handsome and I hope he will work on 23.Bond too.

  757. 757
    no so intelligent head Says:

    @intelligent head:

    Daniel may have all those attributes but he may like the opposite…..tiny butt, skinny legs, dark hari and eyes. big theeth

  758. 758
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    I don’t know who hired Marc–he is good looking, and I think Dan liked him, but what he produced was not very creative, someone didn’t give dan enough-maybe i just didn’t like the 2nd as much as the first. whatever. and I disagree with letting him do bond 23. GET TIM BURTON!!!

    to 747: loved the link. He holds people differently and I always posted about how he holds hands with Sats–not comfortable and loving–more like possession and support. hate how they interlock their fingers tightly–try it, it isn’t fun or relaxing…they never hold hands and gently let go by one finger and hold on to that finger–that means both respect and sex!! (i think i just lost my mind…does this make any sane sense?)I loved the photo where he is holding his book facing her…LOL.

    I also notice he has better conversations and flirts with male reporters, fellow actors, and smiles more. He may have an affinity toward men, but his women in the past have been gorgeous, and Sats resembles a man in her gait, exercise, hands, face, everything…so whatever. I still want him. and will always want him. and criticise and objectively give advice, and subjectively give advice on his professional work, and tell him he is an idiot-but I still love him, and tease him about his hair when it gets to long, and tell him he looks stupid in the grey suits to wear the black because his ass looks better, and sooo chic with leather coat you wear with the jeans–yeah, wear that for dinner tonight, and to tell him about “no, you don’t look old in that italian hat, you look fantastic” and I am lucky to have you. But now I have to go to work, so I will see you later, pick up the arugula for tonights dinner guests–and get some Guinness-they like Guinness!!! Get a lot!! Guinness is fun and intoxicating. ok. sorry. ciao crazy board!!

  759. 759
    intelligent head Says:

    I said that Daniel has to training and he maybe will not time for play with Hugh Jackman.
    I hope Daniel will have a proper biceps

  760. 760
    to 737 & 738 Says:

    here in the united states we have a wonderful concept called the first amendment. it guarantees one and all the freedom of speech. whether you like or not this is a public forum where everyone, including you, is allowed to say what they think and feel.

    a good many people posting on this baord do not like satsuki for various reasons. they see no need to hide their feelings; and that is their right.

  761. 761
    to 760 Says:

    Thanks for saying that. If people need a more morally righteous site to post on they should go to a Disney site or a Jonas Brothers site.

    to 758 agree I hope Marc does not come back. Tim B would be very interesting but he may not be mainstream enough for some people. Would be interesting to have someone like Peter Jackson but don’t think he would do Bond-too formulaic

  762. 762
    kiwi58 Says:

    to 760…. if this board is an example of your ‘wonderful concept called the first amendment’ GOD HELP AMERICA… it appears to me that you and only you are allowed to use it, anyone else who posts opposite comments to yours are accused of being the same poster… they run off to JJ whining and sobbing about the naughty poster who doesn’t agree with them… lol, to whatsup… I agree this board needs to be regulated, as in a registration so ALL posters use the same name when posting, not hiding behind different names, no GUTS to stand behind their vitriolic, cruel, nasty comments… it could also be ‘community’ regulated whereby posts that are deemed offensive by the majority are voted off.. I am sure there are many who lurk who are sickened by the few who are so obsessed with SM… this board could be cleaned up in no time at all…. kia kaha

  763. 763
    intelligent head Says:

    Intelligent/Smart Head shows to Satsuki Mitchell this:

  764. 764
    intelligent head Says:

    Do you still want Daniel? Look at Daniel how he ******* s one old granny.
    Long time I had not the courage to buy DVD of The Mother or look at trailers of the Mother. I said I hate The Mother and The love is devil,
    The Mother is disgusting and The Love is devil” is full of tyranny and of gayismus. I have nothing against gays but I am dissapointed that Daniel must be a gay in movie too.
    Marc is good but people does not see what I see, I see his masculinity, I never liked hairless guys because most bald-headed guys are bigheaded dandies with the sport car and leather jacket or Harley motorcyclists but Marc is different, I see him like a artist who made a wonderful movies and I love his world through his movies like are Finding Neverland and The Kite Runner.
    I could not believe that an young man like Marc is able to make such a amazing movie, he has a strange and amazing own world. I agree QOS was fiasco, but as always it depends on a script and well written scenes, Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Rob Wade wrote OQS and Marc got a completed script, prepared locations, stupid Olga to work,
    even Daniel had a bad part, there were little dialogues in a script.
    I blame writers.
    They wanted there a orphan- a child of Vesper and another incredible craps and fortunately it didn’t happen. I have fear of their next work.

  765. 765
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel f* u.c.k.s one old granny:
    I sometimes think that Daniel does not deserve a green eyed bomb, he dates the ugliest woman of the world and if his Mrs.Right appears so she will have a problem, it’s Satsuki. and Daniel who is used to be with Satsuki so his Mrs.Right will have a hard position because he is stupid. Maybe he will be confused between two women and he will not know which of them he wants. I think he will suffer if really his Mrs.Right will appear. I have to say I feel sorry for his Mrs.Right.

  766. 766
    intelligent head Says:

    Marc Forster is like M.Night Shyamalan, when Marc did Finding Neverland all people praised him but then he did QOS and he has become a bad director, damned by all. When Manoj did The Sixth Sense so he was celebrated for his smartness and brilliant script but then did Lady in the Water and producers/Hollywood cut dead to him.
    a director has a success only with a good script but when he catches a bad scipt with bad scenes so it’s unluck. I hate when a director who made a brilliant The Sixth Sense so when was damned by producers after Lady in the Water and they stopped to finance his another movies only because ONE! movie was bad. I know how hollywood’s producers are urine-soaked and bigheaded, I want kick their balls.

  767. 767
    intelligent head Says:

    Loulou and Guinness are the same poster or what?
    She is being called a hallucination of month

  768. 768
    mendel Says:

    to Intelligent Head

    Really enjoyed the video of ‘Fatty Bond’ – the dude is very funny!

    ‘Daniel really has a big ass, thicker legs and he is short’

    Hmmm, I wouldn’t complain about his a*rse, no, not at all *grin*

    I know you like Marc, but I agree with Guinness and others who don’t want him back. I’d love to see a different director take on Bond 23 and create something as good as CR! And although Olga is a very good-looking woman, her Bond girl was very wooden and lacked personality, so, no to a return of Camille also

  769. 769
    mrs right Says:

    @intelligent head:
    Don\t worry if mrs right does appear and she really is mrs right nothing will keep daniel from her. fate will win in the end

  770. 770
    to 762 Says:

    again, this is public forum for all to acess. the people posting here including you are protected, at least here in the united states, by the first amendment. they are not required by law to use the same “name” when posting. voting someone off this board, in a public forum, because the majority decide that someone is offensive is a violation of the first amendment of the united states constitution. like or not, we are guaranteed freedom of speech.

    jared is not foolish, he knows that for his web site to operate in the united states he can do nothing that violates our laws. trust me, as sure as i’m sitting here, all it will take will be one phone call to a lawyer from someone voted off to get the ball rolling. all that disgruntled poster will have to do is state that he/she is being denied his/her first amendment rights.

    if what some posters say offends you then ignore their comments. do not respond to them.

  771. 771
    bond 23 Says:

    Bond 23 might center around the drugs trade in Afganhistan.
    Opium trade??

  772. 772
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    Response in general..(mendel and Intel head)…I am sooo not that fruity girl with the big lips! Yikes! You should know my style by now. I wish I could be on hallucinogens until Dan gets to NYC!! I want to lick his lolli too!! Mendel, you find those yet-I am sure you will let us know. and did you get our seats in the million dollar row yet? and yes, a different bond girl-not wooden-it was really too sappy and contrived to have that part in QofS. It read like a cheesy spy book.

    And i agree it isn’t the director or the actors that created some nuances of the crappy QoS scenes —the screen writer’s maybe, but isn’t The Bond experience-including all rewrites and overrides-owned by Babs and what they want in the movie to make money? and action and nuded scenes are a must. I almost walked out on the stupid boat scene. god if they do that again…crap. they will.

    muscular buttoms are indicative to very good muscles that may have good thrust…and other things…hhmmm….surry, gotto go daydream about dan’s large butt muscles…………..~guinness, falling off chair

  773. 773
    to 772 Says:

    muscular buttoms are indicative to very good muscles that may have good thrust…and other things…hhmmm….surry, gotto go daydream about dan’s large butt

    OK…thanks for that visual.
    He is indeed……
    Gluteas Maximillionius…

  774. 774
    mendel Says:

    to Bond 23

    Have you got any more information on this, or is this just an idea you’re throwing into the ring here to be discussed?

    to Guinness

    No luck on those lollies – has anybody here got their tongue around one?
    And I’m working on those seats – JJ take note! :)
    I think less action and more soul for Bond 23 – and I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of Dan’s a…abs…
    Actually, I loved the scene in CR where he sits shirtless at the computer in his Ocean Club villa – what a beautiful sight!
    But of course, I’m not complaining if they show more of his perfectly formed a*se!

  775. 775
    to 774 Says:

    Dude it’s all over the Bond sites:

  776. 776
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    Mendel, ah, yes, more soul. That is going to be a big jump for a killing machine. He can’t be in love, he can’t be “in revenge”, he is going to have to do something with this day and age? drug trafficking has been done…hence “TRAFFIC”, and drug trade-opium has been done, maybe something with Brides for sale from Russia or something. or something sci fi like in moonraker…..yeah, or under the ocean….or Texas wrangling mafia. yea. It will still be technologically fun…but no darn invisible anything. and he will have to come off a chicago accent—ooooo, a man in uniform. I cant wait to sit next to you mendel in the million dollar seats!! we would drive traffic to this site JJ-mark “our” words–just 2 easy seats for us…okay, second row is okay too, right mendel? I would just be visualizing Dan stripping the officer’s uniform off the whole time anyway. and i won’t bring my hidden camera that looks like a flower. ~guinness wants to go to the show JJ!

    the computer shot opposite with dan’s blue eyes BLAZING was a feat of brilliance! I agree. Beautiful shaved-chested-bond. hot hot hot. I go get cold water now. ~g

  777. 777
    NOt a chupacabra-lover Says:

    @intelligent head to 750:
    To Intelligent Head: # 750
    You certainly are intelligent!
    Definitely agree with you that she knows she will not get anyone else, ever. No one else is going to want to be with her, and she knows this, so she planned and calculated and she is sticking to him, insecurities and all.

  778. 778
    mendel Says:

    to ‘to 774′

    Thanks for the link. I earlier checked mi6, and they don’t feature this story yet – but they are starting to discuss it on their forum. Since the Guardian wouldn’t just post any rumour, there could be something in this. Could be dicey though, if the Bond film gets itself involved in any present political controversy (and could be good or bad PR, depending…)

    to Guinness

    Hey, I take second row as well… :)
    It might be best if we don’t shout ‘take ‘em off’ during the play, lol.

  779. 779
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    at #776…. interesting plot could be twisted for a good show….but the opiate trade there is 90 percent of their gross domestic product–wouldn’t that be too political for Bab’s and the Bond Empire!! I don’t think I would want to shoot any scene “on site” either. I think they should focus on doing something with the americans…like down in the south african point–where they are hijacking captains and –oh, wait that is going to be a separate movie. my bad. okay, who am i kidding–i just watch for the “sex on a stick” model. damn. he is hot.

    dude-thx for the link to the new Bond leak!! Lets hope for more cuz every subject here is been beaten to death!!! aahhhh! ~guinness-waitin’ for those tickets JJ!! :)

  780. 780
    Bond girl Says:

    If they do the Afgan storyline they should have a stunning middle eastern bond girl like queen rania

  781. 781
    to 775 Says:

    can you just imagine all the security on the bond film set if they film in afghanistan? afterall, the country is a war zone. there is the taliban who may not be happy to have a bond film made there. it boggles the mind!

  782. 782
    to 781 Says:

    dont be silly, they wouldnt film there, they would use another country to double as there…maybe somewhere in the Far East.

    they do that all the time.

  783. 783
    kiwi58 Says:

    @to 762: lol… yes I forgot your american penchant for suing about anything that upsets you.. maybe your first amendment should also say ‘speak of others how you would wish to be spoken about’ (aka speak with RESPECT)…

  784. 784
    Whatsup Says:

    Hey everyone.

  785. 785
    Daniel looks hot Says:

    Did anyone read the new James Bond Novel by Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming? It’s based in the Middle East and about drugs.

  786. 786
    Whatsup Says:

    Hi Kiwi.
    It’s funny that these sick people always yell First Amendment, but there are many sites that remove posts that they find offensive and they do not get sued, because they have that right as business owners to protect their website.
    I would love to see one of these haters file a lawsuit because their hate filled psychotic posts were removed for being offensive. I would love to see the Judge’s face after reading their posts. I guarantee JJ would win that lawsuit hands down as I cannot think of one single Judge who would NOT find these posts offensive and possibly constituting a hate crime. They would definitely rule that these posts serve to stir emotions that can be detrimental to the safety of SM and rule in favor of JJ.
    Many Many websites are regulated by moderators for these kinds of reasons and they DO NOT get sued. There are limitations to Freedom of Speech. It does not give people the right to commit hate crimes, or to harass, threaten, etc., others. These haters are definitely harassing anyone who does not agree with them, and they are definitely spreading hate and fueling dangerous emotions that may be detrimental to the safety of SM.

  787. 787
    Whatsup Says:

    @NOt a chupacabra-lover:
    Yes, I am so sure that a beautiful intelligent woman like Satsuki will never again find another man/partner. lol lol lol
    My goodness, can anyone say anything so childish and ridiculous. lol lol lol
    You are extremely angry and jealous. Very indicative of a woman that definitely does not have a man and possibly has never had one herself. lol lol lol

  788. 788
    to kiwi/tess/katy/whatsup Says:

    Go back to voting on obsure sites-you are boring. Don’t you ever get tired of talking to yourself? Everyone has your number.

  789. 789
    Whatsup Says:

    @to kiwi/tess/katy/whatsup:
    Here comes all the anger and harassment !!! So typical lol

  790. 790
    Insult Says:

    Satsmonkey is an insult to all women. She is a pathetic wannabe who only leeches onto someone else’s accomplishments and wants respect for it. F**king a celeb is not an accomplishment that earns people’s respect.

  791. 791
    to 785 Says:

    to 785:
    Yes Devil May Care. Good plot if it’s going to happen.

  792. 792
    Whatsup to Kiwi Says:

    I had the biggest laugh last night. Here is a sample of how psychotic these haters are. There is one poster on here whose writing style is extremely obvious and always the same. They love to cap certain letters to emphasize their hate. Whenever Sienna Miller is mentioned here this psychotic poster always says how much more beautiful Sienna Miller is than Satsuki, and that Daniel would be better off with Sienna Miller than Satsuki.
    Last night I went to make a post on the Sienna Miller thread to mention how beautiful she is looking and I noticed this same psychotic poster, with her very obvious writing style attacking Sienna Miller and talking about ugly she is and that she is worthless. Almost word for word the same hate that she repeats here for Satsuki.
    I couldn’t stop laughing.
    It was undeniable proof of how psychotic these haters are. I guarantee Kiwi that these “haters” are very lonely women who are consumed with so much jealousy it burns through any rational thought that may enter their pea size brains. lol lol lol

  793. 793
    Whatsup to Kiwi Says:

    We’ve heard it all a millions times. Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over. lol lol lol Not very original of you. lol lol lol I guess it’s further proof that the mind of a hater lacks imagination and orginality. lol lol lol

  794. 794
    to # triple 7 Says:

    @NOt a chupacabra-lover:
    to poster ‘Not chupa-lover’ # 777: I totally agree with your stance.
    Unfortunately, here we go again this evening.
    DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS whatsup, kiwi and all of her imaginary friends.
    She is having her usual tirade, engaging in multiple conversations with her mulitple personalities.
    Whenever you see ‘them’ posting, Ignore them as JJ asked.

  795. 795
    to 788 Says:

    Go back to voting on obsure sites-you are boring. Don’t you ever get tired of talking to yourself? Everyone has your number.


    Sorry but don’t you ever get tired of not having the ability of ignoring her?

  796. 796
    to 790 Says:

    Satsmonkey is an insult to all women. She is a pathetic wannabe who only leeches onto someone else’s accomplishments and wants respect for it. F**king a celeb is not an accomplishment that earns people’s respect.


    Look we all know that.
    Lot’s of people in the business know that.
    Why repeat it at this point?
    Gonk isn’t going to change.

  797. 797
    article Says:

    lol..he looks about the same..

  798. 798
    about article Says:

    LOL…lets see what the gonk looks like in the ‘twisted faces’ website competition.
    That would really be a ‘freak show’ of unlimited laughs!
    One can only imagine what the gonk looks like with her face twisted and distorted like they did to Daniel’s.
    It may even be an improvement to her old sour fugly monkeyface.

  799. 799
    Whatsup Says:

    @about article:
    A distorted image of Satsuki would probably resemble you lol lol lol

  800. 800
    to 561 Says:

    @to # triple 7:
    I’m not going to ignore one of the few reasonable poster on this site .

  801. 801
    to 798 Says:

    Sats would resemble this:
    A cross between a monkey and a pig.

  802. 802
    800 Says:

    @to 561:
    always the liar.

  803. 803
    to 802 Says:

    to 802-
    you’re correct.
    what a pathetic git she is.

  804. 804
    pathetica Says:

    @to 802:
    You are right ‘on target’ with that description.
    oh well, onwards……marching.. forward..

  805. 805
    Whatsup Says:

    I think the true git’s are the jealous losers who spew hate everyday and are pathological liars, stating on this thread how beautiful Sienna Miller is, that Daniel would be better off with her, and then turn around and trash her on her thread. Pathetic git’s all of you losers. lol lol lol
    So much anger and jealousy, speaks volumes of how lonely and pathetic your lives are. lol lol lol
    Moving on to what? Hate? True gits !!!!!!!

  806. 806
    to 805 Says:

    How is Crocodile Dundra doing?

  807. 807
    to 806 Says:

    who is Crocodile Dundra? I like this name. Sounds funny.
    hmmm come to think of it, could you imagine Daniel in a comedy and taking over a role like Paul Hogan? Daniel looked hot in that movie about Africa with Kim (only eason to watch that crappy movie)

  808. 808
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 805:
    Is that your mamma? You should give her a call, I’m sure she would approve of your behavior !!!! Or would she be ashamed and sickened that the child she carried for nine months and endured labor for turned out to be such a sick and pathetic hateful loser.

  809. 809
    kiwi58 Says:

    Greetings whatsup…. nice to read a non-psycho post… I usually just read but when people start spewing about your 1st amendment ‘freedom of speech’ it makes me laugh, they’re allowed ‘freedom of speech’ BUT no one else is… hypocrisy at its peak… I believe they think that DC comes on here, reads their sick comments and is deciding (at this very moment) that he will end his relationship… LOL…. OH DEAR… the reality is probably more like he ups his security for himself and SM… and they wonder why he walks around looking sour and grumpy… they also seem to believe he IS 007 and he is the answer to their sad lonely lives… it’s not the man they care about it’s A CHARACTER HE PLAYS… hellloooo wake up peoples, it’s all make believe… not real…. haven’t you figured that out yet???? kia kaha

  810. 810
    Whatsup Says:

    You are so right lol
    They are quite hilarious aren’t they. I can’t help but come here and observe their behavior, it’s like watching a reality show, like Jerry Springer, you know it’s sick and stupid, but you can’t help but watch how stupid the trailer trash people are. lol lol
    You seem like a real Bond fan. Have you heard if the latest story line for Bond 23 is confirmed. It seems like a risky subject to take on for the franchise.
    Also, if they take on this subject, it seems that they are no longer relying on the Ian Flemming stories anymore, is that true?

  811. 811
    Whatsup to kiwi58 Says:

    What are your thoughts about the play he’s going to do with Jackman?
    I’m not so sure he’s going to do great. It’s seems he’s lost some of his edge with drama.

  812. 812
    kiwi58 Says:

    @Whatsup: NO!!!! have not heard the storyline of Bond23… They’ve run out of Fleming stories, did so a long time back, the books were written in the early 50′s methinx and are, sorry to say, rather dull!!!! todays technology was unheard of back then… was a HUGE Sean Connery Bond fan, when he quit it just was not the same, saw OHMSS with George Lazenby, what a letdown!! never went back… tried watching a Roger Moore Bond recently, I fell asleep… even when CR came out refused to go, my son works in music/dvd and gave me the DVD saying ‘you’ll love it’… I watched, albeit reluctantly and was blown away, have to say he is THE BEST BOND EVER…. just how Fleming wrote him, dark and edgy, whoever wrote the screenplay deserves a medal!!! I would love to see remakes of all the Bond books, they seemed to use the guts of CR, do not see why they cannot do the same with ensuing books… Dr No was made in 1962 and altho it’s been digitally enhanced it’s still an ‘old move’ … 47 years old!!!! so two generations has been born since… anyway, just my opinion!!! As for the play he’s in with HJ would love to see it, I read somewhere he started in theatre???? We do not get much theatre here in NZ if there is it’s usually in Auckland.. Maybe DC has lost his ‘edge’ but I think the pressure of Bond must be enormous… SC hated it, that’s why he quit, and from what I have read of both of them, they are very private types so having people constantly at you must be very frustrating… He does a bluddy good job at it though… If I do not reply (if you reply to this) don’t worry, am a big LOST fan and it’s LOST night tonight… will be back in da morning (it’s 6.50pm here 10.june) see ya..

  813. 813
    Whatsup to kiwi58 Says:

    Hi Kiwi, enjoy your LOST night. I have never seen the show. Have no explanation, but I just never saw it believe it or not, but recently I heard that Clancy Brown was in some of the episodes and wish I had watched it. Love Love Love Clancy Brown. He is one of the sweetest men around, but plays the best evil characters lol I also never saw HBOs Carnivale, but recently learned that he is plays a sinister minister in the show and now I have GOT to go rent all the Carnivale series DVDs lol
    A bit of history of Clancy Brown, he’s actually the son of an American politican, but he decided to go into acting. He is a very sweet man, he met a little girl who was very ill and in the hospital for a long time and her wish was to have her own laptop so he bought her one. He does a lot of charity work. I was also surprised to learn that he does the Crab voice in Spongebob and does a lot of game voices, villians of course.
    As for re-making the old movies, I’m so with you on this. They keep remaking old movies and shows, I can’t figure out why they don’t or haven’t remade any of the old Bond movies. Dr. No would be drop dead AWESOME if they remade it. Daniel wouild be really really great in a Dr. No remake.
    I agree, Daniel seems like a very, very private man, and when I see him all sour faced and grumpy, it’s so obvious how uneasy he is with being constantly followed around and people constantly trying to get into his private business. Personally, I think it’s so rude for people to even try to get into an actor’s private life, I mean, what business is their private lives to anyone. !!!! I personally could care less about his private life. I’m not a part of it, never will be, wouldn’t want to be, and therefore, it’s none of my business. I will never understand why people can’t mind their own business. There’s a huge difference between loving his acting, being a fan, and then just being ignorant and wanting to know where he is at all times, what he’s doing, who he is with, who he loves, who he doesn’t, etc., etc., etc.
    I still miss Sean Connery, I really did love him as Bond, but I also think Craig is the best Bond that I have ever seen, but I still love Connery, and always will. I think Connery andCraig are both very classy and wonderful actors. I think they have a lot in common as far as character and personality.
    I would love to see the play too, and since it’s going to be in opening later in the year, I’m actually going to try to go. It’s not too far me, a bit of a drive, so if I can get tickets, I’m definitely going to go. Don’t hate me, but if I have to choose whose autograph I can get, it will be Jackman’s autograph. I’m a big fan of the X-Men comics, read them as a kid, and I’ve loved Jackman’s acting longer than Daniel’s, so I would be more interested in Jackman’s autograph.
    Okay, hope you have fun watching LOST and hope to catch you back here again. So nice to have a normal conversation for once.

  814. 814
    to 812 Says:

    not only he has started in theatre, he’s a well trained stage actor. He was in Angels in America alongside Jason Isaacs and in 2002 he was brillant in “A number”, a two actors play with Michael Gambon. He got raving reviews and Michael Gambon, who is one of the greatest british stage actors praises him to the skies.
    I was lucky to see him in “A Number” back then and was blown away by his stage presence. Hopefully Hugh and Daniel will have the same great chemistry like Daniel and Michael.

  815. 815
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 812:
    That is so cool that you actually got to see Daniel on stage. What was the play “A Number” about? Was it a drama?
    I confess I’ve never heard of Michael Gambon, but I’m going to go look him online to learn more about him.
    I have a feeling Hugh and Daniel will have good chemistry on stage together, the only thing that concerns me is if either one of them will be able to master the Chicago accent. The midwest people have a whole different way of talking, completely different accent from the East or West Coast folks. Here in America each region of the country has different accents. We have the East Coast accent, the West Coast accent and the Southern Accent (which is the accent that Bush had because he’s from the south, Texas). Obama, even though he’s from Chicago, doesn’t really speak with the Chicago accent, he speaks with more refined English. The midwest folks have a tendency to run their letters and words together.
    Oh I fogot the New England accent. Quite a few different accents going on in America lol lol lol
    Anyway, I hope they can get the Midwest Chicago accent down, unless their characters will be from different countries that live in Chicago, and that way they won’t need to learn the Chicago accent.
    I have a feeling that since Daniel has been off the stage for a while, that he will get better as the play runs on. I think maybe the first few days he will be getting into his groove and then as the days wear on, his performance will get better and better. That I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that’s what will happen.
    Hugh has been on stage several times during the past few years, so I think it will be easier for him. But I’m sure they will both do wonderfully, and I hope I will be able to find tickets and see them. What a wonderful experience it would be.
    I once saw Kevin Spacy in Ice Man, and that was absolutely wonderful. I love the theatre.

