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Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge Cap It Off

Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge Cap It Off

Robert Pattinson and a fellow capped British actor, BFF Tom Sturridge, are spotted out and about in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 7).

On Friday, the twosome was spotted downing drinks at Black & White bar in the East Village.

Soon, Rob, 23, will be shooting his next movie, Remember Me, in downtown NYC. Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan will to play Rob‘s dad.

Lost star Emilie de Ravin was cast in the film, playing a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest.

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190 Responses to “Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge Cap It Off”

  1. 1
    kate Says:


    lol i love you Rob!

  2. 2
    becca Says:

    i think his friend is tom sturridge, who is actually hotter than he is, but you can’t tell from this terrible pic.

  3. 3
    kim Says:

    It’s definitly tom sturridge and you’re right, is way hotter than Rob.

  4. 4
    Emma Says:

    Yay for him being reunited with TomStu!! Yayyy!!

  5. 5
    emmy Says:

    Sturridge looks ill. So thin and his skin is terrible. UGLY. Pattinson looks edible as per usual.

  6. 6
    hannah Says:

    Pattinson looks all man. Sturridge looks like a pasty face little boy and look at all those spots.

  7. 7
    helen Says:

    Get a nicer looking friend Rob. That weedy little guy looks horrid. Isnt he the one who was sacked from a film.

  8. 8
    selena Says:

    Rob is sooooo much hotter <3

  9. 9
    erin Says:

    Pattinson looks hot.

  10. 10
    lucy Says:

    I love rob hes awesome. Thanks JJ

  11. 11
    mj crazed Says:


    you complete me!

  12. 12
    cam Says:

    You have to laugh at sturridge wearing the hat and shades. No ones knows who you are boy and noone cares. Get out of the way so we can have a better view of Rob.

  13. 13
    awful Says:

    Kristen sorry to tell you that this ugly guy is just using you, you can do so much better, get back with mike, rob is a hard core player.

  14. 14
    alexxa Says:

    sexyyyy beast!!!!

  15. 15
    sandy Says:

    Rob is delicious

  16. 16
    Hali Gal Says:

    completely disagree wit becca and kim
    Rob is 10 million times more hotter and may i add sexier then
    tom will ever be

  17. 17
    shel Says:

    Ive been missing my daily glimpse of Rob. We got spoilt at Cannes. His friend is butt ugly.

  18. 18
    Jillian Says:

    shut up #13 awful. Rob can do so much better anyway.

  19. 19
    tania Says:

    Gorgeous Mr Pattinson. Looking delectably ruff and ready. The Sturridge guy was awful in the boat that rocked.

  20. 20
    Hannah Says:

    I love them both sfm! I’m so glad they have been reunited after being apart for so long. Sry the paps caught you bbs, Rob was doing such a good job of hiding recently!

  21. 21
    judith Says:

    I wish theyd give us more info on Remember me. I want to get to know Rob’s new film. Who will play the child and his best friend.

  22. 22
    winter Says:

    peeps, his “friend” is not bad at all! he looks great…robert is just more famous then he is…that’s the real difference here. fame people fame!!!

  23. 23
    OMG Says:

    i seriously love this guy. hes just so talented and amazing. did i forget sexy and hot. yeah i can go on forever.

  24. 24
    cam Says:

    Pattinson is so hot. His chest and arms are so much bigger than the thin stick like boy next to him.

  25. 25
    andrea Says:

    Fame has nothing to do with it. The other guy is a weedy pale boy with acne.

  26. 26
    emily Says:

    I love Pattinson and hope he gets to play Jeff Buckley

  27. 27
    deej Says:

    Ugh i just wanna rape this guy! no seriously though

  28. 28
    ariesrising Says:

    Tom was the original David RIce for Jumper got railroaded out of it to put some half witted actor too bad for HC has he is going know where in his career and looks to me Tom has the right connections to make it bigger. Maybe Tom can land a part in some of the Twilight movies.

  29. 29
    sarah Says:

    Missed you Rob. So much.

  30. 30
    erica Says:

    Pattinson is the most gorgeous man on the planet

  31. 31
    rob is sexy Says:

    Rob is so hot seriously it hurts to look at him. More Rob!

