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Kristen Stewart Breaks For Cigarettes

Kristen Stewart Breaks For Cigarettes

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart takes a cigarette break from a photoshoot on Tuesday (June 2) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 19-year-old New Moon star recently won Best Kiss with Robert Pattinson at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

In the latest Interview magazine issue, Kristen opened up about her meteoric rise to fame: “Well, this is never something that I sought out. For most actors, it’s such a struggle to get work,” Kristen said. “Once they have it, they feel that there’s an enormous amount of pressure on them to make it work, and have everyone love them. In my case, it was never like that. It was just about working with the people that I want to work with, and telling the stories that I want to tell, you know? And, you’re right, it was also because my whole family is involved in the entertainment industry in some way. My brother’s a grip. My mom’s a scriptwriter. My dad’s a director. So it’s like, at heart I’m a below-the-line girl.”

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Credit: Oliver; Photos: Flynet
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  • roro

    this girl dresses so trampy and she smokes ew gross!

  • bintk

    I hate seeing girls smoke!

  • Bri


  • Zoz

    Oh please roro the girl dresses laid back and stylish.I’ve never even seen her show cleavage.she’s a cool chick only out there for the work not the attention.I like her.

  • andy


  • whatevs


    If you don’t want smoke, don’t smoke, but don’t judge other people. It makes you look petty.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    Lol Zoz that’s because she barely has any. I love Kristen Stewart though. I’ve seen every movie she’s acted in and she’s always memorable.
    Bri. Apparently it wasn’t such a lucky break with jerks like you hammering her all the time. KStew is perfectly content to act in independent films and if you look at her work those are the majority of her movies. She didn’t know Twilight would be a blockbuster. Far from it. They ALL thought it would be an indy with a small fanbase. Get over yourself.

  • Rosita

    Are you sure this is a recent interview? they say she’s 15 and she looks quite young in the photos… as for the smoking, i’m not a fan but it’s her life so leave her alone

  • eew

    K Stew can’t act. She just got lucky because the character she got to play happens to be on the best selling sequels of tween books. She always look druged un hygenic and she always smoke.

  • emma

    She looks gorgeous, as usual. I heart you KStew!!

  • lilfidooo

    I hate when young people smoke. In ten years, she’ll look old and wrinkled.


    smoke is gross.. she is gross

  • monica

    It says shes 15? She just turned 19, I think this is old..

  • Tiffany

    I think shes awesome.

  • fly

    I love her! She is so simple and beautiful.. Just let people live their lives!

  • jdub

    i think this girls awesome. partly because i just found out im 6 days older than her :), and because she’s so laid back. the smokings gotta go tho. yuck

  • Nala

    This itw is old.
    I love the girl.

  • HA!

    She seriously is a little gross.

  • nat

    @Zoz: I agree with you. They are so many heaters in this site. Every time I read a comment, they are trashing the person, stop heating!
    I like this girl, she does her own thing.

  • evalynn

    i like her style…it’s casual, yet she’s not like your typical girl
    can’t wait to see her new moon!!

  • hOTT

    she’s cool but such a pot head..she always looks HIGH

  • Zac

    I never thought she was very good looking to begin with. Let her be if she smokes.

  • babe_luv_ya

    she always looks STONED…poor girl…

  • pan

    JJ….you should post the pictures from her photoshoot…she looks damn good! super hott!!!!!

    she’s smokin’ hott!!!!

  • ashanz

    give her a break ppl! she’s going to a freaking photo shoot who cares what she’s wearing?

  • Simone

    Why are the two main chracters in this movie really like trampy looking, like dead unhygenic. haha.

  • Mell

    Love her! She’s an indie actor who got caught in a blockbuster. I like her (movie) choices so far, and hope the hype doesn’t change her work ethic. As to the smoking.. sad to have grown up in an industry that almost demands some form of addiction. Guess it could be worse.. but how ’bout those herbal smokes huh :-)

  • pan

    because they dont have to please people. they do whataver the hell they want. coz they’re the sh^t

  • w.d.

    I don’t find her particulary attractive, but she doesn’t seem like the type to put on airs. She’s true to herself, which is more than 99% of Hollywood can say. However, I find smoking to be a rebarbative habit! Nothing diminishes a person’s sex appeal faster than being spotted with a cig hanging out of their mouth IMO.

  • jules

    This girl is so unattractive … gross!

  • aly

    her dad’s a director? hm, i’m sure that had NOTHING to do with how she got into movies. girl’s a mediocre actress with ZERO personality and people skills. true shes not the worst, but there are so many more deserving, talented, APPRECIATIVE actresses out there who should be in her shoes.

  • dee

    Ahhh..shut the fvck up all you mother fvcking haters!!! Haters for no effin’ reason!!! All of your reasons for hating her are a complete joke!!!!

