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Kristin Cavallari Banks $63,000 Per Episode

Kristin Cavallari Banks $63,000 Per Episode

Kristin Cavallari was lured back to reality TV as the newest cast member of The Hills.

The 22-year-old will make $63,000 per episode, an insider reveals to Life & Style.

“They needed her,” an insider spills. “The Hills’ ratings were on a decline. They needed someone new and fresh, who also came with buzz and a name that was recognizable. Kristin was the obvious choice.”

And Kristin knew she was worth every penny when it came time to negotiate. “She wanted money,” says the insider. “You don’t have to pay the other girls that kind of money, but for Kristin you had to pay up.”

FYI: Lauren Conrad reportedly was making $65,000 per episode of The Hills.

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  • mertz

    yeah i read this a little bit ago, but the best thing out of all of this is that mtv is desperate for drama and viewers. check lo, steph, jayde, frankie’s twitters and you get to know what is going to be on the show before you see it. hilarious. why do i need to watch the show to see a fight at le deux or them meeting for lunch and all that bull. i guess we’ll be seeing some laguna people in the new season.

  • LIv

    Yes, because apparently this bimbo gained so much notoriety for her 2-second cameo on whatever show it was. Maybe MTV would have more viewers if they followed through with the “M” part of MTV and stopped showing crap-tastic reality shows instead of music. FAIL.

  • xo

    hu.. lucky bitch! im jealous.. shes SUPER HOT yet an F-ing bitch. i like her : )

  • Gambit

    So Americans pay this woman this amount of money to act on “reality show”?


  • ELLe

    3 WORDS: I. HATE. HER.

  • ELLe

    oh, and not cuz of the money shes gonna make, but cuz shes annoying and gross

  • Lily

    So insane to pay someone that much cash for a reality show, fu**** up to say the least, great job if you can get it!

  • magalie

    she’s totally worth it!

  • lo

    shes ridiculously good looking. the hills is a guilty pleas… im sure she will handle

  • Stacie

    I’m a hard-working teacher and I don’t even make close to that amount in a YEAR… We’re in a recession and MTV is paying this bitch that much money per episode?! She needs to get hit by a car NOW! BITCHHHHHH

  • Z8

    Now I know why OctoMom is so desperate for a reality show. Cha-ching! That’s shameful these reality twits make more than most teachers and nurses. Wake up, America! What are we teaching our young?

  • emma

    while i’m studying really hard everyday to be a lawyer (and i’m not even going to earn that much money ) this chicks is making 65 000 to be a backstabbing bitch and go to clubs
    life is so unfair

  • jbo

    love her.

  • stella

    it seriously baffles my mind how an average talentless nobody that happened to go to Laguna Beach high school, is getting paid $63,000 to go out to clubs and get lunch in LA. WTFFF man, everyone can be famous these days .

  • marisa

    sickning. just sickning.

  • Verónica

    But… who’s her?

  • watever

    this bimbo doesnt know anything except for shopping and eating around hollywood…and if shes making so much $ per episode why isnt she helping the ones in need instead of using it all on herself? she does have a pretty face but i can see shes getting older and older these days..that pretty face aint gonna stay for long so make use of it before its gone stupid bitch

  • asdfghjkl;

    she is seriously smart for wanting the money
    i bet she got tired living off of her parents

  • Chris

    I don’t like all that much, but that is brilliant! One season, invest the money wisely, and you’re essentially set for 30 years! Kudos.

  • LuckyL

    emma @ 06/05/2009 at 4:29 pm

    while i’m studying really hard everyday to be a lawyer (and i’m not even going to earn that much money ) this chicks is making 65 000 to be a backstabbing ***** and go to clubs
    life is so unfair
    Don’t worry, it’s better to win at life and these kids were trust fund babies from the get-go. It’s just more money in a spoiled kid’s pocket.

  • Jen

    okay this is seriously mest up, how does she get so much money to do nothing… she’s a wannabe actress on a reality show that isn’t real and is getting this much money?.. this world is fuc.ked up, this should be payed to people who make a real impact on other peoples life, not this pathetic bi/tch.

  • Nanea

    I stopped watching MTV long ago because of stuff like this, paying people who are out of touch with real life to pretend that anything about their lives is real.

    Like others before me I’m disgusted that all these people get significantly more than people who really matter – teachers, nurses etc.

  • LuckyL

    I guess I feel better because I stopped watching that network a long time ago too.

  • You/Me

    LMAO :-) There are some really out of touch with reality network execs out there. This is literally throwing money away, this show is already on a decline and one pitiful girl is not going to boost ratings. A name? Who the h*ll is Kristen Cavallari, someone on another of their shows that no one watches anymore?? I wonder when networks will wake up and realize that reality shows that follow people around are not being watched by the majority of people….Octomom? Kendra? Denise Richards?? Please. Give me a good Survivor or Amazing Race any day over this cr*p. Better yet give me a good scripted show like Scrubs or Cold Case.

