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Melissa Joan Hart Apologizes To Farrah Fawcett

Melissa Joan Hart Apologizes To Farrah Fawcett

Melissa Joan Hart has written an apology to cancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett after the NY Post overheard the 33-year-old actress saying that she hoped Farrah wouldn’t die so her bikini-clad cover would be published by People magazine.

The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star writes, “It has come to my attention that something I said has been completely misconstrued in the press. I was merely explaining what I had read about how the cover of People magazine was chosen from an article last week I read in the Times. I truly hope that Farrah and her family know I wish them the best at this time in her life. And that I would never be so selfish to disrespect anyone, let alone someone I admire greatly.”

Melissa continues, “Last week was an intense one for me in many regards. Not only for all the reasons that have been publicized for you like the magazine cover and the opening of our new shop. But mainly because my mother was admitted into the hospital and underwent an intense 8 hour surgery on a brain tumor. All of my 6 siblings and I gathered at my house and the hospital for the entire week to be strong for each other. She is out of the woods and on her way to recovery, luckily she is a good healer and has 7 children to lend a hand in times like these. Prayer is a big part of my life and it was very crucial last week for my mommy. I ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she fights her way to a full and wonderful recovery. I love you Mommy!!!”

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  • taylor

    I love how she turned the apology around to end up being all about her.
    Stay classy, Sabrina.

  • †Fug Face Man!ston†

    you cant apologize after some shīt like that. this biish should disappear (AGAIN) and never return.

  • Whowhatwhen


  • Camille

    What a moron…

  • vicki pasadena ca

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. Melissa, your 15 minutes are way up!

  • Joe

    so she said it! I thought it was a rumor.
    what a witch

    she poisoned herself.

  • alexia kaelyn

    What a selfish person Melissa is. It’s all about me and how I struggle to lose my baby weight and keep up with the slim body type. Smart move to open a candy store.

  • mylord

    What a beeotch, sick f#k. I don’t think her bathing cover would have warranted any attention.

  • Camie

    What a stupid cow Melissa is! Her statement just reinforces what a selfish bitch she really is.

  • Candles

    She was probably just joking around but how can you say something like that and expect it to come out the right way? Bad move.

  • jane cole

    Career ended.

  • Marieme

    Please tell me she’s not trying to use her mother’s brain tumor as an excuse for her vile comments. Fat or otherwise she’s utterly pathetic. That was a lame cover anyways. Never had any intention of buying it.

  • StupidSabrina

    What a horrible thing to say!

    She did, however, manage to leave out one major piece of information in that statement “I hope Farrah doesn’t die so my PHOTOSHOPPED bikini-clad cover would be published by People magazine.”

  • Sarah

    Oh, that’s horrible. I wish she hadn’t said that. :(

  • gail

    If Melissa said this, quite unfortunate. That’s the mentality of celebrity.

  • jc

    Ive been where she is with both my parents who died of cancer and your under an extreme amount of stress that only those who’ve been there can understand. Give her a break this time…sometimes good people use bad judgement. It’s not like she has a history of bad behavior. She took responsibility which is more than alot of the rich and famous do. I wish her mom the best in her recovery.

  • Mary

    Her remarks were not only stupid, but callous as well. She doesn’t give a dam about Farrah or her intense fight for survival. Melissa is selfish and self centered. If she does appear on the cover of People Magazine everyone should boycott that issue. Better yet, People Magazine should remove her from the cover.


    The NY Post is a tabloid. A “reporter”, nd I use that term loosley, was eavesdropping on a private conversation and printed it out of context.

    This is NOT journalism. Eavesdropping is not news. It’s gossip.

    Hart shouldn’t have had to issue a statement, but by denying it or attackign the tabloid reporter would have made it worse. Hart took the high rode.

  • diva

    so shallow, she has admitted to saying it, but i don’t care how stressful her week was, that was just horrible, all for the cover of a magazine?…. and to use her mother illness as a cover up, sick,sick, sick, no, i do not forgive, what about farrah’s family?… selfish, you only care about your family and that you got caught saying it.

  • Stay classy, Taylor

    “I love how she turned the apology around to end up being all about her.
    Stay classy, Sabrina.”

    Taylor, her comments were copied and pasted from two completely separate blog entries from her Myspace. She didn’t turn anything around.

  • bella

    Sorry saying something like that can not be taken out of context like she said. What she said was insensitive and tacky.
    You lost weight good for you now shut up Melissa.

