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Jon Gosselin Scores People Magazine Cover

Jon Gosselin Scores People Magazine Cover

Reality TV dad Jon Gosselin scores his first major magazine cover — People!

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has been a tabloid favorite after getting caught leaving a bar at 2 a.m. with another woman. When asked about the child labor law investigation, Jon asks, “Exploited? I don’t even want to use that word, because I think it’s ridiculous.”

In Touch is reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin have been secretly separated for six months – and are only “together” when they’re in front of the cameras.

“They’re married, but it’s for the show,” according to Todd Cruz, a close friend of Jon‘s brother. “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done. Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with the bodyguard [Steve Neild]. Jon’s had it – it’s all fake. And Kate is putting on a show.”

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  • Jared is an IDIOT

    People is a tabloid.

    Rea actors and actresses, or people famous for having talent. DO NOT want to be on People, US, In Touch, or any tabloid.

  • Jared is an IDIOT

    Real actors and actresses, or people famous for having talent. DO NOT ever want to be on People, US, In Touch, or any tabloid.

    Are there really American’s out there that think being covered by a tabloid is desirable?

    Such a trash society has evolved in the USA. It’s sad.

  • Cathey

    You make money (BIG MONEY) because of your children. That is EXPLOITING!!!

  • Roxanne

    I’m so fcking sit of these people. They are all crazy. Turn the cameras off and take care of your kids. It’s sad when people used their kids and cash cows.

  • sheeple

    ” Touch is reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin have been secretly separated for six months – and are only “together” when they’re in front of the cameras.”
    duhhhhhhhhhnot …..not according to their knucledragging fanbase (made up of Kate wanabes) who insists Jon is cheater and Kate is a good mom. daaaaaahhhhhhhh……… slobber

  • dfgfdg

    Whine and whine about the paps and the attention. And then? Turn to the tabloids yourselves. Hypocrites. Not only him, but also her

  • jdub

    i thought jon didnt like the tabloids?? but now he’s on one. hmmmm

    gotta stop treating this family like celebrities so the kids can grow up normal. if this keeps going on, the kids are gonna start acting out in and out of school and theyre gonna think its ok. I cant have cutie Aaden turning into a glasses-wearing rebel lol.

  • mertz

    hahahahahaaa. well then to break the us weekly cycle of kate scoring covers (not) people decided to get in on the action as well. all i want to know (because i’m a money grabbing idiot obviously) is that if these guys are paying people to talk…why can’t the actually pay the right people of the actual people involved to talk their shit and air out their business for all of us to judge. clearly there is a contract with tlc that can probably be broken anytime especially if they want to go through the courts and maybe be held liable to tlc, so i don’t buy all of this. it’s all suspect. they are religious aren’t they…religious people don’t lie. if they are lying and feeding all this stuff for their ratings and the tv show and all that i hope they are happy knowing they’ll also be with me in hell dancing around the fire and wasting everyone’s time with the bed they made. that goes for them, us weekly, and everyone reporting on this family like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. fcuck. thanks people for joining in the fun. i hope it’s rewarding and your readership/sales jumps up way more than us weekly because obviously yoru pics are always better than the other tabs and your stories are well written.

  • Bittersweetrc

    The Gosselins are milking it to the BONE

  • mertz

    a big NEXT to this family. really. so tired of this shit. can they stop giving these nobodies covers and give real celebs the limelight that they deserve for having careers, and not encouraging the already broken entertainment/celebrity formula. all these non celebrities are infiltrating the traditional.

  • msskies

    He doesn’t think that using the kids to make money or pretending to be in a family show begging for money from people who believed in them isn’t exploitation, I must have read the dictionary wrong.

  • Elle

    Everyone shut up please. I have been watching this show for years. Now everyone is “ughhh im sick of them!” well duh then stop buying magazines and reading about them. As a long time fan of the show, I don’t think Kate is PLAYING like they’re still married. She even said on teh last episode that its been awkward for the past 6 months and she doesn’t know if they will divorce…it’s not lke she said “oh we’re fine!”

