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Ryan Phillippe Coaches Little League

Ryan Phillippe Coaches Little League

Ryan Phillippe helps coach his son Deacon, 5, at his Little League baseball game in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (June 6).

Also in attendance was his daughter Ava, 9, and his girlfriend, Aussie actress Abbie Cornish.

Other pictures include Ryan, Abbie and his BFF Breckin Meyer playing Xbox 360 using the upcoming control-less technology known as Project Natal during the E3 Expo in L.A.

15+ pictures inside of Deacon Phillippe‘s baseball game…

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ryan phillippe little league 01
ryan phillippe little league 02
ryan phillippe little league 03
ryan phillippe little league 04
ryan phillippe little league 05
ryan phillippe little league 06
ryan phillippe little league 07
ryan phillippe little league 08
ryan phillippe little league 09
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ryan phillippe little league 11
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  • whortensia

    No laughs, no smiles. Same as it is with Reese. I suspect these kids have been damaged by the divorce. Taken the joy out of their lives.

  • jennifer

    I have lots of respect for Ryan and Reese. Their kids always seem very happy and even happy when they are both have Abbie or Jake with them. Their such mini-mes of their parents! :)

  • jai de la prada

    lo amooo

  • jo

    at least they all get along

  • LoL

    Abbie + Ryan = zero chemistry
    Look at first pic she is grumpy.

  • Jen

    Deacon is so beauty as Ryan!

  • reese stinks

    This kids are damaged by their cold, fake-nice b!tch mother.

  • mertz

    yay breckin. lol.

    that’s so cool that they got to try the natal. i wish i could go to e3 :(

  • Val

    @jennifer: These kids NEVER seem happy.

  • countdown

    @Val: Yeah but you know what I can hardly wait for Ava to turn 18 and write her tell-all expose book.

  • pinkydoo

    What are you talking about, damaged by the divorce? Do you live with them? Do you see them on a day to day basis? I bet it wasn’t an easy decision to break up the family and it wasn’t taken lightly. At least Reese has been with Jake for a while now and the same goes for Ryan. In their interviews they talked about how hard the break-up was. Did you also take into consideration that they don’t like cameras around their faces and they just want privacy? These kids didn’t ask to be celebrities. Geeze…

  • jess

    Agreed totally #5!

    And I never seen someone look so much like their mother. Ava = Mini Reese!!!! And how could someone have a dad that young and sexy looking? Ava will probably be half his height in the next year or so.

  • fauxmance

    @pinkydoo: Reese Witherspoon isn’t with Jake, she is just using homo for publicity.

  • jess

    and what do you ppl exactly mean that the kids never look happy? who the heck r you ppl to judge? deacon is smiling in these pics, and ava is in the main one as well. the pic where she seems grouchy seems like she is daydreaming a bit too. u ppl are too dramatic SHEESH!

  • Matt

    @jess: Poor Ava! lol

  • Reese: It’s All About ME ME ME

    @reese stinks: “This kids are damaged by their cold, fake-nice b!tch mother.” I agree. Deacon is probably too small to know any better but I’ve noticed that Ava HARDLY EVER smiles when with Reese. She looks way more comfortable and at ease with Abbie.

  • lee

    it must suck for abbie, i mean trying to bong with the daughter of your boyfriend is hard enough without the paps, lol. but they seem to be doing ok.

  • ok

    They look fine to me.

  • Pattycake

    My reaction? What a nice looking family. Ava is playing some kind of video game in the stands, which is typical for a girl her age attending her little brother’s little league game. They look happy and well adjusted. I’d think it was odd if they were smiling like lunatics. Ava looks comfortable hangin with Abbie while Ryan plays base coach for the team.

  • jessica

    They looke cute x17 has more pictures of them and Ava is hanging onto Abbie. They look like a close happy family to me.

  • ?

    this couple is so fake, i hate abbie

  • Rachel

    @jessica: I know! those x17 pics are super cute, especially those that Ava is holding Abbie’s arm :)

  • lexi

    I think they are a cute family together.

  • max

    If you want to see them smiling check out the picture on socialitelife they have some very cute pictures from this set and you can clearly see Ava smiling and laughing with Abbie and Ryan. So please don’t go on about something you know very little about based on paparazzi pictures. These kids seem happy and well adjusted with both parents.