    Because she cant act?Because she looks stoned? Because of the way shes dressed?Because you dont think shes pretty enuff?WTF!?!?(the girl is 19 and working her ass off and she only has a couple of weeks break time before doing *another* goddamn movie!!)

    Every reason you dumbasses come up with gets ridiculous by the minute!

    Hate is a strong fvcking word!

    Kristen is the SHHHIIZZZZ!!!And if the girl wants to smoke she can smoke!Shes an adult capable of making her own decisions and choices, im not fond of it either but deal with it!!

    Rpattz smokes like a FVCKING CHIMNEY and I sure as hell dont see anybody complaining and ripping his throat off!!! Talk about double fvcking standards!!!

    Ughhhh soo sick of this shit!!!!

  • Asp23k

    She is very young, under a lot of pressure and coping as best she can. A lot of you out there “casting the first stone” are you perfect? I like her.

  • http://YAHOO meaux

    i love kristen shes laid back shes awsome
    u little freaks needa stop missen with shes awsome
    she is totally NOT a slut she dresses laid back in case u never saw the MTV MOVIE AWARDS SHE HAD BLACK CONVERSES ON

  • lakers fan in boston

    even more reason for me 2 dislike her
    she’s cute sometimes for me but other times i really dont like her 1 bit
    her i dont like her

  • lakers fan in boston

    ever more reason for me 2 dislike her, she smokes*

  • ashlee22

    oh god
    kristen please don’t smoke

  • roro

    oh watver zoz my opinion. who wears only one stock…she looks trampy and cracked out wouldn’t be suprised to hear that she takes drugs. she can’t act either. poor thing she’s aight though imo

  • aliza

    this girl ruined the twilight BOOKS for me… Killed the characters charm COMPLETELY… *i am so worried about the last book being made into a movie with HER in it; that my fav book outta the whole set* cuz the character of Bella transfers completely into someone really cOOL & emotionally strong – from a girl to a married women & then a caring mother (& when i see K-Stew all i see is TRASH) Her rolling/smoking joints & doing POT on street!

  • roro



    people can give their opinions without the word ‘hater’ being dropped.

  • Jen

    Horrible actress and has no style or personality for that matter.

  • ashanz

    @RORO….she isn’t wearing one sock she twisted her ankle doing stunts for new moon in italy which is why she is wearing a brace or wrap whichever it is. That is also why she wore converse to the mtv movie awards becuase of her twisted ankle!

  • roro

    i don’t like that she was chosen for bella, being a twilight fan that’s not how i pictured her to look and be from reading the book. her acting sucks and she just not bella well only being clumsy and akward. hopefully she steps up her game in New Moon.

  • amber

    shut the eff up, you haters

    don’t be hatin, y’all are just jealous that you’re not receiving that amount of attention and on the big screens

    first off, she’s GORGEOUS and i love her grunge style

    also, so what if she smokes? her choice. sure it’d be better if she didn’t but i don’t think it affects her acting ability


  • roro

    okay@ ashanz – she still looks trashy
    amber – lmao you’re another kirsten groupie yep. aint noone checking on kirsten it’s mainly the guys of twilight. her personality is stale like dried up bread. ha hate on that

  • roro

    lol @ amber what acting ability she can act LMAO
    she killed bella lucky twilight has loyal fans like me who look pass that.

  • roro

    lol my bad *she CANT act.

    anyways bye bye


  • megan


    umm shut the eff up
    why are yu here commenting if yu dont like her
    N shes not trashy! lol someone whos trashy is paris hilton
    shes a perfect bella shes a great actress not some stupid disney robot.

    lovee her style and shes gorgeous
    and whyy do yu ppl care if she smokes. like get a life
    and theres nothing wrong with weed
    this girls my idol soo all yuu shut ur mouth
    keep it up kristenn!!
    cant wait for new moon!! :)

  • roro

    lol at her being your idol hahah
    no paris is a whore, kirsten is trashy my opinion get over it.
    i dislike kirsten just ughh why her has bella she sucks and can’t act. i can comment if i want it’s not comment if you like the person DUH.

    lol yea can’t wait for NEW MOON WOOO
    Jacob looked sexy turning into a werewolf.

  • kiddo

    She is a kid. Kids do stupid things. Remember Harry Pothead! Now Prince Harry is respectable because he grew up.

    The only problem I have, if I am entitled to have a problem with her, is keep that $hit hidden, you know what I mean. I dont need explain it to my niece but I sure felt akward (?) when she mentioned K Stewart and weed.

    She is not a role model, we refuse to allow “hero” worship of celbs or sports figures. We constantly remind all the kids in “our clan” they are human and make human chioces, some good, some bad.

    Smoking what seems to be pot outside is a poor choice in my book. Otherwise she is 18 and legal to buy tobacco.

    I dont smoke, but I am not a hater. We all have bad habits.