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Jason Mraz Shares Toilet Tissue Tips

Jason Mraz Shares Toilet Tissue Tips

Jason Mraz shared a naked picture of himself in his latest blog, which also suggests an eco-friendly solution to one of nature’s biggest pains in the ass.

The 31-year-old singer writes, “Americans’ addiction to two-ply, super soft toilet paper is causing greater harm to our environment than our gas guzzling cars. No s—…. In order to produce all that perfectly plush paper, companies must harvest tons of virgin trees, which the reaping of means less oxygen for the atmosphere to offset or all the carbon that seems to be frying us here on the surface.”

Here are some great toilet tissue tips from Mr. Mraz:

- Start small. Challenge yourself to use only 8 squares in your session. We’ve all been in that place where it’s close to the cardboard roll and you have to be MacGuyver to make a clean get-away. This will force you to get creative while taking good care of each square.

- Use both sides. I mean that. I bet some people are afraid to look at or get close to their own skid-marks. But I say it’s better to know how your body’s handling the business of your health. Fold the paper again and again using a clean angle from the very same square. There’s a lot of real estate wasted on each sheet when you only wipe once.

- Should you find the paper too thin and become the victim of too many breakthroughs, try using a stronger material as a backing. This worked when I was camping. The paper wasn’t holding up in the dampness of camp, so I used a leaf to give the paper more strength from behind. Plus the leaf was textured, which handled the job with far more efficiency than just the paper by itself.

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  • GoodGirl

    EWWW! Not classy! :(

  • celia

    gross. what does one do when he/she has diahrea? 8 little squares are not going to be enough. I think it’s best to do it clean and not get it on your hands….we have enough bad bacteria around be greedy with trying to keep a hiney and hands clean


  • a total fan

    Wow ,Talking about going green with a little to much info !

  • t.howard

    what if we all switch to baby wipes?

  • janiedoll

    What if I use one of your albums, is that a strong enough backing?

  • steph

    Go jason! Trust him to be shameless enough to publish something like this! Gotta love him!

  • tmi

    Too much information!

  • LuckyL

    Who the f*** is this guy?

  • bella

    Wow. . .too much info.
    WAAAYYY to much info.

  • jargoh

    haha… I can’t even think of a person dumb enough to not know all that already – unless they’re little kids and have just started to use the toilet by themselves.
    I take 2 squares normally. How huge has an ass to be that you would need 8?!

  • ebmo

    “This will force you to get creative while taking good care of each square…..”

    GET CREATIVE?!?!??!?

  • me

    i love him

  • thursday

    Hilarious but true!!

  • thehirokohojyo

    He’s hot, and I love him so bad! x

  • brush yo teefs!


  • Jo

    Well I just threw up a little! Is this guy for real? Leaves, gas guzzlers, multiple sided toilet tissue? Is this what this guy is really worried about? An unclothed picture of himself infront of some wonky swamp water will not change the world or people’s bathroom habits! Geez this was sick!

  • becca

    he looks good. no comment on the toilet paper business.

  • ines

    love him, but too much information alert!!!! gross

  • Manuela

    TMI !!
    Is he for sure about saving the environment???????

    Then let him stay HOME, DO not tour around the world in planes which produces gases.No stage lights or touring cars either.

  • pete

    # 10—–you gotta be kidding me! Size of your hiney does not indicate how many little squares of hiney paper is needed. it’s the size of your little people or if you have tummy troubles.

    If you want to use a leaf… my guest.

  • Nutjob

    Nutjob environmentalist. Anyone with any real scirentific knowlege knows three is no such thing as global warming. Worried about CO2, then stop breathing idiot. The earth is in a cooling period now. There have been much warmer periods than this in Earths history, long before the Industrial Revolution and SUVs. The antartic icecore is actually expanding (yes not shrinking) and there are satellite pictures to prove it. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth film was proven to be based on faulty data. He’s a fraud. He jets around the world selling carbon credits. Look at HIS carbon footprint. What a hypocrite. Green is nothing but big business people working to separate you from your green. The green movement and Environmentalist do more to keep the poor poor and the rich rich more than anyone. Pure Evil.

    GeorgeCarlin says it best here:

  • jake

    # 21 nutjob….you are so incorrect…it is dangerous just to think the way you do. People that are so simple minded not to be concerned about today’s environment…..with an attitude like yours is dangerous.

    For example….with the way we are using the earth’s resources, throwing so much trash out, not producing better green products, having huge gas guzzling cars….etc…….is NOT the way.

