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Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

First Lady Michelle Obama does some clothes shopping at the Bonpoint boutique with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, in Paris on Sunday (June 7).

(See pictures of Brad Pitt shopping at Bon Point with daughter Shiloh.)

The Obamas traveled in a 30-vehicle motorcade as they went shopping on the Left Bank and Champs Élysées.

President Barack Obama flew back to the U.S. but his family is staying an extra day.

20+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama getting down to Bonpoint business…

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  • Kara

    There’s a lot of haters and just plain racists out here. Michelle Obama’s ugly? She doesn’t do enough community service? Are you kidding? Why is she ugly, because she’s black? If you didn’t vote for Obama fine, whatever. I didn’t vote for Bush and I had to sit through 8 years of that crap, but he was still My President. I didn’t hate on Laura Bush or their lifestyle which I’m sure was above that of most Americans. How many us have a small ranch to retire to when we need a break from our jobs? And I’m not talking about Camp David. I’m taking a trip to Paris next month and I work for the government. But I want to see the world so I saved some money found some flight and hotel specials and I’m going. Why doesn’t cutting back mean I should eat beans and hit Disneyworld? People have got shift their paradigm.

  • Kara


    I suspect that maybe you’re a little ugly and jealous of Mrs. Obama?

  • Kara


    Do you even know what a Marxist is? And don’t look it up on Wikipedia to find out.

  • Kara


    You know what, the only way some white people can deal with their own mediocrity is by telling themselves that some black people who have more education, better jobs and more money than them only got it through affirmative action. Because that’s what affirmative action does, it gives lazy, dumbasses a education and jobs, right? And that’s why some hardworking white people stay in middle class because they didn’t get a boost from AA. That’s BS people. AA cannot make a stupid person smart or successful. AA only can give an opportunity to a person who may well deserve it but because of boundless socioecnomic inequities might not otherwise get it. Even if you an opportunity to get a job or into a school because of AA, you have got to work hard like everyone else and no one’s getting in JUST because their black. That’s some BS misinformation. If AA was the crap that idiot racists spin it to be then all “minorities” should just be sitting pretty with all the best jobs and entrance to all the best schools. I’m so sick of white people who think they they lost their spot in a job or school because of AA or that successful black people aren’t smart or hardworking and ONLY got where they are because of AA. That’s so full or error it’s hard to address it. Trust me, Michelle and Barack worked harder that most get where they are. Grow up, stop hating.

  • Kara


    Robin your comment in itself is racist. Saying “decent” to describe the black people you know implies that inherently black aren’t decent and need a adjective or qualifier to desecribe the kind of the black people you know. Do you see now your own ignorance?

  • Kara

    @miss lola:

    You’re a racist and that has to really hurt inside.

  • Kara

    @xiola blue:

    You’re an idiot if you don’t realize that Obama has received more threats than other Presidents simply because he is black. They are groups that organize to hate everyday black people, what do you think they want to do to a black president? Racism is a poison that is very much still in here in America as evidenced by this thread. Michelle Obama is being picked apart for fashion decsions and here physical characteristics? Why because fashion is soooo important to politics. And first ladies all have to physically look the same. No only black women get attacked for having “big asses” or being tall described as “amazon”. MO is stunning. People need to get their head around that. She doesn’t deserve to be judged and misjudged for every outfit she wears and physical characteristics. She’s a person, not a mannequin. People are so resentful that a black man is President and a black women is First Lady that they had their racist is digusting remarks about him doing what all other Presidents have done and his wife’s appearance. Talk about his policy decisions and research what Bush, Clintion, Regan and other Presidents did and how they lived before you go critcized Pres. Obama’s lifestyle. Get off Michelle’s appearance. She’s beautiful. But even if she wasn’t, who cares. It’s just happens that she is. Black women don’t have to look like white women to be beautiful. You people have to embed you’re racism and hate in comments about Barack, Michelle and their girls because you know how ignorant and stupid racism is. You can’t just say good job hey lets see how or President does and support him or hey I don’t like and agree with the President’s policies I might not vote for him next time. You gotta tear apart his wife’s appearance and accuse him and her of not being deserving of their ivy league educations because you were soooo deserving of yours. It’s just hate. It’s just hate because he’s black man who is President and she’s a black woman who is First Lady. Just hate.

  • Kara


    Do you even know what affirmative action is? You think it just means that some dum, kid who was not otherwise going to college is now going and taking a deserving white person’s spot, right? Wrong.
    You can not support the President, not like the President, fine. But all this BS about he & Michelle getting somewhere in life because someone gave them a spot they were not worthy of is BS. That’s not what AA is. It give minorities a chance if they have they grade/education what they should to get in whereever where they might have otherwise gotten looked over becasue they were miniorities. NEWSFLASH: there aren’t ANY stupid, undeserving minorities getting into schools or getting jobs they aren’t QUALIFIED for. It just isn’t happening. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH. The truth that you don’t want to admit because if you did then you’d have less fuel for your racism. Blacks are getting jobs they aren’t qualified and capable of doing because they’re black. ‘Blacks are getting into school they wouldn’t otherwise have the grades to get into because they’re black. All the white people who have their great jobs and got into great schools got their only because of their hard work.’ That’s BS. And that’s what you need to believe to justify your hatred and anger towards black people in general and the Obamas in particular. Seriously, wouldn’t you rather deal in the truth than in ignorance and hate?

  • Kara


    How do you knot realize that you’re a racist?

  • CAdoc

    This is what happens when apes achieve power by fooling dumb liberal homo sapiens. They just go back to being apes.
    I wonder how many dumbocrats are regretting their vote for this low-life community organizer and his Zira.

  • dries

    Ghastly taste in clothes, dreadful body shape but media keep telling she’s on par with Gabrielle Union or Halle Bery. Does Michelle keep a wad of chewing tobacco under her lower lip?

    Nice to know my tax money was used to ferry her to Europe for a shopping spree.

  • latida

    I really wish someone would tally up the amount of money she has spent on every outfit documented. It is nuts!! Also i find it interesting that she was bragging on the campaign how they don’t spend much on clothes. And now to go to Bonpoint! I guess that is what newly monied wannabes do

  • Cathy

    What I find irritating about the Obamas is that every catalog and cheap clothing company is trying to sell the “Obama Look”. So far I’ve seen Sasha and Malia imitation coats at Sears, Michelle’s style of dress at Old Navy. The look is getting so old now. Also, numerous catalogs and websites have been using Michelle look alike models’ to model clothes. The saddest thing is some of these clothes are so dreadfully ugly and I would have the same opinion if she was white and blonde. Racsism has nothing to do with my opinion of these clothes or models’.

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