  816. 816
    intelligent head Says:

    @Bond girl:
    Yes, I also would like to see a Bond girl from Far East, most women of this land are beautiful. There is Nadia Bjorlin (half Persian and half Swedish) and she is amazing. She dated Bruce Willis and she plays in Days of our lives.
    I would to add, the type of Nadia is similar to Swiss too.

  817. 817
    wannabe/kiwi/whatsup/tess/katy Says:

    Staying up for hours talking to yourself-you do the same thing over and over-get stronger meds and get a life you are pathetic.

  818. 818
    to 801 Says:

    I thought Bonesuki’s face was already distorted. Great pic but i think the pig/monkey is way cuter.

  819. 819
    wassup Says:

    @to kiwi/tess/katy/whatsup: to kiwi/tess/katy/whatsup @ 06/09/2009 at 10:36 pm

    Go back to voting on obsure sites-you are boring. Don’t you ever get tired of talking to yourself? Everyone has your number.

    Yea, they have your number. Your IP number that they use to stalk you all over buzznet. Following you to see where/what you post. Why??

    Track this number, oh wait, you already have. :)

  820. 820
    to 819 Says:

    @wassup: You spelled your own name incorrectly moron

  821. 821
    how ironic Says:

    nice to read a non-psycho post

    Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  822. 822
    daniel and ella Says:

    daniel was spotted jogging with ella in london yesterday. no pics as only a german magazine printed them so i read.

  823. 823
    to 817 Says:

    It is just one of the fugly gf’s relatives. The gf is so deperate to get married she’ll do anything. Look at the Hello mag vote site-obviously a relative spent hours voting for the monkey. At least the gf won something as she hasn’t won a wedding in five or six years.

    to 801 funny picture but i agree with the poster who said the monkey-pig is better looking than the gf.

  824. 824
    Whatsup Says:

    My goodness, you people even wake up angry and hostile.
    Further proof that you live very lonely and miserable lives.
    You poor things don’t even realize what a clear profile you are painting of yourselves.
    Oh well, makes me that more grateful for my life.
    My goodness, your parents must be so proud of what they brought into the world. NOT

  825. 825
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    @ 815, I agree with your post. Michael Gambon took over for Dumbledore correct? My friend Cal spoke of him and Dan making a great pair for the stage. cool. they were in layer cake together also, correct? cool. Jason Isaacs is the bad guy in Harry Potter, right? He is hot…its the eyes for me. they all have expressive eyes–not blank stares…but, in terms of Daniel making a connection with an actor he shares the limelight with, who HASN’T he done well with??? He compliments and meshes with everyone he works with-actor, director, producer,,,,etc???? he is a big charmer, “flirter”, people expert, smart man across the room, funny man, hot man, and being very fit just gets him more of what he wants!!

    And damn, was he wearing those wonderful new-age commando sweat pants? Imagine “jogging” with your dad–the sexy father figure!!! She has a lot on her shoulders, he is so good to protect her.

    The accents may not be so difficult to master now that i think about it. all of us are from somewhere else, and depending upon the time period the play uses–Dan could do a UK accent and get away with it…each city has its own country where the people settled. So he could actually be a cop from chicago with a cockney accent!!

    and hopefully i don’t write to the schizophrenic, that would be embarrassing. I can’t tell sometimes as a virgin poster here. so sorry if i do!! ~guinness can’t wait for NYC. JJ- I will be there in a few weeks–you could just mail the tickets!!!

  826. 826
    intelligent head Says:

    sorry, but you really sound sick to me. What’s your horoscope?
    I would like to understand you

  827. 827
    to daniel and ella Says:

    I’m from germany so what paper is it???!

  828. 828
    to whatsup Says:

    @ 06/10/2009 at 1:15 pm

    now that you’ve had your say, are you happy now? i hope so. the reality is that a lot of people dont like satuski and are going to say so whether you, kiwi, etc like it or not. personally, i don’t buy the daniel and satsuki lovefest. there’s something not quite right there. a man goes out and supposedly buys her this big expenisve engagement ring then doesn’t marry her. i think daniel gave satsuki the ring to get her to give the marriage pressure a rest, to get her off his back. i also would not be surprised to discover that daniel has found another girl and is easing satudki out of his life.

  829. 829
    intelligent head to 806 Says:

    Yes, we really think that Sienna is beautiful and we’ll talk about her whenever we like. Have you something against young sexy women?

  830. 830
    to whatsup etc etc Says:

    …and you woke up as condescending as ever and angry you are unable to control this board.
    You must love wasting your time so diligently and spend so much time on here as the people you complain about.
    Strange reasoning/justification you have.

  831. 831
    to 827 Says:

    i think it park avenue.
    only two pics apparently. both of he and ella looking so cute.

  832. 832
    to 828 Says:

    now that you’ve had your say, are you happy now? i hope so. the reality is that a lot of people dont like satuski and are going to say so whether you, kiwi, etc like it or not. personally, i don’t buy the daniel and satsuki lovefest. there’s something not quite right there. a man goes out and supposedly buys her this big expenisve engagement ring then doesn’t marry her. i think daniel gave satsuki the ring to get her to give the marriage pressure a rest, to get her off his back. i also would not be surprised to discover that daniel has found another girl and is easing satudki out of his life.

    Look we know something fishy is going on with their relationship. Daniel is stalling, it’s plain to see.
    Maybe he’s just changed his mind? Men do.
    Maybe it was never an an engagement ring to begin with? Maybe it was a simple thank you and she wears it on the left hand.
    Maybe Daniel allowed her to do so to make her feel more secure at the time (before the whole Bond CR promo circuit thing took off)?

    But things change and after 5 years, things are not changing in her favor.

  833. 833
    to 832 Says:

    It is pretty obvious that their relationship is more a business relationship or relationship of convenience. No engagement discussion has ever come out from his or her people. She is an adult and is not physically bound to keep her silence regarding a relationship/engagement. I think there has been no formal talk of an engagement because they are simply not engaged.

    You are dead on that there has been a lot of changes in Daniel’s life and if he truely wanted to be married he would have long ago. If he is spending time with Ella good for him-he needs to make up some lost time with her.

  834. 834
    to 830 Says:

    There is no way a wacko like wannabe/kiwi/whatsup…….will control this board as there are too many people who outnumber the multiple personalities and she isn’t that intelligent.

  835. 835
    to 834 Says:

    Well yes, the majority outweigh the minority (which she is in on here) and you would think ONE of her multiple personalities would tell her that.

    I guess they are all as thick as she is.

  836. 836
    kiwi58 Says:

    @Whatsup to kiwi58: Just when I ‘think’ I am understanding LOST I become lost… again… lol… we are two episodes from end of current season.. love it… Clancy Brown, he was Korgon (?) in ‘Highlander’ wasn’t he… hell I loved that movie I watched it over 30 times.. (sad I know.. lol) your QUOTE still miss Sean Connery, I really did love him as Bond, but I also think Craig is the best Bond that I have ever seen, but I still love Connery, and always will. I think Connery and Craig are both very classy and wonderful actors. I think they have a lot in common as far as character and personality. UNQUOTE… ditto sistah ditto.. we must be same generation, I kept scrap books off all the SC Bond movies (was a young teen) I think I am revisiting my teens, even have the JB theme on my mobile (how sad is that! but it makes me larf everytime I receive a text, even my son shakes his head and larfs) anyway it’s better than STALKING and gossiping about the state of his relationship.. SC must be getting up near 80 now, god that voice, it’s that Edinburgh accent, it’s a lot softer than other Scottish accents, he was voted worlds ‘sexiest’ man in his 60′s, not bad for an old fella… to poster 812.. thanx… it’s interesting when ‘normal’ people post on here, other ‘normal’ people come out from lurking… have a good day peoples 7.30am 11. june here… kia kaha

  837. 837
    to 832 and 834 Says:

    maybe satsuki is a little dense or maybe she’s let herself be blinded by the glitzy lifestyle she has with daniel. all i know is that if were me my brothers would have said enough 2 years ago. they would have said that after three years it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to marry you. there’re other men out there, find one who does.

    as for wannabe/kiwi/whatsup or whoever else this person is, i’m not in the least worried about her and the various personalities. i think we should just let her carry on conversations with herself.

  838. 838
    to intelligent head Says:

    How old are you and where are you from? I’d like to understand you.

  839. 839
    reason Says:

    Sats is the perfect reason why I think Daniel likes men.

  840. 840
    to 831 Says:

    in der aktuellen park avenue???
    in this park avenue of this month?

  841. 841
    to 831 Says:

    I’m sure it was view-___- what ever..

  842. 842
    to 839 Says:

    Yes i’m afraid it does make you think of that. It is interesting that nothing has ever come out regarding her past love life. You would think in your mid-thirties you would have some history. The lack of history along with their odd relationship makes me think they are hiding things.

    Regarding Sienna i think she is gorgeous but very immature. There is no comparison between Sienna and the gf regarding physical appearance. I personally think Kate moss is overrated.

    As far as wannabe/whatsup etc i think people will do anything for attention.

  843. 843
    to intelligent head Says:

    Based on her /his insane and unintelligible ramblings that person should be named “stupid” head not “intelligent” head ! what an idiot!

  844. 844
    intelligent head Says:

    to 843,
    seriously? Ouch! and why you are so angry?
    —————— <4 pics

  845. 845
    to 844 Says:

    your website makes me laugh, lol. keep it up.

  846. 846
    intelligent head Says:

    just jared should to correct a mistake with one post. there was one moderated post and since in viewing at posts one post misses.

    to my hater who called me nastily: go yourself into ass and stop to shout like a c o w. Nobody is wondering at your scream.

    so producers have a director for produce bondmovie? I think there will be new name of a director very soon.

    to Satsuki’s lover: Satsuki is the ugliest goat and you are a big co w.

  847. 847
    to 844 Says:

    intelligent head is very young and featherbrained. But this kind of creature is very dangerous. She is a racist and she is very, very malicious. She was the one that spread the rumor about a miscarriage a few month back. Very disgusting!

  848. 848
    intelligent head Says:

    As you remember I talked about the Panama’s video some time ago, in the video Satsuki is a running dog behind Daniel.

  849. 849
    intelligent head Says:

    I am celebrating I finally found the Panama’s video! and more I must find the video with Lucky Girl who was kissed by Danny! She was better kissed than Satsuki!

  850. 850
    adam nails it - dan take note Says:

    Adam Lambert talking about coming out, read the bit about the g/f at the end:

    On making his sexuality public:
    “There are so many old-fashioned ways of looking at things, and if we want to be a progressive society, we have to start thinking in a different way. There’s the old industry idea that you should just make sexuality a non-issue, just say your private life’s your private life, and not talk about it. But that’s bullshit, because private lives don’t exist anymore for celebrities: they just don’t. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time, thinking I have to hide, being scared of being found out, putting on a front, having a beard, going down the red carpet with some chick who is posing as my girlfriend. That’s not cool, that’s not being a rock star. I can’t do that”.

  851. 851
    to i head Says:

    yes saw that vid before,, he could have waited for her..seems a bit much and says a lot.
    i know a few paps commenting on that too. they said he rushed in and she was just left to get out of the car.
    not a safety issue as they both came out together!
    i think leaving with her was a different kettle of fish, she was ready and waiting at the exit door.
    what shoes was she wearing? they looked like clogs with bows

  852. 852
    to intelligent head Says:

    Love your site and videos!!! You are a very creative person!! Too bad Sats was a runner as Daniel keeps running away and she keeps catching up!!! Her shoes do look like clogs with bows-how stylish. I do think RuPaul and Marilyn Manson have influenced her style.

  853. 853
    mendel Says:

    to ‘Adam nails it’,

    Adam Lambert is so right. People should just be allowed to be themselves. Sad that people still have to present fake girlfriends on the red carpet in 2009!

    to Guinness

    Jason Isaacs really does suit that long blonde wig!!! And yes, he’s hot!

  854. 854
    to adam nails it Says:

    You know many, many people in the business have stated for years that Satsuki is a ‘beard’ for him.
    I heard that from 2004.
    There are also deep inside rumors of a few other things too which point to what many people think.

  855. 855
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel about his workout-training, eating, put weight and drinking

  856. 856
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    He is one sexy man!!

  857. 857
    Rumours Says:

    @to adam nails it:

    They are just rumours – there is no proof of anything that is said it’s all hearsay.

  858. 858
    dan and ella pics Says:

    i think he and sats were dropping her off home

  859. 859
    dan and ella pics Says:

  860. 860
    dan and sats Says:

    they both noticed the paps.

  861. 861
    intelligent head Says:

    @dan and sats:
    Satsuki has disgusting clothes and fug face, she is disgusting totally,
    she has unsympathetic mouth, one mannish monkey unfriendly

  862. 862
    to 857 Says:

    there is no proof of anything that is said it’s all hearsay.

    So are the engagement/wedding rumors if you want to go along that route.

  863. 863
    dan pic Says:

    i guess ella and her mother live in camden as far as the dumpster writing goes maybe?

  864. 864
    mendel Says:

    Awwww! Those photos of Dan giving his daughter a big daddy hug are just so cute! They really make me smile. Thanks Satslumdog.

  865. 865
    to 861 and 863 Says:

    Yes Satsuki looks rather mad but they do notice the paps and there is another pic of Ella turning around looking at them also.
    Dan notices them and probably says to Ella to just walk inside.
    Yes I do think that is her mother’s house as it is the right area.
    Probably by the time on his watch, maybe Ella stayed with her father overnight or something as why would he be dropping her off at 9.30 am?

  866. 866
    to mendel Says:

    Yeah aren’t they? There are a few more but I think you get the gist.
    Just a few more of hugging, Dan walking around the car.
    Only one of Sats.

  867. 867
    to 862 Says:

    Good answer.

  868. 868
    re gonk pic Says:

    wtf is the gonk wearing?

  869. 869
    rING Says:

    @dan and sats:

    i noticed that she always has her hands prepped to be photographed.

  870. 870
    mendel Says:

    to #866

    Yes, a real lovin’ daddy hug! It’s so nice to see!

    Camden is a cool area, and I love Camden Market. Really great clothes, accessories, and other things! I can spend hours and hours there.

  871. 871
    to 869 Says:

    i noticed that she always has her hands prepped to be photographed.

    Yes, like the ring is WAY too heavy for her finger.
    I’ve noticed that too. She knows the paps.
    She reminds me of Princess Diana in the ONLY comparable fact that Diana knew where every pap was stationed when she went out.

  872. 872
    chupacabra disliker/hater Says:

    @to 828:
    Great comment. Thanks for setting it absolutely ‘arrow straight’!

  873. 873
    events in pic Says:

    they were dropping her off at her house yes.

  874. 874
    chupacabra disliker/hater Says:

    @to 832:
    Thanks ! You make some excellent points here. Looks like the picture with Daniel and the gf is rapidly coming clearly and crisply into focus..

  875. 875
    to satslumdog Says:

    Thanks for the pix. I love to see him spend time with his daughter. Same old sourpuss face on the gf and still can’t dress herself.

  876. 876
    chupacabra disliker/hater Says:

    @dan pic:
    THanks again Satslumdog for the terrific photos!
    It is sooooooooo lovely and refreshing to see Daniel really being passionate with someone for a change with a full hug and kiss embrace of his daughter.
    You can feel his love and adoration for her!
    Beautiful picture.

  877. 877
    chupacabra disliker/hater Says:

    @intelligent head:
    To Intelligent Head-
    Thanks to you for the Panama video and I am glad that you finally found it!

    Wow, same old same old, Daniel is really running at almost breakneck speed to get inside, (and away from her?) he can’t get in there fast enough and then the girlfriend trails far away behind him, not on his arm .
    He sure seemed to be pissed off at her AGAIN!
    Maybe she made him late and that is why he left her again in his dust as he ran to get inside .

  878. 878
    Whatsup Says:

    @chupacabra disliker/hater:
    I agree the picture that Satsuki is a big part of his life, and his daily family life is crisp and clear. These pictures show how close they are and how much they love each other. If he didn’t love her deeply, he most certainly would not include her when he is with his daughter.
    She looks absolutely adorable in her little jumper. She has such beautiful legs.
    The paps should be ashamed of themselves for taking such personal pictures. Why can’t they just leave him and other actors alone when they are living their normal lives. It’s disguesting.

  879. 879
    Whatsup Says:

    @chupacabra disliker/hater:
    You and your fantasies lol lol lol
    You’re absolutely hilarious lol lol lol

  880. 880
    Whatsup Says:

    Behind every man is a great woman. Satsuki is a very strong woman to deal with his life and demands, and she is 100% the great woman behind Daniel. That is definitely clear and crisp. Daniel will never leave her. If they ever part ways, it will be Satsuki who will leave Daniel. But the love between them is obvious and I can’t imagine either one ever leaving each other. A very beautiful and perfect couple.

  881. 881
    Whatsup Says:

    @to satslumdog:
    She looks very casual and adorable. It’s Danny Boy that seems like he can’t dress himself in these photos lol Bit of a slob that day lol lol
    But still looks cute.
    You can tell from both of their faces that they are completely disguested with the paps being there to photograph them with his daughter. He actually looks pretty POD when he looks at the pap.
    I feel so sorry for all the crap he has to put up with when it comes to all these paps and all the stupid people who have to know everything about him.

  882. 882
    to the board Says:


  883. 883
    Whatsup Says:

    @to the board:
    I know these stupid haters are hilarious lol
    I agree 100% lol lol lol lol lol
    Silly aren’t they lol

  884. 884
    NO self-pride Says:

    She looks absolutely adorable in her little jumper.
    The gonk has no self-respect, no self-pride. She decides to wear a ‘little jumper’ suited for a poor child from a third world country, not the gf of a movie star.
    She looks like a bum on the street, a homeless person wearing those dirty hideous rags and those shabby, disheveled clothes, especially while out in public, knowing that the paps are there snapping away.
    The worst of it is Daniel being seen with her looking so sloppy and wearing baggy ugly clothes.

  885. 885
    Whatsup Says:

    @NO self-pride:
    My goodness, who are extremely angry.
    Very strange.
    You’re jealousy is very ugly my dear.
    Poor Daniel, to have such fans.

  886. 886
    to adamnailsit Says:

    @ 06/10/2009 at 5:43 pm

    interesting idea, except from what i’v heard daniel is very much into women. he just doesn’t want to get married anymore than george clooney does. satsuki appears happy with the arrangement. and why not? susan sarandan and tim robbins have been living happily together for years. two sons and no desire to get married.

  887. 887
    to 881 Says:

    all the stupid people who have to know everything about him.

    Well you’re looking at the pap pics and commenting on his life no matter what you are saying.
    So in effect, you are one of the people he would dislike also.
    Essentially everyone who posts these pics and looks at them are voyeurs in their own right and as bad as the paps.
    Yes I’m one of those people and now make it a principle now not to even open any links anymore.
    Just a personal choice.

  888. 888
    yippeee Says:

    Looks like his hair is growing back.

  889. 889
    also Says:

    ..pity her tits wont grow back too..

  890. 890
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 881:
    Excellent choice. I will follow your example. Actually, those were the first links I opened. I haven’t opened any other links, and will not anymore. However, I was not commenting on his life, except that I wish he could live his life in private just like everyone else. I don’t understand why he has to loose that right just because he’s an actor. Very sad.

  891. 891
    to 887 Says:

    so you’re not going to open any more links because the people to put them up are as bad as the paps. so can i assume that you wont be reading people, us, the national equirer, or any other gossip magazine. not even to read up on say angie and brad .

  892. 892
    to 886 Says:

    Well two things:
    a) he did say he would like to get married again one day and maybe have another kid when things slow down so until he says something otherwise we are assuming he wants to get married but his actions so far do not speak of that.
    b) how do we know satsuki is happy with the arrangement? she might not be but will hang on enough for him to become ready for that leap. she may not have a choice, i mean lets face it..would you leave that arrangement just because you want to get married and miss out on the perks etc of it and being with daniel?

  893. 893
    to 891 Says:

    so you’re not going to open any more links because the people to put them up are as bad as the paps. so can i assume that you wont be reading people, us, the national equirer, or any other gossip magazine. not even to read up on say angie and brad .

    You got it!!!!!!!!!!

  894. 894
    Whatsup Says:

    @to adamnailsit:
    Absolutely agree with you. For some reason these “haters” have a very difficult time understanding or accepting that Daniel and Satsuki are very happy and content in their relationship just the way it is. Just because he bought her a beautiful ring hardly means that she wants to get married. Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn also sport beautiful rings on their left hand that their significant others have given them, along with other beautiful jewelry. It hardly makes one jump to the conclusion that they either one is ready to marry or wants to marry. I believe they are perfectly happy with the wonderful relationship they have and respect each other. I also noticed that Jennifer Lopez constantly wears different rings on her wedding finger, even though she is married. Lucille Ball also was a woman who adored and loved her husband, but was always changing the ring she wore. The only thing that is clear to me is that these women who hate the girlfriend so much are very, very inexperienced in matters of relationships. They are driven solely by jealousy and bitterness. Very sad.

  895. 895
    to:"SunnySide up #889 Says:

    to poster 889……HA! Great picture!
    Very funny! Thanks for the smiles and the laughs!
    I don’t think they ever grew to begin with….. :) but they do look very lonely sitting there.

  896. 896
    to whatsup Says:

    06/10/2009 at 8:18 pm

    what ever you say whatsup; or is kiwi, or is it tess. one of these days you’re going to have to make up mind.

  897. 897
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 886:
    a) Aren’t you the same people who are always claiming and preaching that people should not believe everything they read or hear !! Wasn’t it not too long ago that some magazines or sites quoted him as saying something that he said he never said !!!
    b) How do you know that she is NOT happy with the arrangement? How do you know that they are not perfectly content and happy with the relationship that they have?
    I cannot even begin to imagine private Daniel saying to anyone that he would like to get married again and have another baby. That does not even sound like him. He completely refuses to discuss his personal life, and he would say something like that. Absurd.

  898. 898
    to 890 Says:

    However, I was not commenting on his life, except that I wish he could live his life in private just like everyone else. I don’t understand why he has to loose that right just because he’s an actor. Very sad.

    Well that is a fine line there. Paps assume famous people who take on very famous roles are simply asking for the extra publicity, goes with the territory so to speak ,but look at his actions. Speak otheriwse.
    I think Daniel uses the paps when he wants them. PR.
    St Barths anyone?
    So, holidays can be taken more discreetly, he has the money no excuse there.
    Everyday life, well he either deals with it or goes to more private places. He cannot have his cake (earning millions) and have the amount of privacy he wants too..he has to give up something in order for playing one fo the most famous characters in cinema.
    However, paps hanging out at Ella’s house is out of bounds, period.

  899. 899
    Whatsup Says:

    @to whatsup:
    I am sorry that you experience paranoia.
    Very sad.

  900. 900
    to 897 Says:

    The point I was making was we don’t know EITHER way so it’s moot at this time.
    Try not to be so aggressive in your posts and accusatory. Calm down.

  901. 901
    to 897 Says:

    Actually he did say that in an interview. It was in the Parade Magazine I think or the GQ last year?
    Anyone have that link?

  902. 902
    lying liars Says:

    No, you open up all the links, liar, then you comment on them.
    Lying liars and the liars who lie, like whatsup.

  903. 903
    to 897 Says:

    if you’re going to recorrect people about daniel’s quotes, do your research.
    i remember reading he said that too.
    he used the phrase “downtime”, i think for having a baby
    he also said “not that i think of it right now”.
    i cant remember the magazine…


  904. 904
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 890:
    Hanging out at Ella’s house is out of bounds. Period
    Hope I quoted you properly. 100% agree. I simply find it very disturbing and disguesting. There is simply no excuse for the behavior of the paps at times.
    I do understand what you are saying, and I find myself wondering how some very high profile actors, such as DeNiro, Walken, Brown, etc., live such private lives. You never see pictures of them unless they are at some kind of event. Yet some actors, like Daniel and Jackman cannot seem to escape the paps.
    What secrets do some of the more high profile actors have I wonder, when it comes to living such private lives despite their A List celebrity status.

  905. 905
    re interview Says:
    Daniel Craig wants to have more children.
    Nov 9th 07

    The James Bond star – who already has a 15-year-old daughter, Ella, from his failed marriage to actress Fiona Loudon – would like to have a baby with his movie producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell when the pair’s hectic work schedules calm down.

    He said: “I’d like to have more children. I’m not planning to at this specific moment in time, but I’d like to.

    “Life’s up and down so it would not be possible right now, but if I get some down time, which will happen, then it’s possible.”


