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Violet Affleck is Painting Pretty

Violet Affleck is Painting Pretty

Jennifer Garner picks up daughter Violet Affleck from school on Friday afternoon (June 5) in Boston, Mass.

The 37-year-old actress was seen carrying Violet‘s artwork home (it was a painting).

Papa Ben Affleck has been hard at work on the set of his new movie, The Company Men. The story centers on a year in the life of three men (Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones) trying to survive a round of corporate downsizing at a major company – and how that affects them, their families, and their communities.

15+ pictures inside of painting pretty Violet Affleck

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violet affleck painting 01
violet affleck painting 02
violet affleck painting 03
violet affleck painting 04
violet affleck painting 05
violet affleck painting 06
violet affleck painting 07
violet affleck painting 08
violet affleck painting 09
violet affleck painting 10
violet affleck painting 11
violet affleck painting 12
violet affleck painting 13
violet affleck painting 14
violet affleck painting 15
violet affleck painting 16
violet affleck painting 17
violet affleck painting 18

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  • Me!

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she is pregnant again.

  • someone

    She sure looks pregnant to me also.

  • bea

    she isnĀ“t pregnant , please, she had a baby few months ago, and body takes time in be the same.

  • To Me!

    I doubt it, she just gave birth in January, she looks thin everywhere except the tummy. Just needs to do tummy work ~that’s the last thing to go and stays on even after you’ve actually lost all your pregnancy weight.. A year after she had Violet she said she had extra skin around the tummy from that birth so everyone would probably always think she was 2 months pregnant forever. And yes, there were tons of pregnancy rumors about her for the 2 years before she got pregnant again with Sera.

    Remember she just signed on to do a new movie Valentine’s Day so I doubt she would have if she was (preg)

  • Susie q

    No, not pregnant. Just a normal mom who is focusing on her children and not spending 6 hours a day in a gym with a trainer.

  • sophie

    they are gorgeous!!!

  • Ryan Mayberry

    Those are some decently un-flattering pictures she has there. But I doubt she’s pregnant. That’s where people (especially females cause of estrogen) always tend to store fat.

  • Most doable

    Well she’s definitely not making my hot-mommy list.

  • Janie

    Love this family. So cute and down to earth!

  • cj

    How old is Violet? She’s still wearing a nappy.

  • ello

    Cute, cute,cute.

    This is what real women look like after having several children..
    not the insanely vane celebrities that have tummy tucks with their C-sections.

    And I don’t think violet is wearing a diaper (nappy)

  • isabelle


    Violet is 3 and half. Her birthday is 1st December 2005

  • pregnant with Seraphina

    These pix were taken when she was pregnant with Seraphina…That
    is why … I am tired of seeing these pictures.. She is not this young
    any more.. she is tall with long legs . O.K..

  • isabelle

    @pregnant with Seraphina:

    No these pictures were taking June 5th 2009. They were taken yesterday.

  • cj

    @isabelle: Thanks.

    She’s definately wearing a nappy, you can tell by the blue band and the very obvious bulge at the front. Considering her age I assume they must be training ones.

    I wonder if she’ll always be blonde, or if she’ll start getting darker.




  • mina

    Glad she is not using as much botox, her lips were looking hideous for awhile. Still fuglie , her daughter although blonde not a bomshell. She needs to stay preggers, that’s the only time she gets attention, she has made her career around her daughter Violet, I wonder when she will start pimping the other little critter. Those kids are scary looking.

  • seus

    16 dag, you are scary or obssesed, why are you screaming lol, crazzzzzy!!!!

  • laura

    Does anyone know the brand of that lunch box?


    For the last three posts of Jen and Vi I have noticed how many comments there are on her diapers aka nappy’s..when in fact
    she does not wear diapers or pull ups that is how you can tell
    how old these pix are….O.K.. That is why I was screaming
    because I am sick and tired of ” she is still wearing nappy’s”
    The answer is no! underwear…

  • isabelle

    @GET A LIFE:



    Well go to Jen Garner Net and you will see Jen walking with a friend
    and yes she is pregnant..O.K Same day… as these ones..

    As for Isebella I am not a LOSER : I JUST SAID THAT IT WAS NOT


    violet looks like she grew out of those clothes a few months ago.

  • jet

    She is soooooooooo wearing a diaper. Way too old for that. Also, I see her with a pacifier too. That is why her teeth are all over the place. Good thing they have lots of $$, because that kid is going to need a lot of corrective work as a result of of her gnawing on that pacifier. Jen needs to get with the program. Not doing that kid any favors, here.

  • old photos don’t cut it

    YES JET: She is wearing a diaper and go to Jen Garner Net and see
    Jen walking with her friend PREGNANT …O.K FULL TUMMY SHOT
    O.K SAME DAY..And this is the last time I want to see about her
    diapers.. she is not wearing them o.k ..

  • emma


    Does it make any changed to your life how ben and jen bring up Violet and Sera. There not your kids leave off.


    Her lunch bag is NY GOURMET GETAWAY LUNCH TOTE.COM for information on the bag…


    Sorry it is called BUILT GETAWAY LUNCH TOTE

  • lari

    she’s a single mom really. ben shows up here and there, but she’s the one that raises the kids. must be hard.

  • ben/jen fan

    lari @ 06/06/2009 at 2:56 pm

    You are so far off base. At the same time these pictures of Jen and Violet are around the web are pics of Ben on a movie set working.

    When Jen is working Ben is with the kids. But, Ben goes home every night and helps. Last Sunday was at the park, out to lunch with the whole family. Pics of Ben carrying both girls around park and out of eatery.

    What, because Ben is at work during the day, it makes Jen a single mom? Crazy. If your spouse has a job, you are a single parent?