  • Saudia

    okay The Hills did not “need” her. She’s just an attention whore. I really doubt the ratings will change, this show has been declining so fast. I don’t see what she could bring, it’s all fake, just more wannabes. I stopped watching a long time ago, MTV just produces the dumbest crap. Television has turned into a freak show

  • mertz

    i don’t know why my comment got moderated. i said i knew holly was going on i’m a celebrity get me out of here because i saw it on lo’s and steph’s tweets.

    and then i went on to talk about about how kristen is high drama but she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not and she’s just always in the middle of everything. i mentioned how people actually go to school then get careers but will never make what kristen will be getting paid or what lauren got paid in a one year salary. and i said goodluck to her.

    maybe i called her a b*tch or something…gah.

  • kate

    @Stacie: @Stacie:

    I am with you on this one…same thing with Pratt and Montag. All that money PER episode so they can be an a$$ and a b!tc#??? Seriously? I also agree on the second post…whatever happened to music videos on MTV? Geez! I used to tune in to MTV before for all day music not crappy “reality” shows with idiots.

  • catherine

    i’m a fan of the hills (even though 89% of it is fake) and will always be until now

    kristin? man, idk. she’s so fake. faker than speidi. i don’t think i’ll be watching next season. might as well go back to gossip girl and 90210, don’t forget about melrose place and all the cool new shows coming out, bitches!!!

  • hey

    wow i need to do a show lmaoo lucky bitch

  • anon

    @Stacie: wow – what grade?

  • Lily

    But seriously Hollywood is insane like that, basically every celeb, no matter what we say about them is making serious money.Its like when Forbes published Hollywoods top earning mothers from last year, and Victoria Beckham was 5th with 18 million earned in that year alone, separate from her husband.Which is insane amount really.

    But there you go, certain celebs promote certain brands, and they plug their own brand around the world, so yeah its not fair but its how it is.

  • Linda

    y would mtv hire her? teenage girls watch that show. shes a bitch/slut/whore. do they WANT her to be a bad influence?

  • Ryan Mayberry

    Wow, they really rip off us contestants that go on MTV shows for free. I won the 50 Cent show and I got $100,000. She gets that in 2 episodes – it took me 10.

  • Dee

    Wow, that makes me sad. What is wrong with the world?

  • Lo

    This is just the worst case of wasting money I’ve ever heard!

  • yisascry

    Kristin win 63,000 per episode, but LAUREN gets 75,000, not 65,000 !!!

  • Hillary

    Well, I suppose this is what you call her acting career

  • Lagunalovr

    Hmm…So I did the math: 10 epsides: $630,000. 6 bonus episodes now, and another 6 after next season. That’s very close to $1.5 million a year.RIDICULOUS!

    However, if the show averages 4 million viewers again…and MTV makes all that money off sponsorships..why not let the cast get their share? Something tells me her 1.5 million would be VERY little compared to what MTV will make off this show.

    She has done nothing since Laguna Beach ended in 06. Yet, she continued to get attention from the media, get on the cover of magazines, and get talked about. She has that “it” factor that has been able to keep her around. I do disagree with the argument that ‘anyone’ who went to her H.S. can be famous – she works the cameras well and does what it takes to get a certain demographic to keep tuning in…it works.

    Good for her for making good money with NO education.

  • BJay


  • steph

    LOVE HER!!! I Cant waiiiiiittttt

  • kelly

    omg she is beautiful

  • monica


  • marco

    Well i watched laguna beach and the show was only good cause of her. Its gonna be really good with kristin in it. Cause she doesn’t hold back at all!!!! She knows exactly what she is doing! kudos Kristin! you are hot

  • jessica

    i for one LOVE Kristin Cavallari! She is soooo effing hilarious! I can not wait to watch Kristin! Its gonna be great television. ps audrina is so annoying and i hope she gets her butt kicked by Kristin hehehe

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I guess the drama she bring on it worth that much!!

  • so hot

    LOL. A teacher said what are we teaching our kids by paying reality stars that much money than paying a teacher or nurse. First off, teachers are ugly and they are just expensive babysitters. Teachers are getting overpaid, anything over $38,000/year is way too much for a teacher. A nurse is nothing more than an expensive pooper scooper. Nurses should not get paid more than $45000/year. They’re just doctor rejects.

    Team Kristin. She’s such a hottie!!! LC ~ Lame Chick. LC made the show boring.

  • Suppress your appetite

    63,000 ^___^