    Granted he didnt say with Satsuki but of course one is assuming it is meant to be with her

  906. 906
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 897:
    Once again, you believe what you read when it suits your purpose, but when he is quoted as saying that Satuski is the love of his life, you preach on this board that people should not believe everything that they read lol lol lol I would be careful using the word hypocrite if you’re going to act like one lol lol lol

  907. 907
    TO: lying liars #902 Says:

    @lying liars:
    Just ignore her.
    We all know who it is anyway, with all of her stupid childish poster names kiwi, wannabe, eve, a*shole, katy, dipsh*t, dumbf**k, stupid, etc.
    You know what to do.

  908. 908
    to 902 Says:

    And of course you know all of this because you stalk me on here and know when I open the links up and when I comment?
    Only a meglomaniac would even utter such a ridiculous statement.

    Try to have an adult conversation without accusations and sniping.
    Grow up for heavens sake.

  909. 909
    to 904 Says:

    Jackman and Craig are celebs that people WANT to see pics of.
    Their pics SELL for more money than De Niro etc so therefore paps will take more pics of them in order to cash in on selling them and papers/sites will buy them.

    There you have the money making merry go round.
    Simple isn’t it?

  910. 910
    Whatsup Says:

    @re interview:
    Sorry Dear, the article you just posted clearly states that he said he would like to have a baby one day with his “movie producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell when the pair’s hectic work schedule calms down.”
    So, now that you are claiming that we can believe what we read in the papers about what he says, I will assume that this article proves how much he loves Satsuki, since he stated that he would like to have a baby with her? !!!!!! Indeed, a man has to love a woman very much to want to have a baby with her one day. I think we can definitely look forward to a baby between this beautiful couple once his Bond contract is over.
    Thank you very much for the post.

  911. 911
    No parade Says:

    Wasn’t Parade and i don’t think he ever said he wanted to get married or have another child. Daniel’s interviews are usually very sterile and carefully staged. He never mentioned an engagement or has said anything a lover would say about his gf. I doubt he went into having babies. Try again.
    Thanks for the links. I will open them as i am not a hypocrite like the phony moral whatsup who attacks posters, daniel’s ex’s and even Daniel just to control the board.

  912. 912
    def a chupacabra hater Says:

    @re interview:
    OMG!!! SICK! And so desperate for her sick fantasies to come true!
    Again and again twisting around Daniels words to suit her sick, irrational Cinderella Fantasies!~

  913. 913
    to 905 Says:

    He said: “I’d like to have more children. I’m not planning to at this specific moment in time, but I’d like to.

    “Life’s up and down so it would not be possible right now, but if I get some down time, which will happen, then it’s possible.”

    Am I the only one that thinks that sounds a tad vague?
    Like “I might but not right now, but maybe in the future but only when downtime occurs but not even then maybe unless I feel like and only when there’s a “Z” in the month.”

    Did he say that to keep her happy I wonder?

  914. 914
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 904:
    Yes, but very sad unfortunately. I admit I love the premier pictures, of any celebrity, I love looking at all the beautiful gowns, but I am usually disguested by the private photos. I did not open all the pictures for the St. Bart’s vacation, it seemed wrong.

  915. 915
    Eternity Says:

    Satsmonkey will have to wait till eternity as he is not slowing down. Well maybe the woman/man is so desperate and has no other identity i guess the gonk will be hanging onto him as long as she can.

  916. 916
    Whatsup Says:

    Interesting that no one is giving an actual link to the interview !!!!
    Someone is definitely lying. I will go look for the interview and post the actual link so there will be no more confusion as to what he actually said in the interview.

  917. 917
    to 916 Says:

    I thought it was morally wrong to open links of private lives. You go do that and go vote on Hello mag site so we don’t have to listen to your rambling.

  918. 918
    to 916 Says:

    the link is there with the snippet of what he said, but the interview was given in parade or GQ in 07…no-one is lying.
    get a grip.

  919. 919
    to 904 Says:

    If you find paps disturbing and disgusting then why are you on a pap site?

  920. 920
    to 917 Says:

    Oh yes, but she fails to ge the irony of what she said…LOL.
    Good catch!
    She fails to see she was hung by her own petard.

  921. 921
    to 914 Says:

    So opening up “some” of the pics makes you morally better than everybody else? If things seem “wrong” then don’t go on gossip sites. Wow besides being a hypocrite you are a real drama queen.

  922. 922
    interview Says:

    go to dtd site and they have the interview there under magazine articles with some very nice pictures too.

  923. 923
    def a chupacabra hater Says:

    Daniel said in the article he would like to have a baby someday.
    he never mentioned the gf gonk’s name.
    Only the ‘writer” of the article mentioned the gf gonk as the one he wants to have a baby with.
    But those words were never quoted as Daniel Craig saying it. The writer overstepped his/her bounds and took illegal journalistic means to put the gf gonks name in, again showing that journalists like this one got paid by a certain gf’s PR team to write in the gonk’s name.
    Daniel is never quoted as saying he wants a baby with the gf gonk, whatever her name is.
    And he did say in a British television interview around the time of CR that he did NOT want a family right now in his life.

  924. 924
    to 923 Says:

    Yes that WAS my point when I posted it. The reporter ASSUMED it would be with Satsuki considering he is with her now and for Daniel to mention it meaning not satsuki is a bit of a cheek but no, we cannot take even the written interview as gospel.
    I have read the actual interview on another site and he does say that briefly and I would assume an interview in a magazine wouldnt be as twisted as a “source” from a UK rag paper.
    Magazines have more to lose if they misquote.
    Personally I think he was just saying that to keep the status quo really.
    But I agree with another psoter, it’s all way too vague isn’t it?

    Maybe he did mean in his mind someone else? LOL.

  925. 925
    sats in a spanish mag Says:

    taken in panama it hink as she watched daniel do the speedboat scenes. note tramp stamp in full view.
    she was downing the corona too.

  926. 926
    magazine Says:

    translates roughly as “look at the painting on the bond girl”..that’s nice and classy isn’t it?

  927. 927
    wtf? Says:

    The more I see of Satsuki’s actions the more I think Daniel just likes ***** now.

  928. 928
    def a chupacabra hater Says:

    so well said.
    and you can see her butt crack.
    hey gonk, your window is open a crack!
    lol lol lol~!

  929. 929
    Whatsup Says:

    I searched and read several interviews, cannot post all the links, too many. He has mentioned in several interviews that he would consider getting married one day and talks about why his first marriage failed, because he did not know how to be a husband. He mentioned that who he marries will be between him and the person that he marries and that he doesn’t believe it would ruin his Bond image. He NEVER mentions anything about wanting to have a baby one day. There were several articles, however, where he talked very highly of Satsuki, that she is the “rock” in his life that keeps him grounded. That I believe, as it is very clear that she is a very intelligent and strong woman that helps his head from not blowing up. It definitely comes across that he needs her and that she is a very important woman in his life.

  930. 930
    def a chupacabra hater Says:


    CRINGE! What a walking trainwreck…between seeing her butt crack in the above photo and watching the trailer trash walk down the red carpet and seeing what she wore to the Austrailian Quantum Premiere (in the the infamous ‘peasoup-green slutdress), she has zero class and decorum.
    No dignity. No self-respect, as the above posters started.

  931. 931
    never said it Says:

    yeah, he never said that.
    you keep making this sh*t up.

  932. 932
    to Cringe 930 Says:

    @def a chupacabra hater:
    correction, not Austrailian, should be Australian

  933. 933
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    I can’t keep up–surry board…
    to the person who mentioned Michael Gambon–I just watched him in another movie I love–”Life Aquatic”–I forgot he was in that! He is awesome. I would love to see Dan and him together again.

    mendel;Jason Isaac was in Peter Pan–the British version–he did a dual role, and was very awesome hotly. The long hair was definitely a character that i would have him wear for me too!! can’t wait to see him again–coming out soon!!

    and thanks for mentioning mi6 website, a good sense of sane information…will he be training difficult for the next bond? a reconstructed rotator cuff is awfully difficult to ignore if he trains like he did the first time! on the rings would be a no-no. and he does a lot of punching and throwing people….even if it is “adjusted” he was still very physical. maybe it will be more cerebral and technological science in this one… I wrote physical. aahhh. Physical and dan. Physical with dan. Okay. gotto go cool down. physically dan is wonderful. ~guinness. and i don’t post without saying so.

  934. 934
    to 930 Says:

    Well I can see the Mitchell Family Xmas Card for that year..

    …and this is our daughter Satsuki the Star. As you know she fell on her feet when she slept with Daniel Craig (Bond, you know) and is now his paid concubine.
    We are so very proud of her and she will get pregnant on purpose quite soon as he won;t marry her but she has the ring right? Good enough! No more bills and free food and beer for her. We are so very happy.
    We are looking forward to that as that means she will be rolling in the dollars for the rest of her life which means us too.
    Have a very refined classy Xmas!”

    (I’ve no doubt that Whatsup/tess etc will redo that their way…lol)

  935. 935
    Whatsup Says:

    @to 930:
    Perhaps if any of you had half a brain to post links to prove me wrong you may come across as more credible and not so angry jealous.
    lol lol lol lol

  936. 936
    to 892 Says:

    @ 06/10/2009 at 8:26 pm

    of course satsuki has a choice!! no one is holding a gun to the girl’s head. she is hanging around in the hope that daniel change his mind and marry her. it never entered her mind that maybe, just maybe, daniel will never come through. as for walking away, if i was with daniel and i wanted a husband and baby; you bet i’d walk away. so if satsuki is willing to be with a man, who so far, has showen little interested in getting married then good for her.

  937. 937
    a thought.. Says:

    why dont you join dtd and then you have access to as many interviews as you want.
    then you can take it up with the mods when you dont believe what he says in the interviews instead of lambasting and dissecting everything that a person posts on here to your advantage?

  938. 938
    Whatsup Says:

    @def a chupacabra hater:
    I’m curious, why are you always so angry?

  939. 939
    Whatsup Says:

    @a thought..:
    Remember, 1st Amendment Rights, Freedom of Speech?
    I can post on any website that I like, and express any thoughts I like.
    Remember? If you do not like my posts, then may I suggest you join another website to post your garbage and mis-quotes and ridiculous hate filled speculations about this beautiful couple. lol lol lol

  940. 940
    to whatsup Says:

    ….had half a brain

    Sorry not possible.
    The rest of us on here operate will full brain power!

    I’m come to the conclusion that your head is simply something you put a hat on isn’t it?

  941. 941
    to 938 Says:

    I’m curious why you can’t you deal with other people’s opinions rationally instead of posting every other time with your accusations?
    If this place is so bad, why are you here??

  942. 942
    to #928, 930 Says:

    @def a chupacabra hater:
    please don’t answer her.
    you know what to do.

  943. 943
    both of you.. Says:


    Take your bloody personal sh*t off her once and for all.
    Not only is it old and childish, it is ridiculous considering this crap has been ongoing for months now.

    I only hope JJ and Buzznet will continue to get both off you off.

  944. 944
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    Hello Kiwi. I apologize I forgot to mention, you are correct, Clancy Brown was in Highlander, great, great movie. He once said that when he plays a nice guy the movie always bombs, so he keeps doing the bad guys lol I think it’s his size and deep baritone voice that makes him so wonderful in his sinister parts. Such a generous and sweet man in real life. Another wonderful Clancy Brown movie is Hurricane with Denzel Washington and Shawshank Redemption.
    While looking up interviews for these idiots, I ran across an interview where Daniel Craig said one of his favorite Bond movies is, “With Russia with Love.” Now that would be a great remake also, don’t you think?

  945. 945
    to 942 Says:

    Mark Oshiro emailed me yesterday. Give it time.

  946. 946
    TO poster to 942 Says:

    @to #928, 930:
    Thank you for the warning. Yes, i know who she is.
    we all do. everyone gets the message. thanks.

  947. 947
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    @both of you..:
    Who is Eve and Cathy? Am I missing something?
    Now I’m totally lost. !!!!!!!!!! You people keep coming up with different stuff that makes no sense.

  948. 948
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    Kiwi when you come on, do you know what these idiots are babbling about now? Sounds like they’re threatening someone, but I don’t know who they’re talking about? Do you know?

  949. 949
    same old crap Says:

    Well I’m off to the real word full of sanity.

    Have a nice one y’all!

  950. 950
    to 934 Says:

    I hope he’s only paying her minimum wage-with that horse face, manly body and saggy t*ts she won’t be making a fortune. At least she’ll have beer and tat money-yes she is one classy gonk!!!

  951. 951
    to 925 Says:

    Yes the “movie producer” hard at work. Loved the pix of Daniel and Ella-a real hug of affection. That type of hug and affection is what everyone sees missing between Daniel and the gonk. All signs of affection are staged for the paps-St. Barths, Mr Chows, etc. It is interesting that with all the pix of Daniel and the gonk I have not seen one spontaneous or natural sign of affection between them.

  952. 952
    def a chupacabra hater Says:

    @to 930:
    to 934- The Manchell Family Xmas Card….

    Thanks for that great card! What a family the Gonk Butt Crack comes from.
    Drinkin’ beer and scarfin’ weenies. (hopefully not Daniels’).
    Beer guts all around, and Gonk Butt Crack most surely has a beer gut, you can see from her booze-filled st. barts vaca this past holiday.

  953. 953
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    @to 925:
    lol there have been several, but you idiots always think it’s staged lol
    and 952, my God you’re so angry and jealous. Satsuki has a beer gut !!!!! What kind of glasses are you wearing lol She is extremely athletic and has extremely flat abs. Wow, the jealousy of you people is unbelievable, but mostly hilarious lol lol lol lol
    I love her back tattoo, it’s beautiful and since Daniel has several tats, I’m sure he loves her tat. They seem to have a lot in common.

  954. 954
    to 953 Says:

    They seem to have a lot in common.

    Yes they are both apparently s l u t s.

  955. 955
    Re daniel Says:

    Daniel seems a bit affection starved.

  956. 956
    def a chupacabra hater Says:

    @to 953:
    They have nothing in common.
    Daniel is an A-list Movie Star.
    she is a wannabe nobody, and a groupie hanger-on.
    Daniel is sophisticated, cultured and oozing with class, refinement and manners.
    she is crass, rude, crude, nasty, a **** and a tramp with a stamp.
    Daniel is charming, dripping with charisma, fun and funny and affectionate. he is very social and loves being with his friends and family and having good times.
    she is miserable, depressing, always pissy and sour-faced, whiny, anti-social, insecure and weak, bossy, a b*tch. and a Nag.
    Daniel is extremely popular and greatly loved. Trillions of fans around the world.
    she is ice- cold and nasty, not liked, and even hated by many, if not most.

  957. 957
    to 951 Says:

    that picture of daniel hugging his daughter showed real love and affection. i can’t recall daniel ever hugging satsuki the same way. oh yes, i know; we have the pictures from st barts. the two of roamng around the beach. i just loved how thrilled daniel was to be holding satsuki in his arms. is it any wonder some people just don’t believe what we see. i still think that daniel has another girl somewhere in the back ground that he goes and visits a lot. and that satsuki could possibly be on her way out.

  958. 958
    kiwi58 Says:

    @Whatsup to Kiwi58: yip, re FRWL, seems to be everyones ‘fave’ SC Bond, it’s mine also, talking to some friends of the SC Bond era and they agree also… I loved Rosa Klebb with the knife in the toe of her shoe…lol… as for your query on who is wannabe etc. first time I posted on here was accused of being wannabe, WTF??? had no idea who or what they were talking about.. looked back seems it’s someone who’s not a hater of SM so anyone who disagrees with their comments is accused of being this person/s… *shrug* I’ve just quit trying to engage an intelligent conversation with them and ignore their psycho posts… I do wonder how old most of them are…??? I am a firm believer in WHAT YOU GIVE OUT, YOU GET BACK, Karma can be such a B*TCH. kia kaha

  959. 959
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    So nice to see you here, a normal face (so to be speak). Okay, now I get it with the wannabe thing. I noticed they were attaching my name to this wannabe name too. I guess the strangeness shouldn’t surprise me. It does seem like a worthless endeavor trying to make them understanding how stupid their hate, jealousy, etc., is. Like skin-head’s in America, who hate anyone that isn’t a christian white, they can never be changed from their ignorance, I guess the same is true for these babbling idiots.
    As for From Russia with Love, I completely forgot about the knife in the shoe, that really made me smile. Wasn’t that great. Imagine how they could remake that now with all the new technology in film. But who could play Rosa Klebb? mmmmmmm Now that’s something that would be a lot more fun to think about. I’m going to have to give that some thought and give my suggestions. Any ideas?
    Karma, yeah, 100% agree, but it’s too sad they will never realize that they are miserable because of all the misery they are putting into the world. Oh well, it really does make me more grateful for my life, listening and witnessing what these people are doing.

  960. 960
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    I just heard the most beautiful thing that a ten year old said before he passed away from a rare congential heart deformity, he passed away two years ago. He said, every action that we take, every message we send out, every interaction we have with others, is our spirtual message to the world. How beautiful is that. Made me cry.
    Makes me wonder what the spirtual message is of these “haters.” !!!!

  961. 961
    Re other woman Says:

    @to 951:

    What would make you think he has another woman on the side? There is nothing in his behaviour that suggest that he does and he is never seen with anyone else. Satsuki is always with him so I think that is impossible unless he really hides her.

  962. 962
    Whatsup to Kiwi58 Says:

    @Re other woman:
    lol He keeps the other woman locked up in the truck of his car lol lol lol lol

  963. 963
    Re other woman Says:

    The “other woman” theory is just that a theory.

  964. 964
    satsa! Says:

    i still think she looks horrible, he can’t take her
    of the red carpet anymore..

    and i’m sure she is pregnant now, because this ugly
    dress are for pregnant wimin..

  965. 965
    preggy Says:

    She has been preggy for years now…….I am not preggy and I wear dresses like that.

  966. 966
    intelligent head Says:

    Who has pictures of the premiere of Defiancé where Satsuki wore poodle outfit with jacket? I need a larger and clear pic where Satsuki is completely dressed in poodle outfit.

  967. 967
    Hello intelligent head Says:

    Again. Please tell me where you are from. How old are you? Just really want to understand your perspective. Not fishing for overly personal information. So do not take this as an insult in any way.

  968. 968
    amazed Says:

    full of psychos this board as usual..
    as for daniel, yes, he needs a woman at all times around him , doesnt matter what she is like or what she looks like,
    he’s that needy.

    as for spiritual messages being posted by someone who attacks other people, calls them liars etc…hypocritical no?

  969. 969
    intelligent head Says:

    Nobody wants communicate with YOU, eh? Bye bye

  970. 970
    Whatsup Says:

    Do you wake up so angry and hostile everyday?
    Very sad.

  971. 971
    Pictures Says:

    @intelligent head:

    go to or or there are tons of photos of them

  972. 972
    to 970 Says:

    Why do you have to question everyone every day and know why people are the way they are?
    Very sad.
    Why are you always on here posting after every post?
    Very sad.
    Why can’t you allow people to express themselves freely without recrimination and dissecting of their posts?
    Very sad.
    Why do you call people liars?
    Very sad.

  973. 973
    to amazed Says:

    as for spiritual messages being posted by someone who attacks other people, calls them liars etc…hypocritical no?

    Agree, but the only answer she has to that is to then accuse other people of being “angry” when they make valid points.
    You see those type of people cannot look inwards towards their faults only point at other people.
    As you can see, she doesn’t have a valid answer for any of those apart from accusations and the same question all the time.

    Ignore her. We all know her and her behavior by now.
    Really anyone who engages with her is too blame at this point.

    As JJ stated, this troll will fizzle when she doesn’t get the attention she doesn’t get anywhere else.
    Not too sure about the fizzling but at least don’t answer her. She’s as pointless as Satsuki’s ring on her finger. :)

  974. 974
    to 966 Says:

    Was the poodle outfit at the Paris premiere? I was laughing so hard at the outfit i didn’t focus on anything else. Too bad Blackwell died as i think Sats would have won top prize for worst dressed.

  975. 975
    to intell head Says:

    12/15/06 Rome

  976. 976
    to intell head Says:


  977. 977
    to intell head Says:


    they need a team of people to go to a restaurant..

  978. 978
    to intell head Says:


  979. 979
    to intell head Says:


    visiting the colesium in rome

  980. 980
    to intell head Says:

    babs and is that ballie walsh?


    as you can see security is not the issue as they entered apart but they left near each other.
    i am boggled as to why these two aren’t closer in their dynamics

    sats looks pissed off all the time.

  981. 981
    to s slumdog Says:

    wow, their dynamics or lack thereof speak volumes. the woman never looks happy does she?
    i mean what the hell doe she have to miserable about? i’d be there holding his hand.
    look at tom cruise and katie (cant stand them) and they are targeted by security issues all the time and you always see him holding her hand exiting restuarants and whatever.
    satsuki looks ice cold towards daniel.

  982. 982
    re adam lambert Says:

    “In terms of biology, Adam Lambert’s attractiveness is kind of bizarre. Some research shows that women like square jaws and deep brows—iconic masculine traits—when they’re looking for a fling. But we like more feminine traits when we’re looking for The One, the long-term mate. Lambert has a little bit of both going on for him, as anyone who saw his version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ can attest.

    “It may also go back to our childhood, as all things psychoanalytic seem to do. According to [psychoanalyst Dr. Gail Saltz], buried deep inside all of us is the childhood desire to be able to have everything and anything, whenever you want. So part of our fascination with Mr. Lambert is that we may want to be like him. ‘[Lambert] is the poster child for having it all,’ says Saltz. ‘Men want him, women want him, and that ambiguity is as hot as hell.’”

  983. 983
    to pic finder Says:

    WOW! where do you find all those old pics?

  984. 984
    to 980 Says:

    I would be pissed if i knew i gave up my life for someone then realized he would never make the ultimate commitment.

  985. 985
    to 984 Says:

    Well yes but consider this: did anyone force her to leave 2929 productions and “give up her life?”.
    No. She made up her own mind.
    I don’t feel one iota of sadness for her.

    If she was given a “false pretence” in which to do that then she must wise up and take action.
    Blaming other people for what happens or does not in your life is a very lame way of doing things.
    The life she is leading now is considerably better than the one before no matter if he marries her.
    Think about it.
    I guess it all comes down to what she finds more important.

  986. 986
    to 985 right on Says:

    well said, too many people think of “poor old satsuki”.
    if she doesnt like the life and the “terms” of it, then leave right?
    i mean really, if she stays and pisses and moans, which we have no proof of , but if she does, then that’s her own look out but somehow she’ll stay and hang on as the lifestyle, travel, clothes, not having to worry about rent, bills etc, publicity for her own “ventures” outweighs ever marrying the man.

    i’m sure she has weighed the options or the other one which is leave, and have none of those left.

  987. 987
    to 985 Says:

    I think the woman is an arrogant pitt bull who hates the paps and Daniel’s fans because they love him and hate her. I love it that the paps would rather take pix of Daniel and his daughter vs. the ugly pitt bull.
    She seems like a spoiled brat who was used to getting her own way but now she is low man on the totem pole. I think Daniel will just drag the gonk around for a few more years then give her the heave-ho back to Oregon.

  988. 988
    to 987 Says:

    She seems like a spoiled brat

    Well if she wasn’t before, she is now and that is precisely why she’ll stay, no matter what Daniel chooses to do.
    To give up that lifestyle would be too much for her ego.
    If she will never have Daniel as a “husband” technically then what she has now is acceptable I guess.
    She’ll never “go back” to her old stomping grounds because she has too much pride.
    I’m sure her “friends” are wondering why Daniel hasn’t stepped up by now as I’m sure her family is but they will advise her to “hang on dear, as you have too much to lose, this is better than nothing”.

  989. 989
    to 987 Says:

    the only time satsuki smiles for the paps is when she thinks it’s to her benifit. you know, for most of the pictures at st barts, the red carpet ones; etc. the rest of the time she just glares in anger; poor dear. she looks so miserable. then there’s keeley shaye smith, wife of pierce brosnan. such a lovely lady, she may not be happy to the see the paps but she’s gracious about it. she’ll stand beside her husband and smile for the picture. not only that, keeley is gracious towards fans who ask for autographs from her husband. satsuki could/should learn some things from keeley.

  990. 990
    to 988 Says:

    I think Daniel will just drag the gonk around for a few more years

    I don’t know about that. I think for him a Gonk is better than no Gonk and I think he can’t be bothered even looking for someone new at this stage of the game.
    Remember she knew him before Bond happened and that goes a long way in his mind I think.
    Maybe he thinks all other women would after him for his mega cash now.
    Sad to say really but maybe that’s his frame of mind and that is why she will be secure within his “court” of jesters.

  991. 991
    intelligent head Says:

    To Satslumdog,
    Hey you are a dandy! Mister paparazzi! 1*!

