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Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller presents new fragrance Boss Orange by Hugo Boss at the El Corte Ingles store in Madrid, Spain on Friday (June 5).

The 27-year-old British actress will be featured in print and TV campaigns for the musky, sweet and sexy scent.

“She truly embodies the spirit of the brand,” explained Thomas Burkhardt of Hugo Boss Fragrances on Sienna. “She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate – and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”

25+ pictures inside of Boss-y Sienna Miller

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sienna miller boss orange 01
sienna miller boss orange 02
sienna miller boss orange 03
sienna miller boss orange 04
sienna miller boss orange 05
sienna miller boss orange 06
sienna miller boss orange 07
sienna miller boss orange 08
sienna miller boss orange 09
sienna miller boss orange 10
sienna miller boss orange 11
sienna miller boss orange 12
sienna miller boss orange 13
sienna miller boss orange 14
sienna miller boss orange 15
sienna miller boss orange 16
sienna miller boss orange 17
sienna miller boss orange 18
sienna miller boss orange 19
sienna miller boss orange 20
sienna miller boss orange 21
sienna miller boss orange 22
sienna miller boss orange 23
sienna miller boss orange 24
sienna miller boss orange 25
sienna miller boss orange 26
sienna miller boss orange 27

Photos: Sean Thorton/WENN
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88 Responses to “Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe”

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  1. 1
    mike Says:

    she looks beautiful.

  2. 2
    me Says:

    She does looks good and can’t wait to see her movie.

  3. 3
    mimilala Says:

    She looks really pretty in those pics and much better than she has looked in a long time. Very fresh.

  4. 4
    cynthia Says:

    ho hoh ho ho homewrecker do us all a favor and forget about acting!

  5. 5
    jo Says:

    She is stunning. She puts the likes of Rachel Bilson and co in the shade, and she is a surprisingly good actress.

  6. 6
    boycott boss Says:

    Why do people hire this coke-head home wrecker?

    Now I have to boycott Hugo Boss! LOL

  7. 7
    john mealey Says:

    Boycott Hugo Boss!!! Boycott G.I. Joe!! Free- spirit with other womens’ husbands……heart on sleeve – when she has clothes on…..runs around naked making sure to ruin the marriage…..what wife could ever forget those photo’s from last summer. She is planned it well. Boycott!!!

  8. 8
    Chili Pepper Says:

    Who the hell would want to smell like her?

  9. 9
    Brenda Says:

    Wears her heart on her sleeve? Don’t make me laugh! This girl is a conniving, manipulative *****!

  10. 10
    marvel Says:

    OMG! How do people know for certain she wrecked their marriage??? Do you know them personally?? They are just rumours that he was still married when she and Getty has said that he was separated when they got together!!!

  11. 11
    LIv Says:

    Who the hell wants to smell like stale cigarettes and Balthazar Getty’s “musk”? FAIL. What kind of idiot thought this bint was good for promoting anything?

  12. 12
    stone Says:

    beautiful but still a s.lut.

  13. 13
    Hollybee Says:

    #10 – Getty has NEVER said he was separated when they got together. He said, after the pictures of the two of them came out, that he and his wife HAVE separated. In other words they separated AFTER the pics came out, not before. A week before that, he was asked about Sienna and about a divorce and he said: “There is nothing wrong with my marriage and there is no divorce”. Asked about Sienna, he said “There is nothing going on between me and Sienna Miller”. In addition, Rosetta Getty denied that they were separated and friends said she was “humiliated by the affair” and had fled to Italy to escape. All of these comments can be found on Google, on video.

    Unfortunately hooker Miller and ****** Getty followed her there and carried on their disgusting PDAs regardless.

    Sienna’s people tried to say that he was separated when all the scandal kicked off but Getty has never confirmed it and friends of the Gettys, speaking for Balty and Rosetta, have denied it.

  14. 14
    Yawny! Says:

    Her feet, in close up, are filthy and crusty looking in places. She should have had a pedicure before putting those shoes on! Her face looks good but man, she is SKINNY!!! It is no wonder she has a moustache. Her body probably pushed out those whiskers for warmth!

    I have smelt Boss Orange and it is horrible. Deep Red is much nicer (not that I will be buying it any more).

    I wonder if Sienna fell head first into a vodka vat on her way home?

  15. 15
    A Says:

    mimilala @ 06/05/2009 at 3:19 pm

    She looks really pretty in those pics and much better than she has looked in a long time. Very fresh.
    think so? think again and check photos I posted in the previous thread

  16. 16
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Sienna looks really great and so stylish!! I want to see her new movie!

  17. 17
    three Says:

    Looking fantastic Sienna.

  18. 18
    pam Says:

    still a s l u t. No respect for her at all.

    go home to England Sienna

  19. 19
    A Says:

    “- and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”
    if you Hugo were still here, he’d better suggest to her to put her chocha on a leash.

  20. 20
    A Says:

    “Hello, my name is Sienna, and I am an Alcoholic.

  21. 21
    may Says:

    # 13 yeah, he did.

  22. 22
    lisa Says:

    Looking fantastic!!

  23. 23
    lisa Says:

    Looking fantastic!!

  24. 24
    gwen Says:

    Hugo Boss is going to be in for a surprise. No one wants to associate with a woman who has so little respect for other women and their children.

    Liberated souls take responsibility for THEIR actions and they don’t blame others for their failures or hide behind arguments used to protect REAL VICTIMS. Liberated people don’t play th evictim day in and dayy out. Light-hearted people are not jealous of the married man’s wife and kids that they wear the breast sucking dress when the married man pays more attention to his family/release stories about how she was spotted holding the married man’s hand . SM is passionate about one thing and that is the war she is waging against RG and her 4 kids. Spontaneous? She does the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. For example, constantly being photographed at an airport or leaving bars. She “wears her heart on her sleeve”; more like she wears the hearts of the women whose husbands she is sleeping with on her sleeve.

  25. 25
    Yawny! Says:

    #21 – No, Getty has never said he was already separated. He also more or less admitted they were having an affair, saying “it takes two to tango” (so it is unfair to single Sienna out for criticism). You don’t say that unless you are having an affair! But whatever. The affair was never really the issue. It was the disgusting way it was carried on, in front of everyone, whether they wanted to see it or not, including his wife and kids. I am sure we all know that Sienna gets ploughed regularly. Did the whole world really need to see it all played out quite so graphically? Did we really need to see him sucking on her breast and grabbing her coochie? Did we need to see her grabbing his Johnson? I don’t think so.

    Women like her are insecure, despite their beauty. Sienna goes in for these big, public displays where men paw her in public because she needs everyone to know just how desirable men find her. She is apparently so desirable that they cannot keep their hands off her. They lose control in public.

    The fact that she needs to be validated like this (and puts the need to be validated ahead of the needs of four children and an abandoned wife) tells me that the woman is pathetic. Seriously.

    Her facial expressions in most of these pictures reminds me of her acting. Fake as all hell! (and bad!).

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