    Jen and Violet are beautiful. Shame on those commenting on Jen’s weight. Where is the sisterhood gone? Its expected from men but women? This is what people like Posh Spice project onto the public that its normal to snap bk into your skinny jeans.

    And i totally agree with the person who said Jen is too busy being a mother and not down the gym 6 hours a day. Good on her for not bowing to Hollywood ideals. I really respect her because she’s a hands on mother and obviously down to earth. All the haters should F U C K off !!

  • Hillary

    Too cute, I didn’t know she went to school in Boston, I thought they lived in Los angeles

  • truvy

    Good for her. A women in Hollywood who had a baby and isn’t back in “shape” within 2 months of birth. That’s NOT NATURAL.

  • enjoying life vi and jen

    Jen is now living in Boston with Ben and the kids her older sister lives there too.. And her mom comes to visit quite often.. It is nice to see that Vi has settled into school in boston.. Hope she gets to see her cousins often.. No it is not hard when you only have one child with
    you..And that life is treating her very well these days.. She is doing
    the things she loves the most being with Vi and she said that she
    enjoys taking care of Vi on her own.. and that Ben and her both
    take care of the kids when one is working the other one is taking
    care of the kids.. and she has two movie to make so Ben will be
    busy with his daughters

  • Pippi

    I love the Garner-Affleck family. So good to see rich and famous people so real and family focused. I love how the family bonds and stays together to install in the children a sense of what is important in klife. I wish I could meet them (of course it would be a non-invasive encounter so as not to make them uncomfortable) I know how protective they both are of their privacy. This is another one of those couples who work hard to keep their family life out of the spotlight. Some people are under the impression that celebs owe their entire lives and those of their kids to the media and pubilc.

    Not that I got that off my chest, I would like to add that Violet is so cute and little Sera looks just like her. Can’t wait to see them interacting as BFF.

  • Miss West Virginia

    Gosh this woman is beautiful. She looks so fresh and clean in a simple tee shirt and jeans. I love how she is not obsessed with fashion but showing her daughters that it is not so much about dressing up the outside when the inside is so messed up, the only way to feel good is to put on the most trendy clothes & being so fashion conscious (when not promoting or doing press conferences) when you go about everyday life, but more about how to feel comfortable in your own skin. Feeling good about what you accomplish and being there for the ones who matter the most. She is to be applauded for that.

    Did I mention that she is gorgeous whether on the red carpet or being a good mom and wife. And that little girl Violet is sooooo cute I could eat her up.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    The ugliest mother and daughter in Hollywood.
    Jen looks like a farmer who looks like a horse.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i usually say she’s boring
    but she is taking her kid, i doubt any1 else would find that thrilling
    once again good effort by trying 2 look somewhat good to jen
    orange shirt, wearing bright colors is good sometimes jen =p

  • baby mama

    she could dress the kid better and her self too. The kid wears the same pair of shoes in all pics she needs to dress her up she would be so cute in a little dress.

  • h

    the little girls shirt is to small I agree dress her up she would look soooo cute.

  • cute kid

    she dresses that kid like shit she has the money to make her look cute hire someone Jen to help you pick out clothes for your little girl and your self. I had kids and dressed nice and so did my kids.

  • oh boy

    the poor kids shirt has stains all over it they live in a millon dollar home and dress there kid like that sham on you jen.

  • pink

    like always she looks fugly as hell , the only time she cleans up is for a movie, and they have to hide her huge forehead and ears with bangs and extentions. She looks like a horse have you guys seen the size of her feet and knuckles hugeeee! as for ben i wonder if he is blaming garner for all his shitty movies , that no one wants to see, ben it’s your acting, you suck and so does your wifey, This couple is so full of themselves have you seen this ass of a woman on t’v. she acts like a ten yr. oldgoing on forty! did they trash her all over the blogs, act your age, and stop trying to be like your fans you and ben have millions they are not like you, they can’t afford a 17 mil. dollar home , you just have shitty taste! and wash your ass you always look like you smell!

  • poor

    they dress there kid like poor white trash ive seen people dress there dogs better than that sick.

  • paula

    they look like slobs no exceuse for how dhe dresses that kid all the time never see that kid dressed nice sick man. Even Katie and Tom dreses her kids nice and kate gosseline .

  • lari

    yeah, a lot of husbands work and they leave their wives to do everything thus the single mom comment. ben loves and is there for the kids but even jen admitted that he doesn’t do much around the house. the guy travels way too much – like a businessman or surgeon who is gone more than they are with the family. it’s their lifestyle and probably how ben keeps his sanity since he has that playboy nature in him. it works for them (FOR NOW), but we’ll see. they’ll probably be divorced in a few years.

  • s.i

    @Most doable: Who cares about your list? She is married and probably loves her husband, she doesnt care about your list.

  • s.i

    @pink: What a nasty and malicious comment, I cant imagine anyone having so much hatred in him for people he/she doesnt know, its sick, you remind me of the comments of Sarah and YES! and nativenyker and Emily…LOL….She is just a human, and just because she is an actress doesnt mean she should be wearing gucci the whole time. She is a beautiful woman, and good mummy.

  • s.i

    @oh boy: Are u feeling ok? She picked her up from school and she has stains all over her shirt because they were doing ARTWORK, they were PAINTING. When little kids paint, they tend to dirty their shirts….U r right…Jen is to blame for letting Violet paint with the other kids at school….LOL….Grow up people.

  • jo

    Sad people the lot of you who have made critical nasty comments on other people’s looks. Go look in a mirror people i’m sure it’s perfection staring back at you. Sad sad sad. Obviously something lacking in people’s lives when all they can do is make insults about strangers on a message board.