    I think long time this: at the beginning Satsuki acted like a serious, cold and smart woman and like a movie producer but then it fell down with her, she has became to be an idiot horse. When Daniel himself firstly showed to public as he became a Bond so there are pics where Satsuki rides the high horse, her mouth is up and she looks coddled.
    Then she started to open a huge mouth and show to all her teeth.
    At the beginning she wore scarfs and dress with collar because of an adam’s apple but then she stopped to wear it.
    Her behaviour says she lived alone before meeting Daniel and we see she is apart from people and Daniel, she has no social graces to others, but when she is talking with someone – Ukraine lady next to her or Babs so she exaggerates (pushes too far) to be a big friend, she laughs like a horse and again she looks she has not decorum. Her mouth is up always. Maybe she plays fake game on Daniel but because Daniel is a right man so he ignores what she wears, how she acts, what she does and he does not see truth and it’s bad because his image is not good because of her. He tolerates her but he ruins his image which is important for his career and status.
    Satsuki needs to kick her bigheaded man’s ass by someone and Daniel should go to cold shower. Both are two clowns in a public and in private.

  992. 992
    to 989 Says:

    I agree with you there about Keeley. She is a very secure happy woman and Pierce is not afraid of showing how much he loves on the red carpet either!
    Always hugging and kissing her both on and off on a constant basis.
    No scowling from her.
    She does step back on the red carpet as she knows it’s NOT about her.
    Well that’s difference between a “lady” and a “tramp” isn’t it?


  993. 993
    intelligent head Says:

    agree with the poster who said that a woman should to smile with close mouth. The Ukrainian lady smiled decently but Satsuki looked like a laughing horse next to her. In the video Olga smiles normally but Satsgonk is a horse and this Satsgonk loves a fame which is not her. video here:

  994. 994
    gonk Says:

    i think she doesn’t trust daniel, she doesn’t trust anyone around him either. but she loves the perks.

  995. 995
    intelligent head Says:

    there is another video with Carina Murino and Daniel, look how Caterina acts, she is no sticking woman like TagSatsGonk

  996. 996
    to 995 Says:

    Caterino is a beautiful European cat. There isn’t any need for her be a sticking woman to anyone.
    Like Eva.
    They have an independent confidence in who they are you see for being themselves.
    There isn’t any need for any woman with talent and inner self confidence to have to sleep with a star to become one.

  997. 997
    intelligent head Says:

    Has anyone noticed that Olga is green eyed ?

  998. 998
    mendel Says:

    to Satslumdog

    Thanks! Great pictures! Much appreciated!

    ‘i am boggled as to why these two aren’t closer in their dynamics

    sats looks pissed off all the time’

    Agree on both counts. Sats looks miserable on so many pictures, you wonder what is up with her? I mean, her life can’t be that unhappy, surely? I thought the latest pictures (from yesterday) were quite telling. There was Dan hugging his daughter, such a heartwarming daddy hug, and then while he was still waving at her, Sats turned to the Paps with a face like death. Actually, to me that was like a dose of cold water after all the lovely huggy pictures. I actually jumped back from the screen, lol.

    to Guinness (a few pages back)

    I think Dan will still be a very physical Bond, that’s the nature of his interpretation of the character, and I think that if he is no longer fit to do the physical stunts, he’ll stop playing Bond. He really seems to love all the action stuff. And hmmm, physical action…yeah…my mind wanders again…

  999. 999
    to 998 Says:

    I actually jumped back from the screen, lol.

    Wow that’s not good when that happens, lol.
    She does have that type of “don’t f*ck with me” look there again, Daniel does too especially in those pics as he spots the paps himself.
    But I agree, she is quite the bulldog.

  1000. 1000
    yeah! Says:


    Satsuki is a tramp!!!!!!!!!!!

  1001. 1001
    intelligent head Says:


  1002. 1002
    not welcome in fiona's pad Says:

    you do realize that if sats wasn’t there daniel would have gone into the house with ella?
    i think he didn’t go in because then she would to either have to wait in the car (wouldnt look good in front of the paps and i’m sure she wouldnt anyway) so they decided that daniel say bye and just leave.
    why daniel couldnt just drop her off alone i dont know but it seems that sastuki going inside wasnt an option.
    i dont think fiona likes satsuki or has time for her.
    sats looks like “thank god the daughter is gone now i can be number one again”.

  1003. 1003
    to 1002 Says:

    there could be several reason why daniel didn’t go inside the house with ella. the first could be that neither daniel nor his ex-wife get along any more. the only communication they may have is only when it concerns ella. the second reason may be that ex-wife does not like satsuki and has made it clear she is not welcome. so daniel couldn’t very well leave satsuki outside in the car. it would have been rude.

  1004. 1004
    to 1003 Says:

    They do get on but Satsuki is not entirely welcome there.
    If Daniel doesn’t want to “be rude” to Satsuki, then she could have stayed at home couldnt she? At least that would have eased that awkwardness that situation can bring out.
    What kind of impression does that give to Ella that her own father can’t come in because of the g/f? Yes doesn’t show her mother in a very good light but who can blame Fiona, so therefore Daniel should know that situation by now and left Satsuki at home for once.
    It made it an really tense situation for Ella and Ella alone never mind Satsuki, nothing to do with her is it?
    Really all it takes is a little logic.

  1005. 1005
    to 1003 Says:

    it would have been rude.

    Don’t agree. Not as rude as Satsuki being there.
    Satsuki should NOT have gone along knowing that there is possible tension at these “drop off” occasions and knowing that Daniel can’t go in when she tags along.
    Yes, maybe Daniel didnt want to go in but really, she should give him that option.
    I’m sure he didnt want to drop Ella off at the gate either. That was rude in my opinion.
    She has little respect for Ella then and Daniel should know better.
    Both of them are really in a world of their own when it comes to certain situations I’ve seen.

  1006. 1006
    Fiona Says:

    It’s almost unbelievable what kind of assumption are made when a father drops his teenage daughter at the frontdoor of her home.
    She’s 16 years, she is able to walk alone into the house.

  1007. 1007
    ella comes first daniel! Says:

    im sure ella really loved being dumped at the gate, not.
    ella comes first and he should not worry about gonk. leave her at home. ella and gonk can say goodbyes there as it is it doesnt look like gonk even hugged ella.
    none of the other pics ive seen of that morning show her doing that.

    BUT that is so like the gonk isnt it? has to be number one so she rides along knowing the tension it would bring.

    because she was there daniel had to hug his daughter before the paps AND one of the pics not posted shows her face too.
    daniel and ella would have left the car gone inside immediately and said goodbye privately.
    THAT is what would have happened if gonk wasnt there. how selfish of her and how ill-planned by daniel.

  1008. 1008
    to fiona Says:

    It’s almost unbelievable what kind of assumption are made when a father drops his teenage daughter at the frontdoor of her home.
    She’s 16 years, she is able to walk alone into the house

    Irrespective of how old she is. Daniel strikes me as a gentleman and would walk his daughter to the door and inside.
    There is a reason he didn’t and one can likely presume that Satsuki is the reason.
    I’m sure Daniel would have preferred NOT to have given the press a field day on that out of RESPECT for Ella.

  1009. 1009
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to amazed:
    Not too sure about the fizzling but at least don’t answer her. She’s as pointless as Satsuki’s ring on her finger. :)
    Great comment and entirely true.

  1010. 1010
    to 1006 Says:

    sorry, i’m 29 and my dad walks me to my door and inside.
    there are things done in private that daniel should do and keep ella as private as possible although im beginning to think maybe he doesn’t really care after the st barths fiasco.
    he was mad as he spotted the paps and probably thought “we should be doing this indoors”.
    I’m sure fiona is quite unhappy with all the pics of ella now over the internet.

  1011. 1011
    intelligent head Says:

    Satsuki should stay at home in Maida Vale and Daniel could normally take Ella to her mom and for short time talk to Fiona. I don’t know why Satsuki went with them, what she ever did in the car, she should to respect/know that Daniel only escorts Ella to her house, but she must be everywhere, even at a toilet. Ella really can’t be all day only with daddy, Satsuki sits next to them and she is a pain in the ar*se.

  1012. 1012
    to 1008 Says:

    I’m sure Fiona dreads Ella going out with her father as she does not know if there will be pictures of her 16 year old daughter over the internet the next day.
    Satsuki does not seem to care either way about Ella’s “privacy” but is maybe battling now for Daniel’s attention.
    Looks like she couldn’t wait to get away quick enough as Daniel was still waving goodbye.

  1013. 1013
    mendel Says:

    to #1002

    ‘why daniel couldnt just drop her off alone’

    I was wondering about that, too. I mean, they weren’t dressed as if they were going somewhere afterwards, so why did Dan not drop her off alone? That would be the perfect opportunity to have some alone time with his daughter. Even if everybody gets along splendidly, there is something very special about having time alone with one of your parents. And with Dan being so much in the public eye, those alone times must be rare enough…

  1014. 1014
    intelligent head Says:

    yes, Daniel should kiss and huge Ella at her house, not outside the house and let her to go alone

  1015. 1015
    to 1011 Says:

    Ella really can’t be all day only with daddy, Satsuki sits next to them and she is a pain in the ar*se.

    That’s a good point. DOES Ella ever spend alone time with Daniel? I mean it looks like she doesn’t as I’ve never seen any pics of them alone with Satsuki.
    I’m sure there’s some but I bet they are in the minority. and no doubt would be printed also.
    Yes, I’m sure Ella likes Satsuki but quality alone time with her dad she rarely sees for months on end?
    It’s important.

  1016. 1016
    gonk Says:

    gonk looks like a ill tempered control freak and daniel is softer in nature.
    work it out.
    i’m sure he has to ask her permission to go for a sh*t.

  1017. 1017
    to mendel Says:

    Well said and reflects my points in 1015 perfectly.

  1018. 1018
    tacky Says:

    Well whatever made then say goodbye in front of paps they clearly knew were there, is summed up in one word – cheesy.

  1019. 1019
    Pictures Says:

    Are there any pictures of Satsuki hugging Ella?

  1020. 1020
    maybe Says:

    maybe daniel and satsuki can’t do anything privately (apart from the basic things) now? press whores?
    maybe they’re afraid to be left alone as they just sit and look at each other, maybe they need the paps to be able to interact?

    oh hang on, they rarely interact when they’re scrap that.

  1021. 1021
    to 1019 Says:

    None on this “shoot” and none that I have come across anywhere else.

  1022. 1022
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to intell head:
    THANK YOU Satslumdog again for the best photos! A great run of pictures.

    And posters # 985, 986 and 987 are right on target!

    Wow, it looks like the gf is on a permanent run to and from funerals, with the sourpuss nasty fug face she has on. Or they were in another fight.
    Or maybe someone passed away and that is why she looks so unhappy…but for years on end.??

    The only thing one can say is that the girlfriend is Unhappy with her life, she surely HATES her life, and Daniel too, from the looks of it.

    Gonk should spare the viewing public and quit her job with Daniel, because that is all there is!
    For her it is just business and a J-O-B and she hates it!

    These pics were taken in Dec. 2006, and yet they look no different in the girlfriends’ attitude than the pics and photos taken recently.
    The same indifferent attitude of the gonk, her ice -coldness and the tremendous distance both physically and emotionally between Daniel and her.

  1023. 1023
    mendel Says:

    to #1017

    Well said, too :)

    to #1021

    Would you happen to know why there were Paps outside Ella’s house? How did they know Dan would drop her off at that particular time? Or did they follow the car?
    I presume there are usually no Paps outside her house? Why yesterday? Was there anything special about yesterday?

  1024. 1024
    to 1022 Says:

    That is why I posted them to show you nothing dynamically has changed.
    Just look at the most recent sightings too. The Ivy, Nobu.
    Daniel clearly likes being alone and walking alone except on the red carpet.
    Maybe the is the odd occasion when he holds hands with her but rarely.
    Maybe he feels awkward when around his daughter and relatives so he brings her along as the third wheel?
    Maybe she just sits there and talks about herself so he can just relax and not talk at all and drink beer?

  1025. 1025
    f*cking sham Says:

    How anyone can say these two are a dynamically a happy couple I don’t know and b.s. to people who go on about security as they left together and on the red carpet where they have to hold hands.

    Otherwise they act like strangers.

    The video of him running in to the QoS party in Panama was telling too. He left her in the dust and again, they left together so security doesn’t come into it.

  1026. 1026
    to mendel. Says:

    There are some paps outside Fiona’s house and like Maida Vale, they have to be a certain distance away.
    Whether these are from parked paps or from some that followed him, like the ATM pics, it’s hard to tell.

    I’m sure he has had pics taken of him dropping off Ella since she became 16 but no agencies picked up the pictures until now it seems. I have not seen any.

    They all make it so easy for a pap frenzy though and should have avoided it. But again, someone made some nice money on these.

  1027. 1027
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    WTF? There may always be reasons-like they were leaving the country and had to travel together…or for whatever reasons they had to travel together and drop her off….

    I hope he is okay. why didn’t he tell sats he wanted father time? He gives so much not to get anything in return. sats was wrong and selfish to not give him this precious time with ella–absolutely agree. I usually give her the benefit of doubt sometimes because she didn’t cause “situations” that turned into bad press for them…but damn, she really lost what respect i had for her with this move. This is basic human emotions here…and she showed what little respect she has for the man who said he may marry her? ~guinness…wtf? “nuff said.

  1028. 1028
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @f*cking sham:
    Thanks again Satslumdog.
    THis is a F*CKING SHAM!!!
    who do they think they are fooling? I guess the ‘Cinderellas’!

    And they cannot even fake it anymore, Daniel is not even trying to. And now everyone else, the paps and journalists, have caught on to their sham and it is all backfiring on them.

    I think it is the girfriend who has pushed herself into his life- as you and so many other posters have been saying for months- Gonk has NO WHERE else to go but a long LONG LOOOOOOONG way down!!!

    She really hates her JOB with him and she should quit. I am sure he will hold the door open for her on her way out! Perhaps he will give her a teeny tiny ‘bronze, not golden’ parachute for leaving quietly.!

    And by her actions, and lack of them, she acts like she hates Daniel too.

    But her ego is too big and she will not leave the 5-star lifestyle she is used to living.

    Where else will she be able to walk down the red carpet. ?
    WHO else would she be if she was not Daniel Craigs’ glum gonk?

  1029. 1029
    intelligent head Says:

    They live together only because of premieres, they make a parade show of their clown’s relationship.
    They are clowns at premiers just as they look in the same way in private.
    I once said that Daniel lives invidually – for himself.
    There are people who have a partner but they still feel alone, if Daniel really was in love he should to look at Satsuki as well when she looked at him at the Oscar or BAFTA but he “wittingly” ignores her look on him. Daniel never returned look on Satsuki, but there is a pic on my site and Daniel has adorable look on Heike, very in love. That means he can it (be in love, look at woman) but not for Satsuki, only when he wants s e x and maybe he does not look at Satsuki during sexing. I realized that pics on the beach from St.Barth were really show for paps, he wanted show to all that James Bond is on Holiday and everybody saw he is with girlfriend, he plays this game from the start when he became Bond and Satsuki is his representative gf.
    But he still does not know that true is his fans fluff the bloke it. He thinks his fans and others are stupid that they don’t see it.

  1030. 1030
    to guinness Says:

    They are still in London so no travel at the moment.

  1031. 1031
    to 1029 Says:

    he wanted show to all that James Bond is on Holiday

    No, disagree.
    SHE wanted to show she was on holiday with James Bond and NOT the beer guzzling, crisp eating, slightly pot bellied relaxed “I’m on holiday and I don’t give a crap” Daniel.
    So after their tiff, he acquiesced and donned the Speedos and started the Show.
    That’s where his relaxing ended until he got drunk at the Kings of Leon party.

  1032. 1032
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    @1031. crap. thanks. He better get to NYC soon. Without dragon lady.
    I could go and prepare his abode for arrival!! Some silk linens…some roses spread all over the place…chocolate…privacy…whatever he wants…
    um. what was the question? surry.

    I actually jumped back from the screen, wrote Mendel. Awesome. I laughed out loud at the screen!! thank you.

    will someone notify me when he flies to NYC???? that would be great!!!

    ~guinness, waiting patiently for Broadway tickets—JJ?

  1033. 1033
    to 1028 Says:

    Love your description-glum gonk!! You make a very interesting point- I too get the feeling that the gonk hates Daniel. It always looks like she is being forced to do something she hates. He doesn’t look at her adoringly like other men look at their gfs, many times he is running away from her and there is no casual touching (ie. stroking an arm) between them. Their dynamics are just very strange and impersonal.

  1034. 1034
    mendel Says:

    to Satslumdog

    Thanks for the info on Paps. It’s strange to imagine that Paps might be hanging around somebody’s house nearly permanently? Don’t they get bored? Or do they just appear occasionally after a tip off? It’s just such a weird life-style. But then, it might beat the office job, lol.
    It must be hard if you are constantly in the public eye, and I can understand that celebrities get angry at Pap intrusion on their private life, but on the other hand, they probably devise plenty of ways to avoid the Paps. Dan himself said that he is good in avoiding Pap attention (link to interview provided by somebody here). Also, it’s probably like with a lot of other things in your life (like filling in your tax return…), you may not like it, but get used to it and try to make the best of it.


    ‘That is why I posted them to show you nothing dynamically has changed. …
    Daniel clearly likes being alone and walking alone except on the red carpet. …
    Maybe she just sits there and talks about herself so he can just relax and not talk at all and drink beer?’

    You know, reading that makes me really sad. Sounds kind of…soulless to me.

  1035. 1035
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1028:
    to 1033:
    I know, i am beginning to feel that she really does NOT like him at all.
    And most certainly no ‘love’ there.
    (whooopsy daisy…., i mean, “what a loved-up couple and sources say that they will marry after Quantum of Solace wraps”- sure. of course. )

    Doesn’t she look like someone is threatening her or , as you stated, she is being FORCED to do something, like walk with Daniel, that she definitely hates doing?

    Speaking of looking at the Glum GOnk ‘adoringly’, I’ll take it one step further….Daniel does not look at her at all!

    And she had the same attitude on the Oscars red carpet when she had to stop and turn around for photo ops(rolling her eyes, God forbid she is put out) .

  1036. 1036
    glum gonk Says:

  1037. 1037
    to 1034 Says:

    They may get bored but the money to be made makes up for that.
    Yes it’s their job.
    Not on a permanent basis with Fiona’s but outside Daniel’s, yes.

  1038. 1038
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @glum gonk:

    Sweet. That photo is totally cuter than the Glum Gonk!!
    At least the troll in the photo is SMILING and is CUTE!

    Can’t say the same for the Glum Gonk.

  1039. 1039
    to 1035 Says:

    rolling her eyes, God forbid she is put out.

    Maybe she was just exercising her eyelids?

    ;) lol.

  1040. 1040
    gonk troll Says:

    Looks like her coming out of the water on St Barths.

  1041. 1041
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    Sounds kind of…soulless to me.
    ‘SOULLESS’ is the perfect word.
    Glum Gonk is exactly like a Chupacabra.
    Soulless, and feeds on others and their life force!!!!.

  1042. 1042
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @gonk troll:
    TO #1040!

    The most excellent picture capturing the Glum Gonk as the ‘Chupacabra gf!’

    I will try to find a pic of the Chupacabra and see how similar it is t o your picture of the Glum Gonk.

  1043. 1043
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @gonk troll:

    TO #1040 (gonk troll)-
    Check out this link for a pic of the Chupacabra monster (aka Goat Sucker) in question: But I think your pic could be just as accurate.

  1044. 1044
    mendel Says:

    to #1031

    ‘the beer guzzling, crisp eating, slightly pot bellied relaxed “I’m on holiday and I don’t give a crap” Daniel.’

    That made me laugh! Brit on holiday, lol!

    ‘So after their tiff, he acquiesced and donned the Speedos and started the Show.’

    Once Bond, always Bond…poor guy! Not that I am complaining about the Speedos, but he really deserved a break! But then, he should have just said no and stuck to his beer and crisps. It was his holiday, too!

    to Guinness

    ‘I could go and prepare his abode for arrival!! Some silk linens…some roses spread all over the place…chocolate…privacy…whatever he wants…
    um. what was the question? surry. ‘

    Sounds perfect. Just don’t forget the crisps and beer – he might be a bit bored with champaigne! :)

  1045. 1045
    Whatsup Says:

    omg you people are so angry and jealous and pathetic lol lol lol
    I went back and read some more threads and posts to understand what has been going on here and someone mentioned that there is an “old virgin” on this board.
    I believe it 100%.
    I read your hate filled idiotic posts and it is so clear that you girls, probably teens, except for the old virgin, have no experience with men or relationships or with having a family.
    Let’s also remember that Daniel himself has said that he was not a good father. A man doesn’t become a good father over night. With Daniel I doubt that he will ever be a great father and since he is older and is aware of his inability to be a great father, I doubt that he will ever have another child.
    The man has also been reported to be very paranoid in nature, and I am 100% certain that he asks Sats to go with him everywhere out of his paranoia. It is clear that he does not want to be alone, and hates it when he is.
    He depends and needs Satsuki and I am sure it wears on poor Satsuki.
    People keep asking how do the paps know where he is, because, idiots, they follow him, they have even almost driven him off the road before.
    Also idiots, just because there were no published pictures of her hugging the daughter doesn’t mean none were taken. It is a well known fact that gossip rags and such only purchase photos that can cause a stir and more gossip, because that is the heart of their business.
    It speaks so loudly and clearly how stupid all of you are to read so much into a few photographs you see. I would never have believed that anyone could be so stupid if I had not come here to witness this stupidity with my own two eyes !!!! Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to not be able to figure out that Sats got out of the car, so of course she got out to say good-bye to the daughter and to give her a hug. She holds hands with the daughter, so of course she hugs her too. It is obvious that the daughter likes Sats very much, most likely loves her like a step-mother after fives years. But since you idiots obviously have no experience with these kinds of situations you wouldn’t have the first clue to understand.
    What a bunch of babbling idiots all of you are. Never seen so much ignorance in one place.

  1046. 1046
    to 1042 Says:

    We can keep this on standby by too. :)
    As for “souless”, Satsuki reminds me of the Death Eater characters out of the HP novels.
    They suck the souls out of people.

  1047. 1047
    to 1046 Says:

    to 1046
    lol, your Troll Spray came a little late…but maybe..just maybe…

    to WHATSUP:
    “What a bunch of babbling idiots all of you are. Never seen so much ignorance in one place.”

    Then go elsewhere then. So simple even a child can do it.
    Blah Blah Blah……………………

  1048. 1048
    to the board Says:

    For all of you to post whenever “What’s up (her ****)” posts or to listen too.
    Same thing really.

  1049. 1049
    to the BIG FAT TROLL Says:

    If you can’t have a conversation no matter if it doesnt coincide with your views, then piss off and try to atagonize another board.

  1050. 1050
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1042:
    Thanks, but I could not access the pics (‘forbidden”)-
    AND YES wehen mendel posted the word Soulless, i also thought of the HP books and the dreaded Death Eaters who DO suck the life out of people, to their death!

    Glum Gonk sure sucks the life out of all the photos, that is FOR SURE!!

    She brings down the whole mood when she is papped!!
    But Daniel and his daughter hugging, that was a warm and fuzzy feeling!
    Daniel has shown he is truly warm and passionate with the right people who are loving towards him and towards people he loves!

    Glum Gonk ,on the other hand ,looks like a tortured soul! And, completely Soulless!

    I can see where glum gonk definitely resents the daughter for the way that Daniel is so openly loving, caring, sweet and warm towards Ella.

  1051. 1051
    to 1043 Says:

    LOL, that’s Gonk to a T!
    That’s her defence mode when she sees another woman coming up to Dan.

  1052. 1052
    to 1045 Says:

  1053. 1053
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to the board:
    TO 1048 “To the board”-

    Love that! Thanks and be assured that will be put to excellent and efficient use!
    thank you again!

  1054. 1054
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1043:
    I was also looking at the Blood Sucking Leetch, but decided against posting that because although they are gross and slimy, they can be used for good for medicinal/medical purposes (for blood clotting if necessary and such), so for now, the Blood sucking leetch is safe….ALTHOUGH I will add that one part of the Chupacabra’s innate ‘characteristics is tearing apart it’s vicitms, a very Very bloody mess results…..
    RUN Daniel RUN!!

  1055. 1055
    ny defiance Says:

    wasn’t it on the NY Defiance premiere that he was asked whether it was a date night out as Liev turned up with Naomi too and he answered” we dont have those anymore ‘ or something and she gave him a little snotty smile?
    anyone remember that?

  1056. 1056
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1043:

    I guess the St. barts Saline Beach PAP IN A BOX had a lucky star with him that afternoon. Looks like daniel intervened humanely before the Chupa could get her teeth into him!~ poor pap-in-a- box!

  1057. 1057
    get lost Says:

    Satsuki? On yer bike…………..(which in the UK means, get lost).

  1058. 1058
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @ny defiance:
    yes i remember that very well.
    I guess he was telling the world that he does not have fun anymore with the glum gonk.
    his life force has been siphoned out and dried up.

  1059. 1059
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @get lost:
    RE: “on yer bike”

    thanks for that!
    (That’s a new expression for some of us Yanks!)

  1060. 1060
    to 1058 Says:

    Yes she didn’t look too happy when he said it. Of course, he was using the Brit dry sarcasm but underneath that sarcasm lies a grain of truth. Always does.

  1061. 1061
    dude looks like a lady Says:

    i see cher’s daughter is undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

    wonder how it’ll turn out, hope she doesnt go to any surgeons in oregon

  1062. 1062
    to mendel Says:

    “the beer guzzling, crisp eating, slightly pot bellied relaxed “I’m on holiday and I don’t give a crap” Daniel.”

