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Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Hottie

Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Hottie

Nicole Kidman shoots a scene from her new film, Rabbit Hole, in Queens, New York on Monday (June 8).

Also pictured below is the 41-year-old Hawaiian-born actress leaving her Manhattan residence on Sunday (June 7).

Rumors continue to fly about a possible pregnancy, after dropping out of her role last night as a presenter at the Broadway Tony Awards at the last minute.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, the Rabbit Hole hottie…

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106 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Hottie”

  1. 1
    kk Says:

    Love her with her red hair back. Now if she would only take some of that collagen out of her lips – it’s distracting and no one likes fish-lips unless you’re into blow up sex-dolls. Ugh! She looks prettier and more unique as her old pre-blond, pre blow-up, pre-botoxed self.

  2. 2
    kk Says:

    Love her with her red hair back. Now if she would only take some of that collagen out of her lips – it’s distracting and no one likes fish-lips unless you’re into blow up sex-dolls. Ugh! She looks prettier and more unique as her old pre-blond, pre blow-up lips, pre-botoxed self.

  3. 3
    uh Says:

    she looks good with reddish hair. that blonde color washed her out.

  4. 4
    Jennifer Says:

    Nicole Kidman is very beautiful.

  5. 5
    penny Says:

    yeah…I agree…red hair suits her. The blonde color really did wash her out.

    Does anyone know if her natural color is red? I remember red hair when she was much younger….??

  6. 6
    sweetie Says:

    beautiful :-)

  7. 7
    well Says:

    the problem with her lip is that without the plumpness of youth, the thin lips will make her look like all the other thin lipped women. like they are eighty years old with paper cuts surrounding them from those years of smoking. not cute.

  8. 8
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    CUTE!!! I love that her red hair color is back. The blonde washed her out a bit. She looks fresh and natural and very pretty! Youthful too!

  9. 9
    dame Says:

    she is beautiful and very classy.

  10. 10
    red is best Says:

    Nicole looks younger and more vibrant with red hair, I hope she keeps
    the colour after the movie.

  11. 11
    ?? Says:

    sooooo beautiful!!

  12. 12
    nINA Says:

    I thought she was Australian? The post says Hawaiin born?

    Love her red hair and pale skin though, wish I could have those.

  13. 13
    Cherry Blossom Says:

    She sure is gorgeous, and should always keep her natural red hair.

  14. 14
    Jack ward Says:

    Well yes #12 she is Australian, but she was born in Hawaii.

  15. 15
    Godiva Says:

    I’m sorry but her lips look like an ****.

  16. 16
    Jack ward Says:

    Even at 41 years old Nicole Kidman still looks young. Everything about the way she looks fit the ears, the nose, those beautiful blue eyes, and to top it off with her red hair.

  17. 17
    lisa Says:

    oh stop with this foolish story of collagene…ENOUGH FOLKS! IT’S ENOUGH!
    Now you MUST respect this wonderful actress. ENOUGH WITH INSULTS! she looks perfect!

  18. 18
    sUE Says:

    she is Australian, if you saw pictures of her when she was a nobody in Australia to how she looks now you’d think you were looking at two complete different people.
    Natural beauty argh she’s such a fake.

  19. 19
    lisa Says:

    @ 18

    terrible thing being jelous of a celenbrity..

  20. 20
    BobBY Says:

    @ 18 get a life, because Nicole is atrociously stunning. She’s the perfection

  21. 21
    angel Says:

    Her hair is fake! It is called hair extensions people, and it isn’t so much that she is over-injecting her lips, but she should never had the lip implants put in her lips in the first place! She’s “perfection” (if you want to call it that) via modern day medicine & technology.

  22. 22
    sUE Says:

    Jealous !!!!!! what a joke.
    Jealous of a bit of plastic, yeah right.
    She has no talent, she’s the reason the film Australia flopped and why Australian Film Director Baz Luhrmann will not work with her again.

  23. 23
    trisha Says:

    Lisa, you are hilarious. How old are you?