  • sandi


    I bet you he just dumped in the water he is coming out of!

    Where is that place? I’m so not gonna swim there!

  • Mark townson

    CLASSY GUY??????

  • faith

    He is INSANE for taking a picture like this and posting it!

  • H.

    This guys said: “In order to produce all that perfectly plush paper, companies must harvest tons of virgin trees”

    I say: U.S. companies that manufacture paper products use trees that were SPECIFICALLY grown for that purpose. They grew them so you can wipe your ass without worrying about some natural forest somewhere being wiped out. God, I hope I’m never near you and never have to breathe your stink.

  • mimi

    That is not exactly that kind of info. that is useful to me . The best way I know to go about it is to buy recycled toliet paper and when done with each roll then recycle the cardboard cylinder shaped tube . This way your’e helping the environment by recycling the tubes and buying it recycled as well !! :)

  • jaye

    I’ll just have to ‘go green’ somewhere else. I’m not getting skimpy with the tissue. I don’t intend to make going to the bathroom an exercise in saving the environment that I have to think about everyday while I’m folding and refolding bathroom tissue. ‘Get creative?’ Since when is going to the bathroom an art form?i sheesh! What a nut job. People have been going to the bath room all this time, who knew they needed HIM to tell them how.

  • angel hair

    still. HOT!

  • emmaa

    Whatever you say Jason….lol what the hell!? TMI!

  • You/Me


  • Out of control

    That’s hilarious….

  • pam

    ughhhh……of all things…he has to bring up poop and toliet issues.

    He must be very bored

  • stinker

    huh? who wants to know his dumping/toliet issues? gag!

    What he does need is a brain transfusion.

  • vr

    Good for you, Jason!! I don’t care if it was TMI; I think he’s doing a good thing & caused me to think about my habits.

  • oldskool

    With summer here he can just dry out some corn cobs and use those. I’m sure he’d enjoy.

  • pooper

    # 35 vr:

    good for you! (eyes rolling)

    go collect some corn cobs like # 36 suggested…and have at it!

  • Katie

    What about recycled toilet paper? Doesn’t that solve the problem? It seems he’s a big step behind !

    I’ve been using the recycled kind for years. If anything, you don’t need plush, white, pristine, virgin trees to wipe your but. This is one of the easiest, most obvious, most painless thing to substitute for recycled paper.

  • celina

    i love him to pieces :)

  • poopy

    recycled toliet paper is way too expensive just to wipe a butt!

  • Jako

    Go Jason,

    I love ur blog , I love ur song & especially ur pictures.

    How smart you are?

    I Love You Jasonnnnnnnn…..

  • dy

    @Jo: at least he’s trying to do something to alleviate environmental problems. what about you?@Jo:

  • u2

    i guess this is what a guy who smokes too much weeds would do..

  • Sarah

    Another celebrity taking it upon themselves to tell us how to live – seriously shut up already!

    Tired of all these celebrities and their “Go Green” shit. I don’t get where they get their information, but just because they can sing or act does not make them experts. It’s getting really old already

  • Jen

    #22 – I love how in your response to #21, you are unable to cite any factual information other your own idiotic opinion; yet still feel justified in calling another person dangerous (a person, mind you, who is able to cite facts). Another hilarious tree hugging hippie with no evidence to back his irrational accusations.


    This guy can’t be serious. Oh dear.


    This guy can’t be serious. Oh dear.


    This guy can’t be serious. Oh dear.

  • poopy

    # 45– your comment to # 22…is the usual bullshit of a red neck republican with a one sided brain.

    By the way…you are actually nutjob hiding under Jen, LOL

    Not worth saying anything more to a person like you.

  • mertz

    I LOVE JASON MRAZ AND I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL. dude is just such a solid guy. thanks for the advice. i do all that and more sometimes and sometimes i use an atrocious amount of toilet paper and just waste it cause i’m really such an ignorant idiot. that and using water. gah. i need to be reformed. another thing my mom says to help save water and electiricity especially if you pay hydro bills at your house, DON’T FLUSH THE TOILET IF YOU DO NUMBER 1. it’s just pee. let it accumulate, and maybe it’ll be stinky or stain your toilet bowl, but it saves power. but not the same if you do number 2. lol. number two in the western countries is a definate flush…but in the outhouses back home, where there’s just a hole ditch dug in the ground and no power…you just do number 2 and the next person comes and does number 2 and it continues and it’s all good. sometimes people need to live in a way that is harmonious with the world/put the earth first. thanks jared for this.