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Jon & Eight Minus Kate

Jon & Eight Minus Kate

Jon & Kate Plus 8 twin Cara Gosselin gives younger sister Hannah a ride in a toy Jeep around their home on Sunday afternoon (June 7) in Wernersville, Penn.

Looks like Cara and twin sis Mady gave all of the sextuplets — Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel — rides around their house!

Jon Gosselin was on daddy duty the whole day (sans mom Kate Gosselin) and was also seen riding his John Deere Tractor.

Fave pic of the set: Poor Leah!

10+ pictures inside of Jon & Eight Minus Kate

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jon gosselin kids jeep 01
jon gosselin kids jeep 02
jon gosselin kids jeep 03
jon gosselin kids jeep 04
jon gosselin kids jeep 05
jon gosselin kids jeep 06
jon gosselin kids jeep 07
jon gosselin kids jeep 08
jon gosselin kids jeep 09
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  • source of all knowledge

    Kates back home now big deal.

  • read
  • pr people

    There PR people told them to have the kids out in the front yard so the Paparazzi could take there pics of the kids so they could save there show.

  • make it stop

    wow…what a boring family this is turning out to be. is there nothing else out there?

  • oh boy

    Im tired of seeing these people its a shame Jon is letting the stupid Paparazzi take there pictures he knows they are there. The poor kids need a break.

  • karen

    # 5 Oh boy…

    The parents knew what they were getting into. They saw big dollar signs. They know they need the paparazzi to keep their show going and their dollars coming in.

  • Evangeline

    Kate needs some down time , 12 whole days on a photo shoot is tough, just aske the Sports Illustrated Models.

  • oh boy

    your right Karen I feel bad for the kids they have money hungry parents.

  • erica

    is that their nanny that they choose not to disclose on their show?

  • Belle

    Number # 3, what do you mean ” there PR people ” and ” there show,” ? I think you mean, ” Their PR people ” and, ” their show,” and take ” their pic’s ” NOT, there pics “, which means, over ” there somewhere.” Do NOT mean to be critical at all, it just did not make sense.
    Jared’s title is a little funny. JON AND EIGHT MINUS KATE !
    Kate has said she will continue with the show, because she, ” has to continue to feed her children and pay the bills,” according to People magazine. It was up to Jon if he wanted to make his presence known or not. At the beach, some resident’s and visitors’ said Kate ” looked like a movie star and enjoyed the attention.” She was very tanned and she had her hair re-highlighted and cut and styled.
    At one restaurant without her ever present body guard, ( she was by herself ), she was flirting with some life guards who had come in for some lunch to go. I guess the body guard was baby-sitting the children at the Hotel suite.
    The reporter said her bikini cost $128.00. Well, if she were really worried about money as she claimed, and screams at Jon for NOT using all the coupon’s she clip’s, the purchase of a designer suit with little material is not a smart move on her part.
    In today’s economy most women were wearing the same bathing suit as last year according to a survey by Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.
    Most of them are already on big sale everywhere, at prices you would see in August. I guess time will tell if their marriage survives and they stay in therapy. Neither seem interested in doing anything at this point.

  • anonymous

    some of you are just plain ridiculous, and you sound ignorant. they haven’t been doing anything different than the past 5+ years, duh! why weren’t you bashing them then? and some of you sound so ignorant, i’m guessing you posting stuff to rile up the other ignorant people?

  • leni

    # 11- what are you talking about???

    your comment makes no sense.

  • ed hardy

    is that their nanny that they choose not to disclose on their show?

  • anon

    well number 10# Most of them are already on big sale everywhere, at prices you would see in August. I guess time . What the hell are you trying to say hate when people start to correct others leave number #3 alone.

  • belle needs to be corrected

    Most of them are already on big sale everywhere, at prices you would see in August.

  • belle

    sorry im a big mouth ass

  • emmy jay

    They are becoming less interested IMHO. I give them another year and the public’s interest will die off….

    With Jon and Kate obviously done, so goes the show…it’ll just take a little bit of time.

    When does Kate ever cook…I mean really? Except for doling out organic snacks and making Monkey Munch, she doesn’t spend alot of time in the kitchen…heck, it’s hard to keep her home, let alone find her in the kitchen! That’s what the “hired help” is for.

