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Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller presents new fragrance Boss Orange by Hugo Boss at the El Corte Ingles store in Madrid, Spain on Friday (June 5).

The 27-year-old British actress will be featured in print and TV campaigns for the musky, sweet and sexy scent.

“She truly embodies the spirit of the brand,” explained Thomas Burkhardt of Hugo Boss Fragrances on Sienna. “She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate – and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”

25+ pictures inside of Boss-y Sienna Miller

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sienna miller boss orange 01
sienna miller boss orange 02
sienna miller boss orange 03
sienna miller boss orange 04
sienna miller boss orange 05
sienna miller boss orange 06
sienna miller boss orange 07
sienna miller boss orange 08
sienna miller boss orange 09
sienna miller boss orange 10
sienna miller boss orange 11
sienna miller boss orange 12
sienna miller boss orange 13
sienna miller boss orange 14
sienna miller boss orange 15
sienna miller boss orange 16
sienna miller boss orange 17
sienna miller boss orange 18
sienna miller boss orange 19
sienna miller boss orange 20
sienna miller boss orange 21
sienna miller boss orange 22
sienna miller boss orange 23
sienna miller boss orange 24
sienna miller boss orange 25
sienna miller boss orange 26
sienna miller boss orange 27

Photos: Sean Thorton/WENN
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  • mike

    she looks beautiful.

  • me

    She does looks good and can’t wait to see her movie.

  • mimilala

    She looks really pretty in those pics and much better than she has looked in a long time. Very fresh.

  • cynthia

    ho hoh ho ho homewrecker do us all a favor and forget about acting!

  • jo

    She is stunning. She puts the likes of Rachel Bilson and co in the shade, and she is a surprisingly good actress.

  • boycott boss

    Why do people hire this coke-head home wrecker?

    Now I have to boycott Hugo Boss! LOL

  • john mealey

    Boycott Hugo Boss!!! Boycott G.I. Joe!! Free- spirit with other womens’ husbands……heart on sleeve – when she has clothes on…..runs around naked making sure to ruin the marriage…..what wife could ever forget those photo’s from last summer. She is planned it well. Boycott!!!

  • Chili Pepper

    Who the hell would want to smell like her?

  • Brenda

    Wears her heart on her sleeve? Don’t make me laugh! This girl is a conniving, manipulative bitch!

  • marvel

    OMG! How do people know for certain she wrecked their marriage??? Do you know them personally?? They are just rumours that he was still married when she and Getty has said that he was separated when they got together!!!

  • LIv

    Who the hell wants to smell like stale cigarettes and Balthazar Getty’s “musk”? FAIL. What kind of idiot thought this bint was good for promoting anything?

  • stone

    beautiful but still a s.lut.

  • Hollybee

    #10 – Getty has NEVER said he was separated when they got together. He said, after the pictures of the two of them came out, that he and his wife HAVE separated. In other words they separated AFTER the pics came out, not before. A week before that, he was asked about Sienna and about a divorce and he said: “There is nothing wrong with my marriage and there is no divorce”. Asked about Sienna, he said “There is nothing going on between me and Sienna Miller”. In addition, Rosetta Getty denied that they were separated and friends said she was “humiliated by the affair” and had fled to Italy to escape. All of these comments can be found on Google, on video.

    Unfortunately hooker Miller and skanky Getty followed her there and carried on their disgusting PDAs regardless.

    Sienna’s people tried to say that he was separated when all the scandal kicked off but Getty has never confirmed it and friends of the Gettys, speaking for Balty and Rosetta, have denied it.

  • Yawny!

    Her feet, in close up, are filthy and crusty looking in places. She should have had a pedicure before putting those shoes on! Her face looks good but man, she is SKINNY!!! It is no wonder she has a moustache. Her body probably pushed out those whiskers for warmth!

    I have smelt Boss Orange and it is horrible. Deep Red is much nicer (not that I will be buying it any more).

    I wonder if Sienna fell head first into a vodka vat on her way home?

  • A

    mimilala @ 06/05/2009 at 3:19 pm

    She looks really pretty in those pics and much better than she has looked in a long time. Very fresh.
    think so? think again and check photos I posted in the previous thread

  • Gasol_fan16

    Sienna looks really great and so stylish!! I want to see her new movie!

  • three

    Looking fantastic Sienna.

  • pam

    still a s l u t. No respect for her at all.

    go home to England Sienna

  • A

    “- and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”
    if you Hugo were still here, he’d better suggest to her to put her chocha on a leash.

  • A

    “Hello, my name is Sienna, and I am an Alcoholic.

