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Halle Berry is Revlon Radiant

Halle Berry is Revlon Radiant

Don’t lie about your age. Defy it.

Halle Berry stays dry thanks to a human umbrella holder at the pool area of a hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday (June 3).

The 42-year-old actress wore a sexy white dress to shoot a new commercial for Revlon.

Halle recently got intimate with Jamie Foxx on stage at Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice” Awards, which airs June 21st.

10+ pictures inside of Revlon radiant Halle Berry

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halle berry revlon commercial 01
halle berry revlon commercial 02
halle berry revlon commercial 03
halle berry revlon commercial 04
halle berry revlon commercial 05
halle berry revlon commercial 06
halle berry revlon commercial 07
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  • deraj tsuj

    Lookin berry good

  • Pregnancy

    she doesn’t look 42 at all!

  • meh

    she looks amazing (as usual)! Even more so with the short pixie cut.

  • doreen

    she’s GORGEOUS!! – french girl

  • :)

    42? really?

    wow, she looks great for her age.

  • ayj6m6l

    42 ????????????? WOW !!!!! beatifullllllll…totally sexy !!

  • Lovey dovey

    Love Halle with short hair. She’s always gorgeous no matter what but she looks even more beautiful with that pixie hair cut than with long hair.

  • navee




  • aeon

    She looks great. Love ya Halle.

  • Laura

    Halle is absolutely stunning ☺

  • Milli

    This woman defies age,gravity,logic, everything!!
    She is going to be 43 in August!!
    I don’t know if I should feel optimistic about aging looking at her or feel depressed that at 30 ( just turned 30), I probably look same(age wise, not hotness wise) as a woman who is 43.

  • Liverwurst

    Most beautiful woman in Hollywood!

  • NativeNYker

    I agree. Black don’t crack – as the saying goes. She is aging fabulously.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • jdub

    she looks great! but that little stunt she pulled with jamie foxx on stage was garrrrrooosssss!

  • Topi


  • Countess von Zinzendorf

    I wonder what her boyfriend thought about the Jamie Foxx kiss! How did she explain that?


    Complete tasteless,trash whore.

  • raena

    she is one hot mum. imagine having her turn up to parent children night at her childs school. the other mothers would kill themselves…

  • Ilovelondon

    Stunning !!!

  • jaime

    She’s a nasty ho!

  • http://m julia

    Guess this is the only money she has coming in, no movies to speak of. She really fell of the wagon, anything to pimp herself out I suppose.

  • Super TRAMP

    i dont know how u people are saying she looks great??? She looks worn out druggy looking eyes and aging rapidly in my opinion..have a closer lokok at other pics of this scenario
    As for Gabriel he should be so ashamed to be seen with this tramp of a could he be so naive OMG…I just get this sixth sense he has the kid now and realises what he has done and who he is attached to..

  • mediterranean

    How is she supposed to look after all those plastic surgeries, cosmetics etc? Like someone 42? Of course NOT!

    She is not the other stars who do everything to look much younger than their ages. And it’s good to look like this, by the way. I am not against at all.

  • mediterranean

    I meant to say SHE IS LIKE THE OTHER STARS…..

  • Amber

    She definitely looks older….nothing youthful about her at all. You can see that she has had her face tightened up a bit

  • Bennetton

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. She makes aging looks like it might not be so bad.

  • Janie

    Gorgeous woman! You haters are all jealous!

  • cAbel

    Her behavior is disgusting for a person her age. She is no beauty, I’ve seen better on the street.

  • the other liz

    @julia: Word!

  • the other liz

    @Super TRAMP: don’t think he would ever get custody of Nahla, if he really cares not saying he doesn’t have a good case. Don’t think Halle would let that happen, plus she’s got more $$ than he does to let it happen. Not an accident, he and Nahla were seen the other day, house hunting (if he actually intends to buy one and all of a sudden be an actual consistent part of her life). Could explain why’s he’s not always around in LA?

    Halle knows she’s messed up big time this time. If Aubry’s smart, he’ll work out support and visitation with Halle. Who knows she MAY actually get her shyt together now esp. if it means she could lose Nahla.

  • timed

    Genes do play a part in how we age, but our chosen lifestyle has a greater impact on the aging process. It is not rocket science… simply eat well, exercise and dress to flatter not flaunt.

    Halle looks great, as usual. As long as she behaves with dignity she’ll stay in my good books. No repeat performances of that shameless ‘carry on’.

