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Heidi Montag Checks Into Hospital

Heidi Montag Checks Into Hospital

Heidi Montag has been rushed to a hospital in Costa Rica for a medical emergency, sources reveal.

The Hills star’s husband, Spencer Pratt is at her bedside at the hospital, Us Weekly reports.

Sources tell OK! that Heidi is suffering from an infection and is currently undergoing tests at the hospital.

The pair is currently competing in NBC’s reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Get well soon, Mrs. Pratt!

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  • mertz

    i don’t believe the no food part…nbc isn’t stupid and they couldn’t write that in a contract for a reality show, even if it is in the desert. the animals part i believe. i think nbc is loving this and are clearly pimping their own devil as much as they can even if speidi messed the plan up by being big babies and leaving the show. i thought janice would be losing it by now and driving everyone up the wall or something, but looks like heidi and spencer have already won the game, just like how they win everything in life.

    you think we’re being had sarah? maybe she broke her nail? it’s easy to get sick in the jungle…maybe she has diahrreah or a fever or something. gah. i should just give in already and watch this show.

  • hrhkat

    i love nbc for making them look terrible and torturing them….i hope she dies and spencer jumps off a cliff….

  • hrhkat

    i love nbc for making them look terrible and torturing them….i hope she dies and spencer jumps off a cliff….

  • katie

    WOW, she will go to rehab after hospital, and Spencer will put to jail soon by the mother in law

  • rossy40

    Have any of you seen the ABC show, “Wipeout”? I laugh myself silly every time I watch it – I used to watch Spike TV when they had an Asian version of it going. It too was hilarious… more so because of the English speaking “dubbing” that was NOT an actual translational of what the real hosts were saying. DAMN! I wish I could remember what it was called…
    Anyway, instead of wishing them ill-will, why not campaign for a celebrity episode featuring them & others getting the crap knocked out of them – All in good, clean FUN, of course!

  • Hannah


  • jordyn

    i hope that she never gets out of the hosipal

  • mela

    god, i know what it is like to be sick and overseas.

    heidi may be a superficial skank but i feel for her and spencer, that REALLY sucks.

  • sweetnessa

    she’s so ugly without makeup

  • lola

    Like anyone thinks this is true. FAKE FAKE FAKE, AND Spencer looks like a girly guy.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    sorry to hear that she is ill. that is just plain rude to wish her any bad. the show sucks with her and what’s his name.

  • john

    Don’t wish illness on anyone. But, no food, dark room, give me a break. They are not being filmed 24/7 so you know in between takes they were eating and out of the dark. All this stuff is made up for TV, it’s not real.

  • nbrown

    NBC has gone too far and PS all of you who are wishing these bad things such as “Pratt should die” should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Janie

    Who is she? Never heard of her! She is very homely!

  • rebecca

    If she is sick for real, hope she gets better. I always wondered what she saw in SP and now seeing her with makeup I realize they are evenly matched. Both below average types and could be mistaken for dumb and dumber. Hope their 15 min of fame makes them rich because I can’t ever see them as real actors.

  • LolaSvelt

    I hope she fades into obscurity!

  • mertz

    Have any of you seen the ABC show, “Wipeout”? I laugh myself silly every time I watch it – I used to watch Spike TV when they had an Asian version of it going. It too was hilarious… more so because of the English speaking “dubbing” that was NOT an actual translational of what the real hosts were saying. DAMN! I wish I could remember what it was called…
    yeah man. season 1 of wipeout was soooo good…especially since the show was having problems and they weren’t getting the viewership but i see, from flipping channels, that it’s back on tv. awesome. you mean sasuke/ninja warrior? the japanese show with all the dubb yeah…saw on another network before spike started showing it. such an amazing show. my bros and i watch it all the time. love the english voice overs.

  • omg

    Spoiled brats!
    and she looks ugly without makeup, furthermore proving she both ugly on the inside and out!

  • ?


  • HockeyGurL

    Wishing them to die is going a bit too far, and believe me I cant stand them, I hope her hair falls out and she gets some nasty rash that covers half her body and won’t go away. Spencer I hope he suddenly starts to get fat for no reason and everyday he gets bigger, that and his teeth and hair fall, Who a model now ! one can wish !

  • Mrs P

    As vain as Heidi is, I’m surprised that she chose to go on TV sans make-up.