  24. 24
    anonymous Says:


  25. 25
    idril Says:

    Are you sure it is her really hair??

  26. 26
    Pen3 Says:

    She looks so lovely!

  27. 27
    lisa Says:

    trisha, you must be retarded. what’s the name of your doctor? I have ti talk with him to helo you adequately

  28. 28
    Rose Says:

    I love her dress, so feminine! just like her!
    Definetly red hair is perfect on her!

    By the way JJ she didn’t attend Tony’s because Sunday Rose was very sick, and I don’t think is preg. We don’t see any bump there!

  29. 29
    Poetry23 Says:

    she is adorable, she looks like a girl.
    now I hope kidman-haters can stop to blame her.
    they can’t even deny the evidence.

  30. 30
    Lauren Says:

    Looking great lately!

  31. 31
    Charles Says:

    Nice to see Nic working again!
    I really hope she can give another brilliant performance in this movie!

  32. 32
    what are you saying rose!? Says:

    @28, what the hell you’re talking about??!!!
    Sunday sick!? How can you be so vicious to make these abslouting FALSE suppositions about a 11 momths old baby girl?
    She wasn’t attend at Tonys, even as presentator, because in Tonys awards website she wasn’t reported like presentator neither in the audience.
    yesterday she was going on set, that’s it.
    her presence at the Tonys it was just a false news, a mistake badly reported by media.

  33. 33
    Jenix Says:

    I don’t think she is expecting a baby, only rumors I think, but I would be happy!

    Love her new hair color!

  34. 34
    Brunos Says:

    I love that blue dress on her! the old Nicole is back! I hope she delievers again a fabulous performance because those haters need to disappear!

  35. 35
    dogville Says:

    GOD she is a beauty !! & plz stop with Austrailia Floped , the Movie grossed above 212 Million Internationaly & that is quite good for an epic lead by a 41 years old actress .

  36. 36
    lizzie Says:

    Even old, she’s still very very beautiful. I like her angelic smile.

  37. 37
    Brunos Says:

    agree lizzie!,
    I think her smile is so beautiful, exactly is my favorite part of her!

  38. 38
    Claire:) Says:

    Love Kidman, she is such a nice lady! The dress is beyond beautiful!

  39. 39
    sUE Says:

    Are you sure it’s really Nicole Kidman ??

  40. 40
    Sheri Says:

    Lizzie … you are making me laugh saying Nicole is “old” at 41?! Wait until you are 41 and you will see how very young that still is :) And I think this is her real hair dyed back to its original red. I’ve seen toddler photos of her before and she had red hair when she was a baby. And … for whatever it’s worth … I think she does look pregnant here. Her chest looks bigger than normal and I do see a little bump. At any rate, I think she looks very natural and beautiful here.

  41. 41
    adam Says:

    I’ve been saying this for ages. She’s been noticably off the botox for awhile now. The effects were always temporary, and the longer she stays off it, the more obvious it becomes. She is pretty much looking like she used to, in the pre-botox era. Idiots were acting as if she permanently disfigured herself with a bad facelift. She ain’t Cher or Melanie Griffiths, y’know.

    It’s pretty much a disaster for all her critics who relied upon barbed references to “botox” and “frozen forehead” to dismiss her work or try to turn people against her. Even to the most blinkered idiot has to eventually acknowledge that she’s no longer using botox, since the effects wear off. And that she looks like a very attractive, normal fortysomething year old woman (albeit a well preserved fortysomething).

    Now these clowns are actually going to be forced into talking about her acting (and how good it usually is), since her “botox” looks are becoming a non-issue.

  42. 42
    ladygg Says:

    a woman at 41 is old??!!! what??
    what a sexist view of life

  43. 43
    sarah Says:

    That’s the best she’s looked in a long time. she looks gorgeous

  44. 44
    wow Says:

    can’t wait for Rabbit Hole.

    This is going to be 2010′s Doubt. Cast nominations and adapted screenplay nomination.

  45. 45
    lola Says:

    Gorgeous woman.She looks amazing. I love the combination of that blue/white dress and that red hair.