  32. 32
    andre Says:

    Pattinson is gorgeous, sexy and witty. I love his versatility

  33. 33
    briana Says:

    rob out and about is the hottest thing. thnx jj

  34. 34
    Dina Says:

    this guy is good looking to the max

  35. 35
    mertz Says:

    only reason i’m posting here is because of the good looking tom sturridge (in honour of his fabulous hair and cheekbones), and i just wish they hadn’t given jumper to hayden and i hope the dude gets more roles and he gets the tween fandom that his good looks deserve. thanks jared.

  36. 36
    tt1 Says:

    I am very turned on by Pattinson. He looks soooo gooood.

  37. 37
    umm Says:

    He actually looks good.

  38. 38
    tealeaf Says:

    His friend is ugly but Pattinson is to die for

  39. 39
    Karena Says:

    @emily: Robert is in the running to play Jeff? I like Robert, but it would be a shame if James Franco doesn’t get it due to his uncanny resemblance to him.

  40. 40
    joanne Says:

    They are chalk and cheese. One’s oozes sex appeal (Pattinson) and the other looks like he should be serving tea somewhere. Harrods maybe.

  41. 41
    Summer Says:

    Glad to see Rob has someone to hang with in NYC. Also looks to be having a normal day without screaming fans and cameras shoved in his face. Enjoy it!!

  42. 42
    linda Says:

    ooooh sooo gay gay gay gay

  43. 43
    Cashia Says:

    rob is the hottest thing alive, i would die for him. i hope he knows that a lot of girls would give up thier lives for him. hes special.

  44. 44
    Hali Gal Says:

    @linda and what do u mean by ure comment? im just curious..

  45. 45
    chelsea Says:

    how the hell did this guy get more than 40 comments in less than 5 minutes.

  46. 46
    ayj6m6l Says:


  47. 47
    jmoothis Says:

    I am sure that most of the posters here are tweens or teens. Rob is the flavor of the moment. He should ride this wave as far as it will go because this time next year there will in all liklihood, be another flavor of the moment. Twilight is his meal ticket. But when the last movie is released time will tell. If it were not for the movie I don’t think anyone would be that over the top over him. He is not the most attractive young man out there. He is playing to the youung girls whose taste change depending on who is in the media. He is very pasty and kind of dirty looking.. But I am sure the young girls and women love that about him. So enjoy while you can..

    This too will pass. I could make a list of 10 guys before him that everyone was going crazy over.. NOW

    Where are they? so Rob enjoy while it last.

  48. 48
    MINI Says:


  49. 49
    mel Says:

    wow, pattinson looks normal.

  50. 50
    juju Says:

    Stop it these stupid basterd rumors!
    If Rob is with Kris
    First, we don’t give a damn
    Second, Listen Twilight fans:
    Rob will never using Kris in order to be more famous
    Never, it’s defintively not a hard core player
    If, he loves you her, or at least I adore her very much!, look at the MTV Videos on You Tube, the look, the eyes, do you understand, the meaning of True Friendship, or Love?
    Anyway, Miss Kris seems, more happy and smile with Rob than Oregano
    Laissez les vivre leur histoire!
    Let them, living and writting their own storie as yours
    Fuc..Of, For once, In Hollywood Teenland, you have Two people, who seems, nice, down to earth, cool,
    Why who would like to destroy that…

    Amitiés de France

  51. 51
    dope Says:

    hes sooo effin sexy, love him

  52. 52
    dawn Says:

    And to think i’m only 2 hrs away from him. LoL Damn he’s so fine, but Rob don’t wear the jeans with the hole it’s a sure giveaway people will know it’s you! Anybody that knows about you, knows that’s your fav pair of jeans. I luv the new hat instead of the beanie. Good disguise! Ur just so yummyliscious:-)

  53. 53
    winter Says:

    OOOOHHHH Jmoothis ur about to get ur **** handed to you by tweens and moms alike!! this is their god…you cannot talk badly about him! worship him ladies..the way u are all supposed to….

  54. 54
    mertz Says:

    chelsea @ 06/07/2009 at 7:44 pm how the hell did this guy get more than 40 comments in less than 5 minutes.
    i know. i was answering a in a posting below this one and i came bact to the top of the page in maybe 3 minutes and there were 28 comments already. it was kinda boggling…but you know anything about is like a gift from god or something so yeah.

    i hope james franco gets the buckley role. yeaaaaa. then i would go and see the film.

