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Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez opens up to ET about her new movie The Back-Up Plan after a three-year hiatus from the big screen. The 39-year-old mother of twins will play Zoe, a pet store owner who gets tired of waiting for Mr. Right and gets artificial insemination, only to meet Stan, (Alex O’Loughlin) a man with real possibilities, the same day. Here’s what Jennifer opened up about:

On getting back on set: “The few days before I got really nervous I was like, what if I forgot how to act?!”

On balancing work with motherhood: “I bring the babies to work with me. I love it. Honestly, one of the best days of my life was the first day back working on this film. I wanted to do this film really badly and bringing my babies with me that first morning, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re with me, I’m making a movie, they’re here!’ It’s great having kids on set. It’s the best.”

On getting her body back into shape after giving birth to twins: “It did take a lot of work,” she admits. “I thought it was gonna drop off easily because I had been in shape my whole life, but it wasn’t. I gained about 50 pounds with my twins, and the first 30 dropped off like that, and I was like, ‘Ha, this is gonna be so easy.’ That last twenty pounds, that took a while.”

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  • Shar

    On getting back on set: “The few days before I got really nervous I was like, what if I forgot how to act?!”

    Wait, so once upon a time she knew how to act?!

  • andamentothat

    I dont think she is a good actress but she has style and an insane drive.. Its good to see her making movies and getting back to work.. Yes, the last 20 lbs is hard work no doubt..

  • Joe

    another birth film..B-O-R-I-N-G

  • lanouette

    Alex O’Loughlin is so cute in the video. And I love the chemistry between Jennifer and Alex


    Yuck…why would she want to bring those critters…..they look like rats! LOL…that’s not right…someone please tell me what they look like, the animal escapes me.

  • dani

    When did she know how to act? Haven’t most of her films been total bombs.

  • YAWN

    i wonder what artificial insemination movie will come out first? lopez or aniston? and i wonder which movie is going to be more boring of the two?

  • janeen

    her kids are not cute

  • diva

    you never could act, disappear please, your time has come and gone. accept that please. still trying to be relevant.

  • just me

    Love her! Glad to see her back. Please don’t talk so mean about babies! It;s just not right. They’re babies for goodness sake!!

  • pinkrose

    She has been Number One at the BOx office. I remember when she had the number one albium and the number one film in the same weekend. First actress/singer to ever do that. I love JLo. She is a hard worke5r. What she lacks in talent she makes up for with HARD WORK. And she did wery well in that movie with George Clooney.

  • Moniquev

    “I wanted to do this film really badly “… I don’t think she’ll have any problem with that – she does most films badly


    the interview was cute !! And Alex O’loughlin is super Hot, lucky girl.

  • Mariamoonlilght

    Can’t wait for this .. I love Alex O’Loughlin and you people that talk mean about babies are just plain ignorant and probably jealous of Jennifer Lopez.

  • anne


    i know, forgot how to act? i didn’t know she knew how. oh wait, it was all her a**. that’s right, she even said it. wonder how much this one is gonna make. I call $2 million.

  • AMY

    well she never really knew how to act so it’s kind of impossible she forgot!!!

  • gigi

    so I know it’s horrible what I am about to say but since we are talking about not so looking babies, did anyone noticed alexandra abrioso baby girl is ugly….

  • shosho

    She is nice i like Jennifer Lopez’s movies

  • Caro

    I thought this interview was great & JLo looked wonderful. It is a big deal to come back from having TWINS & look this good & ready to get back in front of the camera. Always loved her movies. And added plus is having Alex O’Loughlin in her movie. He’s a doll & a great actor…seen some pictures from the shoot…they get along well. Can’t wait for the movie to come out in Jan 2010!

  • fashion blog

    cool! I haven’t seen her movie for long.

  • mylord

    Some people are saying that Jlo cannot act, so if that is true than she is in good company with; Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek, Beyonce Knwoles, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes lol.