    She looks incredible I think.

  46. 46
    qwra!! Says:

    She’s actually looking pretty damm GREAT in those pics. She hasn’t looked that good since the MR! days

  47. 47
    dam Says:

    Holy God! This woman CAN’T be so beautiful!! Damn!Goddess

  48. 48
    great Says:

    I’m liking the costume design for her character. Flatters her figure quite a lot

  49. 49
    jim Says:

    Nicole kidman is a down to earth as a Great talented Actress, Love her style always.
    She is looking Flawless & elegant here.

  50. 50
    xxxx Says:

    This woman is perfect! She lost years with the red hair!
    I hope she keeps it after shooting the movie

  51. 51
    lady Says:

    lucky that Keith,her body is beyond Perfection,her skin is just amazing,thats what i’m calling a real lady and she really Deserves a real man like Keith,they both damn lucky that they found each other.

  52. 52
    Fabio Says:

    I agree, she definetly looks great!
    I would never tell she is 41, for example Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett are younger and they both look older than Nicole I think she looks very good!

  53. 53
    huh? Says:

    yeah Naomi and Cate “look” older (to you only) because they actually have lines and don’t botox or balloon their no existent lips.

    Nicole is completely fake. Love Naomi and Cate, they may look “old” to you but to me they are far more beautiful especially Cate. And Cate is by miles a better actress.

  54. 54
    ida Says:

    this is a perfect example of what does mean take care of yourself.
    she takes care of her body and she looks younger than her age.
    she has been blessed with a perfect body.
    and she is a very classy woman, a true lady and a superb actress.

  55. 55
    springfever Says:

    she looks like a teenager! lovely woman!

  56. 56
    what? Says:

    Naomi and Cate look “older” (to you only) because they have lines, they don’t botox regularly or fill their no existent lips.

    They are natural not completely fake like Nicole. I think Naomi and Cate are far more beautiful and more importantly Cate is a serious and unbelievably talented actress.

  57. 57
    what? Says:

    Naomi and Cate look “older” (to you only) because they have lines, they don’t botox regularly or fill their no existent lips.

    They are natural not completely fake like Nicole. I think Naomi and Cate are far more beautiful and more importantly Cate is a serious and unbelievably talented actress.

  58. 58
    poor fan boy Says:

    @ 57.
    I simply adore Cate Blanchett crazy fans. They’re so genuinely envy of Nicole Kidman’s beauty and talent.
    Nicole Kidman is serious, unbelievably, talented, perfect actress. She is also a role model and a stunning woman.
    Unfortunaly for you the story of botox is inexistent, now she looks perfect, her face is naturally beautiful.
    Accept the fact Nicole will be the no. 1 and Cate will be always the no 2.

  59. 59
    maggie Says:

    @ 58
    I agree with you.
    Nicole is a great actress.

    Dead Calm
    Billy Bathgate
    To Die For
    Portrait of a Lady
    Eyes Wide Shut
    The Others
    Moulin Rouge
    The Hours
    Cold Mountain
    The Human Stain
    The Interpreter
    Margot At The Wedding

    Cate Blanchett is NOTHING in front of Nicole’s talented. Saying Kidman is not a serious actress is a heresy.
    Nicole IS not a simple serious actress, she IS the imagine of the serious actress. People who say the contrary are just fakes or kidman-haters.

  60. 60
    Now is the time.. Says:

    …to stop to blame this woman. She didn’t use botox from months, probably for years, so you can’t hide your ignorance now, the kidman-haters era is over. FOREVER.

    Nicole Kidman rules!

  61. 61
    NOELLE Says:

    Her hair is beautiful red, the blonde was awful/ Looks so much better

  62. 62
    arlene Says:

    para mi nicole es muy buena actris pero el uso del botox afecta mucho su carrera y el casarse con un esposo cantante de musica country tambien le afecto mucho su carrera de actris por que tiene que vivir en nashville y esta muy lejos de california.los mas bello de nicole haora es que tiene una bella hija y quisas otro bebe por nacer ya no veo a nicole haciendo otra pelicula mas por que aunque digan que es mala madre yo pienso no ,ella se va retirar para ser una madre y esposa buena que mejor que esa carrera en su vida .y me encanta su pelo de ese color le queda hermoso haora le falta volver a sus labios finos y no usar mas botox ella es muy bella no tenia que usar el maldito botox y engordar un poco mas esta muy flaca y ella tiene un hermoso cuerpo y piernas.