  55. 55
    funkayou Says:

    awww TOm!!! so good to see him again!!!

    they both look hot in caps and white t-shirts

  56. 56
    rafaela temporim Says:


  57. 57
    Key Says:

    Love Robert he’s so hottt!!!!!!

  58. 58
    ashley Says:

    Rob should get the role seriously, James Franco is cool but doesnt hold a candle to Rob.

  59. 59
    REPEAT Says:

    cant wait for the Robsten reunion!

  60. 60
    jae Says:

    Glad rob got t spend time with his buddy. Tom is very good looking too- he just needs a break in the industry. Rob looks good- relaxed. Where have you been rob for the last 5 days?

  61. 61
    jae Says:

    Glad rob got t spend time with his buddy. Tom is very good looking too- he just needs a break in the industry. Rob looks good- relaxed. Where have you been rob for the last 5 days?

  62. 62
    diedre Says:

    LMAO this was posted 7 minutes ago and now there are more than 60 comments. Insane. Yeah the guy is gorgeous but damn

  63. 63
    nikkayy lovee Says:

    this guy is in serious danger of getting raped. its sad. hope he gets through this craziness

  64. 64
    ella Says:

    rob looks gorgeous!!!!!!

  65. 65
    mertz Says:

    i don’t deny robert pattinson his hawtness, but #58 is clearly joking.

    favourite pattinson moment so far was his interview on leno with heidi klum and he said he doesn’t bathe. i laughed so hard, and the memory still makes me laugh. i hope he can move on from the twihards and build a career in the business.

  66. 66
    Ana Says:

    Good Lord, Rob is looking fit. Yummy. Nice to see TomStu again.

  67. 67
    Nikkz Says:

    you guys are either dum stupid or phsyco if you think this guy is not good looking. hes a good looking beast.

  68. 68
    pearl Says:

    You people are soo mean! to express yourself the way you did about Tom Sturridge. Are any of you who said those mean things about Tom perfect, flawless, gorgeous looking people? Because only someone who is beautiful can insult and make fun of somebody who isn’t goodlooking as they are. Actually if i think about it more noone has the right to make fun of someone else. We all have to respect others and not say mean awful things to anyone just because of their physical appearance. Their are some people that have acne…its a skin disease that unfortunately exits and that makes your skin look bad yes i know but people with acne shouldn’t be made fun of because its not something that they wish to have…like if they said oh i so wish to have acne on my face knowing that it ruins your skin and makes you look & feel ugly. Let’s not be so shallow and superficial! And Yes robert pattinson looks good in these photos but then again he almost always looks good in photos.

  69. 69
    bambam Says:

    I’m sad to know that the paps have caught up with Rob. He showing signs of stress in these pictures. Does the fans’ insatiable hunger for Rob news really necessitate being stalk by the paps 24-7?

  70. 70
    Viv Says:

    ROB SHOULD GET THE ROLE. I like James Franco but Rob should get the role. Enough said.

  71. 71
    evalynn Says:

    they are both so HOT!

  72. 72
    annie Says:

    well its nyc easier to live and hide there then la,thats why a lot of actors and actreses come east,join them ROBERT, you belong here.

  73. 73
    repeat2 Says:

    THere is robsten threfore there is not Robsten reunion, I think she still with her BF Orgeno . SHe is alot more happier with her bf than with Rob.

  74. 74
    lauren Says:

    woah he is hot

  75. 75
    mertz Says:

    james franco the entire way any day. why should robert pattinson of twilight fame get the role of jeff buckley?

  76. 76
    Cara Says:

    does everyone realize it’s not a competition of who’s hotter. damn. shallow people.

  77. 77
    REPEAT Says:

    in your dreams repeat2 (copy cat)
    Robsten LIVES!

  78. 78
    NOELLE Says:

    WHOA Rob is looking FINE in NYC !!! Kristen get your ass over there and enjoy that !!!!!!!!!!! :)

  79. 79
    repeat2 Says:

    IN your fantasies
    robsten does not exist….Kristen loves her boyfirned. SHe is more happy with her BF than with anyone .