  • Adri

    It must stink for Abbie to have to look at Ava and see Reece! I mean, I’m sure she loves Ava, but it would be easier if the littl girl didn’t look exactly like her arch enemy.

  • the_boyfriend


  • Cassie

    Ryan and Reece are an example of how “real” parents behave and parent children unlike the narcissistic Mrs. Gosselin.

  • whortensia

    Would the morons on the board stop calling everything and anybody “cute” for chris sake???!!! Arrested vocabulary development. If you can see these kids similing you probably see Elvis several times a day too.

  • eliza

    Cute kids. Ava looks so much like her mother.

  • utley

    Ryan is HOT! There are lots of pictures of them smiling why do people say they NEVER smile they obviously do.

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Haha, Ava looks sooo much like Reese! So cute.

  • sp

    They are lovely the kids look very happy. I wish R & A would marry and make more babies. I love how close Abbie and Ava seem to be.

  • Pattycake

    @Adri: Just how is Reese Abbie’s arch enemy? Are you reading too many comic books? As far as looks go, I’ll bet that when Abbie and Ryan look at Ava they only see Ava.
    And WHortensia: when are you going to let it go? Look at the pix on the other gossip sites, there are lots of smiling pictures. They all look they had a good time. You are such a negative person. And now I see your policing the descriptive language people use. Must stink to be you.

  • Dread not

    Good on you, RP. The paps got plenty of pics, and your son will get to see you were at his game when he looks back on it. Way to be there. RP, doing what a father is SUPPOSED to do. He and Reese supporting their kids is good to see.

  • whortensia

    stupid utley: please give URLs of pictures that show these kids smiling. There are no pictures on the web of them smiling and you can’t prove that there are. So shut up, moron.

  • whortensia

    Silly pattycake: give me the URLs of those website. You can’t because they don’t exist.

  • whortensia

    Pattysilly, I’m not negative, I just like facts. You apparently just make up things to your liking. If you want to think the kids are smiling you say they are when the pictures say the opposite. Facts are meaningless to silly stupid you. You live I would think in a world of your own fantasy.

  • Adri

    @Pattycake: With a name like “Pattycake” it sounds like you’re into comic books. Let’s see….Ryan slept with Abbie while he was married to and still with Reese. It’s the event that started their divorce. Yes, I’m sure Reese and Abbie just love eachother. Live in the real world Pattycake. My stepson looks just like his mother and she’s just plain evil to everyone. I still love my stepson! I said Abbie loves Ava! But I’m sure she’d rather the girl looked like Ryan than Reese. It’s no big deal, just an opinion.

  • Pattycake

    @Adri: Hmm. I never thought of Pattycake sounding like a comic book character. Maybe a Peanuts cartoon character, but definitely not a “Spiderman” or “Batman” character. Adri, I think you’re projecting your own family dynamic onto the lives of strangers. That’s just an opinion.
    HortensiaW, don’t be so Internet challenged. This site doesn’t allow URL’s. Google Socialitelife and look at the pictures yourself.

  • 11:34 a.m

    It’s quite obvious the kids are very comfortable with Abbie. It looks like Ava has established a nice bond with Abbie -nice! Divorce is difficult in the best of circumstances but Ryan and Reese certainly seem to have done the best they could by putting the kids first. Both seem to be good, attentive parents. Abbie seems quite happy with Ryan -they make a nice couple and Reese has clearly moved on as wel.. Jake seem like a nice enough guy but not sure he is really best for Reese. She needs a strong, non Hollywood guy.

  • whortensia
  • whortensia

    If you are going to tell lies, Pattydunce, you better make sure they can’t be exposed.

  • fauxmance

    @11:34 a.m: LOL!
    Reese Witherspoon needs a real boyfriend!
    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay and Reese is using him for publicity and “I’m so happy after Ryan dumped me for Abbie” PR faking.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: Lady, lady, lady. Did you go to Or did you spend all that time on this crud? I certainly couldn’t post a URL to another site, since I tried 3 times. You’ve just posted a URL to JustJared, which I’m sure they’re OK with.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Ryan looks like a little boy. He’s so damn cute though! LOVE<3

  • Suppress your appetite

    Great pictures.