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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Are PDA People

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Are PDA People

On-again couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long hold hands while leaving a Green Day in Hollywood on Thursday (June 4).

Looking very much together with the 31-year-old ‘Mac’ man, the 34-year-old Charlie’s Angel actress helped squash rumors of being romantically linked to Entourage star Adrian Grenier.

On October 9, Drew will have her first outing as a director for the film Whip It. Drew will also star in the movie along with Ellen Page, Jimmy Fallon, and Juliette Lewis. The comedy is about a misfit who finds a roller derby league in her town.

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Credit: Dominguez; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • really…?

    Did she make that outfit?

  • Jenny

    wow what the hell is she wearing

  • Saudia

    cute couple .. love them together .. but Drew … you look like a teenager!! Oh geez I don’t know what she is wearing

  • Dread not

    Hands off, Justin! Drew is MY sexy she beast! Go back to, Hayden Pantsareoverthere, Drew’s mine! She beast is good thing, for the record.

  • katy

    wtf is that?? who would ever think that outfit was something they should wear??

  • edkso

    everyone’s going to bitch about how she’s really bringing the 90s fashion! whatevs man, i t’s not the most flattering thing ever but i love it
    at least she’s being original

  • bandit

    Drew dresses so bad, she wants so hard to be hip and edgy but all her clothes come across as wacky, tacky, weird.

  • Liv

    What in the world is that thing she’s wearing?

  • twitter

    I think she pulls it off

  • ello

    That is the most, most ,horrible outfit,,,

    sorry I’m speechless

  • Rachael

    Who really cares what she’s wearing? What pisses me off is the AHole papps in their faces. Something has got to be done about these slugs!! A person can’t go out and enjoy themselves without these parasites all over the place.

  • (LL)

    wtf is she wearing?

  • Whoa

    Yet, Rachael, you are clearly here looking at those pictures those slugs have taken.

  • Paula

    Yey! They’re back together. They look good together. Though, I can’t not comment on Drew’s outfit. What the hell is it? lol

  • victoria

    I love Drew Barrymore, and although I don’t personally like her outfit, I think it’s cool that she clearly dresses to please herself :-)

  • maya

    Is that Drew Barrymore? She’s barely recognizable with all the weight loss…. or maybe it’s just the pics. I hope she’s not on drugs again. What’s happened to her usual smiley face and demeanor?

  • LolaSvelt

    Well this is living proof of how bad celebrities can dress without their stylists!

  • hey

    i love her style =]

  • Mavis

    what the hell is she wearing? She is dressing fugly lately!

  • J


  • Charlie

    i love them as a couple…not really feeling what she’s wearing though..

  • Vanessa

    Thats the kind of outfit you wear in order to ask a guy if he REALLY loves you. LMAO

  • mickey

    Love Drew. Hate the outfit, but she goes her own way so that’s okay.

  • ali

    wowwww! thats an interesting outfit…

  • J

    Please stop dressing like that and I’ll do anything you want. No, more godesses dressing in pillow cases or sad faces.

  • J

    I know this was you. He’s your bf, so you should be doing that and anything else he wants.

    ‘frisco Fri, Jun 5, 2009, 12:28 PM
    Got any pics of her lickin’ his beans? ‘

  • J

    You’re a real sicko by the way, but I didn’t need to see that to know it either. Still don’t want to marry you.

  • J

    Something stick in your craw? Kind of like all the crappy things you said and did to me…you don’t like what I say? Why do you keep paying attention?

  • tom

    justin finally realized he is nothing in shobiz w/o Drew. so he got back withher.

  • J

    You should lick his beans too tom. What have you accomplished in show business? tom is probably you too, so it’s redundant.

  • J

    ‘I See Right Through You’ – Alanis Morrissette

  • J

    Still wouldn’t kick you out of the sac though – even if you had been wearing that. I’d just take it off you.

    “…looked at my ass…” blah blah blah….

    All you’re good for is bean lickin’ as far as I’m concerned. The song said so, so it must be true.

  • J

    How long do you want to keep being adversaries? Haven’t you learned you can’t control me yet?

    You’re not my lady. If you were, you could run the situation, but since you’re not, you’ll have to content yourself with running the guy who’s balls you lick.

    Something has seriously changed in me, b/c it doesn’t fu@k with me like it used to.

    You’ll probably be licking someone else’s balls this time next year. What’s the difference? I just want some peace of mind again.
    I don’t think I’d ever find that with you long term. I don’t think we’re meant to be together that way. When all you can do is hurt and piss each other off, what’s the point?

    I don’t believe you really want anything other than to use me.

  • J

    You’re so full of crap, it’s unbelievable. You just posted that bean licking thing today. What did you expect – that I’d still let it devastate me? You’ve already done that too many times. I guess I just got sick of being clobbered and I’ve grown a thicker skin when it comes to you.

    I’d be very shocked if you ever got close to me again.

    I’d also be shocked if it actually mattered to you.

  • J

    Sweetheart…we’re both lovely people with everyone but each other. Why don’t we just live and let live again? Meet me in the middle. Then we can all move on.

    Doesn’t that sound better than more of this?

    Only 2 to 3 years added to the salt mines.

  • J

    Then we don’t have to know each other and you won’t have to pretend you care. Isn’t that better than wearing around pillow cases and posting pretend internet messages?

  • J

    You were always more concerned with publicly creating a show of something than creating anything real, so none of this is surprising. I always love when you say ‘everybody knows’. You’d have it no other way.

    Pay attention while you’re doing that to the bodies dropping.

  • J

    You know how I know you’re bullsh!t, in case common sense wasn’t enough? Everybody, includes him. He knows what you’re doing on a daily basis, bombarding me with songs about love and marriage and whatever other crap you can think of, which is exactly what you tell him. The why isn’t that you love me, or oh god, want a relationship with me. I suspect you tell him it’s for some greater purpose. Oh my god. Is that sad or what? You thinking you’re still trying to do some good.

  • J

    You’re pathetic.

  • Y

    my goodness… what is she wearing?!
    that’s the worst outfit ever!

  • JeterLover

    wat is she wearing?

  • http://Justjared Jerry

    I adore Drew, but I have misgivings about this relationship resuming. When they were together before it seemed like every time you saw a photo of them together they were leaving a club with Drew looking wasted. Not a healthy environment for a recovered addict.

    For several months she talked about being glad she was single and “I’m not in the wrong relationship.” After repeating that refrain a number of times it seems odd she would wind up back in the arms of the last guy she dated.

    Good luck, but you have to be skeptical about the staying power of this relationship. Except for the bar owner she was married to for 15 minutes every boyfriend Drew’s ever had has been an actor or musician. It might be a terrific idea for her to venture outside the entertainment industry for a new love.

  • kuikui

    i love this couple

  • lily

    Her outfit looks very…Marc Jacobs inspired?

  • Meream

    This is great news and all but what is Drew wearing?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    What in god’s name is she wearing?!

  • Laura bryant

    I feel sorry for Justin Long right now. Looking at these pictures reminds me of how my boyfriend (or should I say ex-boyfriend) acted when he and I weren’t really going anywhere. Either she’s under the influence or she’s as tired as someone recovering from a night of drinking. Regardless, she looks as though she had a heavy night of drinking.

    And her dress isn’t that bad. I’ve worn something like that before. These types of outfits work well with people with a slim and slender physique and suit people who have shorter hair. I’d say that an asian or a teeny tiny girl would fit well in this dress.

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