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Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Belmont Buddies

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Belmont Buddies

Gossip Girl costars (and real-life couple) Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr lunch at The Belmont Cafe and leave walking hand-in-hand on Saturday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

Other pictures include Jessica (in Rebecca Taylor) at The CW Network UpFronts at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. At the event, I asked the 24-year-old actress if she reads blogs and she told me, “I don’t, but my little sister [Ruby] is always like Just Jared, Just Jared!

Szohr also told me about the new movie she’s filming now called Piranha 3-D.

“It’s a remake of a 1970′s movie,” Szohr told “I’m shooting right now in Arizona, and it’s been so hot — 115 degrees! My character’s name is Kelly. It takes place in Lake Havasu, but it’s called Lake Victoria in the movie. She’s a sand rat girl who grew up there, fell in love with this guy, and there are piranhas all over. And it’s going to be in 3-D, which is going to be crazy to see. My mom was like, ‘I have to pay an extra $3 to get the glasses when I go to the movie?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you do mom!’”

15+ pictures inside of Belmont buddies Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr

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ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 01
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 02
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 03
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 04
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 05
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 06
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 07
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 08
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 09
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 10
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 11
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 12
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 13
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 14
ed westwick jessica szohr belmont cafe 15

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  • GoodGirl

    Hmmm….Ed you are zexy with your beard!! :D

  • Carolline


  • reba

    Personally, I have no opinion regarding Jessica Szohr or her role on Gossip Girl, but I will say girlfriend’s lookin’ rough in these pics. What the hell is she wearing? I don’t get those shoes…

  • GoodGirl

    Hahaha…me neither.

    Sorry Jess I have noting against you but you look like a homeless!

    PS: I don’t know if what she said about her sister reading this blog…but little RUBY, tell to your sister to hire a stylist!

  • lala

    i thought she was so pretty in gossip girl but in these pix she looks ugly

  • Sean

    She needs a nose job. Her eyes are her only good features.

  • Missy

    I love you Ed, but PLEASE no more v-neck tees! And who’s the blonde chick???

  • Ashley

    Her outfit is AWFUL. She looks like a secretary from the 80′s. I don’t like her fashion sense or lack thereof. Ed looks hot though. I’m lovin’ the scruff.

  • urm

    wtf is she wearing?! ia, her eyes are the only pretty thing about her.

  • jules

    She looks great ahaha you guys are just jealous cause she is dating with ed get over cb that is a tv show not real life!he obviously finds her gorgeous!

  • kristom

    Ed is HOT!!HOT!!!HOT!!! Yayyy… He is in LA…to receive his YH Award.. I think.. =p

  • parkerjane

    She usually looks great, but not in that horrible outfit. He looks hot!

  • Kristen

    Ed is looking HOT, now if he would just get rid of the hobo, life would be SWEET. Seriously Jess, DO YOUR HAIR!

  • nina

    jess has horrible oufit!

  • jules

    aw ed fans! lol

  • hey

    lmao seriously? what are we in the 90′s with that horrible jumpsuit? and her hair omg why does it look like a bees nest poor thing prob cant brush her hair

  • miranda

    that chick in white is better dressed than jessicaa.

  • hey

    she looks so hoboish its hilarious. like god u have bags under your eyes sweeheart and ur frizz in the back is so god awful ugly. did u get your weave at walmart? man your a celeb you can get good hair extensions!

  • yay

    they are so cute!

  • diana

    she looks so ugly there. i cant wait to see her movie bc i’ll love to see her getting killed

  • diana

    lol to my comment i didnt mean her but more her character vanessa

  • http://khristi06/06/2009@11:59pm Khristi

    @hey: you are a rascist asshole-you are obviously just upset that he chose a black girl and not a blonde haired blue eyed caucasian-or maybe just because he didn’t choose you. Either way deal with it. I think she’s beautiful

  • http://khristi06/06/2009@12:02am Khristi

    @Sean: I wonder what your nose looks like

  • hey

    lmao Khristi im so racist i have so many colored friends haha i call hair extensions weaves. and hers is horrid lol u dont see paris hiltons looking like that crap. and me? i do not want ed lmao i like real people not celebrities because i got a life. i dont flawn over them like you obviously do. and she isnt black hunny.

  • betty

    She looked great @upfronts

  • hey

    yeah but when she isnt dolled up shes eh comparing her to sophia bush who looks amazing both at events and candids jessica looks like eh

  • fake a$$ couples

    first reese and jake and now these two phonies. Is it go get your beard day or something?

  • fake a$$ couples

    He’s gay and she’s his beard. I think she exaggerates her ethnicity to get acting roles and modeling gigs. Otherwise she’s be without a job. How come every actor in every movie nowadays has to have blue eyes? Rob Patterson looks so much sexier with brown eyes.

  • full of it

    she’s very fair skinned. she uses self tanner to make herself darker and more exotic. what part of Africa is her family from?

  • Dread not

    Jessica has got raw sexuality that grabs you right in the cajon├ęs. Nice pics, Jared.

  • fake a$$ couples

    This dude takes himself way too seriously. Pete Doherty you are not. Notice how he always photographed whenever he’s out with this chick. He probably calls the paps ahead of time a la Reese and Jake. The network heads want the public to believe they are dating. He’s wishing she was Chace. How come all these IT boys are gay? Ed, Chace, Zac, chris pine, etc…. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pattinson smoked the pole.

  • nina

    @fake a$$ couples:

    IS ED a GAY?
    it is just your guess or insider information?

  • LuckyL

    Cute girl.

  • Juliet

    lol at dianna agron! (girl in white dress) how random =]

  • Andy

    To “Khristi”

    What “hey” said wasn’t racist and Jessica isn’t black.

  • tawi-tawi

    wow the girl in a white dress looks more like a celebrity than them :)

  • Emilie

    He’s so hot.
    I don’t like what she’s wearing but they’re adorable together.

  • M

    Jessica looks great!
    Ed … not so….

  • mojor.girl

    Common guys! I agree she needs something to do with her hair and wear a bra, but she is nice. She wants to be casual.

  • camilla

    all you girls are jealous. she has something called style and a fasion taste;) incredible.

  • bonita

    Jessica is 1/4 African American and 1/2 Hungarian. She is partially black. She is not wearing makeup and looks beautiful. I would love to see most of you without makeup and getting stalked by paps. She is not at an event she is simply going out to lunch with her boyfriend. No one looks perfect all of the time.

  • gossip

    she’s so ugly ..

  • gossip

    she’s so ugly ..

  • Molly

    Her headband is an ash&dans headband. I loveeeee it. I have the same one with a different leaf brooch. This is where I got it from.

  • Samantha

    Cool!! I have a scarf from that brand!

  • omg

    She does not look good here. She is a very pretty girl, but she looks a little homeless. As far as her character on gossip girl, they need to do something about it. Her character has become very boring.

  • Yar

    I think he’s creepy.

  • Andi

    Maybe one day she will change her nose and get a face lift like JLO, but I honestly hope not. Jessica is biracial and a pretty girl.

  • sartastic

    @fake a$$ couples okay, im also not digging the fact that Ed is with jessica, but still they’re not phonies. phonies are like paris hilton and that Doug dude and speidi ! ed and jess are nice, n i never thot ed westwick as a gay, that’s just ridiculous. they’re nice people.

  • Gail

    Jessica is a beautiful girl when she takes the time to fix herself up. Beautiful skin tone, beautiful eyes, beautiful face. She doesn’t like to wear makeup which is a shame because everybody looks better in makeup. None of the so-called model pretty celebrities are beautiful without their makeup artist working wonders for them and their stylist.