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Gerard Butler is Ferragamo Fearless

Gerard Butler is Ferragamo Fearless

Actors Gerard Butler and Lake Bell attend a cocktail reception at Salvatore Ferragamo on Wednesday (June 3) in New York City.

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10+ pictures inside of Ferragamo friends Gerard Butler and Lake Bell

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gerard butler ferragamo 01
gerard butler ferragamo 02
gerard butler ferragamo 03
gerard butler ferragamo 04
gerard butler ferragamo 05
gerard butler ferragamo 06
gerard butler ferragamo 07
gerard butler ferragamo 08
gerard butler ferragamo 09
gerard butler ferragamo 10
gerard butler ferragamo 11
gerard butler ferragamo 12

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty, Jim Spellman/WireImage
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  • grand

    Gerard is truly underrated in the “hot guy” department. the man is really good looking.

  • bailey

    thanks jared. i love how much you post with gerry :]

  • how amusing

    GB pictured with the decapitated version of Ms. Lake in her red dress – is this before and after?

  • Just Jared

    @how amusing: Haha yes

  • fash

    Now that is a killer red dress. Hot!

  • shak

    Love GB, but I have to say love Lake Bell too – she was SOOOOO funny in ‘What Happens in Vegas!’

  • pafan

    He sure cleans up nicely when he wants to. Wow.

  • debz

    I like his tie. He looks like they cleaned him up pretty well,but his eyes look tired.GB needs a vacation. India isn’t the place should pop out to the Hamptons and get a rest for a while.

  • shoes

    is there a reason why women always wear shoes that are too large?

    Maybe women can kick them off more easy?

  • jasmine

    He is so HOT! Can’t wait to see Gerard and Jennifer Aniston in “Bounty Hunter”!!! They should have wonderful chemistry together!

  • anonymoose

    Love Lake Bell

  • without head

    I have to say that red dress looks better without the head…

  • Lorraine Smith

    He is gorgeous!!!

  • wow

    Gerry always does justice to suits. as handsome as ever. those killer eyes. these pics remind me of those taken at Phantom premieres.

  • not hot

    Gerard Butler is soooo over-rated, he’s got a bloated pudgy face, not
    attractive at all, just very average.

  • donnakat

    Doesn’t this guy ever stay home? Love the suit. Want her dress. What’s with the headless date? Thanks JJ!

  • tiabia

    Gerard Butler is undeniably HOT!!!

  • gong

    looking HOT mr. butler…. FAB…. i mean i have no words…. i agree tho… he really doesnt lke to stay at home much does he!

  • The messenger

    He is the fugliest man in the universe

  • rav

    he looks sad or tired to me.

  • I’m confused

    Which one is his date?

    He looks great, BTW. Thanks Jared.

  • Liz

    Tjanks, Jared, again!!!!! Mr. Butler is so very handsomoe….he’s so well-tailored, too…I could just look at him over and over…Those eyes are hypnotic!!! I wish I could be your assistant, Jared!!!!! Maybe I’d get to pal around with Gerard!!!!HA! He looks tanned and rested, to me! He’s such a cosmopolite anymore jetting to the UK, India, LA, NYC….I cannot wait for July 24 for “The Ugly Truth” and Sept. 4 for “Gamer”…But I really cannot wait for you, Jared, to give us more Butler pix!!!! I’m insatiable!!!! Keep ‘em comin’!!! Thanks!

  • w.d.

    Gerard is fugly with a capital F! However, I love the suit. Then again, I’ve never seen a man that didn’t look good, or at least, better, when dressed to the nines. That includes Gerard Butler.

    Whenever I see him, the expression, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, comes to mind. No matter what the occasion , Gerard’s fug always manages to come seeping through LOL.

  • moi

    I love the comments…keep them coming ladies! This man seems to me as someone who is very down to earth, interesting, passionate and just plain funny….maybe his appeal is that he is not perfect nor does he profess to be. I personally like him. Rocknrolla was awesome..”is this a roberry?” “yes, this is a f******* robbery”. lol Someone should tell him to drop the American accent and be true to his amazing Scottish accent. Rock on Gerry!

