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Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

First Lady Michelle Obama does some clothes shopping at the Bonpoint boutique with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, in Paris on Sunday (June 7).

(See pictures of Brad Pitt shopping at Bon Point with daughter Shiloh.)

The Obamas traveled in a 30-vehicle motorcade as they went shopping on the Left Bank and Champs Élysées.

President Barack Obama flew back to the U.S. but his family is staying an extra day.

20+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama getting down to Bonpoint business…

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  • summer

    Beautiful, Beautiful Woman.

  • Laura

    Terrible role model. Shopping, shopping, shopping is the name of the game for the First Lady. That’s just wrong. What happened to public service???

  • LuckyL

    So I’m going to stay out of this thread because it’s bound to get racist and become filled with zealots.

  • whitelady

    .sorry but she is ugly

  • LuckyL

    In fact, I need to get the f*** away from JustJared for a while.

  • Dollface

    Hi Laura! Let me educate you since you don’t seem to follow our first family at ALL. Michelle has gone to elementary schools across the DC area as a mentor and speaker. She continues to work with military families. She invited Bancroft Elementary to plant seeds in the White House Garden and in return spoke about the importance of education in their classroom. A dream these children will never forget and has planted seeds of doing the impossible. Mrs Obama, also gave a beautiful commencement address at the University of California and has been on the road for over 2 years as a supportive wife, surrogate, and Mother for President Obama. So please, the next time you decide to inform yourself with Foxtistics…just call yourself a repressed bobble head

  • Not impressed by JA

    I like them but they should tone it down a little bit. Every revolution should not be done at a certain rhythm not too quick.
    I think it’s cool that they are more approachable but yet, in respect of the top job culture as being wife of the president of the USA, they should tone it down and get more private, less celebrity like. It belitteling a little bit the status of the first lady.
    Changing is great, let’s just do it in a more quiet, reserved and private way to preserve the ‘seriousness” of the political core business. they should find the right balance between the old fashion way, the establishment way and the modern way…not going to far, to quick the other way around.

  • Dollface

    How do you go about being private when you want your children to experience the world and not be boxed in at the White House 24/7 especially when you’re President of the United States? I know! Let’s just bring Paris to them! Excellent idea! How much more private can you get! I’m also guessing the cameras shouldn’t follow her around discussing the importance of education and she should be hiding in a burka instead. So sad that we can’t even be happy for the small break that they do take and the sacrificed they’ve made by inheriting this mess. I guess they should suffer.

  • Laura

    Dollhouse – Michelle’s accomplishments as mentioned in your post are outstanding. However, I think it’s hightly inappropriate for Michelle Obama to be going on spending sprees with tax payer dollars during a world-wide recession.

  • Dollface

    Laura, should we not have people spend money in this economy? Especially when that is what will probably save alot of jobs and keep spending circulating. People shouldn’t live beyond their means and they haven’t been. I doubt those girls have had a real vacation at all. Plus, we’re still saving money since they’re using their own and not taxpayer funds to rennovate the rooms in The White House. Don’t worry! Obama is not a thrifty spender. He used to live in a hole in a wall apartment as a DC Senator…he’s not about to waste your money.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Dollface @ 06/08/2009 at 4:15 am How do you go about being private when you want your children to experience the world and not be boxed in at the White House 24/7 especially when you’re President of the United States? I know! Let’s just bring Paris to them! Excellent idea! How much more private can you get! I’m also guessing the cameras shouldn’t follow her around discussing the importance of education and she should be hiding in a burka instead. So sad that we can’t even be happy for the small break that they do take and the sacrificed they’ve made by inheriting this mess. I guess they should suffer.
    I am not referring about Paris. Media intrusion being more prevalent because of previous choices they made.
    I know that they are going to be chased and all. But i also know that they can choose for example, not to be featured in magazine like Oprah. Not that i dislike Oprah, it’s just that that move has linked them to the celebrity sphere more than the ‘political one’. They also can choose not to be on a TV show that is not political by essence but more celebrity related.
    By doing those, they let the media intrude more than it should and drag their image as political figures to celebrity ones, which in my humble opinion is not good neither for the function, neither for them as political figures.
    Without those intrusions, they would have probably beneffitted more privacy in here but they are now chased and portrayed most like celebrities than political persons. Which in the mid run will be use against them by their opponents. It’s like they are slipping in the ‘frivolous perceivness’ versus the ‘political seriousness’…and that is not good at all.

  • Me!

    30 vehicle motorcade????? Who the hell did they bring along to Paris?
    I love the family, but they have to make sure they don’t lose the common touch that made them appeal to so many people.
    The “date” trip up tp NYC that cost the taxpayers a small fortune, shopping in Paris with the whole extended family, again mostly funded by taxpayers.
    All I am saying is, it is very easy to lose touch when you live in a guilded cage.

  • Topi


  • MichelleOHellno

    The average Plain Jane dress for a little girl at Bonpoint costs around $200. Add matching shoes and accessories and well, that’s a pretty hefty outfit I’d say. Oh, then multiply that times 2 (because there are 2 of them after all). The Obama’s are walking hypocrites… wake up!

    They love to tell us ‘common folk’ to save save save, sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice. Meanwhile, they’re spending spending spending, splurging splurging splurging our country into enormous debt that our grandchildren will be paying for for years to come.

  • isa-france

    so lovely! i really like her! american people are so lucky to have her and to have obama as president!

  • NativeNYker

    Lucky girls! Paris is amazing. Wish my daddy would leave me shopping in Paris.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Methedrine

    Actually, in the pictures from the inside thery are in pompidou museum, according to a french tv news I watched yesterday =) !