  • may

    # 13 yeah, he did.

  • lisa

    Looking fantastic!!

  • lisa

    Looking fantastic!!

  • gwen

    Hugo Boss is going to be in for a surprise. No one wants to associate with a woman who has so little respect for other women and their children.

    Liberated souls take responsibility for THEIR actions and they don’t blame others for their failures or hide behind arguments used to protect REAL VICTIMS. Liberated people don’t play th evictim day in and dayy out. Light-hearted people are not jealous of the married man’s wife and kids that they wear the breast sucking dress when the married man pays more attention to his family/release stories about how she was spotted holding the married man’s hand . SM is passionate about one thing and that is the war she is waging against RG and her 4 kids. Spontaneous? She does the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. For example, constantly being photographed at an airport or leaving bars. She “wears her heart on her sleeve”; more like she wears the hearts of the women whose husbands she is sleeping with on her sleeve.

  • Yawny!

    #21 – No, Getty has never said he was already separated. He also more or less admitted they were having an affair, saying “it takes two to tango” (so it is unfair to single Sienna out for criticism). You don’t say that unless you are having an affair! But whatever. The affair was never really the issue. It was the disgusting way it was carried on, in front of everyone, whether they wanted to see it or not, including his wife and kids. I am sure we all know that Sienna gets ploughed regularly. Did the whole world really need to see it all played out quite so graphically? Did we really need to see him sucking on her breast and grabbing her coochie? Did we need to see her grabbing his Johnson? I don’t think so.

    Women like her are insecure, despite their beauty. Sienna goes in for these big, public displays where men paw her in public because she needs everyone to know just how desirable men find her. She is apparently so desirable that they cannot keep their hands off her. They lose control in public.

    The fact that she needs to be validated like this (and puts the need to be validated ahead of the needs of four children and an abandoned wife) tells me that the woman is pathetic. Seriously.

    Her facial expressions in most of these pictures reminds me of her acting. Fake as all hell! (and bad!).

  • c

    BG NEVER said that he was separated when he started his affair with Sienna. The “they were separated, he was unhappy, or they were already having problems” were lies, manufactured and maintained by “sources” (Sienna and her mothers) to justify SM actions with a married man. By their logic, they think that depicting the marriage as imperfect will make people think that Sienna didn’t do anything wrong or didn’t cause any problems for BG and his wife marriage. Their only flaw is that BG has never once claimed that he was unhappy, having problems, or separated before those pictures.

    The separation claims don’t work in Sienna favor. separation, which wasn’t even legal, doesn’t end a marriage. A DIVORCE granted by the courts does that.

  • Yawny!

    #24 – the joke is if she wins Getty and he decides to divorce his wife/walk away permanently, Sienna will probably lose interest in him shortly afterwards and will almost certainly start looking for the next conquest. I don’t think she is in love with him at all. It’s all about getting him away from his wife and kids now.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn i am sick and tired of the hating sienna gets
    get over it for gods sake
    it’s not like it happened 2 u, for f”s sake, u no how many other woman are home wreckers as well in hollywood and even in real life, STFU
    tbh i believe that he was seperated, his ex-wife probably didnt wanna except it yet

    sienna is looking as beautiful as ever
    really impressed, last few posts she’s been looking just ok but she’s stunningly beautiful
    cute outfit as always, showing she has style
    the only thing i hate about sienna is her smoking, but other than that

  • Yawny!

    #28 – LOL! I see Sienna’s articulate fans are out in force! There is room for everyone here. JJ is not a fan club. If you want outpourings of love, go to Sienna’s website!

  • lakers fan in boston

    pssh i dont even no a movie she was in, other than g.i. joe coming out
    im just tired of ppl constantly calling her a homewrecker

    btw why dont ppl comment on another famous homewrecker
    there is a cult following of her on this blog
    i think she’s a homewrecker
    ppl even use 2 say it back then, but now she’s perfect
    f off

  • Yawny!

    Anyone else start singing MC Hammer songs when they see Sienna’s trousers? Man, three of her could fit in those things. What was she thinking?

  • sp

    Great response #25, it was not the affair as much as how it was carried out. So hateful and hurtful. Boycott the orange stuff and Broadway. Rumor has it the “breakup” talk is a scam, still very much together. If true, both are pigs. Just wait karma, karma.

  • Yawny!