  • timed

    I forgot to say that 42 is not old… I guess for a woman in Hollywood it is, which is a shame. Most unfortunate that we live in an ageist society. Oh well.

  • anon

    you would think the way people carry on about her ‘behavior” at the Spike awards that Halle was some church mouse. Far from it. This is a woman who did Monster’s ball ok?

    I agree that she looks good. Halle has always been known for her fabulous skin. She knows how to tak care of herself and since she’s diabetic, she won’t get obese by eating carbs. Carbs (the white stuff) is a no no for diabetics.

  • Luciana

    Listen, I’m sick of this one buttafaced broad who keeps posting on these threads under multiple names. Can you TRY to be less obvious? Get lost. We know you don’t like Halle and you don’t matter so no one cares. And stop replying to your own posts. But at least you learned how to use the reply function, you idiot.

  • cibyl

    oh my god, why is everybody saying that she is aging fast?

    How old are you guys, 20, i wonder how you look in 20 years, i don’t think like halle berry! And why, because not everyone has the money to do it.
    All (Most) HollywoodCelebrities look younger as they really are, and not the other way round.

  • eh

    she looks good but the making out / butt and crotch grabing was truly disgusting. she just lost my respect for her.

  • mimilala

    Most of you talking negatively must be basing your words on a dislike for her as a person and you want to somehow bring her down, because physically, there is no denying that this woman is absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning – at any age!

  • lisaK

    She def looks her age which is not a good thhing

  • the other liz


    Not being mean dear–Give it a rest , you have comment on this the last couple of times I have posted w/my real name (which I always do ) using the reply keep properly. I know you aren’t talking to me, this my 3rd post/reply and I don’t hate Halle, just don’t agree w/ her behavior like a lot of others.

    This is a message board, not a fan site. However, your point is well taken for the who actually do post multiple posts under several aliases. I hate that too!

  • the other liz

    @Luciana: you must really be an unhappy person if you have to single people out wrongly who hardly come on Just Jared. Think you must have me confused with someone else and do apologize from the other when you pulled the same lamea$$ stunt. I hope you have a happy life stooping to your immature level and had a bad day. It’s going to more than you to keep me from posting under my real name (there is another Liz who posts) using the reply key or not.

  • diva

    Her nre haricut is doing wonders for her looks!

  • Saudia

    gorgeous!! It’s 90′s Halle again <3 .. naturally gorgeous .. love this woman

  • addy

    There are some real haters on here. Halle is hands down the most beautiful in Hollywood. A very natural beauty. All these stick thin and botox babes can get gone. People hating are just jealous.

  • coco loco

    LOL.. There are some angry white ladies in here.. Calling Halle Ho, drug addict and accusing her of plastic surgery.. LOL

    First off the only surgery Halle had is a nose job. Her skin is what makes her youthful and we all know what happens when you mees with the botox, you look like plastic Rubber>> @ la Priscilla Presley, Lara Flynn Boyle, Meg Ryan, Lisa Rinna, etc..

    In fact, the 2 black women notorious for plastic surgery.. LIL KIM and VIVICA, see what happened to their mugs? they got uglier.. But their skin is still flawless..

    Don’t mess with the black skin, cause you can’t win.. LOL
    Seriously though, stop hating, Halle looks amazing for forty two..

  • Not impressed by JA

    The whole Halle/Jamie stunt was disgusting but that’s doesn’t change the fact that Hlale was and is still a gorgeous woman !

  • pixie mixie

    Mixed people, we got it like that. Sorry monoracials ;-)!!

  • Lola

    She looks bloody amazing and better than most women half her age! She hasnt had plastic surgery, you can tell…she doesnt have the ‘joker’ face. She looks so young (and IS young, 42 is not old) probably because of great genes and clean living. She also has oily skin which ages you very slowly. Stop being jealous haters! Im in my late thirties (gasp…lol) and I still get id’ed and mistaken for very early twenties. I wouldnt go near a botox needle or anything. No way. Its genes and lifestyle people pure and simple. Halle is a goddess.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks stunning as most of the time when she wears something nice
    that dress looks really nice on her because of the curves she has
    but i h8 that short hair of hers, only a few girls can pull of the short hair look, and i dont like halle’s short hairdo

  • DMZ

    She is 42, it starting to look more like 82…. and she acts likes a slut on the MTV awards with Jamie (has been) Foxx… Get outta here!!!

  • madison

    @Amber: Why are you so jeolous of Halle? She is drop dead gorgeous. DEAL WITH IT.