  80. 80
    Saudia Says:

    oh no the paps found him!! Rob must hate that. Gosh I love him <3

  81. 81
    mertz Says:

    i mean there are many fanatics who love the harry potter film franchise and i dare say i didn’t hear about robert pattinson or his good acting in hp:goblet of fire, prior to twilight. were only the british aware of this dude?

    whatever happened to little ashes…a movie about my favourite artist dali and the female fans didn’t love off the movie?

  82. 82
    repeat2 Says:

    Kristen witb enjpyiin time with her BF
    and Robsten does not exist but in your fantasies.

  83. 83
    rocknmovies Says:

    Rob is hot as usual. TomStu looks his usual little scrawny creeper self. I don’t like him at all.

  84. 84
    rocknmovies Says:

    Where is Kristen’s supposed boyfriend? Hasn’t been seen in over one month. Very suspicious. It looks like he is more the ex-boyfriend.

  85. 85
    NOELLE Says:

    Repeat2 is a crazy , jealous fan girl. HA HA H AH AHA Robert <3′s Kristen and you can’t have him . nah nah nah nah nah !!!!!!!!

  86. 86
    Newps Says:

    OOOOOOh!!!! soooo damn’t HOT!! both of them! xD

  87. 87
    john h. Says:

    they both look EXACTLY alike…kind of creepy.

  88. 88
    winter Says:

    Noelle you have to be about 12…how cute that you’re sticking up for your fave couple.

  89. 89
    suzy Says:


  90. 90
    ayinh Says:

    are they gay?

  91. 91
    Nadia Says:

    @jmoothis: Thank you! At least, someone to speak the truth! Rob is not that “HOOOOOOOOOOOOT”! He is not the most attractive young man out there but i would be lying if i say that he is ugly! Robert Pattinson is a very cute young man and he did a great job portraying Edward Cullen. Plus he seems like a very sweet, down to earth guy who doesn’t need all that crazy attention!
    And to # 67, be polite! Calling people dumb over something that shallow makes you what you call people!

  92. 92
    ATwilightKiss Says:

    It’s great to see Rob hanging out with a friend again. :-)

  93. 93
    Steph Says:

    i can’t even deal with how rob is…what would i do if i ever ran into him in nyc???

  94. 94
    i love tombert Says:

    i hope they come out soon. its obvs they are together.

    ******* may come(***) and go, but TOMBERT IS FOREVER.

  95. 95
    virginiav Says:

    @ayinh: 90 – I asked my Magic 8-Ball and the answer I got was: “It is decidedly so.” I concur.

  96. 96
    followhore Says:

    Apparently if you’re not a celebrity or Rob Pattinson, you can’t wear sunglasses and hat in NYC these days. Also, having bad skin makes you a social disgrace.

  97. 97
    LaStella Says:

    @cam: Ok, srsly??? So I can’t walk around NYC now wearing my own pair of raybans because I’m not a celeb?


    It’s sunny outside, people wear caps and sunglasses.. that is what they are for! *facepalm*

  98. 98
    stephie Says:

    soo HOT ROB <3

  99. 99
    REPEAT Says:

    Robsten reunion ANY DAY now

  100. 100
    mia Says:

    MMMMMM…I’ve missed you Rob. Good to see you again :) Looking positively yummy as usual.

  101. 101
    jim Says:

    Does anyone know what shoes he’s wearing? PLease Help

  102. 102
    me Says:


    I wouldn’t be surprised. Rob isn’t the most manly and it’s not like he’s ever really had a girlfriend. That kristen stuff is just all tabloid gossip.

  103. 103
    sweetness Says:

    Is And is this guy his bf? I still believe he is getting it on with KStew but I would not be shocked to find out that this guy who is always in the shadows of Rob could be doing him too.

  104. 104
    Madel Says:

    tom sturridge is hotter than robert pattinson. he should be edward, rob has nothing special, he has a hot-cake-look face

  105. 105
    Sarah Says:

    HOT Thanks, Jared.

  106. 106
    OH Please! Says:

    Tom has had a rough time of it lately… give him a break. He’s awesome. Yah, and Rob looks ok, I guess. Actually, he looks kinda pissed off if you ask me… cranky because he’s missing his lady love?

