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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Keen On Kobe

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Keen On Kobe

Leonardo DiCaprio gets riled up at Game Two of the 2009 NBA Finals at Staples Center on Sunday night (June 7) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor’s latest movie to come out on DVD and Blu-ray was Revolutionary Road last week. Titanic‘s Kate Winslet and DiCaprio play the couple April and Frank, for whom the American dream has turns into a nightmare.

At the basketball game, DiCaprio sat next to and cheered alongside Zac Efron. Rihanna was also sitting courtside at the game that went into double overtime.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio being keen on Kobe

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Photos: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty
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  • ello

    Forget Zac Ephron. Leo was also sitting next to sexy Simon Baker. He’s so much hotter than that little twerp!!!

  • MIMI89

    Leonardo is Soooo Cutttteeeee!

  • french

    he looks happy

  • bara

    Just love Leo! He’s got Gorgeous Adam Levine on one side of him and that HOTTTTTT Simon baker on the other….wish it were me sitting there.

    As for Zac Efron, he doesn’t even qualify in this equation of hot men. He always looks like some homeless person with that beanie or stupid hair or useless gf.

  • Liliana

    I agree with comment #1. He was also sitting next to Simon Baker and talking with Will.I.Am but you wrote only about Zac. They were all there and know each other, so it would be strange if they wouldn’t talk but you make Leo and Zac kind of best friends and I don’t think they are. (Sorry for mistakes I am not English native speaker, I am from Poland).

  • Sara

    jared, thanks for all the great pix of Leo ! :)

    Love Leo ! Go Lakers !

  • simone

    Yeah Leo, Go Blue! Michigan! :D

  • noticias de famosos

    Leo good pictures of that!

  • zanessa4life

    In my opinion it’s one of Zacs hottest look in a long time.
    He looks a little messy lately but thats just because of his long hair he has to have for his next film “The death and life of charlie stcloud”!

    He looks damn hot.
    He always does.


  • me

    He is sooo SEXY!!

  • Leo looks great even though I`m not crazy about his facial hair. It is so cute how excited he looks on the first picture! I just love him! But this Zac kid should get lost already I`m sick and tired of him.

  • lee

    Kobe being a laker keeps me from ever rooting for the lakers, how can anyone look at this assclown.

  • @#5

    I wouldn’t worry about your English, it’s fine and you write better then a lot of the people on here!

    I was wondering who the guy was in the glasses, guess I’ll have to google Simon Baker now lol

  • lola

    I think a lot of people like to mention Leo and Zac knowing each other or talking because people see Zac as a “new” Leo. Leo may in fact have had a huge fanbase of teenage girls after Romeo & Juliet and Titanic especially but he was never some Disney movie star… he did more in depth skilled work. Zac isn’t the new Leo, he’s not even close to being on Leo’s level when he was his age.

  • Osakhomen


    Because Kobe is an AMAZING PLAYER! One of the best of our time. You can’t deny that.

    Anyway, I love Leo! Always have! Something about him is SO attractive!

  • sofia

    Go Lakers! But did I watch a different game because the one I saw only had one overtime…

  • clive

    Cute Couple

  • kel

    actually, its kinda cute that they are sitting next to one another lol. since zefron has a man crush on leo and all.

  • Gasol_fan16

    KOBE RULES!! Pau Gasol rules even more!! Laker’s won!!! SWEET!!!

  • Marco

    Two beauties side by side. Leo is the hotter of them

  • Hot Simon

    Hey JJ more pictures of Simon Baker please, he has LOTS of fans too
    you know, 20 million people watch him every week.

    He’s so much sexier than Leo and Zac should be in the JJ jr section!

  • http://Yahoo Kirk&spock rock

    Simon Baker looks so much hotter next to the 21 year old. Am I the only one, but in last couple of pictures, Leo seems to have a kind of caring look on his face when talking to Zac. Maybe caring is not the exact word, but I can’t think of another (Liliana’s neighbour-Slovak).

  • rach09elm


  • Angela

    I love seeing them together, leo is my man!

  • ello

    Simon is my man!!!