  • cc

    HMMM! People mag. says he was in Manhatten to see his lawyer ….???? I’m curious to read the article though. I wonder if he throws her under the bus the way she did him. On a seperate note, I don’t know and don’t care if he had an affair… it’s between them. However, I do give him kuddos for wanting to stop the show, which he stated last seaon. He professed he didn’t like the toll it was taking on his children and family. However, she wanted to continue it. Like him or not you have to respect him for that. At least one of them “seems” to have the kids best interest at heart.

  • mertz

    hey #5 stfu. if you believe the tabloids there have been rumours that they have both been cheating and that therefore does not make one or the other better.

    people who have never borne twins or sextuplets should not be commenting at all. then maybe the comments by idiots would be cut in half.

  • angel

    For those that believe “People” is a tabloid, think again. It is the complete opposite. Articles/interviews are submitted to “People” by PR reps for celebrities. You won’t see too many scandals involving celebrities featured in “People” – if it is – it is to clear their name. That’s why Kate gave the interview, and that’s what Jon is doing now. He didn’t go to “In Touch” or “Us” who have been reporting the complete scandal, did he?

  • hawker

    If either one of these “parents”, and I use that term extremely loose here, were truly concerned about their kids (as they should be!) – they would pull the plug on the show and concentrate on healing their family – even if that includes a divorce for the parents. Both Kate and Jon are benefiting with luxuries from the limelight – neither one has any right to complain about that! When you sell your soul, as they have, to be exposed on tv – and now on every gossip column and magazine – you can’t complain about needing privacy! You’re being paid for people to see every detail of your life. The kids are the pawns in this whole disaster – as they usually are when parents are unable to keep a relationship afloat. Both Jon and Kate are exhibiting selfish behavior where it’s all about them – where’s the concern for the kids? Well, we know that Kate doesn’t want to lose the lifestyle she’s been given – thanks the show and the on-going curiosity of their lives. Seriously – neither Jon or Kate are suffering for material things. How many people do you know can afford a cake from Ace of Cakes? I hear their cakes start at 1,000.00! And then – do any of you have Emeril dropping by to help you cook? When was the last time you had a Harley given to you? I have no sympathy for either one of these fools. I wish the tabloids would quit covering them – TLC would cancel the show – and these two would try to focus on their kids. Will it happen? I doubt it – and even if they do, who knows how much damage has already been inflicted on the kids. Sad.

  • Monica P.

    after reading most of the blogs–I have to say this- I have to comment
    Kate Fans (still, after all of the facts) = O.J. Simpson jury

  • hmmm

    looks like Jon is using the kids/media just as much as Kate. He just doesn’t like getting caught drinking with other women.

  • hmmm

    You can’t deny it after Jon allowed his mug /interview to be on PEOPLE. next thing you know he’ll be pimping himself on Oprah.

  • mertz

    lol #19

    and thank you #16. yours was atleast a level commentary. same with #18. seriously. where were you all when this began. there’s a bunch of bullish people who comment on this website. f them.

  • Sherry

    What a freakin BOMBSHELL. I would never believe any tabloids, but observing the last few weeks I defended Kate and I thought Jon was no good. I finally realized that this was all B.S., and will NEVER believe her again. I am just so DISAPPOINTED with this charade and pretty much depressed myself because I was so much into this show, but I now realize that it was all a SCAM. I defended Kate ALL this time but I was a total fool. No, i’m not a gwop, I was a TRUE fan. But no more, ever. I feel I have been cheated myself.

  • mertz

    ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and your comment #21 is exactly what is wrong with society/life right now. the fact that you feel so violated, and demoralized and cheated. lol. gosh. never let someone/something have power over you because then you become the trick that got tricked. let them get divorced. when that happens then there’ll be the whole was it right, what if, intervention, blah blah blah blah blah and then maybe the earth would tip off it’s axis and the world would end. please. like seriously.

  • sheeple

    -so mertz are you the self-appointed taste monitor/moderator/Jared senior member? You do realize most blogs have a core of people just like you,who if given their way tamp down commentary in order to make a safe little predictable blog society. My best guess is that they feel threatened in some way. Don’t worry. Just passing through mertz, thowing it out there,looking for a laugh.

