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Kate Gosselin: Family Ferry Ride!

Kate Gosselin: Family Ferry Ride!

Kate Gosselin takes her three youngest daughters — Alexis, Hannah and Leah — for a family ferry ride around Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Wednesday (June 3).

The 33-year-old reality TV mom and her five-year-old daughters taped another episode of TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. (Check out the boom mic and camera men in the pics.)

Kate and the sextuplets have been vacationing in North Carolina without papa Jon Gosselin, who most recently scored the cover of People Magazine. He’s been taking care of twins Cara and Mady back at their home in Reading, Penn.

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  • mertz

    first. cue the hate comments. let’s go! LOCK IN!

  • emma


  • Denise

    I guess Jon better get up to the garage apartment if the Queen is headed home.

  • Raean

    So funny how about a month and a half ago, the paparazzi didn’t give a rats a$$ about this women and her family! Society has become a disgrace these days..

  • alexia kaelyn

    The golden child Hannah is always near Kate. I guess the boys are way to icky to be with Kate. The boys are with the nanny oops the HELPER.

  • Sugaroo

    People used to love her now they all hate her. Why? Because her husband cheated on her? Why is she the bad guy here?

  • Sherry

    This is truly one of the most disappinting things that I have seen in recent times. I was SO much into this show and family, and now I realize what I see is not reality. I stated I supported Kate instead of Jon but as I put all the pieces togethe it’s falling into place, especially with the bodyguard situation. I thought, or should I say I knew this wasn’t true, but now I realize that I have been take for. Truely, I was the biggest fan of this show but now I believe that the people at gwop was right all along. I am truly so sad not for myself and the fans, but for this children. One of the saddest moments of my life along with the Dodgers losing to the Yankees in 1978.

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    Sick of this family, Kate’s haircut, the media circus, the mag covers – why are we being bombarded with this family circus? And am I the only one who doesn’t think the kids are that cute? I mean they are average. I know I will get slack for this but I just find this family really really uninteresting. And child services needs to look into this – those innocent kids should not be on this kind of intense show where their lives are exposed to the world.

  • Free the Gosselin 8

    If you want the best and latest info go to Gosselins Without Pity. We know every lying detail.

  • jdub

    ahhh stop treating them like celebrities!!! i love this family, but its really annoying seeing them on here every single day

  • Cathey

    I believe that Kate lives in the world of attention and $$$ and Jon lives in the world of ME. Where does that leave the children????

  • happyworth

    Since the number of views was down quite a bit for the second episode, I guess this buzz will stop in a little while. Or maybe not…

  • t
  • †Fug Face Man!ston†

    seriously, dude.. you’re fcuking obsessed.

  • shannon

    Sure, if you want to read the rantings of a bunch of unemployed jealous crazy women, by all means, read GWoP.

    It’s better to just get a summary of their crazy at Princess Marie Chantal website, however.

  • !Kate Go$$elin

    JJ – stop stalking me!!!
    Just because we made out a few times does not mean you have the right to make posts of my every single move.
    Next there is gonna be a post of me on the toilet with the headline:
    “Kate Gosselin: Toilet Paper Pretty!”
    Get a grip JJ.
    Eff you Aunt Jodi!

  • Dianew

    Kate Gosselin is a FAME WHORE. using her children for fame and money. wonder what the kids bank accounts look like? after all she wrote a book for them, sold them to TLC, and of course we can’t forget about all the ‘Love Offerings’ she received at all her various church engagements. Gosselins Without Pity!!!! — great web site!

  • stones

    Gosh! None of those kids are cute.

    NOT ONE!!

  • Nicole

    She is such a diva now. Not relatable at all! Did anyone see her at the spa having her nails done! A mother of 8 does not dress the way she does! Her high heels to run to Party City. They used to be a normal family, now it’s like watching how Paris Hilton would have grown up! Maddy wants to go to San Diego so Kate says let’s go? What normal mother would just leave her 7 other kids at home and take 1 of them to a very Luxurious Resort in San Diego! Now I see their vacationing at Bald Eagle resort, which is very exclusive! Give me a break. Enjoy it while it lasts Kate Gosselin, because it’s not going to last!

  • Liverwurst

    why is the media roasting this family?




  • †Fug Face Man!ston†

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ “Kate Gosselin: Toilet Paper Pretty!”
    the blogger would so totally write that. hahahahaha..

  • lakers fan in boston

    come on jared, we need some jon
    especially if u have pics of him hanging out at a bar or club =]

  • toejammy

    she should have married a better looking man and then the kids would have been cuter.

  • jackmehoff

    “she should have married a better looking man and then the kids would have been cuter.” Whoa…. don’t be hater…. U just a fcuking racist hick hillbilly shitter Fcuk!!!!!

  • Kim in berks county

    I hardly ever see pics of the kids smiling when they are in pictures with her. They seem to always be having fun and smiling when they are with their dad.

    She is just so damn phony.

  • Jeanette

    Was a Huge fan of Kate, the kids, and the show. No more, In Touch and People mags were the last straw.

  • melissa

    Wow those kids are traveling everywhere! Don’t they have school?

  • LIat

    Poor children. I hate this word, but Kate personifies the wornd CU$T!

  • tarin

    the price tag things are wrong. she is wearing a dress from ann taylor loft.

  • saveTheGosselin8

    To the idiot that wonders why Kate is hated because Jon cheated, get the facts KATE CHEATED FIRST with her personal trainer and body guard. KATE GAVE JON PERMISSION to go his own way 6 months ago as long as he showed up for filming. Gah, did you read one sentence and decided that was the full story?
    Even after the story broke about her and Steve she refuses to discuss it and continues to have him at her side 24./7. If she wasn’t cheating she’d get another guard to avoid the look of impropriety but she thinks she’s teflon and it will all roll off her. The ponzi scams she pulled at the churches, the fake author bit, the infertility scam, and on and on and on the list goes. She’s been lauded and placed on a pedestal so long she thinks she’ll never have to answer for all the crap she’s pulled. Even if the PA lawmakers continue to play deaf, dumb and blind there will be a day of reckoning for Katie Irene and it won’t be pretty.
    Just ask the folks on Bald Head Island the the surrounding area how much the enjoyed her visit. NOT MUCH!