  • Teresa

    SEXY!!!!!! Looking Good Gerry!!!!

  • Jules

    Well he cleans up nicely.

  • Swansong

    I’m shocked! There are actually some nice comments here for a change! He looks fabulous.

  • Lily

    Every woman…loves a sharp Dressed man!! ..Nice…Great photos. :)

  • Sugar

    Lovely as usual

  • ???

    When did he get so old?
    And does he ever shave? I like the suit. Too bad he looks haggard in the face. I think if he shaved and smiled once and awhile instead of posed with his “blue steel” look all the time he would look much better.

  • Swansong

    JJ posted pictures of him smiling in that group of photos. Click’em. He does have a fantastic smile.

  • Sugar

    Seriously I can’t get over how hot he is. I wonder who he is dating now. What a lucky woman she would be. Some girls just have all the luck in the world :)

  • aaarrrrgggghhh

    DON’T double click on the close up pic. It is frightening. Holy crap he looks blotchy and old. He looks like someone who drinks too much booze – even though I know he says that he quit drinking.

  • bonnie

    Can I just say…

    Gerard Butler has delicious lips. Really sexy.

  • cubfan34
  • just me

    #24- moi….American accent? In Rocknrolla? Really? lol…
    Anyway, for all the peeps talking about how bad he looks…again, why do you bother to comment or even look if you don’t like him? Is it just to have something to pick on? Are you guys THAT miserable? C’mon now. I would never go to a site just to complain how I find someone so unattractive or whatever, I wouldn’t take the time out, not worth it if that’s the case, what’s the use? Just to be mean?
    I think he looks great as always….he has the most gorgeous eyes & a very yummy, manly body. Not to mention his very down to earth personality & sense of humor to complete the package. That’s what makes him attractive, in my book, anyway.
    *smooches* Gerry, you’re the best!

  • pafan

    Wonder if he’ll bring a date to the TUT premiere next month? Probably not; he likely won’t be with anyone in public until he finally gets serious about somebody.

    Yes indeed, he’s got the sexiest lips in the world, not to mention the body, the eyes etc. etc. etc.

  • just me

    O! And #33, I clicked on the close up of his face & wtf are you talking about? What are you? 12?

  • grace

    Hot damn Gerard is HAWT!!!!!

  • wondering

    Wonder when he’ll get sick of trolling these parties and clubs?
    He was at some Calvin Klein thing on Monday but asked not to be photographed. Wonder why?
    He seems a little lost to me. The pic at the birthday party should be captioned “bored out of his mind”.

  • pafan

    #40: I agree. he looks like he’d rather be home.

    He probably is obligated to these things by his management.

    Oh, well, he gets some free stuff and great suits – which he’d probably rather dump for his jeans and holey T-shirts.

  • brazilian woman

    Nice photos…
    He’s adorable… and his voice is sexy and manly in Tales of the Black Freighter…
    His cheeks were made to be kissed and touched… yummie!

  • brazilian woman

    sorry…. yummy…

  • who knows

    He looks great in the suit, but suits to me are very boring. He needs to spice it up and add some of his personality to his look. All of the people at the party look boring and uninteresting to me. Yawn.

  • in nyc

    he was surrounded by a bunch of models at the Visionaire Party. ..he kept coming on to them. .few knew who he was…he didn’t look that great.

  • new pics
  • new pics
  • anon annoy

    # 47-The Hangover! He looks like he’s got one!
    # 45- “bunch” of models. Pleeeease, we prefer the term “herd” here.

  • pafan

    He needs to smile more. But those pics at The Hangover premiere are great IMO.

  • nyob

    Cool tie. Great suit – fits him beautifully. He looks really tired or something – his face is not looking as good as it has at other times. I wonder how frequently he has to color his hair . . . lol.