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Kate Gosselin: Life's A Beach With Sextuplets!

Kate Gosselin: Life's A Beach With Sextuplets!

Kate Gosselin gets upset by one of her sextuplets – Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel – while vacationing sans papa Jon Gosselin on Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Friday afternoon (June 5).

Despite the high winds and choppy seas, the 33-year-old mom was seen digging for shells and played games with her kids.

Bodyguard Steve Neild was seen helping Joel put on his sunglasses. Leah was also seen nuzzling Steve.

Jon has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

25+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin‘s beachy day with her sextuplets…

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kate gosselin beach sextuplets 01
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 02
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 03
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 04
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 05
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 06
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 07
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 08
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 09
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 10
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 11
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 12
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 13
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 14
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 15
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 16
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 17
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 18
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 19
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 20
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 21
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 22
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 23
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 24
kate gosselin beach sextuplets 25

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  • kl

    Kate go back home .

  • Cari

    Jared why do you keep posting threads on this fame who*re?

  • ira

    ok i have nothing against kate, but i just didn’t like her hair. meh.

  • Elspeth Clark

    please stop posting pics of little kids, seems wrong even though they have a show


    You talk about Jon cheating on her when he has done nothing but be
    with his kids..Just askin is the bodyguard from S. Carolina by any chance.. is that why they are spending the whole season there..!!

    Well ain’t life a bitch when Jon stays home and does nothing wrong
    and the paps are all over him about his girlfriend..why not have the
    paps go to Carolina and ask Kate why she needs a bodyguard…
    She should just have his baby and have KATE AND THE BODYGUARD
    PLUS 9

  • Cara

    Maybe the gravy train will end soon so she can learn how to be an authentic mother who teaches her children core values who places emphasis on her childrens psychological wellbeing and education over material possessions. What is wrong with an professional nurse who has in vitro fertilizations with not only one multiple birth pregnancy but two multiple birth pregnancies and then wonders how she’s going to support those children. Kate and Nadya are cut out of the same unstable psychological fabric and the men who contributed their sperm is left for another’s psychological analysis.

  • kally

    momy is pimping them out. She wants all the attion for her self shes so ugly and old what a ho.

  • Cara

    Bodyguard Steve needs to be exposed now…

  • emma

    I was just wondering is it me or do these kids look very short for there age.

    Shame on you Kate the boys trunks do not match what is wrong with you.!!!!

  • kally

    kates loves her body guard she like them gray poor jon put up with that shrew for a long time.

  • kally

    jons short so the kids will be maybe.

  • bridget

    ahem… Body language.. Kate and Bodyguard are bumpin uglies..or if they’re not, Kate wants him big time!! The Bodyguard seems really sweet with the kids..

  • Jenny

    JJ why are you keep posting this woman!!

  • So Over JK+8

    Is it just me or is she really hot (considering all those babies)??? I think we should all @ least give her props for THAT!!

  • evalynn

    she gets upset over the smallest things

  • LiV

    “I will never have a nanny!”

    Guess she lied about that too.


    did she say she would never have a nanny?

  • Kim in berks county

    I have nothing but contempt for this woman.

    But, I gotta say…that cover-up that she is wearing is really cute.


    Oh Lordy be, that awful woman is sporting yet another bikini. That makes 4 that I have seen with my own eyes, not that I’m watching but this page just keeps coming up everytime I turn my computer on. I am glad they covered up her body because we have been complaining about seeing breasts all week, ya know. Not that I am jelous or anything but my DH keeps downloading these pictures and I do not know why. He doesn’t look at me that way.Oh my Lord, is the bodyguard putting his hands on that child? Is he squeezing her head yet again. That poor chillen.

  • Jessica

    I love the kids…they are so cute. Leah is a ADORABLE ..and joel looks like Jon in Pic 5 with his sunglasses. All the haters need to leave..why even bother going to this thread if you hate them so much. The kids are 5 years old..they are average height. Obviously they will grow taller later on..Geez every one grows at a different rate. Gosh, I can’t believe how stupid some of you people are. What does it matter how tall they are? But I think it does matter how stupid some of you guys are… go to school and get an education. Do something productive and stop going to the gosselin’s thread and leaving hateful comments. Leave the family alone..the kids are beautiful and Kate loves her kids.