  • lia

    :Love Leo! And btw, Zac and Leonardo ARE friends.

  • mickey

    Leo has turned into Jack Nicholson.

  • jennifer

    Leo looks great and sexy as always, leo is the best actor of all! cute

  • lia

    His jennifer86, Scott, s.d, mr.d, francis and NOW w.d. You’re not fooling anyone you as*hole. so what you’re basically saying is that you like guys that are goodlooking instead of talented? Dumbass. You may it seem like a fact that Leonardo is buttugly when you are since you have a crush on him. SHUT THE F*CK UP SCOTT! if you don’t like Leonardo stop commenting on his posts. You’re gay, what guy goes on every gossip website to write about a male actor’s looks and talk about actos you thin are cute? Dicraprio? So mature.
    These pics prove Leo is not ugly,

  • lia

    *male actor’s looks and talk about actors you think are cute

  • @ 29

    Scott – you is gay!!!
    I saw you posting on other actor’s posts about their looks.
    I can cite examples – but why bother – you know it.
    You are pis*sed cuz Leo does not like co*ck!
    Oh well, that’s life.
    If you are in love with Rpatz – which we know u are – go get on his posts and rave about him – if Leo is not your type – no problem.
    Leo is straight – he does not want what u got to offer so relax!!!
    He is one of the most handsome actors in the world – see Vanity Fair poll – not fat or ugly – LIKE YOU ARE so STFU!!!!!

  • lia

    I’m starting to think Scott is Bar.

  • @ 33

    Scott aka Bar needs to go back to Israel then asap!!!!!
    Bye – have a nice flight!!!
    Don’t come back to the U.S.!!!
    For stupid awards that are undeserved!
    Show your big fat naked hips and azz on Hebrew magazines!!!

  • lia

    @@ 33:
    Lol. Ha. But let’s be serious, Scott is gay! And what other did you see him comment on another actor’s looks?

  • @ 33

    Scott comments on other actor’s posts saying how he prefers Rob P. like Ed W. and Brad Cooper etc. to name a few. He loves da boyz.
    Ok – whatever, it’s cool that he’s gay – just stop being mean to Leo!!!!

  • Kaos

    Who doesn’t like his facial hair??? Chick, are you insane???? His facial hair looks awesome! Uh, yum. ::fans self:::: oh AND the cross necklace….yah, like it too. =)

  • colleen

    #14 I totaly agree with you. Too much hype for cutie Efron but no real depth in his acting beyond the HSM stuff. No comparison between the two.

  • lia

    @colleen:I agree he’s not the next Leo, but he was pretty good in 17 Again.

  • @40

    Don’t forget to take your pills for each of your personalities…

  • @40

    Cannot you come up with something original? We have read the same ridiculous post before and honestly it`s getting boring. Must be though that UNLIKE YOU he managed to do something with his life, he is successful, talented and handsome.

  • lia

    Aw, don’t get yourself worried Scott. Leonardo isn’t worried about a closeted homo who thinks he’s ugly.. I mean the guy goes on Ed Westwick ‘s post today to talk about how hawt unibrowed, diry Rob Pattinson aka the twerp from Twilight is and he claims he’s staight? Ha! Now night, night Scot-tay.

  • lia


  • lia

    Nice try Scott! Make these snarky comments, all you want, jut don’t take my name! And Brad Pitt looks like aging hag now.

  • lia


  • lesle

    Where’s spiderman?

  • lia122

    It’s still me, lia. Scott don’t you have better things to do than posing as me, like watching twilight for the 200th time on your bluray for Rob Patz?

  • lia

    Anyway has anyone seen Barf?

  • lia

    You’re a poser, asshole, and stalker. And I’m reporting you to Jared., Scott. For everyone that is a real fan of Leo just remeber the real lia name is in blue.

  • Kay

    ha and nope. Haven’t seen that famewh*re out in L.A. anytime as of now.

  • w.d.

    Scott I know it’s you. And I like Leonardo for his acting not his looks thank you very much. I don’t like himas much as I used to. I only talk about him for his movies. Buh-bye asshole. Sorry bout my English