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Kate Gosselin is a Gas Guzzler

Kate Gosselin is a Gas Guzzler

Self-proclaimed fashionista Kate Gosselin stops to get gas for her car on Monday morning (June 8) in Reading, Penn.

The 33-year-old John and Kate Plus 8 mom took a quick freak from her kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — after returning from a vacation in North Carolina with her sextuplets (they filmed another episode there).

Jon & Kate Plus Eight has a new episode airing TONIGHT (June 8) @ 8PM ET/PT on TLC.

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  • Vicki

    not that slut again no onel ikes her.

  • jdub

    kates looks good. i hate seeing her online 24/7 tho. they need to calm down with all of this

  • deea

    her face is annoying:|

  • Halli

    She looks good.

  • Leona fan

    Why won’t she just disappear already?

  • Roxanne

    Yeah she looks good for being 45.

  • Barbara

    O.K. who is getting paid to take these phoney pictures. Kate stated in one episode that she has never filled her car’s gas tank that someone else does it. Us readers are to feel soooo sorry for poorrrr Kate, lookie how saddy waddy she looks pumping her own gas….. she is so alone…. NOT!! Kate would not (in her celebrity) position now pump her own gas she may break a nail… hopefully she has wipes to wipe the gas smell off…. Yesterday we saw the staged photos of the tups showing that they returned from vacation, and today Katie Irene is in PA too. I for one will not believe anything this couple does, doesn’t do again. I admit and proudly that I am now TLC network free for 4 weeks and will not watch the train wreck at all.

  • Denise

    I see she didn’t make it to church – AGAIN.

  • Lillianne

    What a pickle puss! Prime example that money can’t buy happiness.

  • Frank

    Being in the PI business this is my observation. Jon confronted Kate either late last year or early this year on his “humch” and/or subtle clues here and there in regards to her relationship with Steve. Getting off guard, Kate either told him that they were through or they could lead separate lives as long as it doesn’t efect the show. That’s why he went on these episodes of binge drinking and getting caught in awkward situations. He was trying to escape/cope with his feelings and told at least 3 people on his situation. Folks, on most of marital disputes of cheating spouses, “humch” or “gut” feeling about his/her partner are almost on target. During the first 4 seasons there were no evidence of Jon partying/drinking like this unless something dramatic happened to him to cause it. I’m hoping Jon or his close family or friends to support him in this cause and tell the truth. Because the truth will set you free.

  • taylor

    She looks ridiculous, as usual.

    She has such a trailer park face, she’ll never look stylish.

  • mommy

    Lordy be. Look at her looking all pimped out. How come she doesn’t look like the rest of us SAHM’s, fat, ugly, facial hair, dirty sweat pants, baggy t-shirts with food stains on them. Plus we never have sex because we have husbands with 2 jobs and we are busy home schooling our devil children who never wear two piece bathing suits.

  • ice

    Is she ever not in heels nowadays? What happened to the Kate Gosselin of a few years ago?

  • jerzygrrl

    Kate, cross the bridge into New Jersey. We don’t pump our own gas here. It’s a law. Never have to get out of the car either………..

  • Kristin

    She is one hot mama!

  • cap d’antibes

    So many jealous haters on this site. If you don’t like her stop watching her show and looking at the photos the paparazzi supply you with. (ever hear of supply and demand?) Go have lives of your own instead of living vicariously through celebrities.

  • Barbara

    Just another observation…. is this site getting paid by TLC to show pictures of this family? You guys are getting excellent shots of this train wreck of a family…. The advertisement to watch tonight’s show??? Something smells fishy here…. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… you are a duck….. Duck Duck Goose your turn?

  • really

    Kristin @ 06/08/2009 at 12:16 pm She is one hot mama!

    Really? Anyone, with plastic surgery can look like that. It’s ok that she pimps her kids, let’s nanny and her estranged husband take care of them as long as she looks good?

    Doesn’t matter what kind of person she is as long as she can “over dress” for the gas station?

    Wonder how long it took her to get ready for the gas station?

  • camera

    @Kate’s Blog: well, you ARE looking aren’t you???

  • camera

    @really: Jelous much???? Why don’t you try plastic surgery, you could use some.

