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TV Producers: We're Not Torturing Heidi Montag!

TV Producers: We're Not Torturing Heidi Montag!

Rumors are circulating that Heidi Montag was rushed to the hospital after being tortured and refused food and water by the producers of the NBC reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! to the point she was “convulsively throwing up.”

TV producers dismiss the allegations to OK!: “ITV Studios, producers of the series, state that press reports at this time are untrue. ITV has been producing this format around the world for many years and the health of the celeb participants are of the utmost importance. A medic and a doctor are present at the location at all times for all participants. All allegations of the celebrities being deprived of food and water are completely untrue.”

Spencer‘s sis, Stephanie Pratt, was the first to tweet that her sister-in-law was “being locked in a dark room for 3 days with no food or water.”

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  • jen

    please torture themmm!!

  • Rhonda

    who cares, torment away!

  • yep

    yeah, they are. it will all be available on the dvd version.

  • LuckyL

    Lame c*nt

  • faye

    I wish they would, these two have been torturing us for the last few years so it would be fair!

  • lauren_conrad

    Where’s the idiots to come and defend these two wastes? OMG! Your all just jealous of them! She’s beautiful!

  • ck

    Torture for those two is having no cameras around,

  • rossy40

    Here we go again – These 2 really know how to work the paps & piss off people in order to keep in the spotlight. First, they “quit” the show, then 2 people “covered” by jackets obscuring their faces are bombarded by the paps in an airport because it was SUPPOSED to be Heidi & Spencer – Now this!
    What a ratings’ coup for a crap show so MORE people will watch it just to jeer 2 apparent idiots. They signed up for it and therefore knew what appearing on this survivor-type show entailed – If not… Someone please tell me the formula for being “so stupid that it pays you more per show than smart people make in a year”.
    Hell, with things going the way they are… I’ll ACT like an idiot & dance all the way to the bank.

  • Paulie

    I hope the Pratts get lost in the jungle.

  • You/Me

    So, that d*uche Spencer is probably going to try and sue NBC because that is how he rolls, the guy defines money & fame wh*re. I can’t for the life of me understand why Heidi hooked up with him, she could have made it in Hollywood but Spencer totally trashed that for her. I hope after this they are black-listed by Hollywood so the rest of us are spared having to read about their lame attempts at attention-grabbing. Spencer thinks any attention is good attention and that he has the last laugh because he “earns” (and I use that term very lightly) a lot of money. What he doesn’t realize is that some things are just not worth it, like losing your self-respect….actually he has lost complete and total respect from just about everybody! He is a total loser, too bad he had to drag Heidi down with him. I think The Hills is just about the sh*ttiest show to ever, all those people are pathetic.

  • carey

    I’m sorry but COME ON PEOPLE, don’t blame it on NBC, or God forbid use the term ABUSIVE…it’s an unfortunate coincidence that Heidi got ill while doing the show—but that’s all it is. NBC was going EASY on these celebs, if you watch the British version of IACGMOOH they are much tougher on their celebs and they’ve been doing it for 8 seasons and had no medical problems. The difficultly of the trials is what makes the show interesting, they knew what they were signing up for–and lets not forget that hiedi and spencer were being selfish, ridiculous, brats and that’s what got them in the position they were in in the first place–not saying heidi deserved to become ill, but again…an unfortunate coincidence was all it was

  • HockeyGurL

    They knew what they were getting into, before it happen NBC has them sign papers they are doing this for ATTENTION stupid media douchebags !

  • mertz

    hahhaha. omg. lol. nbc/itv cannot write torture into their contract(s) even if people are stupid enough to sign them.

  • mertz

    If not… Someone please tell me the formula for being “so stupid that it pays you more per show than smart people make in a year”.
    lol #8. maybe it’s called selling your soul.

  • rachael

    They should do a 300 and throw them down that never ending pit!!! Useless people. Why would anyone watch any show these two idiots are on is beyound me!

  • Jan

    Allowing the RATS to bite the celebs is WRONG. I saw one of the celeb man’s hand bleeding and that is torture. They should not have to endure rat bites!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    what dumb ass actually believes these losers got tortured
    1st of all why would a big tv company torture?!
    lose millions over these 2 losers, im sure any idiot in the world could figure it out that this is just some stunt
    im also sure they nbc made them sign some contracts so they wont get in trouble, so even if they plan 2 sue, those papers will come back 2 haunt these douches

  • bee

    if they’re not torturing them, they reeeeally should!

  • mertz

    since my comments aren’t showing up i’ll just retype it again. you cannot get gastric ulcers by eating rice and beans and drinking water for four days. they are also not being tortured. i was saying that i saw the celbuzz box on this page and their story update on this whole situation via tmz that this chica was at the hospital because she had developed gastric ulcer after this nbc challenge and i didn’t know whether to be sad or laugh about the reporting. such fantastic bull.

  • SR

    Famewhores the whole trio.

    Note to Jared: Stop posting about these two and they’ll either go away or pay you lots of money to post stories about them.

  • ello

    If only… NBC torture away. than I might watch your stupid show!

    I agree with #20 Stop posting, please Jared!!

  • mertz

    okay so she developed gu ubecause of stress…and making herself throw up because she was so frightened. okay then. nbc/itv and these dudes are brilliant people.

  • Yikes!

    Spencer’s little sister is such a little SHIT DISTURBER!!!

  • sillyme

    Well, this can’t be true. Because Barack Obama said we don’t torture anymore. That’s why.

  • g

    I bet Spencer and Heidi will sue and it will be settled for $100,000 so long as they don’t talk about it. I’m an attorney, I know how these things work. So they will get another payment (not for charity).

  • SpoiledPratts

    Anything other than a house in the ‘Hills’ is torture for these two. The behind-the-scenes footage would show a different story… all of them feasting on gourmet dinners and whisked away to their fancy hotels at night. What you see on camera is all for show, just like Survivor.

  • crystal

    So has it actually been said what exactly is wrong with her?

    Or is it just another pathetic way of getting the media to pay attention to them??

  • ri23

    Torture them. Nobody cares.

  • Mel

    They are not being tortured!
    I live in the UK and the shows been on for many years.
    Theres a lot worse bushtucker trials than their one.
    I bet these two idiots are too used to their sheltered sad life with everything done for them.
    Sooo cant stand them

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Oh come on. Let’s get real.

  • suppress your appetite