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Kate Gosselin: Maritime Market Mom

Kate Gosselin: Maritime Market Mom

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mama Kate Gosselin dons a white summer dress as she goes grocery shopping at Maritime Market with her sextuplets at Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Friday (June 5).

The 33-year-old reality TV mom was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild and her six 5-year-olds, Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel.

The last two days, Kate has been shooting a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, taking separate ferry rides with the boys and girls.

J&K+8 papa Jon Gosselin has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

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  • Freddie

    I don’t think anyone cares about this person.

  • n

    How long is this vacation?

  • lb

    People think the bodyguard is hot??? WTF>>>nasty!


    When is she going to make it kate and 9 kids.. when she has the
    bodyguards baby.. why does she need a body guard she is not
    that famous… no one is going to get near her..

    SO GO and have his baby too since we know that you are sleeping
    with him …

  • jdub

    she does need the bodyguard. some people out there are really crazy. and she especially needs them for when she’s out with the kids.

  • lucyhale’sfeet

    The bodyguard should get his own reality show!

  • ice

    Why is she always wearing cleavage bearing clothes nowadays?

  • Liv

    #7 it’s to show off the new tatas she bought herself. She’s gotta look good now that all eyes are on her.


    @THATS ALL: Ur psycho…u wud never say these things to her face so why do it now that you have the anonymity of the internet? Grow up.


    @ice: She’s on holiday at the beach…should she wear a turtle-neck??

  • Shelly

    Ice – I wondered the same thing. There were times she wore long sleeved t-shirts and yoga pants all the time and now all you see her in in stylish boob-flashing clothes. At least she’s not wearing that red pleather jacket in these pictures!! :o) Those poor kiddos look miserable and Kate looks very bitter.

  • 15 minutes are up, Kate!

    Right, she needs a bodyguard in Bald Head Island, NC or Wilmington for that matter.

    Wilmington has seen many more stars, and doesn’t need a pseudo reality star to mess with. Many movies are filmed in NC each year, with many A list stars.

    Kate needs to go home and be with her other 2 children as well. Last few days of school in PA, I am sure her twins would love to be sharing some of that with her.

    Oh, she would rather take some of the kids on vacation. NICE. Enjoy the beach.

    Be careful, onlsow beach had an alligator there yesterday.

  • emma


  • now what

    I bet those new tatas were freebies!

  • Liv

    #13 This isn’t a Kate Gosselin appreciation thread. People can say whatever they want because it’s a matter of public opinion. There’s really no point in telling people to leave.


    Jon should get a bodyguard too! SEXIST!!!

  • niko

    — Watch out . She’s got that bulldog face on again

  • g!na

    LMAO! this family is beyond boring! I rather see a reality show with a family that has real entertainment!

  • wreeetch!

    Do body guards usually dress like boyfriends or husbands? & How long before the BG/BF is color coordinated with the boys?

  • Donna

    Whoever said the show is boring was spot on. It hasn’t been good in years. FYI, it is so obvious that Kate is now with the bodyguard.

  • GrandMom K.

    The children look bewildered in these photos most of the time… I can understand why

  • Teri

    Let me take a huge guess and say that many of the rabid J& K fans either have no family, or unsatisfying families, and have mentally adopted this family as their own. I understand.

  • earl

    Hey Jared! So is Gina Neilds traveling with Kate and Steve on this trip like told us they often do?

  • Jennifer

    I thought that Jon was the dumber person of the two, but I have to say Kate is just as stupid. How can she possibly be constantly be photographed with Steve, when all these media backlash is directed on this family? Fans are going to be so turned off, including myself with this trainwreck of a family that was so enjoyable in the beginning and now it has come to this. Very sad.

  • E

    Remember when Kate said she was “disgusted” and “horrified” at the thought of an affair with Steve? And that Gina traveled with Steve and the Gosselin Clan often? That would include Jon, I guess. I’m guess the nanny is too young for Steve’s wife so what is the truth, Kate?
    Looks like Katie Irene has a boyfriend that is a married man too.

  • LuckyL

    Liv @ 06/05/2009 at 12:40 pm

    #13 This isn’t a Kate Gosselin appreciation thread. People can say whatever they want because it’s a matter of public opinion. There’s really no point in telling people to leave.
    I wish this could be posted on every thread on this site. Especially in the Katie Holmes threads.

  • Taylor

    I hear that the Gosselin children will be putting out their first children’s book: “Mommy Has A Boyfriend & Daddy Has A Girlfriend”
    …y’know, to help other confused children and all

  • Lisa

    They make me sick, all they do is for the money, they pimp their kids, forget about family values and privacy, just add another million of dollar do my bank account. Today show showed another couples with sextulpes satarting another reality show with their kids, when asked why do the really show the mom said is because is a lot of fun, reaaly? having cameras in your face all day is fun? they to because they want money, money e more money, i’m sick of this parents.

  • Steve’s wife

    Check again, I dumped the loser in April. Filed for divorce in the fall of 2008. And you all can pretty much guess why I kicked him to the curb. That is why Kate told Jon six months ago to take a hike. It’s official.

