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Kanye West: Here's The Real "Paranoid" Video

Kanye West: Here's The Real

Finally, here is the final version of Kanye West and Rihanna‘s “Paranoid” music video.

It’s much more polished and less gratuitous than the incomplete version that leaked last week.

Kanye had been devastated that fans had been exposed to a “video [that] was not up to my standards.”

Kanye had written, “It hurts me to see the old and very wrong version of the ‘Paranoid’ video get leaked all over the net while I was on an 11-hour flight and couldn’t do anything about it. It’s just frustrating when this stuff happens because I really care about the product and, since videos never get played anyway, you might as well tweak them and make them as special as possible.”

Kanye West & Rihanna – “Paranoid” Music Video
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  • JJ

    How many times is this guy going to release this video?

  • Fox

    It’s ok, nothing special.

  • juls

    thriller, much?

    mr. west likes to talk about how much of a genius he is. frankly, i enjoy the music he makes and he videos and his style. but it’s all REHASHED. NOTHING he does is original. he is CLEARLY dressing, and making beats and videos straight up 80′s style. i enjoy it, but tone the arrogance down, kanye. you’re just a good imitator, is all.

  • Leo

    Not bad, not great — Please post Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video. It’s fantastic — leak or not.

  • enoughalready

    This video will not get played due to the fact it’s whack!

    This one or the one before does not make a difference..

    She was dancing to the best of her ability I see though, cause that’s about the best she can do when dancing. Again I say; what was she suppose to do to this video to make it better?

  • kevin

    Remember when RiRi was a star?
    Now she’s just another video ho.



  • Cammie


  • berry

    I don’t believe the original version was “accidentally” leaked. I think Kanye leaked it, like a lot of music labels do to test the waters, but changed it when he released people didn’t like it too much.

  • berry

    ^ typo ..realized.

  • alright

    Rhianna has the prettiest eyes daum

  • true blood

    Agree with# 4, please give us the Paparazzi vid. It has hunky Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. Yum!

  • Grad

    Yeah, she does have nice eyes, but Rughanna’s hair has got to go. She looks like a shemale with pretty eyes.

  • West

    It’s more style than substance, just like Kanye.

  • ashock

    The beat is catchy. Not too bad, but not too original either.
    I would watch this if it came on.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont even notice the difference that much tbh
    good song, i never pay attention 2 the actual content of music videos
    all i want is the music, not the video
    idk why he’s in love with trannies
    he’s dating 1 and he has another 1 in his video

  • Chicago Joe

    It looks about the same as the first one.

  • Rex

    I don’t see what she added to the video. It looked like she was a little bit mental and spazzing out here and there.

  • varsity

    Is that Rihanna? I thought it was one of those dudes from the Single Ladies video.

  • martin

    The video has had as many incarnations as Rihanna’s GGGB album.

  • opus

    Thriller copycat.

  • scooby doo

    I guess it’s ok. Kanye must like butch looking chicks.

  • -

    the song suits Riri. she was so paranoid over Chris B. that’s why she got beaten up.

  • cupcakes

    beautiful skin but the girl cannot dance.

  • lol.

    I don’t see a huge difference between the first version and this one – they both suck. lol

  • Poetrytap

    Say what you want….I liked it the video was hot Rihanna was beautiful as usual and they both did they thing. This song is one of my favs off the album!

    Two thumbs up and I hope the vid tops some charts somewhere so a lot of the haters out there can eat their words…but then again that would be a waste cause the people who hate are the ones who can’t create!!!

  • nyro

    It’s enjoyably spoon fed crap but it probably will top the charts. You don’t have to be a great artist to have hits these days. Kanye and Rihanna are both more derative than truly creative, so I guess they’re haters too. They’re a triumph of flash over substance. Kanye promotes the big pimpin’ lifestyle and his fan base buys into the fantasy. Now you have Rihanna along for the ride shaking her booty. At least she’s not singing…thank god for small graces.

  • whaaaaa

    i’d love to paranoid both kanye west and rihanna to the other side of the earth what i don’t get is that how could she not the know the video is about her oh dumb woman

  • [marie]

    The first version was lame and so is this one…

    Kanye, Please step your game up or go home..

    Has anybody heard the RiRi and Kanye are together rumor..? Now that’s more interesting than this bu11 cr@p video..

  • Forever Kenny

    @kevin: She’s still a star. Remember when you sat at your computer desk and comment on people lives you wished to have, oh, wait, you still do that huh?


    Its a really interesting concept and style for a video.. I think we’re gonna go with an idea like this for my new single “HOLLYWOOD” video. this summer!


  • kevin

    @Forever Kenny: No, dude, that must be you. Commenting does not mean you want that person’s life. People comment on Octomom and Jon and Kate all the time, doesn’t mean they want their lives.

    Rihanna is not a star anymore. She’s a shopaholic and bargain basement video ho. Sad but true.

  • cute

    Nice song, but I don’t like the video.

  • Andy

    I like the other one better. It was mostly in color.

  • me

    I love this song…the video is weird. It’s kind of like a twist on the Thriller video, but I like it. It’s different.

  • silentsophi

    I am glad the previous was not the final version because it was wack.

  • rANDOM t

    no big difference from the leaked one to me

  • lana

    That little white toy car was hilarious. Was that supposed to look real? Bad video and really bad song.

  • ruchi

    i like kanye, but he needs to chill sometimes

  • ruchi

    i like kanye, but he needs to chill sometimes

  • ipek

    bence harika olmuş ririm obenim tek ben sevediğim siz sevmeyin fats

  • lyla

    THE GREATEST VIDEO THIS YEAR, well this one and the lady gaga papparazi one

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    They both turned kinda weirddddd.