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Adam Lambert Sans Drake LaBry

Adam Lambert Sans Drake LaBry

Adam Lambert throws up the peace sign as he leaves a medical building on Friday afternoon (June 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old American Idol alum may not have been accompanied by interior designer/painter boyfriend Drake LaBry but someone more famous was there — Katharine McPhee‘s paparazzi protector Quween!!! Remember her???

Watch the video below!

People just dug up some “dirt” on Drake. Apparently he has a tattoo on his arm and two bird tattoos on his chest.

Adam Lambert + Quween!!!

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Credit: Fapian/Zodiac; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • k

    Adam you should just come out and say your a fag people today love your sick type.

  • holly

    im tired of hearing about the gays so sick puck.

  • L

    Drake is from my hometown (New Iberia Louisiana) and he dated one of my good friends, who is a GIRL on and off for like 3 years. We would always try to tell her that he was gay but she never believed us. We also went to the same college, Louisiana State University. He’s an amazing artist and a great person.

  • Ryan

    Check out the Whole Adam Lambert Video at

  • kerriana

    He is such a good looking dude.

  • t

    sick of seeing his gay ass

  • elle

    so so beautiful

  • LameLambert

    Frumpy fame whore.

  • Magicha

    so gay gfo

  • Tanya

    he is gorgeous

  • cutest video ever!

    Paisley is only 15 months old, but has already become a huge Adam fan.
    EVERY morning she asks to watch his videos on my iphone and won’t stop until I show her.

  • Ryan

    Check out the Full Length Video of Adam Lambert

  • Paulie

    What’s with all the homophobes posting here? You people are so full of hate.

  • Anne

    Love him!! He’s such an amazing artist and his style is fabulous!!

  • Courtz

    So he’s without his supposed boyfriend and people make a big deal? What, so couples have to be attatched at the hop 24/7 in order for them to still be together? That’s ridiculous

  • *Beenie*

    OMG! The papparazzi in this video ( is disgusting and their actions extremely psycho and disturbing. Ryan, thank you for sharing. This is the side of fame that 99% of the public don’t see. Even under pressure, being barked at and literally attacked in a confined stairwell, Adam kept his cool and was very polite. The recent media garbage about Adam being a diva is bulls- – -. Just watching this video alone made me very upset. I can’t even imagine how horrible it would be to be under a microscope, constantly yelled at, and scrutinized in the public eye 24 hrs/7days a week. That would definitely make me flip out.

  • Tagrid

    dirt? tats? whatev! jerks!

  • Cassie

    Looking gorgeous as always, but the paps need to chill out.

  • tj

    Adam is super talented, super gorgeous and I love him. All you homophobes please slither back into your dark little caves, no one wants to hear from you.

  • Pandora

    He’s adorable and seems like a really nice guy. I think he and his BF make a cute couple. To those who leave comments re: being “tired of seeing his gay ass” I have a question — if you’re so tired of it, why keep on looking? Obviously you must get something out of it.

  • thierry

    He is loving the attention, posing for the pics and so on,.. he is loving it! Reason why now he goes to themedical centre that all celebs go,just to get papped, what do you expect, he is not silly.

  • mel

    All this is publicity for him, that’s why he does it. Attention seeker!

  • mario

    Oh, sh*it! Another publicity who*re, as if we didn’t have enough already!

  • Mary

    GO ADAM!

  • Kim

    I love Adam. I don’t know why people think he’s in the closet. Thank you for posting this Jared.

  • Kurt

    Adam’s the best! Looking forward to his CD! That’s for me more important than his private life, but at least that keeps people talking until his CD …
    Adam and his friend does not have to spend 24/7 together. And the tattoos of Drake you can see on several pics, tattoos are great!

  • fu

    Paulie @ 06/05/2009 at 5:34 pm What’s with all the homophobes posting here? You people are so full of hate
    shut up most people have an opnion you gay ass

  • sarah

    Adam’s awesome! Small, ugly homophobes, not so much.

    btw, Publicity is one thing (which he clearly isn’t seeking out here), being stalked is another. That video was more than a little frightening! I’m so glad he has a great sense of humor and a good head on his shoulders. Love his big smile.

  • petra2222

    We need some laws lto imit the paparazzi. Photos from a distance is maybe okay, but when they box someone (as in this stairwell situation), it is dangerous harassment. People, even celebrities, need to be able to move in the world without constantly having to dodge camera-toting intruders.

  • Fat elvis

    yeah, he better get himself checked for AIDS. Hes a flaming queer.

  • lee

    Actually, your last sentence just show you are the biggest homophobic posting here(you gay ass), if you know what I mean……

  • anna

    how is Adam seeking attention? by leaving his house? GMAB. The fact that tabloids like TMZ and such think it’s newsworthy to follow Adam on a simple errand is what is wrong with this situation. Adam should be able to live his life normally without being hounded by photographers 24/7.

    He was surprisingly sweet to them though.. I’d have screamed at them to get the f out of my face.

  • sarah

    im a homophobe ill admit it to bad.

  • ho

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  • manny

    get the f*uck out of this world, idiot! respect everybody no matter what their sex preferences are, and anyway, in which way is a man liking another man hurting you? I can understand if you don’t tolerate violence, war or things like that, but being gay?Bl*oody ignorant!

  • lee

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  • lee

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  • Tony

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  • fu

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  • manny

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  • LuckyL

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  • mar

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  • tony

    I want to bang Adams ass all night long hes hot.

  • s

    tony wants to bang adam in the ass all night long.

  • marr

    im gay leave me alone.

  • Imogen

    The homophobes are making me sick.

  • tony

    fu, yeah, you are so right, I know you are writing on my behalf in post 45, but to be honest with you I’d love to have Adam,pity I’m a straight woman and he will never take an interest on me. I’m logging off know as it’s quite late here in London and to be honest with you …I can’t be bothered to read your nonsense comments. Good night!

  • k

    mar @ 06/05/2009 at 7:25 pm @fu:
    If you don’t like gay people, you don’t have to look at this post or write in here, just skip it and go somewhere else, it looks to me that
    how are you people can say wht they want so get over it.

  • Imogen

    I love homophobes eveyone has a right to talk.