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Matt Damon Visits Ethiopia -- One By One

Matt Damon Visits Ethiopia -- One By One

ONEXONE Foundation Ambassador Matt Damon brings awareness to Africa’s water crisis, visiting a hand-dug well just outside Mekele, Ethiopia on Tuesday (April 20).

In his right hand, the 38-year-old actor holds a bottle of regular water, in his left is a bottle of dirty water local children in Mekele drink everyday.

You can view more pictures and video from Matt‘s trip at

Matt also made a trip to Rwanda, where he met President Paul Rigame and visited a Millennium Village, hospitals and clinics.

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  • LuckyL

    =) <3

  • me

    That’s ridiculous! Why the hell is their water so dirty! Thank goodness, someone is bringing some awareness to this issue. It makes no sense!

  • cutie

    Wow, that’s horrible! :-(
    Kudos to Matt for bringing awareness to the situation.

  • mertz

    i love one x one. every year i volunteer with them because i believe in the foundation. yay matt.


    that’s so great of matt to go out there and make a real difference in the world.

  • shamrock

    Eye opening and touching story that needs awareness and HELP!! Great Job Matt and will contribute to donating and providing support for a remedy of this horrendous situation. We must unite and help these people fight for health and happiness in life.

    My heart goes out to them*

  • bint

    Its very nice when you see people who give back.

  • Topi


  • pregnancy

    We need clean water to drink. It is awesome that Matt helped them.

  • dontcare..

    It’s amazing what we take for granted; you see the people of Ethiopia & they don’t have half the things we do, yet they seem much happier than most. I am glad Matt is using his star power for the good of these people. It’s beautiful yet sad site too see.

  • Web Domain Address

    It is good to see that those who are well off tend to recognize from time to time that others need assistance. Too bad there are not more people in this world who are giving and are thoughtful enough to help others outside of The U.S

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Yay! Good on him!!

  • LIat

    I love Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt for for raising awareness. Good on you, Mate!

  • nancy

    its president Paul KAGAME not RIGAME..thank u!

  • You/Me

    Um, while I applaud what Matt is doing and I think bringing attention to these poor children is awesome, I also look at the photos and wonder how many bottles of water that watch on Matt’s wrist could have bought. Sorry, but after his “passport” comments I think Matt is full of sh*t and clueless.

  • Charles U. Farley

    Double-fisted, one of them has pee in it

  • Genet

    Matt thank you for good will, they said to [raised achild it take's the whole village.] there are bad sitestion in tigray which need lot help but they never got one. tigray people never complane, never plamed, so matt are opening thier eye atleast god will see your hard work. you are angle. my prayer for you matt. i’m one those people who came to usa. from refugee camp in 1986.

    Thank you, thank you.

  • me

    I know my country. it is the fact that i drunk such water one day before may be 20 years ago. but still the situation seems the same. may better a person like Matt can lead this country. nothing cheaper than water in this world. how about food, shelter, and other substances? and who is responsible for this tragedy?

  • http://Justjared Bijoux

    Thank you Matt for caring. You’re truly a compassionate person.

  • aeon

    Thank you MattD for caring. This is wonderful.

  • Liverwurst

    Good for him. I hope he is donating his money as well as his time to this worthy cause.

  • NativeNYker

    Thats incredible! Nothing like having it put in your face!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Marco

    Everyone thanks these guys and yet at the end of the day they go home to their mansions and ten cars in the garage.

  • funnymunny


    why is that a problem – if you had the means to live a nice life most people would take advantage of it.

    What’s important is that he hasn’t forgotten that there are others less fortunate and uses his wealth to help others. not just himself and his family.

  • Countess von Zinzendorf

    It’s great that he is helping these poor people and bringing awareness to the cause. Also to Marco, it is because they have money that they can do these things. The rest of us working stiffs are just trying to pay our bills and live in our little worlds (I wish I could do what he’s doing but don’t have the means, but at least donate to charities that do.)

  • Fxs

    What a crock, actors are useless people who will do anything for publicity. Congrats Matt you are the king of anuses. Are you saying that in Mekele, the capital of Tigray there is no running water? F you and die father mucker…..

  • mertz

    that’s a really dumb comment actually because if you knew anything about what one by one did or has done you wouldn’t be saying what you posted. anyways it’s not that there isn’t running water idiot, it’s the fact that many kids, like myself, and even my family grow up drinking water that comes from the local streams and they are mostly always VERY DIRTY and quite unhealthy, but you wouldn’t know that because your body gets used to the water your drinking.

