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Jude Law Wants You!

Jude Law Wants You!

Jude Law gets up close and personal with photographers as he leaves Wyndhams Theatre after performing as Hamlet in London, England on Wednesday (June 3). Jonny Lee Miller was seen walking with Jude.

The 36-year-old English actor recently said that Hamlet was, “a bit like a great song that’s been covered by a load of different singers!”

The BBC reviewed Jude‘s performance, saying “He delivered the play’s big lines with ease, despite being made to shiver in a snow storm for his “To be or not to be” speech.”

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • annie


  • cynthia

    yep… still ordinary

  • shamrock

    Jude looks like the HAMLET is in full agreement with him. He looks probably the BEST yet in these photos and very happy. Good Luck to him in this wonderful production. Keep lighting it up dear friend.

    Cheerio to the dapper Jude!!


  • Mandy

    Dou casa, comida, roupa lavada e td mais q ele quiser!!!
    Jude, vc me conquistou!!!

  • purpleworm

    I’m so happy for him. The reviews have been glowing and he deserves every accolade. May this be the beginning of a whole new chapter of success, opportunity and achievement for him. He deserves it. I wish him every happiness and I hope he finds it in his work and personal life.

    I’m seeing this show in early August – but still not sure I’m up for the mad crush at the stage door afterwards. We’ll see. He might be too wiped out to even face the post-show crowd by then……

  • Michelle

    He’s beautiful!!!

  • sheryl

    Cheers to Jude! I’m elated that his Hamlet is getting such wonderful buzz, from critics as well as from spectators. He looks ecstatic, and it’s nice to see that his pals Johnny and Ben were there with him for his opening night.
    My dream is that, since I can’t make it to London this summer as planned (I’m quite sad about that, actually…I already had a Hamlet ticket), that Jude and company will consider bringing their production to New York for at least a few weeks (?)…after Denmark (?)…come on, pretty please? It would make several people I know of very happy! :)
    *gives Jude a great big bear hug and big sloppy kiss*
    Anyway, good job to the whole Hamlet cast!

  • Jana

    “Jude Law Wants You”
    If Jude Law wants me, he can bloody well have me!

  • jazz

    Oh Sheryl I hope your wish comes true. I could not afford to see him in London since I already had my vacation planned but I sure will fly from LA to NY in a minute if he does bring Hamlet to Broadway.

    I am dying of envy. It looks like he really gives a very fine performanc as Hamlet. I do admire his bravery in tackling Hamlet knowing full well that the critic would slaughter him. Now I laugh at all those people who dismissed him before even seeing his performance.

  • lola

    Aw, I miss when he used to be gorgeous.. like a decade ago

  • rien

    I just want to hear him whisper (in my ears would be better):

    To be, or not to be–that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And by opposing end them.
    To die, to sleep–
    No more–and by a sleep to say we end
    The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to.
    ‘Tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wished.

    Yes, Jude. You are my consummation. And it is devoutly to be wished.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Soooo beautiful!! love everything about him.. kiss kiss kiss…

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Sooo beautiful!! Love everything in him… Kiss Kiss Kiss

  • jazz

    I do love him as an actor because he continually challenge himself
    unlike the majority of actors in Hollywood who mostly have the eye on the box office.

  • Karena

    oh, Jude and Jonny Lee! I loved seeing them together.

    And Jude returning to theater – yay! I so wish I could see him perform the play. I’m thrilled he’s getting praise for his portrayal.

    Le sigh.

  • AnnieRich

    @Jana: Me too

  • snow

    sooo over this cheater

  • sheryl

    Jazz, wouldn’t that be something if they decided to do that? I’d take my niece and my sister and get some friends to come along (out of the ones left NOT going to London this summer : ) )

  • Angie

    Come and get me, Jude

  • not gonna lie

    he looks old

  • Team Maniston

    @20, you do lie.

  • elle

    I`m so happy for his succes with rewievs
    and i have to say it he looks sooooo relaxed :)

    Thanks jared :)

  • noraa

    I want him too :D

  • kim

    Jude got Game and he bring it to Hamlet.

    Kissess for you Jude !

  • jill

    Jude I want to let you know that I’m feeling you .

    Bravo on your Hamlet sucess !

  • nikki

    Jude Law wants me !

    I’m There !

  • argg!

    shut up about the cheater crap. That was years ago and the person he cheated on has far far far and away out cheated him with shameless cruelty. At least he had the nards to apologize. Sienna has the gall the blame the victim!.

