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Megan Fox is Tokyo Terrific For Transformers

Megan Fox is Tokyo Terrific For Transformers

Megan Fox attends the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen world premiere at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan on Monday (June 8).

The 23-year-old Tennessee actress paired her purple-licious Donna Karan dress with Stuart Weitzman “Frontpage” shoes in Indigo.

Megan covers the latest British GQ where she shared her thoughts about socially conscious actresses.

“They all sit on David Letterman in their little summer dresses with their legs crossed and talk about how much they love going green and they love Priuses…None of them are real people,” Megan said. “They play into exactly what society says women should be. And I’m not going to do that. I mean, I think it’s great to want to save the environment. So do I. But I don’t want to sit and just talk about that.”

Megan continued by saying, “I would rather have an image that is wild and promiscuous than to go out of my way to be proper all of the time.”

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Credit: Kimura; Photos: Getty
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  • T

    What is her problem? She always seems angry. Lighten the f**k up!

  • lmao

    thigh high slit? very much Jolie? lmao.

  • Alz

    thats a terrific color ! she looks great
    but idk how long shes gonna count on her looks to balance out every idiotic thing she says

  • jerzegirl

    Beautiful girl…talks too much though. LOL

  • allie

    jealousy is a disease. get well soon!


  • Shar

    Poor thing, if she wasn’t constantly putting men and women down, she would have nothing to talk about. She reminds me of a malfunctioned life size doll that needs her on switch turned off.

  • bandit

    She should keep her mouth shut, everytime she opens it she shows her low IQ, she always sounds like a complete idiot. She’s not even smart enough to realise that Hollywood is a small place, the people she disses are people she could end up working with in the future (not that she’s has much of an acting future, she’s horrible, she needs to do Playboy and get it over with, she’s not good for much else).

  • Keylin

    Why does she insist on talking such idiotics things…. I mean she wants to be different for everyone but yet she couldn’t more equal to them, is just pathetic! I mean talk when you have at least a a few good oscar deserving movies under your belt! She’s so pretty but yet so idiot!

  • n.o.l.a

    Love the dress color. Anyone who wears a slit will now be compared to The Jolie. But, I think Megan’s people encourage the comparison,

  • n.o.l.a

    Love the dress color. Anyone who wears a slit will now be compared to The Jolie. But, I think Megan’s people encourage the comparison,

  • lani

    megan fox, you are just like the rest of them trying to look like jolie.
    i urge people not to see her movies.

  • candy

    Everthing she says comes across as mean. She’s ugly inside which makes her VERY ugly on the outside too.

    Like someone else said, chill girl. She’s so angry all the time, putting everyone else down is a sign of her own lack of confidence, insecurity.

  • Leni

    Why is she trying to hard to look like Jolie??? Be an artist and be yourself Fox!! She is a copycat period!!!!!

  • booboobird

    helloooo angelina jolie wannabe?!?!?!?! dress with a slit and one shoulder off. copycat. and don’t tell me she doesn’t know what the mighty jolie is wearing. it’s plastered all over mag covers and i-net. i never liked megan and never will. playing this wild child, sex obsessed, blah blah blah. that’s so angelina jolie.

  • maine

    Everything about the dress is fabulous, especially the loud color… unlike Megan’s loud mouth. I still have a soft spot for her though, but she’s becoming terribly mechanical… and worst still… predictable.

  • Copycat

    Pretty but she should keep her mouth shut. The girl does not have a very high IQ. She is trying too hard to be the new Angelina. Sorry but there is only one Angelina and she’ll never come close.

  • YUK!

    Beautiful girl

    TERRIBLE look

    TACKY tat

  • lani

    if you wanna be different than other actresses, don’t have plastic sugeries. Oh wait, you already have tonssssss of shit done on your face and body. who are u kidding, meagan fox????

  • allie

    stop sipping on the haterade! gorgeous!

  • Jughed

    Great legs :D

  • carl

    Oh we get it Megan, you are so edgy, you are such a bad a**. Not. She tries way too hard to be a mean girl, but comes it across as angry and bitter.

    She should learn to be humble and appreciative of any success she has (her acting is very limited). She needs to stopf putting down everything and everybody else, guess she’s never heard that true beauty is within (so she’s one fugly girl).

  • Maria

    oh, isnt she cool?
    at least, she THINKS she is

  • gerelee

    i was waiting for this premiere. i love megan. she always looks beautiful.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Gorgeous Stunning and Perfect … Insanely Beautiful

  • J.

    she is pretty but i feel like she is not very classy.

