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LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville's Comments Are Incredibly Defamatory

LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville's Comments Are Incredibly Defamatory

Two months ago, Lifetime movie costars LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were accused of having a steamy affair and yesterday, Eddie‘s wife, Brandi Glanville, accused LeAnn of being a stalker.

Responding to these new reports, LeAnn‘s rep tells Extra, “These comments are incredibly defamatory, and while there are always two sides to every story, LeAnn continues to remain above the fray and chooses not to play this out in the press.”

WHOSE SIDE of the story do you believe — LEANN or BRANDI?

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  • Rocky

    LeAnn. Sorry, but Brandi made herself look like an idiot!

  • Me!

    The real question is, why would anybody cheat with LeeAnn Rimes?
    She is so unattractive!

  • †Fug Face Man!ston†

    leann’s a fcuking sIut. LOL.. no big deal. another stalker who knows she’s a stalker so she’s not even going to deny it. LOL.. she’s not cute either. hahahaha..

  • hhmm

    LeAnn, his wife is a loser. She chooses to stay with a man who cheats on her THEN blames the woman, when she should be looking at her cheating husband…she’s pathetic.

  • w.d.

    I don’t know all the details of this sordid saga involving LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrain, nor do I care, but one things for certain. Eddie’s wife is much more attractive than LeAnn. No contest. Why settle for t-bone steak when you have filet mignon waiting for you at home?

  • Jasmine

    How about neither? They’re both idiots.

  • lol


  • S

    Neither. However, Eddie’s wife is coming off much worse than anyone else. She reminds me of Elizabeth Edwards, who put most of the blame for husband’s cheating on the other woman. I think Brandi wants publicity. Is she older than Eddie? She looks like she is in her 40s

  • sheryl

    God, I just can’t seem to find the strength to care….I guess I’m on nobody’s side.

  • Rocky

    #3. And you know this because?

  • Rocky

    #6 & #8…………GOOD POINTS!

  • guest

    @me – exactly. team brandi.

  • Kel

    LeAnn can’t be too “ugly” as these posts are stating, she’s a celebrity and successful at that! If Brandy chooses to stick by her man, let her be, but she should be talking with him and not the press! Cibrian can’t respect his wife too much, but what does he really care, he’s “getting off” — until he strays again… He’s almost too “pretty” to be faithful!
    I’m sure LeAnn is worth more than her husband, Mrs Cibrian and Eddie Cibrian put together… she doesn’t have to listen to all this noise…

  • KAL



  • †Fug Face Man!ston†

    @Rocky: i know that because i fcuked leann, twice.

  • sunseeker

    I think Brandi was wrong to make this statement, saying that ,she is the wronged one in this affair and is trying for whatever reason to keep her family together, we don’t know all of this saga, but both Eddie and Leann are the ones to blame Eddie for chatting her up in the first place and Leanne for saying yes when she knew he was married with children. As we all know it takes two to tango and Leann just had to say NO in the first place and then to continue the affair is stupid. Leanne is not saying anything because she knows she is wrong.

  • Vivien

    Seriously, who cares? They’re all d-list anyways!

  • sunseeker

    Leann is not worth anything because she had an affair with a married man, Brandi and Eddie might have faults as well but Leanne still went out with a married man. And why should she be beautiful because she is famous, are all famour people beautiful, what a stupid remark to make

  • robins3

    Brandi is not too pretty ! Her bod is good but the face is hard and plain.

    LeAnn is a great talent and guys find that sexy!

  • robins3

    Brandi might get sued for those accusations if an investigation is done and nothing turns up. Somebody better tell her to “cool it!”

  • robins3

    Eddie is TOO beautiful for either of them. He should find a Jolie!

  • Caroline

    Brandi rules. LeAnn is a slut.

  • robins3

    LeAnn has a great voice and a great personality. Brandi is a riled up cougar. Eddie is gorgeous……better looking than Brad Pitt. He’s stuck!

  • sandra

    Totally agree with #2 – who would cheat with LeAnn she is so UGLY!!!!

  • robins3

    LeAnn has charisma and talent. Maybe all Brandi has are 2 silicone boobs.

  • annie

    Brandi is simply fighting to keep her family together. Her idiot of a husband has put her in the most humiliating situation and, of course, she knows that he had an affair with LeAnn. But she is trying to save her marriage and that is their decision! Let’s wait and see if LeAnn sues Brandi – if not, then we will all know that she is continuing to stalk the married man who has probably asked his wife to speak out in the media.

    There are two small children involved and they are more important than the tandry affair of a seriously unattractive singer and a horny d-lister actor.

  • Rocky

    #15. Sounds like you NEVER got some because only a jerk would say what you just said. You’re pathetic!

  • sp

    Maybe his wife had just had it with Ms. Rimes smirk. Yeah probably not a samrt move to have this printed, but she just wanted to lash out at this woman who knew he was married with 2 kids and did not walk away. He caused the pain and the two who had the affair should get the bad press, not a mom with kids trying to deal with articles in the Enquirer. Give her a break. Hope the kids are ok and she finds the strength to do what is best for herself and children.

  • http://msn elena

    I feel sorry for Brandy this guy has to be a womanizer, cant believe that he has ever been faithful and LeAnn is one more in his list, he is a major player, righ now both women look bad, one is forgiving her stupid husband, sexy but still a jerk, and LeAnn for being a slut. He is fine though.

