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Heidi Montag Checks Into Hospital

Heidi Montag Checks Into Hospital

Heidi Montag has been rushed to a hospital in Costa Rica for a medical emergency, sources reveal.

The Hills star’s husband, Spencer Pratt is at her bedside at the hospital, Us Weekly reports.

Sources tell OK! that Heidi is suffering from an infection and is currently undergoing tests at the hospital.

The pair is currently competing in NBC’s reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Get well soon, Mrs. Pratt!

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  • LOL

    I hope she die

  • Adri

    Yeah right, little princess just made an excuse to get out of Dodge!

  • lauren_conrad

    Please let it be flesh eating bacteria!

  • chicgal25

    I kind of want her to be ok….the show is nothing w/out them!

  • ct

    totoally agree, she should go die

    but she’s so ugly with no makeup (of course) I SEE NO NATURAL BEAUTY

  • Pam

    Braindead little twit. Homely too.

  • jo

    she looks bad without makeup

  • nic,

    Hahah, that’s great. she was so annoying on that show.
    But i did laugh pretty hard, AT THEM though not with them :P

  • Horseyheidi

    Riiiight… an “infection.” These two are some of the most useless human beings I’ve ever witnessed. Spencer is repulsive.

  • cute

    I feel bad for anyone who’s sick.
    I’m surprised how bad she looks without makeup.
    Poor thing.

  • alex

    too bad it wasn’t spencer the head douche. i hope she is ok though (t least till the show is over) because her and spencer are the only reason im watching this show

  • jill

    who is this lady? barely recognized her without all that nasty make up and porn star outfit and hairdo…ah the wonders of make-up…I don’t wear make up so what you see is what you get

  • http://justjared Lyla

    you ass holes u want someone to die because there rich & famous and ur not & i bet she looks 10 times better then you all without makeup!

  • Babette

    I’m sure it’s part of the Monday show.
    abhor those 2….will NOT tune in.

  • Gambit

    It’s because she ate a rat’s tail. They have rabies.

  • SR

    The US needs to revoke their passports. Then we could have a “real reality” show called “I’m a money-grubbing famewhore and I’ll do anything for attention.”

  • Blacknight25

    Infection….right! With all that damn dry shampoo she’s spraying into her hair might have cause a reaction. LOL. But yeah best of health to her. I don’t think that she will come back to the show or not. What’s the point after they quit a dozen times.

  • jdub

    b**** is GROSSS!!! her and spencer are seriously a waste or life. i’ve never seen two people so obsessed with trying to become more famous. Spencer will do ANYTHING to get noticed. ughhhh he looks like teen wolf boy with all that damn hair on his face. ahhhhhh i hate them

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    i hope she never comes out.

  • http://snowden lily

    what a sadistic disgusting, pathetic, horrible excuse for a reality t.v.
    show !!!! they had it in for spencer and heidi before they even got there. that ass paul talegeda was quoted weeks ago saying he couldn’t wait to make the american celebrities suffer! well, he did and i hope he gets FIRED !

  • http://snowden im not jealous

    All of these mean spirited comments….. I hope you all rot in hell for your hatred of 2 reality tv stars that are only trying to entertain us.

  • Christian


    what a stupid thing to say. I hope you die.

  • qwerty

    Ok, look people,
    1. All of you who are saying that she just go and die are INCREDIBLY IGNORANT.
    2. You have no clue what she or her loved ones are going through right now.
    3. I just experienced how someone who you REALLY hate almost died and it scared the crap out of me.
    4. Anyone who is saying that someone who loves God and that you’ve never met should go and die, wake up and SHUT UP!

  • lisa

    Just give me a break….she wanted out…ok lets say we have an infection!!! I HATE these 2…..they are disgusting…They are no celebrities…. ICK!

  • Jennifer

    Spencer Pratt is so hot. He is also so down to earth and kind hearted.

    Wish he was mine.

  • http://snowden dylan

    HEY LISA !!! Post a photo of yourself….. that will explain your hatred.

  • http://snowden Kate

    Why are people so mean? You will all rot in hell

  • eliza

    She and Spencer are spoiled, obnoxious, self-centered celebrities who have inflated opinions of themselves. They need to be taken down a peg or two. I hope she recovers quickly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another way to stay in the news.

  • M

    OMG. she’s not preatty at all w/o make-up!

