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Kate Gosselin: US Weekly Cover Favorite!

Kate Gosselin: US Weekly Cover Favorite!

For the SIXTH week in a row, Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin takes the cover of Us Weekly (See: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5).

Kate‘s has the face, hair and now bikini-clad body to move millions of magazines!

This week’s scandal-icious headlines claim that Kate pulled kids from school for a TV show vacation, threw a hissy fit at the gym, and ignored her kids at the pool. Dun dun dun…

Monday’s back-to-back brand new episodes averaged 5.4 million viewers and 5.9 million. Last week’s Season 5 hour-long premiere pulled in a record-breaking 9.8 million viewers. The previous high for the series was the season 4 finale, which pulled in 4.6 million viewers.

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  • LuckyL

    Oh boy oh boy

  • sue
  • fashion

    Love Robert Pattinson

  • lisa k

    Yep, she just will not go away will she? What is it going to take to get this woman to stop making an idiot out of herself. I wish someone would tell her the truth about that bikini. She needs one that comes up a little higher. She has some sort of pouch on her lower abdomen, and her navel is almost in between her new fake boobs. I bet Jon feels better away from the shrew.


    People really need to leave her alone. I think she is doing the best she can under her extreme circumstances. As if being the mother of 8 weren’t enough to deal with, she has a seemingly unsavory marriage, and camera crews to capture all of the madness. My heart breaks for her family everytime I see a tabloid blasting something she has done because she is doing the best she can. We have to stop and think about the fact that her oldest children are old enough to understand the situation and don’t need a constant reminder when they got to the super market and see their parents pasted on the front cover. I have been a fan of the show since it started, and she has changed, but don’t we all? I doubt she has fired 40 workers, but if she did, I’m sure she did it out of her desire to do what’s best for her family. I think she is being painted in a negative light and the focus has diverted from the true source of the sudden media interest in their marriage which is Jon’s poor judgment. The man missed his wife’s birthday to snowboard. Really? That was the best decision at the time? I think not. All in all, I just wish them the best. I hope they can work through their problems for the children’s sake.

  • Rachel

    so now you are looking for every little reason to hate this woman. i’m sorry… if i had 8 kids and a body like that, i would be showing it off too! don’t be jealous because she looks better than you. and don’t say she’s too old to be wearing something like that. do you hate on all the hollywood women who wear much skimpier things than that when they’re almost 50? i think not. shes only 34. so shut up.

    when i was in 8th grade, my parents took my siblings and i out of school for a week to go to disney world. i guess someone should have called cps on them. GASP! kate wants to go on a vacation to spend time with HER children! oh the horror!

    first shes not spending enough time with them. now shes getting blasted for taking them out of school to spend time with them.

    what do you people want?


    @Rachel: i completely agree. :-)

  • miss tabatha

    Its all sad

  • Kelli


    She chooses the life she has. It was her choice to make her life and the life of her family public. she chooses everyday her choices, and her additude. Good for Jon for leaving, she is cheating and everyone is giving Jon a hard time? Did no one watch the episode? He stays home with the kids while she goes around the world…

  • keeks

    I think the media should leave this family alone. Poor kids =(


    @Kelli: U must not watch the show very often. This is the 1st time in the kids 5 yrs that he has spent any significant time w/ them. She finally decides to do something for herself and she gets crucified. And you’re sick if you think that Jon’s leaving is postive…HE cheated on her. The media had to create an angle to make the story more sensational. I agree that she chose to publicize her family, but does that give us the right to criticize her? Until we are in the same situation, we can’t fairly judge.

  • boo(real)

    now the rags have some other to put on the cover besides B&A! keep it up! this patinson guy and others will let the ragloids know that they can still make money without B&A lies. unfortunately for JA, her coattail ride is slowly coming to an end.

  • w.d.

    I don’t feel that Kate is beyond reproach, by any means, and is gulity of being querulous towards Jon. With that said, I don’t believe he is pulling his weight when it comes to rearing the children. I think Jon is selfish, and Kate is being made to look like the bad guy. She is a polarizing figure, as evidenced by all the vitriol aimed in her direction. However, I think Jon is equally cupable, when it comes to “exploiting” the children. They both signed on for this, so he should bear just as much responsibilty as Kate.

  • jess

    Dude, this is like the 3rd week in a row they’ve had her on the cover.
    Time to move on, US!


    She looks like a turtle in the face- i guess it could be a snapping turtle- LMAO

  • Logan

    This is Kate’s sixth straight cover, she must sell magazines like hotcakes. Even on blogs, Kate stories get more comments that almost anything else. I guess tJ&K are striking a cord with the public because they are real people and open their lives up so much. Personally, I am much more interested in the Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes story. That looks juicy.

