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Jessica Biel Loves Letterman

Jessica Biel Loves Letterman

Jessica Biel poses outside Ed Sullivan Theatre for the Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday (June 4) in New York City.

Letterman showed the 27-year-old actress a picture of boyfriend Justin Timberlake passionately kissing her at a Laker’s game earlier this year. She said Justin was such a ham he decided to mount her in front of 18,000 when they were shown on the Kiss-Me Cam.

Jessica also shared that she and Justin had a mutual friend that first set them up a few years ago. And while she couldn’t remember their first date, she said they did have quite a lot of initial “PG” phone conversations.

20+ pictures of Jessica Biel loving Letterman

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  • Liverwurst

    I think she’s pretty!

  • christine

    Can’t stand her and her inability to get good roles because she’s too beautiful

  • boo

    Great styling. Love the shoes.

  • NativeNYker
  • anonymous

    I heard she was very boring and dull
    David didn’t ask anything that we didn’t already know
    I hope someone will post the video clip of the show

  • marvel

    WOW! can you say fugly!!

  • hela

    she’s sublime!!!
    love her outfit and the show!!

  • klein

    UGH. i am NOT a fan of biel.

  • mju8

    does she ever stop talking about her relationship with justin? she needs to shut up already. hope he dumps this blabber mouth soon

  • n.o.l.a

    what is she promoting?

  • Jimbo

    She looks so hot here in this outfit. Total JO material!

  • Guest

    One of the lame ass movies she did LAST year… only has a limited release so she really has to pimp herself….not that she hasn’t already been doing that! She pimps out her private life on a daily tipping off the paps everytime she goes anywhere with her boyfriend…it is the only reason the public knows who she is anymore much less even cares about what she does…Biel is nothing more than a piece of ass, and not a really big one despite what her pr people want everyone to think…..If what she has is a big ass, then Hollywood is really deprived!!! I’ve seen everyday women with a much better ass than her. She is totally untalented and a famewhore, more celebrity than actress..she is no better than Heidi or Spencer.

  • http://m julia

    She looks sooooo pretty. AMAZING smile!

  • Sara

    I watched this last night…someone needs to teach her how to walk in heels, thought she was going to fall over. I think her shoulders are bigger than Justin’s! I thought that she was there to promote her relationship with Justin, that seemed the only thing that Dave wanted to talk about. And how can you not remeber your first date to “the love of your life” If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would assume she didn’t want to talk about it, but she really looked like she had no idea where they went! I’m not a big fan of yours.

  • Lana

    I don’t get it. She said they had “PG” conversations? I’m not from America people.

  • You/Me

    So when did Dave start interviewing celebrity’s girlfriends? Because that seems to be all Jessica Biel is….Justin’s girlfriend. Big whoop-dee-do…..Justin’s looks are starting to go anyway, I thought he was supposed to be a fashion icon, which does bring me to a point, Jessica’s outfit is fabulous.

  • Brian

    She doesn’t do it for me.

  • Janie

    I know she is Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend but what does she do for a living?

    Is she an actress?

  • lisa

    She needs to talk to Justin before she speaks because he said they met at a party. I saw the video she couldn’t answer basic questions that girlfriends should know.

  • Molly

    Lisa – She didn’t say anything wrong.

    She said a friend set them up but she didn’t say WHERE. It probably was at the party because that’s where set ups take place.

  • Yes

    Sometimes she’s cute, sometimes she’s a butterface.

  • lisa

    Justin said that he came up to her and didn’t mention anything about a friend setting them up. She couldn’t answer simple questions aout Justin,and not only here but everytime she opens her mouth about him. The rumors about her are probably true in my opnion.

  • doug

    something about her face reminds me of a horse.
    maybe the teeth.

  • Molly

    Lisa – it’s not that serious. Have you ever thought that Justin was the one who had it messed up? it’s not that far fetched. The way you hate Jess, you might as well worry about their breakup then when they met HAHA.

  • ok

    She looks nice here.