  • mars

    What’s with the Angelina Jolie comparisons? I really dont see it. For a start they look absolutely nothing alike. Elizabeth Hurley is known for wearing high slit dresses, along with a good few other actresses. Angelina’s only been the most recent to wear an eye-catching one. I like Jolie too, but I’m not obsessed with these people and can be objective, thank goodness. Geez, the Jolie fanatics need to stop bringing her name up here, there and everywhere it’s not needed.

  • allie


    ikr great color dress she looks fab!

  • agi

    ah shia and isabel was the best part….

    i loved megan dress but i am bored of her behaviour…this angry look!!

  • NativeNYker
  • booboobird

    excuse moi, but she is trying too hard to be the next jolie. all the sex talk, wild behaviour, everybody-is-so-fake-but-im-not thing been already done by somebody else before fox.

  • allie


    if ur a hater when u posting. CUZ u jealousssss

  • marina

    she tries to market herself as “wild” and “different, but for now, all i see is that she talks about that only. I think LiLo es wilder and more promiscuous than her…
    if she were a wild child and a great actress, then she would have a point, but all she is is a sexy wannabe. (she’s good looking, but besides that, blah)

  • mars


    What are your talking about? Why am I even bothering to answer such a stupid notion? Jolie does not own talk relating to “sex” or “wild behavior”. There’s no copyright breach here. Jolie wasn’t the first, (and Megan will not be the last) actress to speak bluntly about such things.

  • booboobird

    ohh yes, im so jealous it hurts.

    be yourself, everybody else is already taken.

  • bRIAN

    I like her licentiousness. All those other chicks say what people want to hear and probably don’t even mean it. Can’t stand that.

  • allie


    u r bc shes the most wanted woman jealous jealous!

  • NLT

    Um….she is soooooooo not the most wanted woman! Both you and she need to get over yourselves. She needs to be on her knees and thankful for the opportunity to be in such a blockbusters like Transformers. After this is over, she will be doing the same boring rom-com movies just like the very actresses she is trying to insult.

  • SONNYriente

    She is hot, and yes, she has had plastic surgery. It did augment her features.

    I had liked her at one time, but she always has something rude to say about people or things. There’s honesty and then, there’s tactless. Unfortunately, her comments make her fall in the latter. Such a turn-off.

    Why would anybody be jealous of somebody who’s so acerbic and has had surgery?

  • chloe

    Great dress, I’m jealous.

    She doesn’t seem real herself–what actress is?? If you don’t want to talk about the environment, then don’t. Tell us more about legalizing weed. -snoozes-

  • raena

    i think ISABELLE LUCAS the australian actress in the white in pictures 3 and 8 actually looks better than megan.
    but both are beautiful, one is just a little more annoyingly outspoken

  • M.t

    she look good but her face so Fake Poor thing

  • Sarah

    She looks like she’s in her 40′s, not early 20′s. Sad.

  • Blackat

    What is it exactly that she does that makes her so wild and promiscuous?
    At least Angelina jumped in the pool when she said she will, she showed off her knifes she talked about, she kissed women she said she liked. She lived up to her word, but never insulted or hurt anybody.
    It would be an offence to compare the two, she doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence with Angelina Jolie.

  • no ajumma

    She thinks a lot of other actors are fake for one thing or another, and she’s being “real” … this coming from somebody who’s had cosmetic surgery. Ooooookay then. Hmmm. There would probably be less hate if she had an ounce of humility, and she conveyed a bit of class in her interviews.

    On the one hand, she’s been upfront about her hypocrisy. She’s consistent with that.

  • wendy


  • no ajumma

    she looks more like carmen electra to me. just saying. they’re both playmate hot, but i think carmen’s never had surgery. she’s just naturally endowed.

  • voe

    This girl’s mouth needs to be sewn shut. If my son (and the boys of his generation) were not so nostalgic of the transformers figures and videos thrown away years ago, she would have gotten no job. She is talentless, trashy looking with her mouth deliberately open always as if ready to perform what Monica did for Clinton despite the expensive garb.

  • Verónica

    What matter the surgery?

    HOT! Seems like she had her homework after her BIG MISTAKE for the MTVMA.

    I love all her this time. And please, JJ, not more quotes. Are older!

  • annie

    everytime i see a picture of her, i think.: PORNSTAR!!

  • annie

    everytime i see a picture of her, i think.: PORNSTAR!!