  • Kensey

    It’s so obvious she is having a fling with the bodyguard and flirting with him. She should be doing that privately and not in front of those children! Last season all the beach photos of her with Jon (NC & Hawaii) showed her wearing a one piece, matronly looking bathing suit. Now in the company of the bodyguard she is always wearing tiny bikinis. If she were a good mother she would keep her private life private and immediately stop filming those innocent children. They will all have emotional issues later in life and grow to hate their mother for how she exploited them for the almighty dollar.

  • j

    jessica there is no gosseline thread beacause momy and daddy are banging other people there tramps such good people arnt they.

  • JMHO

    @Kensey: I agree totally. I think if she was a good mother she would have on a mumu or something appropriate for the beach. Maybe a down filled quilted type coat of some kind. JMHO

  • jp

    hey jessica the person that put up the pics of kate are makeing fun of her. And there saying kates a shrew for yelling at her kids the parents are cheaters and poor examples of parents.

  • jessica

    shes a tramp and so is jon.

  • emma



  • jpp

    @jp: hey jessica i am going to start being a real ahole now and go into my act because i have no life of my own.

  • jppp

    @jp: How many times do you have to be told: there means over there. they’re means they are, and their means it is theirs. Stop using “there” for all three. You do it on every blog you go on so we know who you are.Maybe stop watching Kate and get educated.

  • kristi

    there is nothing wrong with her taking her kids to the beach. it’s not her fault that the paparazzi follows them wherever they go.

  • cankles much?

    Girl – you need to spend money on a good trainer. No one wants to see those cankles.

  • jessica

    jppp, im jessica and i will comment if i want to so stop useing all your other names stupid ass.

  • jj

    you’re pathetic. leave them alone. you’re just like all the medias out there, trying to break their family apart. you sicken me.

  • marie

    kate is such a witch for useing her kid as cash cows kate &jon get jobs.

  • tara

    jj jon&kate are the reason for there family falling apart not the media . They want to sleep around with other people lets face it kate with steve it will come out.

  • jppp

    @jessica: the word is “using” not useing

  • kally

    jppp leave people alone who cares how they spell. You must be a Kate fan they all act alike they attack eneyone that doesent like Kate to bad.

  • Steve

    Kate my ho so what.

  • belle

    jpp,jp, jj all three the same person you need to get a life .

  • kally

    @kally: spelled “anyone “and “too “

  • david

    My issue is why the twins had to stay back home? Why are they being punished from being on this vacation/filming jaunt? John was not at home when Kate left. He was In Utah-so who was taking care of the twins? How do you think they feel when they see Daddy is on vacation by himself, mommy takes all the other kids on vacation and we have to sit at home with a babysitter. What did we do wrong? Jon has since come home and is now watching them, but why is the family split like this and the ‘show goes on’. We are told they are filming a Jon and Kate plus 8 episode and it’s Kate plus 6 by themselves. Once again the children are the one’s to suffer due to the selfishness of the parents. I am not judging either one of them, I am saying they need to be figuring out what is best for the kids right now and try to make that happen as much as possible. The show’s producers are no better, they are well aware of the turmoil the family is going through and they continue to film their precious show as long as it makes them money.
    All relevant child care agencies SHOULD be watching them carefully.

  • belle

    how cares what people spell wrong on here what are you a school teacher out for summer?

  • belle

    child care agencies should be watching them your so right they dont want to work thing out .

  • Cindy

    As a former fan I am totally turned off by this whole trainwreck. It was such a wholesome beautiful family that we all loved seeing every week and now nothing is “real” anymore and have lost one true fan.

  • emma


    because the twins are in school. I take my kids away at different times . So what. The twins were there for the first few days in NC with Kate and the 6 and then they flew back home when Jon came back from Utah for school. I am sure Cara and Mady like having the house to them selves for a few days anyway without the six and they can spend some time with there dad.

  • sebastian

    @belle: Yes I am a school teacher. I teach at the twins’ school. By the way, that is why they were split up. The twins had to return to school last Monday to finish the school year. They are not being punished. Just parents being responsible for their kids education.

  • belle

    I was talking to jppp not you sebastian unless your useing that name to.

  • Donna

    poor jon…that would break my heart seeing another man almost “replace” me temporarily :(

  • Donna

    oh i mean steve being close w. the kids…he could care less about being the apple of kate’s evil eyes haha

  • Jenny

    I feel sorry for Jon he put up with Kate for so long .

  • jppp

    Belle, Oh, I thought you were talking to me.