  • Rhonda

    She look like crap. what an ugly outfit. Who cares what this awful thing does. Please stay in France, as long as they will keep you. Where are all the ghetto people they brought with them. Haven’t seen pictures of them since their arrival? Drudge has a picture of the first bitch giving the First Lady of France the evil eye look. JJ maybe you could get that picture, so we could figure out whats got Shelly so pissed off.

  • chloe

    I like the shoes.

  • robin3

    Obama has proven himself to be a Marxist. He’s driving the country into communism/Marxism.

  • robin3

    No “change” with this one.

    BO is just a more hip, telegenic pitchman for the same agenda as the previous agenda.

    WAKE UP!

  • itstrueagain

    It’s the next Jackie Kennedy……not!
    Resenting all the spending when we’re supposed to be sacrificing. It’d be nice for them to fake sacrificing once in awhile.

  • cc

    This is a fashion icon?

  • sofia

    I like them very much, but I must have read this wrong. A 30-car motorcade to go shopping? That seems just a tad too much; overkill.

  • Abby

    Her dress does nothing for her. Stay away from the horizontal stripes!!!!

  • famewh0r3s!

    i like the Obama family but they’re so into showbiz already and it’s becoming disgusting. the only difference they have from Hollywood families today is that they live in the presidential house and they’re tagged as the first family but aside from that, nothing else. they do entertainment magazine and television photoshoots and interview. they’re all just fame wh0r3s!

  • Saudia

    she looks soo good. I love the way Michelle dresses. So normal. Sometimes I forget that she is the First Lady :) the Obama’s are really trying their best

  • cassie

    30 vehicle motorcade??????????????

    that’s way over the top! Don’t get it because that would just attract all the wrong attention- security wise.

    What an expensive shopping trip..just having all those cars? Wonder why? crazy

  • cassie

    oh yeah…I just finished looking at the photos…and the 30 car motorcade probably carries all those security personnel!

    still….an expensive shopping trip

  • Roxanne

    Let’s set up the firing squad, the world is coming to an end…(rolling eyes) God forbid she takes her daughters shopping…is that not allowed anymore. That said, I’m not a fan of her style.

  • penny

    # 30- don’t be such an idiot.

    that is NOT normal shopping…and in a Paris store also. The fact of the matter is they are now the First Family…and behaviors should change. It comes with a different lifestyle. And a 30 vehicle motorcade is a bit much.

    Open up your mind !

  • Lisa

    fire your stylist. if you don’t have one, please get one.

  • missy


    She has a hairdresser, stylist, make-up person and her manners are terrible. you would think the money the American taxpayers are putting out for this family they would look better and please improve on their manners

    where are all the other ghetto people they brought with them.

  • missy

    maybe the needed 30 cars for all the chicago ghetto they took to Paris with them.

  • Donzey

    Who is this woman’s stylist? If you are smaller on top and larger on the bottom, like many women, don’t wear horizontal stripes on the bottom, it makes you look bigger.
    This outfit was a total waste of money.

  • mashy


    You are obssessed with people from the “ghetto”. LOL I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps you might be from the “ghetto” and hate your predicatment, or do you wish to emulate their lifestyle? LOL Whatever, you need to change the record * YAWN*

    The obama’s are entitled to a vacation, just like me … and you even. Stop being a bozo.

  • robin3

    Obama is a more hip, telegenic pitchman for the same agenda as the previous administration.

  • robin3

    I guess the “CHANGE” we are getting is from a constitutional republic to Marxism.

    What a joke he has turned out to be and I didn’t vote McCain

  • josephine

    Is she dressing badly on purpose?!?

  • robin3

    She is shaped funny……mal-proportioned – so her stylist should take that into account so she doesn’t look like she has outgrown her dress.

  • Roxanne

    #31 I respect your opinion, but I wouldn’t stoop to your level to call you names. As long as there is racist ignorant people in this world who wouldn’t have a problem trying to assinate a black man who happens to be president then I see no proplem with him protecting himself and his family.

  • lili

    la france aime michelle….

  • Orchid

    25 Abby @ 06/08/2009 at 9:30 am Her dress does nothing for her. Stay away from the horizontal stripes!!!!


    I agree! Horizontal stripes is not for people with big behinds.

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    Aww. I love the outfit she is wearing. Wonder if it is JCrew. I will check their site if it does not crash like it always does when people try to buy a Michelle inspired item. Lol. Love this family. A smart first lady and really cute kids. So nice to see. The French love them – my college roommate is in Paris and says they are all the rage there. Oui oui!

  • robin3

    to Roxanne

    I am Caucasian and I have black friends.

    And they tell me that the blacks are very racist towards the white man. So racism runs both ways. So why don’t you shut your ignorant agenda-driven mouth or say something intelligent for a change!

  • robin3

    Her bottom half is so over-sized – so her stylist should avoid a design that only accentuates the bottom half. Minimze the bottom half.

    The dress is nice and summery but about 2 sizes too small for Michele.

  • ganymede30324

    Good for her! Taking a cue from Hillary, she’s prepping for a run for the Obama Third and Fourth terms now that First Lady is seen as a stepping stone to the Presidency. (That’s assuming there’ll still be elections by then, and not a monarchy.)

  • ann

    Yeah so lucky to have them president and first lady yeah way to go America wait until we get bombed and we will just wait. So wanna be God is not gonna save us you guys.


    There she goes again with one of those tight sweaters over a dress it doesn’t even match, and an ugly one at that.

  • observer

    The Obamas are not acting like celebrities. I think they are not doing anything more public than any other First Family. But the media and his critics have tried to pin “celebrity” tag on him and Michelle. Why would anybody call the President a celebrity unless they want to demean and devalue him. Same here, why is Michele on a celebrity blog? This was a private shopping trip with her 2 young daughters. I think they are due the same respect and private space other First Families were given.

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