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Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug

Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug

Kelly Clarkson holds up a giant foam camera and snaps away like paparazzi at a toy store in Australia on Wednesday (June 2).

The 27-year-old American Idol alum later made her way down a rainy Sydney street to conduct a television interview with Channel Ten.

Kelly is Down Under promoting her fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted, which has been certified ‘Gold’ in Australia.

10+ pictures inside of sexy shutterbug Kelly Clarkson

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Credit: Scope Australia; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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121 Responses to “Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug”

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  1. 51
    Trace Says:


  2. 52
    Khristi Says:

    I emphatize with her because I used to be fat, I lost weight the healthy way-I have sense gotten even thinner because of emotional problems. I’ll bet she’s on some type of antidepressant, which makes you put on weight and it’s a big part of the reason that I have refused them. I say good for her for taking the initiative to make herself feel better-it takes courage. Great singer!!!

  3. 53
    mertz Says:

    lol. yeah i know. thanks trace. it was funny while it lasted. lol.

    she’s not on drugs.

  4. 54
    Scheetah Says:

    SHE NEEDS 2 LOSE A LOT OF WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 55
    Chaz Says:

    She is a fantastic singer!!! Love her voice.

  6. 56
    Lrissaa' Says:

    She’s really fat, maybe she thinks it pretty, but I don’t think so.
    It’s discusting and ugly.
    Damn, I am sick when I look at her.

  7. 57
    Jenny Says:


  8. 58
    feed the world Says:

    Someone needs to ship her fat ass to Sea World. There’s is nothing attractive about her sloppy, flabby, supersized thunderous thighs. I see all the starving people in the world and it is sad she could feed an entire village by liposuctoning just one of her thghs. I have one word to describe her: SLOTH. It is a sin to be a lard ass. Kelly, repent! Wonder if they charge her for two seats when she flies. She would need a seat for each leg. I think she naturally has a tendency to be on the healthy side but by the looks of her she is just lazy and stuffs her face. Again, SLOTH.

  9. 59
    shameful Says:

    funny how the haters come out in drove when their delicate senses are assaulted. as disgusting as the word “fat” is, I would rather be fat than have the pea-sized minds of you idiots.

  10. 60
    sillyme Says:

    Sorry, but Jennifer Hudson was fat even AFTER she lost the weight. If she looked slim, it was because of air brushing and good undergarments (which Kelly cares nothing about). The difference is it seems to be okay for black women to carry some extra weight.

    Oh, well, at least black guys will probably want to date her now.

    Kelly really has gone skid row, though. I bet it has to do with her CD sales. She was probably expecting huge numbers with her big comeback, and yet she will struggle to make it to platinum sales (in the US). It’s got to really hurt her ego; and despite all her talk about not caring about sales, I think she does care.

  11. 61
    Management+Maniston = failure Says:

    I fail to see the relevance of the Jennifer Hudson references, since it is Kelly’s “Two-ton Tilly” a$$ that is taking up two-thirds of my computer screen. Jennifer doesn’t have a thing to do with Kelly’s slovenly appearance.

  12. 62
    maribeth Says:

    GOD FORBID she look like a normal woman!
    all of you negative commenters have a really messed up view of what a woman should look like. she looks NORMAL.

  13. 63
    cute Says:

    She’s gained some weight but she’s not ugly and her hair looks fine.
    She has an amazing voice so who cares if she doesn’t look like a model? She’s still cute!

  14. 64
    skinnysuckers Says:

    i don’t get what’s the hype with people obsessing in losing weight? Kelly is not obese, she is just big and healthy. she can sing and can sell millions of albums and she is enjoying what she is doing, so leave her alone!

  15. 65
    hOTT Says:

    LOVE her but she let herself go BIG TIME! It’s not about FAT/SKINNY it’s about being HEALTHY & WORKING OUT being A FAT ASS like Kelly is NOT HEALTHY!! she looked a million times better years ago

  16. 66
    Management+Maniston = failure Says:

    “Normal” huh? Perhaps in YOUR world, but certainly not in mine.
    There is no power on earth that would compel me to walk around looking like a baby whale. We have COMPLETE control over our weight. If you eat like a pig and refuse to move your body, a Kelly Clarkson frame is the inevitable result. Just look at every single person who has ever been on The Biggest Loser. Each went from looking like a monstrosity to being attractive, vibrant and HEALTHY. Now THAT is what I call NORMAL!

  17. 67
    Bri Says:

    Don’t fool yourself!
    You fat asses who think this is healthy need to double check your vision and mirrors!
    Same goes for anorexic skinny b*itches!
    Go to work out and eat healthy!
    Don’t choke on food and don’t throw it up either!

  18. 68
    Simone Says:

    Love the woman.
    Don’t see why people think she should eat into (no pun intended) the rest of Holywood and look like a skinny beach.

  19. 69
    jaye Says:

    Just because she is over-weight it doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy. The amount of weight a person can carry and maintain good health differs from person to person. The problem with putting on weight quickly and not paying attention to it is that it can get out of control. She’s not weighing herself regular, I would bet on that; when that happens the weight can pile on before you know it. You get use to seeing yourself and your ‘new body’ so it makes less of an impression on you than it does people around her. She looks like she can afford to lose 40 pounds; what does she do when it get to be 80?

    It’s good that she feels comfortable in her body, but too much ‘comfort’ can lead to problems. I agree that people don’t need to be pencil thin; thin doesn’t equate to healthy either, but she does need to be concerned about having diabetes and high blood pressure, even if she doesn’t have those things right now. I just wish she would consider losing SOME weight sooner rather than later when it gets much much harder if she’s 80 pounds over weight. .

    She’s a good singer and seems to be a truly nice person. I wish her well.

  20. 70
    rrr Says:

    so are you telling me that a person who used to look like this a few years ago is suddenly healthy??JUST NOW?…please… she is fat and sorry for being honest, but all the commenters who said kelly is normal and healthy are just saying that to make THEMSELVES believe that they are normal and healthy. FAT WAS NEVER healthy…of course, i am not promoting size 0… girls like beyonce, eva mendes…jennifer lopez are normal… not this girl. SHE HAS A TRIPLE CHIN!

  21. 71
    rrr Says:

    and … she’s not THAT talented for people to ignore that she is fat and sloppy. she has a nice voice…but just think about it. Doesn’t she have to work a little on her image? she just comes and sings? there are plenty of girls who have a nice voice that don’t look like crap

  22. 72
    hello Says:

    even the lady behind her is disgusted by what she sees

  23. 73
    ellie Says:

    You people on here are absolutely disgusting. I highly doubt that any of you have perfect bodies either.
    Kelly looks just fine the way she is.

  24. 74
    marina Says:

    it is very sad that people criticize her for looking like this, and say taht they are criticiziing in the name of health? really?
    healthy would be not to go overboard calling her names.
    There have been other big artists and celebrities that have reaky strugled and have had big issues with weight,becoming unhappy and unhealthy in the precess. Better for kelly to maintain an ok weight, even if she deos not look like 2 or 3 years ago.
    if you want, check the lives of judy garland and the socialite christina onassis

    not everything in this life is having a low weight. it is important,yes, but letting your life grate around it and let anonymous bloggers affect you with mean comments should not be relevant.

  25. 75
    Liverwurst Says:

    Sexy? Maybe..Healthy? NO!

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