  • ASKBAT519


    Ok I have to say that I strongly dislike this couple, but I would never wish them to die. I think it would be better to just strip them of their so called fame that they LOVE to brag about and just make them into normal people. All I have heard from Spencer since the show started was, and I quote “All these “stars” are degrading OUR fame.” That show is NOT about them. It is NOT about making them more famous. It’s about earning money for a good cause. And Heidi gets all worked up cause someone tore the lable of her shampoo? Seriously? It’s SHAMPOO!!! I don’t think I’ve seen a single scene in that show where she wasn’t carrying that stupid shampoo with her. and this whole, “Oh we wanna leave, oh we wanna stay, oh we wanna leave again, no wait we wanna stay,” is an act. If you guys were paying attention Spencer said that he always knows what he’s doing and he’s in it to win it. Well I think that they are saying they have seen the light and want to help the cause when in reality he just wants to come back and win. That and I’m betting that NBC begged them to go back cause the two of them acting like spoiled brats from the second their feet touched down in Costa Rica has had people tuned in to see what they were gonna do next. I really don’t care who wins since its all for a good cause. I just wish those two would grow up and act their age, not their IQ.

  • cinderella


  • mertz


    that is my favourite part of your comment and this entire thread. lol.

  • lakers fan in boston

    heard she had an ulcer
    but im pretty sure this is all bull
    just a stunt 2 get ppl 2 watch the show
    honestly they r stooping pretty low and they were already really deep down
    1st the quit the show and now this….
    i just think ppl need 2 stop giving these douches work

  • http://none maria

    Heidi montag,I hope you get better.

  • ewww

    she is soooooo FUGLY

    a real horse face

  • Belle

    gag me with a pitch fork.

  • scheetah

    she’s awful without makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rossy40

    To *mertz*…
    I watched a Japanese show but it wasn’t called that – At least, NOT in Canada. It’s been years since I’ve seen it (had to downsize from full cable to partial & don’t get Spike anymore) & it might not even be on. It had 2 hosts (1 smart, 1 dumb); the “General” (?), who got the contestants moving through the main elimination round & events afterwards & the… “weird guy” (?) who supposedly “came on” to female contestants.
    Of course it was because of the english dubbing that made it funny. I’m sure it ended (30 minutes long with commercials) with… “Kenny Blankenship’s 10 best moments!” – A review of the top 10 most most painful wipe-outs… Or words to that affect.
    If ANYONE can give me the name of it & if it’s on DVD… I thank you in advance; will check back again later. *One last thing that might help – It aired on Spike TV as… a 3-letter acronym: MSC, MCR – Something like that.

  • thehillsloverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    hey everyone,
    so, i’m really schocked about the comments right here,
    like ‘i hope you die’ and i just.. omygosh
    you know, i think you guys hate heidi
    because of the fight between heidi en lauren in the hills
    first of all the hills isn’t reality is it? i don’t know if it is,
    but if you’ll watch season 5 someday
    i guess you’ll change your mind (i’ve already seen
    it and i think it was awesome and i’m so sad lauren is leaving! :()
    i feel really hurt right now. you know i love lauren conrad and i
    love heidi montag. i love them in season 1 when they were
    best friends and i didn’t like the fact that they were fighting,
    alright heidi was a little bit crazy that she decided to go with
    spencer and let lauren go. i didn’t like it at all, that’s my opinion!
    and i just don’t know why you guys don’t like her..
    and i’m really schocked right now about the comments right here..
    IT’S MY OPINION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
    and i think the hills is not reality so i’m a big fan,
    i love love love love it. but if it’s real or if it’s fake
    it doesn’t matter i just still love it! but i can’t figure
    it out if it’s real or if it’s fake? someone knows?
    so anyway heidi i hope you get well soon,
    i feel sorry for you and i’m a bit sad haha

  • Kelly

    Yeah Heidi got an infection!!! Its called Herpes!!!!!!!!! And Chlamydia
    oh and I’m sure lots of Yeast infections. Heidi take a look at your pics!!!! You are nothing without your makeup! Doesn’t that make you so sad…
    Spencer I just found out who you guys are by the way 2 years nobody will know… Spencer You are one ugly ugly Dude. I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last guy on earth UGLY!!!! Both of you!! Your personalities just make the Ugliness worse You are both sad and pathetic!!

  • Shimaa

    You guys are stupid. At first: she doesn’t look that bad without makeup. It’s a one-moment shot and she makes a weird face on that picture. Second: You guys are so stupid to wish someone dead. She hasn’t hurt anybody. She may be spoiled and annoying, but she’s a person too. Last: all the shows she joins, are fake as hell, The Hills for example. You guys don’t know her. I don’t thing she’s fun to be around either, but that isn’t a reason to wish her dead, is it?

    I’m just saying.

  • thehillsloverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    @Shimaa yay you go girl! You’re absolutely RIGHT!!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks pretty. hahahaha.

  • bitch goddess


    and then, DISAPPEAR!

  • Suppress your appetite

    hehe She looks hot!!!