  • G

    lol..i am laughing..Enough said..
    These 2 are so desperate for Fame..Maybe she will get it by Dying..Nothing like death to bring you more fame..and him..well he can go fall in a Mud Volcano…I wonder are there any on the island?

  • 2idiotswalking

    They quit just in time to avoid the vote that sent somebody home and then they wanted to come back. Now they fake a sickness to get out of staying in that dark cabin until Monday. These two make my flesh crawl. Gross.

  • jenna

    Die bitch Die.

  • Jime

    is that show in Costa Rica?
    she’s not pretty without make up

  • lori

    ill watch it on hte show.
    i bet it wasnt even a bite and they new they were going to be voted off so they faked an injury to not get voted off. idiots…

    dont take them back. if she cant survive that then she cant survive the jungle( studio) either.

    come on heidi it was just a bite, i bet it was from her hair shampoo she kept spraying.

    i dont want heidi to die. i want her to divorce spencer, cause she can do better. and then spencer walks out of the hospital crying then gets hit by a car or something.
    that would be awesome

  • eekomeeter

    they make me wanna vomit. I know a woman who works in the Plastic Surgeons office where Heidi had all her work done…she said that Heidi has had a nose job, chin implant, full set of veneers and boob job…

    Is there anything left real on this chicks body?

  • eekomeeter

    oh, I forgot the lip injections…

  • anon


    She was a really pretty girl (body and face) before the plastic surgery. I speculate that being with Spencer…he made her insecure or something. I can understand the boob job…that isn’t a big deal as the implants can be taken out, but to change your entire face when nothing was really wrong with it to begin with? Not a good idea.

  • Dread not

    NOBODY would be able to deal with having to see, Spencer, playing the grieving widower. “Get better, Heidi, please!” If you are a TRUE Christian and care about others, get better , that way you won’t subject ANYBODY to having to deal with you’re douche bag of husband garnering sympathy for having lost his wife. Besides, as annoying as you are, you’re hot. And few things suck more than when a hot chick bites it before her looks completely turn to crap.

  • cosette

    no offense, but would anyone actually care if she died?

  • cosette

    no offense, but would anyone actually care if she died?

  • cosette

    no offense, but would anyone actually care if she died?

  • mertz

    well since anyone would extend to the general population, those who know her and those who don’t i’m sure that people would care. it’s human nature. she has family and people who care about her.

    death is a horrible thing and i wouldn’t wish it on another person (except for right now kim jong il, fidel, putin, etc…) and i don’t understand why people are hoping she takes the plunge. what. even if she is a superficial dbag…so what…what has she ever done to you. she isn’t even a criminal…even if what she’s done to herself should be criminal…leave her alone. i hope this isn’t a spoof or something knowing those two and that she gets better. nbc is loving this. i was thinking of tunning in to see if they are allowed back on the show. i don’t want to kill my tv so i don’t want to see any reality tv show that sucks balls.

  • ho

    I hope she dies. evolution always wins

  • nat

    @LOL: Me too, and she should take Spenser with her.

  • marisa

    I hope she is okay! : )

  • Dee

    Hoping for death is going a little far. I hope she’s okay but I’m really not buying it, I’m guessing that she broke a nail and now she thinks she needs a heart transplant or something.

  • yawn

    Spencer pratt is not hot he looks like Beavis

  • jAN

    This show is DANGEROUS to the celebs health. They should not be eating spiders and living under these conditions. This is a shock to all the systems of the body. This show keeps pushing the limit for ratings and risking the life of the celebs. NOT GOOD

  • mertz

    oh shit…so this really is true (reading stephs tweets). lol. i didn’t know nbc was really going to go through with that punishment with these two dip wads. WHERE’S THE FOOTAGE AND WHEN CAN I SEE IT?

    from steph pratt’s twitter

    |Her family is flying out to see her in the hospital. I know they pulled some shitty antics-but really nbc?? Too far.
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry
    Rushed to the hospital and has an IV in her arm after being locked in a dark room for 3 days w no food or water. Pls pray she will be ok
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry
    Im really saddened to hear that nbc felt it was ok to punish speidi so harshly-and torture them as if they were criminals-that Heidi was
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry |

  • sarah

    @mertz, there is no way that she would be locked in a dark room for 3 or 4 days without food or water. you cant seriously believe that!!!

    I hope she is ok, but no doubt this is just another way to get the media paying attention to her.. I reckon she will be out of hospital in a day with absolutely nothing wrong with her!!!