  • P

    Initially they both signed on, but this show has blown up beyond anything imaginable. Jon wants to end it to get some privacy, while Kate wants to continue. Kate is totally at fault at this point.

  • melissa

    I can’t even believe she is on US Weekly again. I absolutely LOVE her, the family, the show… but will US Weekly just stop already? If she even bites her nail – it’s off with her head!

  • Linda

    I agree with P. Kate is a publicity whore. She is trying to become a movie star out of squatting out a bunch of babies. Giving birth is a beautiful thing but I don’t think she needs to ride it to stardom. It stop being about the precious kids long time ago. She cares only for her self. I hope Jon gets custody of the kids.
    This B-tch needs to go away.

  • happyworth

    She just had to take the kids with her, cuz it wouldnt look good when shes alone at the beach just with her bodyguard…wearing a nice bikini…with Jon being god knows where…
    No one would watch the Kate show, I mean the kids are the ones who earn the money…screw school..Kate needs attention…

  • mertz

    lol at # 19 and your “she’s trying to become a movie star out of squatting out some kids”…wowzers. have you even watched the show before? do you even know anything (aside from what you have seen or read in the media) about her? so then a happy b-tch kaslopus to you too.

    lol jared. “Dun dun dun…” that totally reminded me of are you afraid of the dark. gah.

  • mertz

    also how unsurprising and entirely desperate of us weekly. i wonder if she’s going to make 12 covers. now that would definately cement the reality that this world is going to hell in a handbasket if this family has become the talk of the media. stupidity must be bliss.

  • Marine

    AGAIN , AGAIN & AGAIN … 5 news = 5 J&K+8 !!!!
    When will you stop ?????? Where are others celebrity babies ??
    Suri , Harlow, Leni, Honor, Nahla ??? No more pics ?
    I loved just jared but since few weeks it’s no more just jared it’s just kate … It’s really boring …

    sorry for my bad english, I’m french.

  • mertz

    lol. it’s okay if anglais is your second langue. jared has been covering all those other kids as well. we have no one to blame but ourselves really for keeping this show alive with ratings, tlc, the gosselins, other shows like theirs, and MOSTLY US FCUCKING WEEKLY. yeah i said it. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MOSTLY BENEFITING FROM THIS. anyone who says kate is a celebrity should be a certified idiot. being a mother does not make you a celebrity…being a mother without a career doesn’t make you a celebrity…being an author doesn’t make you a celebrity…and being on a reality show (most definately SHOULD NOT) make you a celebrity.

    so yeah jared is also keeping count and getting many hits by keeping up with this story. it’s his site and that’s up to him. we should all make bets on whether she’s going to make 12 covers, either in a row, or by the end of the year. i mean the only thing that would probably take her/them off the cover would be angelina and brad yeah…or maybe lets all play the game of which story about which celeb will dethrone kate, jon, the gosselins from the front cover of us weekly. i’ve never seen us weekly get so much coverage in my entire life. it’s kinda odd.

  • NativeNYker

    RPats should have been the main focus of that cover.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Fred

    Exerpts from Local newspaper article(3 days ago):
    There is a red-and-white for-sale sign on the front lawn.
    After spending more than four months on the market — asking price, $325,000 — the five-bedroom, 2½-bathroom home at 2190 Andrew Ave. hasn’t fetched a buyer. The Gosselins originally bought the house in 2006 for $280,000.
    Neighbors aren’t complaining about the vacancy.
    “It’s almost as if their house wasn’t a part of the neighborhood,” Faulstick said.
    There was initiallya good rapport, but the Gosselins’ relationship with the neighborhood deteriorated as time went on, she said. “They were very nice when they first moved in.”
    Jon and the eight children were always nice, others said.
    “Jon seemed like a regular guy,” said Ruth Johnson, who frequently visits her brother, a resident of the development. “[Jon] was very friendly and the kids were wonderful.”
    And Kate?
    Eh, not so much.
    “I never really talked to Kate; I just heard her yell,” said Courtney Bentz, who lives across the street from the former Gosselin home.
    “I feel bad for the kids,” Bentz said.
    Not so nice
    Kate’s allegedly unpleasant demeanor didn’t compare to the TV and sound crews that arrived in the otherwise quiet Westbrooke development.
    Bentz, who said she watches the reality show only occasionally, always saw the Gosselin children followed around by cameras in the front yard.
    “We could never get close because someone would always block us,” she said.
    Sometimes sound crews would approach neighbors and tell them to stop mowing grass because it interfered with their recording, Faulstick said.
    “We have lives, too,” she said.
    The Gosselins’ relationship with the neighborhood started to turn sour last summer when two signs were placed on the front lawn, warning passers-by not to approach the home, the family or to take pictures.
    “We’re a friendly neighborhood,” Faulstick said. “We all get along. But [The Gosselins] wanted nothing to do with it.”