  107. 107
    Sad to say Says:

    If things are so hot and heavy with Kristen right now why is he not in hiding with her this weekend. instead we find him in hiding with Tom, that seems fun to me. If you now what I mean!

  108. 108
    Sad to say Says:

    If things are so hot and heavy with Kristen right now why is he not in hiding with her this weekend. instead we find him in hiding with Tom, that seems funny to me. If you know what I mean!

  109. 109
    Nikki Says:

    Rob is freaking sexy as hell!!! He is such an a amazing talented actor and for all you haters, out there, shut the f*ck up!!!!

  110. 110
    LALA Says:

    LOVE THAT LOOK ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. 111
    suzy Says:


    you haters really need to up your game, or at least get some better put down skills… SO AMATEUR…


  112. 112
    Clarissa Says:

    My sister and her friends wanted Tom Sturridge to be edward not rob!

    ahahahahah That’s weird that they hang out lol!

  113. 113
    amanda Says:

    WTF is wrong with some of you? If Rob is with a girl, you guys assume that he’s f*cking her, if he’s with a guy, you guys assume he’s f*cking him too. Now he can’t hang out with guys either? Give me an effin break. Leave the guy alone you f*cking hoes.

  114. 114
    amanda Says:

    WTF is wrong with some of you? If Rob is with a girl, you guys assume that he’s f*cking her, if he’s with a guy, you guys assume he’s f*cking him too. Now he can’t hang out with guys either? Give me an effin break. Leave the guy alone you f*cking losers.

  115. 115
    miranda Says:

    Tom is his friend. So what if hes hanging out with him? Are they f-cking? You’ve got to be kidding me because if you do, thats just sad. He can hang out with both males and females. It’s his life so let him live it.

  116. 116
    okk Says:

    Robert ♥
    im so in love with him

  117. 117
    jim Says:

    looks like he is wearing some kind of circa brand shoes.

  118. 118
    susan Says:

    I love how everyone behind them is oblivous to them. NYC is great that way. Only the tourists go crazy over celebrities in the city. Yeah, he’s definetely giving the middle finger in the third picture. I’m sitting in NJ getting the urge to run into the city to go pub crawling. Eventually, I’d run into them. If you sit and people watch long enough, especially mid to uptown or in the village, you usaully see someone famous out and about. Rob, you’ve made NYC a whole lot of fun for the summer! Welcome to NY.

  119. 119
    me Says:

    i miss rob! im happy that he has been missing for 3 days and got some alone time, but i need my fix dude. thank you jjj!

  120. 120
    susan Says:

    Everyone who has some common sense is wearing sunglasses and baseball hats or some kind of hat in NY today. It’s been raining none stop for a week, and we are blinded and fried by the sun. Love you Rob and Tom!

  121. 121
    Ann Says:

    I know! Let’s have a Leave Robert Alone day and let him walk down the street and have some peace. The guy deserves some respect; not only as he lives his daily life, but with the disgusting language used in some of these comments!

  122. 122
    LaStella Says:

    @susan: Thank you for the common sense! <3

  123. 123
    REPEAT Says:

    @Sad to say: hes FILMING A MOVIE in NY, and Kristen is handling some business in LA

  124. 124
    IXA Says:

    My gosh, why are people so vicious, leave them alone and stop being so nasty. I’m just as much a fan of Rob and Kristen, but why do you have to bash other people that are friends with him. He’s had loyal friends since childhood, people he can trust that won’t backstab him and that were there before he became famous. If you all are real fans of Rob you would respect him and the people he cares about. And you call yourselves fans, yeah right. This is exactly why celebrities can’t stand the papps and are paranoid of crazy fans. Enjoy the pics and stop bashing everyone. Rob & Friends, ignore the haters and envious people..

  125. 125
    sweetness Says:

    What is wrong with some of you I could ask back? why is it so unreasonable or ‘hating’ to put it out there that Rob could be bi-sexual.
    It’s not like he would be the first and only actor who is…and he won’t be the last.
    If someone suggests he is with Stewart the reaction is negative and if someone suggest he could be with TomStu it’s the same. In my opinion you staunch Robert supporters are more disturbing because you don’t want to accept the guy could be with anyone..other than yourself in your fantasies!