  • LadyHawke_2006

    After reading many posts here, a saying come to mind… Those that can…ACT. Those that CAN’T…BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tvtomovies

    I look forward to seeing the movie because Alex is in it. He is a very talented actor and I hope he does other lead roles in movies. The rapport between the two is nice and easy. Good to see! Thanks for the update.

  • Pregnancy

    she still gorgeous!

  • LolaSvelt

    She can actually act (see Selena, Out of Sight and An Unfinished Life), but she chooses the worst projects.


    “What if I forgot how to act?” lmfao..Who told her she knew how to act ?!?

  • Rocky

    Shar! ITA! The woman thinks she can act? Sad.

    Too bad Alex O’Loughlin is in this movie. I really like him. Miss him in ‘Moonlight’.

  • Rocky

    #5!!!! STOP!!! HA! HA!

  • mina

    B#tch is georgeous, I love to see her in a music special cuz she can dance her a#s off. Everything she wears looks good on her she has that kind of body. She always wears trends six months to a year before everyone wears them, that is why sometimes she wears clothes that seem out of place at the time that’s because she wears clothes that are seasons ahead..

    She is a good actress, it’s just that people aren’t willing to separate Jlo from the actress.

  • Janie

    She is a terrible actress and an obnoxious, self centered, high maintenance person!

  • Can’t wait

    Looking forward to seeing Jlo back on the big screen. I want to see her doing concerts and shows, love love her.

  • LizKS

    I’m not going to respond to the haters, they deserve the Karma they will get.

    Jen is a good actress and I’ve enjoyed her in every movie she’s done. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in this new movie and also to seeing Alex in a movie again. It’s fortunate she can bring her babies to work with her especially at such a young age. I’m sure it will help her knowing exactly what is going on with them at all times. I wish her and Alex the best!

  • Mikee25

    I think there are many mean people out there. People are mean when they are not happy with themselves or their miserable lives. I think Jlo is talented and deserves all the success that she has accomplished. She is one of the most successful latina actresses of all time. SHE IS BEAUTIFUl ALSO!!!

  • carlton Banks

    Fur hag .Shes mean. Throwing bagels at crew members.Google it. She hates animals .I wonder how her closet looks with all the fur.Hideous fur hag.Ben Afflek could not and would not stay with her.He found out what they do to those animals and actually cared.Marc Anthony is perfect for her cause he does’nt give a crap about animals since he practices Santeria,a voodoo religeon. They sacrefice animals for favors .Jlo saw her career wasnt going anywhere so she got into the religion ,then all of a sudden she started getting movie roles..?hmmm.. She has no talent so it makes perfect sence.Ojani her ex hubby is not lying .There a santeria store in new york that has a photo of jlo and marc visiting the store…Hmmm coinsidence ? I think not.. I hate you fur hag

  • chris Krossin

    You. right Carlton .I saw that photo. I was buying some good luck herbs so I could win the lottery .Im telling you this is my year.Jlo worships saints for fame .Its true.Poor ex husband ,But he was stupid I would have said no to the cheap 150,000 dollar settlement.the tell all book about her would have been worse more than that. That moron could of retired,but instead he took the money and promised he wouldn’t say shit about her. Dumb f**k.

  • jho hater

    That trash is not “39″ as she claims to be. More like 46 .Ask anyone who grew up with her. Shes around 46 years old.I am from the Bronx .She was touring with new kids on the block.Oh and that b**ch Halle Berry is really 49 years old .Lying turds. They all lie about their age in Hollywood.A womans age is what a mans height is in Hollywierd. Shame what happens to those beautiful animals.No i am not a peta member I just have compassion .Some of you including jho should learn to have some.Put yourself in those animals shoes/paws and then you tell me fur is glamorous.humanity…so civilized….Give me a break

  • pantomas

    i love her…i think she is a good actress, she has good movies like selena, out of sight, enough, el cantante, bordertown, monster in law. I´m waiting to see this movie. Alex is great too

  • Lunar Lover

    Who cares about j.lo for me its all about Alex O!