  • Shelly

    @GrandMom K.:
    that’s the most heartbreaking of it all – those poor kids look so sad all the time to me. This is really going to cause them many trips to the therapist when they get older. :o(

  • ice

    @Truthful Tracy (aka Sheeple): Newsflash! The grocery store is not located at the beach.

  • Michele

    Just comfired, I know that the fans of this show will be disappointed, but Steve is divorced as of April. They all have conned us all, including, Kate, Jon, and everyone. This is really the end of a beutiful family that so dragged in to their lives with supposed honest Christian family, but at the end it was not true. The truth is out there now, and although I defended Kate all this time, I as well as everyone that was the fan of this show has been had. No more.

  • wtf

    I like how her lover isn’t even cropped out of the pictures any more.

  • Sarah

    Nail in the coffin for Jon, Kate, Bodyguard, Deanna, etc., It’s been confirmed that Steve was separated for several months and recently divorced. All the blog sites to the positive comments on this family is down the dust. I just feel so badly for the kids, cause that’s what I cared about from the beginning.

  • Lillianne

    Kids look miserable.

  • NativeNYker

    Freddie has it right! We don’t care about this person – even though everyone wants to force the issue.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • weasle

    Jared, she’s 34 and who the hell cares about this story anywhoo?!?!

  • flaxine

    She’s wearing more sexy cleavage outfits more often now
    than before because she enjoys being around her lover,
    steve…her bodyguard. That’s the clue: there’s sexual thing going
    on between kate and steve!! Even her bodyguard is wearing bright
    red color shirt! If a woman is attracted to a man, there is a tendency
    to want to wear more sexy outfits to nail the guy she wants so bad.

  • w.d.

    I can see why, from a physical standpoint, she would be attracted to this bodyguard. He’s much better looking than fat, ugly, puerille Jon. I cannot, for the life of me, fathom, sleeping with somebody so repulsive. How Kate did it, is a mystery to me!

  • Rhonda

    ugh, that face! Face it, with 10 million, you can buy a good body and a bodyguard! I’m over this, last comment from me on this subject.

  • grasshopper

    it’s just to bad Khate will have those 8 little reminders of Jon as long as she lives….Bwhaaaaaaa…..If there is a God, the 9th with will be a flipper footed monster due to petrified non- swimming gandpa sperm.


    @ice: Don’t call me a sheeple because I give people the benefit of the doubt. She explained her change in wardrobe on the show (you would know if you watched it as opposed to shooting venom over the internet). She AND Jon explained that she wore the sweatpants & t-shirts when the sextuplets were born because she stayed home all day. Now that she has had a tummy tuck & began exercising she has a newfound confidence in herself. Don’t crucify her for wearing a cleavage dress in the HEAT. It would be different if she were wearing it to church or in an environment where bikinis and tank tops weren’t the norm.

  • hawker

    I wish she were half as concerned about her children’s welfare as she is about her appearance. But, I seriously imagine that she’s so self-absorbed that she doesn’t see what others are seeing with these pictures – the sadness in the children. As I’ve said before – the kids are the pawns in this pitiful game of chess she’s playing. Trust me – what goes around, comes back around and it will bite her in the butt. Big time.

  • Mousse

    Never watched the show, and never will.
    I didn’t know this woman till recently ..LOL
    But she’s a better match with her bodyguard than the man she seems to be married with. Just my thought.

  • Sheila

    If I was Jon, since Steve is divorced/separated, I would collect all documents to let the public know the truth about what has been going on. I don’t think he has the business sense as well as Kate so he should contact someone that is keen on these type situations. He should just concentrate on the kids and their welfare. These bobshells are the beginning and the end for TLC(the loony channel).

  • sue

    On a public records search the address for Steve Neild Mr grey. comes up as Heffner Rd and Wernersville, PA. Isnt that Kate’s house? hes also getting a divorce guess hes Kates live in.

  • FLO

    Did anyone notice that there is another bodyguard with them. Also if ther is a rumor of her knobbing Steve why then does she not change bodyguards, Why is it always him and never someone else.

  • Nicole

    If she wasn’t having an affair with Steve the bodyguard, wouldn’t she have replaced him by now! Appearances matter and it doesn’t make sense for the survival of her marriage that she would keep this guy around and be photographed with him! Unless, she is really sleeping with him! She’s an idiot! I hope Jon gets custody of the kids!

  • CBW

    She’s with Steve, you can see it. The kids are split up. Twins with Jon who just moved back home. Petrie dish sextupliets out of school with her.

    Hmmm. They lied. It is NOT about the kids…

    It’s ALL ABOUT THE SHOW! Sickos.

    Kate Plus HATE. Jon’s too late.

  • ello

    Bodyguard? I think not.

    Why do her kids look so miserable and her so snide and cocky. She’s got it all.

    She got rid of her husband
    She has people do all the chores (including watching the kids)
    New Boobs
    New Boyfriend