  63. 63
    lady Says:

    Look this woman does not have artificial lips – I use maxfactor lip volumizer and all my friends thought I had my lips done – the problem is after a few hours it wears off and I have to reapply again –

    it is possible Nicole kidman uses something similar – why every time people have to say botox and collagen etc…?


  64. 64
    carol Says:

    It’s been reported on other sites that it’s hair extensions, that her real hair is very thin and so they were added to give it the fullness we are seeing.

    Like Nicole, but her over-use of botox was getting out of hand. Now if she could only lay off the lip injections, they make her look like she has 2 lips! There was a blind item awhile back about an actress that was going way too nutso with botox and that Hollywood execs were noticing, starting to get reluctant to hire her despite her A-List fame because of that. There was speculation that it was Nicole, Renee Zellweger (based on her movie New in Town) or Jennifer Aniston (based on Marley & Me when it was obvious her face was puffy).

  65. 65
    eliza Says:

    Nicole has always taken care of her skin and her body. It has certainly paid off. She looks fabulous.

  66. 66
    oh so giggles Says:

    Thanks for the nice pictures.

  67. 67
    s.i Says:

    She has a great skin, baby skin! She used to be one of my favourite actresses. She looks so normal now.

  68. 68
    oh well Says:

    I also want to add that her hair look so amazing and I like her summer style. She is like a fairy.

  69. 69
    LolaSvelt Says:

    I agree with the collagen lips. She used to have wafer thin lips. Now they look so severe and exaggerated. She does look more natural now.

  70. 70
    dianelll Says:

    I fell sorry for the people that hire kidman to act in their movies because the only movies she is any good in isthe ones that she is either spreading her legs or masterbating and who wants to see that

  71. 71
    trewui Says:

    @ 64 what are you saying?!
    It is reported?! Where? In Perez Hilton blog LOl

    Those are her hair, no extensions..

    Why to say all this lies?! what’s the point to deny the evidence e being a liar?! Oh my God get a life, this obsession with nicole kidman is morbid and gross.

    stop with her lips, you just can’t cover your ignorence talking about her face because you don’t her at all as actress like someone said first.
    people are ignorant, probably you have seen one movie with this woman and you’re sure you can judge her.
    Her lips are perfectly normal and you should talk about her great talent and her ability to take risks in indie small movies like rabbit hole.
    It’s so sad how people can be stupid, rude, ignorant with a woman they don’t even know really.

  72. 72
    teresa Says:

    @ 71 you’re perfectly right.
    People are ignorant and they hide their ignorance with gossiply suppositions because they can’t talk about movies, talent or other things.
    Who cares if her lips look bigger? Who cares if she uses botox? She is a great actress, she did very good movies, won a lot of awards, she’s a respected woman and mother, that’s the important and people should talk about her in these conditions not gossip news that are often false.

  73. 73
    realitycheck Says:


    “reported”? If you want to call the haters of Nicole Kidman on the E! board reporters be my guest.

    Every moth these sick women say its the end of Kidman’s career. What idiots!

  74. 74
    persephone Says:

    @dianelll: so you’ve seen them? What right then do you have to comment. Get a life.

  75. 75
    dabu Says:

    She is always beautiful and classy!

  76. 76
    anon Says:

    Hah dianelll you are LOSER, you can’t stand for this talented great beauty elegant actress in hollywood because ‘you are katie holmes fans’, and you can not compare kh with this “beautiful flawless lady”. what ever you say, it would never change the image of this elegant Lady “Nicole Kidman”.

  77. 77
    brigitte Says:

    she looks so beautiful.