  • Liverwurst

    I believe Leann. His wife of the moment needs to STFU already. I’m sure Eddie wishes she would, he’s probably embarrassed by her sad behavior.

  • not me

    Eddie is TOO beautiful for either of them. He should find a Jolie!

    FUNNY! And So true.

  • Roxanne

    I’m quite sure his wife wouldn’t make such a public charge if she didn’t have proof to back it up. Next US issue they are gonna post the text messages and phone calls records. Grant it her husband is the one at fault, but she has kids with him it’s not as simple as black and white. If LeAnn is calling this womans house harrassing her and her kids then she deserves to get her busted a$$ face punched in. Its one thing to fck the woman’s husband, but its another thing to call her house…that’s disrecptful.

  • who cares?

    who really cares? But if i had to choose sides i choose leann, its a real shame that leann has gotten this bad publicity because she is one of the few artists left with real talent. and this is a fact because she is one of the few crossover artists who never got into the whole tween phase (Her and shania twain of course). I’ve been listening to Leann since i was about 8 years old (13 years) and she never fails to amaze me with her music because it is just so good.

    Oh and also if she did cheat on her husband with this Cibrian guy its because her husband is most likely gay, have you seen that guy, he has flaming written all over him. But I thnik that Eddie and Leann just did this for ratings. Anywho, we still love you leann!

  • Kel

    No, NOT all famous people are beautiful, but if you understood the comment (as in she can’t be that bad, she’s successful) – she had to do something right… it’s a figure of speech, if you know what that means.. and Cibrian is not the only one married, LeAnn is married as well… he shouldn’t be messing with a married woman!

  • Kel

    @sunseeker: You sound just as juvenile as Mrs. Cibrian!

  • bridget

    Brandi should shut her mouth. Eddie is the only one she can call out.. Leann is a very successful singer..I doubt this is great exposure to her. Eddies wife ia a skinny chick with a boob job whom I’ve never heard of.. I think she the one trying to get her 15 minutes out of the situation.

  • You/Me

    Well, I’m Team LeAnn for the simple fact that Brandi took this to the media in the first place. I mean, geez, her man cheated so she should be taking this up with him not cat-fighting through the media. Second, if Eddie really wanted LeAnn to stay away from him then he could make it happen, Brandi needs to face reality and realize that Eddie is probably using the “no honey I’m not still talking to her she is the one stalking me” card. Open your eyes Brandi, which brings me to three…..who the h*ll is Brandi Cibrian anyway?? Never heard of her, soooo what better way for everyone to know who she is than to use her husband’s girlfriend as a way to get her face plastered in the mags. If she was really upset or angry about any phone calls that LeAnn is allegedly making then she would pick up the phone herself and call LeAnn and settle it.

  • pat

    team LeAnn all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yawn

    Brandi was a “model”. Aren’t all cocktail waitresses in LA models or actors? Any way – team Leann. I don’t condone the affair part of this, but taking it to the rags seems like a cry for cash and nothing more. Eddie can’t be doing that poorly financially. He’s had steady work as an actor for years. I’m thinking she found out they’ve continued their affair and she’s milking it for fast money before the divorce.

  • Cara

    LeAnn all the way….wife’s not looking or sounding too classy in this “story”.

  • annie

    Why all the nasty comments about Eddie’s wife. She is the only innocent one in this ridiculous “soap opera”! She doesn’t have a PR team protecting her like LeAnn – she just has an idiot of a husband who has betrayed her. If she has decided to save the marriage, then that is their business only. I can imagine that the situation has become intolerable for her and that is why she has gone to the media. If it isn’t true, then LeAnn should sue. But I doubt that will happen because this young lady is not only pursuing a married man but is herself married. I don’t care about either of these losers but Eddie’s wife and children don’t deserve the humiliation or the nasty comments from the public.

  • robins3

    Eddie sleeps around. That’s a known fact. Wrong? Yup!

    Let Brandi go after the other women. Plural!

  • robins3

    Brandi just opened a “can of worms” and it won’t help her case.

    And it won’t stop her gorgeous hubby from philandering.

    He’s better looking than Brad Pitt!

  • mm

    A lot of guys are better looking than Brad Pitt! I would side with Leann. The whacko wife seems to only want publicity.

  • sp

    Agree #41, why all the hate towards the wife? She is fighting back so good for her. Leann Rimes ace is just plain weird, possible to much botox or something. Don’t forget the stories about her cancelling a concert due to “vocal rest” and the next day is at a basketball game;she so knew EC was going to be there. Stalker, maybe yes :(

  • kel

    Brad Pritt rules! Cibrian is good looking but he won’t last… career wise for sure not…

  • wendy

    Well, she said that he was leaving his wife in May. When she saw that he wasn’t moving fast enough, she probably decided to give him a little push. She’s palying the classic “I can’t make him leave his wife, so I’m going to make his wife leave him” game. She was sending his wife a message by being photographed at that bar with EC during the game. They are probably still sleeping together and she wanted to let his wife know that she had won.

  • Bunny

    Team LEANN!!!!

  • amy

    LeeAnn is a wack-job and everyone back in Nashville knows this very well. I would not put anything past LeeAnn. 100% fame-ho!!!! SCARY!!

  • anderson

    # 37 – You are “team Leeann”??? WHY???
    She hooked up with a married man with 2 small children and has been ENJOYING the guessing game ever since!! LeeAnn is scum. And Eddie. Well, what an idiot.
    As for Brandi, she is hurting and trying to hold her family together. What is wrong with that?