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Miranda Kerr: No Engagement Ring!

Miranda Kerr: No Engagement Ring!

Miranda Kerr rings the bell during the official launch of the David Jones Half Yearly Clearance at the David Jones Elizabeth Street Store on Wednesday (June 3) in Sydney, Australia.

The 26-year-old Aussie supermodel denied reports that she’s engaged to actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

“No engagement ring,” Miranda told press. “Don’t always believe what you read.”

When asked about what her parents thought about engagement rumors, Miranda joked. ”That’s just something they have to deal with isn’t it.”

25+ pictures inside of engagement ring-less Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr engagement ring 02
miranda kerr engagement ring 03
miranda kerr engagement ring 04
miranda kerr engagement ring 05
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miranda kerr engagement ring 07
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miranda kerr engagement ring 16
miranda kerr engagement ring 17
miranda kerr engagement ring 18
miranda kerr engagement ring 19
miranda kerr engagement ring 20
miranda kerr engagement ring 21
miranda kerr engagement ring 22
miranda kerr engagement ring 23
miranda kerr engagement ring 24
miranda kerr engagement ring 25
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miranda kerr engagement ring 27
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Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty
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  • fashion

    The ring is not important.. The relationship between Miranda and Orlando still strong.

  • oops

    Dang, I thought the world was really gonna buy it this time too.

  • pregnancy

    I like her smile a lot .. :)

  • @oops

    i thought the world was buying it too – but i guess after you do this four or five times it has less impact. Still, I’m glad to see MK doing some shopping – I don’t many other people turned up!

  • Charley Kane

    Very pretty, shame about her taste for chinless geeks though.

  • oops

    It is kind of embarassing but they gave it a good ride for a week or two and she’s put on a brave face for this latest round of denials.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It is a pity that not marry, but the truth that they will
    equal to that of being together …

  • @6

    You are right! that can’t be easy – telling a lot of enthusiastic press that actually its a load of rubbish.. again. Its very “the boy who cried wolf”……

    I wonder if anyone would actually care or notice if they did go through with it – i can imagine a collective sigh of relief that the same story doesn’t have to go round anymore…

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons are here celebrating lololol.
    Sorry losers they are still together and stronger than ever still it is funny you idiots call her a fame whore that uses Orlando but she denies the engagement without having to given that Orlando’s people didn’t deny anything this time if she is this big user how come she denies a rumor that could give her publicity on a David Jones event for which you idiots say the rumors were planed for?

  • oops

    Whoa, Mayphran, back off biyotch. I don’t see where anyone called Miranda anything. You obviously have an agenda of hate, but try actually reading the comments first. Then, take a deep breath, and try to post a response or something that makes sense. Who are you mad at here? Miranda for denying or Orlando for not asking in the first place? And stop whigging out at everybody. It’s getting old. Nobody is posting hate in this thread but you.

  • pregnancy

    She is hot for Victoria Secret model.

  • sara

    She is so beautiful!

  • NativeNYker

    Its amazing how sleeping w/ an actor can catapult your career.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • @oops

    Who or What is David Jones?

    Is he a designer or a brand? Sorry for my ignorance, but i haven’t heard of that name here in the US.

  • oops

    He’s an Englishman. Lead singer for the Monkees. Oh wait, that’s Davy Jones. He’s technically a David Jones. But not the painter, that’s a different David Jones. And not the politician, he’s a different one, too. Or the footballer. Wait, I know, David Jones is the real name for David Bowie. Yeah, that’s it. David Bowie is THE David Jones. But he’s not Miranda Kerr’s employer. That’s a whole different group of DJ’s.

  • Vicki

    How is she a model? Shes ugly.

  • oz

    She is RIDICULOUS as usual, She and her FAKE BOYFRIEND! 2 CLOWNS.

  • @13

    It’s amazing how working for Victoria’s Secret for nearly three years, then becoming one of their Angels can catapult your career.

  • Rosie

    Her outfit is amazing.

  • @oops

    She denied the rumours as soon as she was asked about them just like she denied them all the other times, so I hope your criticism is for the media who’ve always been the ones to start them.

  • @17

    The only clowns are the ones insisting on that crap after almost two years, several appearances at events together and several trips to meet each other.

  • @20

    The media won’t start something without a fire that ignites them… talking about feeding or hinting infos and buckling up at the same time. That made sense to me!

  • @22

    “The media won’t start something without a fire that ignites them”
    You’re kidding, right. Are you really that gullible? Or should I say, are you really that stupid?

  • @23

    Exactly. It’s ridiculous that after they’ve bothered to deny being engaged about 5 times people still insist it’s them the ones behind it. The media always start engagement rumours about literally any Hollywood couple that stay together for more than a year, with or without good reasons.

  • @24

    Almost as ridiculous as the moron at #17.

  • Ruckus

    Sometimes i pity this girl for being a try hard sell out! With some models, big contracts, ads, commercials, hifi magazine covers just come down pouring without any hype or fuss or lies.

    Some fans will argue with me, but that’s how i see it and i’m entitled to it!

  • @26

    As long as you agree that people who disagree with you are entitled to THEIR opinions, too.
    And FTR, I disagree with you completely.

  • @26….