    That made me laugh! Brit on holiday, lol!

    Yes I know and something he really wanted to be on St Barths but alas, he was not afforded it after their “tiff that was seen around the world” about his drinking (CoronaGate).
    So he put on the tights and pranced around.

  1063. 1063
    Prickles' girlfriend Says:

  1064. 1064
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @Prickles’ girlfriend:
    Who is Prickles’?

    btw, beautiful song and beautiful music. Thanks for the link.

  1065. 1065
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    #1057, I think I coined the term “Pap-in-a-box” in d2d disagreement with GG? Or are great minds melding??? nice. It is a great big discussion that drove me closer to being ousted from there…but I would regret anything I write here that would drive you or any poster over there. Anyway-that island fiasco was an epiphany for Daniel…but I think he missed the calling!! Does something bad have to happen to this man to wake up and find the Death Eater next to him is really a soulless, man-hater!! Or at least Daniel-hater. I think that needs more discussion…interesting point. very good about her not liking him anymore, because he is NOT showing any emotion for her. whatever. Maybe they lost something together and he just is being gallant about the relationship. Or maybe he is really bipolar and schizophrenic which could explain ALOT!!

    MENDEL: that was cool how we were discussing HP and your comment about death eater soulless stuff came out…it explains her better. Nice. And I miss my avatar that was made for me, it had him in the photo the day on the private beach and he was arguing with sats and his hand is out toward her with a scowl on his face with just his wonderful commando khaki columbia-style shorts on…it said, “give me the car keys so i can have guinness and get Layed”…or something like that…or “guinness and lays a nice combo”-or “gettin’ layed with my guinness” or guinness and Lays go together nicely in bed-and no champagne! bubbly makes me bubbly and he would miss out on our only night together. I have since then began drinking corona. That is good mexican beer. what the….yeah, I was smoking my crack, surry. okay, what was the question? oh, mendel, love reading your posts–and a few others I can’t identify!
    ~guinness, ciao till tomorrow. NYC for him? um, JJ you can send the tickets to Mendel too…we only need 2 right?

  1066. 1066
    Chupacabra hater too Says:


    TO Guinness: RE: Pap in the Box term. maybe you did coin it but somehow it got over here.
    And i think that MANY great minds are melding, and coming up with the same ideas and conclusions about Daniel and the Chupa.!

    Guinness, i can see with your views and perspectives that it may cause a bit of ‘dismay’ and ‘concern’ with the powers that be over at d2d-
    I don’t know who GG is, but it sounds like GG are the initials for “Great Grandmother” LOL! LOL ! LOL!
    So are they a bunch of old hags over there? You are probably better off over here. At least we welcome your comments.
    And there is nothing you could post that would drive me over to d2d or any site that is so controlling that if you don’t post what they approve of, they will BAN you off of the site. More Nazi -control tactics.

    Regarding ‘initials’, the girlfriend’s initials are CC, for ChupaCabra!

  1067. 1067
    to 1065 Says:

    I mentioned the Death Eaters actually but what the diff right?
    Bi-polar? Maybe. I think anyone who invites that amount of fame into his life will pay for it sooner or later.
    I hope he thinks it’s worth it but I would think after all the furor dies down he will retire with his millions and drink himself into an early grave.
    I think Satsuki is there for three reasons:
    to deter other women away as he gets maybe annoyed or flustered by that,
    to organize his personal life
    to stroke his ego on a constant basis.

  1068. 1068
    to 1067 Says:

    I think Satsuki is there for three reasons:
    to deter other women away as he gets maybe annoyed or flustered by that,
    to organize his personal life
    to stroke his ego on a constant basis.

    Well wouldn’t that be a paid assistant/concubine then?

  1069. 1069
    to 1025 Says:

    in all the pictures i’ve seen of pierce brosnan and his wife keeley they are always walking together. it doesn’t matter who else is there, she is close by. no way would pierce have allowed keely to walk into a building like that. oh sure, if she’s with one of their sons definitely. but there would not be such a large distance between pierce and keeley.

  1070. 1070
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1065:
    I see your point, all 3 of them, but from the photos and the looks they have in almost all the pics out there…stroking his ego?? No, it seems to me more today than ever, that Chupacabra does NOT stroke his ego much if at all. it really looks like they don’t even speak, no communication, no sincere, genuine physical contact or affection. No loving or supportive gestures that are genuine and sincere.
    NO interaction between the two. That is why i am sure the Chupa does not stroke his ego hardly ever, let alone on a consistent basis..

  1071. 1071
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1067:
    1#1067…….I think Satsuki is there for three reasons:
    to deter other women away as he gets maybe annoyed or flustered by that,
    to organize his personal life
    to stroke his ego on a constant basis.
    = “Paid Girlfriend”/Gopher.

  1072. 1072
    Ego Says:

    If she is not stroking his ego she is definately stroking something else that is working for him ….lol

  1073. 1073
    to 1070 Says:

    Totally agree with your take on things. I believe when the gonk started going out with Daniel (around CR time) she fully expected the public to love her as though she was just as important as Daniel. Well the public does not like her and that is why she hates Daniel’s fans. I don’t think she gets it that she has not done anything for people to love her as they do Daniel. I just think she is so full of herself she can not see the real picture. She needs to take a look in the mirror and see the glum gunk that everyone else sees.

  1074. 1074
    to 1071 Says:

    Maybe Gonk is jealous that she gave up her career and has not achieved her ultimate goals of being his wife and maybe having her career benefit in some way?
    The question is:
    Does Gonk resent Daniel now?
    There is a very thin line between admiration and jealousy.

  1075. 1075
    to 1073 Says:

    She needs to take a look in the mirror and see the glum gunk that everyone else sees.

    She won’t as I feel her personality will not allow that “flaw” to happen.
    She’s way to over confident and smug for that to happen.
    I don’t think she knows the meaning of being humble and it is rubbing off on Daniel like a smell of burnt bacon.

  1076. 1076
    to 1065 Says:

    Love your take on St. Barths. I always thought Daniel was having the time of his life when he was flirting with the blonde at the party. I loved the look on the gonk’s face as she stood in the backround watching him have fun-priceless!!

  1077. 1077
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1071:
    I totally agree with you.
    As Daniel has become more and more high profile since Bond, the Chupacabra has been very busy building herself a nasty, snotty, snobby mean and fugly fug reputation all by herself!
    And now she wonders WHY ME?
    She created her own Chupacabra monster and now she has to live with the image she built and has projected of herself.
    She can’t go back and change that now.
    She will have to ride with it….hopefully off into the sunset alone!!

  1078. 1078
    to 1074 Says:

    I could see her being upset over not having a career or marriage. I just don’t see her as a warm, loving mother. She just seems so cold and arrogant. I actually think a baby might be another person she would have to compete with for Daniel’s attention.

  1079. 1079
    to 1076 Says:

    well i think there you have it. i think he wants to break free and shag a different woman every week and get plastered and do his art and have solo days with ella.

  1080. 1080
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1071:
    I agree with you.

    The simple matter of fact is that the Chupacabra was ‘gunning” for marriage, 10-star living, the red carpet show, and ‘the whole enchilada with a movie star ‘ before she even landed in H’wood.
    She did worm her way into Daniels life while he was rebounding in heartbreak from heike.
    She planted herself in daniels life as the personal assistant/maid, receptionist, reservationist, B-J giver, etc., willing to do whatever Daniel wanted, whatever she HAD to do to stay in HIS picture and to stay in HIS life. (She chose not to build her own ).
    Now she is too dependent, needy, clingy , possessive, whiny, nagging and insecure.
    A complete Turn off for anyone!
    Daniel does not want to marry someone who acts like his mother, or like any mother would act!
    At the same time she turned her back on her own career, or whatever she wanted to do, (IF she ever really was serious about film producing and not just picking up an actor), and she got very nasty , turning her nose up and being a snotty b*tch to others in the industry, treating people like crap when she has not earned her way to the top.
    So, in addition, she has turned off everyone who is anyone in the industry who could have helped her or given her some work.
    Now she probably is addicted to the luxury lifestyle and finds it nearly impossible to leave it, to go off on her own, a very lonely and probably hard road.

  1081. 1081
    to 1076 Says:

    not one pic of her smiling at that party either.

  1082. 1082
    Prickles' girlfriend Says:

    Prickles my cute boyfriend.

  1083. 1083
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1074:
    You have a very wise point about Chupa competing with the baby and Ella for daniel’s attention.
    So with if there was a child, Chupacabra would be slipping down to an UNIMAGINABLE fourth place?
    1. daniel’s mother and Ella + new Baby
    2. Daniel’s family
    3. daniels friends
    4. Chupacabra…..? possibly lower on the pole depending on the placements of daniels’ mother, and Ella and baby.

  1084. 1084
    daniel doing "the gonk face" Says:


  1085. 1085
    also 1084 Says:

    to add he was doing that behind the gonks back as that is her dress in the front.

  1086. 1086
    lol Says:;_ylt=AuIiRtplBDd2YVZAURSdUTrGphx.;_ylv=3

  1087. 1087
    lol Says:;_ylt=AuIiRtplBDd2YVZAURSdUTrGphx.;_ylv=3

  1088. 1088
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1076:
    And the other picture of Daniel behind her, he just wanted to have fun and looks like he wanted to sing along and dance to whatever music was playing.
    Chupacabra, on the other hand, was acting true to her nature, just standing there like a lump on a log, not moving and not enjoying the night, or Daniel or the music or anything!
    But, looking again directly at the paps or whoever was taking the pics!

    This particular Chupacabra is a miserable opportunist, girlfriend or not, who does not know how to have fun, or enjoy life, OR Daniel.
    And no, I do not think she even likes him or cares about him anymore.- if she ever did-
    of course she is so competitive and possessive that she does not want him to be with anyone else either.
    She wants to make Daniel enjoy HER misery.
    She has used him for getting to whereever she’ thinks’ she is, (no where) and now she is ready for the next s. uc ker to come along.

  1089. 1089
    to 1083 Says:

    (IF she ever really was serious about film producing and not just picking up an actor), and she got very nasty , turning her nose up and being a snotty b*tch to others in the industry, treating people like crap when she has not earned her way to the top.
    So, in addition, she has turned off everyone who is anyone in the industry who could have helped her or given her some work.

    I agree. She could have concentrated on her career as well, tons of couples do it.
    The fact is she wanted to move to London to keep her eye on him and appear the “martyr” to get marriage.
    Not the first woman to fall into that way of 1950′s thinking but it hasn’t happened that way………………………..yet. LOL!

  1090. 1090
    to 1088 Says:

    Now that’s not fair to lumps on logs is it?

  1091. 1091
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1088:
    I couldn’t open the link but you are so right.
    I take back the fact she was standing that like a lump on a log.
    poor little lumps on logs.
    I am definitely taking that back.. I would not ever want to LUMP the LUMPS on the LOGS in with the Chupacabra!
    I will INSTEAD say that Chupa was just standing there in the club, looking like a WART on a FROG or a LEETCH on a NECK!-both warts and leeches are very yucky and i think that ‘poisonous’ frogs can handle the warts!

  1092. 1092
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1083:
    Come to think of it, I think the Chupa moved to London into daniels home permanently after his affairs with both Sienna and kate.
    Not sure on the exact timeline, (a poster many pages back did give a timeline on it….) but the Chupa moved in after his 2 very publicized go-arounds with kate and Sienna.
    Chupa most probably gave him an ultimatum at the time and invited herself to move into his home, telling him she needed to keep an eye on him!
    And daniel probably did not want to be alone, and here he could have an instant gf, personal assistant, gopher, maid, scuttlebutt, secretary, etc. all in one under one roof!

  1093. 1093
    1092 Says:

    to 1092 you make is sound so clinical…..I am sure it’s not

  1094. 1094
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1088:

    to #1090 – here is a decent pic of “lumps on a log” … could not open your link. :(

  1095. 1095
    to 1092 Says:

    She moved to London after she found out about Sienna now this is NOT the same time it made the papers.
    I heard that Jude Law called Daniel and said if you dont tell her (meaning Sats, then I will). It was in article years ago.
    Anyway, she moved to London about April 05? The affair came out in July 05?

  1096. 1096
    Daniel looks hot Says:

    To #1095. It is starting to make sence to me. Daniel and Sats had a long distant relationship (or at least she thought she had and he thought she was just a friend) and when he had the affair with Sienna, she came over to London and said I forgive you, but don’t do it again. And made sure never to leave him alone again to have other affairs. Before he knew it he had a personal assistant and gf all rolled up in one, and he would never be alone again. I don’t believe either one really “loves” each other but each gets something other than love out of this relationship. Daniel deserves so much more that that. But the longer they stay together, the harder it will be to part, unless something drastic happens. What will that be, who knows?

  1097. 1097
    Chupacabra hater too Says:

    @to 1092:
    Thank you for the timeline and some insight on that.
    I did not know the details but it is so interesting to me that Jude law called him and told him that (if you don’t tell sats ,I will).
    I guess if Jude had not done that, then who knows what would have happened.
    But I think that after she found out about the affair(s) she had to really CLAMP down on her Golden meal ticket and make sure he was not going to stray again.
    Yes, i do think she gave him the dreaded ultimatum and told him that she was moving in… just the same way the Chupa ran up to the pap inthe Box and almost ate him alive for lunch for taking the “videos”….”no videos sweetheart”…

    There was no reason for her to be upset that day on saline beach with the Pap in the Box, the pap wanted pics/photos of Daniel, not her and what the arrogant Chupacabra does not realize is that the paps and press love Daniel and want to photograph him, NOT HER!!

  1098. 1098
    Whatsup Says:

    I wonder what happened in your lives to make such ugly human beings.
    I imagine some of you have been cheated on. Some of you probably have had men leave you for other women. Some of you I believe are virgins. Some of you are probably divorced. Some of you probably have very difficult times meeting men.
    Whatever the reasons are, the more I read your posts, I can tell that some of you are really hurting inside and you have chosen this innocent woman who has done nothing to you, to take all your anger out on.
    I can tell from the remark “warm fuzzy feeling” that this individual is either extremely immature in mind, or very young, as mature women do not use such terms to describe a loving moment between father and child.
    There was also a remark, “She has done nothing for fans to love her like Daniel has” (possibly not exact quote). I could not help but wonder what exactly has Daniel done to earn your “love.”
    While I am a fan of Daniel’s work and movies, I would never claim to “love” him. I have always believed that one has to meet an individual and take time to know them before any feelings as strong as “love” can possibly be felt.
    It’s extremely odd that any of you would claim to “love” him, as I am certain that none of you have ever met him.
    I truly do feel very sorry for all of you, as you paint a clear picture of individuals that are in a lot of emotional pain.
    I do not know what happened to make all of you so ugly and unhappy, but I do hope that each of you will find a better way of life, and some form of happiness. I am not in the medical field, but I would imagine that counseling would benefit some of you tremendously, as there appears to be a lot of insecurity coming through.

  1099. 1099
    Whatsup Says:

    @Chupacabra hater too:
    Why do you exxagerate so much and why are you so angry. Did you meet Sats and did she do something bad to you? I’m so confused at the level of your anger and how you speak like you actually know her, when I’m certain you do not. Your anger is very disturbing.

  1100. 1100
    yawn Says:


  1101. 1101
    to daniel looks hot Says:

    Yes that’s about sums it up really.

  1102. 1102
    Whatsup Says:

    It’s rather funny that you posted this link, because I read the comments and there isn’t a single comment about how ugly Sats is. In fact, all the comments are about how ugly Daniel is !!!
    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
    You should check your links before you post them. lol lol lol lol lol
    I love his work and movies, but I completely agree, Daniel is not a good looking man at all. I have a feeling he’s going to look very, very short and homely looking next to Huge on Broadway. Poor Daniel.

  1103. 1103
    Whatsup Says:

    Sorry “Huge” should be “Hugh” lol lol lol
    Although Hugh does look rather huge lol lol lol
    What a magnificant specimen of a man Hugh Jackman is, too, too yummy. Now that’s a man that makes women drool.
    Daniel on the other hand, while a great actor, looks like the average drunk bar dude you can find at any bar.
    Maybe that’s what you lonely ladies should try, go and hang out at your neighborhood bar. There are tons of men who have Daniel’s kind of look, and a lot that look better than Daniel.
    In fact, my friend had a carpenter fixing her condo that could have been a double for Daniel, looked just like him, right down to the blond hair and blue eyes.
    All you lonely ladies have to do is go out and make an effort. Meeting a man really isn’t that difficult, all it takes is a little confident flirting.
    Remember ladies, men love, love, love, love confident women, and I have a feeling that’s the problem you ladies have. I’m sensing a lot of insecurity. Remember ladies, every woman is beautiful in the eyes of the right man. Remember, if you feel beautiful, it shines through your confidence. Men really don’t care that much about looks in a woman, they want a woman that is strong, confident, independent and intelligent. So go out and get yourselves a man !!!

  1104. 1104
    Chupacabra hater too Says:


    Just for you!

  1105. 1105
    Whatsup Says:

    @Chupacabra hater too:
    Sorry Dear, I’m afraid you waisted your time.
    I’m not stupid enough to open links which I know are meant only to insult me.
    Don’t you have anything more productive to do than to search for links that will insult me?
    I really hope you find your way out of your fog of anger. It’s such a sad way to live your life. Life is so incredibly short, and definitely too short to waste on anger and jealousy.

  1106. 1106
    Whatsup Says:

    Correction, “waisted” should be “wasted”.

  1107. 1107
    Whatsup Says:
    I noticed in one of the vacation photos on the Just Jared thread that Sats’ second toe is longer than her big toe and I wondered what that meant so I found this link. I know, before everyone attacks me, it’s silly and stupid. I guess I’m tired from working. Off to bed.
    Hope everyone wakes up in better moods.

  1108. 1108
    Toe Says:


    It means you are controlling.

  1109. 1109
    to the board Says:

    Someone noticing a toe?
    And she pisses and moans about “stalker” mentality of other people?

    LOL! I never even noticed her f*cking toes nor did anyone else.

  1110. 1110
    same poster Says:

    Two things I’ve noticed on here:
    a) When What’sup/Kiwi posts that Chupacabra poster stops but posts once in awhile.
    c) What’sup recorrected her spelling like the CC poster does.

    Like I’ve though for awhile. The same poster is playing the opposite sides on here like a game. Typical trouble making troll.
    If you go back many many threads, the CC poster was Dan Lit up etc and What’sup/Kiwi went under different names. Many of them
    I firmly believe that they are the same poster fuelling both sides of thought into an argument started by the Krista Daley person (yes she is still on holiday,ffs). Yes another of her games.
    I hope other posters on here take note of what I’ve said.

  1111. 1111
    to whatsup etc etc/kiwi/wannab Says:

    thought you weren’t going to open up links?

    LIAR! lol..

  1112. 1112
    intelligent head Says:

    hi posters,
    I read an article on MI6,it’s unofficial but according to article scriptwriters sought technical advice from the British embassy in Kabul.
    Plot headed to Afghanistan sounds attractively, there is something about drugs.
    Casino Royale has a scene from Lahore, Pakistan and it looked well.
    But I am interesting what can be interesting in Afghanistan. I expected New York, Seychelles, Gilbraltar but Afghanistan? Hard place, hard atmosphere, hard life there. It sounds like Quantum of Solace again. Maybe producers come from the same way. I have a friend (older lady) who is an Afghan, she used and was selling drugs. If Daniel will drive the super vehicle Dartz Kombat in the desert so it will look damn well because the car is super. I am looking forward to see Daniel in an action movie. He’s cut out for action movies. What a pity he is not playing Batman and Terminator Salvation, but the fact Chris is better for this with his image. Chris is Batman+Terminator and Daniel is James Bond. Maybe James Bond sounds better than Batman. Who is better?

  1113. 1113
    re toes - wow 1109 Says:

    Yes I thought that too. Looking at her toes??
    That is very scarey and very sad and then posts a link about toes?
    Wow , stalker mentality indeed wanting to know everything about Satsuki like the people you complain about do.
    Wanting to read about what it means that her one toe is longer than the other?
    My goodness.
    Read your past posts to realize how hypocritical you sound.
    You do NOT practice what you preach like a typical controlling hypocrite you are, but of course, we do know who you are.

    You now what Daniel would say about your post?
    “F*ck off and get a life and I’m getting extra security for Satsuki”.

  1114. 1114
    intelligent head Says:

    @same poster:
    I don’t care for double gamer. she says that Satsuki is beautiful and then she says she is a ugly monkey. She enjoys a double game.
    From the start she hated Satsuki and never stopped. she can’t stop to hate because Satsuki is really fug and a arrogant monkey with mouth up. Nobody likes Satsuki and nobody will like her. No one of us likes Daniel’s snotty gf. Agree that double gamer should to stop with it because it could be better for the board and there was not mess here.
    She only does mess on this board. Someone should to tidy her.
    Best way that someone should her hit in dustbin and lock.

  1115. 1115
    1113 to 1117 Says:

    Post 1113 is directed at 1117.
    The two first sentences are for 1119 only.

  1116. 1116
    to 1114 Says:

    You’re a bit alte aren’t you. That Afghanistan thing was posted a few pages ago.
    Yes I agree. There is a double gamer on here.
    Stay clear of What’sup and Chupacapra.

  1117. 1117
    monkey toe Says:

    It means you are a monkey.

  1118. 1118
    intel celeron Says:

    @to 1114:
    I know that Afghanistan thing was posted a few pages ago but I was not convinced yet. I opened the link and read it, don’t worry.
    I am afraid it will be another QOS, if scriptwriters wrote a plot headed to Afghanistan so there is a circumstance that says about next QOS but it still sounds attractively.
    I only hope that Olga will not signed up to the next bondmovie because her implication in another Bond will say a great deal of appearance of new 23.Bond. Her implication on another Bond will ruin the movie.
    Olga is beautiful, she has longer hair again and maybe she would be in next bondmovie with her new image but still she will be bad because fans have allergy for Camille and Olga’s new image and new part will not save her previous part. Already it can’t be better.
    I would normally feel aversion for her engagé in the next bondmovie.
    I like all bond girls I very like Eva Green but Olga is…She is a beautiful and nice woman who can be liked by all but as an actress she is terrible. maybe she is terrible only for a part Bond girl or strictly speaking for Camille who in fact is not a Bond girl. Maybe producers who were unsuccessful with a feminist independent Camille so may they are trying to make from Camille a real Bond girl. I think Babs and Michael think this thing too. If Olga will be act again so she will be a lucky girl, a girl has so much luck. At my country said that it’s unbelievable that an actress would get a part twice and it’s called like a big luck for Olga. If she is in game in producer’s eyes so embarrass the fact she has fear of stunt work – of heights. She said she had fear of heights since filming The Serpent and then she said that she already has not done sky-diving and sports after Qos. Producers take the risk of involve her to 23.Bond.

  1119. 1119
    guinness Says:

    @1076: i remember Sats looking over someone’s shoulder giving her death eater look for all who is near him….he looked like he was in a cirlce with other people, not important people, but fun people…. “ahh, yes, Sats get me another Corona and you get what ever that hairspray you are drinking”….probably the only time his cajones grow to tell her something HE wants….. who knows who the victim is…whatever.

    to intel-head, did you write that you think i am sick or was that “the imposter” because i enjoy your posts 80 percent of the time….the comment about the next bond…. Maybe Babs booked DC in NYC to do the play and then the Bond scenes right after….it would be great PR!!!!!!!!!!

    and I haven’t received my tickets yet JJ, have you Mendel? great. ~guinness, just guinness. mmmwwwwaaaahhh yourself.

  1120. 1120
    mendel Says:

    I usually chat about more pleasant things (such as Dan), but something needs to be said…

    to #1100 (same poster)

    Whatsup and Chupacabra poster are not the same.

    Let me tell you why:

    ‘a) When What’sup/Kiwi posts that Chupacabra poster stops but posts once in awhile.’

    Well, do you blame CC for stopping to post when all that ***** is posted? A lot of posters just wait until Whatsup and her many alter egos stop, and then come back. Why waste your time?

    ‘c) What’sup recorrected her spelling like the CC poster does.’

    As far as I am aware, this happened only once, and that was on this page (#1106). Shortly afterwards, the accusation started. Strange…

    Whatsup is the troublemaker and plays both sides. She also apes other posters and their styles. CC is a different poster.

  1121. 1121
    3 writers for Bond 23 Says:

  1122. 1122
    to mendel Says:

    Who f*cking cares right?
    I ignore the people who irritate anyway.

  1123. 1123
    intel celeron Says:

    Sorry, you really sound like a hilarious person and I wanted to know your sign zodiac, but according to your writting- you write a typical Aries!!! Aries are a bit foolish nature
    I expected NY and plot of 007 in New York, then there are rumours Babs found a place for bondmovie right in NY.

  1124. 1124
    intel celeron Says:

    @3 writers for Bond 23:
    THANK YOU GOD Paul Haggis is dumped!!!! He is the one who created the craps which fortunately did not happen.

  1125. 1125
    mendel Says:

    to ‘to mendel’ (#1122)

    I also ignore irritating posters (and usually skip-read those posts), but in this case I felt I had to say something.

    Now to something more pleasant…

    to ’3 writers’

    Thanks for the link! Looks like Bond 23 is moving forward. Hurrah!

    to ‘Guinness’

    ‘I haven’t received my tickets yet JJ, have you Mendel?’