  • blackworm

    Cheers to a new begiinning for Jude-his career and personal life. May he have success, happiness. This looks like the dawn of new opportunities for him. I look forward to seeing all his achievements. I am very impressed with what I’ve read of this Hamlet production.

  • dolorescraeg

    what human being looks that handsome in just candid photos. jude is absolutely perfect. the face, the body…the way that suit fits…also to the critics who thought he’d fall on his face as hamlet….they are eating crow. the reviews for jude were spectacular beyond our expectations…
    jude you want me?????…i’ve wanted you since ripley……but since that’s a pipe dream…i’ll settle for these pics. continued good luck in hamlet….you deserve all the kudos.

  • anygirl

    I must be confusing him with someone else, but didnt he used to have a drastically reducing hairline? Someone tell me who I might
    be thinking of……please?

  • Sandy

    This is like the final scene in a movie – and the star comes on to cheers and wild protestations of love and approbation for hs perform-ance. AND THE CRITICS WHO JUDGED HIM IN ADVANCE ALL EAT

    Thanks Jared, as always we are together again following one of theatredom’s most beautiful and talented stars and this time they are
    realizing it and giving him his due. I am so thrilled and elated .This has been a good year careerwise for both of us and I hope signifies the reversa lof Jude’s to grow and go Up UP and away. BRAVO JUDE!!

  • sheryl

    Anygirl, yes, Jude has had a reducing, or receded, hairline for many years. He manages to grow out the areas that still have hair and artfully style it to cover the bare patches. In these pictures it’s not that noticeable, but if you see pictures where his head is bent down, you can see how thin it is in front and see some of the bald patch under the “combed over” areas. When he got it cut shorter last year, it was more noticeable, of course. I think it looks good grown out and styled.

  • Sandy

    Anygirl – I just had to put you straight. It was Jude but you were
    reacting to the various hairdo’s required for the films he was in and
    when you shave off or cut off a lot of hair you have to wait til it grows
    in. He’s done this before when it weas required for Road to Perdition.

    THis is a modern HAMLET and required just a normal haicut and
    there you see it and this is the real Jude Law. THere is a lot of the real Jude in HAMLET I suspect because that is what this role pulls forth
    from the actor performing it, deep emotion, vulnerability, charisma and truth.

  • Pole

    If he wants me, he can have me!

  • anygirl

    thanks sheryl and sandy…..that would have driven me crazy all day

  • jami

    @ #20 “He looks old”

    if you think Jude looks old (especially in these photos) then you must be all of about 12 yrs old- max!

    Jude looks GORGEOUS! Ah, Bring it over to Broadway Jude!!!!! NYC wants your Hamlet too ;)

  • jami

    PS- he can have me too :D

  • Nicole

    he is absolutely perfect!!!! and if he wants of course he can have me!LOL..i wish i could go see him but i live a little to far from london :(
    i luv him!…he is so gourgeous and talented

  • Brenda


  • nikki

    Jude Law say that he wants you. and (wait for it)… Remain sexy while doing so.

    Love you Jude

  • lucy

    jude i love you and i really want to see that film where you play a drag queen …. that sounds sooo coool!

  • dolorescraeg

    this hamlet is so spectacular. i wouldn’t be surprised if jude took this hamlet to the big apple. to the lady who was so concerned about his hair….fear not….jude has plenty of hair if he lets it grow. his hairline has always been the same.
    for a film he made over a year ago, not yet released called repossession mambo..he got a crew cut…that’s what you must have been thinking of.

  • Moo

    His name must be Campbell’s because he is Hmmm, Hmmm, good.

  • JAY

    @snow: He cheated on a SKANK, big deal.

  • jazz

    To those who comment on his looks. His pictures do not do him justice. I have seen him several times in person and he looks even better and younger.

  • dolorescraeg

    i will attest to that jazz.. i saw jude law close up on the set of my bluebery nights two years ago. trust me…you have never seen a more beautiful face. i couldn’t speak…. his eyes, cheekbones, mouth, skin….perfection. there are other good looking actors but this guy is beautiful and has a smile that lights up the planet….

  • Sara

    Jude, I hope everything is going very well for you in Hamlet.
    Your dreams and goals, development and maturity are the very best thing that could ever happen to you.

    All the very best of luck, Heart!!!!
    Thank You for being the Greatest!!!
    Love Yoooou ♥

    ps: I want you too – my love

  • hannah

    has anyone seen judes parents,,, are they as beautiful as he is?

  • Pole


    His mother looks very good IMO – here’s a picture:

    His father looks good too.

  • sam

    I wish he was sayin that to me incredibly handsome man love you jude!