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Jon Gosselin & Deanna Hummel: Caught on Camera in Utah!

Jon Gosselin & Deanna Hummel: Caught on Camera in Utah!

New pictures of Jon Gosselin and his friend, Deanna Hummel have emerged (Us Weekly) while enjoying Utah at the end of March.

The 32-year-old reality star arrived back to his home in Wernersville, PA to resume filming TLC’s biggest hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Thursday (June 4). Jon unpacked luggage, while the twins Cara and Mady played in the front yard. Kate is still vacationing in North Carolina with the couple’s sextuplets.

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin getting back home to Pennsylvania…

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jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 01
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 02
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 03
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 04
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 05
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 06
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 07
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 08
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 09
jon gosselin deanna hummel utah 10

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  • Jill


  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    loser! what did she see in him? the guy was backpacking through europe before they met and she decided he could be dad to 8 kids? not that she is all that stable either – i am particularly bothered by her hairstyle and also by her parenting skills. she seems very self involved. sick of the family, yet i still read up on them. what is it? argh!

  • Cayanne

    Yup, I don’t get it either! (Jolie hot chin not) I agree and I’m doin the same thing! Weird

  • Ew

    Um, mid-life crisis much? Ed Hardy hoodie, gelled hair and is that an earring??




  • w.d.

    Jon is one fat, ugly SOB. I don’t see how Kate could have any amorous feelings toward him, other than the fact that he is the father of her children. I personally think she’ll be better off without the dead weight. Kate, loss this milestone from around your neck (Jon).

  • kimily

    EXACTLY Ew!… MID-LIFE CRISIS… about twenty years too soon… if he would have waited at least his eight children would be grown… Yeah, that is an earring.. which is fine.. but SERIOUSLY?… I understand everyones criticism of Kate- (she needs to relax a little (lot) and learn to have fun with her children) .. but look at this guy… i think he got burnt out… Sad thing is.. his children are witnessing all of this (whether the parents want to acknowledge it or not)… If I brought eight children into the world, I would be home with my children, get the cameras out of the house.. and be a “real” parent..NOT a reality show parent.

  • w.d.

    I meant “lose this millstone from around your neck.”

  • PJ

    Most men would take the scarless childless 23 year old fresh nookie every time, and so would Jon it appears. I just hope she doesn’t have a big ignorant mouth like the old ball and chain. You’d hope he’d have learned.

  • kiddo

    Geez mid life crisis at what 34? What crisis would that be? Crisis lame @ss?

    He is paid to do really nothing. Almost like a living Seinfeld, a show about nothing. He acts like he is entitled to cheat because his wife is a pain in the butt and pushy?

    He kind of seems like a woos to me. And lately a big fat one, or is it phatt in favor of his Ed Hardy. lol

    You know hang out at the bar on the weekend and hoot n holla at the hooters waitress but remember you are a married man.

    I find cheating to be a sign of cowardace (?). If your unhappy change your life. He could have left but alas he is in for the money too!

    Although, I had hoped she was only a friend. Her life is gonna be crap now and I bet she loses her job. To bad like Monica Lewinsky, she didnt know he was married. (oohhh am i a cow tonight. lol)

    All in good fun friends!

  • Liv

    Eww. WTF is up with the earring and the Ed Hardy sweatshirt? He looks like a chunky college d-bag who’s desperately trying to join a frat.

  • k.g.

    Everyone needs to leave this family alone! If you were in their place, with relationship issues would you want all the cameras up in your face all the time? Yes they did decide to have a T.V. show, they wanted to document their lives. They also really needed the money. Families of 2 kids can barely survive with one income, how do you expect of a family with 8 to? Please just uplift this family and help them come through this problem in their life right now by stepping back. These are two amazing parents, and an amazing famliy. God is going to work miracles here!

  • Pat

    Kate’s banging away in NC , John is humping in Utah. Some of the kids with the nanny in Pa, Others with the nanny in NC. Thanx TLC for the All American family.

  • Jen

    Two Fools + 8 innocents

  • shel

    He actuallyl has two earings….
    For all those who are popping off about him returning to his early years with the Ed Hardy look, the earings and gelled hair..(Mid Life Crisis).could you please explain to me what the helll Kate is doing then?

    She used to be a frumppy old housewife..wore lose fitting clothes, and was very modest when it came to her attire.
    Now she only wears tight, form fitting clothes, goes tanning, works out, has her teeth bleached every month and a body guard…
    Tell me…who is having the mid life?

  • jaye

    Just because they don’t want to be with EACH OTHER, doesn’t automatically make them bad parents. It’s obvious that they have ‘handle’ the situation. They’ve been ‘separated’ for 6 months and are obviously going on with their lives. Even parents of 8 should have SOME time away from their kids; I don’t know any parent who is with their kids 24/7. The fact that they have moved on from each other, doesn’t mean they have moved on from there kids.