    No! No lolly, no tickets! :( Looks like we need to step up the campaign…

  1126. 1126
    intel celeron Says:

    @3 writers for Bond 23:
    Hey……………………..Peter Morgan surprised me..look at his smile, incredible and identical with Daniel’s smile.

  1127. 1127
    intel celeron Says:

    the lines of Peter’s smile

  1128. 1128
    to mendel Says:

    Whatsup is the troublemaker and plays both sides. She also apes other posters and their styles. CC is a different poster.

    Unless you know everyone personally on here, jumping to the conclusion that you say they are NOT the same poster is foolish.
    Unless you have access to their ISP’s??
    Anyway as 1122 states, it is the singular right of every poster to ignore and not reply so there you have it.
    It’s our sole responsibility to not inflame the troll(s) whoever the hell they are.

  1129. 1129
    intel celeron Says:

    Daniel and Peter have the same lines on right face so even on left face, they look like brothers

  1130. 1130
    dynamics Says:

    so leaving the Ivy he thinks a rolled up newspaper is better than holding her hand then or an excuse not too or did he just come out of the toilet after a good s*hit then?

    any offers?

  1131. 1131
    to 1130 Says:

    wow if that doesn’t say it all. my god, it’s like she doesn’t exist.

  1132. 1132
    intel celeron Says:

    Satsuki is behind Daniel’s ass again! I never saw he went with her long the street and caught her man’s ass like a right man

  1133. 1133
    intel celeron Says:

    Satsuki stands, goes and runs behind his ass and she is the man who caught Daniel’s ass, not Daniel hers.

  1134. 1134
    re dynamics Says:
    yes as you can see, she had to run to keep up with him and it all looks very frosty between them.
    definately something was up his ass that night about things.

  1135. 1135
    to 939 Says:

    Expressing and attacking posters (like you do) are two different things.

    Maybe you should concentrate on the former.

  1136. 1136
    action! here we go! Says:

    yeah it will be a proper drive with Dartz Kombat vehicle! Yooohoo!
    Eyaa! I would like to be with Daniel/James Bond in the car Dartz Kombat across the desert….and do sex on the front lid, I would to sit on the front of the car and spread….no condom,please, I want be wet.
    I am doing it: hhhhh…hhhh…..haaahhh…
    Satsuki does strongly with man’s voice and headed out teeth:
    “Heeeef! hef! Heee! Oh! Oh!” but wait… or she does only orale? and daniel screams at her: Properly you b*itch! and Satsuki says: Yes,I do, mlask, mlask, lick lick! lick!

  1137. 1137
    to 1136 Says:

    ummm thanks for those visuals…nasty!
    no condom? lol
    i bet she forgets to take the pill once in awhile too ;)

  1138. 1138
    maybe Says:

    stephen frears may direct as he did The Queen but look at his resume…in 1977 he directed a TV version of “Black Christmas”..remember the the film Satsuki re-did for 2929 productions and it flopped?

  1139. 1139
    action! here we go! Says:

    but eh, there should be a sex scene in the afghan’s desert between James Bond and his Girl in the front of the car, during it playing a beautiful music – slow rock of Gerard Way, it would fans make crazy.
    I would only to say to Daniel: “Go man go!”
    there are old movies and serials with Daniel and he did romantic/sex scenes perfectly ( I don’t count The Mother into it).

  1140. 1140
    action! here we go! Says:

    only maybe….do you want him to directing?

  1141. 1141
    action! here we go! Says:

    @re dynamics:
    I think Satsuki has a ugly monkey’s mouth for orale. No man would like her mouth, only Daniel. remember how she guzzled a champagne at Oscars, so she has the same face during drink sp*erm

  1142. 1142
    tp 1141 Says:

    yes he might be good. matthew vaughn too (layer cake) maybe?

  1143. 1143
    Roseberry Says:

    @tp 1141:
    They are ok. I think it doesn’t matter who will be a 23.Bond director but hopefully scriptwritters has done a good script.
    I only suppose in come back Marc and Olga because I feel it from all what I have read and saw, what Babs, Michael, Daniel, Marc and Olga said. They actually keep together in their opinions and ideas and they have a common experience from QOS. Then there must be a common agreement among them if they will work on 23.Bond, mainly a nut Marc will take a pencil and re-sign Bond.
    But I should keep this motto: “Scio me nihil scire” -I know I know nothing by Sokrates.
    I would to say Marc: Go man go!

  1144. 1144
    to 1143 Says:

    Scio me nihil scire

    Well that can pertain to many on here.

  1145. 1145
    Aries Says:

    Aries are not messed up people like you are suggesting.

  1146. 1146
    to 1145 Says:

    I think we need to stay off the horoscope thing don’t ya think? It’s been beaten to death on here already.

    As we all know every sign is not set in stone with their personalities. There are a myriad of other variables involved with defining who a person is and how they act.

    So, no offence, but let’s move on shall we?

  1147. 1147
    Roseberry Says:

    but Satsuki is messed up at premieres

  1148. 1148
    mendel Says:

    to #1128

    ‘Unless you know everyone personally on here, jumping to the conclusion that you say they are NOT the same poster is foolish.’

    Well, I’ve given my reasoning, so it’s not exactly ‘jumping to conclusion’. And according to your reasoning, wouldn’t pointing fingers and saying they are the same poster be just as foolish?

    ‘Unless you have access to their ISP’s??’

    Even that’s not foolproof…or else JJ could have just banned the troublemaker.

    ‘it is the singular right of every poster to ignore and not reply’


  1149. 1149
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    I am wondering what is name of Daniel’s Mrs. Right, what is first letter of her name? G like Gina? M like Marcía? N like Nicole?
    D like Daniela? J like Julie? S like Samantha?
    (of course not Satsuki, ugh!)

  1150. 1150
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    to mendel…good show! (said in a very brittish accent). and i am trying extremely hard not to respond to give ammunition to the strange poster(s)…you did it first, thank you. But it goes so much back and forth it is as if i am in a 3 stooges movie (the current one should be good–Banderas!! holy crap). and i get lost!! then i look for posters i like so all is good.

    intellegent head or intel celeron: you are both writing to me so are you the same? anyway. you are correct in your guess and we are not all nutty(aries-like the dragon lady)–but that is all in the eye of the beholder–and thank you for calling me hilarious…i try really hard because it releases good endorphines to laugh and it is more mentally stimulating to banter with sarcasm than with plain old fashion wit. (whoa-were is the spell check on this?for you my love!).

    and the only reason i mention the horror-scope is because you can’t stop until I do mention it. and i feel the need to defend my insanity. and say one stupid aries doesn’t make us all bad. so there. and horror scopes are only good for making jokes—I am all houses–fire, earth, moon, water, and stars….I would love to make Big Dan see stars!! aaaacchh. ~guinness checking in. JJ–Mendel and I would like to propose you send us to the front row of the testosterone play of the year!! We would post it here and you would get much much attention……I would post at least 100 times a minute!! We would tell our whole story and get many people to see the advertisements on your site…..what do you say? It would be a first in blogging history!! You could be the first!! Anyone else agree? Guinness and Mendel to the play! okay, everyone now!! Guinness and Mendel to the play! (how is that mendel)……….

  1151. 1151
    to guiness Says:

    lets hope you dont get seats next to DtD mods then.

  1152. 1152
    to mendel Says:

    Are you new to these threads on Daniel?
    If not then you will understand where I am coming from.
    If not, then wise up as to who is playing games on here and their “style” in writing, grammatical errors etc.
    Sorry but there are two on here that have been at it since November of last year and one particular poster who has been threatening on which led to JJ and Buizznet getting involved.
    I hope, irrespective of your thinking, you will help this board by not addressing them.


    Yes, exactly…

  1153. 1153
    mendel Says:

    to #1152

    Now you have me confused – if you are the same poster as #1122 and #1128 that is.
    You’re saying there are two different posters – well, that’s what I am saying as well. Two, not the same.

    So, that’s all dandy then :)

    And don’t worry, I blissfully ignore 24/7 rants and threats – there are far more exciting things to do in life…

    to Guinness

    Yes, Guinness and Mendel to the play!
    JJ, listen up!
    Guinness and Mendel to the play!

  1154. 1154
    to intell head Says:

    so she has the same face during drink sp*erm


    Personally I would think she wouldn’t waste that in her mouth.
    Isn’t that same sperm part of her Meal Ticket?
    (pardon the expression).

  1155. 1155
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    to mendel: not to #1153, now that i have some Corona in me, what the “H” is 1153 meaning? and am i supposed to ignore her?

    “wise up as to who is playing games…” why is this advice coming like that and why would #1153 be mad that you are addressing anyone…not that i am replying to anyone…

    and yes, I would love to sit next to d2d mods. Although there may be some yelling and some politically naughty words flung back and forth, I would have a good time despite the broads, I mean mods!!!

    Guinness and Mendel to the show! Everyone now! Guinness and Mendel to the show. thanks. ~okay, everyone can’t go!!! ~g

  1156. 1156
    to guiness Says:

    I’m going to the show for definite. Have the money ready.

  1157. 1157
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    # 1157 definite? you have connections? what are the chances of the show not even selling public tickets???? or non-million dollar tickets? JJ can get the million dollar tickets!! can you get the million dollar tickets? ….we would post a lot….. ~g

  1158. 1158
    to 1153 and the board... Says:

    To the Board and 1153- whoever YOU are!

    I am Chupacabra.

    Just to let you know, Chupacabra AND Wannabe/Wiki/Whatsup/eve/daley are NOT the same poster at all!.
    And totally different styles of writing…unless of course eve is at it again and copying other posters’ names and posts.

    Posters stop posting when Wannabe comes on the board, as a certain poster (1153??) relayed that Chris/JJ.Buzznet instructed everyone to do!! So that is why the conversations stop when Wannabeve comes on and starts sh*t stirring.

    And Mendel is correct.

    So 1153, IF you are who I think you are, the poster who has stayed on top of reporting to JJ and Buzznet, then you would know they are 3 completely different posters.

    AND by the way….just so you know this, TESS also is not /never was Wannabe eve but she was accused of it, and slammed here on this board, and probably will no longer be back. That’s unfortunate because Tess was a nice poster who many posters liked.


    And if you choose to flag this comment that i am posting, be my guest, and I will do so as well. I would like Chris and JJ and Buzznet to read this post!

    Chris and JJ and buzznet Will know who is who, by their different ISP addresses.

    One thing I have noticed is that whoever is getting too popular on the board is accused of being Wannabe/wiki/eve.
    Gee I wonder WHO could be doing that?

  1159. 1159
    to 1158 - Says:

    I would just get over it really because by making a big deal of it you are
    a) Just as bad as the ‘accusers and the phrase “she doth protest too much” comes to mind..
    b) Giving this Wannabe air time by mentioning her.

    How about just moving on and exercising the option, as another poster said, of not replying to people who irritate?

  1160. 1160
    to post 1158 Says:

    @to 1153 and the board…:
    You mean KIWI, not wiki, don’t you?
    I am sorry that Tess is gone, and sorry that you have been accused,
    I liked Tess too.

  1161. 1161
    to guinness Says:

    No they will sell tickets but the first night will be sold out in seconds as those seats go to critics, friends, VIP’s etc., very few left for the general public.
    It is being thought of as being the only play that will sell out in record time on B/Way.

    Your best bet is to aim for the last couple of weeks of the run. The prices may go down a little on certain tickets areas.

  1162. 1162
    to 1158 Says:

    I am the poster who is keeping “on top of things” and to be honest, I don’t agree with the three different poster theory.
    I do believe in the two poster theory though but that’s another story.

    As I said, JJ will eventually clean the place up meanwhile ignore whom you don’t like and scroll through.

    It’s so simple really. Trolls , whomever they are, thrive on people talking about them and inflaming two opposite sides to fight.

    I think some of us on here are seasoned enough by now to know who these people are.

    So we move on…

  1163. 1163
    to 1162 Says:

    So we move on…

    I do so agree. It’s bloody tiring.
    What posters do not realize that they only have themsleves to blame if something inflames on here as they most probably have answered these trolls.
    When will people take sole responsibility for their own actions on here?
    I guess some people don’t like simple choices after all coming on here is a posters own choice so be prepared for differing opinions without stooping to accusing all the time.
    This is a GOSSIP board and way too many people take things too seriously on here.
    Again, if you can’t stand the heat then leave.
    Some people go on like they are forced to come on here and to read the posts like suffering martyrs then they b*tch and moan about what they’ve read.
    As for being “popular” on here – well that’s hardly a title I would want. I don’t see this as a competition. Who in their right mind would?
    That would be like getting the title of being the biggest cuckoo in the nest.
    It’s insanity!

    to 1153:
    I appreciate what you have been doing and following through on but let’s face it, this board is what it is but if JJ/BNet can make it a little less a minefield then I’m all for it.

  1164. 1164
    to 1153 and the board/chupacab Says:

    @to 1158:
    To 1159, 1160, 1162.- from chupacabra
    Thats fine with me. Thanks.

    (poster 1162, thanks for responding back. Although our views may differ, i do respect and appreciate all of your efforts on the Boards’ behalf.)

  1165. 1165
    to 1164 Says:

    No worries at all. Glad you understand it’s it up to each one of us to not allow the board to elevate to a “threat” level like it was before which was reached by people engaging certain other people.
    Yes it’s hard but that is what will happen again.
    Enough is enough.

  1166. 1166
    to 1165 Says:

    i agree enough is enough. for my part i just ignore those posts that irriate me. on the other hand, i don’t want to take away their right say what they feel. if one person likes satsuki and another one doesn’t each should be able to say so without being attacked by someone else. it’s only fair.

  1167. 1167
    to 1166 Says:

    I’m not saying to take anyone’s right away but people must realize if a post is not agreeable with their own views to either answer in an acceptable debatable manner or scroll through.
    I am merely suggesting this of course, not demanding it.

  1168. 1168
    thanks again satslumdog Says:

    TO: Satslumdog:

    Many thanks again Satslumdog for this picture.

    Maybe he read the newspaper (or magazine) the whole time while at dinner, instead of talking with her .

    She looks totally dumbfounded trailing behind him.. Her facial expression, although it is hard to see because she is at such a distance, seems to say she does not even exist. Walking so far behind him , looking out of place, and most definitely looking totally out of his league.

  1169. 1169
    to 1168 Says:

    i was wondering if you would see that..i know, awful isnt it and the following pics printed in JJ was as bad.

    i mean what would possess a man to walk out with a newspaper ahead of his “love of his life” like that in fron of paps and i’m sure someone will come one preaching how their “husbands” do that all the time.

    B.S. daniel looks totally oblivious to the fact she is there, no wonder some of the paps and press think they are a joke

  1170. 1170
    re pic Says:

    She looks like a smug b*tch to me at all times. She just has the inner aura of “look at me and how great I am landing him and you are worthless crap because you didn’t” to her.

    One thing looking happy about being lucky but she takes it to a condescending level. Just look at her eyes and her mouth…smugness, pure and simple.

  1171. 1171
    thanks again satslumdog Says:

    @to 1168:
    SO VERY TRUE!. Daniel walks so far ahead of her, that he acts like he doesn’t want to know her.
    She looks like she just walked into a glass door that she did not see… Her expression says she is very stunned and she does not know what to do with herself, she is not trying to walk fast to catch up to him, she does not want to keep pace with him.
    You can see in her face she knows Daniel does not want to walk, talk or be seen with her.

  1172. 1172
    Whatsup Says:

    lol lol lol lol
    But I bet everyone read through the link to see what their toes said about them.
    lol lol lol lol
    And I am definitely not the other hateful posters. I’m a happy person that isn’t jealous of a beautiful woman or other women that may have a better life than me. Unlike you sad people, I have the capacity to feel happiness for others.
    I notice no one answered as to what Daniel has done for any of you to “love” him. To claim you love a man you have never met, now that is a stalker. To hate the significant other of an actor to the extreme as all of you do, that is the mentality of a stalker. I wonder how far any of you would go to make sure Satsuki is no longer around? You are the sad souls that are behind poor Daniel becoming paranoid and for increasing security for himself and his sweet Satsuki.
    My goodness it’s really difficult for any of you to wake up happy and normal isn’t it. Always so angry and hateful. So very sad.

  1173. 1173
    :-) Says:

  1174. 1174
    ditto *yawn* Says:

    anyone for cricket?

  1175. 1175
    Whatsup Says:

    Sorry Dear, I’m not that stupid. You tried it yesterday and wasted your time, and I’m afraid you wasted your time again. lol lol lol lol lol
    Perhaps you should do something more productive and search for self-help videos instead of hoping I’ll be stupid enough to open links that I know are meant to insult me !!!!

  1176. 1176
    To Daniel Says:

    We will all laugh at guilded butterfilies.

  1177. 1177
    to 1171 Says:

    i agree, she probably opened her big mouth and slurped the free champagne and ate fish that is near extinction.
    you can see he just wanted to be alone..i think their personalities don’t gel well when they are off set. maybe when he is filming they get on slightly better?
    i think he needs downtime from her.


  1178. 1178
    yawn Says:

    *bigger yawn*

    did someone saysomething?

  1179. 1179
    one flew over the cuckoo's ass Says:

  1180. 1180
    to CC Says:

    Agree. Sats looks like she was left in his dust again.
    Strange this recurrent behavior isn’t it?
    I think when he drinks he likes to be left alone and be nagged at.

  1181. 1181
    to CC Says:

    and NOT be nagged at..rather. lol.
    He’s like “f*ck off, leave me alone for gods sake”..
    let me BREATHE……………………………………………………………
    and in front of the paps too. Talk about a slap in the face for her.
    WHY does she stay and take it?


  1182. 1182
    to 1176 Says:

    We will all laugh at guilded butterfilies.

    Well let’s hope Daniel finds his Cordelia soon as guilded monkeys are not so Shakespearian.

  1183. 1183
    1182 Says:

    Oh thank you …..someone with a brain…..I was hoping someone would respond to my quote. Atleast one person gets it

  1184. 1184
    :-) Says:

    TO: to daniel
    @To Daniel:
    and Megan fFx has this ‘quilded butterflies’ quote tattooed on her back….top right shoulder blade.

  1185. 1185
    1182 Says:


    Then Megan Fox is a very smart woman…..good choice fo words.

  1186. 1186
    to 1182 Says:

    Oh thank you …..someone with a brain…..I was hoping someone would respond to my quote. Atleast one person gets it

    Well having more than half a brain helps doesn’t it?

  1187. 1187
    to 1186 Says:

    Well having more than half a brain helps doesn’t it?

    Then i guess you are more than just a handsome face.

  1188. 1188
    Whatsup Says:

    Except for Kiwi58, I have yet to see anyone else with even a quarter of a brain, yet alone half a brain on this board. People who hate usually have very small, tiny brains. lol lol lol lol

  1189. 1189
    lol Says:


  1190. 1190
    to 1188 I hope you are female Says:

    Big testicles equals tiny brains
    by Gulliver

    Ladies, we know you’re known it for thousands of years, but now it’s official. Big testicles equals tiny brains.

    A recent study of bats has shown that shown that nature forces the males of a species to make a biological trade-off between brains and sperm.

    Due to the high energy demands of both, males cannot generate large amounts of both.

    The discovery of the link between testicle and brain size was made by scientists from Syracuse University in New York, who studied more than 300 species of bats.

    Some female bat species are unusually promiscuous, so males evolved enormous testicles to compete with suitors – but at the expense of brain capacity.

    In less promiscuous species, in which the female is guarded by a single partner, male bats had relatively large brains.

    The research team, led by Dr Scott Pitnick, believe this phenomenon is explained by their “expensive tissue” hypothesis.

    “Because relatively large brains are metabolically costly to develop and maintain, changes in brain size may be accompanied by compensatory changes in other expensive tissues,” wrote Dr Pitnick in a scientific journal.

    The researchers believe this theory would explain the brains/sperm trade-off found in bats.

    But intelligent men should not despair over the size of their manhood. Science may think it has settled the argument about size mattering, but the debate about quality over quantity still rages on.

  1191. 1191
    Esp for you..... Says:

  1192. 1192
    Esp for you..... Says:

    This is the correct one

  1193. 1193
    Whatsup Says:

    @Esp for you…..:
    You are definitely proving what a small brain you have. lol lol lol
    I’ve told you several times I will never open your stupid insulting links and yet you continue to try to lure me to open them with your silly psychological tricks. Sorry Dear, I’m not as stupid as you. lol lol lol
    I do hope however that you figure out why you are such an angry and hateful human being. It’s really very ugly. You’ll never meet anyone as long as you continue to be so ugly in mind and heart and spirit.
    I would also suggest improving yourself intellectually, as you really are coming across as quite the idiot.

  1194. 1194
    Esp for you..... Says:


    Actually that link was not for you….its for someone else and they know who they are…….it is a video of the moon. I am not the one posting insulting links to you.

  1195. 1195
    Kettle and pot Says:

    I must say for someone who is preaching about hate you are sure full of alot of negative feelings. Your comments alone shows that you are a very angry person and the assumptions you make shows how your mind works. I mean twisted mind.

  1196. 1196
    Whatsup Says:

    @Kettle and pot:
    Sorry Dear, trying to implore the psychology of a 15 year old won’t work either lol lol lol
    I’m afraid your anger has you slightly dumbfounded.
    Pointing out how angry all the “haters” are is a far cry from being angry lol lol lol
    I make no assumptions. You yourselves call yourselves “haters” so where is the assumption? lol lol lol
    Attempting the psychology of a teen hardly points twoard a higher intelligence. I think, if anything, everything points to all of you self proclaimed “haters” to be teens. I imagine none of you are older than 17 or 18 years old. Jealous of a beautiful older woman having a man you wish you could have. But honestly Dears, he’s far too old for you. He’s a man. You’re still just a little girl.

  1197. 1197
    Guinnessbannedfrod2d Says:

    @1162: that is what i feared. Thank you for the confirmation. So if someone who is a fan outside the connection web won’t see the actual actors who star in the show–an understudy will be taking over by then…great. why am i even hoping. it is all arranged before they even begin reading the script? All the more for JJ to give a middle class fan a trip of a lifetime to blog about it on their site!!! what a story that would be. I would be happy for just the tickets to get in with mendel. It would be great advertising JJ!!

    thanks slumdog! that is quite a telling photo! he flexes his jaw like i do when i get mad or in a stressful situation. nice. lock jaw. He looks deliciously intense and hot in that wonderful suit. I would so love to be his tailor! everything he wears is soooo form fitting!! he could wear his “workout” sweats all day long in our chalet…course he wouldn’ t be wearing them at any long period of time!! aaahhhhccchh. cold shower….here i come. ~guinness dreaming.

  1198. 1198
    I know nothing Says:

    If you read carefully so I never said that Aries are all the same, I said that the no self-pride Aries women are born in first two weeks of April and others are more in easy. There are Aries born in March, they are a bit different than April’s Aries, then there are Aries in early April and these women born early April most are like Satsuki, Krista Allen, my cousin, then there are Aries woman at the end of April – till 20.4.
    It also most depends on ascedent,descedent, on hour of your born,
    etc. I repeated that I have feeling that Aries born in first two weeks are OUT but ascedent it can change as well.
    Someone thinks I am ignorant but in reality I dated a asian boy some time ago, I have contact with asians almost every day, mainly in the morning when I buy at their shops and work with them. They tried to learn me their mother language and I said I cook asian food because I love oriental kitchen but I said that I think Satsuki is the ugliest Japanese which I saw. I never saw an Asian woman with bags under the eyes, thousand wrinkles and man’s body and they don’t tope alcohol, some of them have a bigger teeth but they don’t are horselike smile, most of Asians look young i don’t know if it of their kitchen, assignment or healthy life, but Satsuki is like a granny with bags and wrinkles. Then there is is the fact, Asians are very friendly (too maybe) but Satsuki is unsympathetic mouth. I bet my Asian friends would not be a friend with Satsuki, even Asian men have a taste in women…
    I hope Daniel will dump Satsuki because he is a sexy and rough man with beautiful eyes and smile+great body and she is mannish, arrogant and snotty, further fugly, squint eyed and and she dresses herself like a clown, she has no decency in fashion and behaviour.
    I genuinely hope Daniel will meet his beautiful Mrs. Right soon.
    He is a Gilette Man and belongs to him a Sugar Woman (Satsuki does not look like sugar or something similar, at all)
    Agree, a man/woman is picking for opposite who is different than he/she – brunette and blonde, blonde-brunette, but the couple must look like they belongs to each other and are fit perfectly. Daniel is rough in face I would to say that Satsuki is more rough in face,even Daniel looks more feminine with his body and style of walking than Satsuki who sits like a man and goes out of the sea like Chapacubra or how. He can’t lie and that is why he sometimes is a stammer and wears emotions on face but Satsuki is a woman who has a strategy, is cold and maybe calculative. It’s strange how you can say about other he is calculative, because he radiated this aura.

  1199. 1199
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    ” because he is a sexy and rough man with beautiful eyes”

    you wrote “rough man” and I fainted. or exhaled or something….sighed maybe. rough. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think he has been in every position possible in all his roles, so I can place him there in my mind so easily!!!

    what was the question? surry. I went black there for a minute. like i always say, “if this broadway thing doesn’t work out for him, he would make millions in the a-d-u-l-t entertainment industry!”

