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Hayden Christensen is Vanishing on 7th Street

Hayden Christensen is Vanishing on 7th Street

Hayden Christensen picks up some party supplies from a local Albertsons supermarket on Thursday afternoon (June 4) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 28-year-old Canadian actor is said to be joining John Leguizamo and Thandie Newton in the Brad Anderson-directed film Vanishing on 7th Street.

The trio will play survivors of a mysterious phenomenon in which, during a blackout, most of the population disappears. Holed up in a tavern, they try to piece together what’s happening before the “darkness” returns.

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • screwed


  • S

    It is not only a rumor? I want to look forward for this film, but i will just have to wait untill they start filming. Oh, he looks cute.

  • gilmorie

    @ Hayden Christensen is Vanishing on 7th Street

    Naaah… HC is VANISHING ON HOLLYWOOD FOR GOOD would be much more accurate & suitable.

  • deraj tsuj

    I think he bought some kittie p0rn, he’s a feline lover

  • Anakin

    @3 – that was so lame. you wouldn’t happen to be a writer for Leno or Jimmy Fallon?

  • sharon

    O h wow we have a story wothout Bilson mentioned first and what did I say when they where pictured in Paris ,that when they come back to LA you would never see them together or him walking 3 ft ahead of her with his hands in his pockets ….how predictable!!!

  • S

    I does not matter anyway, if JJ is not mentioning his other half. Somebody is doing it sooner.

  • sharon

    Oh what happened to the lacoste hat ??? That’s right we aren’t in Paris anymore .

  • steph

    god these people don’t know the word respect…
    anyway i love him…and thanks for the good news !

  • Bella boo

    What did Hayden do to cause so many people to hate on him. You people are crazy, I can’t believe you would waste your time on someone you don’t like. This kind of behaviour screams loudly as to what you are really like as a person, let see, deranged, spiteful, jealous, unstable, malicious, horrible, obnoxious, unlikeable, repulsive, I could go on and on. Get a life people.

    The reason why I came here was to say good on you Hayden, this sounds like a good movie choice and one I would like to see.

  • stacy

    I don’t think it’s so much that people hate on Hayden as they hate on his significant other and the fact that before she came along, he had a semblance of a private life, which he has had either taken from him or has voluntarily given up.

  • Antonia

    who is Hayden’s signinficant other??

  • me

    Good he’s doing a movie. Does that mean that she still wants to be his girlfriend when she’s not doing nothing herself? You all said that he suppose to make her star.

  • !!!

    OMG, they are living together and are about to get married. Get over it already.

  • Viper

    I don’t trust much on this movie until he is seen shooting on set until then like the other 2 movies it could go under for him.

  • me

    He does not look happy with her or in love. Just settled for someone who is crazy about him and he likes that.

  • !!!

    For me, they are looking very happy together. I dont know them personally, so i cant assure that. Do you know this couple personally? How do you know how they feel?

  • me

    It is very naive of you to question if I know how they feel, most people notice that he is just not that into her. He is caring and protective and provides for her but not in love. This is not how people in love behave and based on his prior pda with others it looks more like he wants out than in. He looks depressed as if he lost zest for life and any hope for being happy. She is an embarrassment in HW world and his career is at a stand still and hooking up with her does not help his career either. She is not exactly a HW beauty or a well respected actress. She is a liability to him, not an asset.

  • !!!

    Well , to each his own opinion.

  • me

    You must think he is a real moron to be in love with the midget talentless ditz or may be he is.
    It is just that he did not exactly chose her over Natalie Portman or Sienna Milller, it is more that he ended up with her for lack of better options. But his reputations is suffering, she is just a ditz.

  • padme

    Thank you JJ for finally posting a pic of just Hayden and not with Clinger tagging along. Ratchel is such a nuisance…a parasite that sucked every ounce of his self-confidence (he keeps dropping out of movies/projects), enthusiasm (he looks depressed esp. when Clinger is around), health (he lost weight and muscles since his ROTS days), and wealth (no doubt Clinger is spending his SW royalties for her shopping addiction). Hayden, wake up and go back to Natalie!!! :-)

  • !!!

    He is caring, protective, and providing but does not love her because she is not a hollywood beauty, does not helping his carrer, is a midget and is not a respected actress?

  • me

    How can any man be in love with a talentless, not so great looking, primitive airhead unless he is a depressed, insecure and is afraid to be alone. Please explain.

  • Frenemies

    LOSER and SUPERD*CK. What a POS corporate sellout!

