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Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

Daniel Craig: 'Defiance' Out On DVD

James Bond actor Daniel Craig dons a three-piece suit as he returns to his car in London on Tuesday night (June 2).

The 41-year-old British actor had just withdrawn some money from an ATM in St John’s Wood, a district of north London. Daniel was seen forcing a little smile when photogs joked his pin number might end with 007!

Mr. Craig‘s epic WWII drama, Defiance, is out on DVD today!

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Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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    LOL once again we allowed the troll and trollettes to take over.
    I did ask for decorum but it’s pointless.

    Yes JJ and Buzznet have need notified of the latest tirade and I’ll see what they will do now.
    Quite honestly as Mark Oshiro stated, he’d like to nuke the whole conversation himself and I agree.

    If we answer to these posts then we must be prepared for the flood gates to open with shite.

    Really it’s up to us to ignore them. JJ and Buzznet will continue to help us if we don’t.

  • to tiffany

    To Tiffany:

    Daniel is crying now because he knows people hate him on here and hate Satsuki. Also that he will lose the Vanity Fair comp as he really loves winning those because it proves to him that he is still important to himself as his career is stalling.
    He needs Dtd to help him through everyday and to face the tough old showbiz world he got himself into.
    He likes to spend money though that you all have given him by buying his stuff and the movies but doesn’t give a crap really whether you all make your rent or not.
    Aawwwwwwww…….sad isn’t it?

  • really sick of this

    @to 298:
    Well you know what.
    You make good points but I personally am tired of constantly ignoring her, but she manages to cause the trouble anyway.
    How can we have a decent normal adult conversation IF she is posting as other ‘characters’ or changing our posts around.
    It is absolutely impossible …and IGNORING her has not worked.
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    She is constantly pulling the chain. So tonight she called over her d2d friends and no one wants them over here.

  • to tiffany

    Jesus, get some serious help girl.

  • from tiffany

    BOO HOO, I cant stand it when people talk about my danny wanny like that.
    After all he is 41 and has a mind of his own but he desperately needs our protection as he is so weak and Satsuki doesnt give him enough protection or his 3 armed security team.
    Can we send him money so he can survive? He needs help with his mortgage and his image so we must make him win everything as he is so fragile because he’s allowed some of the other fans to get to him.

  • to 303

    Try harder as we are above her and her games. We know her, when she posts etc and so do they. They have a pattern on her now.
    JJ/Buzznet will NOT help us further if we continue addressing her.
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    You make good points but I personally am tired of constantly ignoring her, but she manages to cause the trouble anyway.

    Isn’t it more tiring addressing her?
    So ignoring her is easy. Too much time has been spent on her tonight.
    She only causes trouble if we allow her too.
    No more.

  • too bad for her

    @to 298:
    And 298, I know you are doing everything you can..and it looks like you are the only one who is, I am sorry but maybe this is just not important enough for JJ or buzznet or chris to fix.
    This poster should have been ‘banned’ many months ago. Apparently other boards can ban posters, JJ should also be able to do the same and ban her.
    What is the point to constantly ‘ignore” her when that is clearly not working.
    And she has gotten away with everything on here.
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    Whatever she gets she deserves, and I am sure that you totally understand what I am saying and not saying. She has brought all the bad onto herself.
    She has ruined this board and Enough is Enough!

  • too bad for her

    @to 303:
    Too much time has been spent on her tonight.
    I DO agree with you there.
    the end. of her. for me.

    ANYWAY, what can we talk about? 298- why don’t you suggest something?

  • to 308

    I get your point but the only way it to simply ignore her.
    If we give her air time on here we are feeding her ego and her illness.
    You have to see that.
    No I am not the only person on her case with JJ.
    At the end of the day, JJ has banned her but she found a way back.
    Nothing we can do about her so ignoring is the professional and medical advice I was given.
    After all we cant control other people only ourselves and how e react to them.
    It’s up to us, annoying cow that she is yes but we can do better.

  • to 309

    How about the play, his reasons for it, how you think he’ll do and what you think he should do to better his career/outlook?

  • too bad for her

    OK- lets talk about the play.

    When do you think rehearsals will start?

    Oh yes, it will be a sellout….and tix will be at a premium, I think it will be as popular or more so than when The Producers were having their huge mult-million dollar run.

    Also, Daniel may get rave reviews, with Hugh, but Daniel will not be able to extend his run because it may run into Bond23 stuff…
    What do you think?

  • to 312

    Well its being released after Labour Day so i think rehearsals will start in late July.
    It’s a two man play, intense but they can rehearse in that time.
    Two months max maybe less.
    Bond 23 stuff is still pie in the sky right now. Cannot see anything being done on that until mid 2010.
    I dont think he will extend his run. I think he will take the reviews whatever they maybe and leave. Hugh has other projects too.

    Yes I think it will be a very expensive sell out, the biggest Broadway has seen. Babs will make mega money and Hugh and Daniel will get the PR, Daniel will get the write ups that he can do other things apart from Bond.
    Win, win, win.
    I’m sure then Babs and Satsuki (as she is involved) will get their time on closing night with the bouquets thrown onto the stage.
    It’s all very cosy.