    How is she a sell out???……Miranda is the 9th highest paid model in
    the WORLD for a reason, she’s obviously very good at her job or she wouldn’t be so successful…..duh……just another jealous hater making ridiculous comments that make no sense all because she is
    Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend……get over it…

  • reporters to blame

    It’s the media who start ALL the engagement rumours …….not once have Miranda and Orlando ever mentioned anything at all about their future together…..the media do the same to every celebrity couple…….like Miranda said, don’t believe everything you read!

  • Miranda rules

    You know what? I don’t blame Miranda as much as I blame her stupid publicist. This “rumor” originated from People Magazine. For those of you who don’t know, People magazine is deemed as a credible source since all of their stories are 100% publicist approved. That’s why you never hear of People getting sued for slander and that’s why the story had widespread circulation citing People as the source. Before Carlii Lyon ran to People with a story, she should have weighed in on the consequences of rehashing the same engagement rumor over and over just to get headlines for Miranda. She’s making Miranda look bad and it’s just not fair! We love you Miranda and you are an inspiration to young girls everywhere! Keep your head up because it will happen for you one day! Bloom is a smart man. Until then, fire your publicist.

  • @30

    Her publicist told People that she wasn’t in a position to comment and that’s what People reported. I don’t believe she ran with the story as some of her fans said the article didn’t get the town where her parents live right. I don’t believe her publicist did that without her client’s consent, and she didn’t have her consent because MK’s shut the rumours down in her first interview after the rumour started. She could’ve not said anything and let the rumours go on for a while.
    She wore a ring and the press jumped into conclusions. Period.

  • oz

    @25 and all shippers

    Wow. Why you are SO ungry? just because the engagement was fake? All with them ARE fake. Take easy shipper or you will have a heart attack.

  • angeline

    Hmmm….she didn’t *really* deny the engagement. She just said she didn’t have a ring.

  • @33

    Someone else brought that up on the last thread and was attacked for it.
    As has been said…..she said there was no ring. she never said the words ‘we aren’t engaged’. ;)

  • @32

    I’m not as old fashioned as to think two people have to marry to be fine together. I don’t even care if they break up tomorrow, it’s none of my business. But yep, saying they’re fake by this point is ridiculous and it doesn’t make me “ungry” but LMAO.

  • lakers fan in boston

    love miranda, she’s such a cutie =]
    cute outfit, love the skirt it shows off those omg legs of hers
    i think only gisele beats her in the leg category
    some ppl say she has chicken legs but whatever, i found her legs extremely attractive, my kinda of legs =D
    love the louboutins on her, makes her even sexier!

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons are on full attack mode today lololol why so angry losers?
    The loons have taken over Orlando Love having a love fest about Kate Bosworth lololol hoping to piss off Miranda’s fans they don’t realize that we don’t care Miranda has Orlando Kate has an ugly gay looking boyfriend who makes her pay for everything Miranda is on the Forbes list of top earning models Kate can’t and wont find a job so loons fact is Miranda wins all the way so you can keep on loving your z-list all you want but the sad part is we all know how you people felled about Kate when she was dating him and most importantly what would you say about her if she was still dating him so don’t even try to play the part of Kate fans.
    But the pathetic part is that the Delphi loons are Orlando Love posters so they hate on Orlando on Delphi but they keep pretending to be his fans on Orlando Love it must be hard keeping up with their double personalities lolololol poor Orlando with fans like these……..

  • tiffany jewellery

    Miranda Kerr is good girl but tall for me :(

  • Abby

    I saw Miranda and Orlando at Roebuck Bay in Broome, today. They were gorgeous together and looked so in love. :)

  • kle


    David Jones is a department store in Australia. I guess its like our version of sax 5th ave but not as big. It sells a range of designers …expensive and not so expensive.

  • sara

    A girl on The Fashion Spot saw them at the Broome airport, so I guess that they really are there.

  • abby

    Go for you Abby. :-) What were they wearing? What were they doing?

  • @ Abby

    That’s interesting. This article says they left for Perth yesterday (the 5th).,27574,25597361-2761,00.html

  • @43

    I wonder if they are staying in Perth, or if it was just a stop over on their way back to Sydney?

  • sasha

    They flew to Brisbane, to see her parents.
    Reportedly, they will only be there for one day before going back overseas.

  • Orlando Fans – New Pics

    These are from a couple days ago in Australia. Orlando is relaxing on the beach while Miranda is at a photo shoot. Date: June 5, 09

    Hardly recognized him, he is getting buffed up again, not sure if it’s for a film role, or he just wanted to.

    Take care everyone.

  • @46

    He’s looking REALLY good!
    And I mean REALLY good!
    There’s also pics of him and Miranda getting off a boat (she’s wearing an adorable orange sun dress, he looks buff in a T shirt), and at the airport, on their way out of Broome.

  • misteranlo

    She’s very sexy!

  • Orlando and miranda news

    A girl who was sitting behind them on the plane posted on a blog that they were both friendly and nice to everybody, That they were laughing and joking with each other and she couldn’t get over how they are even better looking in person and that MIranda is really beautiful. She also said Orlando was really sweet with Miranda and is clearly besotted with her and how they seemed very much in love.

  • what happened?

    He could use some time on the abs machine. His six pack is reduced down to nuthin.

    But how sweet that he was willing to take pics with that little girl.