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Sienna Miller Does Tons Of Traveling

Sienna Miller Does Tons Of Traveling

Sienna Miller departs from LAX for England on Wednesday (June 4), after attending the 2009 MTV Movie Awards this past weekend.

The 27-year-old actress has recently taken up a new hobby: gardening. “I’ve got a cottage and a garden at home in London and I’m growing vegetables for the first time in my life,” she told the Daily Star.

“I can’t wait to get back to my garden,” Sienna said. “It’s all about my veg. Forget men, parties and jet-setting!”

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  • mju8

    yes, forget men and parties but then a few days later you’ll see her crawling out of a club in london again

  • bintk

    Forget men and parties for now.

  • Jennifer

    Home Wrecker.

  • Jules

    Maybe she should concentrate on her acting skills and then the veg.

  • LolaSvelt

    She does have acting skills and say what you want about Sienna, you never see her crawling out of a club DRUNK.

  • tawi-tawi

    she is great, i like her!!!

  • Shell

    β€œIt’s all about my veg. Forget men, parties and jet-setting!” Bullcrap! We know what it’s really about. It’s about you saying insignificant crap like this in desperate attempt to bury all your idiotic childish antics for the past 5 years. Keep digging, girl, you have a lot of work to do. Skank.

  • robpatz

    “Forget men, parties and jet-setting!”

    haha say what you want….
    as for Sienna, that means the opposite

  • candy

    Because she has nothing else going on at the moment, she jets all the way to the US for a 2 min. presentation on MTV, that says it all about her career being in nosedive LOL. It’s amazing how young actreses like Sienna and Lindsay’s careers are already in the gutter at their young ages (once promising, but now tabloid jokes, they choose the party life over careers and bad choices in relationships). They both have long climbs back up the Hollywood chain, if ever (there are so many talented young actresses around that they are at the bottom of the list).

  • Don

    She says this a a lot, but then you see her stumbling drunk crawling over some married man’s lap, and it’s a little hard to believe this “English Rose” crap.

  • A

    like, cucumbers?

  • Tori

    Well, this will come in helpful, considering she is not going to be earning enough in the future to support herself.

  • NativeNYker

    Work it out, Sienna!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • argg!

    Will you PLEASE keep her over there this time!! Gack!

  • pete

    She was probably drunk when she made that comment. LOL


  • Cute

    She looks great in jeans-cute butt

  • gaga


  • c

    TRANSLATION: SM wants everyone to know that she was in LA this whole time and was spending “quality time” with the married man who still to this day hasn’t filed for a divorce/legal separation.
    It appears that upstaging a mother and her 4 kids is far more important to SM than anything else in the world.

    So seeing the married man out and about with his wife and 4 kids and paying more attention to them must have being killing SM. Imagine that, a 27yo woman so jealous of a woman and her 4 kids that she stops at nothing to upstage them. This is the woman directors and producers want to represent them?

    I take it gardening must be RG favorite hobby. SM is most defiantely trying to morph herself into RG. Is it because being SM still isn’t enough to make the married man make commitments to her?

    How is it that SM is “spotted” at an airport more times than those celebs who are even more famous and talented than her? Evryone knows that these “Look at me” stunts are orchestrated by SM.

    Forget men and parties? If that is the case, then why has she been dropping hints about how she is still sleeping with the married man? And wasn’t she just seen leaving the afterparty for the MTV awards bar?

  • princess

    C – I can’t imagine Miller being bright enough to orchestrate this stuff herself. There must be a mindless twit in someone’s employ who does this for her.

    I’m not suggesting Miller isn’t in on the action. Miller probably loves the attention! I think lots of movie “star” wannabe’s feel that unpleasant attention is better than no attention at all.

    Miller is part of a sick group of people and she is one of the sickest. All the public can do is avoid any and all of her work. Unfortunately that seems to be what they care about the most. Why else would she be trying to keep a low profile at this point in time? HER CAREER IS HURTING!!!

    ps EXTRA! EXTRA! Miller’s low profile performance is not working!

  • doug

    @LolaSvelt: I’ve seen pictures of her drunk quite a few times. Here’s an example:

    “Sienna Miller was reportedly so hammered that she was literally falling out of her shoes when photographers spotted her after a fashion launch party in London last night. Sienna was seen walking into walls and needed the support of friends to prevent herself from falling. What a party girl.”

  • may


  • deanna

    shes been seen drunk few times leaving a club , so what???
    she is young and enjoys partying, its not like she has a drinking problem and went to rehab or something. You people are so judgemental

  • tao

    She’s not a bad actress, but she’s still a slut.

  • Royal

    She could have a drinking problem and we just don’t know about it. It’s called a functioning alcoholic. The stumbling around drunk is something you’d expect from Paris or Britney.

