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Jennifer Garner: Orange You Happy

Jennifer Garner: Orange You Happy

Jennifer Garner sips on a cup of coffee as she strolls though a park with a mystery male on Friday morning (June 5)

The 37-year-old actress’s ex-boyfriend and Alias costar Michael Vartan opened up to the June 2009 issue of Redbook. Here’s what he said on whether he’s learned anything from his onscreen relationships “No, because with onscreen romances, you know from the beginning whether or not and how two characters will get together. I wish it were that easy! I wish there were road signs in real life of what to do and how the hell to do it. But I guess that’s what makes it fun. Or not!”

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  • Sally

    She is SO pretty, even like this, without any production. Natural and beautiful.

  • JESS

    Is she pregnant again?

  • mike

    she is a natural beauty.

  • lala


  • Gambit

    She had a C-section and that’s a shame because all these Hollywood mothers don’t want to push their own babies out. If she pushed her own child she would have had a flat tummy.


  • youwillmissme

    Looks like she’s 5-month pregnant!

  • jaye

    JESS @ 06/05/2009 at 2:22 pm

    Is she pregnant again?
    I was thinking the same thing when i saw the first picture.

  • Au naturel

    How the heck would you know if she had a c-section or not? Pray tell!!!

  • lauren

    hmmm… she DOES look pregnant.

  • You/Me

    Jennifer is naturally beautiful…..but she always looks like a slob! I mean, she dresses comfortably and that’s cool but she takes it too far…..way too baggy jeans most days, way over-sized ugly blouses, and torn panties! I honestly think that she and Ben are the type of people who live in filthy homes (well would anyway if they didn’t have a maid,lol!) and only shower when they have too. Jen just seems like she doesn’t care about being clean.

  • pinkrose

    She looks TOTALLY SLOPPY. What’s the point in printing this? Go stalk someone doing something relatively interesting and looking like they give a damn how they look before going through their gate. I don’t look that homely when I go out.

    I felt badly for her whjen they printed the torn panties pic of her, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that this woman is plain sloppy. Give it a couple years and see if you can hold your husband’s interest.

  • sade

    I would just like to see her hair styled and clean every once and awhile.

    Also, She is definitely pregnant again. Any woman who has had a baby knows the doctor tells you the first 4-6 months after you give birth you are most fertile.

  • Brian

    Stop trying to sell that movie.
    It bombed

  • Gambit

    @Au naturel:

    Please. She had a C-Section. That’s C-Section tummy. Since she’s breast feeding her tummy would have been flat if it was natural birth.

  • H.

    She’s losing her post-baby weight at a normal, healthy rate people. She’s not starving herself to get thin quickly like most Hollywood people and that’s a good decision. I think it’s refreshing to see a celebrity go natural and not feel the need to always be “on” like Posh.

  • charlotte

    Maybe she pregnant again. The stomach is more round than two months ago. Maybe is only the wind under the T-shirt.

  • Dee

    Oh ffs idiots, she’s not pregnant, she’s still getting back into shape after having a baby. No big deal.

  • Felicity

    OMG she looks SO pregnant. what a round belly!

  • omg

    yes? is pregnant again?

  • someone

    She looks like shes pregnant again!

  • momoftwo

    Actually I’ve found that your stomach is flatter after a c-section because they have to push down on you go get the baby out. I’ve had two c-secations and was back in my regular clothes 10-12 wks later.

  • momoftwo

    Actually I’ve found that your stomach is flatter after a c-section because they have to push down on you go get the baby out. I’ve had two c-secations and was back in my regular clothes 10-12 wks later.


    wait a minute… is she pregnant again? i mean, she was on some red carpet wearing a sleek dress after she had her second baby and there was absolutely no bump… not as big as the one right here under that orange shirt. in these pics Maybe she IS pregnant. Unless that bump’s fake and she’s rehearsing for another movie.

  • Sillyme

    I agree with the comment regarding how she dresses.. I get that she is supposed to be the “average” mom.. No nonsense, but I think she looks very sloppy. Like she just does not care. I have friends with 2 or more kids. Do they spend hours dressing up.. no, but they do put some effort into it. As far as the belly is concerned. I am confused. She did promo and interviews. I don’t recall her stomach being that big. She does look 4 or 5 months pregnant. I’m sure she is not, but still. Maybe they want a big family too.

  • melissa

    is she pregnant? again?

  • WTH

    God people…………….

    Compare the pics from yesterday, Jen blue shirt, to the pic today. A woman doesn’t grow a bump overnight.

    Could be the angle or something, gosh, some people need to get a life.

  • Bubbaness

    Gambit, you’re an idiot. I’ve had three children naturally and nursed all of them and didn’t get an automatically flat stomach out of it.

