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Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

James Bond actor Daniel Craig dons a three-piece suit as he returns to his car in London on Tuesday night (June 2).

The 41-year-old British actor had just withdrawn some money from an ATM in St John’s Wood, a district of north London. Daniel was seen forcing a little smile when photogs joked his pin number might end with 007!

Mr. Craig‘s epic WWII drama, Defiance, is out on DVD today!

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1,806 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD”

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  1. 51
    to 49 Says:

    I have no doubt he lost them on the streets of N London although his Audi is well known now so as to why there are no other pics maybe down to a few things:
    He was going to a private residence and asked them not to take pics of him arriving there out of respect for his friends privacy (maybe private dinner party), he was with family (parents etc) or he went home and they have a lot of pics of him at M Vale already.

  2. 52
    winfrey show Says:

    I was watching the Winfrey show and she was talking to some of the people who had been on the show The Biggest Loser. One woman who was on the show told a story that remindded me of all you stupid haters.
    She recounted how her and her husband did not want to tell anyone, none of their neighbors or friends that she was going to The Biggest Loser challenge, and they felt safe with their secret knowing that none of their neighbors or friends watched the show.
    Their neighbors and friends were convinced 100% that she had left her husband. Abandoned her family, left him and her children.
    She recounted how all of their neighbors and friends were “praying” for him and the single women were flirting with her husband, trying to replace her.
    When she returned home a skinny beautiful woman, no one, absolutely no one said ANYTHING. No one apologized. No one told her she looked great. NOTHING.
    They had the biggest laugh and saw the true colors of their neighbors and friends.
    I imagine that is EXACTlY what Daniel and Sats do every time they read these ridiculous speculations. Laugh their collective fu/ck/ing a-s-s off at how stupid and pathetic all of the haters are.
    This is why they never deny or confirm whether they are engaged or married, because honestly, is there any better way to weed out the psychos LOL
    I have asked several times for all the proof you stupid pathetic people have that they are going to split. But you have NOTHING. LOL
    I know for a fact that one of the posters on this board who posts every day and night about how CERTAIN they are that they are going to split; how CERTAIN they are that they have a bad relationship is a 36 year old VIRGIN !!!! LOL
    How the fu/ck does a 36 year old VIRGIN know ANYTHING about any relationship ????????????? Having not had one single relationship in their life they come here and post about their FANTASY idea of what a relationship should look like and because they do not see their sick pathetic fantasy idea of a relationship being playing out between Daniel and Sats, this person is CONVINCED that they are going to split. They are completely obsessed with Daniel and fantasize everyday about how he wishes he could leave Sats and be with her instead LOL

  3. 53
    Defiance Says:

    was a horrible movie.
    His suit is too tight.
    He doesn’t deserve where he is because he doesn’t appreciate the people who put him there = his fans !!
    He has become an arrogant ugly diva.
    I have been a Bond fan since I was little, seen every movie, but won’t see another one until they find a new actor to play Bond, or until DC starts acting like an appreciative actor. I have never heard him in any interview thank his fans for putting him where he is today.
    Arrogant fu**
    Hugh will definitely be the star of the broadway play.
    DC is sooooooooooooooooo LOW CLASS.

  4. 54
    omg Says:

    omg he’s so ugly.

  5. 55
    intelligent head Says:

    Daniel looked better and seemed happy with Heike, when she started to date Satsuki he became to be a cold and changed in his personality. He’s learnt light arrogant behaviour from Satsuki. He gives me a pain because at first side I love his films but at other side
    I dislike his behaviour I found he is strange at some points, mainly his choice in gf and I cannot undesrstand why he made FOAF, what was his intuition and procces for scripts? He is talented but not so smart for FOAF and Satsuki. Sorry, but he looks like a cold idiot with Satsuki in a public, fans from premiers and boards dislike arrogant monkey Satsuki, nobody talks and shakes hand with her. If he will stay with this horseleech so he always will look like the idiot who is not happy and owns an ugly gf. He always will have a shame in a public among people and fans. Highly recommended to give not him alcohol but a proper coffee.

  6. 56
    Glass Slipper Says:

    I don’t believe he’s only 41, he looks way older. If I had to guess, I would say at least 55. There’s no way he’s only 41. I agree with Defiance poster, his attitude has become a major turn off. He’s definitely the least likeable actor to play Bond. Too arrogant and full of himself. And I think his wife is so excotic, too beautiful to be with fugly Danny.

  7. 57
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @intelligent head:
    lol learn English !!
    You must be blind, the girlfriend is beautiful and the only thing that has changed him into an a**hole is all the money and fame. Not too intelligent, should change your name lol

  8. 58
    answers Says:

    to 55:
    “He’s learnt light arrogant behaviour from Satsuki”…well said

    to 56:
    He isn’t married to Satsuki.

  9. 59
    intelligent head to 56 Says:

    Have you a proper eyes? really? or you lost dioptry?
    highly recommended to looking at : , luck, Daniel is not husband of this horribly looking Satsuki. bleee

  10. 60
    lol we know who you are Says:

    Yes well Glass Slipper, may I suggest you f*ck off to find the foot you fit on instead of acting your shoe age.