  78. 78
    jane Says:


  79. 79
    daisy Says:

    @diane, I know you are a Tom Cruise fan & that is just fine but for your information no one but Nicole hired her for this movie. Nicole is a producer on the movie. Someone who has read the script told me it is amazing!

  80. 80
    Butterfly Says:

    Nicole Kidman has dual citizenship. She was born in Hawaii to Australian parents; therefore, she is a U.S. citizen and an Australian citizen. Her daughter, Sunday, would have dual citizenship also. Her older children would only have American citizenship (their biological parents were American). Keith Urban has Australian citizenship. Last week on a radio interview, Keith Urban said they were definitely not pregnant. Give up the pregnancy speculation. Gossip is so evil and untrue.

  81. 81
    judy Says:

    if any of you new what your talking about you use linner to make your lips seem bigger nicole does this you can tell if you look at her all the time and if she wants to use botox its not any of our business

  82. 82
    babs Says:

    She looks great!

  83. 83
    Irish Girl Says:

    I love her. She’s an amazing actress and a beauty. Her hair looks amazing. I hope that she doesn’t go back to that blond. Her hair looks much healthier now too.

  84. 84
    donna Says:

    How come i never see you with your two older children anymore? Nicole? is that part of the deal? you exchange them to tom’s big $$? they both would have have been happier living with their poor real parent after all! What a selfish person you are!

  85. 85
    holly Says:

    Why do they let this woman continue to act in films? How many of her past films, in succession , have flopped! Rabbit Hole will be no different.

    Nicoles flops:

    Margo at the Wedding
    Stepford Wives
    Eyes Wide Shut
    The Human Stain

    This woman cannot get butts into a theater if her life depended on it.

  86. 86
    holly = diannell Says:

    @ 85. Dianell, it’s useless to change your name, we know it’s you. stupid cruise fanatic.

    Australia: 211 millions dollars. Flop? No.
    Bewitched: 130 millions dollars. Flop? No
    The Stepford Wives: 100 millions dollars. Flop? No.
    Eyes Wude Shut: 165 millions dollars. Flop? No

    Do you know the meaning of the word flop? No.

    And what about The Golden Compass stupid loser?
    372 millions dollars. Flop? No.

    Total: Nicole’s movie in 20 years of career made 1 billion and 600 million dollars with two real blockbusters (Compass and Batman Forever)

    Margo at the Wedding, Fur, Birth, Dogville, The Human Stain, are indipendent movies. Had they flopped? No.

    It’s not a Kidman’s probelm if you american people are ignorant and you prefer watching crap like Transformer 2 or High School Musical 3.

    Nicole is a real actress she makes movie in the name of art, she’s not a slave of the money logic. If you american people are too stupid and distracted by gossip, botox, brangelina, it’s not her problem.
    USA hopefully are not the centre of the world, finally. You’re crap now. No body cares if a movie flops in your country, the rest of the world is more important.

  87. 87
    Hay Says:

    @ 86…

    Perfetcly said. I couldn’t agree more!

    Nicole is a superb actress, she’s brave and talented. Americans like ******* like Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox…
    They can’t appreciate and recognize the real talented actresses as Nicole.
    Numbers are impressive, her movie did well everywhere but not in US, ask why.

  88. 88
    holly Says:

    #86……..Look at the budget of those films and you will see there was no profit for the studios.

    (Margo at the Wedding, Fur, Birth, Dogville, The Human Stain, are indipendent movies. Had they flopped? No. )

    Yes independent films but would you like me to post how much they made at the box office versus what their budget was? I can do that.

    Fur: Total gross: $223,202 Domestic Gross
    Margo……….: $1,959,420 Domestic Gross
    Birth: $5,095,038 (Budget 20 Million)
    Dogville: $1,535,286 (Budget 10 Million)
    The Human Stain: $5,381,908 (Budget 30 Million)
    The Invasion: $15,074,191 (Budget 80 Million)
    Stepford Wives: Domestic: $59,484,742
    Foreign: $42,516,884 (Budget 90 Million)

    Enough said, point proven.

