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Gwyneth Paltrow's Legs Shine Bright

Gwyneth Paltrow's Legs Shine Bright

Looking better than ever, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s legs shine — literally — on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

The 36-year-old actress, who wore a gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress, shared that her 3-year-old son Moses calls rapper Jay-Z, Uncle Jay. (If you didn’t know, Gwyn and husband Chris Martin are very good friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z.)

Gwyn also showed Conan how to do some exercises for his butt. Watch the episode below!

10+ screencaps inside of GP‘s shiny legs…

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gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 01
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 02
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 03
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 04
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 05
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 06
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 07
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 08
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 09
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 10
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 11
gwyneth paltrow shiny legs 12

Photos: Paul Drinkwater/NBC, WENN
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  • maya

    She’s glowing…. literally … all over! Her hubby, Chris Martin, is gorgeous.

  • LuckyL

    Disgusting. The few times she uses a moisturizer she doesn’t know what to do or how to do it.

  • ma74

    Moses is hilarious.he is mini-Chris

  • Gavin

    Her legs look gross.

  • Jen

    I thought her makeup and hair looked nice, but her legs looked she
    dipped them in a vat of Crisco.

  • zc

    joker: why so shiny?

  • Jenn

    Too much leg makeup. lmao

  • Paul

    Forget the legs, that schnoz of hers keeps getting longer and longer.

  • rascal

    The shake n’ bake tan and shoe booties have got to go…

  • mertz

    even though i saw this i don’t think i was paying attention because i was so focused on how ugly that background is behind them. ugh. but i read about it and now here’s the pics. WHY SO SHINY GWYNETH. we know you’re better than us all so what’s your point chica. conan trying to do the exercise=hilarious.

  • Leah

    I wondered what was up with her legs. She looked like she greased
    them with baby oil. Not a good look.

  • YUCK


  • blondie

    This Academy Award Winner looks goooood.
    She looks like a star.
    She is a star.
    She shines like a star.

    I can’t wait to see her next movie!!!!!!

  • blondie

    I want to see her do something with Jude Law, again.
    A movie with Jude….yes.

  • YUCK


  • kitt

    Gwyneth looks a lot like Sally Kellerman in those photos.

  • Mich

    The girl can act pretty well, but I think her time has come and gone. She seems to be still trying to be relevant despite Hollywood’s lack of interest.
    I’m surprised her assistant didn’t catch the oily legs. Sometimes I think she does this stuff on purpose so people will talk her about in the papers and blogs.

  • true blood

    She is an ok dresser, though I find that her face is only attractive from a distance and yes, I noticed too that her nose seems to be getting bigger as she ages.

  • lulu

    I might be in the minority here, but I think that is a horrible outfit and her legs, usually her best feature, look gross. I think her hair looks good here, but everything else is a mess.

  • always

    She looks oddly old and plastic there.
    Like a middle-aged Barbie, but I like the shoes.

  • Steph

    I tend to fine Gwyn’s legs to be her best feature, but yeah,
    they do look kinda bulky and manly. Maybe she is overdoing
    the workouts? I do think she looks much nicer with a side part.

  • princess

    I like her as an actress but I’ve never found her pretty and she is annoying in interviews IMO.

  • just me
  • Emma

    Jeez, she needs to tone down the baby oil, that amount of shine is ridiculous!! And its distracting!

  • Movie Watcher

    What was Gwyneth promoting? Her website?
    Too bad for us Iron Man fans. I would have loved to have seen Robert Downey, Jr. instead. More Iron Man, less Goop, please.

  • Perry Noid

    Just as Drew Barrymore was paid 100K to mention Kraft cheese on The Letterman Show a few years back could it be that Gwyneth is subliminally advertising Johnson’s Baby Oil?

  • hehehehehe

    It is funny you can see where the waxing starts ….

  • Tuesday

    # 26 – Could be. She does more shilling than acting these days.
    She should use some of that endorsement money and find herself a good stylist.

  • mickey

    Her legs look like that because she is made out of plastic, just like a lot of fake things.

  • Gambit

    Baby Oil is so 80s. Humanity has made better moisturizers since then. I never understood the love for baby oil when it’s nothing but grease on your body. You slide everywhere and it’s bad when you SWEAT.

  • Melly

    ha yay so i wan’t the only one that noticed that last night on conan… her legs were shiny as hell..

  • Lillianne

    I saw this on tv last night and I thought it looked like she tried to use olive oil as a “natural” moisturizer so she could have something to toot her own horn about on her website. Looks like that’s not going to work out so much. Should have tried it at home first.

  • NativeNYker
  • w.d.

    Her legs do look very luminescent! I agree, they’re usually her best feature. However, not if these pictures are any indication LOL. Her husband, Chris Martin, is one of the homeliest guys I have seen. Fug and fug.

  • ivy

    ^ I think they’re both homely except his wife hides it behind the bleached hair, short dresses and now the fake tanner. Not much she can do about the face but she should try a more natural hair colour/foundation and the fit of the dress could be better. Agree, the legs were distracting.

  • Rhonda

    If you want to be noticed put vaseline all over your legs? She is looks a little cuter than usual, but she’s still disgusting.

  • Sally

    Love the hair and the dress. She’s always so classy and cute.

  • Jenny

    wow did she rub olive oil before she went on the show

  • Jenny

    wow did she rub olive oil before she went on the show

  • jaye

    The Oscar was the best thing and worst thing that could have happened to her; she became a total snob and hasn’t done anything since worth mentioning. She’s living on her past fame.

  • me

    Are they really her legs? I swear you can see a line where they suddenly get darker than the top of her legs. Almost like someone photo shopped the picture!

  • ello

    she rocks! I think Gwyneth is a beautiful actress and mom.

    Her legs not doubt look like that due to the lighting. If you look at the pics of her standing up there is no shine.

    Get over it people!!!

  • LT

    Gwyn has become a butterface; nice body but an average face. Her legs don’t look as good as usual here.

    It was not the lighting. There are photos of her sitting in the same position before and after they went to commercial and her legs are positively dripping before the break. Someone had enough sense, probably not Goopy, to wipe her legs down. She probably went out like that on purpose; it’s the only way she can get attention these days.

  • pin

    She is very, very annoying!!! A total snob, and I haven’t watched anything she has been in since “Shakespeare in love”. Retire already you goopy snob!!!

  • Cuppycakes

    C’mon people, she looks good! I’d like to see a picture of every one that has something terrible to say. It’s so easy to be behind a screen and say awful things.

  • stone

    ^You don’t have to be attractive to know when someone looks bad. Otherwise modeling agents would go out of business.

    This chick is very plain. Greasing her legs and painting herself
    up like an Oompa Loompa doesn’t help much, but it does keep her in the news which seems to be her objective.

  • emma

    Ew, that looks kinda gross :(

  • jj fan

    YAY love you GP thanks jared

  • ewww


  • diva

    i used to be kinda negative in my comments about Gwen, like someone already said, she’s annoying, but this time i have to admit, she looks and acts O.K, not perfect, but much more human, not snobby, like she’s god gift to the world, she looks OK, but not that attractive, A for effort. maybe not being relevant any more brought her down a notch, i like Chris.