    What a farce….

  • Ally

    Most of them are already on big sale everywhere, at prices you would see in August. you mean most of them will be on sale everywhere. At sale prices you would see in August. Oh sorry you didnt make eney sense to me.


    Personally I think this whole scenario is a publicity stunt. An attempt to make more money for a show that noboby was watching. These kids are not allowed to watch t.v. so they don’t know the b.s. their parents are spewing.

    In my opinion they’ll be ‘ back together for the sake of our children’ and ‘ we realize we still love each other’ in a few exhausting weeks. These people and their tv producers know how to get ratings and their playing the media for all it’s worth.

    Simply just a sham.

  • Ally

    yeah bell you make sense why dont you read what you write before you call others down.

  • emmy jay

    #19 – You may be right about it being all a PR stunt.

    I do think that the interest in them will die off soon. If people think they are being played, they will eventually just lose interest. At least, we can hope that is the case.

    Again, we do love our train wrecks, but only for so long. They are getting old.

  • sham

    yep its a sham and a big lie

  • xox

    clever title, i must say

  • Larrydoggydog

    Kate is a self-hating black man in denial.

  • dont blam church people

    Kate doesnt go to church and hasent for a long time she just used people. She has allways been a witch she is her own worst enemy.

  • jr

    Kate scamed church people now there speaking out about her they want there money back she lied and acted poor shes a scammer.

  • Jan

    Jon went to see his attorney in New York and the interview with People Magazine. His attorney told him to get home and be seen with the children AND stay away from bars with other women. Jon follows instructions well. He cannot think for himself but he can obey when need be.

  • yeah

    Kate& Jon are playing good parents like they were told to. They still want the show to go on so they can make as much money as they can.

  • E

    Hey! Where is the body guard? Or is it just the *naked empress that needs the guard? Someone needs to tell Kate everyone has been lying to her narcissistic ass. She’s no more important than anyone else.
    One would think the precious commodity called the sextuplets would need guarded more than Kate Gosselin. Jon needs to grow a pair and lay down the law to Kate.
    Jon and Kate Gosselin sold their children to the highest bidder, TLC. —the exploiters. Who does Kate think she is fooling now? Everyone has figured out she’s doing the body guard. What reputable company would keep employing that guard anyway?

  • amy

    this is for comment #11…I have hated this couple..(KaTe) since the second year. there was a blogger who used to blog about her money hungry ways years ago…I used to be a regular follower on his blog. Yes, some people are on the bandwagon of HATE KATE…but the truth is, I’ve hated this self loathing bi tch for years…
    Take that.

  • jimmbo

    Go 2 post number 2 and Follow the link if you want to read about a real family with a 6 pk. and as far as the bodyguard’s company he owns it

  • Sally

    I don’t think it is a pr stunt. There has always been tension between Kate and Jon. I think the marriage is over. As for the show, it hasn’t been interesting in quite some time.

  • coverupKate

    So where is Kate hiding with Steve? Imagine that magically the children no longer need a body guard. These parents make me sick and pulling these stunts in front of these children and for them to have available in DVDs for the rest of their sad lives. The state of PA sux.

  • o

    read about a real 6pk 6

  • Lisa too

    I wonder if Kate has a “hair and makeup” person that comes to house on days they are taping on the show? lol… I also wonder how she is so tan? Do you think she get spray tanned or maybe they have a tanning bed in their house too? When looking at her pictures of her in the bikini’s she was already tan on the first day. hhhhhhmm??


    Well at least Madelyn has calmed down now.





    Does anyone fell that Kate treats her girls better than her boys? I feel like she would much rather spend her time with her girls than her boys. For example in season 3 she went with all 5 girls for there special days but not with the 3 boys. She said it was because she could not get babysitters for those days but surely she could of changed it around so she went with 2 boys and 3 girls or something. Also when they are out on outings and stuff she will hold the girls hands or sit with them instead of the boys. I have also found it is Hannah and Leah she favours the most and then comes Alexis and then Joel and Aaden and Collin come in last. Also does anyone else think that she favours Mady over Cara because it is always Mady this and Mady that it is never Cara. I also think that she treats Jon with no respect what so ever. She would constatly but in on what Jon was saying on the couch and she was just plain nasty but then again it did annoy me when Jon was in New York on memorial day and then he went to Utah when Kate was with all 8 kids in North Carolina. Cara and Mady then returned to Jon when he came back from Utah so they could finish school.
    I also feel that the kids have no private life now. In the last couple of mothns the paparazzi have also being following them (look at this link)

    Jon has said that he feels that the kids are not being exploited and that they are happy and healthy kids. But surely having cameras up in 2 8 year old faces and 6 5 year old faces is not normal.