  126. 126
    THATS HOW i ROLL Says:

    Rob is a hottie!!! love him.

  127. 127
    Bee Says:

    Rob will always have the ability to make my day a thousand times better than what it was. Before The Twilight Saga and after The Twilight Saga…i will mos def always love him. Great talented actor/musician, sense of humor, down to earth, humble, gorgeous…love it!

  128. 128
    SLY Says:

    Rob looks hot even in a ball hat we miss him in Vancouver see you in seven week Rob.

  129. 129
    whatever Says:

    Rob is not all that. He haves a weird face.

  130. 130
    karool Says:

    i love both

  131. 131
    shana k Says:

    i hope he is smart about kristen,assuming the rumors are true,my point is she bragged about him proposing,twice,bragging because there was no reason for her to say that and embarress him if she already had a boyfriend,and now if she iswith him,the question then becomes why?maybe just as she bragged about how she got michael she now can get the guy who is seen as one of the hottest on the planet,if she really likes him then,cool,but maybe she also does not want to be seen as the girl that could not get him,point being,i think she like being chased by guys she can wrap around her finger,i hope rob can at least be a little wary.

  132. 132
    shana k Says:

    also,if the rumors about rob and kristen are true then how funny is it that art imitates life,meaning the story in twilight is about Alpha males,
    every girl wants Alpha,and in a high school situation like twilight a vampire is Alpha male,more important all girls want Alpha male to want them,since rob in a way has also in real life become Alpha male himself,is that why she is interested?if he is just happy getting laid by hot ladies who can blame him,i would bet that even tho he seems like a genuine cool guy,there must be a shy 15 year old boy,who maybe hit on all these girls,and now they come running,who is going,YESSSS!!!

  133. 133
    SLY Says:

    I am more of a rob fan then a kristen fan, I hope they are together because I think that is what Rob would like and would make him happy. So hopeful we see them in New York together.

  134. 134
    char Says:

    At 19 years old, I’ve never gone all fangirl-y for any celebrity ever but there is just something about Robert Pattinson that is so insanely attractive! Either that or I’ve just completely imagined him to be a real life manifestation of Edward Cullen…minus the vampire part. Who knows.

  135. 135
    julie Says:

    OMG Robert is the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE….I want him in my bed NOW!!!!

    Tom looks sick as always, this little boy is not sexy at all….But I love their friendship so much!

  136. 136
    olga@israel Says:

    I adore Rob, but they somehow look so gay on those pics… *rolls eyes*

  137. 137
    AJ Says:

    Unlike Rob ‘that pale thin guy’ who goes by the name of Tom Sturridge, is actually a well known British actor and infact portrays an above average standard of talent/performances than mr Pattinshit!
    if it weren’t for harry potter (which is of course british) rob would be nothing.

  138. 138
    Victoria Says:

    Sturridge has a seriously handsome face.
    Maybe Pattinson will will show him the gym. A woman wants to feel a man when he’s on top of her.
    Rob baby, you’re killin’ me…swoooooon!

  139. 139
    stacy Says:

    Rob is really HOT !
    I love him

  140. 140
    jen Says:

    Poor,Rob!You can’t even scratch your nose without everybody learns about it!The paparazzis suck!

  141. 141
    juju Says:

    I’m ok with Bee about Mr Rob Pattinson, but one thing Fans, i will stay the same guy, if you stop to urge him and scream, be crazy about this normal guy
    If not, I’ll change and be more close and cold guy
    Rob will change if you continue to say foolish, ******** things about him and his entourage

    Do you understand, It’s definitively not like the others young stars in Hollywood, its belongs to the box as the European guys like Ben Wishaw, James Mc avoy, Tom Stu…
    Normal, shy, talented, smart, and cool guys!