  • mertz

    lol. naw. stay. post your comments. i’m well aware of the commentary on this website. there’s people with brains and there’s people who don’t use their brains. it’s all good and it’s subjective. i’m just pissed in general and i’m just having a bit of fun coming on this website while i wait for my job to improve. really. i’m a part of the court of public opinion and i don’t mind sites like these or else i wouldn’t be frequenting them duh. sometimes i learn something on this website and most times i don’t but that doesn’t mean that the people who actually comment or don’t comment are any less significant.

  • me

    This guy was bumming round europe doing nothing until he met Kate. He has said he didn’t want to become a father so soon after marrying Kate but she went ahead and had the treatments anyway. Then 3 years later, even though he was happy with just the twins, Kate went ahead and had treatments again and had 6 more. He knew he couldn’t support the two he had let alone the 6 more so he went on a website and begged churches for money and donations. Google the “Wayback machine” and search “” and you will see what he was doing instead of working to support these kids. That is why he was fired.Exploitation pays better because no one was giving him mansions,free trips, motorcycles, dogs, hair plugs, yada, yada, yada…..

  • LolaSvelt

    Hideously ugly and talentless to boot.

  • mertz

    “safe little predictable blog society”

    now that would not be a good thing no. but just today, minus the fat comments about kc, there have been racist comments, there’s the republican commentary in some past thread i forget and then there’s theres the one about someone should go and kill themself comment. there’s a bunch of comments that are on this website that are definately unecessary but i guess it’s just fun for people to be completely hateful. i guess it’s the internet so therefore that’s a good thing right. w/e.

  • sheeple

    gotta go…… best of luck mertz… the job dept.

  • Abby

    He’s been wanting to quit the show for some time. I’m glad he is finally speaking out. She’s been coming on like a MAC truck for the last few months, while he stays quiet. Speak up Jon!

  • mertz

    muy gracias, merci, thanks. this economy is the pitts.

  • Dr. spock

    First, Kate and now Jon. I am glad they are working on this privately. I guess they realized privately doesn’t mean big ratings. Wow, what suckers Jon and Kate fans are. What a bunch of low life white trash putting their personal business out there just to turn a buck. What famewhores they both are. I wish someone would go back to all the Christian organizations that supported them financially and emotionally and ask if they feel duped. I know I would.

  • mertz

    She’s been coming on like a MAC truck for the last few months
    which wouldn’t be unusual for her type personality, but i think you mean US WEEKLY AND THE MEDIA has been MACKING off the gosselins. lol.

    i’m sure someone else will comment about the speak up part. lol. some people have some good comments about his lack of speaking and letting his wife wear the balls in their relationship.

  • Sherry

    I don’t care about mertz, sheeple, or whatever. I just feel like I got addicted to this show cause it portrayed a wholesome beutiful family. And I am just so down right now because I feel like I have been totally duped. I just wished that all of them would just have been honest with their true fans. But I know that I have been had. By the family and t.v. It just makes me so sad watching the first few years of this show and knowing now that all this is so not true of what I thought this family was. I just feel so bad, especially for the children. I will not watch this show again, and will not ever again buy the Christian things that Kate put out recently. I am just so freaking disappointed and let down by this whole situation.

  • mertz

    well since i do have a little bit of a heart i will say i’m sorry for your real pain sherry over the total buy in and giving of yourself to this show. i know how you feel, and although i was laughing at you and myself, i’ve been in that same situation before many many many many times and thats why i’ve become a cynic. want to join the cynicism? truly i hope you don’t but really it’s called reality tv, and we all know hollywood is fake even if there are some truly credible people behind that machine.

    don’t buy into everything. that’s the first rule of becoming a teenager.

  • Zoe

    If they truly want to work this out they should seek councilling. If the only time they can get together is for a taping of the show this relationship is doomed.

    For the kids sake they should at least try councilling unless they really don’t want to work it out. I don’t think they want this marriage to work. They’ve already quit.