  89. 89
    Gracie Says:

    Holly, Regardless of all the points you made above with the box office and budget data, Nicole is still making a movie and getting paid to do it both as an actress and a producer. Someone thinks she’s worth the risk. Who knows, maybe she’ll make another movie later on and another… Nicole has huge fans all over the world and I am glad to be one of them. If you think your comments will have any negative effects on Nicole’s making movies or on Nicole’s fans, you are fighting a losing battle. Nicole will quit making movies when she wants to.

    That’s enough said on THAT subject…..

  90. 90
    rose Says:

    Totally agree with #86! I mean, why can’t people look to bright side of this amazing actress?
    Of course she had wrong choices, but let’s make a balance and then you’ll see she makes money more than a lot of actors that just choose ‘challenge-free movies’. Come on guys, just stop bothering her and admit she a real great actress!

  91. 91
    flowermay Says:

    @ 88.
    Point proove you’re a totally stupid loser because you’re considering ONLY American results, well as no 86 said the world is not only the glorious United States of America, the world is big and Nicole’s movies made a lot of profit.
    Actually you don’t know the meaning of the world flop. Flop happens when a movie doesn’t give back the money spent by the production company. Well, just Invasion is a real flop. But Nicole did a lot movies that were hits everywhere and they made profit. What about The Golden Compass? Why are you ignoring it? And Nicole is just an actress she’s not responsible for the bad result of a movie.

    And not every movie is donw to make profit. A lot of movies are made for artistic results exactly like a lot Nicole’s movies. Thanks God we have an actress who loves making movies and not for the money.
    Who really think Margot At The Wedding or Birth or Fur or The Humane stain were made to be 1st at the box office? How can you be so stupid holly? Shut up. Your head is full of crap useless kidman-haters. If you don’t like move on, leave us in peace.

  92. 92
    holly Says:

    flowermay #91 – “If you don’t like move on, leave us in peace.”

    Eternal Peace? Now there’s a thought.

  93. 93
    flowermay Says:

    My dear get a life, you need one desperately.

    You see, I hope a life for you, you hope death to people, you’re loser.

  94. 94
    British Latin American Says:

    Amen to that!

  95. 95
    holly Says:

    Omg, lighten up. I simply used a line from The Lion in Winter said by the great Katherine Hepburn to Peter O’Toole. It’s a joke folks. LOL. You obviously don’t know your film dialogue!

  96. 96
    Laura Says:

    Nikole Kidman is very beautiful.

  97. 97
    melody Says:

    Nicole is gorgeous!!I love her long hair!!!!

    I expecting her preformance in Rabbit Hole!!

    OK!!HOLLY—If you do not like nicole ,IT seems you really do not like her.So““Leave us alone!!Nobody likes you in nicole kidman’s topic!!!!

  98. 98
    i love NICOLE Says:


  99. 99
    hammy Says:

    I am a forver fan!!
    I always love her unglam looks, when she has no makeup on, only very light lipstick and casual clothes— that’s when she is the most beautiful.

    She looks so gingerly fresh in these pics.

  100. 100
    princess Says:

    yaeh with al the surgeries i would look good too

  101. 101
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    She is so pretty!!

  102. 102
    Rick Says:

    “Accept the fact Nicole will be the no. 1 and Cate will be always the no 2.”

    Wow, that has to be the most absurd fanboy response I’ve ever heard! Pot…meet Kettle. LOL!

    Maybe in boxoffice sales (although those have been suffering lately) Nicole will be #1, but Cate OWNS her in the acting department, so Cate would trump her there. And if you ask me, I’m happier with the latter scenario.

  103. 103
    elizabeth Says:


  104. 104
    suppress your appetite Says:

    Love this girl!

  105. 105
    wguru Says:

    @maggie: ‘We’ neglected to mention her ’01 perfomance in Birthday Girl. Now that’s performing.

  106. 106
    sCBjtopOpAt Says:

    49384 24610I dont typically comment but I gotta state thanks for the post on this excellent 1 : D. 595689

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