    I need privacy and private life above all, even if he’s a young and clever actor. Mr Robert Pattinson, I like you deeply what you are doing not as a fan, but I respect you. I heard “I was Broken”, what a beautiful soul and voice, you brought me tears. Merci! and stay the same Mr Robert

    Tout le bonheur du monde
    Juju from Lyon (France)

  142. 142
    juju Says:

    I’m ok with Bee about Mr Rob Pattinson, but one thing Fans, i will stay the same guy, if you stop to urge him and scream, be crazy about this normal guy
    If not, I’ll change and be more close and cold guy
    Rob will change if you continue to say foolish, ******** things about him and his entourage

    Do you understand, It’s definitively not like the others young stars in Hollywood, its belongs to the box as the European guys like Ben Wishaw, James Mc avoy, Tom Stu…
    Normal, shy, talented, smart, and cool guys!

    I need privacy and private life above all, even if he’s a young and clever actor. Mr Robert Pattinson, I like you deeply what you are doing not as a fan, but I respect you. I heard “I was Broken”, what a beautiful soul and voice, you brought me tears. Merci! and stay the same Mr Robert

    Tout le bonheur du monde
    Juju from Lyon (France)

  143. 143
    Lozza Says:

    Hey guys.
    Stop lyk aving a go at Tom. Rob used to look tht way. N Tom is actually fit if you luk at him properly. U know we can’t all have money to spend on lukin good. Tom ++ Rob luk great! xx

  144. 144
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    D A M N !!!!
    stop hating on Tom and Rob
    I love them both.
    Tom is looking cute and simple,Rob is looking gorgeous,masculine and simple.
    ps: Rob’s not gay y, he”s just hanging out with Tom so stop hating on them.

  145. 145
    RACHAEL Says:


  146. 146
    Jayckson Lucy Says:

    I cant wait for the movie!
    and Rob and Tom are just amazing. I must say these arent the best pics of Tom, but i’ve seen some, and he looks good. He stars in The boat that Rocked. and i think its cool that pierce is going to play Rob’s dad.

  147. 147
    mina Says:

    YES! Pix! I can’t get enough. Thanks JJ.

  148. 148
    Vicki Says:

    I like Rob’s shirt.

  149. 149
    so what... Says:

    IS uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  150. 150
    Jess Says:

    Robert is such a hottie :) surprised to see him not wearing black lol.. he looks great :) I wonder how he can go anywhere without a mob of girls chasing him

  151. 151
    sarah ~ Says:

    Pattinson is so hot and sexy <3 <3 <3

  152. 152
    kelly Says:

    i dont really think that rob should be drinking…… he is always seen drinking i dunno is that is how people try and make him look but it is making him look bad. I mean i know he is only 23 but it only takes alot of drinking at this age to end up with major problems later in life…. not trying to be mean or out but i think he shouold slow down the drinking a little

  153. 153
    faith Says:

    hey, they look like twins

  154. 154
    M Says:

    Rob! Love him <3

    @kelly: I can’t see him drinking in those pics ^^

  155. 155
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    British actors are so hot !
    Move on Twilight,this is Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge !

  156. 156
    Glaciergirl Says:

    There are not enough words to describe how gorgeous and talented r Rob is…. He is the ultimate man in my eyes!

    So I am a 34 year old LADY who would love to take him under my wings and show him what a true romantic and LADY are all about.

    Cradle robber, I know, but the truest form of love and soul mates has no age.

    Kristen needs to stay with her love for 5 years and let Rob go. He would be more happy and content with someone out of the limelight. An unknown. No pictures, rumors, just the love of a woman in his arms every night!!!!

    So what do you say Rob? :)

  157. 157
    monicapt Says:

    I dont know what is up with Pattinson.. I sort of hate him a lil.bit… lol.. I have NEVER had a celebrity crush. I have never read any twilight books. or anything. I did watch the movie but that is IT!! and the guy totally melts me down!!! He is the epitome of hotness!!!! he is just plain gorgeous!!!

  158. 158
    jess Says:

    Both men are way too gorgous for words, but gotta love the retro t-shirt that Tom is wearing.

  159. 159
    Jen Says:

    Rob is such a cuttie.. and his friend doesn’t even compare

  160. 160
    chantel v.www.mrs.s Says:

    Tom and Rob look sexy as usual :) Don’t really get why people are thinking otherwise. Love them both!