  • tAKKKO

    You know what, this is really a soap opera. People are being played for fools, Yes, both supporters and haters are being played big time by the Gosselins, their publicity people and TLC. This show has been on for a while and now all this stuff is coming out? Oh please,
    this could be taught as a lesson on media manipulation. TLC is sitting back and letting this all flow (downhill) because it is bringing in big ratings just like they planned. And the sad thing is no one really cares how all this publicity will haunt these kids forever. That is the killer. They can sit down today and goggle their last name and read all this crap. Are the parents that naive to think they can’t at some point do that? The older girls are 9 and I am sure they, or their friends, know how to use a computer. Ask Gloria Vanderbilt about the awful child custody battle her parents went thru 70 years ago and how all that information is readily available thru the internet, not to mention in her memory. I am sure she has not forgotten.

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    sick of this family.

  • Robyninreading

    Oh my gosh, the people that feel “violated” by believing in this stupid show need some psychological help. Why on earth are you so upset about a stupid TV show? If sheeple would have listened to the people from Berks County and PA, the Gosselins wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. Local people near them know what they’ve done…glad people are actually starting to SEE.

  • Rhonda

    This is all about the “divorce” Kate’s got herself all set up as the victim. Jon has to get his story out there as well. 10 million at stake and you ALL know kate ain’t giving up a dollar without a fight. Did you see the show, where they just moved into their new mansion and Jon doesn’t use and “coupon” and neglects to give her the reciept. Wow, don’t come between and her money.

  • t
  • jaye

    It didn’t take a Genius to figure out they had been separated long before the latest bru ha ha came up. Well, TLC is shopping for another family for their “Reality Show’. I’m sure they’ll have a bumper crop of people who want to create a ‘video diary’ for their kids. lol. Sheesh!

  • kate

    Jon, grow up you wanted the fame & money you got it! your a little young to be going threw a midlife crises you jerk….

  • ilikethatjonboy

    Jon is a hottie.

  • Ivermom

    I am so SAD for those children. Both Jon and Kate should be ashamed of themselves for breaking apart their family.

  • Toni~

    he said…she said.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that’s right jon
    be a man, im so proud of u it makes me wanna cry =’ ]
    after seeing u get bossed around by this bitch, im glad u got the balls 2 be a man and say enough is enough
    now look at u, hanging out with prettier woman
    good for u man
    some ppl say girl powe
    ball power man
    ball power
    good 2 see u got em back from kate

  • melissa

    He’s famous, time to get a hotter model and trade up!

  • Joanne

    Its exploitation jon no matter how you spin it. You and Kate had a litter to support your lazy butts and now you dont like the limelight? Tough. Suck it up and do the right thing for your kids and get them off of TV.
    And stop saying you are doing all this for the kids. You are doing it for you and Kate is doing it for her, kids be damned!

    You and Kate are a disgrace as far as parents go. I feel bad for your kids. They will need therapy when they are older and see clearly how you sold their childhoods. I hope you put some money away for THEM!

  • saveTheGosselin8

    So I guess he was telling the truth when he claimed he was worried about the kids Googling him. Idiot. Too lazy to work at a job, at being a decent father, son or human being. Jon you are exploiting your children no matter how ridiculous you claim you find. Parents don’t sell their children’s childhood as side show freaks to finance ski condos, Utah vacations with mistresses and so forth. Bad Christian. You married the cheating nag shemale, you’re sick of being married to it then divorce and become a decent father and get those children their lives back.

  • emmy jay

    Hey me….wow that was interesting stuff using the wayback machine. They sure have come a long way from thanking people for groceries and diapers, eh?

    There is some some really funny webisodes of Jon and Kate on youtube. It’s a great parody of them.

    Their kids seem OK – they’ve grown up with a camera and crew around them and while I think this couple is cooked, I think they are milking it for all they can get. Seriously, who is going to buy a cookbook from someone we have never seen really cook? Well, I think there was an episode where she made two soups that sounded like they were for a soup kitchen – just throwing left over meat in with a bunch of veggies…..but a cookbook ??? WTF?

    It seems like our society has decided to embrace a reality couple as celebrities….but where does the line cross from one to another? What have they done to become celebrities besides having a litter of kiddies?

    Anyway, we’ll continue to watch just like an accident on the side of the road….