  • Tom

    She should be on the cover of that trashy magazine after what the publisher/editor himself said in regard to Farrah and the cover. Her words have haunted her, she has admitted saying them and I hope her career, candy store and cover all fail as a result of it. I do wish her mother a full and speedy recovery however.

    Oh, and who is Melissa Joan Hart again? I guess I was naping during those 15 minutes.

    Praying for you Farrah.

  • Cat

    So in your time of despair over your mother- you had the presence of mind to worry about a magazine cover- but couldn’t shut your mouth about Farrah?! DUH. What an A-hole.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i no she aplogized and all
    but how those words could even come out of ur mouth, idk
    i think u must have meant it, i mean like deep down inside u, u must have really wanted what u said imo
    i also dont like how in the 2nd part u made it all about u, just should have kept quiet after ur 1st part

  • American Girl

    Really classy, Melissa Joan crooked eyes. That wasn’t even a true apology, you selfish brat. Oh, and I’ve seen that People cover. It ain’t all that. Farrah in her heyday would have blown this chick and her “bikini” body (using the term as loosely as Melissa’s abs appear to be) off that cover.

  • Teri

    I don’t think her comment was nice but it’s just like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. Diana stole all her thunder and it was certanily wrong because she devoted all her time and effort to the less fortunate. Mother Teresa was overlooked because of Princess Diana and I thought it was wrong. I adored Diana but it just hurt me to see Mother Teresa overlooked.

  • szecuanpaw

    Exactly! I echo @Cat:

    Exactly!! A-hole she is, hope she dies of neglect!

  • szecuanpaw


    EXACTLY, this was not an apology, it was a press release. Ok, everyone with a soul, boycott this neverwas/neverwillbe Melissa Joan Hart!! She is an amorphous never was (with a really odd face, kinda ugly, no???). Pray for Farrah, however, that girl ROCKED THE WORLD!!

  • lynne

    omg What a jerk, self centered , ugly person she is…like she could ever ever compare to farrah even when farrah was 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lynne

    She is NO FARRAH, she is a ugly girl, with a horrible body…..even Farrrah looked better that Mellissa at 60

  • piper4u

    What a dip shit. Mellisa is still fat and porky. Farrah has more class in her little toe-nail than this beached whale has in her whole lard ass.
    What a complete idiot. Melissa can SUCK IT.

  • piper4u

    Maybe Melissa’s mother will die instead of Farrah.

  • trina

    if she is going through such hell with her mother and her mother is so ill
    she should have NEVER have made a horrible crack like that
    how stupid especially when your mother’s health is so vulnerable
    think you stupid ass
    dumb gal

  • c. Bergin

    –what in God’s green earth is with this photo –what is she licking on her hand? shutter.

  • LuckyL

    Teri @ 06/03/2009 at 8:07 pm

    I don’t think her comment was nice but it’s just like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. Diana stole all her thunder and it was certanily wrong because she devoted all her time and effort to the less fortunate. Mother Teresa was overlooked because of Princess Diana and I thought it was wrong. I adored Diana but it just hurt me to see Mother Teresa overlooked.


  • ballard

    she is gross always been ugly and I could never stand to watch her on tv. She is gross

  • MUscleman

    Melissa Joan FART, youd need SEVENTEEN more covers to catch up to Farrah, and THAT aint gonna happen!!. You and the the other Clisters like Valerie Bertinelli and Kirstey Alley can only dream of getting the press coverage of someone like the fabulous Farrah. And the next cover of People with Farrah will hopefully be about her remission. God Bless you Farrah. Hey Melissa, you now have the distinction of tying for covers of People with Dana Plato and Ann Jillian…LOL LOL. loser!

  • Guest

    Mommy? At what point does a grown woman with children stop calling Mommy? It’s an excuse, stress or not this child has grown up with cameras around her and press following her every though (echo echo echo) she KNEW press was there.

    Caught being bitchy and NOW she’s sorry? Too late.

  • Jake

    Some of the comments here just plain mean–and misogynist. (I am always amazed that women are so mean to women…no wonder they can’t gain truly equal rights. If women degrade women by defining themselves–and then degrading themselves–mainly by their looks, then no wonder women continue to be defined by others/all/men that way. This self-conditioned hate is sad.) But my other point (as a school teacher) is different: Why is the writing so bad? Not just Ms. Hart, but all of these “bloggers” don’t seem to know a period from a comma (they’re NOT interchangeable!); a semicolon from a parenthesis; a dash from a hyphen; a misspelled word; a misused phrase; a phrase that needs to be hyphenated. Who is educating Americans? Gosh….