    I hope this is the last season of their show and they get about living their lives. It’s not like separation and divorce is a new concept, it happens millions of times each day. I don’t think it is healthy to stay together for the sake of the kids; kids aren’t stupid and parents aren’t that good at acting over a LONG period of time. No one wants to feel trapped for the rest of their lives. I know they chose to have these kids, but parenthood should not be a prison. The kids will be ok as long as they SEE their parents regularly and they know they are loved.

  • rach

    It’s just soooo sad. Two caring parents that got caught up in the devils web of money & deceit. I hope all is not lost — and lives ruined — there is a lot of difficult years ahead yet, for these kids.
    Get out of the spot light — it will always set you up for failure.

  • http://yahoo Cynthia

    Jon should act his age. He is nothing but a lazy bum living off his kids. He has no class. He dresses like a teenager. Instead of running off to Utah he should hit the gym, starting to look a little pudgy. Better stick with organic meals!!!

  • jules

    Ugh, enough with these two already. I think they need to quit the show and really work on their marriage and parent those kids together. Its just very sad when I think about how all this will affect them. In a way, they are both to blame.

  • Rotflmao!!

    mid life crisis? doesn’t that happen in your 40s or 50s? the dude is only 32

  • earl

    That body guard needs to get the hell away from Kate! That is when this whole mess started, when she started traipsing around the country with him. Look who is with Kate in NC now! Don’t tell me that there isn’t any hanky panky going on! Same with DeDe and Jon.
    Kate and Jon need to put their kids FIRST and their marriage before their own selfishness. I think they do things so the paps will notice them or else they work with the paps. They both are attention whores, and fast becoming regular whores too.
    Get it together or my name isn’t earl pitts, come on, America! Wake up!

  • Jen

    Besides Jon & Kate being greedy child pimps, I don’t see the problem—–they are separated,each going their own way ———both are getting fixed-up, trying to look younger to attract new mates—that’s usually the way it works

  • minna

    i agree with you 100%….get the cameras off the family, let these kids grow up normally without the continuous publicity and get on with their lives…if he’s stepped out on kate, they need to deal with it themselves, not the let public settle it for them.

  • Jen

    According to Kate’s brother Kevin, Jon had talk to him and his wife recently telling them that their marriage is OVER SIX MONTHS AGO. He also told them Jon believes Kate is HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HER BODYGUARD.

    Also, the new IN TOUCH magazine have a new info on Jon’s brother’s best friend. Saying that Jon confronted Kate six months ago about her ongoing AFFAIR with her BODYGUARD. Obviously, this resulted in agreeing for a SEPARATION.

    Some quote from IN TOUCH :

    “He explained it to us at the bar,” Cruz told the tabloid. “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done.”

    While Jon has received a lot of criticism for visiting bars and flirting with women, he told Todd that it was Kate’s alleged affair with Steve Neild that ended the union.

    “Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with the bodyguard,” the source said.

  • mklh

    I have not read anywhere, Why does this couple need bodyguards ? oh they are stars or is it the children that need bodyguards? maybe he is doing his bodyguard also

  • Lauren

    Kate was the one forcing all those kids on Jon. He was happy with two. Kate wanted more. You have to remember Jon was only a young guy in his 20′s when Kate (older) came along and forced all that responsibility down his throat. She’s the one that insisted on fertility treatments. The biggest problem with Jon is that he is so wishy washy and doesn’t know how to stand up to her. Now he’s in over his head and she is blinded by the money and fame…a sure recipe for disaster. Mark my words…divorce is inevitable. Jon is still young and can’t wait to be free again!

  • Jen

    Before bashing Jon, please get all your facts first. According to Kate’s brother Jon told him they were SEPARATED SIX MONTHS AGO. The new IN TOUCH mag. claims that JON CONFRONTED KATE ABOUT HER BODYGUARD which resulted in agreeing to separate.
    So who cares if JON is seeing another woman. Besides IT WAS KATE WHO STARTED by having an AFFAIR WITH HER BODYGUARD!!!

  • jdub

    ahahahah jon in ed hardy and new ear peircing! looks like he’s on the market again. lol

  • bint

    He needs to have half of those kids with him.

  • Bette

    Kate is an ignorant slut and Jon is a dunb ass tool. They are perfect for each other!

  • weight

    She’d be a fool to leave Jon and start raising 8 children by herself while he travels around the world with younger world. Don’t let him off so easy.

  • jake

    I think there comes a time in a couples relationship where one doesn’t care what the other does anymore. They have drifted apart as Kate herself has said so in the show 2 weeks ago, they don’t love each other anymore. It happens to the best of couples. I bet Kate could care less if he is with that girl and vice versa as well.

