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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Keen On Kobe

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Keen On Kobe

Leonardo DiCaprio gets riled up at Game Two of the 2009 NBA Finals at Staples Center on Sunday night (June 7) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor’s latest movie to come out on DVD and Blu-ray was Revolutionary Road last week. Titanic’s Kate Winslet and DiCaprio play the couple April and Frank, for whom the American dream has turns into a nightmare.

At the basketball game, DiCaprio sat next to and cheered alongside Zac Efron. Rihanna was also sitting courtside at the game that went into double overtime.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio being keen on Kobe

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120 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Is Keen On Kobe”

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  1. 101
    shivooz Says:

    Going out with someone at 11pm is called a booty call.
    When he does not take her to public awards and events – it’s because he is not that into this “relationship” ahem booty call cough cough.
    I find it funny that they go to a bookstore and pick up no books!!!
    Genius that she is – she bought a magazine with herself on the cover – she will not read the articles in it guaranteed.
    He is in the self-help section because he knows his life is in need of help. He should have bought one of these books and/or go to therapy asap.
    People in prison look happier.

  2. 102
    just me Says:

    You clearly pointed out my problem with the booty call theory. Booty call and they show up in a bookstore? Does that make sense to you? As weird as it is this is an ongoing relationship whether we like it or not.

  3. 103
    french Says:

    I hope with these pics, people will not say they are a real couple and they are in love anymore because it will means they are more stupid than i thought.

  4. 104
    Tali Says:

    They broke up.,,20284062,00.html
    I hope that they can be happier apart because they do not look happy together. Leo will get his shi%t together when he finds the right woman. Nobody dates for years and years and it goes nowhere! It’s not meant to be.
    I am surprised Bar stuck around as long as she did – especially since Israelis like to start families very young!!!

  5. 105
    just me Says:

    OK, anyone else confused? If they were together at that bookstore last night why do I read about their break up this morning?
    People ( that I consider reliable ) confirms the break up,,20284062,00.html

  6. 106
    shivooz Says:

    Yeah dude @102 – it’s a booty call!!!
    I do enough booty calls to know what they are.
    You take a girl out late in the nite in outta the way spots so no one knows and then take her home. It’s a booty call – duh.
    When you go to Lakers games during important events – further proves the booty call theory.
    When you look miserable but your peen is hard – it’s a booty call!
    Not in love.

  7. 107
    just me Says:

    @104 I haven`t seen that you posted the People article, too.
    The only thing that bothers me is that Leo was at the Lakers game on Thursday and Sunday so how come he was seen in NYC over the weekend ( both article mentions his flirting there )… It must have been a really quick trip. And why were they seen together on Monday night doing something casual as going to a bookstore? DOESN`T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

  8. 108
    ... Says:

    But what does a book store have to do with a booty call?

  9. 109
    french Says:

    i think it’s yet Barf who made up these stories

  10. 110
    ... Says:

    Which stories?

  11. 111
    french Says:

    Maybe that Leo did not want to go out with her, it is for that she made up the story on Perez Hilton but after , she thought that if Leo will see that in the story it was her who dumped him, he would be angry and he would maybe said all the truth on their false relationship. Thus she made up another story on People but Leo finally agreed to go out with her.

  12. 112
    @107 Says:

    No – Leo met a woman on 05/27/09 – see article above – that is the incident that they refer to when Leo was in NY. It is not in English but it says he was talking to a brunette the whole night at the opening of Avenue Lounge. This Sunday – he was in L.A.

  13. 113
    goodbye bro... Says:

    I have understood bro…and I’m done with it now…I see what you want and what you obviously don’t…it took already so long and I wish I could say “maybe next time” but I can’t, because it’s the last time for me here. So I just have to wish you a long and fulfilled life. And then, we see us, finally. I’ll already waiting there for you bro. I’ll try it now w/o you, even if I know I won’t make it w/o you. But I’ll try it…

    Die Wahrheiten des Universums sind alles andere als romantisch mein Herz, sie sind zweckorientiert. Romantik wird nur für die Sterblichen und sterblich Gewordene geschaffen, um zwei Teile zusammenzuführen, die zusammengehören (sollen), um einen Zweck innerhalb der Matrix zu erfüllen. Doch wenn einer der Teile oder beide nicht dazu bereit sind, aus welchem Grund auch immer, wird die Energie nicht verschmelzen und das Licht nicht zur Kraft entfaltet, die benötigt wäre. Und doch hat der der übrig bleibt die Entscheidung des anderen zu respektieren und ihn seinen eigenen Weg gehen lassen, wo auch immer er ihn hin führen mag…und so ziehe ich mich zurück mein Herz…

  14. 114
    @111 Says:

    You seem to ignore the fact that they were seen together last night in L.A. and there are pictures. Why would she come up with a break up story if they are still together??????????????????????
    Interestingly the People article reminds me of the one from that Israeli site about their break up while Barf was still in Israel. That said the same thing that Barf ended it because Leo didn`t treat her well… Coincidence?
    Leo wasn`t in NYC this weekend, he was at the Lakers game on Thursday, he was seen with Lukas Haas at an L.A. mall on Friday ( I saw pictures ) and at the Lakers game again on Sunday… He was seen in NYC flirting at that place but a week earlier…

  15. 115
    french Says:


    i know

  16. 116
    @ 114 Says:

    could u post the link of Leo and Lukas in the mall?

  17. 117
    french Says:

    @@ 114:

  18. 118
    Schticky Says:

    GO BLUE!!!!!
    Did you see how Zac was looking at that sandwich? He wants some.
    Get your own effing sandwich biyotch!!!!

  19. 119
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Leo is soooo sexy!!

  20. 120
    suppress your appetite Says:

    GO GO GOO0000

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