  • Bunny

    That was a lame apology.

  • Wendy Fuller Primo

    Responding with this sort of a hateful tone in regard to the tragedy of another human being is Not a ‘mistake’, but rather the truth of who a person truly is Inside.

    This is just about as Low as it gets.

  • Bunny

    And why is she bragging about her new figure and new candy store while her mother is undergoing brain surgery? Her priorities are screwed up. I heard she was an alcoholic beyotch and I’m starting to believe it.

  • just me

    It was just a funny comment ; )

  • katscratch

    As someone who is praying daily for the miracle Farrah needs at this point, I found this comment and that of Larry Hackett so objectionable as to be unbelievable. Unbelievable in that: where on earth is their humanity and compassion for someone who is bravely and with dignity engaging in the battle for her very life? My conclusion? It all comes down to greed and our American ‘me, me, me and what I can get’ society. (I also agree with previous poster: are these people who are commenting just in a hurry or is it a case of ‘they wasn’t in class when basic English grammer, spelling and sentence construction were covered? Have they ever saw the library, do they no where it is at?”) All of the previous sentence was intentional, including the ‘no-no’ preposition at the end of a sentence.
    Shame on all who would make such heartless and disgustingly self-serving remarks about the impending death of a treasured icon and brave and very ‘human’ person. What goes around comes around, folks – and we’re talking cancer here. Think about it.

  • daleonsouth

    At least she knows her place in the world of Hollywood… I must say. As I was waiting in line… it took me quite awhile to figure out who was on this weeks cover of people. Even after reading the type(I was not inclined to buy).

    It would seem to me that while dealing with a family members own health problem. One would be a little more sensitive about what they are saying… I understand a person saying such a thing to lighten up a tense moment. Comedy is a great healer. But it is still unfortunate.

  • Patty

    OMG,Melissa! I can go with the apology to Farrah but how did it end up being about you & your family? I do hope your mom makes a full recovery but girl that was wrong didn’t sound like an honest apology to me.

  • madonna-multimedia

    You are NOTHING Farrah is a legend… Better close your stupid mouth next time…

  • madonna-multimedia

    BRAVO! well said

  • SW

    This girl is pathetic. Farrah is fighting for her life and this loser is worried about being on the cover of People magaine…People Magazine..Seriously ? The editor of People magazine is no better. He gave a interview to the LA Times saying they are on Farrah Watch, saying that she’s dying and People Magazine is the only cover left for her.

    People Magazine isn’t worth a penny, or are dopes who make horrible comments such as these two.

    I agree with the posts on her. I like how she say’s sorry, but turns it around to be all about her. Dumb Ass.

  • Realitycheck

    MJHart was wrong to have said this in public. Saying it is private ist rue. It is . If Farrah had died ,she would have been on People mag.
    MJ Hart issued a statement and that was a bad move and prooved what was overheard. Bad move on MJHart .
    Next,Farrah is not a legend. She was a pretty actress. She posed for Playboy a few times. She played in the hit tv show. She made some good tv movies and on stage production about a battered woman. She is a gifted painter. She has lived a pretty quiet life out of controversy. I like that about her. I am not a real fan of hers. She has lived her life with some dignity. If she is a legend,the Suzanne Sommers,JacklynSmith,Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd are alos legends.
    Eartha Kitt was a legend.A goundbreaker. Went and beat the odds. Legend is strong word.Lookup the meaning.
    Youguysprayingforher and she fits for life must not know…
    Farrah is passing away. It is a mater of time. She is at the stage where the person gets tonsof morphine just to sustian from any pain and keep them just resting as they fade in and out of consciousness. If you feel the need to pray, then pray that her son sees how he harmed his mother and can mend his ways after he gets out of jail.
    I feel sorryfor Farrah that her onlyson is not there with now,eventhough she would not really know,but he could have been with her longbfore. I feel sorry that she got involved withRyan. They have been a couple for all of these years and that is good. Her son withhim,though,genees,lifestylee,Ryan’s bad pareting,what a mess there. May her son use his inheiritance from his mother and do good works for society,cancer research,etc. I bet she has her will set up that he is not in control of any of it. There is probably thelaw firm to administer tohimwhat he needs to live directly to creditors. No money in his hands. Like I said,Ijust he mends his ways and Farrah is just resting.