  • Jamba

    I am dating him!!!!!!!

  • Jamba

    I am dating him!!!!!!!

  • Jamba

    I luv him so much and i went to the bar wit him

  • Jamba

    I luv him so much and i went to the bar wit him

  • Jamba

    Lmao im just kidding!!!!!!
    kate is a nice person and people say thatjon nd kate r getting divorce

  • me

    @saveTheGosselin8: People like you are the reason the show is still on. You all watch even though it is “boring”, your tv’s are all mysteriously always tuned to TLC so you never miss anything, you all hate the lies Kate tells so you all watch religiously each week to catch her in lies. GWOP, GDNNOP, Marie Chantal, Moons, BM, all of you keep it going. Your blogs are the reason people watch and keep the ratings up.

  • jaxon

    Why would she leave her two older daughters at home? How in the world do you explain to two of your kids that they aren’t going on the fun trip while their other six sibs are having a ball? What possible reason could there be for leaving them at home? That’s just too strange. This isn’t just a trip to the supermarket. It’s a big deal vacation. How cruel can you be?

  • Sam

    I completely agree with #2 and #5 – and anyone else with like posts! (though #2 you can cross poor sulky Mady off your list!). Kate has said so many unkind things about those little boys and they are adourable! Jon is hard on them too, but likely that was just from Kate’s pressure, which is no excuse. The girls are bratty and bossy and mean just like their mother! The boys are often left out. I don’t get that but I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice it.

  • k

    Save jons hair. it looks like his hair plugs didn’t work on the back. looking at the back of his head makes my head feel weird. Ick nast

  • TLC?

    Why is Gosselin show on TLC? The producers ought to move it to the Travel Channel, what with all the traveling the family does.

    Bizarre Foods –> Bizarre Family
    Dirty Jobs –> Dirty Nutjobs
    Man vs. Wild –> Man vs. WItch

  • TLC?

    Why is the Gosselin show on TLC? The producers ought to move it to the Travel Channel, what with all the traveling the family does.

    Bizarre Foods –> Bizarre Family
    Dirty Jobs –> Dirty Nutjobs
    Man vs. Wild –> Man vs. WItch

  • harry

    @jaxon: duh, how about they have to finish school. the six are not in school yet so they get to go.

  • Jackie

    It seems like she only goes home and spends a good amount of time with her kids when they are filming. When the show is not filming, she’s got speaking engagements and book signings lined up. Thought the pics were nice, but then saw the mic hanging right over them. How sad for the kids to grow up this way.

    Don’t watch the show. It’s completely exploiting the kids!

  • Jessica

    AWWW!! I love the little girls. They are all so BEAUTIFUL! Kate has gorgeous kids. The best looking celebrity kids I’ve seen. Keep posting Jared. I love seeing these kids. Ignore all the haters, they are DEFINITELY the MOST ugliest people in world…meaning physically and mentally. These kids are my new Jolie-Pitt kids. They’re ADORABLE.

  • furrydogbutt

    Every photo of her is more and more Hollywood …. the fake tan; the salon nails; the tummy tuck; the tattoos; the hair; her being outside in the public eye every day ….. this woman needs therapy. Actually, the whole family needs to get off TV and go get some professional help.

  • Still Shaking My Head

    Talk about a reality MESS! Jon is so busy being the cool, laid back one and Kate is just determined to get through it and carry on. Frankly, I do get a little disgusted with Team Jon…all those folks who have not paid attentin for quite some time about Jon’s behavior over the past couple of years. He is almost deliberately as far laid back as he can get…and sometimes, I have the impression that he means to get the high strung Kate as mad as possible and just sit back and watch her react. Jon needs to take a good, long look at all his toys and advantages that have come his way (and NEVER in his wildest dreams would have) without the drive and iniative of Kate. It has long been obvious this whole thing was her doing…she put it together, he went along and now professes that none of this was his idea! WHAT a spoiled little boy! I say let him move out…goodbye to the perks, the skiing/snowboarding, snazzy car, 4 wheeler, motorcycle, cool people to interact with…and to boot, a job would be nice! He acts like a 2 year old about having to be Mr. Mom! And, he slams Kate constantly with little snide remarks…with no name attached, I might add but you know what he is talking about! No wonder Kate is frustrated and over the top…she has been dealing with this behavior for quite some time. Yes, she definitely has overdone it with Jon and never should have so she bares some responsibility with what has happened but most of that is in reaction to Jon’s behavior and she looks like the bad guy! Too bad….I personally think Jon is easily 50% of what has happened here, if not more.

  • Anne sCIA

    Was looking at other pics new today on this site… Check out Eva Longoria in her bikini butt shot.. same age as Kate Gosselin…Now Eva that’s a bod. Yea Kate had all those kids but the plastic surgery brought all that back to her natural right.. KATE Eva makes you look like a weathered hag. The magazines need to track down and prove kate did have her boobs done. It is so obvious especially since it was revealed she and Jon our still close to the plastic surgeon who did the tummy tuck/lipo. Come on Doc, you know she asked you at that time to do the boobs so later you did.

  • Queenoftrashin

    Uh, I am pretty certain that I saw a picture of her on a North Caroline ferry dock with ALL of the children. Daddy is back at home backing up his s*h*i*t to leave, not taking care of kids.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She never looks content with her family around.