  • OMG

    looks like she is pregnant again!

    or…it is taking her longer to lose the baby fat in the tummy area

  • talia

    Actually c-section mommies have much flatter tummies because when they are sewed up their docs give them mini tummy tucks. Just pull the skin tighter and sew up.

    My doc did this as a favor (it’s not extra effort for them to do this) and my belly is very flat after 2 babies.

    Jennifer Garner did not have a c-section because she talked about delivering vaginally in an article. The woman had a baby a few months ago…..giver her a break! She looks beautiful anyway!

  • heather

    Gee, I breastfed my 3 kids and my belly is not flat. What drugs are you taking Gambit, LOL!

    All women are built differently and it has nothing to do with breastfeeding or if you had a vaginal birth or not. It’s old fashioned exercise.

    Denise Richards had 2 c-sections and her stomach is flat and hard as a rock because of her personal trainer, not because of anything else.

  • plum

    @JESS: good question!!

  • Gambit

    Women with C-Sections have flatter tummies? Seriously, do the research. Please research.

    You’re not allowed to put pressure on your belly after you’ve had a C-Section which makes it hard to breast feed. Breast feeding is what helps the belly decrease in size.

    Unless you were morbidly obese before pregnancy then you shouldn’t have a problem. Sounds like the women here were obese.

  • marina

    maybe she’s not wearing a girdle here, hence, the flabby tummy.
    she has talked about wearing them before, so it is a good way to control the abdomen now that she still has to get her body back.

  • shamrock

    Seriously, why does everyone CARE so much if she still has a pooch or not? Is it really that IMPORTANT involving your daily lives if Jennifer Garner is preggers or NOT? This is complete nonsense and ridiculous that we have people discussing this over and over again. Jump back and take a look at yourself! Stop displaying these FAMOUS peeps as GOD or PERFECT. They are HUMAN, just as everyone and leave it at that.

    Now, if she robbed a bank, then that is something to talk about. Right?

    Much happiness and health to the familia!


  • dani

    She is soooo pregnant again…It happens…and it’s easier to knocked up on accident when you’re nursing.
    she wears baggy clothes all the time, she seems depressed in most interviews she does…and she hasn’t been seen out and about…
    So Preggers. Congrats.

  • polly

    She is for sure pregs again…
    At her movie junket a month or so back, she wasn’t this big..that’s not a fat belly, its a pregnant one.

  • Lisa

    Doesnt anybody else think its sad that JJ puts Jennifer Garner at the top of a blurb about Michael vartan’s interview in Redbook – is he afraid if he puts a pic of Michael on the top of his own quotes nobody will care to click on the post?

  • icey

    She is gorgeous. One of the few who still looks beautiful in sloppy clothes and without a stitch of makeup.

  • mare

    it is just the way the shirt is blowing!

  • man in the moon

    I agree with Icey #38, she is so effortlessly beautiful. Her personality makes her twice as lovely. I think she is the sweetest celeb ever.

  • Why??????????????????????

    Why doesn’t she look like that in the pictures from the day before???

  • mslewis

    Good Lord . . . this woman just doesn’t care how she looks!!! She wears sloppy, dirty jeans and too big tops and she looks pregnant!! What a slob. At least make an effort when you know you will be photographed. My goodness. Casual is nice but sloppy is unforgivable. Stacey and Clinton at “What Not to Wear” should get ahold of this fool!!

  • Moo

    re the posts about is she pregnant? She sure looks it.

  • Barbara

    I say she is preggers…she always starts wearing her jeans low and baggy.

  • Michelle

    yeah she looks like she’s 5 months pregnant. probably didn’t wear her spanx. she’s a has been who only get movie roles b/c she produces them herself for her to stay in movies. otherwise, who would have her as a lead? she’s washed up and WAY overpaid.

  • This is disgusting

    JJ, this is disgusting. You put up pics of this skank ho and use quotes from Michael Vartan’s interview! Why can’t you put up a picture of that gorgeous guy?

  • cas

    it looks bigger than before..but maybe she just ate to much


    She is a beautiful woman, maybe she just want’s to be “unhollywood.” I am sooo jealous of those dimples (in a good way). The kids are cuties, and she and Ben compliment each other well. She does look preggers again, if so, congrats! I hope is a boy, then they can close up shop…I mean if they want that is. She seems like a very committed mother and wife, and that’s refreshing in Hollywierd.


    @pinkrose: be nice! Lol….come on, every woman has a ripped one, or two, or three…it’s the parting of the red sea drawers! LOL! Ben loves her, she just going through a little too comfort zone right now, I can appreciate it….she’ll be back, better than ever, stay tuned! But PinkRose….I love that name, channeling your inner AKA?

  • http://pickle dookie

    She had a natural birth, you idiots. She is one of the few women that didn’t puss out and have a c-section.