  161. 161
    bRENNA Says:

    AHHH i can see ROBS bulge!!!
    Hes freakin too hott to trot<3

  162. 162
    APPLESAUCE!!!!!!! Says:

    DAYUM those pants should be TIGHTER mm mm mm mm MM! SHAKE IT ROB! SHAKE IT HARRRRRRRD! sexyyyyyyyyy <3

  163. 163
    wow Says:

    team edward all the way

  164. 164
    Christy Says:

    Tom Sturridge is hot, yes. BUT Rob is in a whole different class sweety. He has a very hansom face and slim svelt bod to say the least. In additon to that he is a very kind person to his fans regardless of the circumstances and that makes him even more disireable. Tommy and Rob both are terrific!

  165. 165
    Naile Says:

    Such a beautiful him

  166. 166
    aimee Says:


  167. 167
    Jen Says:

    Obviously Rob is way more hotter than Tom. But i’m glad they reunited and looks their having a quality time together. Rob wants to keep his normal life as usual despite the popularity and busy schedule. That’s why we love you so much Rob, you’re the best and the coolest hottest celebrity ever. Thanks jared for giving us quality news and photos of Rob. Love this site! Mwah! Keep on updating the Twi-fans and more power!

  168. 168
    Melissa Says:

    @kate: You are ssssooooooooooooo right about that!!!!!!

  169. 169
    Michelle Says:

    He looks so different, since he normally wears black and dark colors! He’s still gorgeous!!!

  170. 170
    gyla Says:


  171. 171
    gyla Says:

    @Glaciergirl.I totally agree with everything you said. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

  172. 172
    sav Says:

    Tom is better-looking by far. Robert Pattinson cannot compare. the only reason people fall for him is because of twilight playing the iconic Edward. No one gave a crap when he was in Harry potter.

  173. 173
    david Says:

    Sturridge should have Edward but he was an idiot and turned down the part.

  174. 174
    mave Says:

    Way Cool and HOT!

  175. 175
    bulger Says:

    oh my god. I think rob has a huge ****. you can see his bulge all the time. where is tom’s bulge???? K reckons R has a huge ****

  176. 176
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    Tom is too effiminate!
    @sav ; stop hating!

  177. 177
    kayeperiod Says:

    seeing them together in a photo is just too much HOTNESS to handle!! waaah!!

  178. 178
    catherine Says:

    rob is hot!

  179. 179
    CARMEN, est Says:

    @Hali Gal: i totally agree with you

  180. 180
    lover gal Says:

    Robert (aka Edward) your so cute I love twilight and I am sure I will love new moon I am your number 1 fan I dream that me and you are together forever wish i could see you and i wish i could wright more but i have to go

  181. 181


  182. 182
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    There is nothing sexier than two hot guys working a little bromance on the streets of NYC!!

  183. 183
    andrea Says:

    i ♥ nobodyyy

  184. 184
    teamtyler Says:

    he’s gay. what straight man poses for a gay magazine under the headline ‘boy next door’??? google robert pattinson gay british magazine

    so quit daydreaming about becoming mrs. robert pattinson.

  185. 185
    amber Says:

    rob is like an idiot as usual i dunno what you guys see in him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. 186
    Edwardia Says:

    Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge have been best friends for years, so they look very comfortable around each other. Maybe they are bi, maybe they aren’t. It shouldn’t matter in the 21st century, but if they are, then they’ll be forced to hide the relationship at least while RPattz is involved in the Twilight franchise.

    Robsten..I looked at the Vanity Fair photos and thought hmm.. either there’s something going on OR they are close friends and Kristen Stewart feels totally safe with him.

    We don’t know any of them, they all have to live their lives in the public eye..but for all the hype abt Robsten where are the UNfaked photos of them alone, away from anything Twilight ???

  187. 187
    adriana23 Says:

    i think tom is WAY hotter than Robert Pattinson. Alot of people would disagree with me but seriously. its EDWARD freaking CULLEN they like. nobody went screaming ‘He’s so hot, etc etc etc’ when robert played Cedric Diggory, did they..

    Its really only these few photos that tom isnt hot in! :))

  188. 188
    adriana23 Says:

    @i love tombert: its ROBSTU. thats the name they made up themselves! haa its a joke, of course!

  189. 189
    homo pattinson Says:

    rpattz is so gay.

  190. 190
    suppress your appetite Says:

    good 1..,,,.,,.,.,.,.

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