  • Bunny

    He has an earring now? Oh boy.

  • lola

    I’m loosing the time line here. 6 months ago was Dec. 5 days in the snow in March with group of friends and missed birthday was not shown on tv until last week. Kate’s body guard to keep the crazies away from her and the kids. Jon does not have a body guard. when was the last time Jon was seen with said girlfriend? March? help….

  • Lee

    I checked out those new pics of the bimbo and she is uglier than ever. Throw that dog a bone!! ARRFF

  • jcat

    I used to really like Jon and I was glad he was there for his kids. Kate was as she is now – distant and a constant bitch to them and him. But, it seems like he going through a rebellious stage, and neglecting his kids. He obviously had kids way too soon, and is going through that mid-life crisis at a young age. 8 kids is no joke. Hopefully, he realizes what he is doing and focuses more on his kids who deserve at least that. Kate doesn’t seem like she can be helped.

    And that Ed Hardy sweatshirt and schlumpy look needs to go!

  • jenny

    Who cares if Jon is seeing other women!. The guy got DUMP SIX MONTHS AGO by Kate because of the BODYGUARD. This is according to the new issue of IN TOUCH magazine. This new information is coming from the best friend of Jon’s brother. A week ago Kate’s brother Kevin also gave an interview on Radar Online claiming that Jon told him they had SEPARATED SIX MONTHS AGO!!

    from IN TOUCH magazine:
    “He explained it to us at the bar,” Cruz told the tabloid. “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done.”

    While Jon has received a lot of criticism for visiting bars and flirting with women, he told Todd that it was Kate’s alleged affair with Steve Neild that ended the union.

    “Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with the bodyguard,” the source said.

  • jenn

    as long as they love the kids and they are good responsible parents who love them why does it matter if jon snowboards in utah or kate spends some time with her daughter away from the family? maybe they just cant be happy together. doesnt mean they love the kids any less!

  • sasha


  • Mallory

    Is it just me, or is that a fresh piercing??

  • sasha

    @Lee: I guess that is the reason he’s so smashed everytime he’s around her, thats the only way he can stand it.

  • sasha

    @jenny: If all that is true and I’m sure it is. Kate sure has spent alot of time trying to put all the blame on Jon. Like on the show when she said, I’m angry…I’m so angry!

  • sasha

    It’s just really shocking to me how different these two people have become. Jon with his cool sunglasses, piercing and clothes and hanging out with friends. And then kate is such a control freak with the make up, hair, and clothes. I spent a week in the Bahamas last year and I didn’t wear any makeup the whole time I was there and loved every minute of it. She always looks so made up, even on the beach.

  • jenny

    sasha, yeah it’s all true!! Kate is obviously a HUGE LIAR. Also, on this week’s epi. she is obviouly pretending to be missing Jon on her Bday in spite of the fact she knew they are already separated. And she is the one who probably doesn’t want him around.

    I am also adding that she is a SHAMELESS LIAR. On People’s interview she is obviously playing as victim. Blaming Jon for everything about their impending divorce. But the fact is they were separated SIX MONTHS AGO because SHE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HER BODYGUARD!!

    This is according to the new issue of IN TOUCH magazine and last week’s Kates brother Kevin Radar Online interview.

  • sasha

    @jenny: Jenny, I find it very had to believe she has been on vacation with her bodyguard and running around on the beach half naked for what almost two weeks now and there is nothing going on. I don’t think so. Their together, plus he’s never wearing his wedding band (the bodyguard).

  • sasha

    It’s really so ironic that these so called celebrities always get so angry at the tabloids and say “It’s a lie, its all a lie, these magazines are just trying to destroy my life, none on its true.” Then a week later they get caught doing exactly what they said they were not doing.

  • sasha

    My husband is in bed asleep. I think I’ll go wake him up and tell him I think I need my own bodyguard!

  • crazylala

    yeah jon messed up he got caught just having a good time thats all i’m not condoning what he did but he did it anyway. move on i’m sure he is no saint. but neither is she according to other reports. the real question is can they overcome what has happened and move on or should they just part ways and be ammicable for the childrens sakes.

  • Dosey doe


    Fire that Deanna Hummel from her job as a teacher, morality clauses need to be in place for them and anyone on TV. Damn, he’s still a married man and more importantly a father. Deanna which no one mentions is a skank to even pretend to be the other woman however it appears, true or not.

  • Dosey doe

    Truth or not: one day it might be asked “Kate why didn’t you fire your body guard to avoid any further rumors, true or not for the sake of your ahem reputation and the kids can you say role model? BTW He is a married man, vows?

    Release him and change bodyguards, hey what say a beefy woman body guard at that.