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Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug

Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug

Kelly Clarkson holds up a giant foam camera and snaps away like paparazzi at a toy store in Australia on Wednesday (June 2).

The 27-year-old American Idol alum later made her way down a rainy Sydney street to conduct a television interview with Channel Ten.

Kelly is Down Under promoting her fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted, which has been certified ‘Gold’ in Australia.

10+ pictures inside of sexy shutterbug Kelly Clarkson

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Credit: Scope Australia; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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121 Responses to “Kelly Clarkson is a Sexy Shutterbug”

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  1. 76
    msfido Says:

    she should wear “loose” clothes while she tries to “lose” the weight…if that’s not on her agenda right now…so be it…a lot of women deal with stress by eating…may be that’s what she has been doing…enough’s enough…why don’t we discuss fat MALE celebrities….has anyone seen Val Kilmer lately?

  2. 77
    Kela Says:

    Here we go again.. shut up please! leave her alone, if shes fat, its her life, she is famous, rich and has everything she wants, so leave her the *** alone! shes better than you all even if she is 599999 pounds! and shes a SINGER, since when u need to look like a model to sing?

  3. 78
    Erin Says:

    I don’t think Kelly looks like she doesn’t care about her looks – she’s cute! The only reason no one ******* about Jennifer is because she’s always done up like a diva – flashy clothes, jewelry, etc. That’s excessive and high-maintenance. What’s she look like in jeans and a t-shirt with little to no makeup? Kelly still looks cute.

  4. 79
    erin Says:

    I agree w/ you. Jennifer Hudson is “healthy” looking and carries her weight much better than Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson just looks sloppy and out of shape.

  5. 80
    erin Says:

    Also, she looks like Rosie O’Donnell w/ highlights.

  6. 81
    ck_always Says:

    Wow …she’s gained so much weight. That’s extremely disappointing. Such a shame, she was very very beautiful before. Looks like she’s having fun though.

  7. 82
    Jess Says:

    I’m writing in a language Kelly can understand :)

  8. 83
    Jen Says:

    amazing singer but does need to shed some pounds, it’s not healthy to be that fat

  9. 84
    amber Says:

    I like her, but I think she should really lose some weight. Apparently, she used to have an eating disorder and battled it. Not to be mean, but it looks as if she is WAY BEYOND her bulimia phase, to the point where she eats and can’t stop.

    I agree with most of you, it’s not even that she’s fat… it’s more so that she doesn’t seem to care. If you were fat and tried to work out and be healthy, then props to you. However if you are overweight (and a fan base!), then you should at least keep up with your image and look nice.

    Don’t bash me, anyone. This is just my opinion and I’m not showing any hatred. I am just writing my subjective opinion.

  10. 85
    andi Says:

    she looks like trash all the time now. maybe if she dressed to FLATTER her figure and brushed and dyed her hair every now again she wouldnt look so disgusting. she has reaally let herself go-and its not the weight. its just how she has been presenting herself

  11. 86
    Leesa Says:

    #80 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kelly could stand to lose a few lbs, that’s for sure. She needs to start working out and put down the twinkie!!!

  12. 87
    weasle Says:

    You know that christian singer, Sandi Patti, well Kelly looks a lot like her!! ouch!

  13. 88
    Speed Says:

    Fat or skinny, her songs will always be garbage.

    You’re a grown-ass woman singing “my life would suck without you!” That’s something 7th graders say to each other during free period, not accomplished adults.

  14. 89
    Marieme Says:

    @mslewis: You know what, you’re right. If she just fixed herself up a bit more there would be less reason for attacks maybe.

  15. 90
    tinybaker Says:

    I just think she’s too young to be so unhealthy.

  16. 91
    tinybaker Says:

    I just think she’s too young to be so unhealthy.

  17. 92
    people need to get a life Says:

    same comments… different day..

  18. 93
    Betina Says:




  19. 94
    shello Says:

    Saying that she’s healthy is incorrect. She’s on her road to obesity and that is so not healthy. She should at least do some exercises. I for one don’t want her to be super skinny but I don’t also want her to be obese either. Both are just not healthy options.

  20. 95
    Sydney Says:

    “Someone needs to ship her fat ass to Sea World”
    OMG I’m laughing so hard I have tears coming outa my eyes!

  21. 96
    tiffanys Says:

    wow, Kelly Clarkson, you need take care of you good looking body, you are getting fat…:) i’d like to suggest go and take part in avtivities as a shutterbug as you like it.
    but you really cute.
    i love her

  22. 97
    dorie Says:

    I doubt that any of you here are physicians, and I’m certain that none of you are Kelly’s physician. Are you actually so ignorant as to believe that you can assess another person’s health on the basis of these photos? She may be overweight, but not to the point of obesity. I guess some of you are trying to conceal your pathological levels of anger, envy and cruelty behind this facade of being concerned about health. You’ve clearly accepted the idea that what you look like is more important than what you can do. I find this very disturbing.

    Most of the rest of you are just haters, and therefore too insignificant to be bothered with.

  23. 98
    LuckyL Says:

    She’s getting larger

  24. 99
    mertz Says:

    out of all the commentary there are 2 legit sides to the argument and about 3 or 4 100% smart, well written thoughts in this thread…which just amounts to the rest of us being total losers (i didn’t count myself in the 3 or 4 guestimation). really. she doesn’t care because she’s putting herself first and is in a good place mentally and emotionally. so good on her. if something happened to her tomorrow to take her away from this world, she would rest happy (unlike most people on this website/in this thread) and know that she lived HER LIFE the best way she knew how. so yea. stop venting out whatever hatred or forelorn emotions you have into kelly clarckson and her weight issues. please. sometimes think before you type your comments and post them.

  25. 100
    Petra Says:

    SO CUTE!

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