    #30 There is no cult following except, perhaps, by her most rabid fans. I would say comments here are pro and against her and that’s okay. Not everyone likes her and that is allowed and given that we all fight for free speech, it’s also okay for people to run the woman down if they want to! People call her a homewrecker because that is what she is. Other homewreckers are commented on but this page is about Sienna so comments here will only be about Sienna. You might be fed up with all the hating on this woman but it is the way it is. I find people who make excuses for this woman annoying but I would never swear at them! I just think they are misguided (or as immoral as she is!). Either way, it doesn’t bother me enough to hurl abuse! If the negativity bothers you that much, don’t read the other comments!

  • M

    She looks stunning!

  • toni

    i love her!!!!!!!!

    she is so beautiful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • argg!

    Great, a perfume named after the nastiest woman alive. it probably smales like vomit, smoke, alcohol, and married men’s jizz.

    They must have been hard up for spokes people. What do want to bet this doesn’t sell.

  • Ditto

    That must be her latest “marital aid” she’s holding in the first picture. She needs it, as much use as her vajayjay has had.

    Oh, and she looks wretched. My mom looks better than that and she’s almost 50.

  • TK

    I’d roll around in dog poop before I’d wear a perfume endorsed by this poor excuse for a woman. Real woman don’t boff married men!!

  • A

    oh you so mean to poor Sisi. pity the poor Sisi, life is so harsh to her.
    just imagine when she’s in a restaurant and a waitress recognizes her, and she knows about Sisi’s antics, and perhaps, she’s from unhappy family like her father left them when she was 5 years old or even when she was just a baby.
    Sisi’s food will be having a special preparation and serving. you can bet.

    or she’s in a transatlantic flight and asking for a glass of orange juice.

    yeah, and this is happening every fu*king day and everywhere. that’s the price for being free-spirited.

  • ed

    Great response #25 !!!

  • edd

    Great response #25 !!!

  • sonny

    damn I am so sick of peopl enot realizing the sienna is special and beautiful and her daddy is rish and she wants a married man she should get him because she’s special. she’s won aards and stuff. Rosetta Getty ought to be happy the sienna was willing to have sex with her husband so publically. Hell, she should lick her arse when she’s done. Sienna is that special

    what a bunch of morons!!

  • zend

    I think she got a very good sense of fashion. And i love her style.

  • youstupid

    Y’all so DUMB, haters!! Balthazar is a known f***er in LA. Guess what, he’s got one more addiction, to the sex. Why on earth do you think he’s got FOUR children, but it seems he doesn’t care about them?

    The home was wrecked by HIM and a loooooong time ago. You all are damn stuuuupid.
    Signed and Sealed.

  • sonny


    Well then Sienna is a freaking brain surgeon to be with him isn’t she? So that would make her the stupidest of them all, hmmmm?

  • c

    People don’t comment on other famous homewreckers because 1) this is the SIENNA MILLER thread, 2) those other homewreckers had enough common sense to not allow the married man to suck/grab their breast in public and then have the audacity to wear the same dress on his daughter’s birthday, 3) those other homewreckers didn’t whine about there being no sisterhood as they stood outside an airport kissing/hugging on another sister’s husband, and 4) those other homewreckers are not using the media every week to rub the affair in the faces of an innocent mother and her 4 kids.

  • youstupid

    Apparently not any more. Unlike you, Einsteins.

  • c

    It’s called empathy. The ability to understand what another human being is going through even though one hasn’t experienced that circumstance. Who should people have sympathy for, the woman who has been hurt (and is trying to move on/coping privately) or the woman who did the hurting (and who is putting on a public display of “Why is everyone always picking on me” )?

    SM is not a victim. She could have easily avoided all of this by telling the married man “no”or waiting until he filed for a divorce/legal separation before she staged PDA photo-op after photo-op with him and leaked story after story about her adventures with him.

    Why do SM fans keep quoting those “sources” that claimed that BG was separated or that his marriage was in trouble long before SM entered the picture? The married man has never said this. Besides, since he was married, SM only option was to walk away. If she wasn’t going to walk away the least she could have done was keep the affair discreet.

  • LIv

    I love all these “she’s so beautiful” comments. Beauty is plentiful in Hollywood. This bish is supposed to be an actress. And she can’t even do that properly. On top of being a suck actress she’s also a hobag. A hobag who can’t deal when the paparrazzi start ragging on her so she sues them.

  • c

    The Pseudoart of Defending Victimienna 101

    1) When all else fails and you still can not identify any redeeming qualities in Victimienna, counteract any and all valid arguments with name calling and insults.

    2) Deflect from Victimienna misdeeds by bringing up other women who had affairs. Be careful, this could backfire. Those other women were smart enough to not be caught having sexual encounters with the married man in public.