  • too bad for her

    @to 312:
    Yes it is going to be an extremely INTENSE drama.
    This is right up Daniel’s alley, in a matter of speaking.
    AND YES YES they are going to make a ton of money!
    There is no doubt about that.

    I think daniels’ character’s depth and his intensity will really show everyone in the entertainment world he is more, much more, than just a spy/secret service agent although he is the most brilliant Bond that I have seen- my own opinion, I like him better than Sean, IMO.

    AND he will go into his next project after the play with SUCH renewed confidence-
    i think he will almost be Reborn in a way if he really takes off doing this play.

  • to 313

    Why do you think Satsmonkey is involved with the play-it has not been officially been confirmed. I live in NYC and am hoping the fans here will give all the attention to Hugh and Daniel. People really do not know who the gf is and am hoping Daniel does not try to stick the money into the spotlight. Fans definitely want to see Hugh and Daniel (and Deborra) not the fake movie producer gf. Hugh, Deborra and their children have become part of the NYC celeb citizens so it would look very silly for Daniel to try to push the gf center-stage. I would hope the man finally has the sense to leave the gf off-stage.

  • too bad for her

    @to 312:
    He needs to really ‘cut his teeth’ on this and get his raw acting chops back on the boards.
    After that, he really will be able to write his own acclaimed ticket to where ever he wishes to go.
    This really is a most wonderful career move for him, as well as getting him back to basics…..
    And personally I think it will re-focus him and give him a new boost of confidence.

    Who knows, maybe after this play, he will want to do more Broadway??
    Many actors love the stage and love working on it, they love the live audience and the excitement of it all being live and up close in person.
    No retakes! No do–overs!!

  • to 314

    Wel he does need it after doing back to back films. He has become lazy and his angst has gone.
    Bad decisions, bad advice, acting like a child in a candy store really with his new found Bond fame, acting the Jack the Lad on holidays, being seen as selfish, lackadaisical, ill mannered with answers in interviews and quite diva like all add up to an emergency image revamp being thought up by Babs and his PR team.
    It was needed after St Barths. That was the start. Yes that holiday was quite a disaster.
    This play is the start of a new campaign to get back the serious actor he was in his and the acting world.
    He does not want to be thought of as a one sided actor nor a jumped up one.

  • too bad for her

    @to 314:
    This play is the start of a new campaign to get back the serious actor he was in his and the acting world.
    He does not want to be thought of as a one sided actor nor a jumped up one.
    ABSOLTUELY RIGHT! And he needs it for so many reasons.
    I know he will take it VERY seriously as he always does.
    I think daniel has had his fill of the Glam game (I hope as you said that St Barfs taught him a few lessons ).
    He seems to be a down to earth man, who exhibited the grace and charm and humble attitude and ease of stardom, before certain events (and dare i say certain people) came into his life.

    After working the boards, i think he WILL get his humility back!!
    Yes I do!

    I believe he will let all of the fluff go, and he will bounce back to who he really is.

  • to 315

    Yes she is involved as I stated in 313. She will be on the playbill.
    How she will be “brought out onto the stage’ is anyone’s guess.
    This is major experience for her like it or not.

    Here’s a little site that’s interesting.

    As you can see a lot of monologues. Intense play.
    If Daniel pulls it off which I’m sure he will, it will be huge for him.

  • to 315

    I forgot to add, that Daniel will be playing Joey.

  • too bad for her

    @to 312:
    I just read the link that you posted to the Chicago dramatists.
    To say this is an intense play is an understatement.
    And it is right on track to exhibit Daniel’s expansive range of acting.

  • too bad for her

    @to 315:
    thanks for the link.
    This will for sure be sold out before tix are on sale, !
    Can you imagine what the scalpers will be selling them for?
    Oh boy! I don’t even want to think about it. Probably in the 4-figures per ticket.

  • to 321

    Yes I thought it might help give a perspective on the play.
    Joey is an alcoholic who has a crush on Dennys wife and that is the main curve of his character and the grief between them.
    Everything else is intensified because of that.
    I have seen the play and it is something that they can both do well if they gel as actors and i think they do.
    Certainly the biggest challenge Daniel has had since filming CR (but in a different way).

  • to 322

    Tixs will go from $150 upwards but scalping will go as high as $2000 easily upwards.
    No cheap seats.
    Your welcome for the link and I hope it gives you a feel for the play and what Daniel is facing but he needs to focus on that and that only.
    Let’s hope he gets that and is allowed that. This is something he cannot mess up.

  • to 322 from 324

    “your” should read “you’re”.

  • Last Night

    I have heard the “Last Night” will be premiered at the Landmark’s Sunshine Theatre in NY in late July. Do not know which date yet.


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    Oh one more thing, I dislike Satsuki and Daniel is a loser for going out with her.
    I will continue tomorrow when I find time with my POV’s based on fact.
    Thanks for reminding me to do that!


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  • Dude of Earl

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