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Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

James Bond actor Daniel Craig dons a three-piece suit as he returns to his car in London on Tuesday night (June 2).

The 41-year-old British actor had just withdrawn some money from an ATM in St John’s Wood, a district of north London. Daniel was seen forcing a little smile when photogs joked his pin number might end with 007!

Mr. Craig‘s epic WWII drama, Defiance, is out on DVD today!

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1,806 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD”

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  1. 101
    to 100 Says:

    no other g/f is so clingy with anyone else in the business.

    The reason why she is is because she remembers as to how she got Daniel so she fears that another woman will be just as conniving as she was/is.
    Yes it does make Daniel out to be a rather naive weak man really succumbing to these types of women which makes me wonder if that is affecting other areas of his life? So I lose respect for him big deal.
    He still keeps going to ATM’s to watch his millions. His fans really don’t mean anything to the man really I would say. He makes jsut enough time for them at premieres and that’s it.
    My friends were treated like crap by him that night whereas several years ago he approached them and was very light hearted.
    He is not the man/actor he used to be and people around him are to blame for much of it.
    Fame may be b*tch to deal with but so is Satsuki I hear.

  2. 102
    intelligent head Says:

    I always wait to coming news about 23.Bond. Maybe screenwriters will have a completed script in the summer. I am curious what writers wrote for this time.
    I remember at orange bikini which had Halle Berry and at white bikini which had Ursula Andress and I would like to see new Bond girl in bikini. Vesper wore only elegant clothes and hat, Camille had the worst clothes of all Bond girls, sorry but she looked stupidly, like a small girl with her acting, clothes and hair style. Camille (as Olga herself said) was no Bond girl, only independent Camille.

    agree, I’ve read a long ago that Moore was rather like CIA agent, I am not a his fan but love his comediant’s nature with the levity, he did funny things with and he had a eutaxia. Connery was the best- he was roguish and had the levity too and did action very easily. I very liked Timothy Dalton, he was sympathetic and his Bond (according to me) was a quite good, more, he is a cold handsome with beautiful eyes, he has similar eyes and personality like Daniel. I quite and also liked George Lazenby’s Bond (the worst Bond according to others) for his sadness and he lost a woman of his life,(like Daniel’s Bond lost Vesper). There was beautiful scenes with him and Diana Rigg (one of Daniel’s favourite Bond girl). Concerning Pierce Brosnan, it were brosnanmovies not bondmovies,he had a lot of passionate for his girls I liked how he could treat with women, he was above all a good lover, donjuan, people dislike him I do too but I admit he had a passionate. Each of all Bonds had something own, own style and different charisma, but its’ s a big pity Daniel lacks humour.
    At least Timothy Dalton was sympathetic for most people but Daniel is favourite only thanks his acting, not of his personality, nature. I know how Daniel is not favourite by many, my friends say he’s a good actor but he is unsympathetic for them and my family. My father watched TV -Casino Royale on Saturday and said that Daniel/Bond is really good but unsympathetic man. Daniel in addition makes a false representation in a public, he’s well-known for having an ugly arrogant gf and media laugh at his unadmitted engagement with Satsuki.

    But wait, things can pick up steam with 23.Bond and I am really curious what will be a topic there. but please, more humour for Daniel’s Bond! Daniel wishes the same things, he himself said he would like to have fun.

  3. 103
    to 98 Says:

    Are you a sheep? If you are please tell the monkey to go away as we are sick of her overexposed, arrogant, ugly face.

    Sorry, but the gf thing is ludicrous-that is our point. We are fans of Daniel Craig-not the wannabe celeb gf. We would like to see pix of him with his co-stars and with people who actually do something in life. The gf is up front and center stage-if that is her choice then she must also accept the scrutiny that comes with it.

  4. 104
    to 95 Says:

    You still haven’t explained your psychotic obsession with hating the girlfriend. Everyone is waiting for your explanation for why you post everyday spreading your psychotic hate. Please explain.

    oh please. this is a gossip site and public domain. we have something here in the united states we call the first amendment. in other words, the freedom of speech. you do get this? now then, there are people here who do not like satsuki and say so. they DO NOT have to justify nor explain themselves to you!! by virture of the fact that she is “dating” a celebrity satsuki becomes fair game. if you don’t like other poster’s negative comments too bad; deal with it.

    personally, i can take her or leave her. she’s not all that special and some of what she chooses to wear on the red carpet is terrible. from my view point she clings to him like white on rice. i personally don’t believe all the hype about these two people being a happy loving couple. it looks more like a business relationship to me. sorry if that upsets your apple cart.