  11. 61
    No gf Says:

    The girlfriend is not in any of these pictures so why is she being discussed? Obsess much people lol
    She’s no more a part of his life and career than any other girlfriend or wife of actors. But jealous ugly people are just jealous ugly people.
    Jackman has a gorgeous wife and they’ve been together for such a long time, but I noticed on his thread that all the ugly jealous women only talk about how much older she looks than Hugh. Yes, she’s older than him, duh, but she’s gorgeous and one of the most wonderful women around. She is very well loved and respected, but all the jealous ho-es only talk about how she looks like Hugh’s grandmother !!!! AND even though they’ve been together for a very long time they ugly jealous hags predict that they also will split up because he will need a younger woman LOL
    These ugly jealous old hags and old virgins predict every gorgeous actor that they wish they could have will split with the women they love LOL Sick fu**s probably believe in all their stupid hearts that they would actually have a chance with these gorgeous men if only they would split from their girlfriends and wife.
    A bunch of sick fu**s. LOL
    Ugly jealous lonely old hags have nothing to do but to put down every single woman they are jealous of. LOL
    They will never change, unless of course, they can find a man stupid enough to give fu** them. LOL

  12. 62
    to 59 Says:

    Funny!! Who does the gf’s makeup-Marilyn Manson??!!!

  13. 63
    to you know who Says:

    I see you continue to waste your time on ehre psoting and pretending everyone else is the psycho when JJ and Buzznet warned us about you.

    Never give up fo you? Ever read your posts? Same old regurgitated psychotic crap.
    You need strapping up in a padded cell and leaving there with preferable your “friend who ahs your personal info” on here as this board is better off without either of you.

    People like YOU are the reason he steppped up his security and they are NOT married. Put your lack of money where you fat cake hole is and do YOUR research instead of quoting from TV shows that you sit at home all day and watch. Nice for some.
    Watch TBL as you are a fat cow?
    Shut the hell up and move on.
    We know who you are and once again, JJ and Buzznet are looking into you.

  14. 64
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @lol we know who you are:
    And I suggest you go find a di/ck that won’t run from the sight of you and get la/id and stop obsessing about a woman who is more beautiful than you ever will be. They have been together for five years, she lives with him, they love each other, as far as I’m concerned, she is his wife. Stupid.

  15. 65
    APW Says:

    @to 35:
    All i said was there was alot of people obsessing over Satsuki. I was only commenting on what i have observed. Why so defensive??

  16. 66
    APW Says:

    My comment was for #39 not ~35 as that would be myself!! D’oh!!

  17. 67
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to you know who:
    You sit on here all day obsessing about how ugly the beautiful wife is and speculating about how they will split up and quoting a story of a television show is psychotic? Wow you really are delusional aren’t you, sad fu/ck. You’re probably the 36 year old VIRGIN lol
    I happen to know that his office is profiling people from gossip boards who hate the girlfriend !!!!!!!!!
    You’re the one that is being profiled, psycho stupid byatch lol

  18. 68
    to 61 Says:

    Do you ever read any posts with the logical point of “he drags her around, she is part of his career, partner/package’ at all?
    Being around that woman, who has a bad reputation which I have heard about first hand, has affected him.

    What’s the excuse for him being a pr*ck for the last 5 years then?
    He has changed from being a humble man to a sour, ill mannered a-hole, crap actor and a press *****. Two of my friends who met him at several premieres were treated like crap by him at the last one they went too. Yes, he has changed.

    Even you with you plankton sized mind can figure out is is not ALL to do with fame but the famewhore he is with.
    She is well known in H/Wood for being a prize b*tch and a ***** who stoops to nothing to get to the top. She is arrogant, self centered, angry and a prize dictator. Yes I know several people who have met her. So it has rubbed off on him.

    You honestly want Daniel to be with that? Well he is and therefore is a prize a-hole for allowing such people around him.
    Personally I hope he f*cks up big time and loses is all.

    Narcississtic a-hole with a hollywood *****.
    Made for each other.

  19. 69
    Glass Slipper Says:

    Because they are jealous and lonely and ugly and I guess some of them are virgins lol
    They just hate his wife because they wish they could be in her shoes. I’ve been watching the threads for a long time, and they are truly pathetic and psychotic in their hate of his wife. Very very very very unstable people these women who hate and obsess over her every day.

  20. 70
    to 67 Says:

    And what the hell are you doing on here apart from accusing and speculating they are married? LOL.

    I see psycho’s are hypocrites also, although we know who you are so that explains things.

    Practice what you preach and f*ck off.

  21. 71
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to 67:
    I’m not speculating that they are married stupid byatch.
    I said in MY OPINION they are married. Learn to read stupid.
    and No. 26, you are such a big fat liar, you don’t know them and don’t know anyone who has ever met her.
    These haters always, always, always, always stoop to lying about knowing them, one of them, or people who have met them, to try to convince others that she is what they think she is LOL
    so fu**king pathetic and stupid. These haters are about as smart as a fu**king slug. lol

  22. 72
    to 65 Says:

    All i said was there was alot of people obsessing over Satsuki. I was only commenting on what i have observed. Why so defensive??


    Why don’t you read back and ask that question about one particular poster who has caused major threatening troubles on here? Why is she so angry at people who don’t like Satsuki? She went from liking her to not liking her. Please.
    Then you will have your answer.
    We have been notified by JJ and Buzznet (who own the board) to stay away from her.
    They sent out an email to this poster who notified us.

    So like they both suggested, I will continue to scroll through her obvious multinamed posts.

  23. 73
    APW Says:

    To #68
    Daniel like the rest of us will learn from his mistakes, if Satsuki is a mistake to his life and career, then he is going to learn it the hard way isn’t he??

  24. 74
    fat cow who watches tv all day Says:

    i think “winfrey/glass slipper” was too fat for the biggest loser but then again, she IS the biggest loser on here…

  25. 75
    Glass Slipper Says:

    @to 65:
    fu**k off stupid.
    You can’t explain your psychotic obession for hating his wife so you start accusing everyone of being a banned poster and trying to control who people chat with.
    so come on explain to us why you hate her so much and why you are so obsessed with her?
    fu** off and get a life or just get fu**king la-id stupid ugly slug.
    I’m sure you can find at least one retarded man who will stick his infected di** in you LOL
    Hey, at least you’ll finally get poked LOL

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