    ~guinness, just doing nothing. talking to no one. where is every body?

  1200. 1200
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    hm. test.

  1201. 1201
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

  1202. 1202
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    one of my favorites…from guinness to new people.

    i have lots more, any requests?

  1203. 1203
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    thanks guinness!
    great caption! very clever.

  1204. 1204
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    TO: Guinness…
    if Daniel kisses the frog on his arm, will it turn into a Princess? Or just remain a little green frog?
    I thought this was so cute, I would love to see Daniel interact more with the little froggie.

    A request for you Guinness: More interaction with Daniel and the froggie please.

  1205. 1205
    Daniel looks hot Says:

    Guinness, missed that little green froggie and your other avatars.
    It’s not the same at d2d without you.

  1206. 1206
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    the frog will take a while,
    here was a gift from a friend… these need bibliographies? it wasn;t her real name so i can;t give her proper credit anyway….whatever.

    I miss the creativity there, thank you poster 1205.


  1207. 1207
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    this may have been seen as caustic…and sending me into banishment. not really sure. but it is funny and the name isn’t correct. but the idea is there!! but the web is riddled with ideas and Calvin doing this! oh well. free speech.


  1208. 1208
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    Terrific! we get it even without the spelling.
    Thank you again Guinness! Very clever and very creative Calvin image and graphics.
    Guinness… certainly are bringing the ‘creativity’ over here to this board, this is true!
    And our gain is d2d’s loss!
    I agree with you that if the powers that be over at d2d saw this, it may have given them reason for your banishment.
    Well WE appreciate the humor!
    thanks for the smiles!

  1209. 1209
    I know nothing Says:

    “we will getting married on my birth”
    Daniel had birthday last year, this year and there happens nothing every year. maybe next year? I doubt because green eyed Mrs Right will appear just next year and she kills Satsuki’s plans! Satsuki will be nearly to wedding and Mrs Right damages all. No wedding and no the 23.Bond worldwide premiere for Satsuki. No no

  1210. 1210
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    @1205-”Guinness, missed that little green froggie and your other avatars.
    It’s not the same at d2d without you.”
    I bet it isn’t!! (read it loud, chuckle, and sigh). And I am showing GREAT restraint in commenting, don’t ya think??? Daniel IS and always will be a hot and talked after professional–good or bad banter. But if there are no photos anywhere soon, I am about ready to empty my photo bucket!!!!
    ~guinness on a saturday

  1211. 1211
    I know nothing Says:

    to suzuki,
    She is A Man, baby!

  1212. 1212
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    #1209, put the crack pipe down, it was not in reference to anything–it was a joke. or are you the phantom schizo poster? WTF?

    ~guinness you dope.

  1213. 1213
    to 1209 Says:

    “we will getting married on my birth”

    I’m sorry. Have I missed something?
    Who stated that?

  1214. 1214
    Margarita Says:

    I would be glad if Daniel will get marry his Mrs.Right on his birthday, held his Oscar in hand and knew he will be a father soon, it would be his happy year, one best

  1215. 1215
    Margarita Says:

    @to 1209:
    It’s only joke, it stated from pics of guinesstobroadway.

  1216. 1216
    danhead Says:

    Tila Tequila! she’s so hard sexy! I would be a very good if Tila came to Daniel and Satsuki was crazy.

  1217. 1217
    dan pic Says:

    3/16/07 London

  1218. 1218
    monkey toe Says:


  1219. 1219
    dan pic Says:

    stuffing his donut hole Oct 2006

  1220. 1220
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    @dan pic:
    Many thanks Satslumdog!
    BEAUTIFUL RARE photo of Daniel out walking alone, for once!
    how refreshing to see him, in full confidence, outside in public walking by himself !
    (yeah, he looks really ‘needy and clingy’ in this photo….NOT! !!!)

  1221. 1221
    to 1217 Says:

    lol, you can see if you zoom in a bit, the red headed lady sneaking a look at his ass. sideways glance.

    lol, id be on top of the man….

  1222. 1222
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    @dan pic:
    to 1217,
    Aaaach, Daniel is so sexy there! God!
    I go masturbate when I see this pic….!

  1223. 1223
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    @monkey toe:
    thanks Satslumdog…
    typical photo of chupa. the usual nasty smug beyatch face. And her shoes….horrendous! ewwwwwwww. what a sad hopeless fashion victim.

  1224. 1224
    dan pic Says:

    lick it and weep…no…
    feel it and that’s not it..
    proving the man can walk on his own two legs..

    anyway..ass ahoy!

  1225. 1225
    to 1223 Says:

    Well those are the only shoes that will fit over her cloven hooves.

  1226. 1226
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    @dan pic:
    yes, Daniel and his bod are totally the HOTTEST!
    I love a man in levis, especially faded levis.

  1227. 1227
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    @dan pic:
    to 1217
    I eat Danny Craig, he looks like a dandy of the world class!

  1228. 1228
    chupacabra dislik'r Says:

    @to 1223:

    bwwwwaa hahaha!
    good one 1225!

  1229. 1229
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    @dan pic:
    to 1224,
    Ooooooooooh, his ass is cute!

  1230. 1230
    to 1219 Says:

    wish i was that sandwich…ho-hum

  1231. 1231
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    @dan pic:
    to 1224,
    Satsuki is at home and she calls up him where he is, she is nervous

  1232. 1232
    anyone? Says:

    im sitll waiting for a decent reason why he left the ivy before her as if she never existed right in fron of the paps and continued walking so she has to catch up to him..and security is not the reason.

  1233. 1233
    Roseberry Rocherro Says:

    another pics with his ass?

  1234. 1234
    to 1231 Says:

    No doubt, nagging byatch that she is.

  1235. 1235
    ass wipe Says:

    something for monkeyslut to use to wipe her monkey butt instead of dan’s money

  1236. 1236
    Parisiano Says:

    I hope Daniel’s Mrs Right will spend Daniel’s money for charity,
    she will be calculative and use him, his money and fame for sponsoring charity (:-b*tch one smart

  1237. 1237
    Tequilla&Bonetti Says:

    hey, stop to post youtube video with vermin, it’s disgusting I hate vermins!

  1238. 1238
    to 1237 Says:

    You don’t get the joke evidently..the “cricket” sound signifies an “awkward silence” or that “no-one is listening”.

    Crickets are not vermin by the way.

  1239. 1239
    to 1237 Says:

    To whom it is repeatedly posted, is.

  1240. 1240
    Tequilla&Bonetti Says:

    @to 1237:
    is not vermin? always is ugly

  1241. 1241
    Dandy A s s Says:

    Love the pix of Daniel’s a*s*s. He should do a Levi commercial-sales would skyrocket!!! Hate the gf but at least one upside to Daniel always running away-she sure does get a fantastic view!!!

  1242. 1242
    to 1232 Says:

    @ 06/13/2009 at 3:41 pm

    well, he could have been angry with her for some reason. it also be that daniel really didn’t want to be with satsuki. on their “off ” time daniel and satsuki may spend a lot of time apart. who knows? i’m just glad we got a picture of daniel by himself for once. not one with satsuki all the time.

  1243. 1243
    mendelforbroadway Says:

    to Guinness

    brilliant pictures! Give us more! That one on the beach is just hillarious!

    to #1225

    Cloven hoof? Lol!

    And thanks for the pictures of Dan’s perfectly formed a*se. A feast for the eyes…

  1244. 1244
    re ivy pic Says:

    I think Daniel when he drinks, he just wants to be left alone. Not saying he’s a extreme morose or happy drunk but I think it depends on what he drinks and what mood he’s in to be begin with. Like us all really.
    But I think he gets like “leave me alone, let me breathe, don’t tell me what to do” kind of thing more often than not although that doesn’t explain all the other times he walks ahead of her into buildings and on the streets.

  1245. 1245
    to 1244 Says:

    Simple Latin phrase comes to mind:

    “In vino veritas.”

    That’s why.

  1246. 1246
    to 1242 Says:

    I think she nags him to watch his drinking. You can tell she gives him the evil eye over it.
    Look at St Barths, they got into a fight over his drinking.
    Probably told him to watch his drink at The Ivy too.
    “You’re not going to order a bottle, why don’t you just drink a glass?”

    Flipping let the guy relax!

  1247. 1247
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    something awaiting moderation? aaahhhh…. lost what i wrote!!
    I love this capture because it makes him blush! I wish i could make him “gush” like that. It is one emotion I have not seen him “act”. so sincere. i love it.

    thx mendel for broadway!!! nice of you to catch up!!
    ~guinness just hanging out all day!!!!

  1248. 1248
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    I have a few of those captures with her lurking over his shoulder…I was going to make a collage with them…but i couldn’t find an appropriate medium….hhhmmm. jj? who ever the photographer is was definitely making a statement. or is she always in that position? and his jaw is locked. i think.
    He has had his photo taken so many times i don’t think he could ever look “not hot” to me. he will always be manly and beautiful to me. so rough and raw and yum yum. oh, the link. surry, i went blank again…..

  1249. 1249
    to 1248 Says:
    “The T Bone and the Rottweiler”

  1250. 1250
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    confirmed. is this news here? it is dated for today!!

  1251. 1251
    to 1250 Says:

    Old news as of two days Guinness.
    Keep up!

  1252. 1252
    TO: Tequilla&Bonetti Says:

    Vermin is always ugly.
    So is the individual to whom it is repeatedly posted to.

  1253. 1253
    to 1252 Says:

    “So is the individual to whom it is repeatedly posted to.”

    The last “to” is redundant.

  1254. 1254
    guinnesstobroadway Says:

    But it is dated June 13th!! or is that in China? I am on the other side of the planet. wth? great. I will go get another Corona! Ciao!

  1255. 1255
    to 1254 Says:

    The news was released by EoN (Babs and MGW).
    All Bond websites picked it up.

  1256. 1256
    Photo Says:,0,18

  1257. 1257
    in his wake.. Says:,0,20

    yes love him walking ahead of her again.

  1258. 1258
    Photo Says:

    @in his wake..:

    Why such a drastic body language change from his red carpet photos to the pap shots. – other than the Italy photos of them walking and holding hand I have never seen an off carpet photo of them being affectionate – maybe the kiss on the beach I suppose – I guess that makes it real doenst it?

  1259. 1259
    Beergut glum gonk Says:

    The kiss on the beach was done for their Pap and Pony Show after their fight.
    In all of the Pop Sugar pictures she has a gross beergut. She is not attractive at all, especially with that hanging off of her.

  1260. 1260
    Beergut glum gonk Says:

    more rolls of it……

  1261. 1261
    to 1258 Says:

    I guess that makes it real doenst it?

    Er. No not really. But that’s my “PR *****” seasoned attitude.

  1262. 1262
    Beergut glum gonk Says:

    @to 1258:
    To 1261-
    At least with your PR **** attitude you call it real and as you see it, the truth behind the scenes.
    You call it as you see it from your professional view.
    three cheers for your PR sense and attitude, whatever it is.

  1263. 1263
    Photo Says:

    @Beergut glum gonk:

    I am not a gonk but I do have a bit of a gut so much for having a career in Hollywood then. Seems that only skinny girls get accepted.

  1264. 1264
    He walks next to Andy Says:,0,21

  1265. 1265
    Relaitonship Says:

    Is it possible that this relationship is so comforable and secure that they don’t feel the need to show affection all the time?

  1266. 1266
    Name Secret Says:

    D : You have trouble trusting people.
    A : You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
    N : You like to work, but you always want a break.
    I : You are always smiling and making others smile.
    E : You are a very exciting person.
    L : Love is something you deeply believe in.

    C : You definitely have a partier side in you, don’t be shy to show it.
    R : You are a social butterfly.
    A : You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
    I : You are always smiling and making others smile.
    G : You have excellent ways of viewing people.

  1267. 1267
    kurt russell Says:

    @Name Secret:
    G: You have excellent ways of viewing people
    really???? Why you so idealize Daniel? Also, knows he Satsuki is ugly like a darkness in chimney, she looks like a monkey with horsesmile? hm! that he is so smart in in vieweing at people.
    I said I hate vermins; grasshoppers,spiders,mosquito and viewing at vermins is disgusting for me, please, no videos with crickets and other vermins! uuuugh!

  1268. 1268
    redundant Says:

    I am wondering if Morgan was writting a script since January with Purvis and Wade.

  1269. 1269
    to redundant Says:


    I don’t know what Morgan is doing at the moment, but Purvis and Wade are not working on the Bondscript since January. They are working on “The Brazilian Job” at the moment.

  1270. 1270
    to 1264 Says:

    I still say he and Andy make a better couple-the gf looks like a monkey skeleton with an big bump in her neck. Daniel seems to enjoy Andy’s company. And i am sure Andy has much better taste in clothes.

  1271. 1271
    Eau de Toillete Says:

    to 1270,
    hehehehe you always say Andy is better than Satsuki. But yes, Daniel looks more better with others, but with Satsuki he is a man who has the ugliest woman on his arm and it’s a pity for him and his image.
    Why there is not a beuatiful woman for him? We would love to see him with other belle in a public, it could be amazing see him with belle, mainly for us. Agree, Satsuki is extremely ugly, at least she should to do look normally and ordinarily but she does not look so.
    but Daniel sees it a different way than we.
    The reason why he lives with ugly woman is he is Pisces and Pisces tolerates each of people. Pisces men KNOW what they want but they must find the right woman firsly, by that time they flounder in the water.
    Daniel is a man who solves nothing and Satsuki can be grateful to him, because he doesn’t solve her looking. You hate she is identical with monkey but there is a pic Daniel kisses monkey’s mouth and lips, he feels her big teeth and he holds her man’s body, he looks at her squint eyes, he thinks she is a normal woman and nobody says to him truth. It depends only on Daniel how he see it but I hope he will open eyes one day and he will find out how fans disliked Satsuki. That is what I wish that he will find out and realize many things. I think the person who will open his eyes is his Mr.Right, then there already is nobody. I believe she will appear and he will learn common sens.

  1272. 1272
    Guinnesstobroadwaywithmendeljj Says:

    I remember reading about an argument of truth with Defiance and what really happened in the woods….has this been discussed here? I just read what imdb had about the movie/Daniel and it triggered the memory of a lot of disputed opinions on it. anyone have any links…afterall, this is a thread about the release of it on dvd…remember?

    ~guinness–bored,saving the bucket for later

    @1271–I wholeheartedly concur…but hoping he isn’t for the “other team”, NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!

  1273. 1273
    Pisces this week Says:

    @Eau de Toillete:
    You have a deep desire to discover your true destiny this week, Pisces, and you’ll devote time and attention to uncovering your mission in life. On Monday the Moon in Pisces in your sector of self conjuncts erratic Uranus and you’ll be filled with a restless urge to embark on a new life journey. First you’ll decide to tackle plan A and then you’ll select choice B, and so on through the alphabet! On Wednesday you’ll spend a lot of time reflecting on your past experiences. You may hear from and reconnect with a former friend with whom you’d lost contact

  1274. 1274
    to 1272 Says:

    I too hope he’s not on the other team but spending so much time with a she-man makes you think.

  1275. 1275
    Eau de Toillete Says:

    @Pisces this week:
    Tell me more – Horoscope of Pisces for year 2010, but I think it’s very soon yet to know 2010 Horoscopes but if you have horoscopes for next year, write. not much long text, accurately.

  1276. 1276
    Eau de Toillete Says:

    @to 1272:
    She’s A Man, Daniel!
    it’s ideal for Daniel, if he likes men so Satsuki is perfect because she looks like a man (with vag*ine) and if Daniel would like so he can šukat Satsuki’s ass, having a anale.

  1277. 1277
    Eau de Toillete Says:

    There is a pic how Satsuki drinks a beer in Panama, she watched Daniel and Olga at work (boat scene) and she sat with two ladies (photographer and assistant or what), she is like a man who drinks 20 bottles of beer daily. she-one toper. How easy she doesn’t need work and she is watching others at work and she tries to be a friend with people from the set. There is another pic, she watched Daniel during shooting Casino Royale and she acted like a movie producer and had a clown’s clothes on her. how typical for her – one toper clown who wants to look importantly among people. I would like to thrust down her ego. Daniel is fresh with his drinking alcohol because Satsuki is like a fella. But the right woman does not allow it.
    man’s ass

  1278. 1278
    to Eau de Toillete Says:

    appropiate name for a s.h.i.t. poster
    maybe you need “having a anale”, dried up c.u.n.t.

  1279. 1279
    Eau de Toillete Says:

    to 1278,
    will you lick my p.u.s.s.y? at toilette?

  1280. 1280
    to 1269 Says:

    They are working on “The Brazilian Job” at the moment.

    Lovely. A film based in a waxing parlor.
    Daniel could be head defuzzer.

  1281. 1281
    to 1280 Says:

    haha very funny!
    does The Italian Job ring any bell?

  1282. 1282
    blindaniel Says:

    but scriptwriters should have a script finished to the end of year or not? They will final decision about term 2010 or 2011. but I bet there each needs money so they are going to make Bond earlier date as MGM planned. I am sure 23.Bond starts next year with shooting.
    Babs and Michael said they met scriptwriters in January because of outline of story and Daniel now met Babs at Nobu and it seemed because of Bond, meeting with Babs does mean only: Bond. There is long fight with date release, first wants to work and other wants to wait.
    Bond-fans said Bond should to start in 2011 and they think 2010 is too early, actually everybody thinks/believes it and says Bond should rather be in 2011. I would agree with it too but I am for 2010.
    EON and MGM have a fight, and fans fight about date too.
    As to script, I believe Purvis and Wade created outline of story last year and they came with ideas in this January as always. They created QOS after CR and they were off-shelf. It’s not difficult to fastly write a script when they have been working on it three scriptwriters.

  1283. 1283
    to 1281 Says:

    haha very funny!
    does The Italian Job ring any bell?

    Not in my mind, unless it’s a wax parlor within the Vatican.
    Make of that what you will.

  1284. 1284
    confused Says:

    She does not allow video games but encourages something that is bad for his health?!!!? I don’t get that!

  1285. 1285
    mendelforbroadway Says:

    Looks like the Sats controversy is now hitting politics. A headline on ITN online today screamed:

    ‘Tories plan to scrap Sats’

    OK, Sats are primanry school exams for 11 year olds, but I saw the headline and thought it was hillarious :)

    to Guinness

    I loved your caption that made DC blush! Got any more?

  1286. 1286
    to 1283 Says:

    well then seems as of your mind is where your crotch is.

  1287. 1287
    TO: Guilded butterflies 1176 Says:

    @To Daniel:

    To the ‘Guilded Butterflies’ poster #1176-
    I thought you might like to see your quote up in lights on the red carpet….

  1288. 1288
    to 1286 Says:

    and it seems that you don’t know a joke..lighten up misery guts!

  1289. 1289
    rain gutter jaw Says:


  1290. 1290
    to 1289 Says:

    Wow I see the likeness to SatsMonkeyMandribble(Mandible).

  1291. 1291
    To Daniel Says:

    @TO: Guilded butterflies 1176:

    Thank you
    she is soooooo beautiful

  1292. 1292
    To Daniel Says:

    She really knows how to work the red carpet — great Bond girl material

  1293. 1293
    to 1291 Says:

    megan fox and daniel would scorch up a bedroom together..
    ****** nasty sex


  1294. 1294
    to 1291 Says:

    @To Daniel:
    to 1291, regarding your Guilded Butterflies poem:
    yes, yes M. Fox is very beautiful. I am a big Megan Fox fan.
    She has a great look! And she looks great on the red carpet. She always looks sharp and clean and sexy.
    I saw that really clear photo of her and her ‘guilded butterflies’ tattoo on her shoulder and i thought that you might like it!
    And this red dress that she is wearing with the midriff cutout with the snake, is smashing. uber-sexy !

  1295. 1295
    to 1291 Says:


    Megan Fox jumps to the tippy TOP of the short list of Bond23 ‘love interests’ for Bond!

  1296. 1296
    think agAIN Says:

    SatsSmugDroopyKnickers wouldn’t allow it so I think we can move on.

  1297. 1297
    To Daniel Says:

    Megan Fox can be Eva’s little sister or i mean Vesper’s little sister in the new Bond film…….she would be a great sex villlan type character.

  1298. 1298
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @think agAIN:
    Hi Satslumdog! I know what yuo are saying but I think that with the producers casting both Eva green and Olga, I think that they WILL go ahead with casting megan Fox IF it comes to that.
    The he*l with Glum Gonk, her likes/dislikes will not control the box office! And the Eon powers that be will not allow her to make such heavy casting decisions.
    Daniel needs to get over what she allows and what she does not allow and I do not think that Eon will let her decide the casting of Bond’s female lead.
    Let her cry about it and be super-pissy.
    If she made the casting decisions, then I don’t think that Eva green or Olga would have been cast. Def NOT Eva!

    Money and lots of it are in the mix and greatly at stake here. The dumb glum gonk is not going to be pulling the strings on a chance of losing over a half a billion dollars at the box office.

  1299. 1299
    Guinnesstobroadwaywithmendeljj Says:

    Hey mendel!! Nice, I was so looking up the SATS thing at ITN…thanks for the link–not familiar with UK news so this is good for me to know. I was laughing like an idiot when i began reading!

    Photobucket isn’t cooperating…i will work on it. thx

  1300. 1300
    to 1298 Says:

    I don’t know about that. Moneky Toe might pull another hissy fit on set.
    No way will she allow Megan Fox to be cast and to be honest, I don’t think she is what they (eon)are looking for.

  1301. 1301
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    No way will she allow Megan Fox to be cast and to be honest, I don’t think she is what they (eon)are looking for.
    to 1300-
    I do agree with you that megan Fox is most probably NOT what Eon is looking for, villain or heroine for James.

    but the only way i can see Chubacabra not allowing anyone she does not like to be cast is for her to tell Daniel that she does not want that actress in the movie, and she starts throwing a hissy fit with daniel, being very difficult.
    Then Daniel would probably tell Barbara and/or Michael that he is not comfortable with the actress or he is not feeling the chemistry with her. (even if he is lying and he really likes the actress) Then that is the only way I can see the Chubacabra getting rid of any auditioning ‘female threat on set’.

    But by the same token, I don’t think the gf was too thrilled that Eva Green got the role. I CANNOT see the Chubacabra giving her OK for Eva getting to play Vesper.

  1302. 1302
    to 1301 Says:

    SatGonk isn’t involved in the final say but I’m sure she gives her feedback but in the end it is up to Daniel/Eon.
    I don’t know that Gonk knew how Daniel would feel about Eva and interact until the movie began.
    I think Gonk is now very wary and I’m sure makes Daniel know her real feelings about any actress and after the Eva “fiasco”, listens to her. I’m sure she gave Daniel hell about Eva on a regular basis and the sexual tension betwwen the.
    Irrespective of whether Eva was with someone and Daniel was, things can happen on sets.
    Olga wasn’t a threat but Megan Fox?…hell yeah!

    I think an actress hired by EoN will be fairly unknown but Gonk will have two actresses to deal with, the Bond girl and Moneypenny.

  1303. 1303
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1301:
    to 1302…
    Just to add to your post…in my opinion, I am not so sure Daniel is going to be so obliging to the glum gonk this time around on Bond23.
    IF Daniel is weary and tired of her demands/attitude/behavior/tantrums/stromps, etc., he may just turn a cold ear to her whines and demands come time to cast the next Bond girls.- villains, heroines and moneypenny and whoever else.

    The Chubacabra may be quickly ‘whining, tantruming and demanding’ her way out of Daniels’ heart and interest and by the time casting comes around …sonner or later, it may be a whole different ball game to whether or not Daniel acquiesces to her wants.

  1304. 1304
    to 1303 Says:

    Well he’s evidently dealing with it at the moment and seems to be a sucker for punishment.
    I’m wondering who has the most lack of self esteem here, Daniel or Satsuki?

  1305. 1305
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1303:
    to 1304….
    to answer your self esteem question (and it is a good one) I would think that if the glum gonk had ANY SPECK of self esteem, any at all, even a crumb, she would expect daniel to escort her to and from the car, and leave early enough for events where he could do this properly and respectfully.
    If she had any self esteem I can’t imagine that she would want him to keep a huge distance betweeen them when being out in public.
    I would think she would respect herself enough not to set herself up to be humiliated or embarrassed in public.
    Daniel acts like he is embarrassed of her.
    From the hundreds…thousands of pics on and off the red carpet, his actions do not show any respect for her. Daniel is just acting towards her the way she is teaching him to.
    She looks like she recoils when he touches her, like when he kissed her on the red carpet. She was ice-cold frozen towards him and did not reciprocate at all. She is not a warm woman or affectionate.

  1306. 1306
    to 1305 Says:

    I would be totally embarrassed if i had to walk down the red carpet with a poodle with a huge horse mouth glued to my side. No wonder the poor man is always running away!!

  1307. 1307
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1305:
    HA HA! LOL! that is right on the money!
    very funny and very true. He has to be embarrassed and humiliated with the poodle!