  5. 105
    w.d. Says:

    Daniel is a buttaface! Anything that covers his face, ie sunglasses at night, is a good thing IMO! He looks great in a suit, and has a decent body, but his face looks much older than his 41 years. He also seems quite atrabilous.

  6. 106
    intelligent head Says:

    we talk about the arrogant monkey because she has a big impact upon Daniel’s image in a public as she always is standing by his side. It’s a shame she didn’t shake hands with DeNiro, Tom Ford ignored her at the bar of Oscars and she had a popped out eyes when she saw him. She ignores Daniel’s fans (they saw her by own eyeball and surely they dislike her for her behaviour I never forgot the video from the premiere of QOS in Sydney how she acted ignorantly and ridiculed at fans with snotty tone. she is a wrinkled s h i t in the UK and US.

  7. 107
    to 104 Says:

    Well said 104. I’m tired with these thread police on here trying to dissect what our (very valid) reasons are for disliking her.
    They sling mud but the mud has no merit.
    I wish they would do their research and ask people in the business and the UK papers too.
    They dont even think they are engaged (which I don’t either).
    Or are they afraid their bubbles will burst?

    You know what I was told by someone in the media?
    “Satsuki is Daniel’s consolation prize from Heike”.

    Ouch right?

  8. 108
    intelligent head Says:

    he looks tired at his 41. Pitt and Cruise are a bit older but they look good because they are happy. When you are happy you do look good.
    If he was properly smilling at these pics he would look great and nobody would to say he is older or something like that, Daniel looks great with smile and other people. Other men are at Daniel’s ages and they don’t look sexy and elegant like Daniel, they have five children and big belly. I hope Daniel always will be a single bachelor because this status is sexy.

  9. 109
    to 105 Says:

    He also seems quite atrabilous.

    Not a word I hear very often. Thanks for using it!

    But why? Has he been this way all his life? Introspective, artsy, shy, sensitive in mind maybe but atrabilous?

    Makes you wonder why?

    If it’s fame then he needs to find another career.

    If it’s the g/f, well we all know that answer.

  10. 110
    to 108 Says:

    I hope Daniel always will be a single bachelor because this status is sexy.

    Yes and he knows it is and is a bigger seller for him than being married at this point.

  11. 111
    to 46 Says:

    @Daniel looks hot:

    You don’t see any more photos of him because he’s paying off the paps to not show who he’s with. Ergo the ATM stop.

  12. 112
    to 111 Says:

    I wish he would pay me money to not have to look at Gonk face.
    Ergo: happy fan.

  13. 113
    re atm Says:

    he went out that evening to a private function. i believe this was taken after the event. why he needed cash is anyones thought as he has credit cards and the paps were there as they followed him from the party.

    maybe he had to pay parking on his street or the hooker he had in the car?

  14. 114
    Husband and Wife Says:

    These two are husband and wife.
    They have been together, living together in love for five years.
    A piece of stupid paper doesn’t represent marriage of two people.
    They are in the eyes of God husband and wife.
    Daniel knows it. Sats knows it. Anyone with half a brain knows it.
    There are people who have their little piece of paper stating they are legally married who cheat on each other and have grown apart and are no longer spirtually husband and wife in the eyes of God.
    Daniel and Sats are husband and wife.
    Get over it people. She is his love partner, his spirtual wife, and his business partner. It is a well known fact that she is a named partner in his corporation. She is not going anywhere, so get over it haters.
    As for her having a say in his decisions well then, you guys have completely contradicted yourselves. If she impacted his decision to do Defiance, from what I understand, Defiance got good reviews, the critics liked his acting, so apparently she gave him good advice !!!
    Everyone likes the idea that he is going to do the broadway play, if she has given him this advice or impacted his decision to do the play, well then, again, she is giving him good advice. So apparently, again, you guys are wrong, and need to get over it. The fact that you keep contradicting yourselves is proof that you are wrong. They are not going to split, there will be no other woman because Daniel will not allow another woman to come between him and the best thing that ever happened to him. They will be together for many, many years to come. So either get over it, get a life, or waste away on this board while the rest of the world is living their lives. I notice that all the normal people that used to come here regularly, like tigerlilly, lou lover, etc., have all left.
    You haters are the bullies, running off anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
    Go ahead waste your lives away here everyday hating. One day you’ll ask yourselves why you live alone and why no one likes you, and the simple fact that you even have to ask yourselves why you are alone, why you are still a virgin, is in itself truly pathetic.
    So go buy your books about how to find your soulmates, go buy your books and join dating websites hoping one day someone will be blind to your ugly personalities.
    I myself will never again come back to this pathetic site that encourages behavior which boarders on hate crimes.
    While the rest of the world is moving forward and evolving into an empathetic and compassionate world, you pathetic excuse of human beings are rotting away here with your hatred based solely on ugly superficial racism. All you talk about is how ugly Sats is, when I guarantee none of you even come close to being better looking than her. Smart head was stupid enough to post a picture of herself with her cucumber nose and she has the nerve to talk about how ugly someone else is.
    Cathy is a short ugly homely woman.
    The other poster is extremely obese from what I understand from emails that I received.
    Hatred driven by pure jealousy.
    Thank GOD Daniel is not as ignorant as you people to choose a woman to share life with based solely on looks.
    So go ahead waste away here. In reality, it’s much better that you spend your time here than on the streets, interacting with other human beings, infecting innocent people with your ugly personalities.
    What proof is there that I am right about how lonely and pathetic and ugly you people are. You are on here all day every day, but not only that, if anyone is curious to see if I am right, go back to threads that fell on major holidays, Christian or Jewish, Christmas, Easter, Passover, etc., and these haters are all here, spreading hate even on the highest holy seasons for Christians and Jews.
    They attack people for asking why they are hating on a special holiday, and they say they don’t believe in God. Does that surprise anyone !!!
    Of course they don’t believe in God, because God is love and non-judgmental, accepting, and these haters, do not have any of these qualities at all.
    They are consumed with hate. They do not believe in God.
    Is it any surprise at all that they are alone, virgins, morbidly obese.
    They will never get a life, ever. They will never change, ever.
    So let’s leave them here alone to rot away.
    Good-Bye slugs (wait that’s an insult to slugs). Good-bye parasites (wait that’s an insult to parasites).
    There is no name for any of you pathetic haters, you are nothing, comparing you even to the lowest form of life is an insult to the lowest form of ife, you are nothing, absolutely nothing, non-existent, never to be remembered, for nothing, because you are absolutely nothing.

  15. 115
    sienna Says:

    OMG he always looka sooooooooo HOT!!!! He is the best dressed man in the world ;)))))

  16. 116
    Where Says:

    Where is the beautiful gf?
    She’s so hot.

  17. 117
    omg Says:

    I’d suck his co** for nothing !!!!

  18. 118
    to the board Says:

    JJ has been notified about 114, dont worry.
    Ignore her ignorant ramblings.

  19. 119
    w.d. Says:

    IMO Daniel is not facially attractive at all. His status and bank account make him an alluring prospect, but if I saw him at Circle K, working behind the counter, I wouldn’t give him a second look in a million years! Well rested or not, he is fug! The suit looks nice, but then again, ANYBODY that has a decent body, looks good when dressed to the nines. It has nothing to do with him. If a guy can look attractive dressed casually, then he’s a keeper. With Daniel, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  20. 120
    to 114 Says:

    LOL, your preaching about God now?
    Have you read your post?
    There is nothing Christian in that at all.

    Ever heard of “TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK” or are you too hypocritical to do that?

    I’ll pray that you get help and move on from this pointless endeavour of yours.

  21. 121
    to 114 Says:

    As for believing God, that discussion shouldn’t even be on here really. What’s the point?
    You can dislike someone and believe in God.
    By your post it seems you are angry at everyone who doesn’t see your way. Hardly Christian is it?
    Isn’t that childish?
    Are you not capable of having a healthy discussion without bringing religion into it?
    Always hiding behind stuff aren’t you?
    Why are you so defensive of Dan and Sats anyway and their state of their union? Talk about obsession.

    You don’t practice what your preach Eva, never have, never will.
    Cathy was right in the emails she sent me about you.
    You truly are a nut case.
    But I decided not to post those emails out of the goodness of my heart and because this board would see you for what you are.
    But you make a good case for yourself anyway.

  22. 122
    omg Says:

    @to 114:
    Hey stupid the poster said they’re not coming back so who are you talking to? lol

  23. 123
    omg Says:

    @to the board:
    Why did you notify JJ, I thought this was a Free Speech board.
    Why do you feel the need to complain about anyone that doesn’t agree with you or calls you out for being pathetic?
    So in your mind free speech only applies to hating Sats?
    You the biggest hyprocrite on here.

  24. 124
    to who know who Says:

    “He who smells foul, has fartest first so go forth and multiply”.

  25. 125
    omg Says:

    @to 114:
    And I will pray that you find a man so maybe he can help you to get over your obsession of hate and move onto a better life.

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