  • HA!

    Marco, all the more reason that the fact that he does this is a good thing. He could go back to his Mansion and just pretend that the world is a perfect place and he chose not to. Way to see the important part of the story, smart guy.

  • diva

    THANKS MATT FOR CARING, who cares if he goes back to his richness? he didn’t have to care at all, like some shallow celebrity (Jennifer Anson, yeah, i said it, i went there, ) all she cares about is how much money she has, to show off to the world, selfish, fame WHO ore, Matt,George,brad, Ben A, Angelina, even Oprah, a few others are truly humanitarians, again, thanks Matt for bringing awareness, god bless you and yours, keep up the good work.

  • fAN15

    Hey everyone, I just found out that ONEXONE is also on Facebook. Here’s the link:

  • john

    who took this pictures? why actors want people to know what they do for others? this guy is an ass he is my sister’s neigbor and him and his latina wife are so fake.he is doing this for promotion of his movies which by the way are so stupid. he took his own photographers and sent this pictures to justjared for promotion. the bible tells you that if you do something expecting something in return it has no value. jack ass.

  • Mini

    Dear Matt,

    May the true God of Ethiopia bless you and your family.

    Drinking such filthy water is unthinkable here in the West, but this is true and commonly accepted in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    For those in the West who complain about everything: just wake up and smell the coffee. What would you have said if you were drinking such water? I assume, you would say nothing because you would have already died.

    The sad part is Mekele is home of the ruling party of the ethnically divided Ethiopia. If the government ignores its own home province to such extent, you can imagine how much attention they will give to the rest of the country.

    Instead of buying weapons to kill people, they could have invested in water resources, etc …

  • shamrock


    Mini, words of wisdom and truth. Just think of all the significant things other countries and ours could do if we invested in health, happiness, and peace for all around the globe. WEAPONS do not equate to superiority or health. Water is a top priority for all humans to survive on a daily basis. Priorities need to be rearranged all around and we need to FOCUS on what really matters when we are here on EARTH. Fairly sensible and logical to understand. Sheesh!!

    We should all do what we can in anyway to help our neighbors, friends, people, who need help such as this tragic story. If not by $$, time, sharing the awareness, and supporting the cause to a solution.

    Good Work Matt***

  • Marco

    #25, it’s not his money he is giving away, it’s his popularity he is selling. If they felt like doing something noble, then why dont they donate ALL their earnings and live with the same means we live. They don’t need to be there and have pictures taken of them to be effective. They can just channel their million directly to the poor though organizations.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh that water is nasty
    good 2 see him doing a good something for a cause
    i wonder what movies he’s working on, he’s a pretty good actor imo

  • Tha Ethiopian

    this is such a big lie no body drinks that dirt water they know how to clean it … least …come on let us be realistic.

  • Cally

    Gee, Matt – what happens to all those tiny little plastic bottles that PEPSI donated after they’ve been emptied and your photo op is over? Where will these people get water tomorrow and next week? Long after you’ve hopped back on your private jet those bottles will be clogging up a landfill.

    How about investing some of your OWN money – and perhaps even some – gasp – time? – to help develop a septic system?

    Or better yet, instead of buying yet ANOTHER $20 MILLION dollar mansion you’ll only spend 2 months in (without your step-daughter) (again) – why not kick some of that money towards the problem?

    Then hop in your gas guzzling Jaguar with your stripper wife and your two bioloigical children and go stuff your fat little face with sushi.

  • aeon

    Marco, STHUP, why don’t you get off your own azz and do something yourself. Did you give up all of your money and possessions too. Pray tell did you? If you did how come you are on blog typing crap per usual. There is one possession you still have a computer. How come I don’t see your mug up there helping?

    That goes for you too Cally always talking crap. Some people are doers and others are nothing more than whiners and complainers.

    Quit complaining and do something of your own. Hey Cally, how come you are not working on that septic tank yourself.

  • mertz

    yeah say the water is clean to all the people who have worms in their belly from drinking dirt water, and have sickness that depletes their bodies from drinking infested water. lol. the water matt is holding is kinda clean compared to the gutter water my bros had to drink when were younger. if you have never lived or witnessed the situation then you don’t know, but i bet it feels real good to be a critic no?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He’s back!!!!!! Love<3

  • betty K.


  • betty K.