  • anonymous

    they say when couples work together usually break-up I think it might hold true about talking about the other person on talk shows

    she walked like a guy in those heels

  • lisa

    Lisa – it’s not that serious. Have you ever thought that Justin was the one who had it messed up? it’s not that far fetched. The way you hate Jess, you might as well worry about their breakup then when they met HAHA.

    So why waste you time worrying about what I say, I don’t believe Justin messed up and I have seen her interviews before and thats what I”m going by.

  • lisa

    it’s not that serious

    Also no its not serious to me, I just call it like I see it.

  • Molly

    Lisa, I don’t like Jess but you’re off the wall about where they met. Who cares? she said they met a party and he said he walked up to her. I think the scenario fits that he walked up to her at a party.


  • ME2


  • lisa

    ^ The only person making big deal is you, and like I said before I call it like I see. She said that met through a friend and not at a party and he said he walk up to her at a party. All I’m saying is get you story straight about your relationship and stop making up shit. Thats why people don’t believe this fake relationship.

  • jennifer

    beautiful !!

  • lakers fan in boston

    the outfit she has on is really nice
    it looks cute on her, the skirt looks sexy
    she looks alright overall
    i think her face looks a bit weird, it looks like she injected those lips of hers, not attractive at all
    dont like the color of her hair
    either all dark or blond imo

  • marissa

    please she didnt met him at no party. thats why she couldnt get her words striaght. her brillant publicist set them up. she is likes girls and only “be” ith guys if its going to help her so called career.

  • how they met

    Shelfy says she met the Pip through mutual friends. But there are some who say she’d been so desperate to meet him she was actually going from party to party to get it done and when she finally saw an opportunity, she supposedly pretty much offered herself…while he was still with Cameron Diaz. Remember when Cameron flipped out at him at a Globes afterparty after they broke up? Kinda makes sense…

  • All about Jessica

    Horse / man face.
    Nose job.
    Fake lips!
    Can’t act.
    No talent!
    No style!
    Closet famewhore, tips paps off.
    Egotistical moron.
    No personality!
    Great publicist
    A-list boyfriend
    =Jessica Biel!

  • Karena

    The clip from the film that they showed was her rolling around with Ben Barnes and taking off her robe, which stopped right at her butt. That pretty much sums up how she’s marketed. I just hate how she seems to always bring up how she is never taken seriously, yet presents herself in the way she does! I don’t mean to rag on her, but It does seemingly bother me.

  • man in the moon

    WOW! Such a lot of jealous @$$ witches hating on this beautiful young thing. STFU all you catty fugly cows and go somewhere else to wallow in your misery. Worthless losers all of you.

  • marissa

    ^you her only fan hahahahahaha


    justin’s nose is gross and so is jessica biel,i think justin is the wich and jessica is the tine man so it is perfact!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  • Cate


    Maybe it is because she cannot act?

  • Cate

    She is pretty though.

  • Hula


  • ayj6m6l

    I think her eyes are cute ! maybe because she’s Justin’s girlfriend :D

  • hue

    Neanderthal look.

    No coincidence that she was portrayed as Pocahontas in Disney celeb photos.
    but she thinks her pretty looks prevents her from being picked for more roles than Natalie Portman and Johansson?

    I think her role in Powder Blue is perfect for her. Just for a sleazy stripper that doesn’t make us to focus on that Cro-Magnons face .

    Here is the article for you, Biel, which is about “Narcissistic overconfidence”

  • hue

    Regarding to the article that I just read..’her beauty limits her career??’.. I’ve never thought Jessica Biel is pretty or beautiful with that PRIMITIVE look. Esp., that swollen lips. When I saw the image of her in Disney Dream Photos portrayed as Pocahontas, it hit me..that I am not the only one who sees her look as a Neanderthal man. Frankly, who knew her before known as Justin’s girl? It was so easy success, luckily for her with that stupid sleazy look. What an ugly Narcissist who has dual face- violent temper inside, pretending to be good girl outside! Get cured, Jessica.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She has good teeth…that’s about it!

  • Veronica

    Boring. Ugly. Famewhore. Talentless. End of story.