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Eva Longoria in Bikini Bliss!

Eva Longoria in Bikini Bliss!

Eva Longoria in a bikini and husband Tony Parker in board shorts hang out on a yacht while on vacation in St. Tropez, France on Wednesday (June 3).

The 34-year-old Desperate Housewives star doesn’t appear pregnant while she shows off her ass-ets!

Look at Eva getting her groove on. She’s putting her hands in the air like she just doesn’t care!

10+ pictures inside of Eva Longoria in bikini bliss…

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eva longoria in bikini 01
eva longoria in bikini 02
eva longoria in bikini 03
eva longoria in bikini 04
eva longoria in bikini 05
eva longoria in bikini 06
eva longoria in bikini 07
eva longoria in bikini 08
eva longoria in bikini 09
eva longoria in bikini 10

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  • ae

    Flat as a pancake.

  • taylorswiftfan

    Holy boobless. Looks nice from behind and that’s about it. Oh well, can’t hate on a woman for living with god gave her! Work it Eva :)

  • Nahla

    I don ‘t like Eva. I never considered her pretty. She’s not beautiful or hot IMO.


    i always thought she was curvier than that.

  • Jack ward

    Alright do a little dance Eva

  • missme

    She is teeny!

  • missme

    She is teeny!

  • Jack ward

    Nice tattoo and bikini. Do a little dance for us Eva

  • nat

    I want those legs!

  • Andy


  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    eww.. disgusting.

  • mimilala

    I find her incredibly annoying and something about her just repels me in a major way…but I’ll admit she has a cute body.

  • weight

    She looks better with clothes on! The wonders of makeup….

  • -

    where’s her boobies?

  • Miss Sixty

    I agree with the commenter called WIEGHT@ 11:12 pm, Eva looks better with her clothes on, her mid-riff section has a lot of fat, and and she looks like a midget in bikini, tans to her face and hair, that all that she has going on the red carpet.

  • boo

    She looks absolutely perfect! What a cute bod.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Eva looks great!! Tony is not complaining! :D

  • furrydogbutt


  • diva

    looks like a boys body, no azz, or boobs, how do you know tony is not complaining?, a while ago there was a rumor he was having an affair, after looking at that body, i can understand why, he has girls after him that look like woman instead of a little boy.

  • Jughed

    HOT BUT*!

  • Wino

    What’s with all the “no boobs” comments? Can’t anyone in Hollywood be natural or do they all have to get their boobs stuffed to pass the pretty-enough test?

  • samdra

    It has a nice appearance in the bathing suit

  • iNsane

    And if she had implants, you’d attack her for that. Women just can’t win.

  • eekomeeter

    she’s making me feel a little thin tonight…I think her weight shot up after she got involved in the restaurant biz…perhaps she should have invested in a gym? just saying..

  • fake

    I have to say she doesn’t have as good a figure as I thought she had, she still looks ok, but they must really airbrush her a lot for her tv ads
    and magazine covers because she looks really different!!!!

  • tony parker

    It’s just the make up that makes me think she’s hot

  • mil


  • ?

    It’s just the bikini that makes her look smaller. ]

  • RO

    annoying woman

  • baby
  • Charley Kane

    Christ, her face is basically unrecognizable. Is there a single woman in Hollywood who is actually gorgeous once you take away the make-up, the lighting and the digital re-touching? Apparently not.

  • mare

    She looks good.

  • Jan

    just skinny eneyone can be that skinny she has no boobs.

  • tilly

    her body isnt great at all no boobs fat mid section not in good shape just skinny big deal.

  • Pandora

    Who could blame her if she purchased some boobs? She has the bod of a prepubescent girl! She’s bouncing around like one, too!

  • James

    bikinis are hardly ever flattering, they show off every flaw your body has.

    i think she’s cute, what a nice little bum. And considering she’s in her 30′s she looks pretty good!

    and i’m pretty sure all the people hating on her are women, guys like any girl in a bikini…well most

  • Heart of Glass

    she’s got a cute body, but she looks a little plump in the middle…maybe she’s got a bun in the oven LOL I love Eva..

  • jane tennison

    She’s thick waisted and out of shape.

  • melin

    she has saddlebags!!

    I never knew she had them. I have them too…theyre so annoying..I tried everything to loose them….

    ..but shes ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS!!


  • suzz

    Her body is non existent … maybe she will grow up on day!

  • mikkie

    Wanna see more good pics ? see

  • Dance Teacher

    Her tummy is mushy!

  • paty

    Eva no hagas caso de estos comentarios negativos viene de gente de puerto rico y cuba

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i never thought she had a good body
    but it really looks good here
    love her ass, never knew it looked that good
    still i gotta complement her, usually a lot of short girls have horrible bodies, eva has a nice 1

  • Jen


  • yum

    I’m sure all the women on here kvetching about Eva’s “less than perfect body”, are erstwhile bikini models themselves. In fact, I would dare say that these very same women, are absolutely flawless and have more beauty than you can shake a stick at. Please share with the rest of us. I want to bask in your grandeur.

    Please post pictures of yourself, so I can see how much credibility you all have.

    I guarantee if you critiqued all the male celebrities with the same fine tooth comb as you do the ladies, they wouldn’t pass the “pretty test” either. People like Leonardo Dicrapio, fugly Gerald Bulter, Pasty ass Robert Pattyson, Penn, Ed, etc. possess less than ideal bodies as well. Make sure you hold them to the say standard, so there is parity.

  • Chloe

    What’s with all the “fat” comments…she is in no way fat. Maybe not stick thin…but fat..NOT ! She is short so weight carries different than on a 6 foot model !!

  • mary

    i love how her body is COMPLETELY normal

  • Small

    Small breasts are always more attractive than large breasts. Large breasts might look good in a bkini top or bra, but let them out and they look like two hanged men or a pair of oven mitts. Small breasts age better too.

  • cosi

    back to the gym for saddlebag spot workout and waist def!