  • camera

    @ice: Unlike you, she went on a diet, went to a gym and bought new clothese, duh

  • S

    why are there so many kate posts now? she’s not even a real celebrity.

  • Roxanne

    I’m sick of seeing this hag all over the damn internet. Cant we see some real celebrity news. Where’s Brad and Angie.

  • ice

    @camera: Sheeple much? Are you her PR? If you are, you’re doing a very bad job

  • Rhonda

    You mean she doesn’t have a driver? Oh, they must be filming their pretend reality show! Where’s the bodyguard?

  • Frances

    I used to like watching the show because I did feel like it wasn’t staged — that we were seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly. It felt honest, unlike some other shows. I knew that had to be hard to be so honest with your words and actions knowing you were being videotaped and eventually put on TV.

    Now everything about the show feels staged and fake, and I can watch a sitcom for that.

  • amy and karl

    Nothing says I’m a stay at home mom and I do not exploit my 8 children for the big bucks like 7 inch heels while doing “errands” and filling up the tank!!!! Yeah right media hog!!!! What a waste of space Kate is!!!!
    TEAM JON all the way!!!!!

  • jane

    She looks cheap.

  • cassandra

    You can certainly tell this one is all about the money and the fame. Kate cracks me up. She is such a fame-ho. Right up their with the class-less and trashy Jen Maniston and Katie Homely.

  • Jilli

    She looks really trailer park.

  • tracy

    This photo just screams TRAILER TRASH!!!!!!

  • defintely no actress

    Maybe she hired the same PDA as Rachel Bilson???

  • camera


  • marisa

    i like her.

  • LC

    We used to see her wear the same set of clothes and now, I can’t recall seeing her wear a ‘repeat’… not even off camera… but then she lives and dresses for camera these days!

    I don’t know what ‘trailer trash’ is, but she is absolutely trying to act and dress the part of a CELEBRITY; but what she doesn’t know is that a true celebrity doesn’t try to DRESS OR ACT like a celebrity.

    She is wearing so much make-up for someone who is off camera; her shoes just don’t go with the outfit that she’s wearing. I, personally, would have done mascara and lipgloss only and wear a pair of feminine flats. I would also change this outdated, drastic and harsh hairstyle and, most importantly, wear a softer and friendlier facial expression.

  • Ariana


  • rose

    haha it says she took a quick “freak” from her kids instead of quick break. typo? i think not. she is a freak, used to be normal now shes not. its almost sad.

  • jeimy

    “Self-proclaimed fashionista ” Hahahahahahahah!!!!!

  • Clay

    Next time Kate try to work up a static charge by dry-humping that BG of yours before you get out and fill up.

  • Abby

    #4……you crack me up!!!!! Good one!!!

    Nice heels for pumpin’

  • Lory

    I remember she once said she never put gas in her own vehicle. Jon always used to do it, even when she worked, before she was a stay at home mom. That he would always do it the night before. Guess things change.

  • Zippy

    What you didn’t see was miss retard get in her car afterwards and yell,
    “I DID IT !! …..I DID IT !!..all by myself…. like a first time potty trainee.

  • Sasha

    lots of people visit the gas pump… these irrelevant photos seem kinda stalkerish

  • Cathey

    She looks like she should be working a corner for some extra $$$$.

  • Ralphy boy

    “Gas Guzzler”………can’t picture Kate guzzling anything else unless money is involved…icky!!!

  • wt milf

    What’s the matter Kate does grandpa have a touch of the rhumatiz and can’t get out and pump? or is he just drained.

  • Jan

    Jon was with the twins for a week and driving that white van. Jon must have used the gas and left it almost empty. She is not telling him what to do anymore and she quietly filled it up herself. She is going about her routines even if the paps are going to take photos. She went without makeup and a wore a hat to buy dog food before the she went to the beach. It appears Jon is playing with his new girlfriend or with his children. No more chores for Jon.

  • Christine

    I love them capris I wear em too when the park gets flooded out in the spring and we have to tow our house up onto dry land.

  • madeleine

    i don’t get it. whata hell is this woman famous for?

  • tj

    shes so gree she drives that big ass van if the kids arent with her she needs to drive a smaller car they have a few.