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Happy 34th Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Happy 34th Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie turns 34 today and received a heck of a birthday present yesterday. She topped the Forbes Celebrity 100, crowning her the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity. She’s #1! She’s #1!

The birthday girl is probably out celebrating now with longtime love Brad Pitt and their brood — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

Earlier this week, Angie was seen shooting scenes for her upcoming espionage thriller, Salt.

Happy birthday, Ange!!!

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  • Gambit

    People give this woman waay too much importance. It’s her birthday! not the day that she died…

  • Such a big __

    happy birthday Hony

    i hop you get a gr8 day and life

  • daysa

    Happy bday angie !

  • Rachael


  • snowy


  • Jacsamic

    I am surprised. I thought she was much older. Sure looks it.

    Anyway- HB A,



  • Thom

    what about Shiloh?

  • dwoo

    Happy birthday Ange.. hey someone didn’t post Shiloh’s name.. what’s up with that?

  • bintk
  • caraline

    Um…you forgot Shiloh as part of their brood. =)

  • search

    Happy Birthday, Angie!

  • JT

    And don’t forget little Shiloh!

  • gambit loves jolie

    lmao. every news about Jolie is important. you’ve been whinning on the last thread and you’re still here, that only proves you can’t get enough of Jolie, c’mon, admit it, you know you love her. hahaha.

  • sweetie

    Happy Birthday, Angelina!
    You are beautiful — inside and out!

  • erina

    lol you missed out shiloh!

  • Lauren

    I was thinking the same thing Thom, you forgot to mention Shiloh.

  • Mel

    So, I guess Shiloh isn’t part of the festivities? hahah

  • Joe

    Happy Birthday sweet, smart, kind hearted, great mom

    your family is lucky to have you.
    you are MY inspiration too.

  • Lillianne

    This only confirms what we already know. Happy Birthday.

  • GQ

    I love that photo of Angie. She looks so beautiful.

  • Gambit

    I was whining on the last thread?

    All I said was the list was was weird because there was once a time the list was about who had the most net worth. Now the list is about who is on the most magazines, tabloids, etc. Angelina only earned 28 million dollars while other people made more were at the bottom.

    P.S. I didn’t know people were following my whereabouts.

  • soopx

    Thanks Jared !! Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie.
    Love You Forever…

  • alexanderina


    Thanks Jared for the birthday thread of Angie

  • just sayin’

    i have this feeling that JJ did the whole “Shiloh isn’t on the list” on purpose. You know JJ, he sometimes likes to create something to argue about so more hits. i doubt he’ll edit it.

  • mertz

    yeaaahhh. thanks jared lol. you heard my plea, and also yeaaa for the photo. i can’t believe she full mooned the might opes and the world didn’t end but that’s forbes for ya.

  • sugar


    To Gambit- You’re an awful, rude woman. What’s that problem with you. Angie is given this very important title. The rudeness of you mentioned to quote “it’s her birthday, not the day she died”. I don’t think this message is appropriate to say to a birthday celebrant. Would you feel happy if when you’re celebrating your birthday you are sent this kind of message? If you appreciate such message, then you’re the most ignoramus of all. You’re just jealous of Angie’s achievement at a young age. Compared to X who only achieved success when she coattails Brangelina. For you fans of the X move on so that your idol can also move on and can experience real happiness. X should stop linking herself to Brad. She is becoming a laughingstock of the the world. It seems that she does not have self respect and pride ‘coz if she has self respect at all she would completely stop mentioning the Brangelina. But as usual her life evolves with them.

  • gambit loves jolie

    Gambit @ 06/04/2009 at 1:39 pm I was whining on the last thread?

    weren’t you? and why are you whining here about death? duh!

  • Gambit


    Who is X? I don’t even know who that is.

    I’m rude because I said they give her so much importance? That’s just my opinion. I wasn’t even rude.

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    Happy Birthday Angie! Thank you for all you do for those less fortunate. I can’t believe she is only 34 and has accomplished so much in her life. Enjoy the day with your stunning family!

  • Sue

    Don’t forget Shiloh!?

  • vancki

    Happy Birthday!
    But why miss out Shiloh ?

  • Sofia

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • mediterranean

    Happy Birthday Angie……..

    Wish you a healthy, happy, peaceful, long life with all of your kids and Brad.

    I am really getting tired of these split-up rumours. Enough is enough. Leave this couple alone for God’s sake.

    Let’s say if they break up (God forbid!) who is going to gain and what will be gained? This family will be very unhappy. This is so selfish of people who wish so.

  • Gambit


    I’m not a woman.

    @gambit loves jolie:

    Wanker, just piss off. Americans need to get out more if this is what makes me them mad on a bloody blog.

  • Babette

    Happy Birthday my inspiration.

  • Queenoftrashin

    So, for Angie’s birthday they threw away Shilo?

  • sugar

    Happy Birthday Angie. May the Almighty God continue to give you blessings as well as to your family.

  • sugar

    To Gambit – yes, you are rude. Were you absent when your teachers in kindergarten taught the class about good manners and right conduct.

  • mertz

    i’ve never seen a chica with the name gambit ever, even though i love gambit (not the dude on jj. obvi) and it’s real funny how once AGAIN this thread is fully dengrating into pure fcukery. i hate explaining stuff but gambit just use your brain and think about who’s the opposite of the jolie and you’ll have your answer to x. it’s like a math equation…no more like a scalene triangle. man. it’s too early to be thinking math.

    it’s her b day. be nice for a change. come on.



  • guli


  • Cara

    Are my friends the only ones who wants Dick Cheney and his mouthpiece daughter, Liz, to drop into the Atlantic Ocean? They have no idea how much his actions during the past eight years are disgustingly perceived by the greater majority of Americans. It’s like watching a six-year-old girl attempting to defend her daddy’s horrific choices though nothing will stop the onslaught of karma he created during the two Bush Presidencies but, especially, the 43rd. He did nothing for this magnificent country with the exception of tearing at its moral fibre, helping destroy the economy, and sending millions of Americans running to doctors for psychiatric medications while he cowardly hid in his bunker just like his personal nemesis, Saddam Hussein (both cut out of the same cloth). Time to return to your bunker, Mr. Cheney.

    By the way, congratulations to Angelina-Jolie on her birthday! She’s accomplished so much in her life and she’s only 34…wow!

  • Ivana96

    Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and good women at the Earth!We love you Angie!I wish you all you want to be yours!All the best!

  • soopx

    I am Very Proud of you Angelina Jolie.
    Congratulations,Angelina Jolie Topped
    The Forbes Celebrity 100.
    Crowning Angelina Jolie World’s
    Most Powerful Celebrity.
    Angelina is No.1.

  • lurking

    Happy birthday to the most generous, kind, intelligent, talented and beautiful woman in the world.!!!! I hope she’ll have a great day spending with the ones she loves. Angelina forever !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gambit


    I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about who “X” is. X is not relevant to me.

  • jc

    First Im a fan of AJ’s but we have the luxury of living in a free society so I respect others right to their opinion. I would say this is a CELEBRITY blog (and a not a world news outlet) so yes of course her birthday is noted. BTW just becuase someone is not a fan does not make them jealous…that’s a response use by teenagers in highschool usually. I wish Angelina and her family a good birthday.

  • whatevergrrl

    I didn’t know that getting the most press (mostly negative) would make a person so powerful. That’s funny. Madonna should have been #1 since she made more money and got just as much negative press.

  • http://justjared luvangie

    Happy Birthday Angie! Love you and your wonder family.