  • Shelby

    Poor Kate. Hopefully the financial security makes up for all the nasty people with nasty opinions.

    And where’s that immature husband of hers? Oh yeah, don’t answer that…. clearly shirking his responsibilities to re-live his college days.

  • Team Jon

    Just how long was Jon expected to put up with her horrible treatment? How can anyone justify that?

    Imagine for a second that the roles were reversed:

    Jon tells Kate she is getting fat. He corrects her grammar during interviews. He expects her to dress and bath the kids by herself. He berates and belittles her on camera. He starts running around the country (first class) promoting his picture book while she stays home. He screams at her in public and treats her like a child “Kate- YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION” “Kate- BE A PARENT”….

    Do I need to go on? If Jon pulled any of that crap he would have been crucified. Kate is given a pass?

  • Beth

    She WANTS the attention. Now all of a sudden she wants to parade around in a bikini ? And she looks horrible. She is much to chunky to be wearing one. And why is her belly button so high up ? Somely screwed up.
    No one wants to look at her lumps and scars. Ewwww…

  • Molly

    leave kate alone. she is a good parent!

  • sarah

    Why is her belly button so high? Free plastic surgery = you get what you pay for. Bad job Dr.

  • Elle

    US magazine really hates mothers. Why are they making covers like this? My parents had me miss a week of school once so we could go on vacation. I don’t think that’s “PULLING” your kids out of school. This cover is lame and so is US magazine.

  • ~Katie Go$$elin

    Hey – I look effing hot people.
    I look a million times better than Jon on his cover of People mag.
    I rock.
    Eff you haters – yes that means you Aunt Jodi – you are just jealous.
    Good luck with those spider veins Aunt Jodi – don’t 4get to bring your trenchcoat to the beach.

  • Zoe

    Oh, brother. Anyone who believes this rag magazine needs their head examined. Isn’t this the same one that said she only gave him $5 a day for spending money. Get real people! He drives a 2 seater fancy sports car with no room for his family and goes on vacation without his family.


    And she didn’t pull her kids out of school. They’re not starting school until the fall. They’re too young. Morons! The twins that she left at home ARE in school. That’s why they didn’t go.

  • Nicole

    I’m sorry but whoever did that tummy tuck botched her belly button! It’s way too high, too close to her chest and it looks odd! She should stick to a one piece suit!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol this magazine sounds exactly right
    i wouldnt be surprised if she toke her kids from school for tv, i mean she’s a tv ho
    kate throwing a hissy fit happens a couple times per day

    he’s at least interesting, the girls he has r sometimes kinda cute

  • myrealname

    Oh please Tracy,
    If they want to be left alone, don’t do the freakin’
    show… are you kidding me.. Quit watching little kids on tV get off your couch and off of “disability” and get a job. You have too much time on your hands.

  • Leslie

    Obviously none of you haters have multiples or know what the stress can do to you. I totally agree with Kate and the things that she does. Jon had the opportunity to travel with Kate and he didn’t want to. He chose to stay home, Boo Hoo…Suck it up Jon!!!
    It was ok when she did when they were younger, right??

    Please, she didn’t create the babies on her own!!

    What a selfish person Jon is!! I wish they could work things out but I don’t think I could forgive him.

    All of you complaining about her in the bikini, did you see what it looked like before? She looks great!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Every mom makes mistakes…nobody’s perfect.

  • Sheila

    Maybe Jon wants more privacy so that he can sneak around on his family in relative obscurity! He’s a selfish person as is evident by the 2 seater car that he drives and don’t even get me started on the Chopper! Sorry OCC. Every tabloid pic that I have seen of Kate shows her driving the same old Sprinter van filled with all of the children, and the ones of Jon show…well…Jon and his “whatever”! She obviously loves the man, as was evident in her statement “I don’t want this”as opposed to Jon’s statement “I’m excited about the future and my new life…oh and my kids…give me a break! Who acquires a 2 seater when you have 8 children and a wife? Keep your chin up Kate and Gosselin children. I wish I could say he will grow out of it, but I don’t think so!

  • i lov jon and kate and their 8

    hi iam of el salvador and i saw their show i love aiden leah and,mady
    i love old the 10 but sometimes i dosent understan why jon is like that
    please see their show its very good
    lov jon and kate plus 8

  • http://Facebook,twitter Brian Davis

    I think the woman is hot…She seems really nice in her interviews…I can only hope I get to meet her one day…Heres a shout out ” Hi Kate, think you are awesome and beautiful !!! ” And now that Jons gone, if she needed someone to talk to, id be there…