  • h.

    she’s a w.hore.

  • A

    in her own words she can easily handle with vodka and stay on her feet because of her extensive and intensive experience.
    and that experience reflects pretty well on her unmade up puffy face. that is a result of the damaged liver, and probably kidneys.

  • emma

    how anout forgetting married men ho ho ho ho homewrecker!

  • Karma

    Who cares anymore? She’s not got anything worth talking about.

  • Karma

    There was a meeting between Sienna Miller and her PR team. Here’s how it went:

    PR TEAM: We’ve gotta get this girl’s name out of the shit-hole.
    SIENNA: Does anyone have any vodka on them?
    PR TEAM : I know, let’s say she’s into gardening. Gardening is good. Gardening is safe.
    SIENNA: Do you like my boobs?
    PR TEAM: Well, and it wouldn’t be totally off the mark. I mean, I saw some mold growing on a piece of something that resembles something that was once meat. That counts as gardening, doesn’t it? Or, we could say she’s into science!
    SIENNA: Nobody has licked my toes in days. Anybody want to?
    PR TEAM: (long pause) Let’s just go with gardening.

  • sunseeker

    Sienna and Balti were seen leaving a hotel in LA on Wednesday 3rd June, just before flying to the uk, no garden on her mind, both are the biggest liars on this earth, feed the press and then sit back and laugh.

  • jo

    @LolaSvelt: Oh yes you do, oh yes; and taxis and hotel rooms. At least here in England we do! Not crawling though coz she’s usually hanging on to some poor fella!

  • jo

    She’s known for her capacity to hold her drink. She was the only girl who could drink champion caner, Rhys Ifans, under the table and she’s had a love affair with wine since the age of sixteen. She’s an alcoholic and can’t go more than a few hours without a drink of some kind. Wine, vodka, it doesn’t matter!

  • sp

    The big rumor is SM and BG are still together and the split talk is a sham. Will be interesting to see if there are any confirming pictures from this “sighting” or the together chatter is from HER camp to cause further pain to his wife. SM and BG what a pair, how low can they go? He still has not filed any legal papers, wonder if he has relapsed back to the drugs and alcohol?

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn, really tired about hearing about the home wrecker excuse
    so r alot of other actors but u get it over it
    looking her pretty self as always
    love that she has a good sense of style
    shame she’s hiding those legs of hers tho =[

  • A
  • A

    and so sad. at some moment the denial simply stops working, and the reality settles in

  • M

    I love her! She looked fabulous at the awards.

  • A

    yeah, but the awards are over. and Sisi is back to continuing filing unemployment claims.

  • c


    I always suspected that her mother and step-mother were behind SM PR stunts. SM loves the attention as long as it works in her favor. It’s when people are not praising her “beauty” and “great sense of style” that it becomes “the media is portryaing her in a negative light” or “making her life intolerable”.

    I agree, her career is hurting badly. How many times have we seen in at an airport this year alone? That must be the only way she can get work. The sad thing is that even when her career is at it’s lowest she still tries to rub the affair in RG and her kids faces.

    Note to SM: When media outlets give compliments about her style and “beauty”, it doesn’t mean that they are giving you the okay to flaunt the affair (ie-leaking reports about she and BG are holding hands outside a hotel).

  • Gasol_fan16

    I’m really tired of hearing the home wrecker thing too!! She is very talented and very beautiful. I love her style anyway. She is still the ultimate fashion icon to me! :D Work it Sienna!

  • c

    Perhaps SM should be more selective in what she puts out in the media. If she doesn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker, then she should stop dropping hints about how she is still sleeping with the married man, hint-spotted holding his hand outside a hote and these “I’m leaving LA after spending quality time with the married man” photo-ops at LAX. Leaking those “spotted holding hands outside a hotel” stories was the wrong thing to do, just like wearing the breast sucking dress on his daughter’s birthday and gloating about how she “dumped” the married man.

  • Vox

    She is a narcissistic slut.

    She looked cute at the MTV awards, but you can tell she is not going to age well. She’s 27 and already looks 37. She’s prematurely aging herself with the smoking and tanning.

  • sunseeker

    Miller’s hobby is gardening, well not another hobby the last time

  • sunseeker

    Miller’s hobby is gardening, well not another hobby the last time

  • sunseeker

    Miller’s hobby is gardening, well not another hobby the last time

  • sunseeker

    Miller’s hobby is gardening, well not another hobby the last time Iit was golfing, she is getting a right little Miss Perfect, with all her hobby’s she is still a homewrecker and a classless immoral tart.

  • Gavin

    Miller’s hobby is riding the baloney pony.
    This chick must have tons of STDs.

  • A
  • A
    I guess, you never know how important the good health is, until you lost it.

  • A

    and if Hugo were still here, he’d drop her