  1308. 1308
    to 1305 Says:

    Good points but he obviously doesn’t have respect for her in an inate way, know what I mean?
    It seems perfunctory rather than natural.
    No man would walk ahead of someone as much as he does if he truly had respect for her.
    Or not even declare an engagement. Privacy is one thing but the attention they would get if they did say they were, wouldn’t be any more or less than they are getting now.
    If safety is an issue for her with fans, then why wear a ring and display so prominently?
    They are a couple in total contradiction of themselves and steeped in irony.
    I hope one of them gets enough self respect to make a move one way or another.

  1309. 1309
    to 1305 Says:

    She was ice-cold frozen towards him and did not reciprocate at all. She is not a warm woman or affectionate.

    Yes I agree. I’ve seen more warmth off a frostbitten foot.

  1310. 1310
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1305:
    If safety is an issue for her with fans, then why wear a ring and display so prominently?
    Right. On. !
    That is why, and this specific comment above is why I doubt that safety (to the life threatening degree it has been discussed) is such an issue. I don’t think it is. her Flaunting the ring right in the paps eyes is a great example. She is out all the time with him. Or at least when the paps snap him ,she is there, so how ‘dire’ can safety be an issue for them?
    It can’t. And it isn’t.

    You can just imagine if you wore a ‘supposed’ engagement ring, if that is really what the situation is, and your fiance will not acknowledge it or even give a nod the the upcoming nuptials. Most people are so excited and brimming with happiness at an engagement announcement. Hiding thefact they are engaged is usually not the course of action.
    How many times did Elizabeth Taylor announce her engagement(s) and she is a very famous celebrity., with probably a LOT more security issues and risks than Daniel.
    And the New York Times newspaper has a special wedding/engagement section, as i am sure the UK papers and the LA times do, of wedding announcements and engagements.
    People, including celebritites, are not ashamed of it.

    And this is precisely why the reporters and journalists do NOT think they even are engaged.

  1311. 1311
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    to 1308…..After 4 or more years of wearing the ring…and as you say displaying it (flashing it in everyone’s face) so prominently, you can just imagine the CONSTANT questions she must get from her friend and family about it.
    By this time, most women would be REALLY PO’ed after waiting for so many years, if they were ‘still the bridesmaid, never the bride.’

  1312. 1312
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    It seems perfunctory rather than natural.
    Totally Right on! It is all perfunctory. The most perfect description of these 2.

  1313. 1313
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    It seems perfunctory rather than natural.
    Totally Right on! It is all perfunctory. The most perfect description of their actions.

  1314. 1314
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    whoa. the double post not intentional.

  1315. 1315
    to 1314 Says:

    whoa. the double post not intentional.
    Oh go on…it was worth saying twice.

  1316. 1316
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1314:
    OK. :)

  1317. 1317
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    I noticed we no longer have any more ‘smiley ‘faces or ‘frownies’ on JJ anymore.

    that sort of stinks.

  1318. 1318
    to 1317 Says:

    I noticed we no longer have any more ’smiley ‘faces or ‘frownies’ on JJ anymore.

    that sort of stinks.
    Revamp of their system no doubt affected the icons.
    At least the posting of pics isn’t. ;)

  1319. 1319
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    @to 1317:
    Yes, you are right! it must have been the system re-do that did it.
    Thank goodness for the little things! (Like our picture posting!)
    It would be a sad sad day in JJ-land if we lost that ability on the board.
    :( ….. Super-frownie!!

  1320. 1320
    Glum's 15 mins are GONE! Says:

    to 1318 and all…..signing off. nice talking with you (all…)
    Have a good night / good morning!

  1321. 1321
    speculation Says:

    I think Satsuki is attractive, as do most men whom I have asked. Sure, not all pics are flattering, whose are? A lot of your comments state that she is like a man. Well, look back to whom he was most recently linked.; Kate Moss, a waif, Sienna Miller, nearly the same. He obviously prefers very thin women, and he doesn’t care about big boobs. He reportedly hated the spotlight on him while seeing Kate; hence, the relationship with a non-star. It seems to fit his private persona. Reports are that he can be a real moody ass. He is no doubt an incredibly sexy man’s man, but I’m sure he is no picnic to live with. However, I’m sure most of us would love that opportunity. For those who hate Satsuki, there is a profile that fits people like you. And I am serious. Lonely, not in a relationship, not attractive, overweight, and are simply jealous. Those who are mean to others do so to feel better about themselves. If these two wanted to split up, they would. And maybe someday they will for reasons we won’t know. But any Hollywood romance is destined to have stress. I would love to read this site and receive positive energy. Or maybe someone can direct me and others to a site that isn’t so hateful. I look at the board to see current pics, new news, etc., but am always leave sickened by these hateful people. It’s as though you are part of a gang. Again, if you know of one, please advise where the non-haters can post. You haters can have JJ, I guess. The comments are toxic.

  1322. 1322
    Whatsup Says:

    You are not alone, trust me. There are a lot of people who are sickened by all the hate on this board toward his girlfriend.
    I have read through a lot of the threads and see how sick these people make others. I have been on other boards where they talk about how sick the haters on JJ are. You are absolutely 100% right, they are a gang. A gange of lonely, unattractive, overweight and jealous women with no lives. Look at the board for this weekend, while most normal people were out living their lives, doing other things, these haters spent their weekend on JJ hating.
    Is there anything more pathetic. What is truly pathetic is that they, I guarantee, went to sleep tonight feeling great that they were able to spew all their hate. But little do they know how much they are the losers in this hate game they are playing.
    Not only is Sats living her beautiful life with Daniel, receiving all his love, falling asleep in his arms each night, receiving his sweet kiss in the mornings, all the normal people live their lives, have friends and families and come here merely to receive news and see new pictures; but the haters loose, because they have no life, no friends, no families, no lovers, this is all they have. JJ has become their best friend, their only companion. I guarantee they have no friends. They spend holidays alone, wondering when their prince charming will come along. But he never will, because no decent man wants a woman who behaves or has the characteristics that these women who hate so much have.
    If you want to go to a nice board, go to Dedicated to Daniel, but you have to email them to ask to join. They are heavily moderated, but I like it, because they don’t allow these kind of toxic ugly people on the board.
    There is also Commander Bond where the people are really nice.
    JJ has a very, very bad reputation. It is basically known as pure trailer trash, and I think that is a perfect description, as these haters are nothing but trailer trash.
    By the way, I agree, Satsuki is a very beautiful woman, and I have not seen one single photograph that has not shown a normal loving couple. But these haters wouldn’t know what a normal happy couple looks likes because they have never been in a normal happy relationship, if any relationship at all, and I would wager everything I have that they have never been in a relationship at all.
    The jealousy and insecurity of these haters is astounding and sad. The anger is beyond disturbing.
    You are 100% right, trailer trash JJ can keep it’s trailer trash haters.
    I hope with all my heart that Daniel has great security to protect him and beautiful Sats.

  1323. 1323
    Whatsup Says:

    Did you also note that this thread did not show one single photograph of Sats, and still the Haters cannot shut up. They keep saying how nice it is to see him alone, and how much they wish there were only photos of Daniel, well, the idiots don’t even realize that they got their wish. There are no photos of Sats posted on this thread by JJ, so why on earth are still talking about her !!!!!!!
    They don’t even realize their own stupidity. They have just proven how jealous they are, because they got their wish. Photos of JUST Daniel with no Sats. If they WERE NOT full of jealousy, they would be happy and talk only about Daniel, but they have proven that jealousy is burning through their very souls because they will not stop talking about Sats, even though she is not pictured in the above photos with Daniel. They have proven 100% that all their hate is based on 100% PURE JEALOUSY. Thank you for proving to everyone that they are right about you haters, you are lonely and jealous.

  1324. 1324
    gypsy woman Says:

    hey you are not so right with your opinions about us.
    I am very happy person who has work and a lot of admirers, I sleep with two boys because I don’t know which of them I want. I have a large family, now arrived another members of family from Slovakia Republic on Holiday at our place. I am gypsy and Gypsies never are alone, we are like Kardashians, we live at one large house. When we have a Holiday we go whole group and we make barbecue.
    Jealous hater doesn’t must be ugly, fat, lonely neccessarily. and that, a person writes ugly it does not mean he is bad in reality. Bad tongues are beautiful, normal people too.
    The hate is Not because of Daniel but because of her because we all know what she does, what’s her nature and she is only sticked ugly calculative manlike woman with a huge mouth and she does not can to close her mouth among people and she ruined Daniel’s Bond image (maybe career too).
    I simply hate Satsuki and I will always, until Daniel will meet other woman. We are like his mama who wants for him better partner, not this Satsuki.
    You always act like a God and you say often untrue, you are convinced Daniel surely will get marry Satsuki and they will be together many, many years. But I couldnť believe say it because I don’t know what is there in their cards for future. Again, it depends on Daniel not on you.
    You act like a experienced person and the smartest of us but in fact you lack some points because you are blind as well.
    and by the way…….you say we are alone and always on Just Jared and we have not family, friends, etc. so I put one question to you:
    What you always do on here, every day? are you alone? JJ is your friend? why you are here too? ha?
    look at my countrymen:
    Do you want to know what Gypsies would do with Satsuki? They took her and hit in bag and laughed.

  1325. 1325
    gypsy woman Says:

    I am not overweight and I am not skinny like Satsuki, I am accurately, I have all, ass, boobs, simply blood and milk, like a typical gypsy woman. The best figure that I saw- has Ella. I am proud that Daniel has a daughter who looks very feminine and has super body, but someone here called her fat (you?).
    The boys surely fight because of Ella,she has comeliness and super body. How you can to say Satsuki is beautiful when she looks like a scary movie at first glance? She could to produce a scary movie and play in it because she is perfect for it, finally she could be an actress.
    I bet you will be sit at the cinema alone because others dislike her. Satsuki will be happy because she did 3$ thanks you, she adds Daniel’s 2997$ to complete and she will have a clown clothes . Enjoy Satsuki’s hideousness, at least you look at her when Daniel does not.
    You also must be a monkey when you like Satsuki Mitchell.

  1326. 1326
    speculation Says:

    Whew, how very refreshing to read these two posts as well as your previous ones. I had to laugh at your observation about people posting such venom throughout the weekend – so true! And about how this link doesn’t even have a pic of Satsuki and still all the hatred.
    I did view the pics of his daughter being dropped off and couldn’t believe how people were trashing SM for being there – I’m SORRY, the man is either engaged or even possibly married to her. What, is he supposed to leave her home every single time he is with his daughter? These posters are truly sick. I also had to laugh at the comments about Satsuki’s appearance. First, no one in those pics looked that great; it was early morning and it appeared that everyone threw on whatever was around before heading out the door. And people, if I had to guess, it’s quite possible the two of them had just had sex- kinda looks like it – gasp – I know…it must sting. He didn’t wait for you.
    I agree that no pic or video of them look different from any normal couple. The bit about him always walking in front of her – please. When that happens, do you realize you are seeing the tiniest fraction of their lives, and you are passing all-knowing judgement about their relationship? If I could report how normal this is, in this business, under these very public circumstances… I could, but I certainly won’t drag other actor’s names into this mudslinging fest.
    I also find it interesting that people are crazed by the St. Barts vacation. Can’t a man take his family and friends on a great vacation without the malicious comments posted here? It’s too bad for him that he had to deal with the paparazzi, but you people (me included) are probably pretty pleased to be able to see the pics. And except for the cameras, which was obviously very irritating for them, they seemed to make the best of their time and good fortune with their friends and family…ahem…oh yeah, being in a great relationship and having a great group of couple friends is something most of you know nothing about.
    Thank you, Whatsup and others who agree, for your level of sanity. I briefly checked out DedicatedtoDaniel – just want to make sure it isn’t some super-groupie, “Isn’t Daniel perfect” kind of thing. Normal people posting would be refreshing.
    One more thing – I can’t believe that any woman would actually want Daniel to dump Satusuki only to be with a super-hot woman. Really? Would that make them happy, unload the gutteral hatred, and be able to start a life? Unless you were that hot supermodel, I doubt that any joy would become of it. Would you want to be dumped because someone better came along? Oh yeah, you probably have and that’s why you want him to dump her. As arrogant as Daniel must be (difficult not to be with the Bond fame), I give him credit him for not playing the 20-years younger, nothing but arm-candy card. Seems he’s found a perfect fit with an educated, attractive, in-the-business, woman.
    Thanks again, Whatsup!

  1327. 1327
    speculation Says:

    Correction: make that “someone better LOOKING came along”

  1328. 1328
    speculation/whatsup/katy/kiwi/ Says:

    Go back to voting. Still not tired of talking to yourself?

  1329. 1329
    .... Says:

    I agree with you what you said in some points, but still you miss the main point. Do you know what it is? It is something what all posters know, only you miss it. I doubt you will know it because you have only your truth and you are convinced with your truth. It’s not something bad on it, ok, you have own opinion and I get it but actually I will laugh at you when Daniel will dump Satsuki one day, because if it will happens so you will look like a fool here. Or if Daniel will getting marry Satsuki so we will look like fools who weren’t right. I am excited who will be right if WE or YOU.
    (by the way: the people who see things blindly, they think they are the smartest and call others idiots and laugh at most posters so these people mostly lose and they use to be surprised).

    Again, you are right but you miss the most important fact.

    (Aries wants to be loved, they see love everywhere, love is for them the most important thing in their love and they try all life to get love from all, they are very hearty, they want that family, friends loved them, their goal is love and as to your posts you always mention love and that is why you miss the main point because you see love everywhere and you think Daniel loves Satsuki so much and he is going to get marry her. It’s called blindness, especially aries disposes it.

  1330. 1330
    .... Says:

    I bet if you will not be right about Satsuki and Daniel, and he will find other woman so you will hate this new woman.
    You say about ugly Satsuki she is attractive, smart, etc and you will say about new beautiful woman she is ugly and stupid and Daniel will not getting marry her. and if this new woman will be a model so you will say she has a bad body and mannish Satsuki is good, you always see thing vice versa.

  1331. 1331
    FRIEND Says:

    I love you SmartHead/Intel/Gypsy Woman! If you had balls they would be HUGE — ROTFL ———- YOU RULE!!!!!!!

  1332. 1332
    gemma Says:

    Gemm has got engaged.

  1333. 1333
    to 1326 Says:

    Normal people posting would be refreshing.

    Oh I do so agree but alas, you’re still here.

  1334. 1334
    where is she? Says:

    Seems he’s found a perfect fit with an educated, attractive, in-the-business, woman

    Well if he’s found her, why isn’t he taking her to the premieres instead of the Gonk?

  1335. 1335
    to 1329 Says:

    (by the way: the people who see things blindly, they think they are the smartest and call others idiots and laugh at most posters so these people mostly lose and they use to be surprised).

    ‘Hypocrite’ is the word you’re looking for.

  1336. 1336
    to 1332 Says:

    Gemm has got engaged.

    And will likely walk up the aisle before the Gonk.
    Oh dear. More nagging for Daniel.

  1337. 1337
    speculation Says:


    No, can’t say that I will hate anyone whom Daniel chooses. What I don’t understand is why in the world anyone HATES someone they don’t know or know don’t know anything about. I’m missing that inside knowledge that I guess some presume to have, and to process it into that sort of anger. Note that no one knows anything about Satsuki? Don’t you think Daniel prefers it that way? There are plenty of gorgeous, high-profile women out there who would love to connect with Daniel, but sorry ladies, he’s apparently ‘just not into them’. And no, this is not a contest of who is right – my, what an interesting, convoluted thought. It’s simply if they are together, they are together. Why hope for problems in this relationship? And look for any granularity of trouble within every single photograph or video? The astrology bend – good grief – oh yeah, that’s really mature. Bottom line, if they’re together, they’re together. If they split up, well, life goes on people. Since no one on this board knows either one of them, what gives anyone the credentials to comment so vehemently about their relationship and then to be so vile?
    As a side note, and off topic, I am friends with two high-profile BH plastic surgeons (neither of whom know DC) but both state they would love to get their hands on him to inject Restylene into the vertical fold on his forehead. Ha! It drives them crazy. Some men just don’t get it.

  1338. 1338
    to 1337 Says:

    As a side note, and off topic, I am friends with two high-profile BH plastic surgeons (neither of whom know DC) but both state they would love to get their hands on him to inject Restylene into the vertical fold on his forehead. Ha! It drives them crazy. Some men just don’t get it.
    ha, ha, male surgeons I guess.
    Maybe deep down inside the would like to inject some “miracle cure”
    into their own flubby abdomnal wall and into their own upperarm.
    And get some blue coloured contact lenses.
    This man doesn’t need any surgery, he gets better with every single fold.

  1339. 1339
    to "speculation" and company Says:

    but sorry ladies, he’s apparently ‘just not into them’

    For someone belittling other people complaining about someone they don’t know, you state the above quoted sentence as it is a fact.
    Do you know him personally so you can say that?
    You need to practice what you preach.

    Hang about, why is that sentence so familiar?
    Oh yes, it’s been posted to a certain person SO many times on here…ffs.

  1340. 1340
    speculation Says:

    @to 1337:
    No, actually, they are very attractive men. It helps in BH. They admit they always look at people and can’t help but think what they would do if the subject were their patient. Both jumped at this one ‘flaw’ (?) And although both appear to have nice enough bodies, they truly admire Daniel’s CR physique. That’s the one good thing about the Bond23 filming – if he does what he says he has to do before filming, Daniel will get back into the form that captivated us all. And yeah, the blue contacts – don’t they wish. Well, so do I – why aren’t they standard on all men :-)

  1341. 1341
    to 1338 Says:

    maybe she should consult her “friends” and have her fingers sewn together so she can’t type again.

  1342. 1342
    question Says:

    Has Wannabe Psycho her her little psycho yet I wonder?
    Will Krista Daley EVER come back off her holiday?
    Will hypocrites ever change their spots?
    Will Daniel ever Marry?
    Will Gonk ever get her squint fixed?

    Stay tuned to JJ on seven nights a week on the “I Couldn’t Care Less” Channel.

  1343. 1343
    Psychic Says:

    Yes she still has her little psycho.
    No Krista Daley died on holiday.
    No hypocrites never change spots.
    Yes he will marry
    No Gonk stays squint forever
    Bless you…..Gypsy woman

  1344. 1344
    translation Says:

    Yeee, huge balls! and as to your I love you I would like to sing you lyrics by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance): “I don’t love you.”
    It’s my favourite lyrics.

  1345. 1345
    daniel is hot Says:

    I know some of you hate horoscopes, but just had to type out Daniel’s from my newspaper (and I do know that they are all different)
    “Later today you will feel quite implusive about something. Your moods are changing quickly and this could trigger some kind of impatience in you, especially with a female.” Watch out Mitchell!

  1346. 1346
    1346 Says:

    I was always one of those people who thought that they would marry. I thought that he was waiting until his daughter took her exams. But she has been seen more and more with him over the last month which is the time of the exams. I think she probably took them last year. In which case I have no idea what or why he is waiting. Also, the pics of him returning hsi daughter were interesting. Why not say goodbye in the car or go inside. Even if the g/f was not welcome he could still have avoided that photo op. Again I think he knew what he was doing. After all his ex has seen g/f’s come and go. Why would she care unless he was making a point to her

  1347. 1347
    to 1346 Says:

    Waiting to marry so a 16 yr old can take her O’ Levels (done this year) is hardly a reason is it? Weak at the most. He’s had 5 years.
    Fiona isn’t smitten with Satsuki so he dropped his daugher off like a bag of washing at the front door. Hardly gallant but if Satsuki wasn’t there, he would have gone in like he has many times before.

  1348. 1348
    to 1347 Says:

    Hardly gallant but if Satsuki wasn’t there, he would have gone in like he has many times before.

    They maybe have an agreement. If Satsuki tags along, then he drops Ella off.
    An agreement prompted by Fiona and Daniel no doubt to avoid “awkwardness” although saying goodbye in front of cameras (they look as they noticed them very early on) seemed to serve against his idea of “privacy” and create a situation I’m sure Ella was not comfortable with (as she noticed them too).
    One of two things, Satsuki says her goodbyes earlier and leaves Daniel to drop his daughter off and they say goodbye inside Fiona’s house to avoid pap opportunities or Fiona allows Satsuki into the house.
    Ella I’m sure would love the former choice out of respect for her mother. Best for both worlds.
    But does Satsuki want to be left alone whilst Daniel does that or does Daniel want Satsuki to tag along?
    Well, the first one Satsuki needs to grow up and allow Daniel to do so and the second, Daniel needs to realize that by bringing Satsuki along, his goodbyes with Ella will be splashed all voer the Internet.
    I’m sure Fiona would want the former and so should Daniel out of respect for their daugher.

  1349. 1349
    fiona Says:

    was not in London. Ella stayed at Daniel’s home for almost one week and he dropped her off in front of her best friend’s house.

  1350. 1350
    to 1348 Says:

    if gonk wasnt there he would have gone in, i agree. gonk caused that particular pap frenzy, she should have stayed home.
    who goes along to drop of their b/f’s daughter when they know his ex wife doesnt allow her into the house especially when they know there might be paps lurking?
    there is a mark of “f*ck you” here from the gonk to fiona by coming along and making them say goodbye in the damn street.
    if i was fiona i would insist on that never happening again.
    if i was daniel and he did this deliberatley by bringing satsuki as fiona doesn’t like her and it’s a sort of “f*ck you” to fiona, he needs to grow the hell up.
    i realize there are dynamics involved in a situation like this but Ella should come first!

  1351. 1351
    to 1349 Says:

    Sorry but I heard she was in London.

  1352. 1352
    to fiona Says:

    was not in London. Ella stayed at Daniel’s home for almost one week and he dropped her off in front of her best friend’s house.

    That doesn’t even make any more sense. LOL.
    Why was the reason then he couldn’t have gone into her best friends house? Is Satsuki not allowed in there too?
    Standing in the street then seems bewilderingly stupid.
    Senseless and illogical.

    I heard it was Fiona’s house from a few good sources (not on here)anyway so it’s moot anyway.

  1353. 1353
    bullsh*t Says:

    yeah my comment exactly, could he not have gone into her best friends house then instead of giving the paps a feeding frenzy?
    makes daniel seem even more selfish.
    did the gonk say “im not going into anyone’s house, let’s go!”
    seems like she was in a hurry to leave.
    now the daughters gone, she can have daniel all to herself again.
    anyway i was talking to someone else on another website and they told me it was fiona’s house for definite.

  1354. 1354
    re: Fiona Says:

    Fiona was recording more music for her new CD.
    She was in London.
    Get your info correct.

  1355. 1355
    not fiona's house Says:

    and even Ella has not gone into the house, you moron. Her friend was on her way out, they both have started a shopping tour. They went to the jeans shop where my sister is working. Ella and her friend do that on a regular basis. My sister has served Ella and her best friend many times.

  1356. 1356
    to 1352 Says:

    Whose ever house it was it appears the gonk is not welcome. I am sure Fiona or a friend of Ellas would allow Daniel inside (without gonk). Why the gonk didn’t just stay in the car is a bigger question. Can she not let Daniel out of her sight for one minute? Is she afraid of being left out of the pap’s pix? They did notice the paps early on so why didn’t she stay in the car while Daniel escorted his daughter into the house? If i saw the paps i would want to escort her inside to make sure she is not harassed.

  1357. 1357
    here they come Says:

    LOl, here come the accusations and MORON posts.
    Oh yes and didn’t you see Satsuki in a baby store too?

    Name of the jeans shop as I’d like to call them and verify your story please?

    You are a liar and one that gets quite upset when they are called out. If you are 100% sure of your info (which is totally wrong) why get SO defensive?

    How familiar. Same old ****.

    FYI: (I shall refrain from calling you a moron, waste of time), I know for a FACT is was Fiona’s house. FACT!

  1358. 1358
    camden - fiona Says:

    I know one of the paps, it was Fiona’s house, sorry.

  1359. 1359
    to 1356 Says:

    agree, whatever house it was (and again, it WAS Fiona’s) Daniel should have gone into the house with Ella. its a simple as that.
    it appears that the gonk is not welcome anywhere. she needs to stay at home.

  1360. 1360
    to 1356 Says:

    Saying goodbye in a street when it was Ella’s “best friends’ house apparently now? Could they not have gone in?
    Being Fiona’s house is bad enough but no, a BEST FRIENDS house and they still said goodbye in the street?
    Daniel should know better by now than to give the paps what they want (after his constant bemoaning of them) so things should have been arranged prior to their arrival with her best friend.
    Unless the paps knew her best friend’s address (which seems silly) then the paps followed Daniel from his Maida Vale address to there.
    Therefore, did no-one have a forethought to call Ella’s best friend and say “we are being followed, we will come immediatley into the house. You stay inside to avoid you getting snapped and then we can say goodbye privately”.
    But what does the best friend do, come rushing out to meet Ella?

    F*cking illogical behavior when it comes to “privacy” and the paps.
    It seems THEY (Daniel and Co) can’t practice what they preach.

  1361. 1361
    camden - fiona Says:

    My friend was called when Daniel left his house
    It was not a best friends house, it was Fiona’s. He arrived there with few others who were tipped off.
    They knew Ella was with Daniel so therefore a return to her mother’s house is a logical anticipation for pictures.
    Nine times out of ten, they know Daniel was dropping her back off there as he has done many times.
    They know the routine somewhat.

  1362. 1362
    lol - Says:…even her “best friend’ can’t stand the bloody girlfriend.
    wow, what an insigh