    Don’t worry this movie will probably turn out to be a rumor too. Who hires 2X4′s to act even in horror movies, unless he’s going to be the stake through someone’s heart? Get out of the profession Hayden. You’ve sucked in everything since ROTS. Your worthless untalented foul-mouthed idiot gf perfectly reflects your lack of honor, lack of talent, lack of education and lack of inteligence so best of luck to you as you enter obscurity with a stack of bills a mile high and spendthrift self-obsessed wife.

  • !!!

    Do you know what love is? It is when you care for someone. You want to be with this person around and spend much time as possible regardless of his looks or wealth. You can not control whom you feel in love with. If you want Hayden to have a gorgeous, A list actress as a wife then it is just because to satisfy your own HW world.

  • lisab

    DAMN he is so freakin SEXY!! YUMMY!!! :D

  • Cee

    Yikes! People are harsh.

    Love, love, love him! He looks great! <3

  • @26

    Only sexy if you like hostile, dreary, untalented and boring.

    @27 He looks pretty good but he’s such a loser it’s hard to care.

  • me

    So Agree with 28.

  • jo

    He looks much more relaxed when Rachel Bilson’s not in his face. He always looks morose and withdrawn when he has to be with her. She has no style and her figure has no wow factor. She looks as though she’ll turn into a little dumpling if she doesn’t watch her figure and work out a bit more. Men don’t dig the porky ones. Fat is a turn off!
    If she wants to keep him and keep him happy she’s going to have to work a lot harder than she’s doing now, get a more sexy style, tone those hips and put his needs first for once.

  • Anakin

    @28 – but he’s such a loser that you took time out of your wonderful life to post in his thread

  • sharon

    @ 11 exactly you are right ..and to be honest alot of his long time fans are just disappointed in him right now .
    @10 I think # 11 explained what is the reason.

  • @31

    Only losers pimp out their personal lives for money.

    @32 Many of the people who used to like him don’t anymore since he took up with Bilson but she only brought the worst in him. She didn’t make him into something he wasn’t. She showed us who he really was and now we know he’s shallow, arrogant, and a huge liar.

  • w.d.

    #18, when did you become a shrink? That ,or maybe your clairvoyant, and would be better suited using your “gift” in other ways. You have an incredible knack for ascribing emotions to people based on what you see in pictures, which we all know, tells the full story LOL. Dumbass.

    Hayden is a mediocre actor, and has run of the mill looks. What am I not seeing here? He’s not that great, and is lucky to even have a girlfriend LOL.

  • me

    Hayden is a mediocre actor, and has run of the mill looks.

    Rachel, on the other hand, is a terrible actress and has no looks. As bad as he may be, she is much worse and negatively effects his image.

  • Bella boo

    Let me get this straight people, most of you are now ex-fans because of his choice in fiancée. I guess the only woman in your eyes for him is Natalie Portman. I can’t believe how shallow you are to not like Hayden anymore because he has chosen to partner someone you don’t like or is it that you’re jealous that the ring Rachel is wearing isn’t on your finger, dream on little girls. If Hayden didn’t love her she wouldn’t be wearing his ring, all you phony shrinks can analyse them as much as you want but the fact remains they are engaged SO GET OVER IT! How can someone you don’t even know disappoint you so much, you girls have invested way too much of your feelings and time into celebrities.

    So why was it that when the OC was on and Rachel and Adam were together they were the golden couple, everyone loved Rachel then, but now she is with Hayden she is hated?

  • me

    Yes, Natalie Portman is the one. And no, did not know who Rachel was until he started dating her, never watch soap operas, it is crap tv.

  • Bella boo

    @ 37

    Do you know how ridiculous that statement is, Natalie Portman is the one. You belong in a mental hospital for deranged fans girls. By the way the OC wasn’t a soap opera.

  • ?

    If Hayden and Rachel are together showing PDA you call them on Fakes. If Hayden appears alone you say he is not in love with Rachel because he is not smiling for photos. What do you want?

    NOT EVERYONE HATES THEM! Are only 5 people using different names, such as: Me, Gasol, Frenemies, Screwed, etc.. Idiots who want to make everyone hate Rachel and Hayden …

