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Zack Morris Hits Jimmy Fallon's Show

Zack Morris Hits Jimmy Fallon's Show

Zack Morris from the cult series Saved By The Bell stops by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, airing on Monday night (June 8).

How awesome is that throwback cell phone?!

Zack (real name: Mark-Paul Gosselaar) talks about what he’s been up to since his days at Bayside High School and his romance with high school sweetheart Kelly (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen). He even joins The Roots to recreate “The Zack Attack” band singing a classic SBTB tune. Love!!!

Zack also calls one more of his friends from Bayside High School to see if they’ll come to Late Night. Tune in to see who else confirms from the cast!

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  • Allen


  • cutiemcfreckles

    brilliant! he hasn’t aged much

  • XMEN


  • XMEN


  • lisa

    omg, I love that outfit. Guess I am DVRing it!!!

  • mertz

    omg. no way. i saw on the twitter sphere from the roots twitter that this was gonna happen and i didn’t believe it. no way. i love saved by the bell and zack morris. gah. i will stay up to watch this. thanks jared. thanks fallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joanne

    OMG How freakin awesome!! i loved saved by the bell

  • oh so bored

    he’s a vampire . he hasn’t age at all. Prince and Johnny Depp don’t age either. LoL This saved by the bell thing is the only good thing about Jimmy Fail-on’s show. He’s not even funny.

  • Lindsey

    LOL Oh I’ll definitely be tuning in for this! ♥

  • ali

    lmaooo! omg that is awesome! i grew up watching saved by the bell.. seriously the best show ever!

  • Saudia

    OMG !! SBTB is my childhood!! LMAO I so has to watch Jimmy tonight, such a throwback <3

  • Mailah

    he looks exactly the same!!!!!!!! hahaha

  • http://jj VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    That is so cool. I love SBTB.

  • Lisa

    lol that’s awesome
    looks like they had to put a ton of make up on him to make him look like he hasn’t aged though lol

  • Marco

    Its amazing how they can make someone look so much younger. He has tons of make up,and the bleached hair, but still looks good!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    that is so f-ing cool.

  • kenza

    omg! that is so awesome! he looks great for his age.

  • Missb

    This just made my life. No joke.

  • Nik

    Hahaha, awesome.

    Love it.

  • diva

    this bring back so many memories Zach was on of the first tv guy’s that I had a crush on! and look at him now still hot as ever

  • Jennifer

    Jimmy Fallon sucks.

  • matt


    YOU suck, Jennifer.

  • beltway

    Ah I miss Save by the Bell,love him and Tiffani.
    Its still a delightful show compared to today’s trash.

  • ae


  • Ashley

    He still hasnt changed lol

  • Uptown

    OMG!!! Watching now…. He has everything. The phone, the shoes, the shirt, the look everything. They are even doing the time in and time out…. Truly a classic show. The best ever. They do not make shows like this anymore. Miley Cyrus has nothing on SBTB…

  • Molly

    They gave him a bad hair do.

  • Ivana

    I can’t believe this good looking son of a bitch is half Asian. He does not look it, like at all. (I think his mom is Thai?? No?) And I also CAN’T BELIEVE I missed one good thing about late night for once!!!! DAMNITTTTT!!!!

  • Uptown

    I have read a lot of things about Mark Paul… I heard he HATES when people refer to him as Zack…. OMG!!!! They are singing “FRIENDS FOREVER.” I’m about to cry. I remember this like it was yesterday.. Gosh he has not changed.

  • Molly


    Mark’s mother is Indonesian.

  • hangover

    Unbelievably cool.

  • hangover

    Unbelievably cool.

  • Nando

    AWESOME!!! Hahahaha!! That’s great!

  • Ivana

    @Molly: Ahhh, that’s it! Thanks for clarifying, I was too lazy to look it up myself.

  • becca


    he hasn’t aged a day.
    this is hilarious. i wish i had seen this episode.

  • mertz

    just finished watching some amazing late night line ups from stewart to colbert et al, and fallon. ZACK MORRIS. dude. so funny, nostalgic, i miss the 90′s. AHHHHH. gosh. i hope they can bring it back or have a reunion…except for maybe screech, but i miss me some slater. took pictures of my tv so i can document this (nerd alert), and great performance by amadu and miriam and the roots and best drum solo i’ve heard in a while. good show most definately. almost as good as colbert in baghdad.

    oh and i really like that show he’s on raising the bar…that’s the all lawyers show with the young and hip and upcoming lawyers from law school now representing different sides of the law with the malcom in the middle mother as the judge and the hot sex among the lawyers. i watched it when it premiered end of last year and i watched all of first season…but i didn’t know that ZACK MORRIS was in it. omg. i’m such an idiot. i guess i didn’t recognize him. gosh. i can’t believe i watched the entire season and was going why does that name sound so familiar and never reminded myself of why i know the guy.

    yeah. he’s changed…i think mostly his hairline has changed making his face look broader. OMG HE’S JERRY!!!!!!!! no way. JERRY IS HOT…and zack is a surfer boy. i feel so cheated and so misguided. i have got to be the worst fan ever. he should never dress up as zack morris ever. gosh. i can’t believe he’s jerry.

  • mertz

    yeah the hari/wig or whatever it was wasn’t done well. i could see the glue and the track/side burn peeling away. yeah i remember seeing an interview where he mentioned he hated being called zack, and and and it was an absolute classic with the talking straight to the camera, the freezing and then going back to the scene. friends forever made me cry, and the roots guitarist was wailing on the sbtb song. i really really really really really really really really want this show to come back…and i don’t mean the reruns they used to show on tnt a while back. they don’t even show it on tv anymore. does anyone watch saved by the bell on their tv…what station? tvland? i watch a lot of late nights and not much of jimmy fallon (except when certain people are on and for the performances), but I WILL REMEMBER THIS DAY FOREVER and hold it in my memories. gosh. i want him to get these guys back together so bad. and while they’re at it they should work on in living colour, family matters, and clueless since fresh prince still gets lots of rerun airtime…oh and fullhouse or blossom. anyone have good shows from the 90′s you miss?

  • hobie

    Hurray for Zack Morris! Now AC Slater can eat dust once again.

  • mertz

    putting it out there

    JERRY ON RAISING THE BAR IS HOTTER THAN ZACK MORRIS OR AC SLATER… i know it’s sacralidge but i think it’s true…that took a lot of me to add slater to the list since i think the dude is hot forever.

  • Claire

    I love SAVED BY THE BELL!!!

  • mertz

    late night with jimmy fallon petition to save sbtb

  • roosta

    OMG, im in the UK where can i see this?!

  • ruchi

    oh wow, he still looks exactly the same! lol
    <3 him!

  • r

    mertz its on fox and abc family like first thing in the morning

  • mertz

    really. omg. nooooooooooooo way. oh shit. i remember fox had them in the morning, but i don’t watch anything on fox anymore except for judge judy, and i haven’t seen the show in like 5 to 8 years. thanks #44.

    hey for the uk person. go to the website i linked with the petition. you should be able to go to the late night main page and maybe check it there if they’ve uploaded the show from last night.

  • kiddo

    Do we have to have screech? I dont think they favor him anyway and he seems to be a major loser.

    I was just a little to old for this show, but whenever I saw it, he annoyed me. Now they want to bring him back.

    I say they write him in as dead.

  • babs

    He was always a peroxide blonde!

  • ruth

    He is too cute and cool….who didn’t love Saved By The Bell

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He looks exactly the same…that’s awkward.

  • suppress your appetite