    What are your thoughts?
    I also feel that the only times those kids get any privacy are bath and bed time.

  • ello


    I totally understood what you wrote and completely agree.

  • lee

    Thank you leah and Aiden lover, I can not believe how dense people are, of course Kate needs a body guard while she is out in the public.

    I also think Jon is doing what his lawyer is telling him too, all the bad press with him and Deanna and the pics are not good for the impending divorce.

    Lots of evidence on Jon’s infidelity, just rumers and hearsay about kate’s. i don’t think kate is doing the body guard. But yeah totally believe Jon was cheating.

  • lee

    Thank you leah and Aiden lover, I can not believe how dense people are, of course Kate needs a body guard while she is out in the public.

    I also think Jon is doing what his lawyer is telling him too, all the bad press with him and Deanna and the pics are not good for the impending divorce.

    Lots of evidence on Jon’s infidelity, just rumers and hearsay about kate’s. i don’t think kate is doing the body guard. But yeah totally believe Jon was cheating.

  • porky

    Hope my kids are not gonna be messed up I always have cameras in THIER faces, they are so cute I want pics. Hope I am not emotionally scarring them!

    Belle I also hate it when people do not know there from their, makes me wonder how old or smart these posters are that is covered in elementary school, my models, I mean kids even know there from their.

  • cc

    Belle, I think it’s ignorant and ridiculous to bad mouth someone for spending THEIR money the way they wish!

    Don’t bring up the economy when someone spends the money he/she earned.

    I’m wouldn’t scold you if you bought a car in this economy. I’m not knocking my next door neighbor for taking a trip to Europe in this economy….it’s everyone’s RIGHT in THIS country to spend their money anyway they deem fit.

    And so what if she bought a bathing suit for $123????? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???? They live in a 2 million dollar home, a $123 is a drop in her bucket. Give it a rest.

  • Employed but empathetic

    The material displays are just going along fabulously in this recession with 9.4% unemployment, 14% real unemployment,+ the estimated 20% who are underemployed, temping or can’t get full-time hours. What else do you have to show us? where will you vacation next? I’m on the edge of my seat.

  • janet cochran

    I like them. It’s fun to watch. What’s the big deal?! It’s just a reality show on television. Why get so worked-up over nothing.

  • jeanette

    I think people have had it with being lied to and being disrespected as a whole,by whom ever. When you take advantage of human kindness you not only hurt the people who helped feel wronged, but you effect how they treat others in need in the future. After all of the recent scams I have heard about I no longer give to others unless I know them personally. Very sad. Unfortunately for the Gosselins they are the current poster children for charity scams.

  • steve_FLA.

    @Belle: Who cares about these people! What is so interesting about this family? Is it because almost every time a family goes on a reality show their lives turn to turmoil because we put them under a microscope and criticize their mistakes and blunders. I think we should all take a look at how disfunctional our own families are before we start pointing the finger at others. For those of you who are ridiculing them for doing this for the money should think about the decisions you would make if given the opportunity!

  • Rebecca

    If she wants to feed her kids, then she needs a real job like say nursing like she was before. Jon got fired because of the bimbo. He needs to take those kids and RUN….

  • DJ

    This snow needs to be canceled. Were supposed to be helping people how to live and deal with family issues, not show the world how many babies Kate can push out and then live off tax payer money since they both seem not to have full time jobs. Kids should never be subject of media and this kinda of life. Wake up people and get a life. Both parents needs to be charged with reckless child welfare.

  • Cindy

    I’t's very exiting to see this family. I want to toon in and see where they are and what they bought each week. I really love Kates taste in decorating the house. The formal living room is beautiful.I believe it is country tradidtonal? Saw it In a magazine, you’d never know 8 kids lived there. I think they all stay in the basement. She should have her own decoratin show. TrezMagneefeek