  • me

    No39 Noone hates rachel or hayden its ok if say what they want. the pictures says thrt he went to the store ahe has a movie coming out. Everybody don’t have to like them if they don’t want to.I don’t hate rachel or hayden at tthe point But the lies is got to stop none know wht going on with them at this point in time.But something has change between them since the gala and the robbery at her her house and why she didn’t file a police report when it happen.Its about time hayden get be noticed being alone by hisself insted of her being in the limelight all the time. Why can’t he alone by hisself. Hayden is the one who is getting all the deals and movie offers. And you don’t think she’s not mad about it. She haven’t been offer nothing too much.And all the lies she been telling haven’t gotten her her anywhere lately. NO.39 you should be mad with rachel no the the people that ‘s posting their comments you doing it too.So why they haven’t told anybody their relationship then that’s what you suppose to do.Noone will have to come here says thing if they come out amd say something.Stop feeling sorry for rachel cause she don’t need it. And hayden don’t need it either They doing what they want to do rather a couple are not.As long as rachel don’t hurt him like she did Adam he will be ok.. You think that they have problems like everyone else do you/ Everything wasn’t good between them in paris as seen to be. even when they went to the airport and when they came back. What was the big deal about them holding hand in paris and when they came back here.Hayden don’t have to be rachel all the time. He has business to take care of .something she don’t know nothing about unless she got something hidden from himAll this relationship is been a lie on rachel’s part. She haven’t said anything about their relationship since it started And who was those guys he was hanging out with last year? Rachel don’t need that much PDA does she?If she get out and o something and do something mabe if she would get out and do something and stop letting people like you feel sorry for she would do something with her life. The PDA need to be taken away from and give it to someone that really needs Like Hayden and other actor like his former co-stars who really work at acting and not someon who don’t do nothing but walk her dog and go shopping or running around chasing a guy when her house got instead of coming home to see about her house when it got robbed.And the O.C. was a soap too.Rachel’s part in it didn;t make in sense lt is truly base on whtat she’ s doing in real life. Don’t know what she wants to do.Hyden on the hand he ‘s knws what he wants to do in life. wyd some of try and get true about haow really feel about rachel instead of guessing at it About adam and rachel being the golden couple .it didn’t started with her bring with hayden it was long before then .She was messing with other guys But don’t change rachel one bit she still dates other guys when she gets ready to.She just haven’t done it but’s coming.

  • Bella boo

    @ 40, me.

    You are one sad obsessed head case, get a grip girl. I said it before and will say it again; you belong in a mental hospital for deranged fan girls. You’re the type of fan who will turn into a stalker; celebrities are scared of people like you. Can’t you see that your obsession is mentally unhealthy? I honestly had a hard time making sense of your last post your grammar and spelling is terrible, this leads me to believe you are aren’t very old. Your mum needs to get you some professional help before your obsession gets out of control, go have a bath it should help you relax.

  • G

    Okay Bella boo, you’ve made your point, now don’t start sounding like the ones you’re trying to put down.

    1.) the FANS BRING THE MONEY, this is my industry which holds the career I love, so let me just straighten that out for you. IF THE FANS DON”T WANT TO SEE HIM—-HE WON’T BE SEEN—-PERIOD.

    So those girls and boys who invest their time and MONEY in him are no different then the people who invest their time and MONEY in reading their favorite author or listening to their favorite artist/musician.

    2.) SOMETHING HAS CHANGED WITH HAYDEN. Who knows what it is but his FANS NOTICE, maybe life hshit, Girlfriend hsit, career hsit, but anyone who see someone they’ve come to love/respect hit rut is going to say something about–that’s their right, especially in the whole hollywood equation to success.

    3.) Scapegoating is COMMON PRACTICE, so get over it. When I read the boards, I bypass the bs when I see; why not take that up and then says something valid about, I don’t know his career moves.

    I’m not a fan of Rachel’s and the OC was a stupid show, so as a fan, I’ll say what always said HAYDEN CAN DO MUUCH BETTER, and only time will tell for them: that’s all that should be said.

  • S

    @me or wish
    Maybe you should seek another celebrity you can worship to, because Hayden and Rachel are going nowhere. They will eventually get married. Yes, Hayden is lucky to have Rachel. She is a keeper and loves Hayden.

  • jo

    @S: What is there to love, though? She’s a 0, a nothing. The OC was the worst kind of drivel, dumbed down tween soap imaginable and her acting mediocre at best. She’s pretty, yes, but it’s the sort of pretty that fades quickly and turns into frumpy, dumpling hausfrau. There’s no excitement, no wow! Boring, boring Bilson! He can do so much better!

  • sterling

    This is what you so-called “perks” if your hooking up w/ a tabloid hound, you could also be a “regular tabloid pet” even out of nothing.

  • Try

    YouTube – raydenathome

  • me

    Ok, he loves her, a moron and a loser, nice couple.

  • @46

    HIRED/PAID paparazzi for jobless dlisters. The End.

  • reedley

    What else is NOT new in that another pap shoot (#46), they’re still looking as usual as oddest, coldest & pun intended looking (dis)engaged couplet in the planet HW. Thank God, no matter how hard they try, movie moguls & agents continually pass them by every minute of the day and those penny-starved & small time paparazzi are the sole ones who took some pity on them.

  • jo

    @Try: Enjoyed the bit where she bumped her head on the open window. It’s a classic! In front of the paps too. Best bit of acting she’s done so far. Her hips are still looking big, big, big.